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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  March 18, 2016 3:07am-3:39am EDT

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♪ all right. welcome back to "comics unleashed." now, you just did a show in hawaii. >> who's been to hawaii, you guys? yeah. [ applause ] >> great. >> you know, you can translate your american name into hawaiian. like michael is my caylee. very pretty names, right? bernadette in hawaiian is
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penaleketta. people can't read it. how's it going? pickanokoka, you want to go swimming hakuna matata. they're easy. i got stung by a jellyfish on my wrist and the scuba instructor told me, be very careful. anything you touch with an inspected area will just swell up. that's the wrong thing to tell me. it's going to swell up? okay, let's try this. [ laughter ] >> i understand you're big on eating out. >> i ate at the cheesecake factory. three years ago. wow. i mean -- can they give you more food at
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the cheesecake factory? i ordered a chinese chicken salad, i got 18 pounds of lettuce and won ton. there was a guy in my lettuce moving stuff around and he was eating a sandwich. and those of you who eat the cheesecake, you and your entire family have a diabetes. that's a true story, byron, that's true. don't worry. don't get worried. there's a bracelet for diabetes now. there's bracelets for everything. you know? i kind of got to know the bracelet because someone gave me one that said jew on it. you're jewish, support the jews. really, the jews need support? i live in hollywood. okay? we're doing fine. all right? and the last time the jews wanted something to identify themselves that they were jews didn't really work out so well. now did it?
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>> you love living at the beach? >> i love living at the beach. i was house sitting for a few months at the beach. i had to dog sit a dog named eli. he took off and all the neighbors are standing around. somebody help me! not a single person helped me grab the dog. i was really pissed off. then i thought about it. i was like an asian girl chasing a dog in malibu beach? no wonder they're like, run, eli, run! [ laughter ] she's got barbecue sauce. no! >> all right. we'll take a break. don't go away. we'll be right back with more "comics unleashed." >> for more laughs go to closed captioning brought to you by -- looking great and stepping out with confidence includes
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"one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. "see what's possible." [ cheers and applause ] all right. welcome back to "comics unleashed." what's your favorite tv show? >> i love "lost." but he's the thing. i love "lost" and i called -- because i'm flying around to do comedy, and the guy answered the call, he said thank you for calling the airlines, i'm jack shepherd, how may i direct your call? excuse me? i'm jack shepherd -- whoa, buddy. you have the same name as the lead character on the show "lost." i know. where are you flying? nowhere. that show -- it's about a plane crashing into an island. i'm not buying a ticket from you. get jack bauer on the phone.
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he can make it happen. he can make it happen, byron. >> jeff, i know you're a big fan of game shows. >> yeah, i like "jeopardy." i can watch the show for one month and know not one answer. and alex trebek can piss you after a while. so long, so long, so long, he's got the little cards under the table. he does not know all those answers, you know? he's got the cards. he loves it when somebody screws up. makes him look smart. no, bob, the capital of yemen is senay. yeah, take away the card he's as blank as a fart. >> jeff, i know you're a big movie fan. what's going on in the theaters? >> i think broke back mountain, they sure don't make westerns like they used to.
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imagine like jimmy stewart and john wayne "brokeback mountain." you want me to do what? [ laughter ] i'm -- i'm just saying -- give it a try. give it a try. the great jimmy stewart. >> what's your favorite movie? >> "memoirs of a geisha." the reason i love it is because she's the ultimate asian girl. she's petite and very graceful. i'm not like that. okay, i'm not -- you'll never see me like oh, i don't know. i don't know. and my favorite part of the movie is she grabs the other geisha by the hair and she says real intense, she's like, i will
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destroy you. and the whole crowd just cheered in the movie theater. she could say anything and i think it would sound cool. she's like pull my finger. [ laughter ] my baloney has a first name. of course, after watching the movie like that you have to have like japanese food. i refused to ever go with my dad ever again to have japanese food because he likes to speak in the food's native language. i think it's a little obnoxious. he's all loud walking in. he's like -- hello kitty. [ laughter ] >> give them all a round of applause. [ cheers and applause ] nice job. thank you. that was a lot of fun. please come back. thank you at home. until next time, keep laughing.
