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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> a student killed, three charged in her death but only one charged as an adult. >> there are several from memory, yes, all just spirit gone. >> debris flying through the air, panic and concern as violent tornados rip through the planes. see the destruction left behind and the threat resident face today. fortunately, nothing that severe in our forecast. but we are tracking rain yet again. katie will let us know when this cloudy, cool weather will finally improve. today is tuesday, may the tenth, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. good morning, katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things. >> good morning, happy tuesday. construction moving out of the way. we do have two accident blocking the boulevard and one in jersey, the good news is starting to see some sun. >> little bit. one of those laivan half type forecasts, some seeing beautiful sunrise, but wet weather to dodge. looking at storm scan3, more localized zoom, just snapshot of the tri-state sweep around
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the region. >> you have front starting to become stationary nearby, b, more of east northeast win flow, little more on shore, will keep us stuck in the clouds, drawing in cooler air. fifty-four yeast right now. not going to rebound all that much. much cooler up in mount pocono. that's also where you have much clearer sky. see the temperatures drop more readily through the overnight. rebound up ear's, poor about 60 at best here today. anyone is fair game for showers, the further north you go, a lot more isolated probably see little bit more sunshine. >> i have my sunscreen, sunglasses -- >> any and all accessories
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necessary. >> annum brill a: it is one of those days, all right, thank you so much. good morning, happy tuesday to you. this is where we have an accident. it look like it might be just be clearing, the ramp to the schuylkill, two rate lines block for quite some time. slowing you down little bit. it looks like we might be easing tension there. back upshot for. that will looks really good. headlight approaching the boulevard on the schuylkill. giving you news view, looking pretty darn good. starting to get busy, now tapered off and holding stead he. this shot casino of far away. see the cones. what you are looking at right now repaving on broad street northbound, between 95 and oregon avenue. left lane is still blocked. not causing too many slow downs. make note it is here in and around the area. accident in cherry hill, as well, down tree, and pole, included with this one, route 70 closed cooper landing road. you will have to take alternate. chapel avenue route 73 probably rest spot for those of in you jersey, so route 70 again closed at cooper landing road. jim, brooke, back over to you. >> thank you so much, meisha a
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well, delaware authorities are pressing charges in a fatal rest room fight at wilmington high school. >> one of the three teenage girls may go on trial as an adult. jan carabeo at howard high school of technology, jan, what's the latest? >> brooke, jim, good morning, that's right, these are very serious charges, we're talking about today, this is the first day back for howard high school student after learning that three of their fellow classmate have now been charged, in connection with the death of amy joyner. just about # # weeks since her death, and this morning, learning more about how the 16 year old sophomore died. cell phone video obtain by "eyewitness news", shows the fight on april 21. inside girls bathroom at wilmington howard high school of technology. we silenced the audio, and are only showing small portion because of the brutality. amy joyner francis later died at the hospital. now three of her classmates are facing charges. >> i don't think they will ever have peace. it is a very difficult
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situation. but at least they know who is going to be held accountable for the situation. >> sherrie dorsey walker is a wilmington councilwoman. also speaking for the victim's family following charges announced by the delaware department of justice. >> she is a good young lady. and she was taken too soon. >> the d o.j. is blaming 16 year old trinity car. the teenage student is now charged with criminally neglect homicide, and prosecutors plan to try her as an adult. they say car was the only student to assault joyner-francis in a bathroom that day, two other teen girls charged with criminal conspiracy, prosecutors say they helped plan the confrontation, will be tried as juveniles, and because they are minors, "eyewitness news" is not naming them. also released yesterday, the autopsy results s according to the attorney general's office, joyner-francis had a pre-existing heart condition, and died from a heart attack. but, authorities say, the assault inside the bathroom triggered that cardiac incident. >> none of that would have been triggered had she not been hit. >> amy was the apple of
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everyone's eye. my mother taught amy years ago , amy leaves that casino of impact on individuals. >> now wilmington's mayor made a statement reading in part just the first step toward providing i'm's family and our community with closure, as this process moves forward, i ask that we keep the family and loved ones of everyone involved in our thoughts and our prayers. now, car could face up to eight years in prison, if convicted. the other two teenage girls could face up to a year hine bars. all three had already been suspended from school. reporting live in wilmington this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> thanks a lot, jan. meanwhile police are investigating a sexual assault at say err high school in west philadelphia. investigators tell us a 14 year old female student said she was sexually assaulted by a male student friday afternoon inside the school. the alleged assault happened
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after school had let out for the day. so far, police have not filed any charges. a hit-and-run overnight, leaves a bicyclist hurt in the cobbs creek section of philadelphia. it happened about 2:00 this morning, near 52nd and spruce. the 46 year old bike rider was knock off his bike, and the suv driver kept ongoing. the victim was taken to presbyterian hospital where he is in stable condition right now. >> we just learned the suspect behind a deadly stabbing spree this morning at german train station may have shouted alah god is great during the attack. that's according to multiple eyewitnesses. that man is now in custody. it happened about 20 miles east of munich, one person is dead, several other are hurt. police say the suspect expressed political motivations, but did not confirm what he said. >> developing now, the ohio and tennessee val coast see violent weather today from storm that killed at least two people in oklahoma. storm chasers captured the powerful tornados barreling through winniewood leaving path of destruction.
