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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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a lasalle university student picked to go on stage and play with bruce springsteen. he tells "eyewitness news" why he was chosen and what it was like to jam with the music legend. and we hit 75 degrees today on the eighth day of march and it's going to be feeling like june. the warmup is not done yet. i'll tell you how hot it gets and how many records could fall. and they stand tall in the middle of north broad street in philadelphia. the big lit up poles they look great what are they for? i uncover their purpose in tonight's good question. >> those stories and much more straight ahead. we begin tonight with campaign 2016 and the race to the white house. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer. jessica dean is off tonight. votes in four states are weighing in on the presidential race with hundreds of delegates up for grabs. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in election sceptral with the latest on the numbers. david? >> reporter: nicole and ukee, this race is changing by the minute. it's unlike any other race to the white house we've seen in recent times.
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let's look at the numbers tonight. the michigan primary donald trump took that 37%, ted cruz from texas and governor john kasich from ohio in a tight race for number two. senator marco rubio from florida at 9%. now let's go to the democrat michigan primary. that is simply just too close to call at this point. it's 51% right now with the precincts in but we're still waiting on those final numbers. looking to mississippi, on the republican side, donald trump took that 48% to 36% for senator ted cruz i should say. on the democratic side mississippi former secretary of state hillary clinton took that with 83% to bernie sanders 16%. now, i have to tell you, this is super tuesday part two. it's been an interesting night. a loft different counts a lot of different delegates coming in and most raises it doesn't come down to states like idaho and hawaii but as we're learning this election season, every state seems to count. >> it's a movement. many people have called eight
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movement. four covers in the last three and a half months on time magazine many call eight movement. >> donald trump praised his michigan and mississippi wins in front of supporters tuesday night. there were four states up for grabs this time on the republican side. idaho's 32 electoral votes and hawaii's 19 will come in over the neck few hours. >> texas senator ted cruz and ohio governor john kasich fought for second place. >> next week we're going to win the state of ohio. >> reporter: voters were out early in mississippi and michigan gaft of casting their ballots. early exit polls showed bump for kasich in the end donald trump pulled off the michigan win. >> hello, this mitt romney. >> just days after announcing his public disgust for a possible president trump mitt romney robo calls favoring kasich and marco rubio hit homes across several states. >> if we republicans were which choose donald trump as our nominee the prospects for a safe
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and prosperous future would be greatly diminish good if you don't want to see hillary clinton as the president which is the inn aftly result of donald trump being the nominee join us and let us stand together. >> marco rubio focuses on his home state of florida. he's repeatedly denied reports he'll drop out before the florida vote next tuesday. on the democratic side, two states up for grabs. michigan and mississippi. with michigan being the prize of the evening. >> the sooner i can become your nominee, the more i could bin to turn our attention to the republicans. >> reporter: wall street journal nbc news poll released shows the republicans on a national vessel l level it has donald trump three points just three points ahead of senator ted cruz from texas. governor john kasich in third place. marco rubio in fourth place he's looking that in order next week 99 delegates next tuesday i should say and that is a winner take all states.
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we'll see what happens. quite a season reporting live in election central david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david thanks. our coverage of campaign 2016 continues online for the results and more from the campaign trail. check us out online cbs phill tonight friends and colleagues are remembering a new jersey state trooper killed in a crash as authorities try to piece together what went wrong. investigators say trooper sean cullen was struck by a vehicle while managing the scene of an accident on i-295 in department for last night. he later died at cooper medical center surrounded by family. cullen was trooper for almost two years. he followed in the footsteps of his older brother who's a detective. the family is devastated. this is a very very close fami family. i thought the father had tremendous strength came down with one of our monsignors chaplains and actually prayed with the troopers who were conducting the vigil and thanked them all for coming. >> investigators say so far no charges have been filed against the woman who was driving the
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vehicle that hit trooper cullen. governor christie issued a statement today saying... bucks county narcotics officer was injured by an electric shock while trying to retrieve evidence from a roof of a train. chopper three own clinton street in doylestown. police tell us the officer was trying to arrest a drug suspect when the suspect through a package believed to contain heroin on the top of the rail car. the officer was treated at temple university hospital for minor injuries. police are dealing with a violent night in philadelphia. homicide detectives are investigating six murders that took place in the city since this afternoon. the latest happened in east falls around 10:00 o'clock. police were called to the 3100 block of abbotsford avenue. investigators are still gathering details on what happened there. there's no word if police have been made any arrests.
