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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  April 14, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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well, left for dead in the middle of the road, right now police are looking for the driver who hit a motorcyclist and dragged him down the street and then took off. the one, big clue detectives have, in the deadly hit and run investigation. good morning i'm brook thomas. i'm jim donovan. if you are just waking up here's what you need to know today in the morning minute. >> witnesses saw victim's body underneath the vehicle as vehicle continued to operate. >> philadelphia a police tracked down a striking vehicle and now they are searching for the driver of a person who they say likely knows they struck someone. >> new day in pennsylvania. marijuana a is medicine and coming to pennsylvania. >> reporter: with the vote of the 149-46, pennsylvania house of representatives, approved a medical mar yawn a bill. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off tonight for the last debate before the insuring primary.
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>> on the republican side, ted cruz is building support for a contested convention. last night he blasted donald trump on his campaign tactics. >> donald and his team, it is almost like they are subjects in a clinical course of psychology. >> put your hand together for kobe bryant. >> night belonged to basketball star kobe bryant who ended one of the most successful careers in nba history. >> number 73. the greatest regular season in nba history now belongs to the 2016 golden state warriors. big night in basketball, all over, last night, what a night, in the nba. pat gallen will have more on a pretty historic night coming back. >> but first katie is outside with the weather on the sky deck. how does it look right now, katie. >> not bad at all, it the will look that way for the seven day forecast but for now it is
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cool enough that you want to have layers ready to go, sweat shirt, fleece and out walking door or heading to the gym before you head to to work here today but it is nice and clear. no wet weather required for days, my friend, looking at storm scan three, it is tranquil, with that said there is a hiccup, we have a couple of freeze warnings and frost advisories, through all have of the outlining suburbs. if you look closely enough philadelphia is not included. it is just warm enough to not meet the criteria for advisory or warning but regardless it is still cool out here. we are looking at wall to wall sunshine all day long. now temperatures, they are eventually rebound in the lower 60's but with the modest breeze and it will feel comfortable to you walking out the door. but coming up, again, next couple of days that unshinies set to stick. so cool mornings to go with it the but every day gets gradually warmer and warmer, and warmer. so to the point that the weekend looks pretty much phenomenal. eventually this does have to draw to a close. i will tell you what the warmest day will be of the
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seven day forecast and also, where we drop off on the thermometer, from that point, that is coming up late are, meisha. >> thanks, good morning to you everyone. happy thursday. burlington bristol bridge is opened. hard to see as it is coming back down but went up just before scheduled time of 5:25 and wait for that to come back down. this is the schuylkill. headlights moving in the eastbound direction at belmont avenue. plenty of early risers jumping on the interstates and freeways. just make net of this as we are watching these camera shots it the is heating up a bit. vine street everything moving in the westbound direction. you can see, we are starting to slowly pick things up. this is what we can expect around 5:30. we will see it increase as we push more toward 6:00 and in the 6:00 o'clock hour. right now vine looking good in the west and eastbound direction. construction here has been cleared. pennsylvania turnpike westbound we were also dealing with the eastbound side. we were dealing with that yesterday. same thing here on eastbound side between morgan town and valley forge. that the has all been cleared. great news for those thinking
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to head out to the the pennsylvania turnpike. we he know yesterday it got busy on there another area cleared is kelly drive all clear. they are doing that repaving. i will let you know fit persists but we are dealing witt yesterday and stay with it again today, that is all cleared here between sedgley drive and brewery hill drive, jim, back over to you. >> thanks, very much, meisha. right now philadelphia police are looking for the driver wanted for a deadly hit and run in port richmond. >> investigators have found the suv involved in the crash. police tell us a man, was riding his scooter near aramingo and lehigh last night when the driver of the pontiac suv made a right turn on lehigh valley crashing in the man. eyewitnesses saw the 35 year-old man being dragged for about 200 feet and they gave police, a detailed description of that suv. >> it was positively identified. now although it was parked unattended police believe they necessity where the registered owner, lives. >> reporter: the the victim died at the hospital a short time later. in the meantime investigators
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are dusting the suv for fingerprints and checking it the for dna evidence. 45,000 unionized verizon workers are on strike in our area and east coast important second straight day. land line and cable employees walk off the job yesterday morning. they have been without a contract since august. they say that their main sticking point is job security. verizon is using none in union staff in place of the striking workers and a it is unclear when both side will head back to the bargaining table. this time now is 5:35. in business news this morning, whole new variety of spam. >> and money watch's jill wagner, joins us live from the new york stock exchange. >> good morning. >> good morning. markets open up at highest level of the year. dow jones 187 points yesterday, and nasdaq jumped 75. bank stocks led the rally before the sale, jp minister again chase recorded earnings that were better than expected. ceo jamie diamond says american consumer is still
