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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all eyes are on the eagles quarterback of the future. carson went lands in philly. the new qb says he has in common with birds fans. >> plus tempers over stop and frisk in philadelphia. the mayor and police commissioner face a hostile crowd. i'm danielle nottingham in california. coming up: protesters try to stop donald trump at the california gof convention. well, today is saturday, april 30th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. can you believe the month is over? meteorologist, justin drabick,
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joining us, and certainly ending on cool note. >> that will be the best day of the weekends, really not saying much. >> that doesn't make me feel good. >> at least we're dry, that's about the best news i can bring you. >> we'll take it. >> but we'll bring back another storm for the second half of the weekend. so enjoy the dry period right now, if you have outdoor plans this weekend today is the day. still going to be cool. not going to see much sunshine, if at all, but at least the rainfall will hole off for about another 24 hours or so. still chilly, temperatures, boy, look at that, 48 degrees at the airport, so you need that heavier coat out there. northeast wind continues, less than 10 miles per hour, so not really windy, but northeast flow, really bringing in this cooler air. remember the ocean water still chill think time of year. currently 51 degrees in the water, so the air temperature is reflecting that. thirty-eight in mount pocono, 47 in milville and wilmington, delaware, we zoom into some of the surrounding suburbs, same deal, still have the overcast skies, this morning, so temperatures pretty much uniform.
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maybe those clouds thin out little bit this afternoon, could see few peaks of sunshine, won't do whole lot to the temperatures, still stay below average, you can see, we are rain free, across much of the mid-atlantic and northeast. winds again out of the north to northeast, 10 miles per hour or less, but the easterly wind flow continues today. so temperatures struggle to get back into the lower six off's this afternoon for philadelphia, still, cool day at the shore. mostly cloudy, high of only 55, with the winds off the water. poconos you guys are staying dry mostly cloudy get into the upper 50's, we will talk about that next storm system that does move in for the second half of the weekends it, will bring decent rounds of rain. could use this rain, been a while since we had good soaking rain, limb pact the broad street run for sure. full forecast coming up if a few minutes, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, struck sell definitely real. well, eagles quarterback carson wentz has a rise in philadelphia, a mid fanfare. eagles security and philadelphia police officers greeted him as he arrived at
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philadelphia international airport and so did some aggressive autograph seekers, don bell, eagles fans are actually just alike. >> high expectations for myself. i'm wired to win, you know, i get particular off if i'm not. so i think i will ' fit in just fine. >> now you said you're ansy, why? >> seems like it has been a long time since i've been really learning football, having play book and everything, and this process really just been in limbo for a long time, you know, and finally, finally, it was here last night, i got to know where i'm headed now it is getting close to actually get that play book and getting ready to go. >> ready to go, ready to win. the eagles traded up twice to draft wentz thursday night. >> new this morning, party in a center city hotel ends with a stabbing, it happened around 1:00 this morning, on the 15th floor. embassy suites on the ben franklin parkway. investigators say a fight ended with a 24 year old man
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stabbed in the neck, he's in stable condition this morning. another man is in custody. >> a town hall meeting on philadelphia's stop and frisk policy leads to sure temperatures as the mayor and police commissioner faced hostile crowd. as "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown tells us the meeting came to an abrupt ends. a town hall meeting on the city stop and frisk program quickly spiraled out of control. >> this is over. >> anger, frustration, pain, from community members gathered at this church in north philadelphia. many feel the policy unfair and targets african-americans. >> in philadelphia we stopped on average of 200 to 300,000 people a year. the two or 300,000 people about 80% of them it has turned up that they have no contraband, they're not doing anything illegal. >> explosive emotional outbursts many to -- it led to
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many leaving the meeting. >> you have to love one another instead of going by hating everybody. >> we came here to get some answers from the mayor and from police commissioner. we want to hear them. i mean, a dialogue is one people talk, the other people talk, then we try to come in the middle, here it is not, it is more emotional, scream and holler over each other. >> several calms for conversation finally allowed brief conversation between mayor jim kenney, richard ross, said during his campaign for mayor he would end stop and frisk by the philadelphia police department. he was fiersely questioned about when that would happen. >> i think as people have more opportunities to engage the mayor and the commissioner, and they get that off of their chest, the next couple of times i'm done with. that will now let's talk about the nuts and bolts with this. >> the mayor seemed exasperated at times, trying to reassure resident he was working on there is and the yelling and screaming and emotional outbursts errupted
