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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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now. and right now on "eyewitness news" restoring a stolen memorial, a plaque honoring a fallen philadelphia fire fighter disappeared. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. that plaque was dedicated to fire fighter harry mcgee back in 2006. now his family is hoping on get a new memorial to honor the fallen fire fighter. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live at strawberry mansion with more on that story, alex. >> reporter: somebody has come forward to offer to help pay for a new plaque but family does not the want it to go back to where it is stolen from but instead placed at engine five railroad james mcgee was working when he took his final call in 1898. in the los angeles times, besides an update on the spanish american war, the story of a fallen philadelphia
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fire fighter, made national news. now, 118 years later, his family faces another loss. >> it is a slap in the face. >> reporter: commemorative plaque dedicated to hoseman james mcgee in 2006 is now missing from seventh and erie. >> you know, it was probably taken because somebody thought that they could get money for it, maybe something that they needed. >> reporter: harry mcgee was himself a long serving philadelphia fire fighter. he is james great grandson. >> he could not read or write, okay. but he was a bricklayer. so the guys would come to the firehouse. >> reporter: harry says he didn't expect police to have the time to investigate the steps of the marker but after he left, they arrived to do just that. mcgee was 35, when he was killed by a fallen wall while fighting a fire in the large factory, once located where the plaque's gaping hole now is. while mcgee's death was covered, the papers from l.a. to chicago, perhaps the most
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poignant word were written here in philadelphia, in june of 1898. the fire at the potter oil cloth works last night gives yet another proof, that they are constantly given, never brave devoted men fail us. word unknown to a potential thief who is very much failed his city. police say there may have been surveillance footage that captured this crime, they are also investigating local scrap yard. reporting live from engine 45, alexandria hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> alex, thank you. a school bus loses control and crashes in south jersey, sending the driver to the hospital. chopper three over the intersection of route 30 in fair view avenue in hammington, new jersey. that is where police say that bus hit a tree this afternoon. the extent of the driver's injuries are unknown right now, we do know, no children were on that bus. fire fighters in port richmond battled flames and choking black smoke when a
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fire broke out at a junkyard. this happened on the corner of aramingo avenue and wheatsheaf lane around 12:30 this afternoon. locals posted on social media that they could see smoke for miles. no word on any injuries, and the cause remains under investigation. talks continue between new jersey transit, and its railroad workers union, in hopes of avoiding a strike. union set a strike deadline of 12:01 sunday, wages and cost that employees contribute for health benefits remain sticking points. more than 100,000 riders could ab affect by a strike. >> that one way ticket, you know, so hopefully they will settle it and they won't go on strike. >> reporter: in the event of a strike, new jersey transit's backup plan includes increasing capacity on their bus routes, contracting private buses, contracting private buses to run from key park and ride locations, and, light rail. lets take a look at the weather, we won't be breaking
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anymore temperature record this weekend but it will still be warm out there meteorologist kate bilo is outside on the sky deck and kate, another beautiful day in philadelphia. >> you know, another day, jessica where i could wear no jacket and no sleeves in the middle of march and really not be cold at all. that is good in my book. it is a beautiful evening in philadelphia just a little cooler then past few days. no record broke tone day but we did get to 68 degrees and some spots up to our south got in the 70's today. temperatures will be gradually dropping at least a bit as we head in the weekend. the lets take outside storm scan 36789 we have a few cloud drifting through at the moment. storm can three as we widen out generally quiet, although notice a few cloud well off to the south, those clouds will be creeping in over the weekend and we will track some wet weather as well. in the meantime heading out and about on your friday night it is 64 degrees still in philadelphia, 62 in wilmington. fifty-five in will allentown. the these numbers will drop quickly with the clear skies, breeze, light wind, recipe for