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strong, companies have plenty of cash. today we will hear from wells fargo. well, go pro stocks, jumped 20 e company hired a veteran designer, away from apple. samuel costa work at apple for 20 years. he helped design the iphone four and ipad wireless keyboard. food coast craving more natural foods and new even spam, yes, spam, is following suit. they say they will use simple more famine greed consequence in the recipe for spam light and spam less sodium. reza assured the classic variety will not change. brook and jim? >> i had spam once, was in the a fan. >> i looked it, when i was a kid my grand pop used to slice it, fry it. >> i will in the try that anymore. >> huge delicacy in hawaii good we will get to hawaii. i will have spam in hawaii. thanks very much, brook. >> all right. one thing to talk about this morning the spectacular end to kobe bryant's hall of
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fame basketball career. >> pat gallen is here with the closer look at kobe's epic farewell. good morning, patrick. >> reporter: good morning, guys. sixers, they lose but it was all about kobe and warriors. kobe bryant has seen it all in his years of 20 years in the nb a a. we have basically seen him do it all 56789 championship with the lakers. eighteen all-star games. eighty-one points in the game, public feud with his teammates and much more. as his career came to a close last night, he added to the legend. kobe was putting on a vintage show and by half time, he had 22 points, and a three there. but second half is when kobe, just takes over the game, completely. here he is, taking it to the hole for two more. the and it the is 37 at the end of the three quarter. but here is your finish. kobe bryant with the pull up jumper. he scored more points last night then anybody else in the the nba last season. he poured in 60 points. the sixth time he has done tonight his career. pretty much an ending made for
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hollywood. incredible finally for kobe to ride off in the sunset. >> a perfect ending would have been a championship. but, tonight, i was just trying to go out, playing hard and try to put on a show as much as i possibly could. so, good to be able to do that within last time. >> we thought stars wouldn't show up for kobe's last game. there is snoop, arsenio, there is kobe's family hanging out. jack in the house, in his court side seats. you know how it goes. they turnout for big games. this is biggest of a all. from one historic ending to another golden state warriors were shooting for win number 73 and that is what step cure would i do is shoot them to history. in the third quarter, and this guy is not amazing to watch? just a delivery. that was his 400th3 of the season. he holds previous record
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2863's last year. he had ten on the night. he had 46 points. that is win number 73. one more then the record held by michael jordan led bulls, now weak see if curry can lead golden state to the second consecutive title and what a historic night, one innings isers fans are looking at with jealousy. bun facts, steve kerr was part of that 95/96 bulls team that won 72 games. he has been a part of history with both. the pretty impressive stuff there, guys. >> yes, that was something. >> you wake up late at night to come to work. that is not even early in the morning. >> yes, but kobe's last official nba play was an a cyst so he does pass the ball. >> barely, he shot 50 times last night. >> i will watch it on my dvr. thanks, pat. historic hire in delaware county, meet the new top cop breaking barriers. also a simple act of kindness goes viral. the generous move by a young girl to stop a stranger from being bullied.
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plus... >> ♪ >> we cannot get enough of car pool karaoke, we will let you know who will be the next singer taking a ride with james corden, stay with us. this ii got to see my dad, die on national tv.
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they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. ♪ ♪ ♪
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we have a historic hire in delaware county. >> darby township's new police chief starts today, regina price is first african-american female police chief to lead a police department in the county. she brings, 30 years of law enforcement experience from her native florida. she retired as a major in january, before landing her new job. >> i'm very proud to be a part of the darby township now. i'm so pleased i was selected as the chief of police. >> we're celebrating obviously the fact that she's the first woman of color but i don't want it to be lost on the fact that you were pick because you were excellent. >> chief price plans to improve relationship between the department, and the community. >> but first, she's concentrating on the 22 police officers under her command. now to an update on the zika a virus u.s. health officials say is there
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officially enough evidence to show that the virus causes birth defects. >> since last year doctors in brazil have been linking zika infections to pregnant woman to a rise new borns with the condition called micro civilly that causes unusually, small, skulls, and, sexual contact. researchers say that they are just at the beginning, learning about the dangers of this virus. >> typically we will find out about the tip of the iceberg first and then we will learn more, sometimes it takes years to understand the full spectrum. >> so far, we have only seen a handful of travel related zika cases in the delaware valley. u.s. officials have been urging pregnant with man to avoid travel to zika a stricken region in central rally with and south america. >> we will see more mosquitoes around here as weather starts to warm up. >> katie, how does weather look today. >> fantastic, guys. another chilly morning. the don't get me wrong. we are looking ahead to the fantastic weather again today and for well beyond this point.
