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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  April 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> "eyewitness news" at noon begins with the results of major police investigation in delaware county. more than 100 suspected drug dealers are headed behind bars caught up in what authorities call operation spring cleaning. >> good afternoon everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. arrest follow six month investigation into alleged drug sales across one delaware county community. "eyewitness news" reporter tran dough live outside darby
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borough hall where news conference just wrapped up. trang, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, brooke, this investigation started six months ago, as a result of tips from the community. the sweep started 6:00 a.m. police offers remembers still out taking peak up. this was a county-wide effort involving more than 40 local and federal agencies, now, in addition to the 100 plus arrests, officers seized nearly $50,000 in drugs, two handguns and assault rifle. those drugs included crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana and pills. police say mostly street leaf dealers all will face felony sales charges. >> but what they probably should be charged with some sort of homicide or unnatural death, because they are killing our population, from our young, if you look at the pictures, to the middle-aged, to the older people. and it crosses all cultures and all colors. >> and there was one case of mistaken identity where a woman's door was busted down, and her home raided.
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now, police chief robert smythe intends to go to that woman's home and apologize and also re reimburse her for the damage. much more tonight on this story but for now live in darby borough, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". thank up, very much, frank. turning to the weather, in for little bit of rain this afternoon, let's get first look at the forecast with meteorologist, katie fehlinger, live on the cbs-3 skydeck. >> about ready to hit us here on the skydeck, some of you have already gun to see it, however, and it is coming through in pockets, of some steady rain, basically just line, as this latest front lift in. so let me show you what's happening first on storm scan3, where we start first. take a live look here over the last three hour loop anyway. yes, some heavy pockets of rain in here. so delaware basically in it now. across portions of cape may county, cumberland county, salem, also getting in on some light rain at this hour. now we look at some of the area temperatures, not going
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to move all that much at this point. now that the wet weather is here, cloud is stuck, mid 50's, may remain stuck here, but at least going to try to get you to up about 60:00 a.m. some point throughout the day today in philadelphia. mid 50's continue though to be the theme, down at the resort towns, and up in the resort towns, mountains, as well, but everybody can bank on seeing wet weather move through if it hasn't gotten to you yet. now here is the thing there is looks like pattern that will stick for awhile. for the next couple of days, clouds, showers, cool afternoons, chilly nights, there are going to be few breaks along the way. and coming up a bit later in the show i'll tell tell you when the best time to be to schedule outdoor plans since yes, this is looking to be somewhat of unsettled forecast for the long hall, jim, and brooke, we send it back into you. >> breaking news right now, chopper three is live over bristol and k streets in juniata. not far from the juniata golf club where a man is reportedly barricaded in his home, armed
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with a sword. police tasered the man, but managed to pull the taser prongs out and run into the home. no word if anyone is inside that home. but stay with "eyewitness news" for the latest. >> in other news, nine year old boy is in stable condition this noon after he was bitten by a pitbull mix early this morning. chopper three shows the emergency response along the 3200 block of diamond street, in strawberry mansion. police say the boy was waiting for a school bus when the dog bit him on the back. the dog is being held in quarantine for at least the next ten days. investigators haven't found the dog's owner yet. >> chopper three was also over this unattended truck along the 600 block of robbins avenue, about 7:15 this morning. this isn't far from a naval facility in lawncrest section of philadelphia. so, authorities want to know what was going on. they checked it out. driver returned. they've issued the all clear for now. a philadelphia police source tells "eyewitness news", officers stormed the wrong house, taking in innocent family into custody. it happened early yesterday
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morning on the 6300 block of elmwood avenue in southwest philadelphia. officers were investigating report of a home invasion nearby at 52nd and whitaker. after getting a tip call, they check crime cameras, which showed three people entering a residence on elmwood avenue. authorities declared barricade, called swat teams who broke into the home, much to the surprise of the people inside. those residents have now been cleared of any wrong-doing, and we expect the police to offer more details later today. >> vice president biden makes surprise visit to iraq urging leaders there to resolve growing political crisis and refocus on defeating isis. biden was greeted by the us ambassador to iraq, us commander heading the fight against isis when he landed in baghdad. the trip is expected to be briefed, the vice president scheduled to be in the vatican tomorrow for speech on his cancer moon shot project. >> well the secret service wants to make the white house fence taller and stronger. they've come up with a new design after recent spike in attempts by people to climb
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the fence. this new fence would be at least 11 and a half feet tall, would also have anti-climbing features and technology. that detect intruder. >> checking campaign 2016, race for the republic juan nomination has to go through inched ann a craig boswell shows us ted cruz his early announce of the of vice president choice. >> ted cruz and carly fiorina on the road for the first time as runningmates. the two are campaigning in indianna ahead of tuesday's primary. cruz isn't the only candidate with company on the campaign trail. >> you know, normally they come out, they introduce trump. here i'm coming out and i'm going to introduce bobby knight, okay? >> coaching legend bobby knight endorsed drum innocent indianapolis before trump turned his attention to cruz. >> cruz can't win. what is he doing picking vice president snaz. >> cruz would need to win 109% of the remaining delegates to lock up the nomination. >> he is the first presidential candidate in the history of this country whose
