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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 23, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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terror in brussels we have new clues about the the men suspected of carrying out deadly attacks in belgium. one of the american survivors is no strange tore terror attacks. three major attacks, he survived. first get ready for just a spectacular spring day, katie says we're pushing 70, just as long as that warm weather sticks around, and excuse to dine outside, perfect day to do it. >> yes. >> yes. >> if you are buying. >> yes. >> all right. it is looking good. >> we have construction project out there, that are still lingering, that will cause slow downs but it is the season. >> absolutely. >> in fact, construction workers love quiet weather. it will stay that way. not terribly cold or warm so it the is just right, just
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like goldie locks and we can expect to see more sun today. we will call it partly sunny, a tad breezy out there but regardless today and tomorrow are actually our warmest days of the next seven as we spike in the 70's for a couple days. we are expecting high to hit 70, we have 15 above average which is in the bad. bet are than that for tomorrow, low to mid 70's around the region as a whole. lets back it up and look at is what going on right now. storm can three nice and quiet. we have a hint of the breeze starting to pick up from the south but our temperatures are in the bad. some colder suburbs we have a place like allentown currently checking in at 35. it is chillier depending on location. you may want a heavier coat in the remote suburbs but still a at 50 degrees, holding tough a at that value at philly international last few hours. the it is a milder start. we will get you in the mid 50's by 9:00 a.m. with some sunshine turning warmer very rapidly, we will get another
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10 degrees on that thermometer, even by the time we hit lunchtime. a little breezy as day goes on but still nice and warm, southerly wind flow that helps us back to 70. taste of may in the meantime. we will to have track more showers and coming up i'll tell you whether that wet weather will fix the easter holiday weekend. >> great to know, thanks very much, katie. happy wednesday, to you. it is our hump day and we are getting overtop, get to that gateway we are dealing with right now that is construction 95 south between betsy ross anal gain that i right lane still compromised. as you move more southbound where this is pointed that cuts in to that right lane. that probably will slow you dunn as we progress, through the morning but overall things are looking okay. you can see north bound side a lot of reek also starting to hit red ways. make note of. that construction here waiting to clear 422 in both directions, it is supposed to be completely cleared by 5:00. it looks like it has done so.
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you may have to put up with flashing lights and gaper delays if that doesn't get moved out before the 6:00 o'clock hour. things are looking okay there schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction in spring garden, looking good, actually looking quiet. we are looking okay there we have an accident here, actually, the accident is cleared but what is left behind are these down wires. longford road at port providence road all lanes are block. you will to have use that alternate hallow road is your best bet, erika, back to you. new this morning an apparent break in the investigation in the brussels attacks that killed 34 people and injured hundreds more. belgium news source identified two of those attackers as brothers. the reports say they were men to police for past crimes but nothing relating to terrorism. the manhunt continues for the third suspect who got away. it is believed he may have built bombs for both brussels attacks and paris carnage in november. president obama says the united states will support belgium in bringing those responsible to justice.
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>> we must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. >> the president had has ordered a all american flags in the u.s. to fly at half staff today through saturday, out of respect for the victims. three missionary from his utah suffered non-life threatening injuries but for one mason wells, it is helps third brush with terrorism. family members says wells and his mother were one block away from the 2013 boston marathon bombings. wells hope their son's mission centered on peace, holds lessons. >> it is i good wake up call to in the only citizens of america and belgium and france but to the world that we need to come together as humanity and not pull ourselves apart. >> wells was also in paris last november when belgium based terrorist attack the
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french capitol but he was not near the target. another survivor of the terror attacks is former 76 erdick dick motumbo. he wases napping at a lung in the brussels a port when the blast went off. new tum bow woke up to people screaming and running and he join the crowd running to safety. he updated to his fans writing that he is save. new tum bow was waiting for a connecting flight to the u.s. after visiting a hot in his native conngo. st. joes and penn state they both have students, studding a broad in belgium. both schools have, seven student enrolled in those programs, and they tell us that they checkup on them and those student are all safe and out of harms way. stay with "eyewitness news" as we learned new details about the terror attacks in us before will. when not on tv fine updates at cbs right now 5:35. happening today, casino workers are expect to protest outside taj mahal to fight to regain their benefits. the workers lost their health
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insurance and pension benefits the in october 204. when the casino's parent company, filed for bankruptcy. this is first protest since the casino's new owner karl icon took over. all right. to your business news right the now and what you will see at new york auto show and how international markets are reacting to today's attacks in belgium. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange with that and more for us, good morning. >> reporter: european market are falling again this morning following brussels terror attack and yesterday it was a muted response, the dow jones dropped but only 41 points, the nasdaq gained 12, travel stocks are taking a hit like for airlines, cruise company and travel booking sites. a big win for thousands of workers at a tyson foods plant in iowa supreme court upheld a 5.8 million-dollar judgment a begins the company. workers sued to be paid for time that they spent putting on and taking off protective work clothing and gear before processing animals.
