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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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coverage beginning with the clinton campaign in west mt. airy. the lets start with "eyewitness news" reporter trang do, good evening. >> reporter: you can see there is still some festivity in this gym, that started out as a typical campaign went 450 people in attendance to hear former president stump for his wife. midway through his speech it the became clear that not everyone here was a supporter. >> i present president bill clinton. >> reporter: president bill clinton received a rock star welcome in east mt. airy. >> i hope philadelphia, i owe philadelphia a lot. this city voted for me in record numbers the last time i ran, voted for me in 1992, and they enabled me to carry pennsylvania twice. >> reporter: clinton is hoping philadelphia and pennsylvania will show his wife that same love, come april 26th. >> she has the best ideas and she's best change maker. >> reporter: his speech was running smoothly until two protesters emerge from the crowd holding up signs criticizing the passage of the 1994 crime bill that clinton
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was president. >> i heard it, can i answer. >> here's the thing, i like protesters, but the ones that won't let you answer, are a frayed of the truth. that is a. >> reporter: erika mine said she wasn't interested in hearing clinton's explanation that the bill what's effective in lowering the crime rate. >> this is racism, and in our laws and our policies, and form nation of the country has to be abolish. we cannot reform, we cannot fix something that was automatically, criminalized people of color. >> reporter: for hill willry reporters disruption was upsetting but didn't dampen their enthusiasm for candidate of choice to see bill clinton in person was so amazing. it was really heart breaking for us. >> would i like to make history but not because she's a woman but she is ready, on day one. >> reporter: and president clinton is currently in scranton for similar hone will head to another toy many contact pain for tomorrow. for now i'm live from east mt.
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airy trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". hillary clinton is in new york today, ahead of the state's april 19th primary. she arrived at yankee stadium spoke with reporters and supporters ape hopped on the subway and made a couple stops afterward. the clinton and bernie sanders will debate next thursday at brooklyn navy yard. it didn't stop two candidates from trading barbs today, sanders wrapped up two days of campaigning here in philadelphia which focused on presidential qualifications. those comments made headlines and "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live from the cbs-3 sat center with today's developments, alex. >> reporter: clinton team says candidate did not use the term unqualified, to describe senator sanders, but at the event we were at yesterday did question his preparedness. today, sanders made it clear he wasn't happy about the comment or the focus being put on them. it was senator bernie sanders turn. to take the stage in front of the pennsylvania sflcio
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convention in center city with the hopes that his own revolutionary vision of resonate go through the crowd of union members and labor leaders. >> don't tell me that we cannot transform this country, that we cannot create, good paying jobs, by rebuilding our infrastructure. >> reporter: sanders spoke one day after hill willry clinton took the same stage. >> i am concerned that some of his ideas just won't work because the numbers don't add up. >> reporter: at a press conference earlier in the day sanders gave his response. >> well, if you want to question my qualifications, let me suggest this, then maybe the american people, might wonder about your qualifications, madam secretary. >> reporter: the night before a rally on the campus of the temple university, drew thousands. >> this sounds to me like the sound of a political revolution. back at the convention, sanders stopped to pose with fans, as youngest one being
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seven months. >> we woke up just in time to go up and potentially meet him. >> reporter: linda green made sure to get herself ease with both of the candidates. >> the focus is on the issues where they stand on the issues, and we are prepared, you know, my family, people that i represent. >> reporter: afl-cio is largest labor union federation in the country, they have yet to formally endorse any political candidate. reporting from the "eyewitness news" sat center i'm alexandria hoff, cb136789 "eyewitness news". ted cruz and john kasich looking to upstage donald trump in new york. kasich visited the bronx this afternoon. tonight he will hold a town hall in brooklyn. ted cruz worked to capture youth vote rallying with supporters at a christian cool in upstate new york. >> if everyone here goes and picks up the phone and call nine other people and get them to come out and vote, you will have voted ten times. >> reporter: a new poll shows
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52 percent of likely republicans voters in new york support trump compared to 25 percent for john kasich and 17 percent for ted cruz. let's check weather now. we're tracking spotty showers in our region and chance for snow this weekend. wind advisory is also in effect, "eyewitness news" at 15th and market streets in center city philadelphia everyone doing their best to dodge the downpours. when rain like that moves tonight is very hard to stay dry. meteorologist kate bilo joins us, and she's tracking more rain showers, um, kate. >> we had steady rain earlier today and then things cleared up and much of the area it is looking nice right now. but, more is on the way, we have been in the lull through the afternoon. now we are seeing another round of at least spotty showers moving in from the west. you can see not a whole lot we are not tracking a big wall of rain we felt earlier today but notice showers and thunderstorms from baltimore down toward d.c., and these are moving east and will impact the area eventually. we have one shower, right now over portions of atlantic county heading up toward ocean county. shore points getting a little
