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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> we've been following breaking news all morning. a manhunt is underway for escaped prisoner in new jersey he was seen just few hours ago, six days after breaking out of jail. we're live with what neighbors need to know at this hour. >> winning powerball ticket was sold at this store in trenton, new jersey, what the store clerk knows about the possible winner coming up. >> the sun will shine for another day. unfortunately rain making come back. wawa. katie brooks down what we can expect this week. well, today is monday, may the nine, good morning i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. no rain. katie, meisha are hearing keeping an eye on things this morning. >> yes, today is really great day. i won't tell you why top
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secret, but roadways looking real nice, roadways are looking nice and dry no accident right now just some construction. >> like you said the roads are dry it, will stay tai way through the entire morning drive. overall looking at decent day here nice sunrise currently underway guysment take a look outside middle township high school sun keeps coming up earlier, and earlier at 50 degrees in this particular shot of our live network, as the day progresses cents what we find is a frontal boundary trying to lift in. >> other than passing cloud nice clear sky. blue skies no less. and off to a nice start. ooh degrees the current temperature at the airport, 49 atlantic city in at 36 chilly degrees up in the mountains this morning so, you know, when you actually is clear skies to work with the heat, bill up from the day before, can be easily lost to the atmosphere, so chilly start but as the day goes on, not bad looking day, further north
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you go the more sun off to the south there will be clouds that eventually rebuild. can't rule out sprinkle down near the shore towns or across delaware at some point here today with the front lingering nearby overall meisha it is nice start to the work week. a lot warmer than it has been lately. >> 70s will feel so great this week. all right, thank you so much, katie. good morning happy monday to youment things are looking real good out there. couple every accident, start in the 4:00 hour those since cleared. i do have one correction for you. getting conflicting reports on kelly drive. ninety-five south past cottman, what you are looking at again, talking about this all morning long, so nice to wake up on monday morning and have nice dry roadways for a change, this is really going to help our morning commute. ninety-five south past cottman looking good there in new jersey 42 northbound creek road see volume levels starting to build at this point approaching 295 what you are working with there schuylkill taillights eastbound direction approaching conshohocken curve looking actually pretty good: keep my eye on the skewing actually looking okay in both directions. both eastbound and westbound. now, going back to this
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construction area, casino of been hit or miss all morning long, kelly drive is repaving. we had report that all lanes were block. and they were. then we had reports that they had all been since cleared it, sound like they're not all cleared yet. give yourself some extra time between hunting park avenue and lemon hill drive. kelly drive is still repairing that area. back to you. >> right now authorities are locking for escaped inmate arthur buckle. >> last seen hours ago at rest stop in lacy township. >> jan carabeo is there now. >> good morning, a lot of activity here at this rest stop now. now that we have little bit more light cops are getting back together, they're regroup, and they're preparing to head back out to search for escaped convict buckle, you can see at the rest stop gearing up this morning, now that we do have little more light hoping for better outcome. last seen here at the fork river rest stop off the garden state parkway around
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11:00 last night. now preparing to head back out this morning this has been happening all night helicopter unit, search dogs, to look for the escaped prisoner. this is fork river rest stop where they say buckle was spotted. again, officers are at the state parkway around exit 77. as a result of this spotting, lacy township police as well as berkeley township police have stepped up patrols near the garden state parkway and will continue to do so throughout the morning, police searching for buckle since last tuesday when he he escaped bayside state prison when he escaped, one day later the search went to ocean township. the escape prisoner spotted there at surveillance video at local cvs pharmacy. they called off the search late last week when they were confident the inmate had left the area. now buckle again serving time for aggravated assault, he had previously served 14 years in