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multiple homes, and structures, were damaged or destroyed. >> well, nebraska and west virginia holding primaries today, the corn huskers state is a gop only primary. and, donald trump's first as the party's presumptive nominee. democrats bernie sanders holding the lead in the mountain state. >> ♪ >> voters in nebraska and west virginia head to the polls today. where presumptive gop nominee donald trump is running unopposed and expected to win big. >> i want the primary to keep going. but everybody's out. i'm the only one left, that's okay. >> on the campaign trail trump's personal attacks on his likely democratic opponents, hillary clinton, continue. >> she's married to a man who was the worse abuser of women in the history of politics. >> during a stop in stone ridge virginia monday clinton called trump's rhetoric a
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reckless and dangerous. >> i'm not running against him. he's doing a fine job of doing that himself. >> clinton face as uphill battle in west virginia today, where polls show bernie sanders would bleed. the vermont senator campaigned in front after crowd of more than 15,000 people last night in sacramento. >> i think we got a good shot to win in west virginia, and kentucky ... and after those three states we're coming to california. >> sanders needs a landslide win in california's primary to stay in the race. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". donald trump is already blaming past election day. he has pick new jersey chris christie to lead his transition team. christie dropped out of the race in february since then he's been key advisor behind the scenes.
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>> now, for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> the press of atlantic city says cape may county freehold letters vote today on $6.2 million bond ordinance, want a central dispatch center for police, fire and rescues at the cape may airport center, currently operating out after library basement. >> front page of courier times, montgomery county health board dark it g area school district, and encouraging them to take governor wolf up on his offer for two free doses to every public high school in the state of naloxene, also known by narcan, life saving medication used to reverse drug overdoses from heroin, and other open at. >> from the pages of courier post, cherry hill teenage here suffers from panic attacks is pushing for new jersey to join 39 other states in boosting penalties when people with service dogs are denied access to public buildings and facilities. the move comes after ben shore and his support dog golden
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doodle named charlie were recently asked to leave a florida airport. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> we're still waiting for the new jersey powerball winter step forward and we will tell you why it is only a matter of time coming up. >> plus millions of americans are swimming in college debt. now some companies want to help. fine out what they are doing to try to reduce some of that financial burden. >> and, he's back. we'll show you what eagles quarterback sam bradford is saying about his return to the nest. and his fellow birds next. prediabetes is a serious medical condition that increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. more than 1 in 3 adults has prediabetes, but ninety percent don't know it. you could be one of them. talk to your doctor about small lifestyle changes that can prevent you from getting type 2 diabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention.
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>> the winner or winners of the new jersey powerball jackpot still have none been claimed. >> the store owners got a check for $30,000, just for selling that ticket in trenton. eventually we will learn who the win is her. lottery winners in new jersey cannot remain anonymous. >> own though we already know it is meisha. >> people are actually going to start believing that soon. >> do you think it is possible, it is meisha? >> sure, anything is possible, flight. >> she is so giving. we would all have new cars. >> oh, ya. >> so we know it is not america ooh. >> and ponies and retirement homes and everything else, ya. but you know what, guys, i got cool picture to show you. >> this was eyewitness photo sent to us from our very own hug i bear.