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look for big cars and suv as gays prices remain low. on the other even of the spectrum, hyundai is rolling out a new hybrid and toyota will show off a prius to run on electricity alone. travelers weighed in, and ranked new york city the number one place to visit in the united states. trip add rise or says it the is based honorary views for hotels, restaurant and other attractions. vegas second, philly did make the top ten but as for new york, trip advisor say art lovers can get a look at the before it opens to the public by booking early morning and i think i will try that. erika. >> absolutely. >> thanks very much. split decision in campaign 2016, hillary clinton and donald trump are big winners in arizona but both bernie sanders and ted cruz claim victories. don champion breaks it all
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down. >> reporter: on the heels of what a peers to have been record voter turnout hillary clinton and donald trump grabbed big wins in arizona on tuesday. afterward in seattle, clinton reminded supporters what is at stake in this election. >> this is a contest between fund. ly different views of our country our values, and our future. >> reporter: rival bernie sanders won democratic caucus in utah and idaho, and declared his campaign is alive now, more than ever. >> this campaign is doing as well it is generating the kind of energy and excitement we're seeing here in san diego and all over this country. >> reporter: on the republican side trump pick up all of arizona's 58 delegates the and ted cruz won utah's republican presidential caucus. as a result poured in feud between the men escalated on line when trump accused cruz in a tweet of using a raceygq
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shoot picture of his wife in an attack ad. trump threatened, be careful lyin ted or i will spill the beans on your wife. cruz later denied it and responded donald if you attack heidi you are more the coward then i thought, #classless. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". former alaska governor sarah palin giving reality tv another shot. she signed a deal with the production company for courtroom tv she similar to judge judy. pay inn does not have a law degree but montana based production company says she's a natural fit for the role f that show is pick up it will premiere in the fall 2017. palin starred in tlc's sarah palin's alaska in 2010. coming up it the is a taste of philadelphia in the lehigh valley, see unique way iron pigs will pay tribute to the cheese steaks this season and they need your help too. on the road to the final four the pressure of villanova basketball players are feeling
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heading in to tomorrow's sweet 16 match up when we come back.
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there is just 16 teams left in the march madness tournament andville neff ace one of them. so, miami, one of the top teams in one of the toughest conferences in college basketball.
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wildcats left for louisville yesterday with the enthusiastic backing of fans on campus, you can see tip off against hurricanes tomorrow night right here on cbs-3. coach jay wright says it is not easy playing with the pressure. >> you realize each step of the way, how much bigger it the takes. but our job is to make it sustained in practice but they have energy, and they feel the city of philadelphia behind them. it is the greatest feeling in the world. >> and our leslie van arsdal is in louisville with the wildcats, catch your live reports starting to day on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. nova and miami play once again in louisville but there are games right here in philadelphia too matter of fact mayor jim kenney will rename broad street the road to the championship this afternoon in tribute to the games. on friday at the well we have, notre dame, and then indiana will try up to set, and winner will may sunday in the lee let
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eight. lehigh valley iron picks are ready to settle one of the most pressing questions of our time here in philadelphia, with or without. they will changed their name to the cheese steaks and wear one of these hats we are told when they play durham bulls on june 10th. and it is with, or without. but i'm's told translates, with or without onions but i thought it was with or without cheese whiz. >> it last like the hat is with or without onion baseond what i see in the hat. >> i'm told it is winning right now, so if you have strong opinions on onions, you know, get on line. the fans will in the vote on the uniform at this point. it looks like a cheese stake with whiz dripping down the front, like it or not. how do you like your cheese steaks. >> i don't eat them that much but i would say i love onions. but they are stinky. >> yes, eat them at the privacy of your own home. >> yes. >> i'm all for it.
