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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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news" reporter, joe hold hen in center city, joe. >> reporter: jessica and ukee these doctors were supposed to be helping people but federal prosecutors say they perpetuated cycle of abuse and addiction. tonight three doctors charged in connection with running an alleged pill mill. these people were simply drug dealers. >> reporter: it was out of the south philadelphia building that federal prosecutors say allen somers operated an illegal five million-dollar cash business. allegedly selling pills, to thousands of customers a month. >> instead of helping people, they are basically contributing, to the drug abuse crisis in our culture. they are distributing, drugs, to drug users, people who are addicted to drugs. >> reporter: we track down doctor somers, a 78 year-old man, at his ambler home. >> can we have a moment have your time? the doctor told us he would be out to give us his side of the story but 45 minutes later and waiting he change his mind, hiding behind his door. >> no comment today.
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>> reporter: also charged in the scheme doctors kahn of villanova and doctor parkas from ridley park. the doctors failed to provide medical and mental health screenings, somers has even appeared on you tube, about how he would help people. court documents alleged scheme here was extensive, doctor somers and his co-defendants were allegedly doing, ten times the amount of business, their licenses allowed them to do, and they are allegedly dealing with drug dealers and drug addicts as far away as cape may. court records show somers lost his license to practice after dea served a search warrant at his south philadelphia clinic 2014. neighbors disappoint todd hear allegation that is doctors were taking advantage of the people. >> terrible, but, you know, some people you get the opportunity to make five million-dollar, they will sell whatever they can. >> reporter: now these federal charges include distribution, health care fraud, and money laundering, each of those charges if convicted, could
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land these doctors in jail. now a quick check of those record reveals that only one doctor, has a license left to practice, and each of those doctors expect to surrender here, to the federal courthouse next week. live from center city, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for that. there are a few new ways to discretely dispose of unwanted prescription drugs in philadelphia city is expanding its drug drop off program. just head to one of the 13 philadelphia a police districts and look for this blue box. that is where you can leave your unwanted medications and it will be disposed of at no cost to you. district attorney seth williams says the program will save lives. >> we have to do all that we can to reduce the number of overdose deaths in philadelphia, the number of people addicted to painkillers. and one of the best ways that we can do that is by getting these drugs out of the home. >> for a list of the drop off locations just go to our web site at cbs philly dot the
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come. pennsylvania state police have a suspect in custody in a road rage incident. fifty year-old anthony richardson of overbrook park had no comment today. police say he opened fire on another driver on the blue route near the schuylkill expressway, just six days ago. police say richardson was angry because victim suddenly braked after he saw richardson tight on his rear bumper driving erratically n1 was injured in that incident. campaign 2016 hillary clinton brings her campaign to south jersey. new battle ground in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. clinton rallied supporters in camden county college in blackwood today. she didn't mention her rival bernie sanders but blasted presumptive republican nominee donald trump calling him reckless and dangerous. clinton's speech focused on policy, including making college cheaper. >> i have have a plan for debt free tuition, debt free college, you won't to have bureau anything. i have a plan to help you pay down the student loans you
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already have, and get out from under them. >> by the way line to get in the clinton rally, snaked all the way through the college campus. clinton's rival, democrat bernie sanders, rallied a large crowd of support tours day. he is campaigning in monday tan a voters in that state go to the polls june 7th along with new jersey, california, new mexico and south dakota sanders says he is going all the way to the convention right here in philadelphia, although he is way behind in the delegate count. preparations are kick nothing to high gear for the democratic national convention in july. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff tells us volunteers are the backbone of efforts to make it a successful convention. >> democratic national convention. >> reporter: philadelphia 2016 dnc, host committee made the call and boy, did they get an answer. >> i'm more surprised how quickly the response has grown in just a few short months. >> reporter: request for 10,000 volunteers to help out
