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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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. developing right now, "eyewitness news" learned a police officer who was shot and killed in maryland grew up in our area. and tonight, fellow officers and home town friends are all remembering his life. good evening, i'm natasha brown, thank you for joining us. the shooting happened near a police station in land over maryland outside of washington, dc. we've learned now that the officer was 28-year-old jacie colson grew up in boothwyn delaware county and graduated from chichester. police in maryland say a gunman attacked him without warning and colson was killed during the shoot-out. >> the officers are devastated and my first duty in this time was to spend some time with them. but the community needs to know that one of your defenders has been lost. >> the boothwyn community is also in shock tonight.
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we spoke with colson former high school football coach. he told us colson was a leader on and off the field. >> he led the team obviously. this is a sad day. god rest the soul of a great one. >> the alleged gunman had killed him was wounded and arrested. a second suspect is in custody. the motive behind the attack still unknown at this point. our other top story tonight. murder in rittenhouse square. a 24-year-old man is stabed to death. sources tell "eyewitness news" a suspect is in custody. greg argos is live outside of police headquarters with the latest. greg? . >> reporter: natasha police investigators were able to look at video from multiple cameras in the rittenhouse park area. identified a suspect who police sources say is in police custody and we're told that man is a homeless veteran.
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rittenhouse square on a drizzly sunday afternoon. dogs walking. athletes jogging. other than the single police suv no indication a 24-year-old bucks county man stabbed to death in this normally safe neighborhood less than 24 hours ago. >> it was a brief verbal altercation. >> it's so shocking. he's my age. >> struggle ensued, lasted a few seconds. >> this is a pretty safe area. >> stabbed across the chest area. >> unsettling. >> pronounced at the hospital at 3:36 a.m. >> shocking's scary. >> the suspect fled. early sunday, police making an arrest. sources say the/er a homeless veteran who did not know the victim. thank god he's caught and not on the street. >> reporter: those that work and live near the square say their sense of security a little weakened by this senseless killing. >> i definitely will be more
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cautious. i believe i usually am. this is unreal. i definitely will be more careful. >> watching your back a little bit more. being more cautious. >> reporter: police have not officially released a envelomot. we're live here police headquarters, greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news." a gloomy end to a march weekend. wet wet weather is headed our way. lauren casey is tracking the rain for us. >> we'll need to keep to umbrella handy as we head into monday. we needed them today. recent rainfall impressive amounts in some places, more so in pennsylvania than new jersey. rain still falling. kennett square picking up four 10th of an inch. millville picking up about 210. s and 300s of an inch at the airport but that will go up as
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we head into the overnight period. rain is concepting to fall across center city philadelphia right now. your temperature 49. easterly winds having a windchill impact feel more like 45. that will be the case tomorrow. it's going to be feeling much cooler than what we felt over the weekend. stormscan 3 showing us the friend of our sunday rain moving through the area. rain has after a little little bit of lull, moved back into the philadelphia area. band of kind of light to moderate rainfall extending from chester up into center city philadelphia into moorestown. this will continue to move off to the east northeast as we pan much more moisture up wind and heavier pockets of rain to the south and west it's going to start to move in for the second half of the overnight period and through the day tomorrow. 90 percent chance and over the next several days, pretty good bet of wet weather, driest day to be wednesday. we'll see sunshine return. we'll talk more about that and break down the rain for tomorrow coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll see you again soon.
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huge day for college basketball. stage is set for the 2016 ncaa tournament. sports director don bell joins us to break down the local teams today that punched their ticket to the big dance. >> this is the best time of year. absolutely love this time of year. you've been looking for the perfect time to use that sick day. how about friday? get that fake kind of ready. villanova temple and st. joe's will be playing in the ncaa tournament. i heard that. the wildcats are the number two seed in the south region. they will play the 15 and asheville and brooklyn, nova had a chance to be a number one seed, but they lost the seton hall last night. temple lot of to uconn in the amount of ac but they still got into the big dance as a 10th seed in the south. owls will play seventh seed in iowa. for that reason mccaffery. if temple win they could face
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nova in the round of 32. st. joe's hawks are headed to the tournament. seeded eight and in the west and will look up with cincinnatti. the 9th seed. that is in spokane washington. the hawks are the hottest team. hey they won the atlantic 10 title for the second time three years. so note to employers. if you have nova temple or st. joe's alump on your staff, expect a heavy dose of sick calls. for the first time since 2013. >> tu hear my little kind of. >> i did. too bad bosses are watching. >> no worries, i feel better already. thank you, don. >> st. joe's fever meantime is sweep across campus. anita o was there as students watched the talks dominated to win the title. >> reporter: st. joe's jumps
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through more hoops sunday. >> i couldn't wait. >> reporter: to clinch the championship title 87-74. >> st. joe's surely didn't drop the ball today and fans watching the finals say once again, the team has proven the hawks will never die. >> i'm mad i'm not not at the game. this is an unbelievable experience to win two championships in the past four years. it's unbelievable. >> my senior year. >> reporter: it wasn't an easy win. other nail biter moments. >> i don't know, i had faith we would get through it. >>reporter: they did. there was state line divided that may. loyal fans watched from landmark america na on campus. >> i'm from havertown. i was watching the first half in the living room and i told my wife, i got to get down to pass.
