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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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request evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. walt hunter is live in center city where he spoke to the victim eastern today, walt? >> reporter: well, it was a life changing and really life shattering accident, right here inside of the rodan museum in 2012. now, a seven and a quarter million-dollar settlement but more importantly for the victim and his attorneys, answers about just how this could possibly have happened. inside of the rodan museum november 26th, 2012, visitors enjoying the quiet, beauty, suddenly startled by the sound of shattering glass, the body of the man plunging through the glass ceiling, 38 feet, to the floor below. >> it was most terrifying moment of his life. more terrifying moment then almost all of us will ever be able to come to grips with. >> reporter: energy efficiency energy he was inspecting lighting fixtures, when he walked, on to a glass floor.
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>> it was just a few seconds of knowing that you will fall and then having your bones crushed and your dreams destroyed. >> reporter: he barely survived his injuries, spending three months in the hospital, racking up 1.9 million-dollar in medical bills. his attorney says that he was led to the attic which was in the secured by a gate and had no warning signs by a security guard who, when he asked her, told him that he could walk across the glass. >> she had actually never been up there herself at all, and now allied barton made a mistake in sending someone who didn't know about this hazard. >> reporter: the security company and the philadelphia museum of art, which operates the rodan agreed to seven and a quarter million-dollar settlement as i the civil trial was about to begin. victim attorneys hoping that the legal action sends a message to all owners, a
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building used by the public. >> it is not good enough to say watch out for yourself, if you know about the hazard. you have to speak up. >> reporter: calls to attorneys representing the art museum anal identify barton security were not immediately returned to cbs-3. finally, attorneys for the victim says the the most important thing for the 27 year-old engineer is vin case, they say he has been blamed in recent years for causing this, for being his fault. they say that this proves once and for all, he was not responsible for this terrible accident. live from the rodin on the parkway i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". find pile of rocks in one montgomery county township spark a complaint that could lead to a federal investigation. ruble sits at lightcap and evergreen road. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is there to explain what triggered the complaint,
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joe. >> reporter: neighbors out here of been at odds with this mountain of rocks behind me, for years. so their curiosity was peaked when they found out united states labor department had initiated a review of their own. >> all these years. >> reporter: robert miller was surprised to hear somebody else complained about the the massive pile of rocks across, from his lower pottsgrove home. he hasn't liked them since day one. >> all of the opened farms, you can see, you know, everything, in through there. now you see nothing. all you see is rocks. >> reporter: on tuesday a spokeswoman for u.s. department of labor confirmed they received a complaint about the boulders, rocks, stones, possibly falling on to evergreen road. pile sits on a property in limerick township. >> those big rocks from down, it vice possible it could happen. >> reporter: labor department identified company responsible for the rocks as sanatoga interchange associates. a representative from san towing at the property owner tells cbs-3 that the company
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is working with the labor department to address concerns at the site. >> i was one of the ones that complained. >> reporter: don woodley says entire area continues to see significant redevelopment. rocks he says were excavated from the area where costco now sits, five years ago. >> you know, it could be a parking lot across the street, i would rather have a pile of rocks. >> they weren't allowed to go over 50 feet. >> reporter: more of the complaints about rocks striking cars is something new. robert says until now they just got in the way of his view. every day for five years. he would just prefer to escape. >> i would like to see someone buy my house and get the hell out of here. >> reporter: both company and limerick township tell me that both have acquired proper permits for these rocks to be here. we did check with the department of environmental protection to see if there is any case history that could shed some light with us. a spokeswoman said those records were not immediately available for her to provide with us a comment. reporting live tonight from him rick township joe holden
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for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. philadelphia school district is reviewing security procedures, after a teenager says that she was a ultimate is ad by another student inside of her school. investigators tell "eyewitness news" that the incident happened at sayre high school in west philadelphia the 14 year-old girl said she was attacked by a ninth grade boy friday afternoon. school officials say that the suspect is suspended while special victims unit investigates. >> we are very concerned why it was a ninth grade their would do that. what has driven him eventually to do this. so this has been the kind of the thing we are looking at. >> i want to know who it is but you don't know if it might happen to someone else or enemy. >> reporter: school officials are working to get at alleged victim help. a threated lock down of conwell egan high school today. chopper three over bristol township bucks county. we are told fbi contacted township police and the school, about an anonymous threat around 7:30 this morning. the school was immediately
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locked down, that will be down was lifted after police searched lockers and school grounds no word on what the exact nature of that threat was. a 71 year-old warrington man is now and rest and charged with first degree murder in a december shooting in abington. this is the suspect, leroy clark, he is charged in the shooting death of robert duncan in abington december 23rd. police say clark shot duncan after an argument and then fled the scene they say clark shot himself in the chest and mouth when they tried to apprehend him. he has been in the hospital until now recovering. voorhees police want you to take a look at this surveillance video. they say that these two young people are wanted for questioning in connection to a rash of vandalism in the area. police say that first the two went door to door trying to sell magazines but when residents decline to make a purchase police say they vandalized cars on william feather drive. gloucester county is turning to fish to fend off the zika virus.