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prison for manslaughter, of a ten month old crying baby, back out here live on scene you can see law enforcement is regroup this morning and now buckle was just three weeks shy of being eligible for parole. he could now spend three to five more years in prison once he is captured. but the search is continuing for him this morning. now, lacy township police say there is no immediate danger to folks in this area. there are no lock-downs, there are no stay inside of your home order. how much, they want you to remain vigilant because he was last spot in the this area as this search continues this morning. for now reporting live, january jan carabeo, jim, brooke, back into you. >> thanks, jan. meanwhile other news police investigating double stabbing early this morning in center city. man in his 50's, woman in her 40's were stab near 12th and race streets just after midnight. so far police have no motive for the violence, and so far there have been no after he cents, the victims are in stable condition. >> well, the president of penn state is speaking out over new
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reports that suggest joe paterno new about jerry sandusky sexual abuse decades ago, eric baron wrote letter to the university community condemning the report. he said he was a paul by the rumor, inneundo, rush to judgement, accompanying the stories. now, last week, separate reports including language from legal documents suggested that paterno new about sandusky ' actions, in the 19 70s. >> new jersey voters getting attention from the presidential candidate. bernie sanders holding rally this morning in atlantic city at boardwalk hall at 9:30. yesterday, during a rally at rutgers university, sanders promised to keep campaigning. he argued he's won nearly half the pledged delegate. >> hillary clinton also plans to campaign in souse jersey she will be at camden county college in blackwood wednesday afternoon at 1:00. >> new jersey primary is june 7th. and on cbs "face the nation" clinton says republicans are reaching out to help her
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campaign. today clinton will campaign in northern virginia. >> and speaking of republicans, donald trump meeting with house speaker paul ryan is set for thursday. last week, ryan said he was not ready to endorse the presumptive republican nominee. trump says a united party is not necessary for him to win the white house. he also told several sunday morning talk shows he will not change his views nor his tone. >> well, we are still waiting for the big powerball winner in trenton to step forward and claim their prize, someone bought the ticket close to $430 million, here at this 7-eleven store in chambers street. it is unclear if it is one winner or group is splitting the jackpot. but more lotto players showed up here, just in case, good luck was still around. >> oh, i play here all the time get my trentonian, the times, play my lottery then rub office, everything, and so but i couldn't hit the big one. last time got number 66, that's about the only one i
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got. >> this case you have the winning ticket and don't yet know it, here are the winning numbers: five, 25, 26, 44, 66 and the powerball number is nine. now, for look at newspaper headlines, from across our region. >> from the time every trenton two men shot early sunday in the parking lot of the row waterfront night club. police say the shooting may have stemmed from an argument inside the club. the victims are hospitalized and are expected to survive. five men were taken into custody. >> from the front page of the intelligence ers distracted drivers are just few of the hazards that penndot has to worry about as they repair bucks county roadsment fines will soon increase for work zone violation. >> from the front page of the delco times for the 22nd year in a row, pen doctors high school student took the top pop, held at ridley creek state park. they identify type of fish, different bird calls and the competency of different soils.
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they now head to the state can he competition. that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. still ahead: the canada wild fires. why it could take months for firefighters put out these flames. >> plus, the rising cost of healthcare many people aren't even filling their prescriptions any more, in today's "3 on your side" report i'll show you ways to save money even find popular medications for free. >> and, what your smart phone could reveal about your sleep habit. coming up. >> ♪ ♪ >> this is justin timberlake's new song. do you like it? >> dow. >> i like anything justin timberlake. sure, i'll take it. we'll be right back.
