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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  March 10, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EST

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♪ right now at 11:00, the high life vittoria woo ill has nip hadn't dread feet above the city for exclusive look at the construction of the new comcast tower. why this project is marking a first for the country. and campus closed. what forced a local college to send students home and cancel all activities. >> you saw it right here on cbs3 tonight. the victoria secret swim special. it got our viewers wondering why is it called a bikini? look at
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the skinny on this good questi question. >> you know it's only early march but feeling more like bikini weather. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm any cory brewer. jessica dean is off tonight. soaring temperatures shattered records across the region today. really hot outside. meteorologist kate bilo is live for us on the sky deck. kate, just after 11:00 o'clock, it's still right. >> it is still really nice out here. a light breeze. you need a lyle jacket it's perfect kind of weather because it wasn't all that humid today. so it was warm and pleasant in the 80s this afternoon and now nice cool comfortable night and we'll repeat that pattern tomorrow. let's recap today first and for most. our high today 82 degrees. that was the record breaker. the previous record was just 73 set back in the two to us. we didn't only break that record we smash it by nine full degrees. few more stats on today. this was the earl yell it's ever been 82 degrees in philadelphia. previously on march 12th of nope 90 we got to 83 but never been 82 or hire this early.
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32 degrees above average today and the warmest day we've had sin the end of last september. temperatures right now still pretty comfortable. 60 degrees in philadelphia. 55 in wilmington. 65 in reading. and we are headed for another potential record breaker tomorrow. i'll tell you just how warm it gets when rain could creep back into the forecast coming up when i join you inside. >> kate, thanks so much. in other news authorities tonight say a forest fire in marlton, burlington county, is about 80% contained. it's expected to be out by the morning. this was the scene earlier from chopper three. the fire broke out in a wooded area near cardinal court in marlton. there's no word on the cause of that fire. about 50 acres were burned. a local college campus is shut down tonight because a number of students have become sick. all classes and other school activities have been cancel at lafayette college. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt reports the sickness has affected dozens of students. >> reporter: school president sent out a note to parents and students to tell them all activities including classes and
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sports would be canceled through monday. norovirus is contagious especially oh and a college campus. norovirus is the talk on lafayette campus. >> definitely no joke. you do not want this virus. >> ree baby today is a freshman. she came down with norovirus symptom avenue weekend good i woke up not feeling well at all and a lot of bathroom trips of throwing up. >> officials with the department of health confirmed norovirus to be the cull pitt. the president wrote students able to travel home are strongly encouraged to do so. this includes those who have experienced symptoms of the virus but are no longer feeling ill. the outbreak comes a month after nearly 200 you're sinus college students explained of norovirus symptom. the outbreak shut down most of the campus for the week officials believe closing down most of the campus helped. school anothe administrators and
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students at lafayette hope it helps. >> school officials say there will be a lot of sanitizing done over the next few days here on campus. if students have any concerns they can always go to the student health center. roaring in easton, david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> a teenager who needs the use of a whole chair is fighting for his live after he was shot in the west oak lane section tonight. investigators say three men approached the 18-year-old and shot him twice on the 7200 block of lime kiln pike. right now officers are looking for the suspect who's were all wearing gray hooded sweatshirts. no word op what led to the shooting. police in upper darby behind a new effort to help those a dicked to heroin and other drugs get the treatment they need. the new program is dubbed change is possible. addicts will be able to walk into the police station's lobby and volunteers from garr zen ya a treatment center will be there to help them find treatment and to cut through the red tape. the program reverses the police's traditional role of
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confining people with drug issueissues. >> i don't want to make it that it will be miracles happening here. it's a start. it's where they can start. >> the program will be available monday through friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. you must be upper darby resident. at least 18 years of age and no criminal record. >> funeral services are set for a new jersey state trooper who was struck and killed by a car in the line of duty. a viewing for 31-year-old sean cullen will be held sunday from 2:00 to 7:00 and monday morning from 8:00 to 11:30. at saint borromeo church in cinnaminson funeral will happen at noon followed by intermat lake view memorial park. trooper cull license was struck while managing the seep of an accident on 295 in deptford monday night. he later died at cooper medical center. cullen was trooper for almost two years. so far no charges have been filed against the driver who hit him. thousands are saying there goodbyes to former first lady nancy reagan during the first of two days of public mourning.
