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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  March 15, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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>> legendary band the who says farewell to philly. generous donation band member roger daughtry made before tonight's concert. >> the heavy rain from this morning has moved out. but showers are hanging around. coming up i'll tell you if it will impact your morning commute tomorrow. also, new jersey governor chris christie criticized again for leaving his state behind while campaigning for donald
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trump. the header of the state trooper's union is calling out governor christie for not atte attending today' funeral for trooper shawl cullen. >> services were held this afternoon in his hometown of cinnaminson. 31-year-old died last week after he was hit by a car on interstate 95 while son to go an accident. he leaves behind a pregnant fiance' and a nip month old son. >> "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is in our sat center with more on the reaction to governor christie's absent. >> when governor christie ended his dream to become the 45th president of the united states last month, he told new jersey residents that his focus would be on the state of new jersey. just a few days later he endorsed donald trump and now the head of the trooper's union in new jersey expressed to me that what happened today was over the line. ♪ >> reporter: as hundreds in uniform paid their final respects to trooper cullen hit and kill last week while on the
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job, governor chris christie was in north carolina on stage with donald trump playing interviewer. >> how would you bring the same kind of principles you bought to building great property, managing a great company, to our relationships with trade with other countries around the wor world. >> chris, one biggest problems we have is trade. >> reporter: this is the second trooper funeral christie did not tend. the other was trooper eli mccarson's funeral if december. there's no official protocol for attending the funeral of state troopers. christie has attended some in the past. this time lieutenant governor kim began know was in his face head of the state troopers union told "eyewitness news", "we are focused on honoring our fallen brother today and quiet frankly we did not expect someone who has consistently shown diss taken for law enforcement to pay his respects to the cullen and state police family. may sean rest in peace "a wonderful family, tragic the governor's decision making is predicated on selfish political tune tim that much is clear.
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>> christie and traumaly have been seen together in texas, florida, ohio and north caroli carolina. >> this guy would come to my office and say could i have $350,000 for the republican governor's association. >> he would come to my office like year and a half works years ago. >> later in the day former alaska governor sarah palin introduced governor christie in florida before trump took the stage. according to donald trump himself expect to see more of chris christie on the campaign trail. >> i want to point out i reach to the governor's office for comment about missing the funeral and i asked for a response to union president burgos much his statement, i didn't hear back from the governor's office. he said in press conference earlier this month that he will not be a full-time campaign surrogate for donald trump. live in the sat center tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. we are getting more information tonight on the shooting death of a maryland police officer with ties to our area. officers now say boothwyn native
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jacai colson was killed by friendly fire during a gunman's ambush. when colson arrived on the scene unmark car police say he engaged with the shooter and then was struck in the middle of that fire fight. investigators say the gunman's two brothers recorded the whole thing. all three have been arrested. emotional vigil tonight for the teenaged girl tragically killed by a stray bullet over the weekend. loved ones gathered earl yes in west philly to honor and remember the victim. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos was there. >> reporter: the same west philly stoop where 18-year-old girl lost her life now the scene of love and memories. >> i love you so much. >> more than 100 family members and friends gathering near salford and callowhill in west philly -- balloons and candles in hand to remember nadje killed saturday night by a stray bullet from a gun fight a half block
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away. >> my daughter was innocent. sean the perfect child, sean an angel. but this time she was innocent. >> reporter: sandwiched between her two best friends -- >> these these are the closest people to my daughter. >> her mother plead with the shooter to come forward. >> i just want to know who killed my daughter. that's it. >> as those who spoke to the crowd plead with the teen's gathered to stop fighting ton end the violence. >> we got to have safe and love. >> the hate shown in the faces and tears of those gathered to remember the young woman killed for absolutely no reason. >> i had good times with my daughter. ya'll see this. everybody had good times with my daughter. she's a special person. andness my heart. she's my angel. that's my angel. i need her. >> reporter: philadelphia police have not made any arrests in this killing as you heard from family and friends, people pleading for anyone to come forward with any information about what happened here
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saturday night. reporting here in west philadelphia, i'm greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news". we've now learned the identity of a 24-year-old man stabbed to death near written house square over the weekend. police say coleman mcgovern of churchville, bucks county had just gotten out of a cab early sunday morning and was with friends after bar hopping. someone in his group said something about a hat worn by 40-year-old steve vin sim manger as their paths crossed an altercation erupted. he stabbed mcgovern several times. he was taken into custody after after the stab tag hospital when he sought treatment for cut on his hasn't. a baby boy is safe and sound tonight after the van he was in was stolen in west physical watch as the thief jumps into his running van park outside of a corner store. kareem morris stopped to get a bottle of water for his four month old son leaving him in the back seat. he came out and found the van gone.