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>> update on massive wild fire officials bleach they've reached turning point in getting the flames under control. >> the massive evacuation in alberta has ended but as correspondent hena daniels report, the fight is far from over. win are blowing flames away from some of the towns in its path the chaos has calm, and now, finally, a little bit of hope. >> we can really get in there and really get a handle on this fire, and really get a
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grip on it. >> l change now, lingering hot spots. >> just embers underneath the ground there. that's all heated up, trying get down right to the roots to get at it, because it can ignite any time, with this win, it keeps blowing it all over the place. >> massive wild fire torched almost 400,000 acres here's what it looks like from from space, covering areas of north america across to the atlantic coast, on the ground, fort motorcycle c murray looks like ghosttown after all of it residents were evacuated and many structures, burned to the ground. emergency crews working around the clock exhausted but committed. >> firefighter chris clark tried to save another firefighter's house that caught fire. >> the house is smoke filled, smoke pouring out of the roof, and he is standing there watching his house and everything that he has go up after he's work so hard to save everything that everybody else has lost. >> there is still no time
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line and when the thousands staying in shelters will be able to return to their homes and for many what's left of them. hena daniels cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> this is sad. it is sad. and it is terrifying when you think of actually how big it really is. >> i mean, just not few homes dozens and dozens, block after block. >> and thousands of people affected by this, guys, and really it is at the point now where the smoke is being funneled even across the canadian border into the us, even people in the midwest are smelling smoke, in the air. as they walk out the door. so here is where that fire has started to spread up at fortmc murray, far east corner of albert a so many miles away. see on the satelite coverage here too even hint of some smoke that had come in with that. but over 400,000 acres were affected, as we had discussed over, you know thousands of people evacuated because of this and over a thousand buildings destroyed. but thankfully looks like there is some light rain, the winds dying down in their
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favor, to help with the fire fighting effort. now, let's bring it back to our neck of the woods here, the moment we're starting wore bright sunshine, start off at beautiful day. there is warmfront beginning to lift in. however, what that will do is bring if few more clouds from south to north through the day, further north you are more likely it is you end up with more sun than anything, we also could end up with quick shower here sat some point late in the day you there the delmarva southern portions every new jersey, so don't be shocked by, that really all you are going to see, otherwise it is a dry day, even if the clouds do rebuild. tomorrow little bit of different story front continues to cross through could trigger couple of showers any time but not a wash out by any stretch. rather more than anything, the additional cloud cover is going to limit our warmth, so six after degrees at best for the high tomorrow. then we should stay dry on wednesday, keeping an eye on the possibilities of lingering shower not a given yet so we will be optimistic keep it dry for now thursday looks good, 75 and sunny. >> can't beat. that will thanks so much, katie. good morning everybody. and happy monday.
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we've got a gorgeous sunrise out there. we do also have disable vehicle, the even plate bridge, see the arrow pointing everyone trying to move over to the left lane. that will will slow you down a little bit momentarily, note it is still there also have this accident 422 westbound past route 23 pulled into that middle median area so they are trying to get that out of your way right now maybe getting slight gaper delay. nothing too serious right now. but if that doesn't get out of the way the more volume levels that creep up on us in the 6:00 hour, could start to be a problem, right now looking like they are get that out of our way. delaware county, 452 what you are looking at, isn't it just gorgeous? you can see, sun rising and look how green everything looks, i love that. chesterbrook, look at this, pack your sunglasses 202 at route 252, yikes. if you are traveling in the eastbound side at all this is what you will be dealing with, so pack those sunglasses, sun p, sundown, know it can really slow you down, jim, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha a up next in our consumer report how to save money on prescription
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drugs. may even be able to get your meds for free. >> plus, drone deliveries. see how they're really taking off overseas, how some deliveries could even save a life. coming up next.
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today three "3 on your side" consumer report we look at ways to save money even find popular medications for free. >> this is for the 30 -- >> philip lambert needs his insulin. but when his monthly cost hit $1,800, he considered skipping it. >> i thought it was really ridiculous. >> the program here roughly $275 and then this is about $600 for 90 day supply. >> that was bill young's co-pay with private insurance. their on tie kidney rejection drugs. >> this is medication i need to live. >> both men went looking for helpment lambert found a federal program called 340 p.m. instead of $1,800, he now pays 34. young found it discount card on the drug manufacturer's website cost dropped from $875 to 15 bucks. >> i was extactic. >> even the pharmacy where you pick up your prescriptions can save you money. you can save an extra ten to $30 using wallgreen's prescription saving club.