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>> reporter: bill rose has a long history of rooting. >> i was a big fan since 1964 when they lost to duke. i remember crying when they lost. >> reporter: those turned to tears of joy. but the team and fans aren't done yet. anita oh h cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> cbs3 is your home for all of the action. you can get the latest on air and website meantime the chester police officer injured in a shoot-out is in serious but stable condition tonight. 25-year-old veteran captain alan davis is recovering at crozer chester medical center. police were pursuing a vehicle near union and parker street when they say someone in the car began shooting at the officers. police returned fire killing one suspect and injuring other. chester's mayor spoke out
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against the violence saying the problem is the unflux of illegal weapons. >> we're asking parents to step up to the plate. don't be held hostage by your very own young people. don't let them have in their hand a weapon that will make them make a bad decision. >> he voweled transparency in the investigation and asked the community to be patient. loved ones are saying good-bye to new jersey state trooper sean cullen. today was the first of two viewings for the 31-year-old. family and friends gathered at saint charles church in sin nine son. he was killed after being struck bypassing car while respond to go a crash on i 295. a second viewing will be held tomorrow and funeral service will follow at noon. west philadelphia neighborhood is in mourning tonight after a teenager was struck and killed by a stray bullet. the shooting happened shortly
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before midnight on the 400 block s alford street. she was on a porch when two people started shooting at each other. she was hit in the chest and pronounced dead at the hospital. police have no description of the suspected shooters. dozens of atfs and dirt bikes are seized by philadelphia police after they say owner vess been illegally riding them. 53 of these bikes and vehicles have been impounded. at least one arrest have been made. every year people die from accidents involving the atfs and dirt bikes and it is a big problem when the weather gets warmer. >> individuals run up and down on the sidewalks. people are afraid to let their children play in areas that the dirt bikes are riding. rip up recreation areas. rip up the parks they're in. no regard for the safety of anyone. >> police any dirt bikes and atfs are illegal to ride in the
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city unless on private property with the owner's permission. if you see someone riding around the city contact police right away. stay with us. still to come on "eyewitness news." can anyone trump donald trump? what new polls say about trump chances in tuesday's primaries as he looks to solid fi his hold on it gop nomination. a deadly blast leaves dozens of people dead. where this happened and who's suspected in the attack. >> more wrnl wet weather is in the forecast for tomorrow. when we'll see the heaviest rain in the full forecast coming up after this.
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. back on "eyewitness news" a daring rescue in chicago. two window washers left dangling from 15th floor of a high-rise when part of the scaffolding broke. firefighters he opened part of a window and lowered the rope who
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were ultimately pulled inside of the two men were not injured. tragedy in turkey. 34 people killed, 125 others injured in a suicide car bomb. the attack targeted civilians. two suspected bombers are among those killed. police suspect militants carried out the attack. 2016 news. donald trump is defending his supporters and rejectthing responsibility for the violence that has overshadowed his relays. trump is steam rolling towards the nomination. brook has the latest from new york. >> get them out of here please. >> reporter: republican front runner donald trump insisted his supporters are peaceful, blames his sometimes rallies on organized disrupters. >> sometimes they come from bernie sanders. >> reporter: trump tweeted be
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careful bernie or my supporters will go to yours. >> he's a pathological liar. >> reporter: sanders said his campaign hasn't coordinated the protester. he got a boost from the cbs poll showing him ahead of of hillary clinton in illinois. she leads in florida and ohio. where the candidates sparred over trade at a cnn. >> she supported all all of those trade agreements, i have vigorously opposed it. >> i want the united states government to stand up for the company and the workers. >> reporter: republican polls show a tie in ohio between john kasich and the national gop front runner but in florida, trump leads big. up 20 points as senator marco rubio who's counting on a florida win falls to third. trump cancelled an upcoming rally near miami and will instead hold an event where the race is closer in ohio.
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cbs news new york. >> stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of campaign 2016. you can all find it online at it was another great weekend for disney at the box office. >> i am doing. >> fine? >> well. >> the animated hit took in 50 million dollar. critics love it. it has a 99% on review website. coming in second. the psychological thriller ten closer field lane. dead pool. london has fallen ands with ky tank go fox trot rounded out the top five. it should be a good day to stay inside tomorrow. >> more rain in the forecast's we're lucky rain held off most of the st. patrick's day parade
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but then go home and take a nice nap. read a book. we'll get our learn on tomorrow with the the rain. more rain is in the forecast. it's going to be put a good rain day because the wind will pick up especially over the next hour. we'll see the winds whipping gusty and breezy through tomorrow to. high temperature today 61. that's nine degrees above average in philadelphia. we topped in the 60's in allentown. 52 degrees today in trenton but that rain moved in and our temperature kind of tanked. we're at 49 in philadelphia. mid 40's in mountain. 49 in millville. 48 in wildwood. wind little bit breezy. wind direction out of the east. the winds will start to pick up as i mentioned as we head after midnight tight tonight and stick with us through the overnight. stormscan 3 showing us more rain. we had a little bit of a break in the philadelphia area. about an hour ago but the rain moved back in.