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most people know him as vince. but he is one of the producers, look at this, closely, see the rain bowl? actually take friend our station headquarters, we did just have lil rounds of showers roll through. and then beautiful rainbow emerged. so lovely shot. thank you for running and catch that for us, vince, it was so pretty and fleeting. that will said, still tracking some showers out there right now. most mother bridge as cross the southern half of our area. not everyone will walk out the door to wet weather. but one of the daisy always say casino every your call on the umbrella don't mind little light rain, this isn't where we ned the umbrella. that said, the further west you go, into the central plane states, especially, mississippi river valley, do have re feud threat for severe weather eventually same front crossing through our area at the moment, slight risk posted for most of kentucky and the outlying region there. look at the line that's pushing right now through portions of mississippi. yes, rough stuff for those folks once more. i won't be shock if reporting on more severe weather tomorrow from the area. for us, though, we don't see
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the showers and storms really rumble through until friday with the passage of the cold front. meantime today's just casino of damp, dreary, cool, for that matter. we start to rebound tomorrow. expecting temperatures to get into the 70s here with limited sun, there may still and shower around, this front, well, casino of hung up, little too close for comfort. meisha? >> yes, six's will feel little chilly. weird to say that but true. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you. looking outside, what you are looking at the boulevard moving in the southbound direction, looking good certainly starting to slow down specially once we jump on the schuylkill westbound at city avenue. this is what you are looking at once you get on to the schuylkill. again, moving in the westbound direction, at city avenue, so looking just beyond these trees see traffic moving by but overall westbound side what i am keeping my eye on. the boulevard southbound leading to up this, looking busy, is the suing westbound. ninety-five south at girard being look how beautiful that sky is right now, almost like the shelf cloud almost in a way with the sun trying to push through, just can't do it. gorgeous, gorgeous skies.
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ninety-five south at girard. looking very slow here as women. interstate 95, certainly starting to very down. cherry hill we do have accident with downed tree and pole here. route 70 closed, it is closed, at cooper landing road. downed pole, downed tree like i said. you will use alternate. chapel avenue, wrote 73 your best bet for those in you jersey make note of that. another update coming up in a little bit. first i will take a quick break, stay right where you are, cbs-3 your ceiling fan.allsaid he couldn't.
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>> sam bradford is getting some heat for skipping practice, especially, after signing a huge new contract. our pat gallen is here to break it all down for us. >> we already had our arguments here. >> well, when it comes to this top snuck. >> sam bradford has made $78 million in his career, yet has never had a winning season. he's owed 22 million more yet that is had just one season of more than 20 touchdowns. he was named the starter for the upcoming season, yet still demanded a trade, that is eagles quarterback, sam bradford. but on monday he returned to the team following abbreviated hold-out following the eagles
6:20 am
selection of carson wentz in the draft, bradford was unhappy with the pick and decided to ask for a trade. but, when none came, he re-joined his team at the nova care complex, during their voluntary work out. bradford did not address the media or answer any questions, but he did issue this statement saying, quote, i'm excited to be back on the field today with my teammates and coaches. the business side of football is sometimes a necessary consideration. my attention and effort are focused on the participation in and preparation for a championship season. i am committed my teammate. and the eagles organization for nothing less. eagles defense i have end can or -- connor barwin town talks about the return and the manned hine him on the depth charts. >> it will be a competitive situation, sam is a starter but the guess guy mr. play. at the end of the day a great situation for went to maybe learn under really good player for a year or two, and then sam obviously will have carson casino every biting at the heals to push him as well to
6:21 am
be the best he can be. >> it was interesting move for bradford to ask for a trade after excepting a two year contract. the explanation given by his agent was that he want add long-term commitment, if that is the case, why bank on two year deal? in any event, now that this is behind the eagles and bradford will see if he can live up to the monday that i he's owed and push the birds toward the post-season. we shall see. brooke thomas, already looking at me with those eyes. >> just started off so rough. >> i'm just reading the news, that's all. >> oh, my. >> sports news. >> thanks a lot, pat. >> moving on. coming up, the way some companies are helping employees reduce their college debt. and mcdonald's introduces what might be the most popular new menu item ever. find out what sold out in record time during the trial run, katie, i love that you are always this entheusiastic about mcdonald's. >> why wouldn't you be? i mean, when i was pregnant, quarter pounders, every two days. i can appreciate this.