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and the meeting ended a head of schedule: >> no charges have been filed yet in the death after teen out of wilmington high school. investigators say they are still gathering evidence and the death of 16 year old amy joyner francis. they are asking the community for patience. joyner-francis was found dead april 21 in a girls bathroom at howard high school of technology. three student have been questioned since the attack that left joyner-francis dead. >> well, we are hearing from a heroic nine year old who came to the rescue of his big sister being chased by a pitbull. the dog chased 11 year old while she and her brother were waiting for the school bus. it happened at 32nd and diamond in strawberry mansion thursday morning. well when her little brother jumped into help, he became the dog's target and suffered a bite on his back. >> i'm just glad that my sister didn't get hurt and
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because i love her and she's helpful to me. >> neighbors beat the dog away with a chair and a shovel. the boy suffered minor injuries, and will be treated for rabies as a precaution, animal control have possession of the dog. well, some scary moments friday morning, as two emergency landings at philadelphia international airport happened just minute apart. >> let me know when you have the airport in site. if you turn it will be 12:00 and 8 miles. >> now, that was audio between the tower and american eagle flight 4801 from richmond operated by piedmont airlines. the pilot warning the control tower woe have to evacuate the plane once on the ground. that plane had smoke in the cockpit and cabin. one passenger tweeted a photo of himself with the oxygen mask on, then another photo of f the passengers on the runway, 15 minute before that
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emergency landing, the pilot of a republic air appliance reported flight control as well, that plane landed safely. campaign 2016, the indianna presidential primary is tuesday, and that's where some candidates are campaigning. senator ted cruz has plans to speak to the california gop convention today. volatile scene friday afternoon as hundreds showed up to protest appearance by donald trump. as danielle nottingham report, at least five people were arrested. >> hundreds of chanting protesters tried to storm the hotel where donald trump addressed the california republican convention friday afternoon. some through eggs, others burned the american flag. >> donald trump has misused his political and media platform to really unearth hatred. >> police held protester's back, but the crowd forced gop front runner to ditch his motorcade, take detour on foot to get inside the building.
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>> we went under a fence, and through a fence, and felt like i was crossing the border actually. >> donald trump told california republicans he plans to win the gop nomination. and called for unity in the party. >> crooked hillary, when i focused on hillary, she'll go down easier than any of the people we just beat. >> trump's chief rival, ted cruz; focused on indianna where he pick up endorsement. >> indianna will make a choice. what direction will this party go? what direction will this nation go? >> democrat bernie sanders joined union workers in indianapolis to protest job cut. >> stop destroying the middle class in america. respect your workers. >> hillary clinton pushed for the expansion of a network of all boy public school and high crime areas during a new york city fundraiser. danielle nottingham for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". vice president joe biden and pope francis made a joint appearance at the vatican to
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call for a renewed global commitment to cancer research. the vice president trying to rally international support behind the white house's so-called cancer moon shot program. it aims to develop new treatments and finds a cure. pope francis said both fate and science can work together to solve the cancer epidemic. the vice president's son, beau biden, died of brain cancer last year. new chemotherapy is targeting certain cancers. coming up next on "eyewitness news", stephanie stahl explains how this treatment has little side effect on the rest the body. >> also ahead, listen up leggo lovers, we are taking you behind the scenes of a huge leggo show in town this weekend. the incredible attractions you'll see straight ahead. >> and free breakfast for the whole month of may. how you can get it at subway sandwich shops coming up next.
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back now on "eyewitness news", leggo lovers are gathering in montgomery county this weekend. justin finch takes us to full of leggo creations. >> the halls of the greater philadelphia expo are transformed. a sea of surprises spanning some 150,000 square feet. every inch of space is needed for the 25,000 people expected. >> one of the most, you know, happy things for me to see are the families that come that haven't told their kids what's happening.