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>> this has been a production of entertainment
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♪ >> right now on "eyewitness news" march madness is officia officially underway. we're traveling with three local teams as they get ready for their first round of play and sports director don bell has a preview of the matchups and an exclusive behind the scenes look at how the st. joe's hawks prepare for tourney time. >> also we always hear the tournament referred to as the big dance. why is that? >> it's your good question and nicole brewer gets the story behind the nick nape. >> and concerned parents pack an
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auditorium fighting to keep their school open. the meeting lasted hours going late in the night. we'll tell you about the decision school leaders made. >> those stories and more are straight ahead. but first an arrest made by septa police and it's all caught on camera. >> good evening, thanks for staying up late with us i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. the suspect was wanted for shooting inside a church's chicken. natasha brown has more on the video that shows how the officers track him down. >> body camera images are vividly clear capturing the moment a shooting suspect is captured on a septa bus. >> we got a tip that the shooter was on a route 23 that was on germantown avenue. >> transit police officers had been saturating the area looking for 70-year-old ronald also known as roland graham. he was known to take this bus route and he had been on the loose since allegedly fleeing a shooting at a church's chicken
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on broad street march 6th. you can see the septa police officer board the bus quickly evacuating riders and calmly taking the wanted man who was sleeping at the time into custody. >> officer makes a decision, he's approaching an attempt murder suspect who may very well be armed and may very well be willing to shoot it out and that officer is quickly and quietly telling people get off. >> 289 septa police officers have been equipped with body cameras since january. another glimpse at their latest crime fighting tool. >> this will show put the police in a great light and it will shine the light on the police that aren't acting properly. >> reporter: 70-year-old suspect in this case is now facing a number of charges including attempted murder. at septa headquarters natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". and philadelphia's frankford neighborhood tonight police say a man if his 20's was stabbed several times in the chest on oxford avenue. then as he tried to get away from his attacker he was hit by
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an suv on folk rod street that suv then fled the scene. the man later died at the hospital. police are searching for suspe suspects both in the stabbing and also the driver of the car that left the scene. a section of a building being demolish comes crashing down on to street in old city and schoolbus was in the wrong place at the wrong time. "eyewitness news" at fifth and race streets. crews were demolishing the former whitman chocolate factory when chunks of falling debris hit a tree and a schoolbus that was driving by. moments before the incident the bus was full of students headed to the national constitution center. officials say the construction site had all the required permits also a safety plan approved bite licenses and inspections department. an investigation is under way into what went wrong. no one was hurt and after being closed for several hours, all streets are now back open in that area. the football coach at conestoga high school has resigned a mid a hazing controversy. coach john, stepped down following the october assault of
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a freshman football player. that as subtle is the subject of an internal investigation. an investigation bite chester county district resulted in charges against three seniors. >> as president obama prepares to travel next week to cuba with his family tonight the head of the new jersey state police has a warning for americans who want to travel to cuba. he says the country is harboring fugitives including one convict of killing a new jersey cop more than 40 years ago. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has more on his scathing op he had. >> reporter: for americans it's a land of mystery and intrigue. after all cuba has been closed off to the average american for more than 50 years. now the head of the new jersey state police is warning americans that just because you can go to cuba doesn't mean you should. in a harsh op he had posting in newspapers from new york to miami colonel rick fuentes has warning for americans. >> "you should also know that some of america's most wanted
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terrorists are living openly in cuba. they roam the island freely and are still dangerous revolutionaries, diss enchanted about all thing american ". one of the fugitives he mentions joanne chesky march who calls herself as sad today shakor on the fbi most wanted list for killing trooper forrester if 1973. she escaped a north jersey prison in 1979 and fled to cuba where she's been sips 1984. trooper forrester and james harper stopped her and two associates for a traffic violation. forrester died and harper suffered serious injuries. fuentes has been trying to get her back to the united states for years. he spoke to "eyewitness news" in december 2014. >> it's over when she's back in her cell in a prison in a federal prison or state prison. >> the case was one of the colonel's first cases in the late 70's. >> we owe a debt to the family of trooper forrester and trooper