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a philadelphia neighborhood is demanding action after several residents were attacked by two pitbulls. now police officials attend add community meeting in west mt. airy tonight. neighbors on west sedgwick and muller streets have been living in fear for thee years. a neighbor's unleash pitbulls have bitten three people and four dogs unprovoked attack. police promised to help. >> it would be a dangerous dog citation. then further penalties will be imposed they may decide to take the dog and things like that. >> neighbors say the most recent attack happened on february 11th. nearly 50 students at lafayette college have impacted by contagious stomach bug. school officials say students started getting sick friday night but the number of cases have subside over the past 24 hours. the pennsylvania department of health is working to determine a cause of the outbreak. we now have the first confirm case of zika virus in montgomery county. the county health department
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says a 55-year-old woman has tested positive for the virus. we're told she did travel outside the country to an area where zika is present. there are now six confirm cases of zika is in pennsylvania. it's spread primarily through mosquito bites. well now a chance of lifetime. lasalle student gets a special invitation at a sold out bruce springsteen concert. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos talk to the lucky fan who is still on cloud nine. >> reporter: marketing student at lasalle university, tom he know land had his share of cookie cutter spring break vacations. ♪ >> reporter: this last one where he got to jam on stage with bruce springsteen and e street band -- >> i will forget my senior year second semester spring break. >> reporter: was anything but ordinary. ♪ >> reporter: back it up a bit. tom home in st. louis on break with one ticket to sunday's sh
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show. a belated christmas gift from his parents. >> they got me one ticket. >> pitt access and catchy sign perhaps learned through marking class at lasalle. >> work on the highway with e street band. >> the 22-year-old caught the boss' attention. >> boom, i popped the sign above my head and i saw him reading it and bruce goes, he looks right at me and goes what do you want to do. >> i said, i want to sink this with you. he goes what do you do? i said i play guitar. bruce looks at me, come on up. >> he look at me i hope you know what you're doing. in the back of my mind i go i know exactly what i'm doing. ♪ >> reporter: the two hit it off. >> we both just look at each other and we knew this was going to be great. >> the crowd ate it up. and tom loved every second of it. >> as soon as the song ended he look at me and we both just kind of started laughing end hugged me. i just started saying bruce thank you. thank you so much. my bucket was i have no more
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buck list. my buck list is over. i can die happy. >> reporter: talk about quite a story tom has to tell his friends when he returns back here to lasalle university from spring break by the way the video you just saw that was shot by an australian bruce springsteen fan. it has gone viral. already more than 14,000 views. reporting here at lasalle university, greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> love that. the guitar the look on his face. >> thank goodness he has skills. >> he did. philadelphia'philadelphia' homef the most art and architecture. while you're strolling down our city streets chances you'll run into something that catches your eye. for viewers marion, paul and theresa that prompted tonight's good question. what is the purpose of the light poles in the middle of broad street? it's a good question, ladies and before we get to the answer, let's just take look what we're talking about here. okay. these towering twinkling light
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poles found on north broad street, right? what are they? let's listen in. ♪ >> a light -- just a tall light. >> have you noticed these things? >> up and down broad street. what are they. >> i have no clue. i have no clue whatsoever. >> i think they're supposed to be lights but they didn't work. and now they're just there for decoration. >> okay. well that is partially true. but according to the city of philadelphia, they were actually installed in august of 2015 as part of the avenue of the arts lighting project it's an arctic tick project. the goal is make north broad street more attractive. each of the 41 in total stand 55 feet tall and the install laying cost a total of 14 million-dollar. so there you have it a lot of folks pretty surprised by the $14 million price tag. >> very surprised. >> but there you have it. >> i'll drive by them very carefully now. and glance. >> hey, it's art.
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>> it is. >> that's what they say. >> okay. so what is your good question? log on to question to submit your question. or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question as always i can't wait to hear from you. >> and from the good question there's nothing like a good book and this month reading is taking the spotlight at schools across the nation. >> our vittoria woo ill headed back to class today for read across america. next, the book which she rose to read to the students want the kids thought about it. >> surprise finding a septa workers stumbles upon thousands of dollars in cash on the street. what he did next that's making headlines. kate? it's feeling like june in early march. but how long will this warm spell last? i'll tell when you showers could make it back to the forecast and when we could be heading a little closer to normal march temperatures that's coming up with the seven day. >> all right, kate, thanks. caught on camera, a man tries robbing a local cab driv driver. who warred the crime when "eyewitness news" continues.