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mosquitoes are primary form of transmission for zika even though none of the cases in the united states has been transmit by mosquitoes, authorities in gloucester county are not taking any chances. they are putting thousands of mosquito eating fish into retention basins, the fish are big the other. >> very clean way to control mosquito population because they eat larvae of the mosquito. they eat them before they he become mosquitoes. >> fish were supplied to the county by the state and their life span is several seasons. breaking news to tell but right now from minnesota, federal officials are executing a search warrant on paisley park, that is the home of prince, why the feds are there and what they are looking for right now, it is unclear. again a search is underway at paisley park, by law enforcement. we will continue to follow this and have very latest after our broadcast at cbs looking at the weather, tracking rain once again
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meteorologist is live in phoenixville tonight. kate, it is all try there for now though. >> it is dry for now, guess contact things have gotten a whole lot nicer in the past hour or so, drizzle has really tapered off and new we have blue skies and a little bit of sunshine in time for the wall of fame ceremony i'm on are with tonight. very excited that happens in less than an hour. lets take a quick look what is happening weather-wise outside right now. take to you storm scan three, you can still see i band of showers just off to our south that is hovering, especially over maryland, delaware, a few showers here and there we have light drizzle throughout tonight. that is bit. temperatures were on the cool side, we will hit 60 for daytime high but that will be the coolest day of the week, we have had a nice little warm up on the way for the next several days back to the 70's. question is will it the stay dry. coming up we will time out your rain chance this is week. back here live there is setting up the ceremony inside and i'm about to head inside there joined by this guy my biggest fan, my dad kip by
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low. did you ever think i would be on the wall of fame here in phoenixville. >> i did not but i'm's in the surprised whatsoever. you're the best. so proud of you ready to go in. >> ready to go in. >> we will go in, we will bring you live look inside at the wall of fame coming up. we will have your full forecast as well. back to you. >> proud dad. >> indeed. >> family affair indeed. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" they are cute, cuddly and they are in camden and you can play a big role in their lives. the things you can give these little penguins that will stay with them for life. and work out that has people flipping out, our vittoria woodill had shows us fitness work out that goes way beyond pumping iron. jordan hicks is on the come back trail how he is adjusting to the new defense and no defense on the planet can stop step curry. warriors point guard does something that has never been done before, find out what next in sports.
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you can help pick the name for two new african penguin chicks. >> they were hatched six weeks ago at the acquire number releasing this photo today. babies are growing fast, dna tests will be performed to determine gender. visitors can see the chicks after african-american feed and contest will be held to help select their names. well, coming up later tonight at 11:00. >> fat reductions. miracle.
