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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, happening right now, fire damages a delaware county diner forcing nearby hotel guests out into a rainy night, we'll tell you how bad it god before firefighter gained the upper hands. >> also, who is is behind the mask. police on the main line are hoping to catch this man, wanted in a terrifying home invasion before he strikes again. what the suspect got away with. and another big primary day, how today conroy the field of candidate. also, why new jersey governor christie is facing even more criticism for campaigning with donald trump. >> good morning, today is tuesday, march 15th, i'm erika von tiehl. bit of drizzly start to your tuesday morning, little gloomy out there. we want to catch up with pat
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and katie who will brighten things up for us. >> what a sweetheart. avenue nice story for you on my way in this morning on 95. that will was a lot of fun. >> yell, we had little elevator chat about that one, i know it wasn't an ideal commute for you. still dreary weather, poor visibility, a little drizzly and misty out there, too. so it is not terrible. it is just not ideal either. do you not have a clear sky by any stretch. in fact as we take you out to "skycam 3" here, live look overlooking center city, what you normally see couple of skyscrapers. you cannot see them at this point. low-lying cloud cover in the city. that goes for a lot of the region, as well. storm scan3, on other hands, that at least is looking quiet for the moment. let me just zoom out one time. actually just put things into motion for the last two hours, see moisture picking up across hager town, baltimore, sign every things to come. likely to see another rounds every showers to roll through before the day is said and done, i should say the morning
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before it is said and done. visibility not ideal up and down i-95, traveling at higher speeds, you just want to slow it down maybe little bit out there. wildwood checking in at one point a miles with viabilities, down to 2.5 into mt. holly. depending where you are, might be running into low-lying cloud cover here and there, visibility just less than ideal. lighter wind helping that along, from light enough winds and moisture you can get the fog to form out there. forty-six the current temperature at the airport, not what i would call cold, but it is kind after chill just damp start to the day. today, how much, is going to be a milder day by comparison to yesterday being such a raunchily day that we had yesterday. this is at least little better, pat, don't bank on heck of a lot of sunshine today. >> yesterday completely stunning from top to bottom. >> let's be honest. >> good morning, everyone, aid fun ride in on 95 this morning, got stuck behind the roving crews, blocked it completely, just sat therefore 15 minutes, poor woman next to
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me having complete melt down. but we got here. we got moving on the roadways, a look at 95 northbound, though, on the ramp to cottman avenue closed overnight all week. it is open right now. the closures will be between eight p.m. and 5:00 a.m. so again, 95 northbound ramp to cottman right now open but eight p.m. to five, 95, just real pain. going to 352 edgemont road. back it upright here. edgemont road closed between 14th and route 320 because of this fire right here. we take a look at the map, give you another look at it. ninety-five is not affected, with this right now, and let's look at 95 southbound near the betsy ross bridge, right lane blocked, due to construction, erika, back to you. >> pat, thank you, just got video in from chester, overnight fire has ripped through a diner. the flames broke out inside the grape leaves diner before 3:00 a.m. it used to be called the sunrise diner. the five reached two alarms before firefighters could get
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a handle on those flames. the diner's attached to the days in hotel, near philadelphia international airport. guests complained of smoke filling their rooms before management evacuated the hotel. fire authorities tell us the damage is contained to the dining area. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is at the scene for us, she'll have live report coming up in the next 30 minutes. new this morning, a driver faces dui charges after crashing into a police vehicle on i-95. it happened in the southbound lanes near academy road just after midnight, while officers were involved a with a disable car, luckily, no police officers were injured. >> main line neighborhood on alert after home invasion over the weekend. the suspect captured on surveillance video was still wearing a mask. police sent us this photograph of a man accused of breaking into a home on crest line road in trediffryn township saturday. the homeowner was bound with duck tape, then threat an end stun gun. the suspect took off in her
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car and with her atm card. police later recovered the vehicle at the stratford train station. the victim was able to free herself and call police. the presidential candidates are making their final pitches to voters ahead of five important primaries today. for john cast i can and marco rubio, today is a do-or-die day for their campaigns. as weijia jiang reports, big showing for donald trump could give him unstoppable momentum toward the gop nomination. >> donald trump told supporters in ohio he is focusing on helping americans, rather, than his form. >> i'm more interested in having jobs in this country than i am acting presidential, okay? >> get him out offer. >> trump's vials have been raising concerns about the tone of his role. >> i one difference between this and a donald trump rally, is i'm not asking anyone to punch you in the face. >> protesters repeatedly interrupted trump in tampa monday. >> people are crazy. >> ohio governor john kasich says trump has gone too far.
