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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 10, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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♪ need to sing with all the voices of the mountains ♪ ♪ paint with all the colors of the wind ♪ [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] >> "the insider" together with yaw hoo. >> have a great weekend,
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> right now on "eyewitness news", spring snow blankets parts of the region, making it look a lot more like february than april. this video from mullica hill in gloucester county was post today twitter. and check this out. the scene here in doylestown, bucks county, light snow left the roads wet in that area. one business questioned
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whether spring has sprung. big question mark there. the snow didn't stop folks from running their errands around town today, though. now that the snow has tapered off, we're dealing with the threat of black ice on the roads, making for treacherous conditions on streets and sidewalks. good evening, everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you for joining us, this is starting to feel a lot more like winter, let's get right over to kate bilo in the weather center. kate, what's snapping. >> i feel like winter self took it pretty easy on us. now that spring is here, now we're dealing with the winter weather. we storm today of course that brought accumulating snow to much of the region, even to the coast here, and we're almost in mid-april. let's take a look what's going on right now, just few scattered snow showers right now, once again, in south jersey. that's the area that just can't seem to catch a break here today. not much in the way of additional accumulation, cumberland county a coating perhaps as snow showers continue to move through overnight tonight. they will be dying down, and then skies will be clearing very quickly here, you can see how skies are already clearing to the north and west, as
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skies clear, temperatures will really plummet overnight. here is a 12 hour loop. see the banding that's set up today again over portions of south jersey, real any a line extending montgomery chester count its, gloucester county this line right here, that's part of our area, that saw the heaviest snowfall today. and here's a look at what actually fell today. some spots, like philadelphia, it snowed but it was just white rain. no accumulation really reported there. and not much as we headed newspaper berks county either. bucks county i should say, even lehigh valley. one bull's eye of three plus inches for portions of chester, montgomery, delaware county, another bull's eye atlantic, and this entire bull eye, just missed the city to the south, where one to 3 inches of snow fell today. recapping some totals today, malvern, the highest number i found, 5 inches there in chester county, glen mills checked in with 3.3, mullica hill at 3 inches, estell manor 3.7. meanwhile just .2 reported at the airport, just shows you
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that pretty gradient of heavy snow to nothing across the region. still above freezing, that's the good news, 37 in philadelphia, 36 in wilmington, but already dropping to near freezing north and west. roads are still wet in spots, coming up talk about the potential for black ice and i'll tell when you it may finally start to feel like spring again, natasha? >> looking forward to that, thank you, kate. snow fell with intensity in parts of south jersey, "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff with more on how gloucester county fared in the snow today. >> after a season of hunkering down ... an additional winter like evening brought saturday night back inside. >> we had quite a bit of snow today. big flakes, but it is great to come out here to go bowling. >> much of south jersey was hit with nearly blinding snowfall at time, with dense accumulation, in certain areas. >> i was wearing shorts yesterday to work, and now it is coming down like a sun burst. >> it is snowing. >> in mullica hill, eight year
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old seth seemed little less than enthused at first, but ended up showing us how he makes the best after snowy spring situation. >> do you like the snow? >> yes. >> it is yummy, right? >> it tastes like water. >> most said that since our winter was on the mild side, there is no sense in complaining. >> it is april. i think i like march a little better. >> so whether it is bowling or simply settling in, this region took this snow as a great excuse to simply stay inside. >> i think i'm just going to go home, watch a movie, eat some food, that's all. >> and like everyone's honesty today, well, the focus will be on the roads as they're wet from all of the snowfall. as temperatures continue to drop. reporting in gloucester county, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and snow down the shore, as well. these photos were sent in to us from eyewitness joan stills snow covering the board and on the beach in ocean city.