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wet this afternoon as well. so zooming in you can see that area of rain still has yet to come through as we go through the evening. timing it out five or 6:00 o'clock we will continue to see these showers moving through, 7:00 o'clock over portions of new jersey and then after about 8:00 o'clock everything does weaken a and wind down as we head into the day tomorrow. but if you are out and about this evening, expect scattered showers, brief heavy downpours, wind could gust to 30 miles april hour as well leading to some ponding a and slow travel. the not every where, but take it slow, if you finding yourself outside. coming up we will look at that villanova parade forecast and chance for some snow this weekend, guess contact. >> kate, thanks very much. today authorities turned to west chester university student was sexually assaulting a fellow student, investigators identified that suspect as austin eddie, the alleged incident happened in the new street parking garage april 1st. west chester's interim president issued a statement saying in part sexual violence and misconduct is a serious offense punishable by law and
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will not be tolerated at wcu. every student on west chester university's campus should know that the university treats sexual misconduct and violence with the the utmost seriousness. the woman accused of abducting a baby from the king of prussia mall has posted bail, three two-year old sherry moore of, tredyffrin is out of jail. she faces numerous charges including kidnapping of the minor and, false imprisonment. the last week she befriended a woman at mall and then took her baby. the baby was not injured. final preparations are being made for tomorrow's villanova championship parade. the parade starts at 20th and market and then comes to a stop at dilworth park in front of the city hall. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is in center city tonight with more on the championship festivity, justin. >> reporter: ukee, jessica, preparations are happening right now, as we speak, the barricades are already up here and behind me, crews are beginning to assemble, what will be the villanova main stage, the city is now
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welcoming tens of thousands of nova nation here to a center and if you are coming, you should be ready too because right here, at city hall, it will all come to a head. by friday, center city will be the backdrop of the latest, victorious villanova turnout, like ones we have seen all week on campus. >> it will be a full crowd, possibly. >> reporter: nova a nation celebrating the cats final four finish over north carolina, a title and at long last after a 31 year drought. local champs in a city ache to go root for a winner. >> it goodies to see everybody come together around sports. >> reporter: tens of thousands are expected to line the villanova parade route, many, nova students, with canceled classes, who will track down from their radnor campus. others will likely flow in from a cross the region. >> our septa police officers will be out on the scene just making sure that everybody is having a good time and
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celebrating respectfully and also safely. >> reporter: the city encouraging all to take septa a which is stepping up services to handle the heavier loads. >> we're adding extra capacity to the norristown high speed line, broad street line, and the market frankford line to make sure that everybody can get in and out of the city safely. >> reporter: parade picks up a at 20th and market at 1:00 p.m. on friday and moves east toward city hall. the cats will close things out with the rally at dilworth park featuring their now star players and staff. by 11:00 a.m. friday you will see road closure on market between 15th and 23rd. on 15th expect restriction from his jfk boulevard to chestnut. but, this too will be affected buses too. >> buses will be detoured around dilworth and city hall making sure that people will be able to get more buses then usual. >> reporter: now preparing for your morning commute should be okay, initially. mid-morning it the gets more dicey when they restrict it and go into place. coming up at 6:00 we will talk
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about who is planning an after party and why many want more parade like this to come, in the future. we are live here at city hall, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> love a parade, see you soon. you can see parade of champions leach at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow on cbs-3 and on line at cbs we will kick off the parade with a special one hour show at noon, so come spend the afternoon, with us. philadelphia's a mayor jim kenney says he is excited, aramark announced it will keep its world headquarters in philadelphia. the city has been food services giant home since 1961. aramark employs more than 1,000 people at its world headquarters, and the company has been considering a move before its lease expired in 2018. straight ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight, being called one of the most elaborate lottery scams ever, how two brothers rigged six jackpots in five states to gain 20 million-dollar. also this... >> can you tell which one of these items is a real gun.