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>> well, i think that when you run a campaign where you are dividing one against another we are making these inch center comments at a rally, that's toxic environment. >> trump and kates i can tide in ohio. winner take all primary is a must win for kasich. >> marco rubio needs to win here in florida to keep his campaign alive. but trump is leading the state's senator by more than two to one margin. >> this state will elect 99 delegates. for one person. i want it to be me and i need you to help it to be me. >> democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck in illinois. sanders is focusing on mid western states after his upset win in michigan. >> i think we're going to win in ohio tomorrow. >> clinton is trying to attract blue collar workers. >> i will stop dead in its tracks any trade deal that hurt america. >> more than 1,000 delegates are up for grabs tuesday. in florida, weijia jiang, cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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meanwhile, new jersey governor chris christie made a campaign appearance with donald trump in north carolina. protesters disrupt that chat early on. trump blamed it on democrats. he says, they see his success of his campaign, and they're trying to disrupt it. the gop frontrunner says, how much, that, quote, it is not a big deal. now, christie ' decision to campaign for donald trump instead of attending the fuel ran after new jersey troop is her under criticism from the state trooper union. the trooper for sean cullen in his hone town every cinnaminson. died last week after a car hit him on interstate 295 while responding to an accident. the head of the state trooper's union told "eyewitness news", quote, we are focused on honoring our fallen brother today and quite frankly did not expect someone who was consistently shown dis dane for law enforcement to pay respect to the cullen and state police family. may sean rest in peace. wonderful family, tragic.
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governor's decision make something predicated on self i shall tune i am. that much is clear. so far no comment from the governor's offers. developing story in chicago, three police offers remembers injured during a shoot-out with the suspect. authorities say the officers were checking out suspected drug activity when the shooting occurred. the officers were returned fire, killing a suspect. the good news here, police say, the officers injuries are not life threatening. flags will fly at half staff in harrisburg and delaware county for maryland police officer jacai colson. we now know the boothwyne native was killed by friendly fire during a gunman's ambush. investigators say that colson arrived at the scene in a unmarked car, engaged with the shooter, that's when he was struck in the fire fight. the gunman's two brothers recorded the whole thing. all three are now under arrest. and, argument between two neighbors ends in deadly gunfire in north philadelphia. police tell us that the men got into a fight and one
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pulled out a gun shooting the other multiple times. it happened around 9:30 last night in the 4600 block of north 16th street. the 31 year old victim later died. police are identifying victims who may identify the gunman. investigators also have a vehicle in custody they believe belongs to that shooter. >> emotional vigil for a teenage girl tragically killed by a stray bullet over the weekends. police are still looking for that shooter. hundreds gathered near south bedder on callowhill west fill toy remember 18 year old najai. she was shot and killed saturday night while sitting on the front porch. her mother is pleading with the shooter to come forward. >> my daughter was innocent. she wasn't a perfect child. she wasn't an angel. but this time, she was innocent. i just want to know who killed my daughter. >> police believe an argument led to the deadly shooting. a $20,000 reward is being
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offered for information lead to go an arrest and conviction. >> law makers in harrisburg are expected to vote this week on bill to legalize medical marijuana in pennsylvania. advocate of senate bill three voiced their support in the capitol yesterday. the bill would allow doctors to prescribe cannibis for conditions including cancer, epilepsy, hiv, aids, parkinson's disease and more. this bill has been around since 2014. actually it passed the senate near lay year ago. since then, it sat in the house rules committee. 4:40 right now. video shows something absolutely justice cussing happening at a factory that makes cereal. now the fda has launched criminal investigation. that's next. also, ahead, president obama joins broadway's hottest show in hamilton. visit the white house. and this: >> ♪ ♪ >> the who rocked philly. what they did before the show to make sure the kids are all
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right. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> the who celebrated 50 years in music right here in philadelphia. >> ♪ >> legendary rock bands rocked the wells fargo center last night. the who has sold over 100 million records since 1964. members say the who hit 50 tour will likely be their last. >> we never say never. but our show, as far as these big tours go. >> we saw the farewell tour 1982 at jfk. that's not even here now. >> first time was 1982, jfk. i was 12. and now i have my son with me. >> oh, nice tradition. now, before the concert the band made a generous donation to the children's hospital of philadelphia. through the band's charity,
