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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 17, 2016 5:05am-6:01am EDT

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says he's walking away from gwen's bankroll. by california law, he's entitled to half of all of it, but he isn't pushing for it. he won't be left out in the cold, her ex is reportedly worth $35 million on his own. and look left, that's orlando's jacket on this chilly lady, ah. >> you can bet we have more couples news with miley cyrus and liam hemsworth. but what does chris hemsworth know? and the couple who got eliminated, marla maples and tony dovolani. it was supposed to be one of the most magical nights on the dance
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floor, but not if you were marla. your reaction was my reaction back stage. >> every part of me doesn't understand this part. >> the judges called monday's performance one of their best, so it was a shock to see marla and her partner tony dovolani go home, but marla had some support. her daughter with the donald, tiffany, was in the audience. tops was ginger zee. >> i tried to look cool with ripped jeans, and i realized i had old lady compression socks on. >> nobody should get too comfortable. next week is switch-up week. they are switching pro partners. that could be good news for some
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and bad news for others. >> can you imagine getting the news? oh, man! let's talk about two stars who really have formed an alliance, gwyneth paltrow and drew bear earrymorbarrymore. they are part of the single mom's club. >> people are loving that are you able to co-parent and be a family and va case ascation as . what's advice that you have? especially for close girlfriends? >> it's really an exercise in letting go and forgiving and embracing what's wonderful about the person and what you felt in love with in the first place, and, it is the romantic part and still have the familial relationship. >> gwyneth knows what it's like to be a single mom.
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it's been over a year since her conscious uncoupling with chris martin. now she's sharing in her new cookbook "it's all easy." >> my kids are pretty good. at home i try to keep the pantry pretty clean, but when we're out in the world, it's all oreos and cheez-its, and stuff like that, unfortunately. >> we are all relieved. who isn't fond of oreos. a lot of people are surprised that you do not own a microwave? >> no, i do not believe in microwaves. i believe in old-fashioned ways of heating things up. >> she is good friends withdrew barrymo barrymore. drew did this cover shoot before her breakup went public. she says she'll never let her two girls become child actors like she was. no showbiz for them until think
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turn 18. but right now she's trying to keep them out of her makeup. >> i have ruined carpet like you can't believe. like the entire room has mascara and eye shadow powder. she gets into everything. the nail polish. >> monday, drew teared up. >> i thought about getting ready to have my own children. it was team to start learning and investing in what it would mean to become a loving mother, and i knew i was ready. >> and then at an aspca event, drew told us who's helping her get through things. >> there's a reason people cling to their pets, know what i'm saying? >> we are with a-list stars, jennifer aniston, julia roberts. >> love it. plus, we talk to precocious
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with olay you age less, so you're ageless. olay. ageless. the family-friendly movie "the jungle book" is out this weekend. and there is one who is not computer generated. i'm talking about the young man playing mobley. >> he's 12, and this is his first time acting. can you imagine getting the call for that job? "e.t." online talked to his direct are about that moment that neil found out that he landed that coveted role. >> what was your reaction when you found out you got the part? >> i like jumped. i was swinging, it was crazy. >> getting into character? >> it was amazing. the producer called, and we were just so happy. and we went to get my favorite
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food. >> what's that? >> lobster ravioli. >> the newcomer's imagination is put to the test as mowingly, because nothing about that set is real. >> i wasn't acting by myself. all the crew was there, everybody was supporting me. and there were puppets there that helped me. >> you want a bite? >> some classic scenes from the '67 feature are re-imagined, like this frightening tiger attack, but watch how the director puts the scare into neil. and whenever neil needed his energy boost, they didn't feed him sugar. they fed him bruno mars. >> we always had it ready, so if he ever was running out of energy, we blast "uptown funk ".
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and he would dance and get back into the scene. >> cut, yay, we got it. >> it is expected to be number one this wind, taking in upwards $75 million. yeah, and it already partially opened overseas last week, and disney's already talking sequel. i'm thinking the music. >> is it too scary to take your kids? 5 and 8? >> i think so. >> some people are saying that. but john fauf rose promises it's okay for all. maddie sigler, she's so good, she's now judging others. ♪ >> she's just 13 years old, but this tiny dancer is making some big money. ♪
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reportedly worth $2 million, maddie's been in four music videos. who could forget her in that cage with shia labeouf. and with meghan trainor and model gigi hadid. >> after this season, she's not going to be on anymore. >> she left dance moms to be a judge on "so you think you can dance, the next generation." >> i'm not the one competing. i'm the one giving feedback to kids. i'll just be hodge ehonest and them my feedback in an honest way. >> she'll sit beside paula abdul, and get this, she actually auditioned for a part on paula's show in 2010, she was 8. >> i met her when i was little.