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so they're lined up. they don't even know what they are about to see. they walk in and the smile is just ear to ear. >> brick fest live founder chad collins helped launch the event in 2014. collins and his daughter bonded over leggos, and began popular leggo youtube channel they brought the on line community and other leggo lovers under one roof. >> you or there is a leggo fan in your life has a love for the brick, the leggo brick, this is the ultimate experience for them. >> there is leg odelphia, full baseball stadium, leggos that glow, even baseball derby where you let it rip, clock the winner with the fastest tall. from city blocks to sky blocks, to skyscrapers and everything inbetween, much of what you will see at brick fest does not come from a kit or manual. it is all shear creativity from people's brains. brick fest live tours the country attracting crowds of all ages. but for bucks county residents, collins and young,
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this homecoming show is extra special. >> what's it like to bring an event this big home? >> it feels great. i mean, we intentionally make sure that our hometown gets the biggest party. >> justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". very cool. now, we will have live report with more on what you can see this weekend at brick fest live coming up in our next half hour. and justin, probably not bad idea to do something indoors, because tomorrow will be kind of that is. >> i definitely tomorrow, yes, not good news for the broad street run. >> yes, a loft runners. >> dodging a lot of rain tomorrow, cool temperatures, today at least dry, not whole lot of sun, but still cooler than average. just stuck in this dreary weather pattern almost like pacific northwest weather, yes. eventually will get better in the next week or so. but let's break it down for up, this morning, dry everywhere across the region, so not dealing with any wet roads, travel is good, no road spray, just have overcast skies still, looking liver from the center city roof cam.
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chilly, temperatures only in the 40's once again, and not a lot of sunshine today. so we will struggle to get close to 60. still running good ten maybe even 15 degrees below average. if we can't even get to 60 degrees. so dry start to the weekends, enjoy today, stays cool for the next several days, then talking about more rain on the way. that's good thing, though, because it has been a while since we had good soaking rain, looks like we'll get that for tomorrow. now look at the temperatures, rehoboth beach, 49 degrees, 47 in the capitol city of delaware, similar numbers around cherry hill at this hour at 45 degrees. and around philadelphia, upper 40's at the airport officially. forty-three out in malvern, mid four's in chalfont, similar numbers up to the lehigh valley, mid 40's in reading, pottstown, mount pocono coldest spot coming in at 35 degrees this morning, you can see the dry conditions over the mid-atlantic and northeast, still cloud cover over us, these clouds may try to break up this afternoon, so it is possible we see few peaks of sunshine, but look at this storm system. getting its act together it, will track off to the
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northeast, and bring this rain in here. looks like after midnight, toward daybreak tomorrow, then off and on at times through the day sunday. we may catch few breaks at times sunday, overall just wet forecast. cold front still well to the south. that's why we have the chilly flow off the atlantic ocean continuing, we may get to the low 60s today, few peaks of sun, then here comes the warmfront, how warm we get tomorrow depends on how far north this front gets, i think it will stall right over philadelphia. so temperatures may get to 60 degrees. periods of rain from time to time. you go south on the front, into central southern delaware, it is going to be milder. this front kind of hang up over us monday, too, so, still lingering shower or two possible especially during the morning being temperatures still cooler than average into the 60s, looks like this unsettled pattern just holds, really, into next week, as well. so we go through the afternoon. this model does show some of the clouds, breaking up little bit, so we could see few peaks of sun, and as we go toward tomorrow the clouds thick ten up again, 4:00 a.m., starting to see the rain moving in from
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the wells. it is off and on at times. pocket of heavy rain indicated by the areas in yellow. here is 8:00 start of the broad street run, not looking good. just off and on showers throughout your morning into the afternoon. even sunday night, not out of the woods, still, some rain at times. temperatures today, there you go, some low 60s, if we get that sun, 50's right along the coast with the wind off the water, another chilly night tonight, temperatures dropping into the 40's, then tomorrow, look at that, 40's to the north, but maybe 70 degrees to the south in dover. big temperature gradient going on with the warmfront moving through. today though not as cool, mostly cloudy, 63. tonight see the rain arriving after midnight with low of 48 degrees. and there is that broad street run forecast, low 50's at the start, east winds five to ten, the problem is the rain. weep will have to be dealing with. so here is the extended forecast, best day really is coming at orcinol until tuesday. in the 60s, the rain sunday, still few showers monday, tuesday, wednesday, rahel, right now look dry, 68 to 7o
