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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  April 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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struck, dragged, and left for dead, police searched for the deadly driver in a hit and run where we're live with the major clues investigators found overnight. kobe bryant, farewell, the pride of the lower merion finishing his 20 year career in style, it was just one part of the the historic night for the nb a a. and donald trump spent the day campaigning in pennsylvania, we will tell you what he a said about the joe paterno statue. today thursday april 14th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brook thomas. we will get your day started with the check of weather and traffic with katie and meisha, good morning.
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>> a lot of construction on the roadways. >> thankfully things are still dry for us here across the region. the it will stay that way. we will, however, have a freeze warning. we have a few frost advisories too temperature dependent. looking at storm scan three this is going to be what you will fine, every day for the next several days. a nice quiet storm scan. so as we put things in motion with the satellite overtop you have a very clear skies. you are not finding too much on the satellite either. with that clear skies temperatures dropped easily. and not necessarily including philadelphia county or delco for that matter but rest of the region is, either under a freeze warning or frost advisory. bottom line it is cold enough with the the light enough wind where that frost will form and freeze will form and you have had a chance to cover up any sensitive vegetation. this is still an issue. forty-three is odd ball out temperature at philly international. everybody else at least at the this slew of observations is in the 30's. we have a chilly start. we expect to rebound,
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62 degrees and sunshine and wall to wall sun across the entire delaware valley. it will last a good long while. >> we love the sound of. that thanks very much, katie. good morning. happy thursday. going out identify, first live look, disable tractor trailer a at schuylkill eastbound approaching city avenue that has been cleared. not that the volume levels are there. there is not. it is just too early. make note it was there the it is all cleared there. we have construction at 95 south between airport and route 420 that has been cleared. a lot of construction moving out of our way fairly quickly this morning. construction on broad street, spring garden street jfk boulevard. great news for those in area. look at this, we have some construction, kelly drive, repaving between sedgley drive and brewery hill drive, both directions, and it sound like within main might ab affect. make note in and around that area construction we are dealing with yesterday, pa turnpike westbound between
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bensalem and fort washington, that left lane is block, and also in the eastbound side we have had this yesterday as well between morgan town and valley forge, that is eastbound side, left lane blocked there. jim, back over to you. a motorcyclist is struck and killed in port richmond. >> police tell us the man was dragged 200 feet. eyewitness news reporter justin finch is live outside philadelphia police accident up investigation division where the search continues, for the hit and run driver. good morning, justin, what have you learned. >> reporter: at this point philadelphia police tracked down that striking vehicle a 2005 pontiac suv that is being processed for fingerprints and dna. now they are searching for the driver, a person they say likely knows they struck someone last night in port richmond and then fled the scene. just before nine credit 30 last night, 24th district police got calls of the auto wreck with the auto leaving, on scene, aramingo and lehigh, police found a manage 35 with
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several injuries, and also, unconscious, he later died at hahnemann hospital. from witnesses police learned that victim was riding a motor scooter and aramingo and lehigh witnesses report seeing a pontiac as tech suv going south on aramingo and then turning right on to lehigh. that is where that pontiac reportedly struck the man the on the scooter, the pontiac then dragging that scooter driver, some 200 feet on lehigh, and then was later somehow shaken free. the pontiac with its new york tags was later found abandoned at cedar and madison, also in port richmond. the accident investigations division is working the case and talking to witnesses, the major mistake here, the driver leaving the scene. >> in this situation like this, after striking someone on the motorcycle and dragging that body 200 feet, we're certain that the driver was striking the vehicle realized what he did and the fact that
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he didn't render any aid and that you drove from the scene, after causing this fatal auto accident and now you're looking at some serious charges. >> there are early indication this is morning that police have an idea who that driver of the pontiac as tech may be but a at the this time, no name yet for that victim who passed away last night have a being struck. we are live from accident investigation division i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". brook and jim, back on you. >> thanks very much, justin. new this morning an overnight fire in brewerytown send five people to the hospital. the flames broke out 12:30 on the 2900 block of nicholas street. starting in the the basement of a row home. crew where is able to get the the fire under control in a half an hour. injuries are non-life threatening. the causes being investigated. to campaign 2016 coverage now and donald trump trust thousands toss a rally in pittsburgh. hundreds of protesters gathered outside the convention center, chanting and waving signs. police in riot the gear had to separate them from supporters.