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fake and concealed weapons are an old problem but coming up why police are concerned about their new disguise. and can your job be making you overweight? health reporter stephanie he stall tells us why so many people are gaining weight at their current jobs, and what you can do to stop it. that is next. eighty six million americans have prediabetes a serious conditionstylchanp you avoid diabetes-related problems like heart attack, stroke, blindness, and kidney failure. ask your doctor about a simple blood test for prediabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies
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police, say that they now know, how two brothers may have pulled off an elaborate lot theory scam. tommy tipton is a former texas justice of the peace. he was arrested wednesday night. he and his brother eddie are accused of rigging six lottery jackpots in five states to try to gain more than 19 million-dollar. the brother reportedly targeted lotteries where winning numbers were celebrity by computers. prosecutors say they found unauthorized codes on the computer, put there by an insider. >> movie plot would be employee gets a security job to help protect lottery system, figures out a way to hack the random algorithm so he can win lottery and pass those wings on to his relatives, multiple times. it is pretty ingenious if you
5:15 pm
think about it. >> reporter: brothers are out on bond but police are looking to see if there are more cases of alleged fraud. money can make people do crazy things sometimes. >> speaking of money the other day salaries of, were released. that brings up a a good question, how salaries of philadelphia city officials compare to other cities. 699 city employees, made six figures, 11 make more than 200,000 a year, including the mayor. nicole brewer took the information to the street, and got some priceless reactions. >> 217. >> wow. >> that is crazy. >> i don't think he deserves that much but i don't know. >> medical examiner? >> nicole has the answer, to tonight's good question, how do the salaries of philadelphia's city officials, compare to other cities, and at the 11:00. do you have a good question? log on to cbs
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question or tweet us using #cbs-3 good question. on the cbs-3 healthwatch are your clothes more snug then they used to be? your job could to be blame. >> um-hmm. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on why work could be bad for your diet. >> reporter: it is our news roomies any no indication. >> you don't want to go there. >> reporter: is there temptation every where for all kind of of fattening snacks in our news room, probably your office too. well now there is new research, it is happening in offices, every where, people packing on the pounds, 49 percent of women, and, 39 percent of present jobs. >> jennifer ward stewart went from dog walker to a cysttent, good for her career but not for her waist line. >> now i'm saying behind me all day every day, and it is definitely has contributed, to my weight gain, for sure. >> reporter: new career builder survey found 44 percent have of workers, have gained weight wait at
5:17 pm
their current job. >> what it does is light choice that he is people are making in the work place. >> reporter: this years finding reveal stress plays a major role in job-related weight gain. >> 77 percent of workers who said they have gained weight wait, actually reported having high stress levels. >> reporter: albert says that now it is tax season and a he he is filing returns and filling up on sweets. >> it is pretty stressful at times. so i do tend to eat a little bit more this time of the year. >> reporter: business owner margaret le court has found a way to avoid work place weight gain. >> i have seen it happen to me before, but now i'm really aware of it. so i'm making sure that i take a break and walk around, come out here for fresh air. >> reporter: she says that burns calories reduces stress and helps her keep her weight right where she wants it. >> reporter: good idea, right. new survey also found that a quarter of workers, have access to employer sponsored programs to help them lose
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weight. but, 55 percent, don't take advantage of them. just get up and take a walk. >> yes good did you see what was in the news room today. >> yes. >> popcorn, peanuts, muffins, cookies. >> where was that? >> we ate it all before you got here. >> i was wondering. >> the night shift. >> these morning people go at it. >> yes. >> you walk right by it. >> thanks, stephanie, a appreciate it. >> you saw it. >> popcorn is my crypt night, yes, popcorn. >> i hear you. >> we have cold weather coming in. it looks like parade will be okay. >> we got lucky with the villanova parade. we wedged tonight one day of the next few. it won't be extremely cold, not wet and not snowy either. you wouldn't expect to bed, talking about a snowy day this time of the year but that is exactly what we are talking about for saturday. now good news is, we're talking mid-april. temperatures in the 40's. this is not a lot of snow but just to see snow even falling from the sky, just a lit
5:19 pm
built, tough when a lot of folks have little league plans this weekend and wanted to get outside. lets look at what we are looking at. we will start off outside, right new spring garden and broad street and things are looking, pretty bright the in the city right now. we have had heavy rain moving through during midday hours and then we will reach a break in the action and that has continued through the past couple of hours. you can see same thing on our live neighborhood network camera checking in with the palmyra cove nature park. cloud, some sun but see cloud bubbling up in the background and before the evening is through, we will have another area of showers and thunderstorms, to contend with, because we have got that warm air, you know i always say self-destructive sunshine on a day like today very unsettled day. you heat up ground with that sun, warm air rises and showers and thunderstorms like to pop and they thrive in that environment. you can see one area of showers and storms approaching the city right now also keeping a close eye on this line in d.c. and baltimore continuing to move in tonight. we are in the done with the wet weather just yet.