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cold and i can tell you in the past hour, there is a whole lot cooler on the sky deck, so definitely grab jacket if you plan to be outside late tonight. temperatures right now ten to 15 degrees colder then they were yesterday. the question is will it stay above average, into next week and when can you plan outdoor time. i will have those answers when i come back inside. back to you. a philadelphia teenager is suspected in the double murder that happened in fair hill and is behind bars tonight. police arrested 19 year-old ate va jackson in lawncrest. he opened fire on three people in january on the wishard street. two people died. third was critically injured. jackson faces a host of charges including two counts of murder. it is called iron pipeline, illegal weapons flowing in fill bringing crime and deadly violence. >> where do they come from and is what being done to stop them? "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has those answerness an exclusive interview. >> one of our under covers
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purchased this weapon right off the streets of philadelphia. so, it is a problem, big problem. >> reporter: this special agent in charge of the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms in philadelphia, showed me just a tiny percentage of the more than 3,000 illegal weapons, recovered by his agents in philadelphia last year. >> just imagine this type of a fire arm out on the street, out in our neighborhood in the hands of a violent criminal. >> reporter: sadly, in a city where five people were killed with guns in separate crimes in just one, two hour period this past week, it the takes very little imagination to grasp the bloodshed that they bring. >> every gun here on this table has a story to it. >> reporter: story begins as far away as california, and texas, numbers showing how many illegal weapons, begin their bloody journey to our city in other states. indictment after indictment, detailing, overwhelming numbers of illegal guns,
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flowing through the so-called iron pipeline. >> as long as is there a profit margin for the criminal out there, they will engage in this business because they want to make money. >> reporter: weapon like this he says selling legally for $500, drew five times as much on the streets. burglaries of gun stores around the country and homes, providing many illegal guns, that make their way here, only to be sold, and resold. >> a lot of times in some of our communities, in philadelphia these guns are changing hand ten field. >> reporter: in the end he says thanks to new high tech analysis more and more of these guns are being linked to specific crimes, given atf agents and even better chance to catch their owners. >> we believe that we're finally going to be able to get at the achilles heel of the criminal by being able to exploit what that gun has done in the past, what other crimes that gun is link to. >> reporter: if you have have
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information on illegal weapons here atf wants to you call 800-atf-guns f you want to learn more from atf and others, cbs sunday morning will air a special addition, guns in america, you can see right here on cbs-3 sunday morning at 9:00. live from the sat center, i'm walt hunter, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for that. pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah goes to court with new attorneys representing him, in his corruption case. they asked the judge to dismiss several charges against fattah. the congressman is accused of accepting bribes and misusing campaign fund and charitable grants to even rich his family and friend. new attorney say they will in the try to delay may second trial if they lose their bid to have the case dismissed. in pennsylvania state trooper killed in the line of duty is being honored in a special way. >> ♪ >> "eyewitness news" at roman catholic high school where david kendrick graduated in
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2006. the new scholarship in his name. he was killed in september 2014 when a former state police firearms instructor, accidentally, shot kendra during a train obsession his former classmates and collogues reflect on his life. >> they had a great sense of energy, and love of life. david could have had a reputation of a joker, he had a strong work it the i can and took the job of the positions he held very seriously. >> instructor who shot kedra richard schroder pleaded guilty, served two weeks in jail and was sentenced to months of house arrest. still to come, on "eyewitness news". >> how many deaths will it the take until we know too many people have died. >> a family speaks with "eyewitness news" about asbestos exposure that shatters their lives. the shocking new report about asbestos in our region, kate? we have got some cooler
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weather on the way, as we head through weekend but it is still above average for this time of the year. we are tracking threat for rain they as moisture that is currently in the gulf heads our way, i will tell you when that gets here coming up when we come right back.