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but there will be more rain by the the ends of next week. we will get through it. >> i suppose, thanks, justin. on the cbs-3 health watch, minutely invasive therapy being used on tough to treat cancer. health reporter stephanie stahl explains how it works. >> when patrick delaney was being work up for help tight treatment, doctors found something unexpected. >> the white is tumor. >> patrick had two of those tumors in his liver, and they were inoperable. >> you know, you start thinking about how much type you have left. >> they were early stage. patrick became one of the first patient in the count troy have new therapy using something called loom i beads coated with chemotherapy drug. >> the advantage of the loom i bead is that you don't have diminished side effect, because the drug will release slower, so the maximum effect will be in the tumor in the in the body. >> tiny catheter goes through the wrist, because the tiny loomy beads show up in x-rays, doctors can tell when they're in a blood vessel, that feeds
5:20 am
just the tumor. there is a double killing effect, with the chemo drug because the loomy beads also block blood flow to the tumors. >> so far nine out of the ten paint we've seen complete response. >> no side effect. no down time. whatever happens in the future is the future. but right now i feel like i hit the lottery. >> liver cancer is one of the most difficult to treat cancers with few useful surgical or therapeutic options. mt. sinai in new york is the first to successfully use this new bead therapy. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and we are counting down to this year's race for the cure. cbs-3 is proud to support susan g. komen in the fight against breast cancer. join the "eyewitness news" team on mother day, sunday, may eighth. you can walk or run with our team by registering at our morning team, jim, brooke,
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katie, meisha, a will all be participating. everyone who registers to walk or run with team cbs-3 will receive a special commemorative t-shirt. we hope to see you thereon mother day. >> free breakfast for a month. how many does that sounds? i thought so. now, that we have your attention, subway is serving up free six-inch breakfast sandwiches during may. you can only get free flat bread sandwich when you buy a foot long or 6-inch sub, and do you have buy it before 9:00 a.m. subway hopes the move will help it with slumping sales which are down 3.4% from last year. a new perk from dunkin' donuts. it is expanding mobile on the go ordering and plans to test out curbside delivery later this year. just order from the dunkin donut app, skin the -- skip the line when time to pick up your coffee and donuts, you can also order up to 24 hours in advance, and save the orders to make daily runs easier. the on the go ordering will be available and more than 1600
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stores in the new york metro area and mid may. >> and all-star cats teams up for the ultimate love letter to mom. we have preview of the new movie mothers day coming up
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♪ ♪ strength is an addiction. you can never get enough of.. now it's time.. to bring that strength to your tooth enamel. new colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste.
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it strengthens weakened enamel 4x better by replenishing it with vital minerals. so smile.. with strength. with new colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. smile with strength. >> welcome back, all-star cast teams up to wish momma happy mother day. kevin frazier from entertainment tonight takes you behind the scene of the new movie for moms. >> this week, you better call your mom up for this one. we are with the cast of mother day, sharing memories, stories, the secrets to motherhood on screen and off.
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>> hello atlanta, happy mothers day. >> all-star cast comes together to celebrate in mothers day, with three different women, all facing the challenges and joyce of motherhood, and family. jennifer aniston is a divorced mom of two, looking for new job, and with julia robert character, who had her a lister little star struck. >> that's julia robert, my gosh, i mean, different thing when you get to sort of work with them and then you're doing what you both do together. >> even shrubs in the first i believe take, and call her julia instead of -- >> congratulations. >> i'm not a contest winner. >> i'm sorry, i'm late. >> all of this mother day stuff, and i start thinking how i haven't talk to mom. >> kate hudson's character struggles to get along with her mom. but in real life she following in her own mom gold he hawn's footsteps, right down to working with gary marshall, knows the importance of family behind the scenes. >> i think part of directing,
5:26 am
nobody talks about, you should know the people's families. >> gary kind of creates this family oriented set, you know, and sets are real boring for kids. and the kids are sort of like ugh, you know, i want to go home, i want to go play, and gap i like provides this set that's just amazing, and for kids. and no matter what's happened between us, you're always my mother. >> for entertainment tonight, kevin phrase, now, back to you in the studio. >> coming up in our next half hour, you think you've done your best to safeguard against burglars. but is your home actually an easy target? the tricky ways criminals can get inside and how you can outsmart them. plus this: >> it is a sport that date back over 3,000 years. coming up you'll meet the man hot best collegiate throw err in the country in the disgust, and it is not me.