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who cares, teen cancer america, chop's teenage patients, will now have a place to go to take their minds off their illnesses. teen cancer america has fast cents ill tis in about a dozen hospitals around the country and i had no idea they had the charity. good to see that, someone who has so much success chairs is that. >> fantastic, love it. >> today improvement on yesterday, but still gloomy. >> yes, you know, i feel like it it could be tough to be worse than yesterday. it was so gloomy outside and dreary and cold and raw and, you know, we had everything going on out there. thankfully wind tapered off. that going for us, yes, and at the moment at least storm scan3 looks quiet enough. don't let this necessarily fool you guys, kind of your call on an umbrella on day like there is we eventually see the clouds break for bit of sunshine. do you still have fine mist out, there probably see straight up shower at some point cross through this morning, and it is casino of foggy outside, so gloomy, again, glock i beginning to the morning here but not as
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bad as yesterday. not tracking as much as heavy rain. that said, later in the day, should see clouds break for bit of sunshine. notice winds flow, you know, not as breezy as yesterday was, it is light enough that we're seeing low-lying cloud cover start to settle in. won't be one of those situations where your advice isn't at zero, you have just enough after breeze, but it is lightening up that said it will last through the clouds that start to settle n so watch for the areas, patchy fog, in other words, drizzle, to mist, some fog again, slower morning drive as a result, but not the kind of issues that we had it contends with yesterday. late in the day, you should see the clouds break for some sun, temperatures have a chance to rebounds, spike back to the 60s later today. later on one of the days that progressively gets better with every passing hour, come tomorrow, warmfront lifting in, will allow for not only temperature spike to 70 degrees but might see sprinkle out of. that will looking ahead to saint patrick's date, not only
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are we going to have green on the t-shirts green, you know, that we will be wearing around town but radar probably looks green, too, showers around, and at least come friday, saturday, things are quieting down for us, back to you. >> fresh from the white house, twitter feed, the hip hop musical hamilton getting help from our chief executive. >> opportunities knocks, i can't stop, i'm here with the president in my pockets, and yoga mike drops. >> how good is that? >> rapped with mc barack you might call it on the q cards yesterday in the rose garden, the stars of hamilton visited the white house yesterday. president obama says the show is a big hit with his family. >> still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", trouble for tinder users. what to do if you fawn your matches, not only disappeared. first though here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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y- fire at days in has been evacuated, smoke filling the hotel, fortunately, no injuries. >> also, an argument ends in deadly gunfire on the 4600 block of north 16th street. police say the 31 year old victim was hit by several gunshots around 9:30 last night. authorities located a car nearby that they say may belong to the shooter. >> and, republicans and democrats head to the polls today in five state. ohio, florida, missouri, north carolina, and illinois. today's results could impact the future of several candidates. polls show john kasich and donald trump neck and neck, in kasich's home state of ohio. however, trump is up big in marco rubio's home state of florida. we'll see what happens. >> well, this may have you
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rethinking your morning cereal. fda has opened criminal investigation after a video surfaces on line showing a manure mating on a kellog factory assembly line. the company says the video was recorded back in 2014 at their memphis tennessee factory, they learned of it on friday and immediately alerted law enforcement. officials are working to identify the man in that video. kellog's say products potentially impacted include rice crispy treat and granola clusters. in a statement they say it is important to note any products that could be potentially impacted would be very limited and past their expiration dates. so far there are no reports of anyone being sickened. >> 4:50, time for check on your business news, money watch's hena daniels joining us now up at the new york stock exchange. hearing a major cosmetic couldn't have i leaving the country going across the ponds? >> avon has announced it is cutting 2500 jobs and moving
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its headquarters in new york to great britain. cosmetic makers says it has significant commercial operations in the united kingdom and specked to save $50 million this year from payroll cuts and the closure of open positions. erika? >> i these see those jobs go. a lot of people getting those tax returns back and the irs always warning us of scammers. what's the latest warning? >> we hear this every year, if you get a call from the irs asking to verify any information hang up. that's not how the internal revenue service works. the federal agency has received complaint of scammers asking for personal information, like social security numbers or financial info, look bank numbers or yesterday the card accounts. the irs says they do not call taxpayers, and they'll never ask for a payment over the phone. erika? >> all right, hena, thank you, we'll see you later this morning. >> tinder users listen up. having some trouble with your app? an hour's long outage left the app anything but fiery.