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and she's so sweet. i think i'm taller than she is, which is great, because i love being tall. >> there's always someone taller trying to steal your thunder. up next, chris evans, talking about female body part turns him on the most. i'm just sayin', and she's butting hides with carly steel? >> you are the enemy. >> and then miley and liam, back together. what liam's brother chris tells us as he sneak into his premiere. >> everybody's talking about the lunc
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he could install your ceiling fan.ce said he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea.
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but we begin with his captain america civil war co-star and their big premiere. >> oh! i see the world through your golden lens. >> yeah, here's a surprise. he's actually a little nervous on the red carpet last tuesday. >> when you see fans come out, you see how enthusiastic people are, and you're kind of shaking in your boots about it. >> you're not shaking. >> it's debatable. >> really? >> it's nerve-wracking. >> he had a day of reckoning in "captain america civil war". there's a divide, and let's just say that super mp and captain america don't play nice together. >> who is in the squad in real life? >> downey is my entire squad. >> we love that, especially after this date night he posted before the big night. speaking of squads, we know
5:20 am
sebastian's in there. >> he's going to get arrested, because he's killing all the ladies. >> why don't i just lit you into the interview. >> okay. what are you wearing tonight? i like that? >> what would people be surprised to hear? >> he has the incredible skill of making the best baths fun baths. >> okay. we didn't see that coming or this. >> that's not weird. >> that's attractive. >> that would be a real pause on a computer screen. it would look really good. >> you would never do that. >> we'll just move right along to this. >> when you read the scripts, and it's like extreme close up of chris evans' guns. >> it said zoom in on the
5:21 am
biceps. >> you're like, oh, great, now i've got to hit the gym even more. >> you try to get as fit as you can by the time you start, and i actually messed up my arm doing it. >> all the guys are feeling really sad. but he was asked what was his favorite female body part? >> i'm way, way, way more an ass man. but you understand we're doing a pod cast in the living room, and you know how to cherry pick those lines and blast them on the headlines. >> i had nothing. >> you are the enemy. >> run forever and the internet doesn't die. i keep jamming my foot in my mouth. don't you worry. >> of course chris is a bachelor with no kids, but a lot of the fathers in captain america's civil war have to be among the coolest dads ever. >> what do your kids think about you being a super hero?
5:22 am
>> my daughter who is 6 talks about it a lot and draws pictures of "ant-man." >> at the end of the day when i took it off, she threw her first tantrum. i want purple daddy! >> that's what daddy does. >> and it's quite a big check. this is the third captain america film, so they've grossed just over $1 billion worldwide, but the avengers franchise is like $2.9 billion over two movies. >> that's incredible. speaking of avengers, thor, chris hemsworth is starring in another franchise. this time it's "the huntsman". and kevin frasier sat down with the cast, but first, check out all the stars at their big l.a. premiere.
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♪ >> you look at how your life has changed and how much more fulfilling it is with your children. >> they're really little gems. they really are. they're amazing. >> i got to get you go, but maybe more? >> oh, god. oh, my god. >> so that's called sneaking in, do you want more bobabies question? we were bound to get some big news like what was really going on with miley and liam. >> everybody buzzing today about the lunch that you had with your brother and miley. what were you celebrating? >> just hanging out, mate. we're not in the same country that often. and so we all get together and hang out when we can. >> miley and liam did sneak into chris's premiere. while charlize and company promote the huntsman which opens april 22nd, she's joined the
5:24 am
cast with chris's wife elsa. he's part of the team, she's the bad guy. >> will you shake her head? what will you do? >> i'm going to have to like do something really ekts treatment. definitely try to do something cool, because the movie deserves that. >> meanwhile, emly blunt turned this into super chic maternity wear. >> i'm sitting down, so that's always best. >> you make it look so good. >> of course emily is expecting baby number two. but how is their 2-year-old hazel handling the new arrival? >> she doesn't understand there's a baby in there. it makes no sense to her i'm sure. it makes no sense to me. that's problematic. >> you should probably figure that out.