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>> this is ybs3 "eyewitness news". you may think usual ' home is safe. but there are sneaky and surprising ways burglars can still get inside. coming up reporter david spunt shows you how you can outsmart them. >> earning green from green. happening today. a conference will attempt to explain the windfall from a
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new law on medical marijuana. >> and also ahead, the amazing story behind this little guy. how this colt is beating the odds. >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. we send it out to justin drabick out on the cbs-3 skydeck, justin, putting the month of april behind us, hopefully we can put this cold weather behind us, too, what do you say? >> it will be delayed little bit. we have to get used to few more days, unfortunately, i don't have whole lot of good news today. at least dry. so real think is the best day of the weekend, kind of split weekends, because looking at another rounds of some needed rain in our forecast, for tomorrow, but this morning, still chilly, just like the past several mornings, we had the clouds over us, right now, across the region, mid 30's, all the way up in the poconos, 48 officially at the airport in philadelphia, 47 just inland, at the atlantic city airport, so across the region, there you go with the overcast skies, temperatures pretty much the same everywhere. mid and upper 40's, same deal in the suburbs, this morning, but at least road conditions
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are in good shape. there you go. storm scan3, quiet, all across the northeast, and much of the mid-atlantic. so just dealing with clouds today, those clouds may thin out little bit. we should see few peaks of sun later this afternoon. but overall, that sunshine won't help the temperatures out much at all. four's, 50's, overcast skies, then partly or to mostly cloudy skies this afternoon, temperatures in the 50's, potentially lower 60s, and like i said, split weekends, today's high up to 63 degrees, and then tomorrow, we will bring back steady rain at times, and struggling to get to high of around 60. and still, the sunset recalled pattern will continue as we head into next week, check out the seven day forecast, let you know when the best day will be in just a few more minutes, rahel, back to you. >> justin, hopefully better news in the seven day, thanks. well, home break-in's happen in all neighborhoods, for many people keeping your home safe is a constant concern. but there are some sneaky and surprising ways burglars can get what they want. "eyewitness news" reporter
5:32 am
david spunt shows you what could be making your home an easy target. >> with temperatures warming up, people just don't spends as much time at home. that could mean trouble according to a man who spent years researching the minds and patterns of burglars. >> burglars have real particular take on how we build the city's that we live, in and look at buildings very different. >> wrote a book burglar's guide to the city t just hit shelves a few weeks ago. >> they look forget away route, where we look for a way to get to work. >> he said his data shows if you live near onramp or off way for a freeway, you will be targeted more than if you are not near a freeway, gives the bad guys a way to get in and out quickly and where you liver on your street matters, too. >> if you live on corner more likely to be broken into. >> you have everything you need right here. >> we metal is an on a quiet corner in fairmount, a bustling neighborhood near the art museum. >> i think people target people who look vulnerable.
5:33 am
>> few years ago, she found herself vulnerable. >> i came home one time, i was actually a neighbor of mine burglarized my apartment complex that i was at temple university. >> protecting yourself from burglars common sense practice, that's the good news. >> some of those common sense things, alarm, and security camera, prices for cameras are more affordable now than ever. >> i'm very blessed, my building has a camera right in front of it. i live across the street from a school. >> if you live into new err suburban development a lot of times the plans to your whom model are on line, easy for anyone to access. >> the floor plans on line, i hadn't thought about that. >> shari said she loves living in the city. one of the big reasons trust among neighbors. >> we have a very close neighborhood, i think that makes a difference, also, if neighbors watch out for each other, and know each other, i think there is less likelihood of having a burglary. >> the fbi puts out annual crime statistic, the last complete year that's available is from 2014. about 8 million property
5:34 am
crimes took place that year, that's $14 billion in lost to homeowners and other property owners. david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> fascinating story. starbucks hoping to take advantage of pennsylvania's new medical marijuana law. today greenhouse ventures is hosting what is calling a can business medical research, at the chemical heritage foundation in old city. part of philly tech week, hundreds will learn how to set up dispensaries and operations. >> these are some of the top influences in the industry that are coming here to philadelphia to talk. so there is no better opportunity to learn how to make your next best move in this industry than learning from these guys first-hand. >> people in pennsylvania want this medicine and i can't think of a better place than to have a place i would be more thrilled to distribute. >> and it will likely be two years before pennsylvania begins issuing medical marijuana related business licenses. >> runners are gearing up for tomorrow's broad street run.
