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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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crash in chester. what authorities say the train's data recorder is revealing and what we are learning about two people killed in the crash. not enough evidence, former eagles running back lesean mccoy won't be charged for his alleged role in a philadelphia nightclub fight. new tonight how one of the off duty officers involved in that fight feels about the da's decision. and it's an automatic response. we have when someone sneezes we say bless you. why is that? it's a very popular good question. nicole brewer gets the answer. those stories and much more straight ahead but we begin tonight with a drastic drop in temperatures. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. a freeze warning has been issued for parts of the area. meteorologist indicate bilo joins us now. kate, where is spring? >> spring seems to have stayed in march. march started off on very warm note. april starting off completely differently, guys. temperatures well below average right now it's all in the wake of this cold front that came through earlier tonight with some rain it now pushed off the
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coast but now temperatures are plummeting in fact take a look at this at 3:00 o'clock this afternoon it was 65 degrees. right now, it's 41 degrees. that's a 24-degree drop in temperatures since this afternoon. and those temperatures are continuing to drop. below freezing overnight. so there is your freeze warning. it's from really the entire region. notice it's not in effect for the lehigh valley and the poconos because the growing season hasn't officially started that yet. so any area that is in the growing season philadelphia all surrounding suburbs inform freeze warning until 10:00 a.m. and any sensitive vegetation plants things like that cover them up, move them inside if you can. this will expire at 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning coming up i'll tell you how cold it will get, and possibly more importantly how cold it will feel with the winds tomorrow. ukee and jessica. >> kate, see you then. thanks. security is out in full force on the villanova university campus on the mainline tonight. >> right now the wildcats are battling the north carolina tar heels in the national championship game. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is on campus with more on the preparations by both the
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university and law enforcement. david? >> reporter: just about every law enforcement agency in the area is here i want to take a look and show you right now. they are prepared when this gape ends in a few minutes to deal with about 4500 people that are going to be coming out of the pavilion tonight. they say they just want to make sure tonight people have fun and are safe. when it comes to keeping students and citizens safe after the game, the radnor township police department isn't fooling around. >> hopefully we see a victory and save celebration. >> reporter: lieutenant chris flanagan is running the show inside the temporary command center at radnor police headquarters. agents from the fbi, homeland security and police officers from philadelphia and other small towns are there, too. there to watch footage from cameras i was round town. >> all the disciplines will be on sight for public safety will operate under this roof. under unified command system and this way we can monitor and watch the event as it trance
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spires. >> reporter: lawsuit flanagan said he expects a fun and peaceful night. he's just ready in case there's even the spawl left problem. but he's hoping even that doesn't happen. >> villanova has taken proactive approach. a message from jay wright on how to be a good fan. whether you win or lose. and how to conduct yourself because celebration is fine, having fun is fine. it's just if people start committing acts that are illegal they'll face the police and we hope that doesn't occur. >> reporter: all right. basically we're waiting just a few more minutes for the end of this game right now. we're told villanova up by 10 points about 4500 people inside the pavilion going to come out on these streets probably in the neck few minutes or so. these folks are ready. they just want to make sure people are safe. reporting live tonight from villanova campus, jessica and ukee, back to you. >> david, five minutes left in the game or so. wildcat fever is running high right now fans are packing pavilion watching the game students tell vittoria woodill what this game means to them
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coming around 11:15 we'll continue to bring you dates on the game throughout night for complete wrap up of the national championship game join the new team on "eyewitness news" this morning it starts at 4:30 a.m. right here on cbs3. we now know there will be no charges for former eagle lesean mccoy following a nine week investigation into his alleged involvement in a philadelphia bar fight. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has more on the investigation and how one of the off duty officers involved in the fight feels about the decision. >> reporter: it's been nearly two months since a massive brawl super bowl sunday at an old city nightclub. that fight involving former eagles running back lesean mccoy, and now we know no charges will be filed. >> my office's investigation has found there's insufficient evidence to prove that any individual committed a criminal
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offense. >> reporter: district attorney seth williams saying his office conducting 44 interviews with 27 people. his investigators visiting the club and despite all of that, williams says not one person could say who started the actual brawl. even the two off duty philadelphia officers most seriously hurt. >> both of those versions were in direct conflict with the other. >> reporter: that cell phone video you've seen showing the melee starts well after the initial confrontation. that beginning part never caught on camera. >> who through the first below? we don't have that. um, but we do is what happened later on. >> what happened here today was an absolute disgrace i think that every defense attorney now who takes a client on with a bar room brawl just got a free pass in the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: john mcnesby the president of the fraternal order of police not the only person upset over the lack of charges. >> we're extremely disappointed