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coming up, guys, talking about more gray skies, more gloomy patterns here, but, some sunshine, finally in the forecast, as well. full details straight ahead.
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>> college loan debt now tops $1.2 trillion. a look at how some companies are trying to ease that burden glenn robert garland is living the american dream. the 34 year old has a good job, a home, a wife, and beautiful eight month old baby. but there is one catch. the couple has significant college debt. $1,300 a month, between them. >> officials payment is actually more than what my mortgage is. >> says most college student don't understand how loans will impact their lives. >> it is not until you get out of college that you start to realize what casino of burr ten will be on your life. >> but garland, and about 5,000 fellow employees, at fidelity investments, are now getting help paying down their college loans. the company has a new benefit program that gives employees $2,000 a year to pay off student loans. participants must have at least six months with the company, and the benefit is capped at total cost of $10,000. >> i have five years left to pay. it will take a year off that
6:26 am
far five years. so 20%, that's a huge number. >> now, fidelity says the program is helping them bring in good talent, and other companies are offering this type of college debt pay-down benefit to draw employees, too. price water house cooper says it has similar program. interesting both companies are in the financial sector. welcoming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", important recall for parent, tell but popular items that could choke babies. >> the sounds is deafening, tornados so violent, even storm chasers said they were nervous. find out why, in the path of destruction, people are still at risk today. >> and using science to brew better cup of coffee, justin finch takes you inside new cafe with a story that is sure to give us all a jolt. meisha? >> loving that. good morning, everyone, skies looking beautiful. but it is getting slow out there. we've got an accident in cherry hill, some lingering construction, all of this
6:27 am
coming up. first a quick break, stay right where you are, cbs-3, "eyewitness ne as an educator, it's all about connections. you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow.
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but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. well, the sunshine was nice while it lasted. but the rain returns today. >> the forecast isn't all bad, though. katie says the dreary weather won't last forever, find out when things will start to look up. morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. it is 6:30, here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> first day back for student, three of their classmates charged in the death of amy joyner francis, 16 year old trinity carr charged with criminally neglect homicide. two other teenage girls are charged with criminal conspiracy. >> ran back to the cellar, walk down, and started
6:31 am
praying. >> at least two people are dead after tornados ripped through southern oklahoma. >> don't let anybody tell you this campaign is over. >> and voters in west virginia and nebraska held to the polls today. >> presumptive gop nominee donald trump has been today's contest unopposed. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> sin i lauper james corden sing girls just want equal fun, new twist on the guesser just want to have fun obviously equal pay for equal cork. >> hard to believe her hit song played on the song 30 years ago, in that same time the gender pay gap is just about still the same too nationally. katie? >> why are you looking at me? >> i mean, nationally. >> oh, okay. i don't know waist going on
6:32 am
here. >> katie? >> yes, guys, you know, as we switch gears here, talking little weather. dow need the umbrella yet again. little bit of fine rain currently falling right now on the skydeck, really through the majority of philadelphia county. it is really really light. so if you don't mind running from the house to the car it was just little bit of light rain. you may be able to get away without the umbrella. i, how much have, to worry about my hair for the next half hour, that's why i broke it out. however, let me show what's going on at the localized level on storm scan. mainly half and half scenario, further north you go, you have little sunshine here in the lehigh valley, poconos, however, some of the rain is falling lightly right now, basically, from again philadelphia county, points east and west of that, all point south. so, expect you might have to not only flick the windshield wipers couple of times, might get slowed down by. >> this the general idea for today. it is cloudy. it is casino of cool. not going to see temperatures warm up all that more from where they currently stand. near about 06 degrees at best. if you like showers, areas of