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light to moderate. you do notice another continuing to move off to the north and east. it will continue to bring us that rain throughout the overnight period. the rain is falling in center city philadelphia up into haverford. parts of south jersey. cherry hill back into mt. laurel. the rain is coming down. delaware seeing rain falling all across the state. dover seeing moderate rainfall moving through. much more moisture up wind continue to clear in over the next hour. reading rainfall intensity picking up dramatically. moderate steady rainfall and that will continue. check this out. much more rainfall at the up wind. it's trend going to move from the southwest up to the northeast. due to stalled frontal boundary. that will be working through our backyard. through first of day tomorrow. 46 degrees, temperature don't budge much as we head through the day tomorrow with the clouds
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in place. rain falling and that northeasterly picking up 15 miles per hour with higher gusts. we will see the rainfall that could be a little bit heavy at times, especially earlier in the day. unfortunately, that coincides with our monday commute. i think a rumble of thunder is possible in the morning hours. winds take us through the day gusting to about 25 miles per hour into tomorrow afternoon. future weather showing us more heavy rainfall will start to move in as we head into late overnight. early tomorrow morning dealing with rain across the area. still as we head the time runs on into midday. a lot of rain, after we had about midday not afternoon hours. it will become a little bit more skatered in nature and start to fall off. so the morning commute will be worse, steady rain, even a rumble of thunder, showers as you're heading out on lunch hour. temperatures not budging staying
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in the upper 40's throughout the day. you in the breeze. will feel chilly and damp. passing shower, that's definitely going to be the better commute of the two. tuesday not as bad, 62. shower to start, sunshine, how about wednesday? more sunshine. still think we have a chance at a sprinkle. we'll take that for 70. st. patrick's day, the old help can. late showers return. we get chillier by the start of next weekend. 49 but full sunshine finally returns and sunday kind of an interesting storm system we're watching. rain moving in and we'll see what happens after that. >> yeah. lac that's a great tease. >> looks like a dynamic simply. >> i need details. march madness in full effect.
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>> we're going to be talking about hoops around the clock. today they showed why the prediction was way off the mark.
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. . >>. i'm going to need help. >> i'll do your bracket and i'll do yours. we'll hope for the best. like a bad day, the arrow was pointing down for st. joe's. two straight losses before the eighth tournament but the hangs bouncing back with a performance in brooklyn. isaiah miles, st. joe's up by 13. 26 points the senior is mvp. did he mean breezy scored 30 points. and how about that? st. joe's winning for the second time in three years 87-74 the
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final. here is the viewers guide for our local teams on friday. at 12:40 villanova plays asheville. 3:10 temple faces iowa. if they win, they will hook up sunday in brooklyn at 9:57 st. joe's place cincinnatti. all three games will be on tv. cbs coverage starts thursday at 12:15 when duke place wilmington. yale in it for the first time since 1960's. hillary clinton celebrating. night session start wig chattanooga. coming up in the sports zone next program here. jay wright and phil martelli will join us. lesley van arsdale standing by right there. right there. she's ready to get out there. jonathan from will
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celebration of irish tradition today in center city. >> ♪ ♪. >> "eyewitness news" at the annual st. patrick's day parade. mayor kenney who grew up irish catholic in south philly marched in today's festivities. philadelphia has been celebrating since 1771, be five years before the declaration of independence was signed. lauren is coming back
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. thousands made their way to south philly today for annual flyers wives carnival. also enjoyed an afternoon of family fun. there were carnival games and autograph with the fly guys. all proceeds benefit flyers charities which many organizations. >> lauren you got your wake-up forecast. >> more umbrella for tomorrow. little bit breezy. umbrella will be tricky. 51, cooler temperatures hover in the 50's. but it will feel chillier. tuesday is better. 62, drier, wednesday looking pretty noise, 70 degrees. >> we're getting there. >> thank you so much. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. we're always on handing things over to the cbs3 sports zone, don bell, lesley van arsdale.
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have a good night everyone. >> philadelphia phillies 2008 world championships of baseball. >> this is the nissan sports zone on cbs3. >> march madness is upon us and the wildcats are going to new york city. villanova, a number two seed in big games. >> hawk never dies. st. joe's heading west after wrapping up the tournament title. >> the temple owls are in. they are dancing. and join villanova in the big apple. they might even play against the wildcats.
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a selection sunday fun day, welcome to nissan sports zone. >> march madness is upon us. >> we'll start with the highest seed of three. the wildcats are the second seed of the south. probably lost the number one seed when they lost to seton hall. however, they finished the season 29-5. won the big east regular season title for third straight year. >> the round one match-up is friday in brooklyn at 12:40 against unc asheville. bull dogs 22-11 won the big south conference tournament. villanova is in the same region. put if both teams advanced they're going to meet a round of 32. >> jay wright joining us here. taking on number 15 on friday in brooklyn. jay, i'll start you off with this. the loss in the big east championship game cost you the number one s


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