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and actually very surprised. >> reporter: fortunato perry who represents officer darnell jesse seriously injured in the fight -- >> he's continuing to treat for neurological damage. >> says this isn't the end for this client and there are civil and state avenues he's going pursue. >> we'll seek justice for our clients regardless of district attorney's decision on whether he's going to charge someone. >> for a timeline of what could happen perry says he simply does not know. he's considering final a civil lawsuit against mccoy and pursuing charges at the state level we're live here at the recess nightclub in old city, i'm greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you for that. we now know the entities of two amtrak workers kilter when a train slammed into backhoe in chester yesterday morning. the workers killed are 61-year-old joseph carter, jr., and 59-year-old peter adamovich. federal investigators now say the passenger train which was heading from new york to
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savannah was going 106 miles per hour in a 110 miles per hour zone. the national transportation safety board says the engineering placed the train into emergency mode five seconds before impact. >> although this was a horrific tragedy, um, because of traged tragedies, more times than 91 lessons are learned, um, more times than 91, corrections are made. >> authorities are now scam ming the event recorder for the train for additional insight on what happened. 330 passengers and seven crew members were on the train at the time of the crash. 37 people were injured. new jersey governor chris christie applies pressure in hopes of getting an atlantic city takeover bill out of the legislature. >> we want to try to work as hard as we can to make sure the school district is funded for as long as we can make sure it's funded and taking actions today, um, in court hopefully will give us the opportunity to do so. >> today the governor instructed
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his education commissioner to sue atlantic city to prevent it from making a payroll payment on friday. the governor wants the school district paid before employees which he says are benefiting from fat union contracts. atlantic city owes its school district $34 million. well it's that time of year when you hear a lot of sneezing whether at work or home or out on the tone. >> the allergies are brutal and many of you are asking our nicole brewer, why do we say bless you after a person sneezes? nicole oftentimes people say it just like that. >> pretty much everybody says it. >> sure. >> as soon as they hear a sneeze. it happens all the time. maybe that's why more than a dozen of our viewers wrote in to ask, why do we say bless you when someone nieces? it's good a* good question with more one possible answer. ♪ why do we say god bless when you somebody sneezes? >> it's proper thing to do.
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>> it's polite, right. >> got to be polite when you sneeze do you expect somebody to say it? >> culturally yes. >> don't get me sick. >> i get agitated in somebody doesn't say it when i sneeze. >> it's a typical reaction to expulsion of air. but why do we say bless you when somebody sneezes? >> there's a long tradition of just sort of blessing people that dates back into the early hebrew scriptures. >> lee arnold is director of the library and collections at the pennsylvania historical society. he says there are a few theories among the most popular -- >> your heart stops when you sneeze. so like god bless you. >> you really believe that. >> yeah i do. >> it turns out that isn't true. >> definitely, yeah. >> but arnold says it was a common belief. >> bless you or glowed bless you a way to protect yourself from having satan come in and taking your soul. >> another theory sneezing actually expelled evil spirits. >> g get those demons out of the you with that sneeze. >> that's intense. >> then there's the association
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with life-threatening illnesses sake bubonic playing for instance much perhaps that's why pope gregory asked that it be said -- >> the phrase is far less ominous. how many god bless us does one get. >> some of the eighty one. there's people that sneeze four, five, names row. >> i'm not going to say it every time. >> once it gets to three it's awkward. twice and i'll hand i was tissue. other than that you're getting on my nerves. >> bless you. >> as alternative to god bless you some people say good sun diet which was borrowed from the german language and means heal health. it was a toast to your health but that usage is now pretty much obsolete. >> you sneeze three or four times i'm going to say it three or four times. >> you are? >> you'll that be person. >> wow! >> i like that guy giving i was tissue and i'm out. >> third time you're getting on my nerve.
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>> thanks, nicole. what's your good question? we want to know. log on to good question to submit your question or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. of course nicole will be here every night with the answer for you on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. can't wait to hear from you. millions of documents leak and they're giving us a rare look at how the rich and powerful may be hiding their money. it's being called the wikileaks of the mega rich. where the files came from and some of the big names being reveal. kate? and we're still in an active cold pattern as we head through the overnight hours and into tomorrow. temperatures plummeting and that's not the only cold spell of the week. have your full seven day forecast coming up. >> nova nation is fired up. look at that live picture. we're headed back to campus to see how wildcat fans prepare for tonight's big game.