6:33 am
drizzle, off and on really at any point today. further nor you go, as you just saw reflected on storm scan, the brighter will be. now looking ahead here, the moment anyway, temperatures currently the mid 50's for philadelphia, wilmington, dover, the list goes on here, you won't again see too much movement on the daytime highs. awfully chill toy kick start the morning for mount pocono, even down to allentown at best the mid 40's, but because you have clearer sky you can expect that things are going to cool off lit bit more reasonably through the overnight. as the day progress cents temperatures to rebounds to about 60 as we mention, but really any time you will have some wet weather looks like to dodge on the area radar, but will be somewhat hit and miss, in variety as the day goes on. that's at least good news. not dealing with a wash out by any stretch today. meisha? >> all right, i've got my umbrellas, as well, thanks, good morning, everyone, as you can see, looking at the schuylkill westbound at city avenue looking very slow moving this morning. thinking about hitting the roadway any time soon, i would
6:34 am
say probably good idea specially if you have to jump on to the schuylkill. we look at the roosevelt boulevard moving southbound to the schuylkill right here, once you jump on the schuylkill not looking much better. so overall just looking very bus any that section. look being at the schuylkill eastbound on the other side of the taillights, you can see, not looking as bulls i i would say, eastbound section looking better than the westbound, but overall still looking busy. had two freeway, this is what you are working with there, not too bad. everyone traveling at 55 miles per hour which is where i hope to keep you for quite some time. ninety-five at cottman beautiful shot of the sky. it is looking busy there. still traveling right around 06 miles per hour, seeing those drops sometime very soon in the next ten minute, not going to be traveling at around 55 miles per hour or even 50 for that matter. accident here in cherry hill, new jersey. downed tree, and pole, route 70 and it is closed because of it. at cooper landing road, you will have to use an alternate around here, chapel avenue, route 73, probably your best bet.
6:35 am
whenever we have downed pole and wires we know it is pretty serious, so stay away from the area if at all possible. brooke, back over to you. >> thank, meisha a powerful tornados bear down in southern oklahoma killing two people. this morning, residents are waking to up check what's left of their homes. justin dougherty has the latest on the destruction, as more severe weather is headed their way in oklahoma. >> that's violent tornado. >> almost two dozen tornados tore through the central planes monday. >> oh, no, hitting that farm. >> storm chasers capture one of the powerful twisters pomeling this farm in oklahoma. you can see flashes as the power lines are swallowed up by the violent twister from above, the damage is undeniably. homes leveled, vehicles overturned. the tornay owe left families in the town of winniewood devastated. this home behind me all that remains is foundation, and all of the families ' position asks reduced to pile of rubble. lisa buchner took cover in the basement of her home. >> ran back to the cellar, walk down, and started
6:36 am
praying. >> elderly man who lives in the community was among those who died. the tornado hit, on the phone with his cousin at the time. >> he said coming up down through here, little bit, phones just went deaths. >> another tornado swept through southeast of nebraska, ravaging homes, still's home was destroyed but he survived. >> the win blew him into the tree. it rolled him across the yard, and he hid into the tree, just grabbed ahold of the tree. and the dog ran under the deck. >> it is forecast to continue moving east today, dumping heavy rain in ohio and tennessee. justin dougherty, for cbs news, winniewood, oklahoma. >> one week after they began firefighters continue to battle flames in the fortmc murray while fires, 4,000 acres are ruin, roughly the size of road island. area where the flames are out it, looks lick a bomb went
6:37 am
off. >> 2400 homes have been destroyed. though the flames are still out of chrome, there are signs of improvement. officials say the weather is finally cooperating. >> in other news, three delaware teens charged in the death after 16 year old student, in a school rest room. this cell phone video that "eyewitness news" obtained shows the fight inside the bathroom, at wilmington's howard high school of technology. we are only showing portion of the video, not playing the audio, because it is too disturbing, authorities say the fight eventually led to the death of amy joyner francis on april 21. authorities have charged 16 year old trinity carr with neglect homicide. prosecutors plan to try carr as an adult. spokesperson for the victim's family spokes with "eyewitness news". >> they are not so much commenting on the charges as the fact they've lost their child. and so this their greatest concern is that aimly never come back. >> two other girls who authority say were also in the bathroom are charged with criminal conspiracy. the attorney general's office