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he left his phone in the car he used the store owner's phone to text the abductor in the stolen vehicle. >> when i actually text his phone from the store owner's phone, he told me where my son was at. >> the thief decided to leave the little boy on a germantown street and the bobby was found there about 15 minutes later. moments before the ordeal the thief was captured on store surveillance video and police are still looking for him tonight. the new jersey legislature has towardsed a statewide referendum on whether two new casinos to be permitted in the northern part of the state. the new jersey does not specify locations but the most commonly talk about possibilities are east rutherford and jersey stow city. the question will appear before voters on the november general election ballot. and in campaign 2016, a last minute push for votes as voters in five states will go to the polls tomorrow. republican front runner donald trump spent much of his day in ohio where polls show him in dead heat with ohio governor
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john kasich. texas senator ted cruz held several rallies in illinois which is also voting tomorrow. senator marco rubio continues campaigning in his home state of florida and on the democratic side hillary clinton was in north carolina tonight as vermont senator bernie sanders rallied with supporters in missouri. it's that time of year when the temperatures buns back and forth between warm and cool. >> that can lead to some battles over the thermostat at home. a lot of times women like it a little warmer. so why are women typically colder than men? >> good question. any cory brewer is here witness an. nicole. >> i really hope my husband is watching. >> because this has become a battle inside my own house to keep things comfortable. the question tonight why are women always cold. i shall say some women always cold. it's a good question so we called on the doc to give us the answer. ♪ >> have you noticed i mean in a general sense women tend to be colder, right? >> always. >> my wife tends to be colder
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than i am. >> my husband is a furnace and i'm always cold. >> why is that? >> more sensitive. >> that's actually a really good question. >> they're not moving around, men are always generating heat. >> smaller less body heat. >> why are women always cold? >> two words, metabolic,. >> dr. rob danoff is a family physician. women's bodies produce less heat than guys do. >> guys are walking and talking space heater. >> i cling on because he's warm. >> men have less body fat more muscle mass. >> that makes sense. we carry weight more than they do. >> and a 20 to 35% higher metabolic rate. >> muscles make for heat. we have our little heat island around us. but you guys don't. so your more sensitive to changes in temperature. >> there you go. >> i agree. emotionally. >> dr. rob says the body's metabolism is responsible for the production of energy including heat. so even though men and women both have internal temperatures
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of 98.6 degrees -- >> being cold and being cold are two different things. so your skin, your clothes are not as warm as the guys in general. so you may feel colder even though your body temperature inside is the same. >> oh! >> that does make sense then. >> then there's preference. >> the way women are built they're more comfortable when it's 77 degrees. we like it around 72. >> so thermostat wars. >> that fight for 2 degrees. >> and finally, compromise for a man in construction that part was easy. >> separate thermostats. >> we quit arguing about it. all you can do is go to to your end. >> dr. rob adds that when women reach menopause the opposite tends to be true and around the age of 60 metabolic rates in men and women equalize had which lead both parties reaching for that sweater. i know this isn't true for everybody. we're speaking in generalities here. i know for myself i'm always freezing.
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>> no pun intended i'm cool with 70 around the house. >> yeah. no pun intended. >> i'm cool with that. >> good one, ukee. >> nicole. >> serious. >> i was serious. >> thanks nicole. >> we want to know your good question. log oh and to question to summit that questi question. you can also tweet us use the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we can wait to hear your good question. celebrating a half century of the legendary rock ban the who. ♪ they played what being considered their final philadelphia show and brought the house down. vittoria woodill talk to the band about the bittersweet show plus the special meaning this concert has to band member roger daughtry. >> what are you really drinking when off glass of wine. the extra ingredient you likely will not see on the bottle's label.
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>> kate. >> gloom mow start to the week an few more showers headed our way but temperatures headed back to the 70s. i'll tell when you we hit that 70 mark com
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ a philadelphia judge will not shorten the prison sentence for kathryn knott. the woman jailed for her role in an attack on a same sex couple. knot will continue to serve her five to 10 month sentence for the september 2014 attack in center city. she refused a plea deal of probation that was septembered by her two co-defendants. the case prompted philadelphia to add sexual orientation to its hate crime laws. about 25% of americans drink wine on a regular basis, but they may be surprised to fine out what's in some wines. a study of modestly priced wines
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found there can be more than 200 potential additives including sulfite for preservation, food coloring and a chemical calle calledville corrine which kills any living uranisms in the wine. industry experts say the additives ensure each bottle tastes the same. they also say the amounts are legal and safe for consumption. it is a bittersweet night for fans of the who. the legendary band is in town tonight for a concert on what is likely their last tour. >> vittoria woodill is there with reaction from the fans and also what the band is saying. ♪ >> reporter: who is the who? >> who is the who? >> who is the who. >> greatest rock and roll ban of all time. >> who is the who? >> who is the who. >> the best band in the whole world. no question these fans know exactly who they're here to see. >> ♪ >> reporter: and tonight is the who's last show in philadelphia since 1968.