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harper to bring her back to justice to finish her sentence. >> reporter: that's why fuentes told "eyewitness news" he wrote the op he had "cuba will promise to embrace human rights and throw epp its door to free market capitalism. that's not going to happen he continued. tourists to cuba please be careful. you are not dignitaries with security teams or part of a pampered and proper began dived political delegation fat tendon and flattered by the type of cuisine and accommodations most cubans can only dream about. enjoy your trip. >> there's a $2 million reward for information leading to joanne chesky arrest. there are restrictions if you want to travel to department but authorities have said multiple times travel to cuba is considered safe. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". the united states confirms north korea has fired a ballistic missile into the sea. this comes days after north korea ran leader ordered tests
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nuclear war head and ballistic missiles capable of carrying warheads. state department says it's closely monitoring the situati situation. >> in campaign 2016 hillary clinton has officially won the democratic primary in missouri. clinton had narrow lead with less than half a percentage point after most votes were counted. that gave bernie zapped the option to request a recount but he conceded. meanwhile on the republican side the race missouri is still too close to call. also today, conservative active visits and lawmakers met in d.c. to stop donald trump and try to find an alternative candidate. >> south jersey school board devotes to close app elementary school after intense four hour meeting much parents and teachers argued to keep evans elementary open after evesham district officials propose removing one of the district's seven elementary schools. the board voted six-four in favor of the close. now the district has said this plan is to safe money and deal
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with declining enrollment but parents are demanding more answers. >> want to hear from the parents... >> this is a life altering decision for many people. >> a lot of parents just questioning the numbers wanting to know more. feeling as though this plan is just not the best plan. >> the change would take effect for the 2017-218 school year. if a new school board is elected this november they can reject the plan. with march madness upon us many are keeping a close watch on their brackets and maybe focusing a little less on work. there are a lot of conflicted employees out there keeping tabs on the action from the office and each year analysts predict billions of dollars are lost in productivity because of the inform caa tournament but that's assuming people don't make up the work. >> research shows most employees tend to make up the time that they actually engage in one or two hours of watching the basketball games. >> they suggest offices look for
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ways to make madness a group activity as long as it doesn't involve betting money. we call it march madness but we often hear the ncaa tournament referred toes the big dance. >> what does dance having to do with basketball. >> nicole brewer is here to tell us where the term comes from. >> i can have gotten this answer from any number of experts but i wanted to hear it straight from the temple owls head coach fran dunphy who knew the guy who coin the phrase. but first walt from narberth wants to know, why do they call it the big dance? it's a good question, walt, especially on day one of the inform caa tournament. ♪ >> any idea why they call it the big dance? good like challenge. dance challenge. >> i don't know much i was actually wondering myself. >> do the best slam dunk. >> steal the ball for a rebound. >> because the two teams get on the floor and square off and show what they know. >> between the legs and they do a lot of spins an lot of moves.
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like watching the dance floor. >> ncaa men's basketball tournament has three local teams move and grieve to march madness why do we call it the big dance. >> we've been saying this for while. >> sort of in our athletic lexicon. >> fran dunphy is head coach for the temple owls. started in 1977 year marquette university coach al mcguire won the championship. at the end of the season a reporter asked if he would continue to wear his lucky blue blazer. >> apparently that's a dancing color. system close enough. >> why you wearing that, right. >> i'm going dancing i guess. >> mcguire's exact quote you got to wear the blue blazer when you go to the big dance. >> he put it out there already. >> that makes sense. >> catchy. it sounds good. it sounds right. >> perhaps that's why the inform caa began the process for trademarking in 2000 san. >> what if you're having a big dance, you know, like lindy hop or something.