6:38 am
says that joiner-francis had pre-existing heart condition. but it added that a fatal heart attack inside the bathroom triggered the cardiac incident. >> well, philadelphia's streets commissioner is facing assault charges following an incident in december of last year. police say donald carlton and ooh year old man started arguing during house party in olney. carlton then allegedly punched the victim multiple times, brake ago rib and injuring the man's eye socket. the district attorney received case last month. no one answered the door today at carlton's home. >> anyone can be a victim of investment fraud. but it strikes seniors more frequently, according to new stud. >> i here are the result on what you can do to gargone senior scams, as cbs business news analyst, jill schlessinger, good morning, jill. so how pervasive is this financial type of fraud? >> you know, it is estimated it cost americans over 50 p.m., with a b, dollars a year, those over 56 and older are often targeted by the
6:39 am
fraudsters, because basically, they've got the money, and they tends to make more emotional decisions. psychologists at stanford university found inducing emotions in older adult, whether they are positive, which is often expressed as excitement, or negative, often arc particular late dollars as anger or frustration, that increased seniors intention to buy, compared to younger adults. that's why seniors are more likely to lose money once they are targeted. >> jill, how can seniors or their family members protect themselves? >> well the sec recommends that you ask questions and of course check out the answers. fraudsters rely on the fact that we simply don't bother to inch investigate anything before we invest. so, of course, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. next you really need to know the salesperson. you want to investigate his or her credentials with the sec or, family member, please encourage older relatives to
6:40 am
discuss any unsolicited offers before they start writing checks. if you suspect fraud, or a questionable practice, has set up toll-free security help line just for seniors. 844-57-help. you can go to finra.okay/senior help line. check it out. this is a really important problem, and it is getting bigger. >> thanks a lot, jill. meanwhile three on your side with important recall for parent, munchkin recalling about 180,000 pacifiers because they could be a choking hazard. now, plastic cover that goes over its latch light weight pacifier clip can detach. no injuries have been reported. the pacifiers were attached clips were sold at babies r us, target, wal-mart, other locations, i posted information for you on my facebook and twitter feeds. the motorcycle donald's experiment with garlic fries at san francisco bear restaurant over for now, looks like great success.
6:41 am
the fries were sold out in less than two weeks, and people there are clamouring for more. mcdonald's said it is considering bringing back the garlic fries, and maybe rolling them out nationwide. i'll be sure eat those and sit next to jim for 42 and a half hours. >> i'm sure you would, snack food. still ahead. ment school bus is torched. but police say this wasn't just the case of arson the surprising suspect and why this could also be considered a hate crime. justin? >> look being at four cough eye shot, each one taste differently, just behind the board here selection of the flavors here talking honey do, apricot, orange, cream, cherry pie. live, coming up, see how science and coffee here come
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we're out ink.nk. not ink. getting ink doesn't have to be painful. staples just cut ink and toner prices. add in our 110% price match guarantee and our prices are unbeatable. staples. make more happen. >> school bus fire in brooklyn caught on fire.
6:45 am
>> now 11 year old boy is accused of torching this bus. but officials say, it wasn't just arson. and he didn't do it alone. moment before you see group of kids who police say are ten and 11 year old, the bus belongs to jewish elementary school. the boys charged with arson, and a hate crime. police are looking for the other. a south carolina woman opened her doors to what she thought was her yellow lab. instead it was an alligator. she called 9911, wildlife removal arrived, and started to wrangle the gator t took them an hour, but the man got the gator inside the truck, we're told both the alligator and the homeowner are okay. >> geez! >> knock knock, who is there? >> no! oh, my gosh. >> i know? ever seen gator upclose, katy? >> no, i have not, other than the philadelphia zoo, that's the closest i would like to see, with a big plate glass between us. >> like the norm, but i have heard people down south are afraid of squirms.