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the former fir lady's katie coat was carried into the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley california today. her children followed closely behind. many say nancy reagan's legacy is her devotion to president ronald reagan. visitors have come from all over pay their respects. >> just wanted to pay respects to great lady that did a lot for our community and for the united states. >> to me a real woman. you know, took care of herman. >> nancy reagan died of congestive heart failure on sunday at the the age of 94. first lady michelle obama will attend mrs. reagan's private funeral on friday. campaign 20 ken the democrats are facing off in another fiery debate tonight. ahead of next tuesday's big primary contest. front runner hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders clashed on several issues in miami. clinton is trying to bounce back after her surprising loss to sanders in michigan last night. tonight both candidates criticized each other's record on immigration.
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>> children came from honduras where there's probably more violence than almost anyplace in this country and they came in to this country and i said, welcome those children into this count country. secretary clinton said, send them back. >> he voted in the house with hard line republicans for indefinite detention for undocumented immigrants, and then he sided with those republicans to stand with vigilantes known as minute men who were taking up out posts along the border to hunt down immigrants. >> poll shows clinton leading sanders in florida where they will face off again in the next primary on tuesday. meanwhile donald trump appears well on his way to the republican nomination for president after winning three of four states last night. trump pick up 58 more delegates after winning in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. ted cruz won in iowa picking 45
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delegates. today cruz picked up an epp course many from former gop arrival carly fiorina. tonight on cbs the victoria secret angel return for their swim special this year in saint barts. >> super models made a splash. we couldn't help but notice that many of the women were rocking two piece swimsuits. i know you noticed. that bring to us tonight's good question. john in cherry hill asks why do we call eight bi keen feature it's a good question, john, but does anybody know the answer? ♪ >> no idea. >> marl little lynn monroe started it or something. >> the bikini? >> no, i don't. >> i guess because sex seeks you wear a bikini. >> for for me. >> no guess. no guess. i can't think of one. >> it sounds italian. bikini get its name? >> always been a bikini. >> because it's a skimpiness of the attire. >> i think somewhere in europe. >> she came closer than anybody else. really turn out the two piece
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was named after a nuclear test that took place at the bi cooney a toll of the south pacific island. it was an island. the reason bikini said to have explosive effect on the male libido. yeah. we spoke to karen car russo a professor of fashion design at the art institute of philadelphia who said the design was released by two designers in the same week. >> louie we are regard was the first to have -- to unveil at a swimming pool public swimming pool in paris a 30 square inch piece of fabric that had been cut into triangles and zone into what he called a bikini. jack heim also released a similar type of two piece midriff bearing close to the body swimsuit and he call it the adam. again, named after atomic bomb.
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>> and that was back in 19 fri frick. car russo says the design can be traced back to fourth century rome where mosaics show people exercising in we now call the bikini. the two pieces have been around for long time. what's your good question? log on to question to submit your question or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. of course, i can't wait to hear from you. >> interesting. interesting. >> right. >> okay. >> i know. where do you go from there. >> that's all i got. i'm not going there. construction boom happening in philadelphia right now. >> yeah, we see those big cranes all over the place. vittoria woodill that brave girl set her sights on the highest one at the comcast innovation and technology center. >> got about 500 more feet to go. hooray! >> vittoria take to the sky to see why this construction project right here in philadelphia marks a first for the united states.
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also, this 80 year old tortoise apparently likes to hame up. the story behind this selfie. kate? >> well, we have been tracking very warm weather we've got another possible record breaker tomorrow but what about all of this rain devastating flooding in the deep south will this wet weather creep into our forecast it will. and at some point in some form i'll break it down coming up with the seven day forecast. and kate, eagles make a flurry of moves as free agency opens in the nfl. sports director don bell has all the eagles moves straight ahead in sports. stay with us.