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with the july convention, quickly turned into a response nearing 17,000, and erin signed on and this is his second day. >> i would be under graduate in law school. i'm a stay at home mom and i have been out of the work force for almost 12 years. >> reporter: pool of volunteers is diverse, some traveled across the country, others from overseas. >> we decided that the most convenient way to honor everyone's schedule is through a broad based web based training and everybody will be alerted when that is ready. >> reporter: we had to know how do you keep 17,000 people busy. >> we will need volunteers, and headquarters during admission support, greeting delegates getting off plane and train. as well as well coming them to philadelphia come convention week you might find a volunteer in the coffee shop or out in the street giving directions to local landmarks, or, they could be stationed near hotels here in south jersey, to help were looking sticks. bottom line is these assignments will run the gamut
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and manpower is necessary. >> some of the things we have been working on is donkeys around town program. >> working in the communication department the so press releases and things like that. >> reporter: it is dnc, volunteer pool made up of r's and i's too, once the number exceeds 17,000, volunteers a weight list for additional from it cos will go in effect. for election 2015 i'm alexandria half hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". donald trump is off the campaign trail today preparing for his meeting with house speaker paul ryan in washington tomorrow. the goal to find a way to unify republican party after a bruising primary season. today new jersey governor chris christie talk about the possibility of becoming trump 's vice-presidential running mate. >> to be on the short list it is an honor to be considered for that position but i was on mitt romney's short list and came up short. we will see what happens, this this time around. >> reporter: trump has tapped christie to lead his
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transition team if elect. we are less than a month away from the new jersey primary, voters in the garden state head to the polls june 7th. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 counting his blessings one year later. >> i was able to go home late that morning be with my wife and two kids and kiss them, tell them i love them, and i'm grateful for. >> reporter: tomorrow, marks one year since the amtrak crash that killed eight people and injured hundreds, in philadelphia a. former congressman and current acting secretary of the army speaks to our david spunt about the accident that changed his life tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. on the healthwatch tonight, a special celebration at penn medicine for chemotherapy patient from new jersey. >> health reporter stephanie stahl was there for the festivity. >> reporter: this was a great party. i first told but this family four years ago when they started a tradition, instead of letting chemotherapy be a difficult ordeal for a beloved mom, daughter and wife, they made parties while she's
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beating the odds. today they celebrate aid big milestone. for her 50th chemotherapy treatment, debbie, gets a golden party. that is right, a party with balloons, streamers, cakes, the works. >> it is amazing. especially when i was told it was stage four and that it had gone to the brain and now nothing is in the brain and it is non-active right now. >> reporter: it has been four years since she was first diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, years now on chemotherapy at penn medicine. >> party girl. >> reporter: daughters kelly and karen said they would make the best of the bad situation. >> never once in 50 chemo sessions has she ever sat here by herself. we have always been here for her. >> reporter: this have been different themes. we have been invited to one of her first chemo parties called fun in the sun. >> if it wasn't for these parties i don't think she would be walking here with a smile on her face. >> reporter: she has been able to see a new granddaughter all deck out for 50th party.
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>> she's doing great and it is really, the what is keeping her going. >> reporter: debbie a's oncologist says chemo is no longer something to dread. >> not only are we able to control their disease but truly let patient does what they want to do. >> reporter: debbie went back to work. at the hospital she and her family share their positive spirit and hit the halls of the chemo unit. >> hello. >> would you like a cup cake. >> reporter: to share sweets with other cancer patients and debbie's story on have beating the the odd. >> my doctors have basically called me her miracle child. >> reporter: how about her. with her cancer now well managed, debbie might be able to get more advanced treatments with immuno therapy so she can watch her grandchildren grow up. coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 have you heard of botox deception or cosmetic infidelity? people getting cosmetic work done but keeping it hush, hush, dirty little secret many couples never discuss.