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mathematically eliminated from becoming president, who chose a vice presidential candidate. >> cruz's only hope is to stop trump from winning enough delegates before the convention. >> democratic hopeful hillary clinton is taking a break from the campaign trail today. while bernie sanders campaign is facing the reality he's unlikely to win. the campaign laid off about 200 people leaving sanders with about 300 staffers. >> we're going to win here in indianna next tuesday. >> despite the mood, sanders on the trail in indianna ahead of tuesday's primary, and says he's in the race until the end. craig boswell, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well, there is much more to tell but this noon, coming up, how two men spent days clinging to hope in the gulf of mexico. >> and snap chat in legal hot water. we'll show you why a filter on the popular messaging app is at the center
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>> correspondent reports, the claims center around filter that shows speed. >> this image showing crystal magee bleeding from her forehead with the caption lucky to be alive was posted to snap chat. moments after her car collided with an s.u.v. attorneys for the crash victim are suing magee, and snap chat saying the incident wouldn't
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have happened if it had not been for the app speed filter which records how fast the use is her going and shares it with friends. >> student at georgia state know all about it. >> ride bike, or driving, or in the car. >> i don't think it is very safe unless you're not the one in the car that's driving. >> but 18 year old magee was driving. with three friends in the car, along this stretch of highway, outside atlanta. where the speed limit is 45 miles per hour, in a lawsuit filed this week, they say magee was going 107 miles an hour at the moment of the crash. leaving the other driver with permanent brain damage. >> she shouldn't have been texting and driving on the feature t says please don't text and drive. >> lawyers argue the filter encourages dangerous driving. staff chat point out it comes with a on screen warning. writing no snap is more important than safety. we discourage our community from using the speed filth ill while driving. brooke silva brag a, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> and amazing story now, of
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survival, heroism, and luck. >> two men are rescued from the gulf of mexico after two days clinging to oil rigs. the coast guard was able to reach the men by chopper, and a coast guard member swam to them. the men's fishing boat capsized on monday, one man was spotted in the water, on the coast guard chopper's final pass of the area. the coast guard crew says it was a miraculous rescue. >> i just happen to see the guy waiving a shirt at us, on the platform. >> holy coy. >> i don't think i make it another night. glad we found you two. to see them clinging there, waiving to us, most people, you know, can't survive that. >> the men were rushed to a hospital. both are in stable condition, and happy to be back on solid ground. >> lucky. >> i'm telling you the coast guard they have eagle eyes. i mean, the last pass, so fortunately, someone, in a gentleman, caught them. but i mean they do these rescues all the time. i don't know how they do it.
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amazing but their job. >> good job. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news". he was one of the last people to see bobbi kristina brown on the night before she was found clinging to her life, in a her bathtub in january of 2015, just last year. >> ahead a preview of doctor phil fill's exclusive interview with nick gordon. kate? >> jim, we are once again dealing with some rain, it is out there now, it will be out there again tomorrow. and for several other days of our seven day forecast, so, got a lot of weekend plans coming up here, we will walk you through whether the rain will dampen those plans coming up.
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>> welcome back. >> everyone so quiet. >> i didn't bring my umbrella with me, what will this start? >> i'm telling you knocking on the doorstep here at our station headquarters, already out there though for folks in delaware, southern new jersey, yes, it is on the way. >> i'm leaving right now. >> i know. >> go, run, run, run. >> it is going to be a wet afternoon for a lot of people. so yes, walk you through this, gave you a sense how things will shake out. basically the bottom line, you are dealing with wet weather the rest of this afternoon, toward evening, even scattered showers through the overnight as well. going outside, talking temperatures first. i want to take you on little tour of what happened the last couple of days, if you recall it, would be hard to forget the last two days, yesterday not included here, were incredibly warm. we had 86 degrees, on the daytime high on tuesday. and, we ended up with the really strong thunderstorms, then we ended up with temperatures that could not even break out of the 50's, just yesterday, and shooting for 60 today. but i have to tell you, looks like a lot of folks will have
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tough time getting there. the rain actually falling, little tough to see out on this live neighborhood network camera, outside middle township high school. the rain has gun to pick up across cape may county again southwestern new jersey generally speaking and all of the first state of delaware. notice, all lifting in. so as things are getting underway here, yes, you will be dodging some scattered pockets every steady rain throughout the rest of the afternoon, but there is essentially somewhat of an end point to this, in terms every any of the heaviest rain, so future weather here, not terribly impressed with the way this is initializing, should be maybe couple of counties further northeast at this point, but regardless good guide, through the afternoon there will be these pocket of rain that pick up. not everyone getting hit at the exact same time. and certainly not everyone getting hit by heavy rain. how much, it is an afternoon that i do suggest the umbrella even into the early evening, looks like it will be affecting our typical p.m. rush, as well. there will through the overnight be enough moisture to work with we see couple of scattered speckles, then tomorrow is another day, that features wet weather.