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meantime, inside the event trump continued to rail on the g.o.p. nominating process. >> the bosses and the establishment, and the people that shouldn't have this power, took all of the power away from the voters. >> and there was a baffling moment from the rally when trump asked about penn state's famous former football coach. >> how is joe paterno? how about that whole story. we do love penn state. >> trump a's campaign confirms g.o.p. front runner was asking about the paterno statue that was removed from outside the football stadium. as for trump's complaint that the delegate system is rigged, his republican opponent ted cruz says that is nonsense. cruz and his family appeared on cnn for a town hall discussion last night and here's what cruz said when he was asked if he would consider
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marco rubio as a running mate. >> we're in the process of considering a number of different options. >> he would be someone you would be a fool not the to look at seriously. he is very, very talented. >> rubio has not endorsed a candidate since leaving the raise last month. the as for former republican presidential candidate john kasich, he is spending too i am in maryland ahead of that state's primary which is april . now in the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off tonight for the last debate before the new york primary. the candidates are doing some last minute campaigning, in the state the where clinton has a ten-point lead over sanders. the last night the front runner held an event in the bronx. she made no mention of the sanders and instead focused on republican rivals. >> one of them denigrates, new york values, i think new york values are at the core of american values, that is why i'm proud to be a new yorker.
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>> meantime sanders held a huge star studded rally in washington square park in manhattan attracting 27,000 people. >> and when i look at an unbelievable crowd like this i believe that we're going to win here in new york next tuesday. >> sanders is deeven ifing his decision to take a break from the campaign trail to speak at the vatican friday. he says it is the opportunity of a lifetime. this was hollywood ending toia hall have of fame career. kobe bryant dominated his last game and son of the former sixers, led his lake tours a come back win. >> bryant, on the move, with the jumper, oh, my. >> kobe scored 60 points last night to rally lakers past utah jazz 101-96. yet, i said 60 points, that last hot shot had me standing
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up in my bed, most in the nba this season this was the last game of the 20 year nba career all spent in los angeles. kobe, he enjoyed a laugh with fans after the game. >> the thing that had me cracking up all night long was the fact i go through, 20 years of everybody screaming and pass the ball and they are like, don't pass it. what can i say. i'm out. >> little gentle mike drop there. >> in addition to the kobe's family there was star power, final game of his career, he end that career third all time in scoring with more than 33,000 points. >> it is official, the greatest regular season in nba history now belongs to the 2016 golden state warriors. >> also record setting night for golden state warriors,
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they won their league record, seventh third game of the year, beating memphis, 125-104. steph curry had 46 points, including ten, three-point tours finish with a league record 402. still ahead, terrorist in court, a decision a judge may make any moment now. also this morning, she's darby township's new top cop. we will hear from police chief regina price on her historic new job. and how this woman's favorite snack, may have saved her life, wait until you hear this one, we will be
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inside this green truck, seven terror suspects. they arrived 90 minutes ago to a court in brussels. one of the then mohammad abrini admitted his rel in the paris and brussels terror attacks. today's hearing is for i judge to decide if the men should preventive custody. a historic hire.