6:46 am
so you there, what's normal for us, there you have t let's go ahead, take a look outside at the weathernet work, finding temperature reports into the mid 50's, upper 50s, little cool granted, actually not going toned up seeing the temperatures rebounds all that much. we take you to the far southern tear of delaware, andy ziegel reporting in at 55 degrees from dover. just a lot of clouds from him right or at lows where he is located right now, we go little further off to the north, jump noop this little batch right here, seeing temperatures again in the low 50's, much of this area. get one of them to activate. ooh degrees comes in from phil at 52 degrees out in the north wales area. doesn't at the moment have any rain. >> you'll see little different sky conditions out there, moving through, going to lead
6:47 am
to more gray skies than anything today. here is a live look outside kutztown area middle school. on cue, lawn mower tractors rolling across the soccer field there. little hint of daylight peaking through the clouds, and that spot, as well. the front we are talking about, it is warmfront particular neckly, will turn stationary, so right on the cusp of where the leading edge of precipitation is. that's why we are relying few showers, light rain, off and on, really any time and anyone pretty much fair game for. that will high pressure builds south tomorrow and thursday. so tomorrow, still allowing a showerment looks like front close enough by. but thursday we have the chance to brighten up a bit more even though the front still close by. high pressure wins the battle. it will keep things dry for us, then the cold front sweeps through. it looks like it is primarily p.m. event. showers, couple of thunderstorms, that will be rumbling through at that point on friday. so, where does that leave us then? we look at the seven day. today real sending up the coolest day of the pack, rebound by tomorrow. thursday looks pretty good right now, if you want to make outdoor plans. weekend not terrible, maybe shower late saturday.
6:48 am
although cooler sunday it, should brighten up for some sunshine, meisha. >> good, there is some silver lining for us, i was going to say katie sound like good time. but as long as i can hear that sunshine is coming our way i'm a happy girl. take a look, schuylkill westbound approaching city avenue. very very slow moving here. in fact, it is a snail crawl there. so if you are just headed out to this area, or the roosevelt boulevard moving in the southbound direction, jumping on the schuylkill here moving in the westbound direction, this is what you are working with, very, very slow moving, give yourself some extra time. we do have accident right here, schuylkill westbound past the blue route. pulled all the way off to the shoulder, might get little gaper delay, overall at the volume levels just hold, hold it in place, because it is so busy around that area right now as well. also, here another accident westbound vine approaching the schuylkill. that right lane, and it sound like we have the school bus involved, it is an empty school bus. that's good news there. accident in cherry hill, new jersey, route 70 is closed at cooper landing road. this is an accident involving a downed pole and wires. use the alternate. chapel avenue or route 73.
6:49 am
jim, brooke, back over to you. >> thanks so much, meisha a now 6:48. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us live from new york with a preview, good morning. >> good morning to you, brooke, jim. we're in oklahoma tracking deadly tornados. plus, facebook, accused of political bias, the author who claims the author suppressing conservative store cyst here. also, we will talk with john heilman, mark hal ben franklin, political expert behind the show the circus, will be here in studio 57. we will talk about the republican risk and unique views on this campaign. >> and erasing fine lines, attacking baggy eyes, doctor, on so-called second skin, and how it could change the way that skin medications work. the news is back in the morning, so see in you about ten minutes. right? everyone is like sign me up! >> all like wow. >> thanks so much, we'll be watching. >> are you a coffee person? i mean, really a coffee person?