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell.
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♪ a major document leak out of panama revealed how the rich and powerful may be hiding billions of dollars. the so-called pan in a papers leaked by anonymous source. millions of documents are from a panama law firm which helped establish offshore bank accoun accounts. among those named are the presidents of ukraine and argentina. the king of saudi arabia and movie star jackie chan. the documents show allies of russian president vladmir putin secretly shuffled around as much as $2 billion. a big decision tonight from the board of trustees at princeton university. they have decided to keep the name of woodrow wilson on princeton's public policy school. some had call for the name to be removed because of wilson support for segregation. wilson was president of princeton from 1902 to 1910 and president of the united states from 1913 until 1921.
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villanova north carolina are going down to the wire as we speak. >> and wildcat fans were pumped for tonight's national championship game. i think they're pretty pump right now. vittoria wood sill live on campus as the game enters it's final moments. tori what a crowd. >> reporter: they aren't just pumped. they are live and anxiously the anxiety is high. it is a nail biter as you can see right now hands are up. hands are up and this happens every single time nova takes a shot as they wait and see if that ball goes in the net. to these fans nova nation it is not a game. ooh, it is not just a game. it is live. it is their life on the line right now. take look at earlier. we talked to a few students had were waiting outside pavilion to watch in to get the game as a community and see what they had to say before game time.
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>> i'm looking for the nova nation. whose here? >> i've been waiting for this like all four years. this is amazing moments. go, cats. >> go cats, make her life. >> and there's more, and there's more. >> you were here at '85. >> it was awesome. >> this must mean so much for you to be them to be able to do it again. >> we'll do it again and my four kids will see it this time. >> i'm banging on a win because i haven't done my homework. >> what does this mean for wildcats everywhere? >> it means we're going to win a national championship. >> going to take this game. it's not going to be close. go, cats. >> reporter: they're predic predicting a so far right now we're up by six points and you can hear the crowd crying the cats are crying for a win. we can feel it. we can feel it in the air. all we are we're waiting on it
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and every single person here and all the people that we're waiting online before they came in, they are as one. the nova community is here as one and they are all in it to win it. you guys... i'm feeling it. >> i'm looking at you but i ain't looking at you right now i'm trying to watch the game. >> get back it to, tori. >> we are going to katie for the forecast. it's heating up in the gym. >> it is so nice -- >> that just came out. >> nice segue. >> hard to focus on the weather we got to shift to the weather from basketball and we've got a lot of cold air heading our way. right now temperatures are plummeting. we're down in the 30s and 40s already and it's only getting colder overnight. let's take look what's happeni happening. we'll take time lapse video from today. kind of an interesting day started off with clouds, drizzle steadier rain to our north. we had a few breaks in the cloud cover sun tried to come out in the afternoon and then the clouds rolled back in and the rain moved back into the area. take look at that temp right now at the leadership academy. 36 degrees.
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it is cold outside. that's all in the wake of this latest cold front this came through the area this evening. mainly with just some showers. a couple rumbles of thunder here and there. that is now mainly offshore from our region. now you can start to see where the winds are coming from if you follow the snow it's a due northerly wind and that is bringing the cold right into our neck of the woods. in fact we're already at freezing. allentown, read, and lancaster. 41 now in philadelphia. 48 in dover, dover was just at 70 a couple of hours ago. so the cold is arriving. it's pushing in from the north and we're continue to continue to feel it through tonight into the overnight hours. the 20's and theirs off to our north. 22 in albany. state in state college. 24 in buffalo. still 55 in richmond the cold heading down towards washington, d.c. it's going to be frigid start to your tuesday morning. here are the wind chill values tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. when you walk out the door and maybe start to get the kids ready for the bus stop you may need to pull out some of the that winter gear that you haven't used in little bit. and maybe this since this weekend 19 what it will feel