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so here's what's going on. we have front that's casino every just me around erring nearby. right now, that front is lifting through. and then by tomorrow, it is casino of stuck again, so there will be additional showers to dodge. now, saturday is the bright spot in the forecast, we do catch break between systems, technically, we are going to see some clouds, not the prettiest day we've ever seen, but dry, that's the key. if you have outdoor plans, and then sunday, the next storm system moves in, it looks like we start off dry that morning, broad street run, that's important, but then rain returns as the day progresses, so speaking of weekend activities, big weekend, the penn relays going on, dealing with with weather for that, headed into friday we still stay damp highs no better than the 50's, science festival kicks off in philadelphia on saturday, under sunshine, 66 degrees, looks like decent day, then the broad street one. later in the day the heavier rain starting to move in.
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so four of the next five days features showers, monday still expected to bring in rain, we do eventually though break the pattern, we flirt with 70 by tuesday. see the sun return, warmer wednesday, highs back in the 70s, yes, not the prettiest forecast we've ever been dealt obviously, but kind of like pay back. we had the string several days of gorgeous weather, yes, you guys need rain. >> i like flirt. flirt with the 70s, like that idea. >> thanks, katie. appreciate it. nick gordon finally breaks his silence about the night whitney houston's daughter was found unconscious in a two part interview you will see only on doctor phil. gordon tells his story describes among other things bobbi kristina's final moments. >> doctor phil this isn't the first time that you have interviewed nick gordon, and a lot has happened since your first advice width him. isn't that the case? >> doctor phil: that's right, jim. i interviewed him, been about a year since then, and and frany i've scheduled this interview
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probably five, six times since then. and i've canceled it, because every time we got close, he or his people started putting conditions on the interview. i wanted to know what he saw behind the scenes in that home. did he see whitney doing drugs? did he see the mother and daughter doing drugs together? and then jim in part two, we get to the night bobbi kristina was found in that bathtub. >> and that's one big question that people have been wondering for a long periods of time. does he say what happened the night bobbi kristina went into the coma? >> he does, he says, he gave her cpr that night. but i wanted to know how -- what led up to her being in that bathtub? i asked him the hard questions, straight up: did you murder bobbi kristina brown. i constructed a time line so they believe it could have happened the way he said. if it did happen the way he says -- >> doctor phil fill we will certainly be watching in philadelphia. sounds like intriguing two
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part special. we will be looking forward to it. >> thank you, jim. >> and again, you can see doctor phil's full interview with nick gordon right here on cbs-3 starting at 4:00 today. he's the one that will get the answers, that's for sure. >> exactly, two full hours, i mean, should be interesting television. >> absolutely. we will be right
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>> did you know toed is take your daughters and sons to work day? all across the country, and some daughters and sons got to
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observe their moms and dads working at philadelphia city hall. it is a chance for the kids to see what mom and dad do all day and a chance to see workplace in action up close. mayor kenney says working for the city of philadelphia is a team effort. >> your parent and grandparent work hard every day to make this city run. without this wouldn't run at all. it is really important. whether they work in the isn't takes department or the health department or street or l & i or police or fire, everybody has a role to play. >> more than 40 million young people across the country have participate in the take your daughters or sons to work day since 1993. >> wonder if those kids realize not everyone get to see the mayor on this day? well, tonight is the night eagles fans and eagles bosses have been waiting for. >> after a block buster trade, to move up to number two in tonight's draft, the birds are set to make their move. expert say the eagles will take north dakota state carson wentz, wentz being called the
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quarterback of the future, but angelo cataldi, sports radio 94wip is holding his breath. >> intriguing pick but rid can i once, eagles are basically rolling the dice saying we need a quarterback for the next ten years, and we really hope it is this kid. >> move isn't sitting well with current quarterback sam bradford, he want a trade. maybe that will happen on draft night tonight. we will see. >> our cbs-3 sports director don bell is in chicago, for the draft. >> he'll have live report this afternoon, starting at a on "eyewitness news" at a . so again i still have some time before the rain starts pelting me? >> the window is closing quickly, my friend, yes. so very quickly one more look at storm scan, yes, here you go. you might have 20, 25 window here before it starts to rain at the station headquarters, but out there. actually another damp day
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tomorrow. chilly temperatures stuck in the 50's, saturday locks good, not the prettiest day but dry, by sunday the next storm already here. >> we need the rain. >> ly, we've been spoiled recently. >> have we? okay. >> anything under 70 and brooke's here in a parka. thanks, katie. >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm become thomas for katie and all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line for you at >> the young and the restless is next. i'm outta here! >> get your umbrella!
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>> dylan: all right, so we're going on this last-minute trip. i got to know -- how scared should i be for a two-hour car ride with a teething 5-month-old? >> nick: ooh. two hours. >> dylan: yeah. >> nick: 5 months. very scared. very scared. i'm sort of kidding. >> dylan: you're sort of kidding. >> nick: sort of. listen, the good news for you is you're gonna have faith back there, and she can entertain him, so... >> dylan: that is true. sully does have the best big sister in the whole world. >> nick: ah, siblings are the best, huh? in fact, there's the second-best big sister in the world. what's wrong? >> victoria: someone's trying to steal my baby. >> sharon: sage, what are you doing here? >> sage: i know. >> sharon: you know...what? what's wrong? >> sage: why don'u


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