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some seeing long way away looking at these pictures, spring flowers get coating of snow in plymouth meeting montgomery county, snow very pretty to look at. but, didn't stick. leaving the roads and the grass just wet in that area. also, the snow didn't phase this dog, take a look at this little cutie, he seems to enjoy playing it as it roams around the rocks in wissahickon. not the ideal day for lacrosse game. temple university campus where the women's team faced off against vanderbuilt in the snow. some of the players, still, out there in their shorts, and they were roughing it, plenty of people showed up to cheer on the owls, even though the conditions were clearly not great. the spring snow also hit harrisburg today. couple of inches on the grounds in that area. accumulating on vehicles and park benches, as women, but the snow left the roads slippery. >> to other news, off duty police officer shoots and kills a suspected robber during attempted holdup in
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philadelphia, "eyewitness news" on the corner of broad street and chew avenue, in olney, police say a man tried to rob an elderly man this afternoon, at gunpoint. that's when an off-duty officer who happened to be nearby leaped into action. police say the robber had a weapon at the time. pointed it at the officer before the officer opened fire. >> a man is dead after driving his car into the schuylkill river and tonight police are trying to figure out exactly what went wrong. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh shows us what happened just before the crash. >> from the base of this wall the car was about a good 40 feet or so in the river. it was on it roof upside down submerged in about 6 feet deep of water. >> reporter: police say the impact killed the driver, 26 year old asian man, it took a dive team more than an hour to recover his body which was pinned while the wheel. >> police believe the driver was speeding down ferry road potentially trying to avoid the red light when he lost control of his car and slammed into this barrier here, you
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can still see the debris from his 2012 volkswagon lying on the ground. tragedy like this may be preventable, according to runners and walkers, who exercise regularly along kelly drive. >> i think the cars definitely, just not paying attention, speeding around the bends, one quick turn like that, you're. >> though the speed limit only 35 miles an hour. those we spoke to say it is more like a race way. >> cars are always over the speed limit f they wanted to make money for the city all they would have to do is control their drive. >> while they believe speed clint dollars to the crash, they'll also run toxicology test to see if drugs or alcohol were involved. on the schuylkill river, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well the frantic manhunt is now over for a suspect caught on tape just before the brussels airport terror attack. police say the so-called man in the hat here, muhammad abrini told them he was the suicide bomber, he was with
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them, the people who blew themselves up at the airport last month. he is now one of four suspect charged with participating in the terrorist act that killed 32 people. abrini also linked to the paris attacks last november. to campaign 2016 news tonight, democrat bernie sanders and republican ted cruz inning closer and closer to the front runners. sanders won the wyoming caucus, cruz lock up few more delegates in coloradoment next big prize is new york. cbs news correspondent brian web is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: home turf battle is brewing between brooklyn born bernie sanders and hillary clinton, who made new york her adopted home. >> i actually think new york values a really good for america. >> a whopping 291 delegates are up for grabs in new york. sanders is behind in the delegate count but making up with it with momentum, taking eight of the last nine contests with a win in wyoming. sanders got the news from his
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wife and announced it to a crowd dollars auditor just in queens. >> all right, news bulletin. we just won wyoming. >> ted cruz grabbed colorado's 37 delegates saturday, then returned do you have nevada where he poked fun at the democrats. >> the democratic field right now consists after wild eyed social list, with ideas dangerous for america and the world, and bernie sanders. >> john kasich spoke in rochester, new york, vowing to fight for average americans. >> trying to play by the rules and get somewhere, we just want to believe the system's fair. >> frontrunner donald trump leads in the polls heading into next tuesday's new york primary. brian web, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, those flyers fans are celebrating tonight, the flyers had not made the playoffs two out of the last three years, but that's all changed now, today they have a chance to make it and they got the job done.
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lesley van arsdall here to explain exactly what happened. we're excited about this. >> i like all this winning, first villanova, then the flyers, this is great. >> contagious. >> i know, let's keep it going for a hint. before today's game against pittsburgh, both detroit and boston lost their games in regulation, so all of the flyers needed to do was beat the cross state rival penguins, game tied up in the second, win timmons tipped in, flyers leave for good, beat pit burying three-one after the game the team talked all about failing flyers chairman ed snider. >> yes, guys in the room, and it is a win, and a playoff birth for mr. snyder, and for the unbelievable fans of the philadelphia flyers. >> emotional, thinking about it, you know, just happy we made the playoffs, and
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excited, you know,. >> well, the flyers will square off against the washington capitols, the caps have the most point in the league, but the flyers split the season series against them. so it is a good match up. >> all right, let's go flyers, thank you, so much, leslie. the national champion villanova wildcats watched the flyers clinch a playoff spot, head coach jay wright tweeted this video of the players celebrating with all of the fans at the wells fargo center. all right, let's go flyers. >> they should be at every game, that's the lucky charm right there. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight, incredible rescue, how some cast away stranded on deserted island managed to signal for help without the use of technology. plus refund, please. this is a very offensive message that a starbucks customer found on his cup. what's next to the employee who wrote it. we'll tell you all about it.