5:20 pm
right now along i-95 at least one shower there and more to come before the night is through. that moves out. we will shift our focus to our next system clipper all the way up here but it will swirl its way down this weekend and bring a threat for snow. right now we're in the 60's. sixty-two in philadelphia. fifty-five in wild wool. fifty-five in reading. not feeling too bad temperature wise. the showers, exit the a area after 9:00 o'clock tonight and tomorrow, looking pretty great the for that parade, we're talking some sunshine during the course of the day and then here comes the next threat, this system swinging on through, saturday and saturday morning it may be cold enough for a little will snow and then it will lift off to the north and eventually change over to some rain, the sun returns, full force on sunday, and then, you know what, that is still very, very cold for this time of the year. your villanova parade forecast as we said breezy, chilly but we snuck tonight there. 50 degrees. sunshine. not in the 40's, not snowing not raining so we will take it, 52 at 3:00 p.m. grab jacket and then prepare gloves as well especially out
5:21 pm
for an extended period of time. limiting factors on saturday that strong april sun, daytime precipitation, so it is warm, temperatures in the 40's and warm ground surface as well, coming up in the next half an hour we will talk about our chances of seeing accumulation. tonight showers ending, mostly cloudy, tomorrow partly sunny, villanova parade looking fine. the saturday rain, snow showers on and off throughout the entire day, and sunday is sunny but cold again, i do have, maybe one or two nice days next week to talk about so at least that is something to report. >> you are luring us in. >> like it is way down next week. >> yes, way down. >> all right, i see, thanks. more whiskey distilleries are popping up in the area and we will take you inside. from whiskey to coughe some grande changes at star bucks, what their reward program is changing it will be harder to get free stuff but three on your side's jim donovan has secret ways you can save money there every day. don? what nba team has the hots for jay wright? find out who reportedly has
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villanova's head coach at the top of their wish list. sports is coming up next.
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katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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don bell joins us now and this conversation starts after someone has big success on the college level. >> stay, jay, stay. >> we talk about this yesterday off camera. we're like um, you know they will come out of the woodwork for this guy and it has already begun. it is a natural reaction when you have something nice, other people want something nice too. sometimes, they will want exactly what you have. welcome to the world ofville know of basketball. mitch lawrence of the sporting news is reporting that the phoenix suns have made jay wright their top coaching candidate. wright won his first national title on monday, you may have heard, and he is national coach of the year. meanwhile, sixers back at practice today, last night gm sam hinkie resigned from his post in a 13 page letter, he was architect of the team's rebuilding process.
5:26 pm
head coach brett brown talked about the surprising news. >> it is difficulties a pointing with him not to be a part what will happen over the next few months. i come here this morning more with that flavor have of appreciation and gratitude for the efforts and time that he has put in. >> meanwhile, we had day baseball in cincinnati and let you know that the phillies, they were looking for their first win of the season, and in the fourth inning, and with the home run, are we speaksed to have that, of course, something happened, and that is beauty of live television as i can hear the game playing in my ear. >> there it is. >> it is baseball and then it went away. >> don't worry. >> we will get back to you. >> does that mean that sports is over. phillies lose, ten-six, and they got swept. >> all right, don bell.