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>> don't call it the big dance. >> what exactly does it refer to. >> is the big dance the final four or the whole tournament. >> in my mine it's the whole tournament. you're going dancing. >> you got some moves on the dance floor. >> yeah, i don't know about the dance floor but we got moves on the court and i'm hoping some of our guys can make shots and stop the other team from making theirs. >> if they'll do that they'll advance to the next round give their fans something to dance about. >> we get to party! yes! (laughter). >> that's the story care of coach dunphy who has the nicest guy but there are other versions as well. one even points to the use of the phrase cinderella teams in the tourney and where did she meet prince charming? the big dance. >> that's right. >> symbolism there. >> you picking was that i'm putting down. >> 32 maybe 48 teams and it kept getting bagger and bigger. >> before 68. >> jeez. >> it continues. we continue to ask.
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>> thanks nick. what's your good question. log on to question to to submit your question or tweet us cbs3 good question nicole will be here every night with the answer on cbs3 "eyewitness news". can't wait to hear from you. another st. patrick's day has come to close but there's a famous sweet treat that lasts beyond the holiday. >> talking about irish potato toes and our vittoria woodill hits the production line to see how the confection is made. >> the end of an area. major changes sea world is make to go its popular yet controversial killer whale program. >> we had a couple of showers, even a few thunderstorms today. sunday is the first day of spring but we could be tracking snow talking about a winter storm moving in and i'll let you know who could see snowfall and significant snowfall in your full forecast come up. >> also taking giant step forward. how nicky is revolutionize kneeing the way you put on your sneakers when "eyewitness news"
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♪ sea world is making major changes after years of controversy and negative publicity. the wildlife theme park is ending its killer whale breeding program. starting next year see world will replace controversial shows with new exhibits that showcase killer whales natural behavior in the wild. sea world faced intense backlash for treatment of the orcas after the release of the 2013 documentary black fish. the company says it has not captured a killer whale from the wild in nearly four decades.
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nike goes back to the future with a new self lacing sneaker. they're called the hyper adapt 1.0. when users step into the shoe the heel hits a sensor that triggers the shoe to tighten. two buttons on the side adjust the the grip. they'll be out for the holidays only available for members of the loyalty nike plus app. >> you can't shy your shoes any more. >> i know. st. patrick's day festivities in full swing today across the region. ♪ >> "eyewitness news" at irish memorial where dozens joined mayor jim kenney in celebrating irish heritage. dignitaries laid a wreath to honor irish immigrants and children daned for the crowd gathered. it's one of the many tra digs people across the city took part in. irish potatoes is must eat treat on st. patrick's day a delicacy that comes around for limited amount of time every year. >> in tonight pots taste with tori vittoria heads to delaware
3:37 am
county where some of the most famous irish potatoes are made. ♪ >> on st. patrick's day there's no sweeter stroke of luck than the pluck of an irish potato out of an owe ryan's box. they are a sweet soft treat with a creamy coconut center. >> two rollers in here that push the cream through two holes in the bottom. there's a wire that cuts it. that plate rolls night little balls from here they go into the cinnamon. >> like that poof an average of 93,000 pounds of little round cinnamon covered potatoes are packed to perfect, boxed, sealed at their linwood plant and are ready for home near you. turning anyone irish after one bite. including this italian guy. >> i'm dave, nobody would buy oh dave's irish poe pay toes. and my last name is lamb bore pelley. >> live lamb parellely has been in the candy business for 29
3:38 am
years starting with christopher's chocolates in newtown named after his first son. >> this is what it began with a chocolate rover. we were chocolate for year and i'm originally from buffalo new york. my sane patrick's day in philadelphia people are coming asking for irish potatoes and i'm going what. i don't know what you're talking about many during the year we started talking to different people and we came up with our own process for doing the irish potatoes. our own formula. >> in that same year luck struck twice giving their irish potato its name after the birth of his second son. >> they're named after my son ryan. >> oh, it gets better. now ryan's son jacob is helping his grandpa continue the family tradition and great ideas. >> give him one and he'll get chocolate all over you. >> great. >> did i mention you can also get your i rush potato chip in


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