5:35 am
"eyewitness news" news at the pennsylvania convention center for the broad street run health and fitness expo. vendors offered everything from athletic gear to massages, even special food and energy products. runners will step-off at 8:00 tomorrow morning at the corner of broad and west fisher avenue. it ends at the navy navy yard. >> and update now to a story we broad you thursday. some neglected horses being nursed back to health in bucks county. well, we are happy to report on a new addition. one of those horses gave birth to a healthy colt. the mother and other horses were taken from a veterinarian near allentown who authority say was failing to property errly care for them. mother and son are doing well, as you can see in the video. taken at the last chance ranch in quakertown. >> nice to see. well the penn relays are underway in university city for the 122nd time. "eyewitness news" at franklin field where thousands of athlete will compete and track and field event today. "eyewitness news" reporter pat
5:36 am
gallen got a chance to learn the ropes from one of those athletes who is dominating an ancient sport. >> it is a sport over 3,000 years old. but someone in our own backyard has become one of the best ever at the discus throw. the university of pennsylvania, sam madis is impressive athletes, the best collegiate season in the history of the sport. what exact lip is the discus? >> not very well compensated or well known event. i guess it started with the greeks, but just a big disc kind of thing, like kind of the shape after plate. >> sam makes it sound simple. and in competition, he's made it look easy. but what's so impressive is sam's ability to ex he will at penn's school of business while having full-time job as an athlete. >> probably 30, 35 hours a week, not including travel and meets. so it is a lot. >> he loves to work hard. he loves to train. and you never, ever have to ask him for more.
5:37 am
>> sam's special work ethic has translated, he was 2015ncaa men's champion, and his records speak for themselves. >> my best is 67 meters and 45 centimeters, which equates 221 feet. i think about three, three and a half inches. so that was the ivy league record, the american collegiate record, and second all time in the ncaa. >> it takes a special athlete to put up those marks. something i am not. >> overall you kind of just want to look like that. >> like this? >> yep. >> and then, like that? >> yes >> so i'm here. his is out on 76.
5:38 am
>> i'm not ready for the big leagues, but sam is ready for the next step. the olympic games. >> talk about that, you're shooting for rio this year. >> yep, that's the goal, that's been the goal since i guess i start in the eighth grade. just didn't tell anyone until this year. >> pat gallen, eyewitness sports. >> the eagles draft another player. and a throw-back moment for ryan howard, those stories are coming up next in sport. >> plus, ladies, how much would you pay for great hair? what this state-of-the-art hair drier promises, and the amount it will cost you. >> and a gloomy chilly start to the weekend, and justin is also tracking rain. when it arrives when we come right back.
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wild weather hammered parts of the south, and on the arkansas corridor, golf ball size hail came down. elsewhere a storm damaged a school, and brought down trees. residents in oklahoma are cleaning up after a tornado touched down there. twister destroyed several homes, several build, no word on price tag on damage, but we can report that there are no reported injuries. >> justin, our rain, skies, pail in comparison when we see that. >> exactly. >> now, that same storm that's going to bring rain in our forecast, but just rain, and it will be steady rain, just
5:42 am
unfortunate bad timing for the second half of the forecast, broad street run kicks off tomorrow, most likely raining at that time. still another cool morning, 47 degrees, looking across the river, skyline there, with the overcast skies, wind light. no harsh windchills, dramatic drop in the temperatures, feeling more like west coast weather, specific northwest weather, with that mist yesterday at times. we go 86 on tuesday, remember that, then string of 50's, today, hopefully we can make it back into the 60s, but that's still well below average. should be at 69 degrees, may get to 62, 63, if we can see few peaks of sun, so, today about by far the best day of the weekends, not saying much, because things go downhill tomorrow. well, 45, in allentown, 35 mount pocono, across the region it is cool. look at that, 44 buffalo, 52 in richmond. just have this cool flow off the water storm systems coming
5:43 am
through every few days or so. dry now, still clouds over pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware corks break up little this afternoon, and see few peaks of sun, not going to last long, because this next storm system will eject out of the central planes and eventually bring steadier rain in here, early tomorrow morning, then off and on at times throughout your day on sunday, and then finally by the middle of next week we get another dry period coming at us. but the front, that brought cool air, well to the south, and staying there for another 24-48 hours. there is the low pressure system coming out of the central us tomorrow it, does try to bring warmfront through here tomorrow. but i think will get hung upright over philadelphia. if you are south of the front, you will feel a difference, temperatures could get to 70 in part of delaware. philadelphia, we are inbetween. just off and on showers at times, sunday, they continue into sunday night, even into monday, because this front
5:44 am
will take its good old time to get through here. we zoom it in, try to time everything out. today outdoor plans, it is a go. that again, some sunshine this afternoon, hopefully, then get to tomorrow morning, 4:00 a.m., steady rain start to move in from the west. and then it is off and on rain at times throughout your morning, even into the afternoon. and then sunday night, still, ten, 11:00, we are dealing with showers around, at times, and there could be some pockets of heavier rainfall, overall rainfall amounts, could get over an inch, in some locations, especially areas north of the city. maybe inch and a quarter toward the lehigh valley, and then temperature wise, today, low 60s at best, that's if we do see the sunshine, tonight chilly again in the four's, then tomorrow, look at the range, near ooh in the lehigh valley in the afternoon, six's maybe even close to 70, and parts of southern delaware. today, though, not as cool. 63 degrees, but that's still below average for this time of year. tonight rain arrives well after midnight, low of around 48 degrees. so if you are headed to the phillies game, good shape.