5:25 am
>> there's a baby in there. >> as for charlize, she adopted her second child august last summer, so it's big brother jackson who's adjusting. >> he was sick about it. he's like, it has to be a sister, mom. it has to be a sister. and i was like that's not really how it works. and when we got the good news it was a little girl he was really happy, and then he went, can i now have a brother? >> has there been a moment, when he's like, whoa, whoa, whoa? >> no. there's a love, i was telling emily, it's like one of the most beautiful things i've ever witnessed. i try to get a smile out of her face, he walks into the room, and he's like, he can put a smile on her face like nobody's business. >> they're just, i can't talk about this stuff, like i can't. i can't talk about it. i'm being stupid. i can't talk about it. >> prepare yourself. >> all the kids were regulars on
5:26 am
the set of the huntsman. their kids watched jessica chastain in action. >> the oddest thing about my daughter watching characters like this where they can lead armies, i think, oh, great, that's what i want her to think is possible, not be rescued by the prince. >> she saves him a lot of times. >> she does, doesn't she? >> that's because chris built into that. some guys aren't cool like that, right? >> yeah, sure. thank you. >> what about those steamy love scenes? and how does it feel when your significant other is watching them? >> here it comes, here it comes. >> a hundred people. >> seriously, between the costume the and hair and make up, i want to see it for that. but if is a great date-night
5:27 am
movie. it has the action. it's a drama. and, i mean, come on, that cast, not bad to look at. >> they're not very attractive. >> no! >> what are you talking about? on the way, we are with julia roberts and jennifer aniston. hear what jen told us about how her marriage changed her life. have you reached that point in your life -- >> and which co-star has a huge crush on her. stick around. closed captioning provided by
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and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i accept i don't have to set records. but i'm still going for my personal best. and for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. if are' just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number five, taylor covers "vogue." >> we love the way she looks, a rock and roll chick. >> nearly $13,000. number four, amy schumer takes on the latest body image controversy. >> so those of you who don't
5:31 am
know who i am, i'm a famous plus-sized model. >> not even 12 seconds into her silt-down, she says my body's not perfect, and i'm totally okay with that. >> we don't need these labels. we don't need them. number three, celebs where will smith talks his movie "suicide squad." >> what does jada think of your costume? >> she thought it was pretty hot. i went with the shug knight look. number two, lamar odum speaks. during kobe bryant's final game with the lakers, khloe kardashian's estranged husband was remarkably upbeat, considering six months ago he was found near death in a nevada brothel. >> are you okay with that? >> we talk. >> mm-hm.
5:32 am
>> everything is under discussion. and the number one story this week? >> brian austin green putting the divorce on hold? sure looks like it. one day after fox revealed she was expecting, megan and brian were out together. go to "e.t." online for the latest. i would have been here on time if my ex-husband hadn't married a tween or if my mother mobile hadn't stalled out on the freeway. >> that is "mother's day." what a great cast. jennifer aniston, jason sudeikis. and they unintentionally overshared in this interview. >> it all started when they talked about whether olivia wilde was ready for another child. >> never in my life have i had more sex in my life than when my wife was with child.
5:33 am
>> i've never met your wife. >> i assume it would be great. great lady. you seem to be a great guy every time i've hung out with you. >> a lot of information. >> a lot of information. a good answer. >> are you ready for more? >> yeah, again, i think a lot of it has to be being with the right person, and i think we did a humdinger of a job on the one we' got. >> now that jen and justin finally tied the knot, i was curious where she stands on motherhood. >> we come to this point where i'm at peace with my life. i'm happy. >> yeah. i'm very peaceful. i feel very peaceful. i think that every day, wake up and feel very lucky, feel very fortunate, i got a good one. i got a sweet, kind man. >> talented, though.
5:34 am
that's annoying for other guys. he looks good and is good at what he does, but you deserve it. >> in the film, jen plays a single mother coming to terms with divorce and dating. >> two sons. >> nice meeting you, sandy with two sons. >> you guys have done 107 movies together. >> not all of them are released. we've only released five. >> who's carrying who? who signs the teal firdeal firse time? jason is obviously a fan, but jen seems to have that her the co-stars. jake gyllenhaal said he had a huge crush on you. >> what good is that to me now? >> and it was short shorts, check, husband left at home, check. julia and jen were totally twinning. julia kept things light.