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other stores have similar programs. many also offer common generic medications for un $5. >> we have ten prescription medications, some of the most widely prescribed medications that are members can get for $3 a month. >> the discounts are needed because according to kaiser report co-pay's are sky-rocketing. forcing 41% of people to skip filling some prescriptions. apps like good rx can point you to discount. janet you are vine got this card from her doctor which took her $06 co-pay down to 25. >> there are ways to get, you know your physician to see if they can help you out with making the cost of getting bet area little less. >> now some pharmacist saving programs may require to you pay small membership fee, some may cover medications for your pets, be aware federal programs and manufacturer discounts are often income based, the amount varies from program to program. >> you know drones will soon deliver vital medical surprise
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in a african country. starting in july, drones like these will send medicine and blood supplies in rwanda. operator packs the order and scans code that gives it a roof to the destination it flies automatically dropping the payload in landing zone the size of three parking spaces. >> so we will obviously learn a lot about this process but this is strictly a humanitarian mission. and we are excited to be a part of it. >> testing deliveries in rwanda will generate safety information to feedback to the federal aviation administration, will likely lay the ground work for drone deliveries in the u.s. >> very interesting. >> well, coming up: how your smart phone could help track your sleep. >> plus: a rare event is happening this morning we are talking live with a nasa scientist about what to look for and when. katy? >> well, guys, looks as though we will end up with more sun than anything at least initially, but clouds rye building in the forecast eventually some wet weather does too but overall i think you will be happy with the ends result on this seven day
6:23 am
stick around the full forecast is coming u
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>> welcome back, legalized medical marijuana still new in pennsylvania, but some there is still work that needs to be done. dozens rallied in center city yesterday, calling on state lawmakers to relax penalties on recreational use of
6:26 am
marijuana. activists also say marijuana provides relief from some symptoms, that the recently legalized cannibis oil does not address. >> it shouldn't just be the oil. it should be the full plant it should be used. all of us need an access to this. >> i mean, 63 and a half years, i fought unreal mental disease, and this gives me relief from it. >> close person for governor tom wolf tells us the governor has talked about the need for de criminalization for march juan, a but not support the full legalization of recreational marijuana. >> on the cbs-3 health watch this morning new research is suggesting middle age men get less sleep. mitome tis cents at the university of michigan used smart phones to track sleep patterns. researchers found middle age men get about seven to eight hours a night while women tend to go to bed earlier and wake up later. researchers say, chronic lack of sleep increases the risk every obesity diabetes, him err tension and cardiovascular
6:27 am
disease. >> well, one of the pictures in this year's west monroe louisianna high school year book is a little different. >> yes, you don't see too many pictures of anyone with four legs, 14 year old seth wear suffers from muscular dystrophy and his service dog presley, entire high school career right at his side. student decided presley had to be included in the year book. so presley's picture is right there next to his best friends. i through. >> that's great, great. coming up: new surveillance pictures just? , that show the escaped prisoner from overnight. jan live whereng we're outside the trenton 7-eleven on winter watch this morning here saturday record breaking lottery ticket was sold for powerball. coming up more on who the winner could be from the clerk who said he sold the ticket. >> even if you have got the wing ticket you can't buy the sunshine, but we certainly got it today. slow downs this morning also downed tree, water main break in bala cynwyd. first we take quick break
6:28 am
stay right where you are cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york london and tokyo.
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>> it is nice to see the sun we almost forgot what it looks like. >> the question is how long will it be sticking around? katie is tracking more rain in the forecast, coming up. >> good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, 6:31, time to get you caught up. here's what you need to know in your morning minute. >> police tell us author buckle was spot just hours ago at rest stop in lacy township ocean county. >> k9 unit center. helicopter brought in to look for the escape prisoner. >> anticipation building as we wait for new jersey's giant powerball winner to come forward. justin we think it is meisha.