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>> that is what would i say a miracle worker. definitely, it is something that, you know, it is easy. >> our stephanie stahl shows us treatments one local mommies swearing by, and, watch the fat go away tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. don bell joins with us sports. fightins getting back at it. >> we have missed them. they didn't play last night. we hope they will continue to play hot. >> yes. >> in miami over the weekend. >> phillies make your scratch their head. what they are doing defies logic. they are the fourth best team in the national league and yes, only one team scores less than they do. lovely for the phils, that team is the atlanta braves whom they will play in an hour or so. meanwhile bryce harper hits home run and drops verbal bombs on umpires. last night nationals all-star got eject for talking smack. after his teammate hit a walk off home run he came out and directed two, very strong word at the home plate umpire. major league baseball is reviewing the incident.
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it is taking weeks but we have finally have an eagles story not involving sam bradford. you are welcome. 2015 season was a roller coaster with only a handful of bright spots. one was play of linebacker jordan hicks. third round pick made his debut in dallas against week two and led led team intact else until he suffered a season ending injury seven weeks later. hicks is recovering from the pectoral muscle and now learning a new system under defensive coordinator jim schwartz. >> going through college at university of texas i had four different defensive coordinator, four different line backing coaches, two different head coaches in five years. we were constantly running new things and constantly learning and having to adapt and change and figure out, you know, the best way to adapt to these coaches. you know, it is something i'm used to. it is something that i think makes me a versatile player that i am. i use it to my advantage.
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>> yeah, that kiddies a ball are. michael jordan, lebron james, magic johnson, none of those guys done what step cure difficult today. warriors point guard was name nba, mvp for second straight year but first time in league history that a player was unanimous choice. golden state set nba record with a 73-nine mark this season. by the way, i get home last night, i forgot they were playing, i go to sleep. i wake up to find out he scored 17 points in overtime begins portland last night which is an nba record in overtime. he is ridiculous. >> my man. >> breaking records all over the place. >> i ran across that last night after 11:00 and almost woke up the whole house. i could not believe what i was watching. >> thanks, buddy. it is a big night in phoenixville. >> meteorologist kate bilo joins us live to explain why, kate. >> hi, guys. i'm in the hallway of my old high school. this is bringing back so many memories. i'm looking around auditorium
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is back that way. we have someone playing bee an owe, band practice that way, music room, the office, lunchroom. it is like coming back to high school again, 17 years later. i'm dating myself here. this is the wall of fame. all of the past honoraries lined autopsy long the wall here, dignitaries, people that really did great things for the community of phoenixville which i can tell you in the 17 years has really change a whole lot. the pretty boring town when i was growing up here. in the so much anymore. always a great time but phoenixville is place to be. ceremony will be right here this evening, then my face will join those on the wall, pretty exciting stuff, and thrilled to be here, such an honor to be back at my alma matter to be honored with something like this for doing what i do, what i love doing every single day which is, of course, weather at cbs-3. lets get to your forecast. we will start off with a look what is happening outside, and not a whole lot going on here. i can tell you blue skies here in phoenixville which is great news and sun has, peaked out
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from behind the cloud, just in time. in problems there. still a few showers off to the south, as we head through the rest of the evening, temperatures will stay on the cool side, and it was cool today, mainly thanks to an east wind. that kept temperatures only around 60 degrees here in philadelphia a you can see cool air throughout the rest of the northeast as well. tomorrow we are in an easterly flow, once again but a little bit more sunshine should help temperatures rebound a little bit. we are looking at highs in the upper 60's here in philadelphia, which is closer to where we should be this map shows what that boundary close by we could be fighting cloud issues for wednesday. the thursday looks like nicest day of the week with more sunshine temperatures in the mid 70's. then another chance for showers and storms at that system finally moves through, on friday. so your rain chances, a low chance tomorrow just a couple showers here and there. 30 percent chance of rain. thursday we are looking at a dry day, 0 percent but then back to more rain on friday with showers and storms and another front, comes through on saturday and that will cool things down. overnight we are comfortable, it should be generally dry
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just a stray shower 52 degrees. tomorrow some sun, again isolated shower at 68 degrees. you're witness weather seven day forecast, well, really not too bad. we have some rain chances here and there but certainly warming up, mid 70's thursday and friday. saturday 72. just a shower in the afternoon. then sunday is cooler but it is dry and we will have plenty of sunshine. so back here live, we have all of the chairs in place. everything ready to go. jake's here behind the camera. he will shoot some of it. we will bring you ceremony later tonight. down there is my family, my dad, his wife marta and my brother steve a graduate of phoenixville high school has yet to make it on the wall of fame, but maybe, maybe his day is coming, as well. i'm thrilled to be back here in phoenixville and such a great time, great school and really looking forward to being on the wall tonight. we will bring you clips later this evening. for now back to you guys. >> kate's competitive streak is coming out. >> i love that sibling rivalry. >> thanks, kate. >> congratulations.