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more topping the better for sure. >> very interesting, way to gather fan support. >> yes. >> i think it is cool. >> it works. >> well done. >> yes. >> and right now 5:45 and our forecast i'm loving it. >> the whole forecast overall, we have a couple minor hiccups, little breeze and rain we will have to track but right now easter weekend too is looking pretty phenomenal. >> i love that good lets go outside, one of the warmest days you'll find in the next seven and just an homage to the spring season we get to do live camera shot at spring garden overlooking intersection at broad street and spring garden, where we are just a block away from our station headquarters, nice quiet beginning to the morning for you out there and that will be the story throughout the course of the day. little hint of the breeze as the day goes on but don't worry about wet wet ter day or through the day tomorrow. notice how i worded that, there is wet weather on the way. we will go check in with our
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eyewitness weather watcher network. we have temperatures generally speaking in the the 40's and you are finding upper 40's this morning too but there is a descrepancy depending on your location. 39 degrees comes to us from bill in cardington where there are handful of cloud, but, yes, we are looking ahead to the warm up and nice day overall. i would say dress in layers. you will want to have a jacket the or fleece or sweat shirt when you walk out but maybe later today you can shed it. maybe off to the north, 44 comes in from barbara lane, she is finding a couple cloud in the willow grove section. we can expect today to, again, who really pleasant out there. we might have had a shot of the moon from her right now. lets take this one. ed sent this in. little bit of the a haze around, as he took this shot at 1:30 in the morning. that coming from ed connor this morning. thanks for that submission. we will go out to storm scan three which is devoid of storms, essentially east of the rockies. is there a new storm starting
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to brew back over rocky mountains and that will traverse the eastern you had, and move in as a cold front for our area later in the week. tomorrow, overnight the in to friday, especially, we are starting to see showers moving through but nice warm day on tap. low is not mid 07's tomorrow with the nice southerly push of air. overnight into friday, then watch for showers to push through our area very quick check of the seven day i promised you that easter outlook. it is in the bad, guys, flirting with 60 on saturday, sunshine and calling for a dry sunday. 64 degrees the high on the holiday itself, in the bad. >> great for easter, thanks very much. happy hump day to you. we are getting over that hump slowpy but surely. but things are looking good, on your roadways, you can see schuylkill at king of prussia area, headlights moving eastbound past 202 looking good but to still plenty of early risers. we have seen that all morning long. we have seen that on monday and tuesday and we are seeing that today.
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give yourself a couple extra minutes this is blurred out cameras lets see fit comes in focus. blue blights headlights moving in the eastbound direction past broomall you can see lot of vehicles. this is a heavier stretch of the morning. give yourself couple extra minutes. if you have to get out there condition trucks 95 south headlights moving in the north bound direction between betsy ross and allegheny right lane compromised. you can see cones on the right shoulder but as we progress southbound past camera lens, it cuts into that right lane. make note, not causing too many slow downs right new but it will as we push toward and even into that 6:00 o'clock hour. we have a fire in montgomeryville, at montgomery glenn dryer, alternate horsham road and north wales is your best bet. make net of that, back to you. a strange police standoff to tell but this morning. man in seattle will is refusing to climb down from a 80-foot tree. man, described as home less by onlookers, scaled that tree in downtown seattle yesterday morning. police have since tried to bring him dunn but he is refusing. he has been tossing apples,
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pine cones and tree branches at first responders. police shut down traffic around that area as a precaution. right now 5:49, terror attack in brussels impacting hollywood how violence change one of the biggest movie premiers of the year. also a lot obvious continue beiber fans are bummed this morning a big change to his tour, including his visit to philadelphia a, in just a couple months. and we certainly like our forecast, this weather is so beautiful, katie will let you know how long this will last and when rain will return to your forecast when we come right back on your wednesday morning.