5:27 pm
>> this is 1iphone you don't want to take a selfie was looks like a mobile device but it is not only gun disguised as an every day product. reason behind unusual weapons and why police say they are disasters waiting to happen. >> you're watching
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when it comes to the fithings you love,. you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. so now i'm not being perky,
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telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. a new type of gun is drawing attention from local law enforcement, and someone next to you could be armed, and you wouldn't even know it. "eyewitness news" continues, now at 5:30. i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. authorities are concerned these unusual new firearms could violate the law. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us in hamilton mercer count which more details, cleve. >> reporter: jessica and ukee today i got a chance to go in
5:31 pm
the evidence locker at the new jersey state police technology complex, and they have almost 3300 guns that have been confiscated. gun set to come out later this year that looks just like your phonies one that they do not want to add to their collection. >> machine guns, grease guns, guns from world war two. >> reporter: over the years new jersey state police has seen different guns. >> down here you have your m16's. >> reporter: it isn't necessarily the biggest blasters that concern them, it is ones that are hard to recognize, or fake and look real like this bee-bee gun. >> you cannot tell at all. it even has the weight of a regular semiautomatic pistol. >> reporter: some guns are real and look fake. >> thinks a knife gun this comes out. homemade trigger almost. push it down and it will discharge a projectile. >> reporter: from gains, to mechanic tools and pens, state police have confiscated guns that imitate every day objects. this week state police tweeted out a new possible threat a
5:32 pm
gun that looks like a smart phone. their #reasons humans will go stink but new york senator chuck schumer isn't laughing, even though it is not on the market yet and trying to outlaw it, and clearly for purposes. >> reporter: ideal to confide the gun. would it allow a responsible own tore carry more freely. >> some people would take serious issue, in work place or somewhere else to see, i mean a gun on you, and it gives people an opportunity to a roid that conversation. >> reporter: those who study guns from the police perspective say the conversation has to be about officer safety. >> the problems for law up force. now you can let your guard down. free to go out there and get every cell phonies a gun. that is hard to do. >> reporter: earlier this week senator schumer called for a federal investigation, for the smart phone-looking gun which could hit the market within a few months. schumer says they are already
5:33 pm
more than 4,000 order for the gun, and it cost about $400. reporting live from hamilton, new jersey cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for that. authorities released new video of the suspect linked to the terror attacks in brussels last month. prosecutors are appealing, for the public's help by identifying the man in the hat. video shows that the suspect escaping the airport as two accomplices, blew themselves up. he walked pass a hotel and then cut a cross a rental car parking lot. the hours later cameras spotted the suspect without his jacket but still wearing the had. investigators say the man is the only survivor at the airport and subway attacks that killed 32 people. pennsylvania governor tom wolf takes a stand against lgbt discrimination in pennsylvania. the governor signed two executive order, covering state agencies, under his jurisdiction and state contractors. the order prohibit, discrimination on the basis of many factors and police sexual
5:34 pm
orientation, gender expression or identity. governor wolf called on law make tours pass non-discrimination legislation statewide. a growing list of national grand are urging miss sip toy repeal the state's new religious freedom law. some have called that legislation, flat out discrimination. the it allow businesses and governments, to deny services to lesbian, gay, by sexual and transgendered people based on their religious beliefs. bakery owner says it is bad for business. >> i'm here to sell cake, not to judge who to sell it too. we now have a target on our back and we are going to have to explain to our customers, no, no, we don't agree with the bill. >> georgia's governor vetoed a similar bill last week. the comedy club on south street was a magnet for budding black comedians and left a hole in philadelphia's comedy scene when it close $3 years ago. >> now is there news of a possible rebirth, as kyw news radio cherri gregg explains is
5:35 pm