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ the first uterus transplant in the united states has failed. because of what's being
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described as a sudden complication. this was 26-year-old lindsay just two days ago. she received the uterus transplant in late february at the cleveland clinic with the womb coming from deceased woman. lindsay appeared to be recovering well. the hospital is now exploring what went wrong. a statement from lindsay says in part i am doing okay and appreciate all your prayers and good thoughts. >> a shortage of olives is causing the price of olive oil to sky rocket as much as 20% in the last year. droughts in spain and italy has devastated more than half of your europe's olive harvest. spain produces 40% of the world's olive oil. italy accounts for another 20%. some consumer switched to alternative oils to deal with the cost increase. we see them more and more construction cranes piercing the philadelphia skyline and we wondered what it was like working high in the sky in the cab of one of those tower cranes. >> probably terrifying. >> oh yeah. >> we set our sights on the highest one in town at the top
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of the new comcast innovation and technology center and in a cbs3 exclusive we went vittoria woo ill for a taste of the high life. ♪ this is what the city look like from and side the cab of a tower crane. nearly 1,000 feet above the streets of philadelphia. exclusive view looking straight down through the cab's glass floor this is the nerve center of the crane constructing philly's newest scry scraper and soon to be tallest building in town. >> kind of like being in your car and just sitting in a seat, a regular seat. >> "eyewitness news" is the first station to get this kind of on the job perspective. behind the controls is veteran crane operator tom heenan. >> tell me this is not the first time you got into that crane and what it was like. >> probably the same feeling you're having right now. very nervous. >> reporter: nervous is is the right word. in order to get to tom for our interview cbs3 cameraman will ken worthy and i -- >> hey. >> suited up with safety
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harnesses for the ride up. >> don't let go. >> i won't let go. >> don't let go. >> i won't let go. >> called a man basket. >> this is our cable. come off the ground. >> designed to carry workers and construction materials. tom hoisting this basket nearly eight hadn't dread feet above the street is able to get us yards away from this cab. >> tom, why don't you stop shaking the basket. >> i'm not shake the basket. >> for him to get up here, well, it's a heck of a trip. arriving by elevator to the 34th floor. this archbishop ryan graduate heads out and to the catwalk. he starts his 287-foot climb up a series of ladders. rung by rung periodically resting on landing between each stretch of ladders. leading to the cab. >> after 20 minute climb, tom is in the cab. the crane is powered bialek tryst. a monitor on board let's hem know where the load is.
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joy sticks help him guide it into place. >> what exactly is it that you do you on daily basis. >> pick one of them off and put them down on the deck for our guys to pulley concrete. >> will power cranes are bolted on the ground this one is attached to the side of buildi building. joe is with an equips town crane division providing the crane for this john. >> am equip engineered and fabricated an out rigger system that attached to the outside of the concrete core. >> enabling the crane to move up the side of the structure as each floor is added to the building. >> this whole operation is pretty much first of its kind. >> this is the first time it's been done in the us. right now today, the crane operator sitting at 780 feet above street level. >> that is incredible. >> we'll top out at 1100 and 47 feet in the air. >> long before reaching that final height, tom predict what is that view will be like as he sits high a top the construction of the new comcast building. >> million dollar view.
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people pay to have this view. >> from our vantage point tom gives us a 360-degree preview. >> tom, can you describe what you're doing right now? >> we're just swinging the crane right. >> what a sweeping view of our city and its suburbs. >> this is really once in a lifetime. >> wow! >> tell me about italy. >> once finish by the fall of 2017 the building will expand comcast headquarters and become home to the new four seasons hotel. a special thanks to our mazing photographers in the air will ken worthy and on the ground james ward and on sight am equip, the concrete contractor, general contractor driscoll and liberty property trust. these guys treated like this job is no big deal but they're responsible for making history in our city and in cities around the world. they really just, you know, tom the cab operator he really just
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treated it like it's easy. >> just another day at work. >> 900 feet in the air. >> super special peel everyone on site all those guys made me feel comfortable. they are cheering for me. i mean it was -- it really was an experience of a lifetime. >> i was like, oh, my god. >> hold on. >> hold on. >> i was gripping the desk the whole time. >> my knees bent and holding on. i'm like this isn't helping. you are brave girl. >> thank you. >> good story. >> thank you. >> that ladder, that rickety ladder. >> no harness on the ladder, t too. >> i can't watch that. >> let's watch good weather. that will bring you back down. >> take a deep breath. >> deep breath. >> nice summer like weather in the end of winter. the still winter technically for another week or two. we start spring. the study after march 20 and. temperatures feeling more like spring than winter for sure. we felt that today. let's take look what's going on take to you time lance video from this evening.
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it's still 62 degrees up in nazareth lehigh valley beautiful sunset there. see the clouds, the sun, nice looking outside right now no problems weather wise. but that's not the case for areas well off to our south and to our west. now, generally speaking when you get a blocking pattern in the weather forecast in the atmosphere like this you'll have some people that benefit from it and others of course that don't benefit from it and take a look at this flood of moisture. i saw something calling the my yann express, pineapple express in the west coming from mexico, the gulf of mexico around the can queue area and all that moisture being pulled in and we've seen so much rain over portions of the region over the past 24 to twenty eight 48 hours there. some spots have seen well over foot in northwestern louisiana. you see the grays almost off the scale. see plus inches of rain in spots and towns down here are completely underwater. very scary scenario happening right now in our neck of the woods we get the good side of it for now but eventually some of
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the that wet weather will head our way much not 15-inches of rain but little bit of rain by early next week. right now still 60 at the airport. 65 in reading. 62 in allentown. little cooler down the shore. owing water temperature still chilly at 44. so just 52 in stone harbor and 51 right now in ocean city. another record being challenged tomorrow the record is 76. we will hit 80. definitely think we good there. very warm day. off to the north a few clouds a few showers that front comes through and it's still warm on friday. not as warm though. we're not breaking records on friday. that front doesn't have a whole lot of moisture with the. few showers tomorrow afternoon in the poconos and over tomorrow night those showers come threw the philadelphia area around 4am on friday. we will clear it out quickly after cloudy start on friday. and still be warm although just not 80 degrees. overnight patchy clouds very comfortable temperatures in the 50s across the region. for your thursday another record will fall. we'll hit 80 degrees very similar to today. just a few more clouds an shower possible thursday night.