6:32 am
finds out for us. >> interesting, brooke, jim. meisha, a i never thought about that there. >> new jersey will be front and center this week, in campaign 2016. >> democratic presidential candidate, bernie sanders will hold a rally in atlantic city. >> hillary clinton will campaign in south jersey later this week. >> settles under it, he says he has it, and he puts it away. ladies and gentlemen gomez is the major league leader in saves. that's his 11th, as the phils win it today, six to five. >> great win for the fighting phils, phillies have today off. >> yes they'll play the braves in atlanta tomorrow night. katy? >> hey guys, yes looking ahead here to pretty nice day out there. and we can expect eventually to see clouds build in with time. you know we really did end up with quite a bit of wet weather rolling through last week, as you all well know, but it did certainly help with any kind of rainfall deficit
6:33 am
that we may have had. that's where we will start things off by taking quick look at statistics, checking things out thus far pretty soggy month of may. since may 1st actually clocked in over agree and a half inches every rain only inch and three quarters, tells you something, but now we are in that full sunshine, beautiful beginning to the morning, tad breezy, and chill in the air because we had the clear skies. we haven't had chance to really, we had the chance to see the temperatures drop off very readily through the overnight see the clouds starting to build in from the southwest as the day goes on, going to eventually see some of the cloud cover nudge in. across the delmarva, southern new jersey, and really, even up to philadelphia, start to see what will end up calling probably more of partly sunny sky than anything. but, regardless, mild conditions, back to where we should be here. 72 degrees at the height of the day. still at least little sunshine. and also the further north you go the more sun you'll see. may be shower that pops up, it would be very isolated and to
6:34 am
the south if it happens at all. meisha? >> katie, thank you so much. good morning everyone. >> fire krause out there, we have police out there, also, route 309, and we have people out there walking around on the roadways, whenever we have pedestrians on foot, whether that's law enforcement or drivers, or who ever, you certainly want to slow down, and avoid the area if at all costs. this is where we have another accident. 422 westbound past route 23, pulled into that median area. they are trying to get that out of the way getting maybe slightly gaper delay there. overall the fire, that's where you will have the most of it right now. so avoid that area altogether. ninety-five south at cottman very much starting to heat up at this point chesterbrook,
6:35 am
202 at route 252 looking that the camera, wow, all the sudden answer lot of stuff going on out there. brooke, over to you. >> now update on breaking news we've been falling all morning. just got new surveillance pictures in showing escaped inmate arthur buckle at new jersey rest stop. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at that rest stop in lacy township where the manhunt is heating up. good morning jan. >> jim, brooke, good morning a lot of developments on the ground here, in lacy township, ocean county this morning. authorities continue to search for escaped inmate, arthur buckle. dozen of police officers just moved out of the area here to search the woods behind me, right there off the garden state parkway in lacy township. in the meantime, we do have new information about what buckle was doing here at the rest stop last night. police say buckle came here, to the forked river rest stop, around 11:00 p.m., to turn himself in. but left before law enforcement arrivedment take a look at the video buckle here at the rest stop, now clean
6:36 am
shaven wearing a gray long sleeve sweatshirt, gray shorts, work boots. buckle had reportedly indicated a desire to turn himself in and had been making arrangements through family. now the plan was to meet police here at the rest stop, but police say he walk off prior to their after rival. and take a look at this video, this is what has been happening here since. k9 units and search helicopter were brought in to look for the escaped prisoner once he walked away from the rest stop as a result, as well, lacy township police and berkeley township police have stepped up their patrols near the garden state parkway, and will continue to do so throughout the morning. now, buckle, police have been searching for him since last tuesday, when he escaped a bay side state prison in winslow township, one day later the search switched to ocean county where police tracked him to barnegat township. escaped prisoner spotted there remember on surveillance video at local cvs pharmacy. barnegat police then call off the search last late -- late last week when they were confident the inmate left the
6:37 am
area. buckle serving time for aggravated assault. he had previously served 14 years in prison for manslaughter of a ten month old crying baby. back out here live on scene you can see we still have some police force here at the rest stop. buckle was just three weeks shy of being eligible for parole. co-now spend three to five more years in prison once he is captured, but again the search really intensifying in this area right now, patrols just went back out to search the wooded area. also want to add that folks in this area should remain vigilant while there is no lockdowns in place or anything like that, keep their eyes and ears open. looking for buckle again they do believe he is in this area. police will be stationed at all of the schools in this area as well as parent and kids wake up and head out the door. we will continue to follow these newest development, but for now live in lacy township ocean county, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news" brooke jim back into you. >> i still can't believe it has been six days, thanks, jan. >> big mystery this morning what we all want to know who bought that winning powerball