there a new venue where new comedians will take the stage. >> it is exciting just to get started again and just really, go at it. >> reporter: rod millwoodies owner of the lath house name and for two decade he and his wife, mona ran the laugh house comedy club on south street. it was a famous stop in big names in comedy and one of the only venues in philadelphia where black comedians can take the stage in prime time launching careers of kevin h art and others to name a few. >> we are seeing the same thing together. >> we gave all of them that opportunity, you think you are funny. come show us. >> reporter: today laugh house stands shuttered after millwood abruptly closed the club in 203, a year after his wife died of cancer. he said, grief and mounting debt, sent him into a deep depression. >> when you are going in that dark place, which i was in, you don't think, you just want to runaway and hide.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: two and a half years later, millwood has a new attitude and this new venue at 21st and market streets. >> this roomies not the way it will look by friday. >> no, no, tables will be around here. >> reporter: he is bringing in new comedians, beginning on friday. >> you'll have a good eye of the comedy stage, from the bar. >> yes. >> reporter: clearly there is work to do but millwood says the laugh house is bigger then a building, and he wants the world to know. >> welcome back to the laugh house, everybody. we are back. >> reporter: in center city, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> back with the smile. >> that is great news. >> yes. still to come on "eyewitness news" more millennials are going under the knife. find out why and the most common cosmetic procedures. and then tightening your budget but cannot give up your star bucks? three on your side jim donovan has tricks for saving money every time you order. and harry potter history goes up for auction, the significance behind this chair
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and how much one fan paid for it, kate? well, showers, pushing out, tonight and we will get one day of a break, just in time for villanova parade tomorrow but then, tracking some unsettled weather for weekend including the chance for some accumulating snow in parts of the area, i'll tell you all of the details when to expect it coming up when we come right
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in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations,
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all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us. fodeveloping drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families.
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i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message. with electric cars are all of the rage these days but what about an electric plane? air bus, plans to start selling hybrid planes by the year 2030, the planes will carry 100 passengers and have a range of 600 miles which can get from you new york to detroit. the planes will use electric engines for take off, and then switch to jet fuel at the cruising altitudes. air bus wants to develop aviation that result in no
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emissions. more americans under the age of 30 are under the knife. 64 percent of the members from the the association of facial plastic surgeons say their patients are getting younger. top trends are nose jobs, fuller lips and younger looking eyes. also, botox and fillers. experts say it business staying competitive in the work force and also, looking at specific ways, on social media. >> i had surgery at 18. >> is there something you would like to share, ukee. >> no, no, no. >> no, no. >> coming up, craft brewing isn't just for beer, why our area is making wav
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if you are a fab of star bucks they are changing their reward program. >> beginning next tuesday star bucks reward will be based on how much you spend rather than how many times you visit. jim donovan takes a look at ways to save, when visiting your local star bucks. >> if you make a daily trip to
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star bucks, you know it can really put a grande dent in your wallet. >> if someone goes to star bucks every single day for a year and only gets the small size, that is $700 that they have sunk in their coffee habit. >> kip linger's personal finance editor rebecca dolan say regardless of the changes to the reward program you should still sign up. >> you get a free birth the day treat. you get free instant refills on coffee and tea. >> reporter: build up points, or stars, in star bucks case and you can cash them in for drinks and food. >> there are double star days where you get, double for the stars on your purchases and then there are just a number of different, deals throughout the year, coupons for half price breakfast sandwich, or, you know, by one get one drinks, just, many different promotions throughout the year. >> do you want to trim spending. order a short sized. >> the short size, they don't advertised is 8 ounces where it is the tall is 12 ounces. and, you know, when we
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calculated price difference we found downgrading from the tall to short will save you, $90 a year if you go every single day. >> reporter: another way to save. >> we recommend checking outsides like gift card or car and people will cash in them card that they don't want to use and you can, buy them at a discount. >> reporter: when all else fails consider a side gig as a baris tas as they are entitled to 30 percent off drinks, food and merchandise. i have posted more information on cbs for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> jim would be like, barista on the side to get that 30 percent off. >> he loves it. >> i will need something hot to drink, as winter comes in this weekend. >> get yourself a chocolate latte or saturday. the not a day you want to be outside too much, let's just put it back to you. i don't know about these little league games across the area my son will be disappointed but i don't think it will happen. we have rain and snow showers.