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like at 7:00 o'clock in philadelphia. it will feel like five in mount pocono. feeling like 16 in atlantic city. by 10am still only feeling like the 20s and even at the height of the afternoon tomorrow, we can't expect it to feel much better than the middle 30s. here's your freeze warning. it's for the vast majority the region anyplace the growing season has gun from 1:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. on tuesday. if you have any plants or trees fruit trees anything that has gun to grow, you may want to protect it and cover it outside tonight. through the overnight hours the rain continues to push south tomorrow full day of sunshine. but it's cold. lots of sun that gusty breeze and temperatures about 15 degrees below average. wednesday dry day as well but notice this next front is approaching this moves in on thursday brings some milder air with it but also brings the risk for rain and thunder thursday afternoon behind this a big bowling ball of cold air lurks to the north and west and will sing in through the weekend a few showers lingering thursday into friday. so a cold start to april there's
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the cool down for tomorrow. we get a brief moderation into thursday and take look at this big pocket of cold coming in friday. saturday and even into sunday. really no relief from the cold snap in the forecast. showers ending overnight. it's windy and colder, 29 degrees. most of the showers have already come to an mostly sunny, blustery and cold tomorrow at 46. feeling like 35 at best. wednesday little better than then rain and thunder thursday and right back to the cold by friday and saturday. there's not whole lottery deeming in that forecast g right back to the cold. okay. thanks katie. >> don bell has his eye on multiple screens right now. >> yeah. absolutely. i'm trying to stay focused on the show. i'm not doing a very good job. nova and the tar heels tight affair fort national championship. highlights coming up. plus the phillies out playing the reds for seven innings. but that pesky eighth inning was an issue. sports coming up next. ♪
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i'm proud to be backed by president obama and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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back and forth see saw affair and houston carolina favored by three wildcats looking for the upset and they're first title in 31 years. we can show highlights because we can do that. pinkly rollly massimino to have members '85 team on hasn't. michael jordan in the house to cheer on his tar heels. nova trailed by five at the ha half. nice pass mckill bridges. nova ties it up. phil booth, booth only averaging six points. this season. having a monster game the fade away is good. fans going up. later cats up by four. chris jenn gins their stale playing right now. tar heels just tide it up seconds ago. literally we just came on it is
11:26 pm
74 to 74 want to remind if nova wins this thing we'll be here live breaking in to our regula regularly scheduled program which is colbert, right, guys. back in the mid '90's were you walk gym with a bunch of tattoos you were either a biker, military vet or certified tough guy that sort of stuff was frowned upon. but it didn't stop bubba chuck. allen iverson was apologetic allen iverson the icon was elected into the basketball hall of fame. iverson is a four time scoring champ and 2000 sand one league mvp famous for playing hard and for his frequent dust up with former copy larry brown. ai says he had only one regret. >> all he wanted was the best for me. and i took -- i didn't take constructive criticism the way i shall have. you know what i mean? like to me in my eyes like that's the
11:27 pm
best coach ever. like so many center city streets the phillies bullpen is under construction. team opened the season in cincinnati and just when you thought they were on solid ground the foundation proved to be rocky at best. cincinnati we go skipper peter mackanin first full season leading the phils. phils down one to nothing and freddie galvis get up and again gone. two run shot to right field and the fills taking the lead. jeremy, gets start on opening day. he was pretty good on the mound with six innings. allowing one unearned run and three hits. struck out six. the phils had to lead going into the eighth inning that bullpen, though, that bullpen joey votto off a james russell knocks in two runs and the reds take the lead. cincinnati scores five runs in the frame and beat the phillies six to two and of course right now we are tracking the national champion shim game 4.7 seconds left. villanova has the ball tide and
11:28 pm
of course if they win wednesday good full coverage right here on cbs3. >> boom! >> hold on. >> we're on the air. >> what just happened. >> nova just took the lead it looks like villanova -- national championships. >> 77-74. they are rocking at the pavili pavilion. tori woodill on the scene and she'll join us here once we get this thing situated. look at that. >> villanova -- i couldn't see who made the last shot but it was -- obviously a three pointer from way out. it might have been jenkins. i'm not sure. >> unbelievable. there's vittoria. >> there's vittoria now. >> we taking the shot. >> the feeling is -- the feeling is electric. you guys. he banged that three and the whole crowd went crazy look at these fans. embracing. it's hugs. nothing but love for nova nation and they did it. they took number one.