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here's your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, and again 67 degrees it's cooler but it's not cool. still 17 degrees above average. friday is beautiful. saturday not bad either 64 with sun. showers creep in sunday just a few. better chance for some steady rain monday. but it doesn't get cold behind that we're right back up to 70 bite middle of neck week. when your coldest day in the seven day is 61, in early march, you got no problem. >> none whatsoever. >> it's been a good week. >> somebody out there is complaining. they're like wait, it was 80 and then 64? >> right. >> always have couple of those. you know. >> any way let's talk sports. what's going on. >> birds getting things done. two versions of march madness one the eagles get rid of demarco and bring several new players. two, a chance to make the big dance for lehigh went awfully wrong. sports coming up next.
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welcome back. break out with a pad and penn en eagles personnel boss howie roseman made lot of moves today.
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the latest they signed cornerback ron brooks linebacker nigel, both played for birds defensive coordinator jim schwartz in buffalo. now one of the first moves they made today signing 25-year-old safety rodney mccloud. he gets a five year deal worth 35 million. mccloud is extremely durable starting 48 state games for the st. louis rams. now the eagles think big with this guy, former texans guard brandon brooks is come to go philly he's 6-foot five, 335 pounds. brooks gets 40 million over five years. guard has been serious issue for the team especially last year. on day one they get one of the best lineman, on the market. also, the eagles adding another quarterback head coach doug pederson is a fan of chase daniel the 29-year-old will join him in philadelphia. daniel only started two games in his career only thrown 77 passes just one touchdown. he'll likely be the backup to the often injured sam brad for. now we have a couple of trades
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to report. eagles send byron mack well, key company alonso and 13th pick in the first round to miami in exchange the birds get the eighth over all selection and another much publicized trade eagles running back demarco murray to tennessee and in return the two teams talking about the titans and eagles swap fourth round picks to gain a 13 spot for the bird. keystone state rivalry goes outdoors. flyers and penguins will play at heinz field at pittsburgh next season on february 18th and the first time these two rivalries -- rivals hook up in outdoor game. to south philly we go. rockets and sixers. check out smith versus james heart go one-on-one. tape though ankles. ukee washingtoning around, did you see that have yeah, we did. that was pretty sick. he led the sixers with 21 points. came down to the big man dwight howard doing his thing 21 points, 18 boards.
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two blocks. the sixers losing their 13th straight game. college hoops holy cross taking on lehigh for the patriot league title and berth in the big game aunt minute 30:00 left. pulse lehigh within one. last chance for lehigh. multiple shots at a three. can get it to go. holy cross you're not going to believe this, four straight wins on the road to take the conference championship. 14-19 on the season. no business going to the big dance but they find a way to get it done and crush lehigh's heart. that is brutal. >> that's a shame. >> one shining video at the end of the year. >> the madness is underway. >> that's right. >> thank you buddy. >> it's march. >> we'll be right back. >> when we come back the tortoise and the selfie. we'll explain
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when elderly tortoises keeping up on the latest trends by posing for a selfie.
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>> or jonathan on twitter call it a shell fee. >> nicely done. >> turtle. say hello to ollie seen here with vet at the phoenix zoo he was documenting how often the 80 something-year-old tortoise was hiccupping when he approached him and took a peek at the camera. look at the little guy's face. that's cute. the vet snapped a picture and walk away with this memorable moment. that's great. i love that. >> smile.
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our morning team back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. for everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer. the late show with stephen colbert is next with sally feel. >> the flying nun. >> yeah. >> all right. good night, family, sleep well. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for m&r real estate. have you ever wanted to flip houses like the pros you see on tv? are you tired of working endless hours for little pay? are you stressed out over car notes, mortgage payments, and credit-card debt? well, here's your opportunity to break free. the cast of the hit house-flipping reality show "reinas de realty" are bringing a free house-flipping live event to your area now. you've seen them on television buying and selling real estate, and now these internationally recognized kings of house flipping are giving you the


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