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poor timing for would be robber in reading berks county. surveillance video from inside a taxi cab shows a passenger pulling a gun on the driver. but here's what he didn't know. a sheriff deputy was sitting right behind him in his patrol car. the deputy turn his lights on a and approach the cab after it failed to move through a green light. that's when the suss spec tried to make a run for it. he was arrested by the deputy and hauled off to jail. well a septa worker's drive home took unexpected turn when he makes a pretty surprisin surg find. bob tracy spot add bag containing $15,200 sitting in the middle of state road in drexel hill overnight. now at first he thought it was a woman's purse. he then saw the wind fall insi inside. dozens of crisp 100 and $20 bills and he followed his heart. >> i'd want someone to do that for me. you know.
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so that's why i did that as fast as i can. >> in the world of mike chitwood if nobody claims the money it should go to him. in the legal world, i don't know. we need to research that. >> i like the world of mike chitwood. >> upper darby police department is investigating where the money came from. northern new jersey man suing the makers of the film creed claiming they stole his idea for the film. jirad alexander claims he wrote a similar screen play in 2010 and received no credit or compensation. he alleges the idea of pitting michael b. jordan character against a character. the claims in this lawsuit are base less and inn viced attempt to profit from the work of other. >> this month across the nation, teachers, students and communities are celebrating read across america time of course to remote reading and literacy for kids. >> tori visit add delaware county school today to share her favorite book with the students.
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report roar as i said a book is a gift up open and open again many books are a gift that keep on giving. books are also things that can make you feel bonding, happy, tollly. >> familiar. that's great answer. >> i love reading because itaipu spires me. >> or teach you things you never knew. >> squid have three arm. >> would you have known that if you didn't read that book? (laughter) it's books of all kinds being celebrated all over the country for read across america. >> it's a month set aside just to celebrate reading. >> at some schools guest readers are invited to turn page of that are favorite book for the class. >> it inspires the kids, and they say, boy, i could do that. i could really be that. maybe i want to do that. >> reporter: today at the notre dame school in swarthmore i was given the privilege to read my favorite book to a group of bright and kind fourth graders. >> giving tree by shell silver
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stein. the boy stayed away for long time. and the tree was sad. and then one day the boy came back and the tree shook with joy and said, come, boy, climb up my trunk and swing from my branches and be happy. and the boy grew older. (applause) g why did you guys love this book so much? >> what about you back there, bud. >> i do like that story. kind of like reminds me of when i was littler. >> how does it make you feel. >> comforted. >> people say oh my child doesn't read. well, you know what, i have a grandson that reads his phone all the time. that's reading. >> it doesn't have to be a book. it could be a magazine just keep reading. >> for the more you read the hover things you will know and the more that you learn the more places you'll go. if you recognize that last line in the piece it's actually a line from the book i can read with my eye eyes shut by dr. seuss and this month dr. seuss celebrating his one hun 12th birthday.
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>> wow! >> pretty cool. >> we all have a relationship. no doubt about. >> can i tell you all... my goodness. >> this is what i enjoyed reading the most today. besides the giving tree my favorite book that fourth grade class spent so much time writing me thank you notes i have to say i look pretty good in a lot of them. >> there you go. >> this one -- this one was done by lauren it says you are so kind to us that you read to us for read across america. you read so beautifully and clear, you are awesome. >> shucks. very nice. >> they have good answers that little boy. >> right. >> wise i don't know his years. >> he was to say he felt comforted by that book. >> and so into you. they were listening to every word. >> it was a great day. >> awesome. >> thanks guys. it was great day. perfect segue to kate good it was a great day. >> great day. can't say anything more than that. it was 75 degrees on march 8t march 8th. it doesn't get any better than that. you did and need a jacket today and guess what, you're not going to need one tomorrow. you're not going to need one on thursday either.