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>> it doesn't only happen in the movies, some cast aways were saved after they spelled out the word help with palm leaves. the crew on board a us navy plane spotted the joint word and called in the coast guard. now, the three men had been missing for three days, their boat was overturned by a wave in the pacific ocean, and they swam 2 miles to that islands, which is part of micronesia. starbucks custom nerve jacksonville say he's hurt by
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a message bar taste printed on his cup label, after ordering a large white mocha drink. message said quote diabetes here i come. 16-ounce white mocha known for having 470 calories, the customer said he was take answer back, and wrote on that cup: two of my sisters are die bet he can, not funny. starbucks spokesman said they were disappointed by this incident and will work now to make sure this never happens again. now, characters, costumes and comics, oh, my. all in full effect today in south jersey. "eyewitness news" on a campus every rutgers university camden for comic con. showed epp, many dressed as favorite heroes and villains. they enjoyed panel discussions with high profile illustrators and authors, as well, and even contest for best, very nice. new tonight, the pennsylvania dalai hoses very special program to benefit manna. many turned out for the shut up and dance fundraiser at the forest theatre in philadelphia.
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manna serves meals to people in our area suffering from life threatening illnesses. our own new morning team, jim donovan, brooke thomas, attended the event to show their support tonight. this is the 24th year of shut up and dance. and shut up, we say that in the most respectful way. >> for a great cause. all right; this snow finally out of here or what's happening? >> for the most part, little lie ♪ still falling over south jersey, the area the jackpot winner of the day today, craziness to have snow in the middle of april, down the shore. >> was a bit jarring. >> in the middle of the afternoon, crazy necessary, good news, moving out, spring is going to come back eventually. we didn't miss it altogether. spring snow can be pretty to look at, especially when not sticking to the roads. and much of the area got nice site of white rain today. look at this beautiful, beautiful shot from east falls, on the campus of philadelphia university, earlier today, didn't amount to much around the city t can snow in the spring, in fact, we average about half inch of snow every april here in philadelphia.
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but, generally speaking, doesn't survive to the shore points, especially in the middle of the afternoon. that will was a little surprise across the board. take a look, speaking of our shore points, live neighborhood network time lapse started the day with some clouds, little rain, then all the sudden that cold air starts to come in, temperatures rapidly dropped, and take a look at how quickly the snow blankets the beach here in margate. big fat flakes, and you see that a lot when you have heavy wet snow, because the snowflakes all stick together, and come down in these big clumps. snow like dinner plates outside this afternoon. storm scan3, shows, the past 12 hours really. see the banding set up. what's happening right now, still few snow showers across portions of the area, mainly south jersey, delaware, there is your bull's eye, snow set up this afternoon, and heavy for a time falling at the rate of inch per hour, just imagine if this had been february and the ground had been cold. it snowed at my house for the better part of seven hours, the roads remained generally wet. if that had been allowed to pile up we would have been talking major amounts with this system, but now it is
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moving on out snow showers ending, and temperatures dropping, luckily it is a slow progression, down toward freezing, still in the upper 30's here in philadelphia, 36 in wilmington, 37 wildwood, but we do have that freeze warning overnight, into tomorrow morning, as temperatures will drop below the freezing mark, it will be dangerous for any plant or sensitive vegetation, cover things up, mover them inside, mover them into the garages perhaps, what i'm doing with my daphodils. average last freeze in this area generally mid april. pretty much right on track here. overnight black ice is another concern temperatures headed below freezing, roads still wet. it is windy outside. and temps still above freezing so hopefully we can dry things out enough we won't be looking at extensive icing threat. the icy spots will be hard to sigh specially tomorrow morning, so use extra caution if you're headed out on the roadways. overnight down to the 20's, 29 degrees again those last rain and snow showers ending, temps plummet after midnight. for tomorrow, sunshine, then few high clouds filtering in
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in the afternoon, still cold, high just 49. heading into your monday, that's when our next system approaches, but notice, showers stay mainly to the north, just scattered showers early monday, and i'm hopeful we may be able to clear things out a bit. monday afternoon in time for the phillies home opener. in fact, this particular model has the sun coming up until the next wave comes through tuesday. monday's morning showers, clearing out. tuesday's afternoon rain, and then we get into nice dry stretch starting next wednesday. as far as the phillies first pitch forecast, it will be mostly cloudy, couple of showers specially early in the game, but optimistic forecast, i think good chance we try to clear it out, before the nine innings is through. a cold weekend gives way to some warmer weather. by wednesday, big ridge in the jet stream, mild air takes over the central part of the country. and starting thursday, that warmer air will move into our region, as well. so your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, well, looks a little bit better. monday, couple of showers after cold day tomorrow. tuesday, we get the afternoon rain, but then wednesday, the
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sun returns, it is still on the cool side for april, at 56. but i'm saying spring returns on thursday. that's the day we will flip the switch. it will feel like things are nice and spring-like again, and then temperatures keep jumping up. sixty-three friday. sixty-six saturday, we may be near 70 next sunday as of now next weekends looks beautiful specially comparison with this weekend and last weekend? it has got to get better. thanks so much, katie. appreciate that. sports highlights. >> let's hope the phillies whole winning tradition could help out the phillies, villanova winning, i should say, how about the phillies, trying to get the first win of the season, and the flyers are headed to the playoffs. we'll hear from them coming up in sports.