11:29 pm
eagles fans may have thrown snowballs at santa. i'm seeing nova fans michael jordan all about nova! take a look at this crowd. it is excitement. it is love and family. it is what this team is all about. hard work. love, passion and heart. with an entire community behind them. if you look around if you look through our lense, you see nothing but love. and that's what tonight is abo about. whole newspaper empty behind the team. that was magic. magic down to split seconds if you take a look, my photographer take a look over there. as we can see time -- it looks like they're jumping out on to the streets. nova nation is exiting the building. they are exiting the building to continue to savor what is
11:30 pm
happening right there. that is nova taking number one over unc. it is amazing. the crowd -- they are pushing to the end. there are tears. there are smiles and it is nothing but love. i mean they were booing michael jordan, you guys. this crowd was booing michael jordan. nothing but love. nova is number one national champions you guys. unbelievable night these guys, these kids, they will never forget this for the rest of their lives. is a* celebration again ever since 1985 we're doing it right now in 2016. it's a big night you guys and i have no voice. i have no voice it's gone. it is gone. >> that's all right, tori. thank you. thank you. thank you. look at that. look at that fan base. nova nation going they're
11:31 pm
partying like it's 1985. >> that's exactly right. >> unbelievable. >> it takes team work to make the dream work. she has no voice. that's why we're here to help her out. >> that's right. we'll go to trang do live on campus. see all the students. can you hear us? >> oh, my. >> we'll get her in just a minute. obviously the students rather excited out there. >> reporter: absolute pandemonium. i don't know if you can hear me. this is insane. ahh! >> once again villanova -- there she is and there she was. >> swept away by the excitement of the fans there. >> we'll see this scene repeat add lot tonight. it looks like everything seems to be under control right now hopefully it stays that way.
11:32 pm
they have been been told to celebrate responsiblely. it's been a long time coming villanova with beautiful run through the tournament. six wonderful exciting games. this was the closest one they had, right, don. >> this one was the closest game that they had. they did beat kansas. that was a game. it's interesting because the wildcats have only been underdogs in three games this season. okay. they lost to oklahoma at one point earlier in the year but they beat them here in the ncaa tournament they were under dogs against kansas and they were underdogs in this game. okay, the tar heels were three-point favorites they were able to get it done and speaking of three points, that's the difference in this game. and it was chris jenkins who had the game winning three and jenkins has a brother who plays for unc. so that family is completely torn apart. you have to celebrate for the one kid and you have to mourn the loss for the other. and amazing and epic performance here by the villanova wildcats.
11:33 pm
>> man it's exciting. let's go now to david spunt he has been following law enforcement has they make sure everybody gets through this night safely. hopefully it's very enthuse ago as tick students. david? >> reporter: jessica, ukee, what a game. i got to tell you we were on the corner right now lancaster and avenue a couple thousand students out there just ran out probably two, three minutes ago when that game ended you can see they are just reveling enjoying the celebration the first time since 1985 a big police presence out here. just to make sure everybody is safe but everybody it doesn't seem like that will be a problem right now. because everybody seems to be just having some good clean fun out here, of course, you see some people climbing on the traffic lights and whatnot, and what's really amazing to me is we're in the mid 30s receipt now and you got guys taking off their shirts and people in short sleeves and tank tops and all that kind of stuff but apparently that doesn't matter because, hey, we're the national
11:34 pm
champions, right, guys? >> absolutely. >> you got the. >> david, is there any way to tell -- any estimation are you looking at thousands, hundreds -- this is a big crowd. >> reporter: i'd say this is probably police say it's probably about 2,000 people right now. there's some folks on the other side of the pavilion right now. this is just one side but police just kind of gave me that estimate looking at, you know, it's fluid when you got people coming out want not. but at this point it seems to be calm and people are just enjoying the fact that villanova the wildcats are number one. >> it's safe to say classes will be canceled tomorrow. >> no doubt about it. guys, pavilion holds at least 5,000 people. >> okay. >> i know they had about 4500 there for the watch party. and you got to think that all those people have filtered out of the building and now into the streets as we watch the celebration go nuts here. students are mobbing our camer cameras. listen, the city we had
11:35 pm
championship celebration ukee as you know in '83 with the sixers. we saw one in 2008 with the phillies. and so now we'll have another parade and it's the villanova wildcats making it happen with the 77-74 win. incredible. >> don, just a quick mention as we continue to talk about this wonderful victory tonight steven colbert will be seen in its entirety after our coverage is over tonight. so stay tuned for that. that's coming up in just a bit right now all the focus is on the villanova wildcats after two years of not reaching the expectations. >> right. >> yeah. >> knocked out early and now look at this. >> don, this is a team of seniors, of course, arcidiacono and daniel ochefu but these were kids that jay wright said at this point he really -- they just know each other so well. >> they have such great chemistry. i'm really looking forward to hearing from lesley van arsll


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