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>> still to come on "eyewitness news". >> are you a fan of extreme work outs? i found a place where you can train l
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fill seniors were treated to pet therapy. >> they enjoyed petting, interacting with animals, and life on broad street. "eyewitness news" in south philadelphia where these dogs, guinea pigs, and rabbits put a smile on their faces. animals were provided by paws of the spirit. >> look at that dog. >> indeed, that is great. >> "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead to that. >> here's the "cbs evening news", help fled syria's civil war only to become child labor, in turkish sweat shops. holy williams has our cbs news investigation. plus, muslim mayor has a message for donald trump. >> and john bon jovi on his
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new project helping the homeless. these stories tonight on the "cbs evening news". ♪ fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides. it's a meal that's freshly prepared every day. court adjourned! colonel quality, guaranteed.
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it is a normal way of normal out are not for you a new fitness crazies right up your alley.
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>> "eyewitness news" reporter vittoria woodill is live, where people are sweating vittoria. >> that is right, looking for a work out and a fitness routine that will push the envelope, push boundaries, welcome, to high court fitness where you can train, like a ninja, check this out. >> ladies, are you ready. >> ready for a work out that pulls everything out of you, we're talking every fiber of strength that will get your fitness. grip training. rock climbing. and manmade metal obstacles, and, rings for the ninja in all of us. all of it was inspired by a popular tv show that caught the eye of fitness owner mark falcon who wanted to practice fitness in real life. >> you know, main obstacles on the show we have fabricated here. >> what is purpose of going so extreme in your work out. >> it is more fun. it takes the every day routine
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out of fitness. >> do you have to be a dare devil. >> we have something for everyone. >> these high intensity fitness he can extremist show up strong to hang tough. >> it makes this gym different from other gyms. >> just the fun and being able to do different things, that you could in the do in other gym. >> just hang out. >> they are right about that. high court set me up with kyle one of their instructors who had me complete four minute circuit of the ropes, sledge hammer slams and floor wipers. >> that is an example of the short circuit we on would do. >> that is tough. >> and then there is the pit. >> kyle, talk to me about the pit. >> the pit. >> personally i'm not ready for pit. >> not these guys and not me. >> i think i'll stay here. >> this work out is definitely not for faint of heart but for everyone, men, women, for boys and girls for the whole family
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and it is definitely a place that you cannot help but jump in to, see you, guys. >> oh, no she's no. >> yes, she did. >> oh, yes she did. >> i'm at the age cut off limit. i got tired looking at that. >> vittoria, thank you. >> summer is right around the corner which brings up a good question. >> margaret from center city wants to know is what best time to plant your summer vegetables whether it is tomatoes, cucumbers and squash. nicole brewer will have the answer tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly. back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight gayle king goes one on one with john bon jovi. see his new effort to help the home less from new york here now is scott pelley. take care family, we will see you tonight.
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>> holy mackerel! there goes that! >> pelley: a new wave of tornadoes sweeps across the heartland. also tonight, children escape the war in syria but cbs news find them in a new kind of hell. >> how many of you guys... >> pelley: toiling in turkish sweat shops for penny an hour. london's new mayor delivers a message in plain english. >> i think donald trump has ignorant views about islam. >> pelley: and a rock star takes on hunger in his community. >> reporter: do you know anything about cooking or washing dishes? >> i'm an expert in the field of washing dishes. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: late today, severe liorms hit the ohio river valley


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