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lets go out to the eyewitness weather watcher network at this point. many folks, reporting, freezing levels right now, there are a couple choice spots where we don't have have that, for example, in philadelphia, still reports in the chestnut hill section he has nice clear sky at this point. looking ahead to another beautiful spring day work his smilely emoji. we love. that further up north it is a tad mild inner yardley under clear skies, we normally of 38 . not bad. he basically echoes same sentiment looking ahead to a really nice day. there are some spots, where, from margot, she's in, more than southern interior sections, and, again, and, that area once more but it is cold, clear, a and very calm, no wind, as we do have some frost advisory, ahead or freeze warnings in effect this morning, except for the city of philadelphia looking at storm scan, here's is what up. we have got a nice large dome of high pressure which is basically, anchored, right
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about this point. the key to wet weather off to the south. we have clockwise of low pressure around the northern hemisphere. even though this is trying to move north, this, is blocking. so we are basically in the no rain zone, for many, many days to got here. that will bode well if you have outdoor plans. so today, tomorrow, looking ahead, to friday, and well into the upcoming weekend we will keep these temperatures on the uphill climb, a couple extra degrees, adding on every single day. by the time we get sunday we should crack 70's once more. keep in mind too at this time of the year that april sunshine is a stronger sun angle. it will feel a little warmer then thermometer read on days like this it may feel like it the is in the 80's by the time we hit monday. that is where we will peak. then a whimpy front comes along and knocks temperatures back but it is not looking like a major player in terms of the any wet weather but we will let you know. it is far out along the way here. meanwhile, guys, we tomorrow will have our next in studio weather watcher in house with
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us, lynn springer will be joining us here, and helping us produce the weather, in the morning. so, we, of course, are always looking for more eyewitness weather watchers and you you can sign up and maybe join us here in the the studio one day. cbs meisha, over to you. >> that sound like so much fun. katie, thank you so much. good morning everyone. headlights moving in the southbound direction, this is past the betsy ross bridge. so for those of you at home thinking of heading on interest stat i-95 anytime soon thinks what you are looking at. looking okay. now they are slowly starting to build. we can expect that especially, increased moving in the 6:00 o'clock hour. things are looking darn good. blue route headlights are moving in the north bound direction, a preaching route one, you can see just a stream of headlights out there. a lot of taillights also. so, headlights north bound, but also the southbound side heating up as well. burlington bristol bridge is back down and opened, to traffic, you can see vehicles driving by now. that is good for those taking the burlington bristol bridge. boulevard headlights moving in
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the southbound direction a at fox street you can see it looks nice outside, i mean really nice, especially because we are starting to see the light coming up, lot of early risers out there but everyone traveling at 55 miles an hour which is where i want to be at this time. phillies are playing padres today at 1:05. make note of that. and also, mass transit, you are looking a okay. for those taking a flight to the airport you're looking good there as well. jim and brook, back to you. got to tell you, hollywood is coming to wildwood. that is where philly is going on for i new movie called, wetlands. it stars, heather graham, and christopher mcdonald. the crew was, converted, they converted an empty storefront into a surf shop for filming. the location manager has a big plus for you. >> it is about a cop who is getting his life back to go. his ex-wife and daughter
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moved to the shore. this he were the in the surf shop that we created here in wildwood, and he wants to get back with his loved ones. >> look for wetlands in theaters, next year. james corden just dropped a big hint about the next sing tore take a ride with him for car pool karaoke. cord inn join instagram and this was his first picture. he got a lift to work with celine gomez. you know what that means? they will be inning ising gomez greatest hits on car pool karaoke. in word when we will get to see it, but you can catch the hilarious, late, late show with james corden every week night at 12:37 here on cbs-3. listen up, philly, it is up to us to defend the food reputation. u.s.a. today is running poll about best cheese stake in pennsylvania but get this a philly cheese stake isn't even winning. the groove, cheese stake company in pittsburgh is in the lead right now. really?