6:38 am
ticket in trenton? >> i'll tell you one thing if you enough that area and call out of work today you're a suspect. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in front of the 7-eleven, that sold the winning ticket. hey, justin? >> brooke, just few second ago talking to the co-owner of the store. he says that cvs -- cbs-3 us, told him yesterday before he even new they had the wing ticket here, so just big development there. but all throughout the morning, i've been trying to pull out from the clerks here who they think the winner might be. their guess is that between the time frame they were given it was a woman, a regular customer, who always comes in here and plays powerball. she has not yet identified herself to our knowledge. because at this hour the winner has still not yet come forward. even after winning $430 million record breaking jackpot here in new jersey. >> where were you two days ago? >> i was working, that was my shift that day. >> saturday night lewis was
6:39 am
hine the counter at this chamber street 7-eleven in trenton. he thinks he just may have sold that single winning powerball ticket to a woman he calls a regular customer. >> it was casino every slow that day so i kind involve an idea. i'm not 100% sure. >> ma matter of hours someone turned cup he of bucks into $429.6 million jackpot. the largest single jackpot in new jersey state history the sixth largest powerball winning on record. >> and now lewis is a local celebrity. >> they have tagging me on facebook, oh, i saw you here my family is excited. >> i'm excited to who ever won. >> patricia somewhat of a regular here, powerball wasn't always her game of choice but snow. >> now. >> i for the winner store owner andrea shin knows this can make a big difference. >> i just hope that a lot of positive things come out of it. i know sometime when this happens, you know, negative things happen. but i just hope that all good comes to who ever this is. >> inside the store lewis
6:40 am
already sees himself selling more tickets soon. >> the thing is i'm going to oh i want that guy to do it, the lottery for me. >> and as you can see this morning, quite busy here, some new lotto players and resealer customers, plus media from all over the country is here at this time. so who is this woman? is she single? those questions are unknown this morning perhaps, they will be answered. in a lotto press conference is 1:00 a.m. here at the store. as you know the big pot now gone. the lotto powerball jackpot resets now to just $40 million, and jim and brooke, who wants that little amount of money back into you. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot justin. >> america curely make rare appearance today at the journeys across the sun starting this morning, the planet will spend more than seven hours making the trip. >> you know something that won't happ again until 2019. what are scientists hoping to learn? nasa atlantic city test alex young joins us live from the goddard space flight center this morning with details
6:41 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> so, alex, mercury treking across the sun for the first time in ten years. so tell us about this journey. >> well, it is really really neat. this tiny little planet is going to start moving across the sun after 10:00 a.m., make it journey across the disc ending just after 2:30 p.m. eastern time. and it is a really really unique opportunity. transit are rarement only get to see the transit of mercury or the transit of screen us from our perspective in the solar system. >> this won't happen again until 2019. why is it so rare? >> well, it is rare, because of just the orientation of the planet. you know, they are not perfectly circular orbitz. they're also casino of tilted. and so this means that we don't see them all the time. now, mercury, we see we're going to see 14 of them. this century. so that's rare.
6:42 am
the venus transits are much more rare. those only happen to the century, we just missed the last one within 2012. >> i know you don't want to stair directly at the sun ever what proper equipment do we need to look at this today? >> if you want to use binoculars use solar filters specially design for this. but if you don't happen to have those then fortunately we've got the solar dynamics observatory, which is observatory looking directly at the sun going to be monitoring this entire event and we will be showing this live feed that's just now starting, and it is going to show the transit all the way across and then provide some amazing data for them to improve their own telescope. >> that's amazing. what are scientists hoping to learn? >> we see aids -- amazing
6:43 am
detail on the sun look closer and closer the better the telescopes see the more is there. so always want to get the best observations possible. and this case, actually use this transit to fine tune the telescopes to to allow us to see more detail on the sun because there is all kind of amazing explosions and weather that happen on the sun that affect the entire solar system. so this gives us the unique opportunity to make even better observations to better understand our own star. >> thanks so much, alex, young, from nasa, very interesting information. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. >> look at that. sea of pink on the art museum steps for the 26 annual komen philadelphia race for the cure. >> mother day tradition our "eyewitness news" family was there, as we are every year joining the fight against breast cancer, thousands every breast cancer survivors and families fill the parkway. many talk about their battles and share what the race meant to them.