6:50 am
meisha? if so this is the story you've been waiting for. >> new coffee shop opened in south philly but this one is different it, uses science, to perfect the perfect brew. now, "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at function coffee labs. we've noticed he's been there a few hours and he's talking faster and faster and faster. good morning, justin. >> i just might have been, i've had couple of shots after all, jim, brooke, and of course special recognition to meisha. we're here with ross, starting today's first big brew, as he does that you want to note that his fiancee and co-founder megan mccusker is out sick today. however, that will not stop us from showing you more of what they do here. ross is starting the day's first big brew. and i think it is that readiment let's show you more of function coffee's last story. >> at the corner of so and carpenter streets an experiment. >> we're zeroing the re fact women at the. >> measures total cyst solve
6:51 am
coffee solids. >> 15 grams of dry coffee going in. >> the daily grinds at function coffee labs research then record -- >> then over time we can keep track of how the coffee is tasting. >> sample. >> yes, not bad. >> and repeat. >> it is part whatever makes ross, and megan's new coffee house stand out. a cork that comes from ross' pen engineering backgrounds. >> a scientist, i basically always see the value in numbers and the value measuring everything. >> their coffee hand picked from roasters who source the world's best beans. then, function fine tune grounding and brewing, maximize z the natural fruit i flavor that you will actually taste. i did. >> should be very smooth, not any bitterness. >> yes, i can taste it. it almost tastes like there is already sugar in it. >> about a year ago they were across the pond living in
6:52 am
england where ross was teaching. they dream of opening their own coffee shop. the question was where. >> like is it going to be in europe? is it going to be back home? >> the orange walnut biscotti taste will come out -- >> they chose south philly, the next coins wasment show shop's name you. >> need coffee to function, well, really like scientific and mathematical -- >> about a minute 45 we'll start pouring again. >> you know? ross is definitely into that. >> cappuccino. >> he definitely into that. a fitting name indeed. right now, here ross starting the closest thing to do at home wig big drip brew. ross, how can we get this quality at home? >> probably the first most important place to start is to be weighing the coffee that you'll dumb noop your little drip machine. yes, it is easy to just use few tablespoons, but you will be more accurate, more consistent if you are weighing it. >> next, dump the coffee in, give it little shake so that the bed of coffee is
6:53 am
completely flat in your filter. if it is not flat, if you leave it mounded up, you'll get very uneven extraction, that will lead to less deliciousness. so let's pop this in here. get the first batch going. i also want to point out quick thing that i used to do, will do no longer, ross, when ugrian your beans in the morning, the smaller, rather shorter window between the grind and the brew will actually impact the taste. is that right, ross? >> yes, because coffee has so many volatile compounds in them, that very easily escape from the particles into the air, they effectively go stale very quickly. so the sooner you can start brewing after the green your coffee, the better. >> keep those beans cold? >> keep them cold. i wouldn't rec just putting them in the fridge or freezer in the bag, and then take it out, use coffee, put back in, because you'll get moisture in there. so if you really are taking your coffee seriously i would
6:54 am
recommend freezing in pre-weighing sealed containers like this, and take out one dose at a time. so each morning take out little frozen packet. and that will lead to better taste. >> ross, thank you so much. i'm telling you guys, eve of these four shots here all look the same, all taste differently, that's because of this process ross is doing here, we're at function coffee labs here in bella vista. guys you have got to get down here as soon as possible, back into you. >> justin meisha was beside herself when you carefully sipped the coffee. she like why is he chug chug it? >> don't drink all of those four shots of coffee. just step away. >> dow what i want, brooke. >> we'll be right back after the break with three things that you need to know. >> it is three to go. and it is next.
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6:58 am
>> here ' what you need to no before you walk out the door. >> fourteen year old girls tells police she was sexually assaulted by male student friday afternoon inside her say err high school in west philadelphia. >> forty-six year old biker recovering after being knocked off his bike at 52nd and spruce overnight. the suv driver kept going. >> new quinnipiac quinnipiac uny
6:59 am
poll spinning state pennsylvania, ohio and florida finds bernie sanders runs stronger against donald trump, between trump and hillary clinton it is neck and neck. >> that's three to go. >> last check on weather and traffic. >> yes, the weather definitely little suspect here today. little gloomy outside. we've got some spots where do you have sunshine like in the poconos, that shot we just showed you. down near cape may courthouse you don't have much sunlight at all, very gray, couple of showers to dodge any time here today. that's most notably for the southern two thirds of our area, including philly, pocono on north, might see nothing but isolated shower today. >> thank you so much for. that will good morning, everyone, accident here, the westbound vine approaching the schuylkill. pulled all the way off to the right shoulder. you can see pedestrians out of their vehicle, walking around, be very careful, and the school bus, it is an empty school bus. >> thank very much, meisha acbs this morning is next. >> remember to join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting 4:30 a.m. have a great day. >> ♪
7:00 am
good morning. it is tuesday, may 10th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." deadly tornadoes tear through the plains, tossing debris and destroying homes. we're in the middle of the devastation. donald trump tries to make peace with his republican opponents on capitol hill. plus, facebook is accused of political bias against conservatives. and scientists develop a second skin that they say will smooth wrinkles and reduce eye bags. we'll find out whether it works. but we begin with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >>


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