5:35 am
and jen was in a black armani blazer, revealing she was star struck when shooting the film. >> congratulations. >> i'm not a contest winner. >> is it true even though you've known julia roberts forever, you were intimidated? >> it's julia roberts! my gosh, it's a different thing when you get to work with them and you do what you both do together. even flubs in the first few takes and called her julia. >> at the end of the movie, they show the outtakes, and you do do that. >> kate hudson also co-stars. she made time to snapchat her love for the director. >> an absolute gem, and he talks like this! >> she's not the only one gushing about gary. julia has been with him since "pretty woman." >> i've never thought twice when gary ask me to do something.
5:36 am
>> there's a good reason why they are show good together. they've made five films together. "mother's day", "we're the millers" >> they've got great comedy together. like abbott and costello. a look at game"game of thr." >> plus on the set of "the good wife." with julianna margulies last scenes ever. >> hear the things she is begging to take with her. >> that's next. but first. ♪ we think shawn hook is an artist you should know. the canadian is finding success in the u.s. and climbing the charts with this "song of your heart." >> the song is about someone you took for granted and you didn't realize it at the time.
5:37 am
i feel like that quality is something that people relate to, and thankfully they are, and it's on the radio. ♪ you are my courage >> now spending much of his time in los angeles, we love that shawn says what he misses most about home is mom and dad. >> they really support me. and they're the
5:38 am
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fans cannot get enough of game "game of thrones." we have the stars and the new scenes to help you figure it out. >> this season is shocking. >> there's so much and so little that i can actually say. >> so little because it has been clouded in secrecy. even most of the cast haven't seen the premiere before stepping out on the carpet. a new trailer came out this week, and it's the most adrenali adrenaline-pumping ever released. >> we do to our enemies. >> and check out this new scene of santa on the run. ♪ >> speaking of santa. she was queen of the premiere
5:41 am
red carpet. >> how hot does she look tonight? >> sophie turner stunned in a stella mccartney gown, and the hair. that crown is truly regal. >> how do you know this? >> that's what i do. >> the last time we saw amelia, she was taken captive. and no stranger to stripping down, this mother of drag says she wants more male nudity on the show. >> oh, yeah. >> who's at the top of that list for you? >> i mean, there's so many choices. >> so many attractive men. >> there's a lot to choose from. >> i get it. you have to balance it out. i'm sure a lot of our viewers aren't arguing with you. this week, wife" is
5:42 am
back for the season finale. >> and julianna margulies was there for seven seasons, there's a lot to sort out. how is it all going to end? we talk to the cast. >> the luxury of television to be able to peel off those layers. >> and to peel off those clothes. >> it's been fun. i'm not going to lie. it's been fun to see alisha let loose and allow herself to be sexual in a way that she never was before. >> you should come right out and kiss me. >> he, you know, i mean, i'm a lucky girl. we have a lot of fun. >> she's a great partner in crime, and many a i'm a very l. >> did you eat? >> no. >> but what are those sexy scenes really like? >> to shoot them is just a real pain in the rear. there's nothing sexy about
5:43 am
having 60 of your closest crew member co-workers telling you where to place your junk. >> there are some major surprises, which i've kept mum about. i haven't told a soul, not even my cast mates. >> julianna isn't keeping any secrets about the souvenir she plans to take with her after seven years on set. >> alisha's office chair is a little piece of heaven. that's something i've begged to buy. they said do you want your heels? i said no, i want to be in birkenstocks. my calves changed sizes. >> she's going to take the picture of hillary clinton. she was photo shopped into it. she thinks it would be a cool memento, especially if we see hillary return to the white house. still to come, chris hemsworth, we are on the
5:44 am
location of the new ghost busters. >> i can carry kate. >> and on the road with thelma and louise, 25 years later. >> cheat around and -- >> our look back with the stars on set. >> that is ahead, but first, this weekend in the entertainment tonight birthdays, which buyers club star entered college as a chemistry major before acting? which is olay total effects a skin transformation that rivals the leading department store moisturizer. revives skin to fight 7 signs of aging. with olay, you age less, so you can be ageless. olay. ageless.