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the company said a technical glitch accidentally deleted some users matches and got rid of some message histories. but, never fear, tinder's telling users hey just log out, and then log back in, and your matches will be restored. katie tells us when the drizzle dries up, and which day is the warmest of the week
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good morning, spec to go see unfortunately another start to the day somewhat dreary, somewhat gloomy. already had some fog. definitely still finding camp roads out there, courtesy of continued drizzle and fine mist. now a lot of times radar is what you see and it is what you get. but at this point you still have some fine drizzle out there. but it wouldn't appear that way on storm scan. that's where we come in, to gave you a sense what you will run into when you walk out the door and hit the road here today. you can see moisture off to the south and west of us. that may actually trying area straight up shower, as opposed to just a fine mist, but you will regardless probably be
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flicking the windshield wipers through the course of the morning. 62 degrees our expected hi, eventually expect to see few peaks of sunshine, so i promise if you does get better from here, certainly in the thermometer department it does as well tomorrow. spikes to 70, but even then, pat, still can't rule out sprinkle or shower later in the day. >> i like the look of saint patrick's day getting better. >> little better, yes. >> i'll take that. patrick will absolutely take. that will let's look at 95 north, route 413, i'll back up. police activity, overturned vehicle off to the side of the road. the police officers walking up and down here, so if you are going through this area, be aware of the police activity. let's look at 95 north, the ramp to cottman avenue is just out of the picture, but it is closed overnight. it is open right now, but for the rest of the week it will be closed between eight p.m. and 5:00 a.m. edgemont avenue closed between 14th street and route 320. it is due to the diner fire that we've been telling but, we will take a look at the maps, there is the fire there, not affecting 95.
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that's good thing, erika. >> pat, thank you. if you are headed out the door get katie's updated forecast on sister station "kyw news radio" 1060. also, how pennsylvanians budget impasses impacting the local film industry. and company marketing a phone that doesn't make calls. also, major change to could change the face of gaming. >> check in two, three, four times a day on "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. still ahead here on "eyewitness news", michael jackson still making a fortune even after his death. the huge sale that will give the king of pop children three quarters of a billion dollars. also, a slight change that philadelphia's soda tax, why some drinks won't be taxed as much as expected. and a roadside emergency. see how police save a baby's life on the side of the roadway. we're back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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>> fire rips through a nearby diner. we'll be back when guests are allowed inside their room. >> new jersey governor chris christie under fire again for trip on the campaign trail. key event he miss in the his home state, and the intense criticism he's facing this morning. and, a damp and dreary start to your day. katie lets us know just when the sun might peak out again, and which david week looks the best. good morning, it is tuesday, march 15th, i'm erika von tiehl. just kind of rainy, gloomy, overcast start to our day. let's check in with katie and pat with the latest on that, good morning, guys.
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>> good morning, i tried to stay in bed this morning, they wouldn't let me. katie, who are you doing out there? >> we got to get folks out the door here pat. yes, we will try to get you out the door with at least some information, so you know what to expect out there. you know not the prettiest start to the day, let's be honest. will see stellar sunrise, a lot of clouds, significant lying in thick here on the skydeck as well as just behind me overlooking center city. some of those skyscrapers getting skewed by the clouds. that said, you know, i was able to come out here without an umbrella kind of surprised by. that will there is actually still very fine mist, but it is not bad enough it messed when my hair. that's very much key, right? so let's take a look at storm scan. you know, what you see isn't always what you get. there is again very fine mist that's falling right now. so it doesn't show up on radar necessarily. couple of showers starting to pick up across maryland border, as well, and we might see, you know, what we would call straight up share as opposed to fine mist here t


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