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before we take a look at your forecast take at a look at this. phenomenon site in the sky over parts of asia. this time lapse of a total solar eclipse. take look at that. here we go. it's completely disappearing this rare event occurs when the moon moves directly between the earth and the sun. the eclipse expected to be at its best right near born yo, totality that's what they call when it it's completely colored by that shadow. the next total solar eclipse is on august 21 of 2017. it's going to look like that and you'll be able to see it. it's called the great american eclipse because there's a narrow corridor all across the united states where you'll be a able to view a total solar eclipse. unfortunately philadelphia is not in that corridor. if you head down toward charlestown, south carolina places like that maybe book your hotel rooms now if you'd like to seatow tal will the like we saw there. beautiful site. storm scan3 looking good. i want to show you time lapse video from the nazareth area middle school. beautiful evening it was. 51 degrees outside there right now which is fantastic. and storm scan3 again clear for
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us. we got to watch this next system this is all part of the process. you can see this heavy rain has been impacting portions of the lower mississippi river valley all day long. we've got some rain and even snow over portions of eastern canada all part of a larger pattern. two storms you can see the circulation around these systems bringing air in from the south. we've also got a big heat pump high pressure system very similar pattern what we see in the summertime with bermuda high and that's also helping no drive all this warm air in from the south and that's why it's so warm outside. it's go going to stay that way through the neck several days. we got to 75 today in philadelphia. 74 in reading. 74 in wilmington. didn't break any records. the records for today was 80 we fell 5 degrees shy of that. temperatures today about 25 degrees above average. and even right now we're around 60 degrees. reading, philadelphia, little cooler in allentown at 48 and 50 right now in millville. but after 75 today, we've got record warmth for the next two days. the records are not quite as difficult to break tomorrow and
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thursday. so it looks like another record before a few showers come in and that could kind of cut back the warm air at least a little bit by friday. record warmth tomorrow's high 76. break the record of 73 set back in 2,000. thursday's high of 78 will break the record of 76 set 10 years ago in 2006. tomorrow full day of sunshine, thursday though we've got a couple of showers. they'll be moving in not during the day. but generally around midnight. possibly at this time on thursday we'll be looking at that. you can see this warmer pattern march 10t tenth, 11th, 12th, 13th. no end in sight through the last couple of weeks of winter it looks like the pattern stays consistently warm temperatures above average and speaking of warm tomorrow 76 degrees. thursday we're pushing 80. >> whoo! >> on march 10th. friday 70. 60s well above average. we could easily be 40 right now. >> springford this weekend.
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>> springford saturday night. don't forget. >> later tee times. >> yes, right. >> i know what's on your mind. also sports. >> eagles wasting no time. the day after they trade away their starting cornerback. we'll tell you whose coming to the nest and why. with selection sunday coming make or break time for two local basketball teams.
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a day after the eagles trade away their starting cornerback guess what, we have new one in town. team side leo diss mckelvin.
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they were able to do this because he was released by the bills earlier this off season. the 30-year-old spent the last eight seasons with buffalo and was drafted 11th overall in 2008. he has a history witness birds new defensive coordinator jim schwartz. in 2014 under schwartz he had a career high frippet exceptions. >> defense the way he going to run it similar to the defense he ran when he was in buffalo. similar terminology, going to keep some of the words the same. i'll come in and contribute and compete. expecting to come in and help this team the best way i can and just try to get more win. >> big honor for st. joe's dionne dre bembry tonight named the atlantic 10 player of the year. the junior averaged 17 points and nearly eight rebounds a game this season. the 6-foot six forward helped the hawks finish 13-five in the conference. >> great achieve many. wouldn't have done it without my teammates. we've had great year so far and i know those guys are happy for me.
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i thought i won it last year for the first time but it's good to look back at that right now trying to focus on some more w win. >> number three villanova facing off thursday against depaul or georgetown in the big east tournament and temple getting in one last practice before the aac tournament on friday be in one seed against the winner of thursday's game. winning friday would punch their tick to the big dance. >> we're focusing on the winner of east carl and south florida and that's the on thing that's on our mind at this point. just try to get better every day as we go out week. >> congratulations to penn's women's basketball team. the princeton university -- beat princeton claiming the ivy league championship an trip to the big dance. penn will await the selection show monday night for them. pirates fist of visiting the phillies in clearwater. darrin ruf with the two run shot to left field. phillies will go on to win, four-two but bad news for the phils. aaron al tear will have to have
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surgery tomorrow and miss four to sick months with a wrist injury which was so sad because -- >> we were counting on him. >> break out season. >> bad timing. >> it's a tough one. >> that's a shame. >> thank you lesley. >> when we come back the very special rifle at the denver zoo. you just have to see this.
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the denver zoo is showing off a very special new arrival. >> just more than a week old. she's a western low land gorilla species that is critically endangered by the way. she's the first birth of her species at the zoo in 11 years and only the tim low land gorilla birth at that zoo ever. her second name means good thing in the native language of ghana. sweet little girl there. we'll be right back.
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>> morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7amly for kate, lesley, everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer. we are always online at the late show with stephen colbert is neck. >> from our entire team, thanks so much for watching.
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