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some good news for melissa mccarthy, the boss was the boss at the box office last weekend. taking down batman versus superman, and that's a hard thing to do. >> melissa ain't afraid of no ghosts. kevin frasier was on the set with melissa and her hilarious cast. ♪ >> you're like kickin' people's butts. what has the physicality been like? >> intense. >> i was a size 16 when i got here. i'm a size 9 now. ♪ who are you going to call >> i'll take a jumpsuit anyway i
5:48 am
can get it. >> pinched at the waist and comfortable enough to do this? >> the only thing different about this from my daily wardrobe is that there's no cat hair on it. >> action! >> this is episode one, the vehicle that the ladies will use to chase ghosts in. the original xlstarted life as an ambulance. this one started life as a hearse. how cool is the car and how heavy are the damn backpacks? >> super cool. i can carry kate easier than i can carry the packs. >> go ahead. >> wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. pack? take it out of me. >> remember annie potts, the nerdy assistant in the original? this time it's chris hemsworth. >> that's the funny guy that's
5:49 am
been swinging a hammer. he's really funny, freakishly good. >> these ghosts can possess the human form. >> are they ready for a whole new batch of plas mick goo? it's warm. i was let in on a little secret. >> everybody wants to be slimed. it's hard to be deslimed. >> they did a very cool thing, they visited a local hospital. >> we were in the base camp and looked up and saw these huge signs and each letter this big and it said "who are you going to call." and we're like, we're going. >> with the packs and ran in. we heard there were some ghosts here. scared them. ♪ who you going to call
5:50 am
>> is there going to be a theme? >> she plays the it's the pickle owe. [ laughter ] ♪ do, do, do, do, ♪ who you going to call >> i love to see that. they have so much fun crackin' up on the set. such a funny cast. i don't even know how they kept a straight face while trying to deliver their lanes. they must have been having a blast. >> much like you, and i can't get through the show. if you want to talk girl power, look no further than geena davis and susan sarandon in "thelma and louise."
5:51 am
25 years ago, that film hit theaters, and it was a game changer for hollywood and all over the world. it was nominated for six oscars, and stars are reuniting for the anniversary. so we opened the "e.t." vault, because we've been with thelma and louise for the whole wild ride. >> woo! ha-ha! >> road trip. in a '66 t-bird, taking a trip from their daily lives. >> in the real world, you want to speed around. >> now reuniting with their ride in times square and reenacting their famous selfie. back then ahead of their time. >> the polaroid, that wasn't in the script. i just thought that would make a lot of albums to keep her life to the. >> the reunion is just around the corner from the world premiere we covered in 1991.
5:52 am
>> it's not really a buddy film. it's a little bit bigger than that. >> i think it's a movie about a journey of women finding their strength, taking responsibility for their lives. >> as attending, 27-year-old brad pitt who was paid only $6,000 for the career that launched his career. on the set, we witnessed the director craft the scene where thelma and louise take their revenge on a trucker. >> you have really bad manners. >> i don't think so. >> i don't know what i did. >> as for the t-bird? we all know what happens in the end. they used three cars for this
5:53 am
scene, five total in the scene. >> one went over the side, and two went to get returned. >> the film was a surprise hit and became a girl-power classic. >> where'd you get this? >> stole it. >> the whole point is to not settle. >> if the heroines survived, where would they be today? >> in prison? in mexico. >> we found out this week that louise is getting another grandchild. susan sarandon's daughter is expecting her second child, congratulations. and this one is a boy. seriously, what an adorable way to announce this. >> as for geena, she's taking place in a festival in
5:54 am
5:55 am
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travel considerations provided by look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. jon cryer is 51.
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victoria beckham, 42. which dallas buyers club starred as a chemistry major before turning to acting? jennifer garner who turns 44. we are with sofia and joe manganiello. monday. for all the late-breaking news, go to "e.t." online. this adolescent party anthem has seen more than 16 million youtube views from this video, and you may remember him from "wolverine". now he's 20 years old and hit number one on billboard's hot club play charts. >> enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone.
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we begin with breaking news, a violent stand-off with application in kensington, and it just ended within the last half hour, but the police investigation is just beginning. >> we are following the latest on this breaking news coming up. >> heart break surrounds a philadelphia neighborhood after four year old girl is shot and killed. coming up what police are saying about the shooting. >> a deadly earthquake overseas. >> this one strikes he can quit or. more frightening images from the moment the powerful earthquake hit. >> well, today is sunday, april 17th, good morning, i i'm rahel solomon. lots of news to follow this morning, first we sends you out to justin drabick with the forecast. >> awesome forecast if you liked yesterday, you'll love today. y


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