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♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. (so kinds of like flyers geared up today? >> we new this was coming. >> foreshadowed it with our
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wardrobe. >> great thing, flyers had been out of the playoffs it out of the last three years, 22 years, sin they had missed back-to-back playoffs. today, they have a chance to return to the post-season by beating shorthanded pit burying team. chris, and sydney, the game had no effect on their playoff. late in the first period flyers down by a goal, burries it, 31st goal of the season, flyers tie up the game. second periods, three minute left. a shot, simmons with retraction, flyers take the lead on wayne's career hi, 32nd goal. pens with a goalie, gets the puck, skates on in for the empty netter. so the flyers are back in the playoffs. three-one, the final, they'll take on the capitols. >> unbelievable. worked so hard to get to this point. i thought we deserved it, obviously only one step, but huge step for us. >> amazing. we had a tough start, but end
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up, middle of december i think we played pretty good hockey, we deserve to be in the spot we're at right now. >> definitely sense of relief right now i think for everybody in the lockerroom, well deserved good feeling right now. you know, we worked hard to get to this point, it feels good, you know, we are onto our second goal. >> now, to baseball game, the phillies series against the met, still in search of the first win of the season, to the fifth inning, no score, ryan howard batting in. big fellow with the opposite fields solo homer. second of the season, 45th of his career against the mets, phillie take the lead, vince on the mound for the phils. he was dealing, six shut out innings, allowing three hits, three, struck out career high nine. then the bullpen came in, through three innings of no hit baseball. gomez, line out to ends the game. phillies get that first win of the season one-nothing, the final. >> check this out. today the red sox against the blue jays, boston's political owe at the plate, swings so hard he breaks the belt right
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off his pant. who needs it? tosses it. finishes at bat. he is 5-foot 11 and weighing 255 pounds. ment big guy. sixers final home game of the season tomorrow against the bucks, before the game, owner josh harris will hold a news conference, expected to name brian co-angelo as general manager of replace being sam hinkie who retired sunday. >> third round of the masters, defending champ jordan spieth cruising along, bogeyed 17, double bogey on 18, won, and had one shot lead going into tomorrow's final round, which is going to check outright here on cbs-3. >> all right, he's been leading the whole time. that's great. thanks so much, leslie. when we come right back with you, some kids get great day of basketball hoping their skills with the sixers. a look at all the fun when "eyewitness news" returns. stay with us.
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>> junk fans of the sixers took to the court with the pros today, they hold their own out there. team hosed open practice for sixers camp participant at philadelphia university in east falls. 450 kids were broken up by age groups to run through hands-on drills with six 6ers players and coaches. the sixers dancers, flight squad, mascot franklin and sixers legend helped to make
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this day a very special day for all of the kids. who knew, they could be recruiting for the future. >> they could be. >> they need some help. >> need a little help. >> we'll be right back, stay with us. it was fun, though.
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>> sport highlight certain to warm your heart. this is the south carolina alumni game, that man scoring the touchdown, yeah, that is 94 year old former stand out, lou sews man, the first south carolina player ever named to all american team. he took a hand off a few yards from the goal, there he is, they followed his right into the end zone. he has still got it, you guys. amazing. i love that. love that story. hopefully we'll love the rest of the forecast throughout the week? >> i think we will. tomorrow's not the greatest day, but at least not snowing.
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so we got that going. 49 degrees for your sunday, monday showers early, may clear it out in time for much of the phillies home opener, then watch for rain tuesday, and then, late next week, starting on thursday, we are back to the 60s, once we hit that, it is going to start rising again, and i'm 99.9% confident that is the last of snow. >> i'm writing this down, 99.9? >> snow flurry in the future? >> thank you. >> we hope so. appreciate. that will that's "eyewitness news" tonight, i'm natasha brown, for leslie, kate, we thank you for joining us, if you're up early join our morning team, we're always on have a great night everyone.


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