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coming up at 11:00 this young woman is not just any chef working her way through a restaurant. we will tell you why her performance in the kitchen is a a dream come true despite an devastating injury, and how her dishes are helping others get back on their feet. it is a story that will inspire you tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. the philadelphia region is a hot spot for asbestos. according to a new report our area has some of the highest death rates from asbestos, in the country. >> health reporter stephanie stahl got an early look at the report that some are calling alarming. >> reporter: it has big numbers in here. all of the industry in our region has left a legacy of dangerous asbestos and now a new analysis from an environmental group identifies certain neighborhoods with especially high death rates related to asbestos. it is a simple sign with a
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scary message, asbestos waste disposal site, breathing asbestos dust is hazardous. it is in the heart of the ambler and blamed for hundreds of deaths. >> he was 53 when he died. our children were eight and ten. >> reporter: marilyn momento husband joe grew up in ambler and played on white mountains, piles of asbestos. devoted father and husband died of mess owe theal chrome lung disease caused by asbestos exposure. >> i never imagined that my dad would not be with me or walking me down the aisle. iowas in shock for a very long time. >> reporter: asbestos used for building and insulation isn't just a problem in ambler. report from the environmental working group action fund says that asbestos is a big killer across the philadelphia region. nationally, the death rates from asbestos-related disease is 4.9 per 100,000 deaths. in montgomery county, it is 10.8. camden county, just over two. and in gloucester county it is
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4.5. >> i'm not at all surprised. >> reporter: doctor arthur frank with drexel is national expert on environmental health hazards. he says that the the high levels of asbestos in our region come from industries like the shipyard, refinery and power plants. >> it is still unfortunately a legal prod new jersey this country. >> reporter: we're still facing dangers from asbestos now. >> absolutely, there are still 25 million tons that are out there. >> reporter: marilyn and her daughter are now helping the asbestos disease awareness organization, they often quote a dylann song. >> how many deaths will it take until we know too many people have died. the answer, my friend is blowing in the wind. >> reporter: now, while use of asbestos is down, deaths caused by it are not. we reached out to health departments in new jersey, and pennsylvania for reaction to this new report. new jersey says that it has a number of projects to protect residents, from asbestos, and pennsylvania did not have a comment. we have more information and link to that report if you want to read the full text at cbs, click on
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health. i will put it on facebook and twitter. >> it is eye opening. >> yes, it is eye opening those numbers. >> it is just, right here. >> it is like she says, blowing in the wind. >> yeah. >> incredible. >> stephanie, thank you. kate bilo joins us with our forecast inn. weekend is coming up. give south good news. >> we have some forecast. it is not 82 and sunny f we only taken these two days and transplanted them to the weekend but can't complain about 60's in march. the it is not a wash out of the weekend but we are tracking chance have of a couple showers here and there mainly on sunday. if you want to plan outdoor activity, get out, sunnies shining, early saturday, early tomorrow, first half of the day is your best bet. lets look at what is happening right now. we will go out to storm scan three looking quiet this evening. we have a few clouds drifting through. it has been a beautiful friday. you cannot beat this especially for early to mid-march. we have really been ease go through march, this year.
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it has been very quiet month so far and you can see in the a whole lot heading our way. weather pattern has been stagnant, a blocking pattern, nothing has been moving. that has been a very bad thing for portions of the gulf coast where 20 inches on have rain has been reported in portions of louisiana, portions of arkansas, mississippi, lieutenant of heavy rain there. eventually the pattern will start moving again. it does look like jet stream will stay to the north. it will stay warm as pattern changes but we will see system start to lift north and east ward over weekend and we will get into some of that wet weather. certainly in the the totals or anything like totals they have seen down south. our high today across the region we got to 69 in philadelphia. seventy-two in wilmington. feeling great. sixty-six in allentown. sixty-one in mount pocono. i almost hesitate to call this a cooler day because 69 degrees, in march, that is 20 degrees above average, roughly across the region. we should be in the lower 50's. the just cooler in comparison. overnight it will be cool as
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well with the the clear skies, temperatures will drop in the 30's and lower 40's. wake up testimony morning to 41 in philadelphia. thirty-six in reading. thirty-nine in millville. definitely a little bit of the change as far as mornings are concerned. we have had a few mornings in the 50's. lets look at future weather dry through saturday morning. 9:00 a.m., everything is clear, beautiful start to the day. by 4:00 o'clock we will see a few more high cloud drifting through saturday is dry but then cloud increase during the day on sunday, 7:00 a.m. we will wake up to cloud cover and few spotty showers in the morning. steady showers sunday afternoon but take a look at monday morning, this is when heavier rain will come through, we will wake up monday morning at 1:00 a.m. it is mile. all rain. we're in the 50's but wet start to monday morning and machine morning commute will be impact by steady rain and it should start to dry out by the afternoon. afternoon commute will be damp but not as bad as morning. monies coolest and wetest day, in the seven day forecast. otherwise your weekend looking g64 degrees tomorrow we will see sunshine for vast majority