6:44 am
>> just very emotional for me. sore. >> i no, it is emotional day. >> the amount of people here who support just beautiful to see. >> former cbs p meteorologist and breast cancer survivor carol erickson joined us yesterday, it was so nice to have her out there with us for this mourn event. we'll be right back.
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>> you want layers ready to go today, chilly start, a lot of reports coming in in the mid or lower four's, einkorn em of 30's have popped out out there. 43 degrees at glenn, nothing but full sunshine rid now 43 degrees the temperature though, so the sun is eventually going to help make it feel warmer, and also, of course, help warm up the thermometer readings here. but it is still a little chilly to start things off here. going to another one take you into the 40 degrees thermometer readings comes in from steve johnson. couple of clouds, he says, out that way. and one more, bit miler at 45 degrees from christopher de
6:48 am
a.m. bows yo, actually seeing more of partly sunny sky in saint david. but actually just mentioning the fact yes it is so nice to finally see the sun i think we can all appreciate. that will so the fact we'll see few more clouds build in here today hopefully won't dampen your spirits too much. we are more than anything going to see sun initially than these clouds start to build in from south to north further north you go the more sun you'll have all day today. but there also be a leading edge of precipitation, just front lifting in. so could be shower. that pops up in couple of spots. quickly looking at what this pattern has in store. we are again going to be dealing with the potential for some showers tomorrow. with that same front and it looks like it is a system that might casino every just get stuck over the next few days, so possibility that we see shower wednesday but more than anything, hoping for dry day thursday, some sunshine, as well, with the system nearby. still looks like decent day at this point thoughment tomorrow more than anything the clouds, mid 60s then rebound to the mid 70s where we should be, more than anything, it is not only a quieter week overall than last week was but also
6:49 am
brighter one, and miler one too, meisha. good news. >> absolutely, yep, absolutely that. all right, katie thank you so much. good morning everyone, and happy monday. take a look at this our. 309 northbound past paper mill road. all lanes block we did have car fire out there. we saw the car completely engulfed in flames, a while ago, it seems to be under control. now what happened is a car hit another car. it set that car on fire. again all lanes block, you will have to use alternate around this. limekiln pike or bethlehem pike probably your best bet. if i could i'll show you in a couple every minute but first take a look, pull your attention to drowned tree on lincoln drive blocking gypsy lane, we just saw picture of the tree not too long ago, and it is a huge tree. so if you are in this area, that is not going to be cleaned up any time soon. again that alternate west schoolhouse lane. water main break city avenue northbound at balance an avenue. right lane still block. overall right now busy morning indeed. give yourself couple of extra minutes, jim brooke, back to
6:50 am
you. >> 6:50. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> gale king joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning, gale, did you have a good weekend? >> i have it right here on this paper, i had a great weekend because i was at the kentucky derby wearing a hat. so you have to have a good week fend you are there. good morning to you, jim. good to see you guys. covering the efforts needed to fix the rift in the republican party. plus uber and lift leave austin on the decision to drop out instead of forcing the driver to get fingerprint backgrounds checks. and, nora is back, she was off on friday, why because she was interviewing prince harry. so we've got that interview today. the role that he thinks princess diana would have played in the games underway. the news is back in the morning. we'll see in you ten minutes and counting. >> awesome. you know we will be watching. >> thanks, gale. >> i'll be watching, too. see you guys. >> good, coming up in less than two weeks philly's chair at this event of the spring. >> hosted by our very own pat gallen, spat here with the
6:51 am
founder of the preakness at the piazza, pat? >> saturday the horse racing world watched as nyquiest won the 142nd kentucky derby the next race for the triple crown is the preakness steaks. and it is the backdrop from one of the great charity event of the year here in philadelphia, it is called the preakness at the piazza, it raises money for the national multiple sclerosis society. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> hey who is that handsome guy right there? that was me, to generate more excitement the ms society put together this video one that i'm proud to be part of. taking the song cake by the ocean from dnce. and making it their own the ms society's hoping to open more eyes toward a disease that affect 15,000 people locally. and to talk more about the disease, the benefit, all that comes with this great party