5:45 am
just cool, certainly bring the sweatshirt, temperatures upper 50's at the start, mid 50's by the time the game is over. here is that extended forecast, steady rain sunday, still some showers monday, tuesday and wednesday, probably the best day out of the next seven, upper 60s to near 7o now here is don bell with eyewitness sports. >> last night eagles had one pick, came in the thirds grounds, went with offensive lineman, isaac, from oregon state, he's 6-foot three, 303 pounds. he's first playing sent, right guards, left and right tackle. the birds adding some depth to the line. carson went finally in philly, in two weeks he'll hit the field for rookie mini camp. it has been crazy 24 hours, for the eagles qb. thursday i talk with him in chicago. yesterday, we flew back to philly on the same flight, landed shortly after 1:30 p.m. now, when we get off the plane, the eagles security
5:46 am
guru waiting forecaster on along with two police officers. we walked the concourse of philadelphia international airport. airport workers, classic form walking down the hall, some aggressive autograph seekers harassed him every step of the way. he came into town with his big bro zach and zach's wife. time to go to work. he said he and the eagles fans are very much alike. >> high expectations for myself. you know, i'm wired to win, i get particular off if i'm not. so i think i will ' fit in just fine. >> you say you're ansy why? >> seems like it has been a long time since i've been really learning football, learning the play book and everything. and this process really has just been in limbo for a long time, you know, and finally it was here last night, and it is getting close to actually get that play book, getting ready to go. >> carson wentz, everybody. other news, jets picked quarterback christian hatten
5:47 am
berg in the second round, hattenberg the penn state career leader in passing yards, first nittany lion quarterback to be drafted since 1997. all right, onto baseball, crazy little staff floating out there. phillies two games over 500 for the first time in 1300 days. that was headed into the night. the fighting's had been pleasant surprise in last night's, they holes dollars the cleveland indians. now, with irish heritage night down at the ballpark in the really irish dance group, performing beautifully. nice job, young lady. no score in the fifth. raja davis, driving in cory, staffing the phils 26 inning scoreless streak. now, in the bottom of the inning, phils down by three, carlos ruiz, chooch, with the line drive. later, with the base knock to right. chooch will score to make it three-two, the phils would tie the game. eleventh inning, big piece, ryan howard.
5:48 am
get up and get going. a walk off homerun for ryan howardment the phils win their fourth straight, four-three, is your final score. that's all for your spot, i'm don bell, have a great day. >> do you remember those hoffer bikes from the star wars movies? well, there is a guy who has created a real life fully walking hoffer bike, and is sharing his creation on line. take a look at thisment the british inventor hosed video of the twin engine craft. even shared out takes every test ago machine that's basically two huge propellers and a seat in the middle. what do you think? well, the company famous for it vacuums, now want to help with your hair. the company unveils its new supersonic hair dryer this morning, in japan. anthony mason talk to james dyson, about the new product. >> i want them to laugh. >> it has been 30 years since james dyson first invented the
5:49 am
bag less vacuum. and built an empire out of air. there are blade less fans, hand drains dryers, purify ers, now, dyson hopes his latest invention will blow you away. >> first thing you notice, very light, very slim, very nicely bald. the second thing you will notice when you put it on, just put it on, it is very quiet. so i can carry on talking to you while i'm doing my hair. >> he's spoken with us from tokyo where dyson launched his new hair dryer a mid great fanfare, the dryer which dyson says is lighter, faster, and more efficient, took over four years and more than $200 million to develop. >> you see, that circumvent sean al motor. we've developed a motor that size, tiny motor, of course much smaller, much lighter, and very much faster, and gives very high pressure. >> like many dyson products, all that technology comes at a
5:50 am
higher cost to consumers. the dyson supersonic is expected to retail for about $400. >> you think people are going to pay that price for a revolutionary hey dryer? >> people really care about their hair. and they care about their beauty. i think they will pay for it, at least i hope they do. >> anthony mason, cbs news, new york. >> i don't know. i mean, i bear my hair? $400? >> well, if you can dream it, chances are it can be built out every leggos. and those dreams are coming to life at brooke fest live. and that's where we find anita o live this morning. hey, anita. >> reporter: hey, rahel, that's right. imagine four football fields put together. that's how much space this leggo exhibit in montgomery county fills up. take a look here, this is some of what you can see at brick fest live, very detailed, intricate cities that people have built, some of which have taken years to create.