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of the day. sunday 60 degrees, clouds and showers in the afternoon. we have to set these clocks ahead this weekend. sat date night and sunday morning for start of the daylight savings time. sunset on sunday 7:06, nice late sunset on sunday evening. overnight mainly clear, cold, 41 in the city. thirty's in the suburbs. tomorrow mostly sunny, pleasant. a few more cloud in the afternoon. tomorrow dry, sunday a couple showers, monies your wetest day. it will be a damp day heavier rain looks like the morning and tuesday, warmer and brighter, back to 67 and back to 70 on wednesday and these are right through even of the next week things look comfortable, we will keep it in the 50's and 60's. >> very comfortable. >> pretty nice seven day forecast. >> yes, it is. >> thanks, kate. up next in sports another bird flies the coupe who got traded from the eagles today, we will be
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one man's trash is another man's treasure. i am not saying odd man out mark sanchez is a pot of gold but he does have value for
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broncos. today, eagles traded the quarterback to denver for a conditional draft pick in 2017, reportedly, a seventh rounder. here's why it is a good deal, they spent around 57 total between sam bradford and chase daniels, so they had to get rid of sanchez. by trading him they saved north of 40 million in cap space and get a pick in return. introductions continue for eagles today, linebacker niget bradham and guard brandon brooks meeting the press. bradham is a former buffalo bill and brooks joins after four years with the texans. >> there were things that opened up on monday, pretty much from the get go, you know, the eagles let me know i was their guy. i felt wanted. the players on the team, peters, kelce, lane, all texted me saying we have an opportunity to build something great. >> i felt like what really brought me here was being able to be up with coach schwartz again and being in his scheme and knowing the way he calls the defense and what he wants
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to do as a coordinator. >> all right. on to hoops bad news for sixers, jahlil okafor will miss likely the rest of the season or six weeks. he has a small tear in the right knee. the injury will require minor surgery. the sixers try to snap a 13 game losing streak tonight when they host the brooklyn nets. college hoops, st. joes and george washington hooking up in the a-10 quarter finals, speaking of brooklyn in bk first half hawks down by 12, gw alex metrola from downtown, colonials taking a 14-point lead. hawks charging back in the second down by two, james demry, corner pocket, a three. good. st. joes, claiming the lead. the first lead since it was eight-seven in the first half. time winding down, hawks up by four, deandre bembry with the rebound, outlet, you have to reward the big man, isaiah miles with the flush. hawks out scored gw by 20 in the second hall and serve up their biggest come back of the
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season. they will play dayton in the semi tomorrow at 1:30. phil martelli and st. joes, will they be in the dance. >> i have nod looked at an rpi or any of these experts. i don't have any idea. i don't have any idea. i knew we came in here on a two game losing streak. that was it. >> stay focused man, that is how coach does it. american tournament now temple and south florida from orlando, nobody on josh brown what can brown do for you? he can nail three's. owls jump out to a seven-point lead. second half dan dingle, running the floor with obi inchoni a a, temple cruz toes a 79-62 win. they get u-conn tomorrow. u-conn beating senate any four overtimes today. so they might be tired tomorrow just saying. >> just saying. >> give me coach martelli's half time speech. >> he is great. >> he is the best. >> mr. motivator.
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>> within game at a time. >> that is how he rolls. >> that is how he
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well this weekend we will spring, forward an hour. >> that means it is stays lighter later and it brings up a good question why do we still do daylight savings time in it is tonightes good question submitted by eight different "eyewitness news" viewers. nicole brewer will have the answer for you tonight at 11:00. in the meantime thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", scott pelley reports from new york, take care family we will see you tonight.
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>> pelley: a gentler trump at the debate, but more violence at his rallies. >> i think there are two donald trumps. >> pelley: and they don't agree with each other. >> i don't think there are two donald trumps. i think there's one donald trump. >> pelley: also tonight, rising waters put thousands of homes at risk. mourners celebrate nancy reagan and an undying love. ♪ oh, my dear our love is here to stay. >> pelley: and steve hartman with a nurse who gets the surprise of her life. >> i have goosebumps right now. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, donald trump's rallies drew more protests, his campaign drew a big endorsement, and his opponents drew up an emergency plan to break his


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