5:47 pm
temperatures in the 30's, on saturday morning. definitely not baseball weather, all they, it will get warmer for phillies home opener on monday. lets look at is what happening weather-wise outside, we will go out to the roof cam where a lot of blue skies, it looks beautiful right now but if you look, further to the west, out there even on the sky deck you can start to see dark included, rolling in from the west, it is deceiving right now, it looks beautiful but heading out for a long, let's is a very ambitious and saying it looks beautiful i will take a 10-mile run, plan for things to change within the next hour or so. we have got more showers, creeping back inside the area lets take a peak at our eyewitness weather watchers what they are reporting for us, we are looking at 64 degrees. we will check with ed connor in chester to field, new jersey. he has sun. fifty-nine, cooler david dutch's house in clementon, new jersey. also, with some sunshine. as we head down to the south you can see we're seeing a little bit of the drop in temperatures in a few spots as showers and storms move on through. greg mccoy in marshalltown
5:48 pm
delaware at 61. fifty-eight as we check in here, also in delaware with walter. he is in newark, delaware. he sent thus photo, quick thunderstorm or shower came through very briefly, he had some sun and then brief shower. soaked the deck furniture here and then the sun came right back out. these showers this evening, they are generally few and far between, nothing all that strong but definitely moving through, and could put a damper on your evening. david michigan until norristown at 57 degrees, right now. here's what is happening, outside, in one of our live neighborhood network spots. we will take you up to kutztown area middle school, you can see clouds pushing from the west, as another round of showers, to prepare us to impact the area. this is nothing as strong as what we saw earlier today but you can see on storm scan three we have the scattered showers pushing in from the west and putting an end to the blue sky we have been seeing over the past couple of hours, seeing one shower right here over delaware county pushing toward the city and then watch this line here, extending from the pennsylvania maryland
5:49 pm
border, all the way down through d.c. and into coastal virginia and that will move through delaware through the next couple of hours. so don't be shocked if you are outside, saying that might be a nice night for barbecue to get rained on briefly the shower and thunderstorm moving into new castle ain't kent counties within the next half an hour or so. prepare for that. feeling like february, as we head toward weekend, friday in the wake of these showers tonight, it is a little bit of the transition day and nice day, wedged in between a few in the so nice day. it is cold for april, highs in the 50's. breeze will make it feel cooler. then we have a clipper system to track on saturday. swings through during the day, lots of cloud, rain and snow showers, snow showers especially in the morning, milking with rain throughout the afternoon. temperatures in the 40's and on sunday even though we have a return of full sun we are only in the 40's. taking you through the day saturday you can see how chilly, 36 at 7:00 a.m. thirty-six at 1:00 o'clock. briefly rise in the 40's but it is chilly out there and certainly cold enough in the upper atmosphere to support
5:50 pm
snow falling. keep in mind temperatures above freezing at surface we will not get much in the way of accumulation on the roads unless it snows very heavily. this is more grassy accumulation we are talking about. with that said here's best chance of a coating of snow on saturday, best chance of an inch or more would be allentown, lehigh valley up toward poconos. we have a chance for a grass coating in the city, lower chance to the south and east and virtually no chance along the coast thanks to that warm influence off the water. overnight showers ending, mostly cloudy, 43 degrees. for your friday partly sunny, chilly but not cold, 54, breezy, definitely bring jacket in and probably gloves as well. could have a shower as the phillies take on padres for home owner, 60 degrees, you don't need heavy coat but pack a puncho just in case. if you are a golf fan tradition unlike any other masters this weekend you can see it here, they have got beautiful weather here in augusta georgia, sunshine and highs in the 60's each day f home that were our forecast, not so nice here cold weekend,
5:51 pm
and we will warm it up next week and promised you a couple nice day they are far away. next wednesday and thursday looking good. ukee and jessica, back over to you. >> something to look forward to kate, thanks very much. big news for harry potter fans, kate, on the west coast, a brand new wizarding world of harry potter business to open in universal studios in hollywood. wizarding world is fictional village depict in the films and similar to the attraction at universal studios in florida. it features restaurants, shops, beverages and, of course, rides. you might want to sit down before you hear this not on this chair. this is very fancy, expensive chair. this is the seat in which jk row lines pend the first two harry potter books and just sold at auction for $394,000. >> um. >> the winning bidder, has chosen to remain anonymous. here's your chance to sees a math the in a of the broadway hit hamilton and the not break the bank, that is right, musical has reinstated