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>> so we never say never but it's the last show as far as these big tours go. >> it's going to be awesome. awesome. >> can you feel that enthusiasm can you? >> got to be there. >> it's it's great to be in philadelphia. if you are wondering why i've tried to look so sharp it's because i am the only one in the who that has the keys to the city. ♪ >> english rock band who has sold over 100 million records since 1964 and celebrating 50 years of making music and memories for fans everywhere that will last lifetime. >> we saw their farewell tour if nope 82 at jfk. >> first time was 1982. jfk. i was 12. >> now it have my son with me. >> since we saw the who together is the super bowl it's this
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experience coming full circle for he and i. >> awesome. >> he's been there a lot for me. this would be a great gesture to give back. >> goodson here. >> yeah, it do. i'm a lucky guy. >> ♪ and these fans don't just feel lucky to be here. >> who are you and it speaks volumes to me, like -- >> together. >> being together and no fighting. >> i've seen them 10 time. they're my life. >> euphoria. isn't that's what you need. >> absolutely. >> you go on in there and you feel that. feel it right here, okay. >> right on. >> i'll watch you in. have a great time. wow! >> euphoria. euphoria. >> there were a lot of feelings tonight. but jessica i think you said it best. you said bittersweet. bittersweet was the feeling but i have to tell you all the folks exiting the wells fargo center behind me the concert just let
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out and everybody had smile on their face saying they had the best time ever. i would say hash tag epic for tonight. >> vittoria i'm hearing somebody singing. >> is the band doing another show in the parking lot? >> we do have a musician in the parking lot here. and he was march. he spotted us from the beginning. and he got his five minutes, i'll put him right here. >> thank you. >> thanks tori. >> that's why we love philadelphia you guys. >> that's it. loving it. >> out staning. >> speaking of the who, they made a generous donation in support of the children's hospital of philadelphia. the money is going to children's hospital through who cares team cancer america. teen cancer america creates friendly environments in hospitals so teens being treated for cancer are refuge. renovations are underway at a space on children's hospital and roger daughtry talk exclusive
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toll oy witness news about why he's making the donation. >> you go to ever children's hospital there's a nursery and clowns on the wall and toys to play with and they have teddy bears and you name it, they'll have everything good for a child. you ask them what they got for a teenager, adolescent an young adult, nothing. >> teen cancer america now has facilities in about dozen hospitals all around the count country. >> very smart. all right. well we just vittoria and friend outside it look like the rain has moved out. at least in the city for now. >> it's not as bad. a little misty. it's not the best night to be out but it's definitely not a downpour like we had this morning. go out and play the saxophone. i thought that was one of our camera guys. >> singing along. >> i didn't know had that was. >> i've been singing that all night. >> perfect. >> great. let's take a peek what's happening outside right now. really rough morning a lot of rain over an inch fell in philadelphia. but now just a little mist and drizzle outside take a peek at
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it storm scan3 tracking more showers moving in. what your seeing right now on skycam3 over center city low clouds and fog. little hazy through the overnight hours we will have a few more steady showers move through overnight and into the first part of tomorrow. not the best night out on the roads but again it could be worse. we're still all a little wet behind the ears aft this morning. take look at the time lapsed vitter yo from today. you can see we started off the day with clouds and the rain just kept oncoming. now of course good news this time of the year. we have flowers peeking through the soil out there. the grass wants to get green and we need the rain for that. so that is the good side of it but boy, what dreary monday we have that extra hour of daylight in the evening. couldn't really enjoy it because it was gloomy outside from start to finish ba. got another line of showers. notice how these are weakening they were a little morrow bust over the southwestern corner of the state earlier this evening weakening a bit. the ones moving across virginia strength to them so those could impact portions especially of delaware as we head through tomorrow morning. in the meantime it's cool but
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temperatures are holding steed dee. not going to see a drop in temperature tonight hold in the mid 40s. 46 right now in philadelphia. 42 in allentown and 37 in mount pocono. you can see the warm air behind that line of showers though kind of a warm front lift through tomorrow morning. you can see 58 right now in lexington. 56 in cleveland. even warmer in buffalo. than it is here in philadelphia. and we'll try to get that cool air out of here and bring warmer air in. but notice tomorrow at 1:00 o'clock a couple of showers if we see any sunshine tomorrow it's late day five, sick clocks. it is still light around five, 6:00 o'clock definitely on balance it will be remembered as rainy day. your rain chances for the next few days 40% chance tomorrow. mainly in the form of scattered showers. sprinkle is possible wednesday as well. then another round of steadier showers thursday. and a sprinkle possible friday back and forth as we head through the week we'll be systematically cooling things down. as we head through thursday and friday that cooler air starts to push in. but then it's through the weekend and into the start of next week that even colder air will start to circulate down