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welcome back, the signs of solidarity scene across the world last night. eiffel tower right there was lit up in red, yellow and
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black in honor of the belgium flag. over the empire state building lights on top of the sky scraper went dark as a tribute to the victims otter or attacks. in london, the premiere of batman verse super man: dawn have of justice took place following the terror attacks in brussels there was heightened security at the event. however, warner brothers did cancel the red carpet interviews with media film hit theaters, will hit theaters on friday. experts predict that movie could bring in 300 million-dollar globally. justin beiber coming to philadelphia in may but forget about meeting and greeting with the young pop star. beiber is canceling all those meet and greets to save his quote emotional energy, for his concerts anal bums. meet and greet ticket they cost about $2,000. justin beiber will be at wells fargo center may seventh and eighth. hopefully they are getting refund. i want to to show you a holy grail to collectors. it has been hidden away for
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decade but sold yesterday at auction for $110,000, to an anonymous collector. the final record was first released under beatles name and it includes the first song john lenon ever wrote called hello, little world. well, hey it is almost easter and peeps a popular easter candy, no the just for eating though. colorful bunnies are being used as art. the this is seventh annual international not just national, inviting every country to take part in the peeps art competition exhibit in the art museum in wisconsin. the it features artwork comprised of march mellow treats. it runs to april 3rd. the museum draws 3,000 visitors annually. "eyewitness news" viewers come through once again to show just how generous they are. our seventh annual tell-a-thon for ronald mcdonald house charities at philadelphia region was another huge success. you saw the 14 hour tell a then yesterday right here on cbs-3 and on the cw philly. so many of you opened you have
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wallets to help. we thank you. on corporate partners stepped up to the plate. ronald mcdonald house charities does great work providing comfort and care to sick children and their families. >> we could in the do it without volunteers, both the here in the phone bank and all year long in the ronald houses. i feel love for all of the families that came today for our stories and all of the community support that came out to support those families. >> and on behalf of the ronald mcdonald house charities and all of us here at cbs philly, we thank you for joining us for making this such a special day. thanks to the volunteers who joined us. and here's the grand total how about this $1,132,731 and we could not have done this without you. we have now raised more than six million-dollar for the charity since our first fundraiser in 2010. it is always such a treat to me those families, meeting kid and parents that come in. >> it the is great. >> one of the days that makes me so proud to be an employee here. >> absolutely. >> beautiful event.
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you can feel the energy in the room, everybody was so exited to give back. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are live with the dangerous discovery at a local day care we will tell you what a child was found eating. then we are following new developments overnight from brussels, latest on the search for terror suspects. plus a local security expert joins me to talk about the impact here at home. then a little bait later, a special way high schooler asked his girl friend to the prom, my gosh, promises on already, special prom proposal when we come back. good morning.
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good morning, authorities say this that these are the faces of terror, over the last 30 minutes, belgium officials released new pictures, showing the two suicide bombers from yesterday's attack. raids took place in brussels and investigators now know the identity of that third man believed to be the bomb maker. here at home a disturbing discovery at a local day care what a young girl was eating that could have killed her. also another round of primaries results of what is called western tuesday, and where delegate count stands at this hour. good morning, it is
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wednesday, march 23rd, i'm erika von tiehl. i want to check with katie and meisha. katie is outside on the sky deck. beautiful day, ladies good morning. >> good morning, happy wednesday to all of you. the road are looking g we are getting morning construction moved out which is helping to clear things up but it is looking busy. have within wants a yum seven start to the beautiful day, katie. >> i do have to throw in here the fact that it is breezy out and it will stay that way throughout the day. so initially it might feel chilly to you because the sun isn't up and hasn't had a chance on warm things up. i say dress in layers. you will want one extra layer, a fleece, sweat shirt or jacket when you walk outside the door but don't expect much more than a couple clouds. when we go outside that is all you'll find initially here at this point. it is pretty decent included that have moved in our region but they come and go throughout the course of the day. fifty-two at the the airport. sunnies not up and our temperatures are climbing from where they once stood.


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