6:52 am
jeff gross founder of the preakness at the piazza, jeff, give us little bit after background on the preakness event as you put this video together help put it together? >> yes our fourth year having the event like you said. every year we try to generate little more buzz and hype, leading up to the event. so, we wanted to create music video that included the cause event details also of course the attire. >> we have great it is judges, one being meisha johnson here from cbs-3. she is involved? >> malcolm jenkins from the eagles ike reese. >> yes. >> from the 4wip. yes, bun of of great great people involved. >> sex years ago my best friends john was diagnosed when ms. so i decided at that point to get very involved. we keith aid this event which was outdoor event concept. around the preakness steaks. and every year, we have anywhere between 1,502,000 people come out and celebrate. and so we have raised about
6:53 am
$350,000 to this point and are going for another 200,000 this year. >> last year, it poured it rained so i can a test to the great time rain or shine. how can people find more out about this event. >> go to preakness at the piazza. com. buy tickets there the event may 21, four and a half hours from five p.m. to 9:30 p.m. >> it will be great time. >> it will be terrific. >> bo ties, beautiful hats jim, brooke, you guys better be there. katy? >> after that video who is crazy not to? >> after decades of marriage, hollywood couple calling it quits. >> ozzie and sharon osborne are splitting up after 33 years of marriage. sources say the rock len end has been living at beverly hotel hills for weeks. we'll see if the co-host confirms anything today. you better tune in, the talk hairs at 2:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. >> well, michael phelps is a dad. olympic swimmer and his fiancee welcomed boomer robert phelps thursday, the proud
6:54 am
pappa posted the news on social media saying it is the best feeling i've ever felt in my life. the new addition to the family comes as 292 time olympic medalist is training for his fifth olympic games. set for this summer in brazil. >> well, we'll be right back with three things you need to know before you go. >> it is three to go next.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> before you head out the door here is what is happening. it is three to go. >> escaped prisoner arthur buckle is still on the run despite arrangement for him to turn himself in. seen at a service area. >> bernie sanders bridges his campaign to south jersey hosting rally in boardwalk hall later this morning. >> and we expect to learn more about the winning powerball tickets sold at trenton seven is one jack pock worth $427 million. >> now, a check on weather and traffic. last look? >> yes, it is looking like beautiful beginning to the day here. we have full sunshine for you just very serene view outside beach patrol headquarters. watching us in hd you can see one loan person walking down the beach right now. very very picturesque. looking forward in the seven day forecast, more than anything, it is milder by comparison to last week, will be wet weather along the way most notably tomorrow, scattered shower especially friday meisha?
6:59 am
>> sounds good. thanks katie. keeping our eye on car fire where 309 northbound past paper mill road. all the lanes are block for period of time now just the left lane is block. but it is still causing some major slow downs, if i can show you the back up camera, you can see this back up camera leading up to it easing some tension now that you are getting some lane going by there, 309 northbound avoid the area still if you can. >> thank you next on cbs this morning, nora chants with prince harry about the games and their impact on wounded veterans around the world. >> and remember to join us bright and early each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting 4:30 a.m. have a great day. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday may 9th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump says he does not need a unified party to win the presidency. his new warning to speaker paul ryan. north korea decides to boost its nuclear program. we're inside the hermit kingdom where a western reporter was expelled overnight. and the jiminvictus games are underway. norah talked to prince harry about why he created the competition and what princess diana would be most proud of. we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> just more drama. does the party have to be together, does it have to be unified? i


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