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>> new police chief is on the job in darby township today. >> i, regina j price, chief, congratulations. >> regina price is first black female police chief in delaware county's history. chief price has been in law enforcement for 30 years. she retired as a major in january, before leading this new job. the chief price says she want resident to focus more on her experience's lesson her historic hire. >> i'm more concerned that they look at my experience, training, what i'm bringing to the table and what i can give to darby township and take a police department to where it is right new to a much great are police department. >> chief price says she plans to improve the relationship between the department and community but first she's concentrating on the 22 police officers under her command. well, time is 4:43. meisha is watching the road this morning. >> i am, they are nice and dry right now, for the most part and hopefully that hangs on
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there is some construction out there right now. >> in terms of the weather, it is still dry and will stay that way not just today but majority of the forecast. >> good. >> good stuff still hanging on for our area we are expecting high pressure to maintain solid control over the region and that will mean fair weather. it often tend to mean. that we will she what you is happening. frankly not a heck of a lot. storm scan is basically empty. we have a clam cloud built in across long island, moving out to sea. high pressure just settles. as it does that it means we have a clear sky. with the clear sky one caveat that comes with that this time of the year is that temperatures can drop more readily. it is a chilly start to the the day. another day, i mean it is bright, this is what we're used to dress in layers. the best advice i can give you. meanwhile high pressure is centered right around here. the as a result we will see wet wet's cross the deep south but it tries to move north and it will not have an easy time doing. that high pressure clockwise rotation around that in the northern hemisphere, blocking any wet weather from trying to
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make its way our way, so, we will just stay sheltered, essentially because of that. it is in addition to the fact that we have nice sunshine, you know, in the depths of winter we have a lose sun angle but by this time of the year as we are transitioning in full springtime medicine we have more direct sunlight. you will start to notice that the sun makes it feel warm when you are out underneath that bright light through the course of the day and that also means it will warm things up at the surface more readily. looking at today's forecast, it is typical. we will get in the lower 60's today. essentially carbon copy into tomorrow, gradual warming. tack on an extra 2 degrees, milder on saturday. gorgeous on sunday and we will flirt with 80 by monday, wow. >> wow, that would be gorgeous, thanks, katie. good morning. happy thursday to you. we are dealing with construction. what we are looking at is broad street southbound between spring garden and jfk boulevard. you cane that right lane was blocked and i see flashing lights, way off in the distance.
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we're probably just cleaning this out of the way right now. we will compromise with that right lane. that might be opening as we speak which goodies news. very, very dark outside. low volume level which is what we want to see as we push toward 5:00. construction route 100 northbound, between the right lane is still compromised. you can see cones here littering the street. make note of that. vine street expressway looking darn good. westbound looking really quiet. eastbound just starting to heat up now. overall we will see eastbound heat up before the westbound side typically, i would say. this is fairly typical toward 5:00 o'clock. maybe slightly above but overall things are looking good there. construction pennsylvania turnpike westbound between bensalem and fort washington that left lane is block on the eastbound side on the pennsylvania turnpike as well. we dealt with this yesterday between morgan town and valley forge that left lane is block here as well. now, we know that can as we progress through the morning. brook, back over to you. washington state woman says snacking on potato chips, saved her life. >> that is right christine ate
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ruffles chips every day. earl they're year a sharp ridge of the chip poke her in the throat causing her to go to the hospital. well, doctors then found a tumor on her tonsil and diagnosis her with cancer. if it weren't for the chip she may not have felt the tumor for a while. >> i just eat them by the bag full as you you can see. >> potato chip was a blessing in disguise. i probably wouldn't have found out for another year. >> she says her husband called the company to tell them about the story. company then sent them t-shirt, lunch bag and a thank you letter. interesting. hey, you never know what will happen when you open up a bag of chips. >> you never know. still ahead on "eyewitness news" the takata air bag recall may expand to millions of more vehicles. >> we will have a live report from wall street when we come
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welcome back. the flyers returned to playoff
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hockey tonight. >> they take on the capitols in d.c. the team got a warm up yesterday at the skate zone. on the team that never has even been on the post season. this lech dave hakstol's first time in the playoffs. good luck to the fly guys. and we have learned that the public memorial for flyers chairman ed snider will take place one week from today, doors will open up at the wells fargo center at 11:30. event begins at one. it will be free the two public. it his 50:00. time for a check on business news. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange. we hear takata a air bag recall may be dramatically expanding. >> reporter: that is right, the nation's highway safety watch dog new says air bags inflaters in 85 million more cars and trucks and u.s. roads need to be replace unless takata a can prove they are safe. eleven people have died worldwide and more than 100 people hurt by air bags that have exploded with too much force, jim and brook? >> so amazon's new kindle is
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available for preorder in what is new about this new version, if you will? >> reporter: well, it is called the oasis, their smallest, lightes kindle yet and also most expensive, it cost $290. the battery is longer then any e reader, sipping will charge cannulas about two months. that is good news there. >> good to know. expensive but may be worth it. >> thanks, jill, we will check with you in a little bit. >> thank you. gloucester county veterans finally collect honors. long ago, earned in the battle field. twenty-five vets were given their war medals last night touring the freeholder's annual ceremony. our very own ukee washington was there to solute our brave heroes. gloucester county's office of veterans affairs made the ceremony possible. well, coming up after the break we will get another check of weather and traffic. >> we have freeze warnings right now but katie tells us when we will warm up when we
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ifbut find it harder and hardert to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few.