5:52 pm
its live lottery and ate allows 21 audience members to -- potential audience members to get tickets to the sold out wednesday matinees for $10. some of these tickets go for a thousand dollars on the web. drawings will be held outside richard rodgers theater in new york at 12:30 every wednesday and entry will be accepted. >> i just went to see that. >> loved that. >> loved it. >> hot ticket. >> it is. >> oscar and felix are back. >> second season of the odd couple premieres tonight on cbs. >> i don't know why i put up with you. >> you have to be the single most, irresponsible man on earth. >> do you hear that little voice too or have you final hi driven me insane. >> oscar and felix are upset with eavesdropping on their fighting neighbors. >> we have talk with the show stars matthew perry and
5:53 pm
co-star about the episode. >> we have start accidentally hearing people upstairs. then we make it in the accidental so we cap hear them all the time, and then we decide that we're going to get into their life and start fixing all of their problems. >> it is all done in clay animation good that is in the true. >> you can catch season premiere of the odd couple tonight, 8:30 right here on cbs-3. >> i loved the original movie, tv show. >> and then you can see him there percolate nothing there for that joke. >> still ahead, delaware valley is men for great beer but now it is making its mark in the whiskey world. >> which is companies distilleries are popping up around the area. we will take you inside, when we come right back.
5:54 pm
in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
craft beer industry is thriving especially in
5:57 pm
philadelphia. >> now hard liquor is experiencing the same, independent movement, that changed the beer industry. paul curt fridays our sister station kyw news radio has more. >> reporter: thinks not your granny's still and this is not moon shine. it is high quality liquor distilled at raw house spirits in kensington. >> today i'm distilling my brandy. >> reporter: small batch distilleries have been popping up like mushrooms since the state liquor control board created small distillery licenses. dean brown says kensington has become ground zero of the movement. >> yes, in kensington i opened up and now there are five other distilleries, five, including myself actually. >> reporter: one of brown's clients is less than a mile away at frankford avenue. >> customers are excited. if i can equate to it beer, you know, it used to be, that we were kind of introducing people to local beers. now for a long time people are like there is some people that just identify, you know, i drink local beer, and the same thing is happening with the spirits.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: as dean brown puts it, the craft distilleries movement in pennsylvania has gone from zero to 60 in less than two years. he and others in this business don't sees any stop lights ahead. >> when i, was issued my license, it was numb 19, and i looked a lot on line and they were up in the hundreds, of licenses process issued. >> reporter: in kensington i'm paul curtis, kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. at 6:00 they thought they beat the system 36789 men are facing federal charges for allegedly trying to get around a federal law. the race for white house runs through philadelphia, where bernie sanders and bill clinton will push for votes in philadelphia, kate. and another round have of scattered showers, moving through, this evening, and then the cold air, settles in, and we could be talking about some snow in spots, this weekend, i'll tell you when it gets here and how cold it will be. phillies opening day is just a few days away, i'm greg argos in wilmington delaware
5:59 pm
with the ten year-old who will throw the very first pitch. right now they are accuse of trying to beat the system, three men in big trouble with federal officials accused of taking advantage of those, desperate for cash in a payday loan, scheme. good evening, i'm ukee washington. 's jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at the federal building with more on what these men allegedly did and how they were caught. walt? >> reporter: jessica, living paycheck to paycheck is a sad reality for too many people in our country but three suspects indicted here today, saw their suffering, their financial desperation, as an opportunity, allegedly charging from payday loans with interest rates of more than 700 percent. today, those three suspects in
6:00 pm
a federal indictment, were brought to justice. prosecutors say that charles's main line estate valued at more than two million-dollar is just one example of the big paydays, that he and alleged accomplice wheeler neff enjoyed. the pair, accused of earning 688 million-dollar over five years, freezing hundreds of thousands of victims on illegal payday loans. so-called, because they desperately needed the cash to make it to the next payday. >> he is actually charged were being the owner and operator and financesser of the many of the payday lending companies. mr. neff is a accused of being a lawyer who helped. >> reporter: the prosecutor say that hallnan charged $30 for every hundred borrowed and illegally high rate for loans whic a


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