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we cannot let pittsburgh win. here are the local cheese steaks in the running, dell sandra is number two filled by jim's. the right now, steve's is fifth, and the cheese steaks at john's roast porkies sixth. pat's and geno's are further down the list. >> what? >> so, vote right now. >> okay. >> when was this a a popularity contest. >> it is a philly cheese steaks, in the pittsburgh cheese steaks. >> we will go vote. >> yes. >> go vote. >> all right. police officer takes the internet by storm. >> you have to see what he did have have after forget to go turn off his body camera, that is going viral up next.
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a kentucky girl is praised for her kindness. >> she saw a young boy, being bullied, and herself less a act of capturing many hearts. mess days shailene hampton is outside shooting hoops with friend. her matter described her as town boy and sneaker head. when she saw a little boy being teased about his worn sneakers, she gave him a pair of hers, a brand new pair of lebrons that cost $200. >> she had shoes and she said
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what are you doing. they are making fun of the boy outside and he has holes in his shoes. >> i felt bad. when i was little, when i was his age i got made fun of. i didn't like that. so, to stop that feeling for someone else, and gave him my shoes. >> her mother posted video on line to show there is still kindness left in the world. sunday, shailene turned 13. and as you can probably guess, she got a brand new pair of sneakers. >> ahh. >> $200 sneakers, i don't have $200 sneakers. >> now that little boy does. >> police body cameras captured things like traffic stops or arrests. >> but for a rookie cop in texas his body cam caught a impromptu concert. >> ♪ >> voice is singing adele hello is officer ryan johnson who forgot to turn off his
5:55 am
camera after a call and captured four hearst of his day. officer johnson blames the singing on his commute. >> forty minute commute, you get real board doing that twice a a day, especially late at night. so, i keep myself awake and entertained. >> officer ryan's co-workers at grand saline texas police department kindly released this video on line. more than 100,000 people have now vowed it. >> that is great. >> always nice to have good co-workers share your embarrassment. >> yes. >> share it with the entire world. >> exactly. all right. before you head outside to the door here are three things to necessity today, it is three to go. >> philadelphia police are looking for the driver who is wanted for deadly hit and run in port richmond. they did find suv that hit and killed a motorcyclist but the driver is still missing. flares start quest for the stanley cup tonight in washington. game one with the capitols starts at 7:00. hippos at philadelphia zoo make their spring debut, cindy and una will splash around in
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their outdoor pool for the the first time this season and that is three to go. >> and coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a a food truck pop up event happening to today and it is all for a good cause. we will tell you when, and where. we have three extra days to file our tax these year but you should not put it off any longer. we have last minute tax tips coming up.
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narendorsed katie mcgintyent obama afor us senate? nt biden because she's a "champion for working families." katie mcginty will take on the republicans and protect social security and medicare. and mcginty will work for equal pay for women - because families depend on it. for the april 26th democratic primary, president obama supports katie mcginty. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn to get ahead.
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developing at this hour, philadelphia police are looking for a hit and run driver, who dragged a man on his motor psyched toll death. we are live with the clue police fun on the scene. plus... a battle in brooklyn, democratic presidential hopefuls prepare for what could be a high steaks debate in new york tonight. i'm don champion at the cbs broadcast center with the the latest from the campaign trail coming up. and what a night for lower merion's own kobe bryant, kobe made history last night as he took his final shots as an l.a. laker, story bookend to go a 20 year career.
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>> today is thursday april 14th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm's brook thomas. some parts of the area under a freeze warning and katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things. >> yeah, good morning. it isn't affecting the roads too much right now. they are looking good, katie. >> when you are dealing with the frost and freeze warnings, it effects vegetation thaw are worried about. maybe your easter lilies managed to survive an entire month. well done, i'm impressed but it is chilly out there. 36 degrees in middletown ship high school. we will go out live to the neighborhood network. look at that beautiful day. beautiful colors strewn across the horizon there. such a is in looking start to the morning. that is the key. it looks lovely but you walk outside and want to have that extra layer ready to go. have a fleece, sweat shirt ready because you want to dress in layers. storm scan, erget plenty of sunshine on tap. warmest spot is at the a airport right now, everyone


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