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good morning. it is definitely a quiet start to the morning but chilly one at that. we've got a nice clear skies. this is time of the year you can see these temperatures drop off easily in the early morning. expect that you will want to have extra layers walking out the door but nothing but bright sunshine. the as we go throughout the day we will see a seasonable day unfold. april thus far has been kind of wild, as you all well necessity we have had point of an inch of snow fall, we have had 80 degrees and we are only halfway through the months. now we are seeing things level off. storm scan is nice and quiet. don't worry about those speckles of green. the it is in the precipitation. we will see nothing but sunshine today, tomorrow and many days yet to come here. so, with high pressure settling in, we will basically level off, so to much more typical values at least for the next couple of days on the thermometer, mid 60's on friday. by the time we hit the saturday we are in the up are 60's ape tad above average and keep it going into machine to the point where we're hitting upper 70's and flirting with
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80 but do i think since you have a higher sun angle it will feel like the 80's so a nice stretch of days coming up, i'm saying, you know, start scheduling outdoor plans. we have a lot of opportunities here, meisha. >> eighty's will feel so warm. thanks, katie. good morning everyone. happy thursday to you. we're talk ago lot of construction this morning. the good news is while that construction is getting out of our way fairly quickly. construction route 100 quickly, here you can see the cones still littered on the roadway but take a look at this, we do not see one set of headlights. we are looking good. right lane compromised but overall things are looking good there. new jersey, 42 freeway northbound at creek road first look at 42 freeway. this is what you are looking at, at home thinking when should i helped out? i would say you are in great company as we push in the 5:00 . we will see that change. same thing with the the schuylkill taillights in the eastbound direction at the spring garden moving in center city. you can see both side east and westbound looking g early risers out there but things still looking good at 4:00 o'clock hour.
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pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between morgan town and valley forge left lane block. same story between bensalem and fort washington we were dealing with this yesterday, same thing, left lane blocked again and also, kelly drive is repaving, make note of this, between sedgley drive and brewery hill drive a affecting both directions it sound like within lane, back over to you. thanks, meisha. heading out the door stay updated with katie's forecast on our sister station kyw news radio 1060. also the neighborhood where habitat for humanity, just broke ground. a debate on the use of cameras on railcars and our privacy, and how the city controller is teaching kid about money. check in two, three, four times i take on kyw the news radio 1060 on your a.m. dial. coming up next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we will let you know where you can grab a free cup of coffee all day long. plus, a simple act of kindness goes viral, generous move by a young girl
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dragged, to death, sadly a man on the motorcycle is left to die after he is hit by a car. the key clue police found as they looked for the driver wanted for this deadly hit and run. plus a gaff on the campaign trail for donald trump strange comments he made last night in pittsburgh that has his campaign clarifying. >> what cap i say, i am will's out. >> indeed, kobe bryant walks off basketball court within more time with the story bookending. we will have the record he smashed in his epic farewell. >> today is thursday april 14th, good morning, i'm jim done ran. good morning, i'm brook thomas.
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we will have more on kobe's incredible night but first katie and meisha a are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> yes, roadways are looking good. we have overnight construction but it is getting cleaned out of the way quickly. >> as the hint for any wet weather no matter how many days. we have gorgeous conditions coming our way, guys for the licensing hall. it is still looking, so, so lovely. it is chilly. don't get me wrong. we will take a live will from the live neighborhood network. facing a different direction then we typically do. this is our palmyra cove nature shot. we have the bridge off to the side, to see the traffic moving a licensing there quietly. of course, meisha with your traffic in a minute here but it is totally clear. we will battle sun glare once that sun comes up in an hour and change, but, once you see the sun it will be here all day long. not a hint of cloud cover. storm scan is nice and quiet and reflect ago this very well. forty-two is current temperature at the airport, very calm wind, that is allowing maybe some frost or freeze to develop in the outlinbu


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