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from canada and as we head into sunday storm moving up the coast could actually tap into some of that chill and bring a few snowflakes especially for areas well inland from philadelphia. for your tuesday morning clouds a shower then some breaks of sun in the afternoon. your seven day forecast shows a brief spike in temperatures. 60s tomorrow. 70 wednesday. then we cool down 50s by the end of the week friday and saturday look like the driest days of the week with some sun and then rain on sunday. looks like a cold rain for most of us but that's the first day of spring and there is a chance some spots could see mixed with snow. high elevations, susquehanna places like that but can't rule it out. after 80s last week, cool. >> thanks kate. >> don what's happening next in sports. >> talking hoops no surprise there. temple gets ready to face a guy whose been compared to dirk novitski and villanova trying to break that occurs of the tar heels state and penn makes history. a first for the lady quakers. the madness of march continues. sports coming up next.
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welcome back. north carolina has been a state of denial for villanova since 2009. unc has ended their season twice and inform c state bounded them from the big dance a year ago. on friday, the wildcats take on 15th seeded unc ashville. the bulldogs come into the tournament as champions of the big south. however, as you would expect, nova had heavy favorite but the wildcats have to skip by their recent history. >> i thought our teams the last two years were built for deep runs. i thought we just ran into really bad matchups in the second round. we ran into national champion and we ran into a really talented nc state team that made great against us. so i think this is very similar to our last two teams. i think we can beat anybody. i think we can get beat by anybody. >> jay keeping it real. meanwhile temple is a tenth seed in the south and they'll take on
2:32 am
the iowa hawk eyes after losing six out of eight games iowa slumping however their 6-foot nine senior jared is the truth. he averages 18 points and six boards a game. >> utah is a complete player. aaron was talking about him today. mentioning him and dirt nowitsky is the same breath. step outside and make shots. he knows how to play. he's very intelligent. he can take it to the rim. >> did fran say dirk? wow. >> whoa x good welcome back st. joe's the hawks are ranked in the top five for the first time since the 2003 season. they were fifth in the country to year. they won the a10 tournament champion sunday and now getting national love. st. joe's the eighth seed in the west they will play the ninth seed cincinnati friday in spokane, washington. before nova temple and st. joe's tip off friday we'll get you ready for the act with our
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preview show march to houston presentepresented by toyota wedy night at 7:30. to the ladies shout out to the penn women quakers made it into the ncaa tournament by snagging the highest seed in program history. penn is a tenth seed and take on seventh seeded washington saturday in college park, maryland. the quakers finish the season with a 24-four record. the flyers face the red wings tomorrow at the center orange and black are three points behind detroit. sake vorachek now skating but will not play. he's been out for nearly three weeks with a foot injury. spring training now fills and oilers. franco i is a man possessed two more homeruns today. now has six in the spring. that's the most of the biggs. phillies losing this game eigh eight-seven but franco going off and pretty, pretty, pretty good. >> fight having having a good spring.
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>> they are. >> nice. >> thanks, don. >> when we come back, the special guest star at a l
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easter came early for some four leg friends. >> "eyewitness news" at the cherry hill mall where pet owners brought their dogs for a meet and greet with the easter bunny. >> that's ba we like to see here. dogs of all shapes and sizes came in took a seat neck to the bunny for a photo. children also hopping in for the photos you got to get the whole family with easter bunny. >> younger ones, too. >> look at all those -- look at that bulldog. easter bunny will be at the cherry hill mall through march to the couple wondering what a good deal looks like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? ♪
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sometimes the best deals are pretty plain to see. ♪
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our morning team is back from 4:30 to 7am. for kate, don, everyone here i'm young washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with steven colbert is next with guest john oliver. >> good night, family. sleep wel >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nuwave oven pro, brought to you by the makers of the nuwave precision induction cooktop. [♪...] professional chefs create great-tasting meals from years of experience and by using professional equipment.


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