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> the halls. expo sent remember full of leggos this morning, 25,000 people are expected to attend a brick fest this weekend. the show is dedicated entirely to leggos, and leggo creations, and take 150,000 square feet of space. >> live at the show this morning, "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, on more on what leggo fans can expect to see. anita, good morning. >> hey, good morning rahel. that's right, dreams will be coming to life here today at the greater philadelphia expo, for this leggo exhibit. like you said, this is four football fields worth of leggos. so, that's really a kids dream come true. joining us now to talk about this, chad collins who founded brick fest live. thanks so much for being with us this morning. this is pretty extensive
5:54 am
exhibit here. can you explain what we're looking at, how much time and money this took? >> oh, wow, yes. this is replica of uss missouri, one of the most famous battle shims. there is tens of thousands of leggo elements here, it took literally tens of thousands of dollars to put together. but it is one of the centerpieces we have here at the show. and just like this ship, there is many other creations that kids will be able to see and find that inspiration. and they'll finds that inspiration that immediately is going to be able to put that to work where in another room there is all kinds of hands on activities and attractions that build their own creations with their families and friends. >> tell us how you got started when there is a little about your youtube channel with your daughter and inspiration behind this event? >> wow, yes, started youtube channel back in 2012, quickly accumulated millions of views. really wanted to bring together the community of leggo fans, all in one room. and we figured why not launch something in our own backyard, at the philadelphia native, to bring, to bring brick fest
5:55 am
live to philadelphia and really lawn of it here. >> so let's talk about this amazing castle, really there is so much detail that goes into this. and can you talk about what we're looking at her? >> yes. this castle was actually built by carter baldwin. you can see the pirate ship there, in the sea, coming up to the castle again, tens of thousands of element, thousands of dollars to put something like this together. and really, this is meant to show that you can see a castle like this, you can use your own imagination, tell yourself a story about what's going on here. >> and just besides creation, for kids, it are is really about collaboration. kids can build leggos at home, what's the excitement of kids bringing their kids here? >> couple of things. one you can play at home, but can't have attractions where you can enjoy leggo with tens or hundreds of other people at some time. what we have here, we have derby race ramp. you can build and race cars against your friends and
5:56 am
family, like a time track, right? specifically not something we'll have at home 35-foot long track, but have something like that here, also, all kind of merchant that have that hard to find vintage leggo that they don't even have on the shelves any more. so be able to find things like that. and we have a glow zone. >> awesome. >> which is, you know, glow in the dark element that light up under black light, nothing you can see at home, only things you can see. >> thank you so much for being with us today, chad. if you want to check it out, you can, open all day today and tomorrow. so you can come check it out at the greater philadelphia expo. it is $22 for each ticket. for now live here in oaks, i'm anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news" coming up next, "eyewitness news" exclusive at the top of the hour. >> i ran and i fell on the step and it bit me on my back. >> he was attack by a dog on his way to school. but it turns out, he was being a hero. who he saved from that dog
5:57 am
next. >> also ahead, tends moment for passengers on two different airplanes, at philadelphia international airport. we will listen to the cockpit audio as one of the planes was coming in for landing. >> and, dry right now, but rain is on the way this weekend. when you can expect some of the heaviest rain to fall coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning, today is saturday, april 30th, i'm rahel solomon. thanks so much for being with us this weekend. let's turn it over to meteorologist, justin drabick, dreary weekend, you say relatively speaking today will be better than tomorrow? >> today is the best one, not dealing with any rain, still cool, 50's, 60s, tomorrow pretty much soaking rain. >> yes, it has been chilly. i felt like wearing my winter coat. >> you need it. waking up with 40's, high temperatures only in the 60s, like pacific northwest weather. i don't know how they handle that out there. props to them. not really happening so much this weekend, maybe we see few peaks this afternoon, but overall, just cloudy skies, waking up overcast currently 49 at the airport, not really bringing much of windchill at all. temperatures across the region, pretty much uniform because of the clouds, kind of holding in whatever heat we had


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