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>> at the time when i was in my early 30's, i was not going to tell anybody and especially in the a boyfriend. >> no way. >> reporter: some surprising reasons why more people are aging in secret, that is coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> secrets people keep good i know. >> no kidding thanks, stephanie. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight a warm welcome in swedesboro, but in the for a person, new arrival that has residents lining the streets this afternoon. a shore story 50 years in the making cape may fixture celebrating a milestone and remarkable story behind it, kate. parts of the area look like this, blue skies in the poconos, other parts of the area looking a little bit wet and in the middle will it is just gray again in philadelphia coming up we will tell you when temperatures head back to the 07's and our next chance for showers and thunderstorms, don. one number tells us how much the phillies have improved, that is the number 20, find out why, plus what is
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well, changes are in store for philadelphia's holocaust memorial which is located a at 16th street and ben franklin parkway. >> plans for a new memorial were unveiled today. officials say the original memorial created in 1964, must
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be recreated for a new generation. it will be featuring six themes and interpretive columns representing the 6 million jewish people died in the holocaust, as well as an eternal flame. mayor kenney was among those gathered for today's announcement. don bell has sports. we are talking about the fightins on a nice little roll. >> i like this team. >> they are fun to watch. we didn't expect it, right. >> they are better than we all thought. we will take them anyway we can get them. that is what adam morgan says about the teams ability to win games decided by just one run. less than an hour, they will take on the braves and try to make it four straight wins overall. last night phillies, got a late rush from miguel franco, two home runs in his last four games. jeanmar gomez gave up a solo home run and tonight, before closing out the braves, tonight the phillies are looking for their 20th win of the season. the last year they didn't win 20 until june 2nd. so this team is much,
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improved. all right. six years ago the philadelphia union joined major league soccer. one thing they have never done beat l.a. galaxy at home. they will get a chance tonight. win would give union top spot in the eastern conference. how about the playoff hockey, last night, penguins looking to close out the caps. the game goes to overtime. that is when nick manino steps up and becomes winner, the game winner, series winner, penguins win four-three. they will take on the lightening in the eastern conference finals. you'll remember caps are the team that eliminated flyers in the first round. eagles vp of football operations howie roseman has a wing. they hired joe douglass to be his vice-president of, player personnel, spent time, with the ravens and bears. they added andywydell asiana cysttent director of player personnel. front office rounding into shape. on this day in history doctor j defied logic and gravity, may 11th 1980, julius
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irving was one of the most iconic players in basketball history. the hall of famer with the one handed reverse against lakers, sixers, went on to lose that series in six games. that was the man. >> the man. >> speaking of anniversary 20 years agricultural even iverson became pitch man for rebook and to celebrate the company is releasing a new iverson shoe. it comes out tomorrow. the name of it? >> practice. >> are you talking about practice. >> practice. >> i love that they are naming it practice. >> are you talking about practice. >> you have to embrace it. >> you got to. >> roll with it. >> yes, stood the test of time. thanks, buddy. >> kate joins us. time to talk about the union, what kind of weather will folks see going out tonight. >> wet weather is staying south of chester. that is good news. we are seeing showers and thunderstorms moving by to the south but they will get by with some cloud, maybe a shower. not the best night but should stay rain free. good news for union and better news heading in the day
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tomorrow. rain impacting our southern most parts of the region. tonight it will push out and we will get more sunshine tomorrow. not a beautiful sunny day but better than today and yesterday perhaps. take a look outside we will go outside to the shore where we're speaking of glummy, it is gray and damp, it is raining down the shore right now at least lightly. we will see folks on the boardwalk, beautiful shot of the roller coaster there, ocean city that boardwalk will be packed in just a month from month. mid-june, two months from now this time of the night, it is people as far as the eye can see down the board. not so much tonight. people walking under awning toss stay dry. little rain coming down. you can see it. this little area of showers that has developed, to the south of us, it is starting to shrink and weaken and staying south of the pennsylvania delaware border in to south jersey. we cannot rule out one of the sprinkles getting in the chester area, but for the most part it is like we get through this evening without too much wet weather. as we push to the south you you can see where we will
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still looking at some shower activity, light rain here, maurice river up toward vineland, cape may courthouse, cape may, all of the cape may county a and shore points get wet this evening as part have the larger system bringing us another chance of showers and storms on friday. in the meantime we recorded a trace of rainfall, that means we only had had one dry day out of the last 14. almost two weeks straight with a trace of rain, every single day and within day that was dry, it was still cloudy and gray. 64 degrees in philadelphia chill any millville. wildwood, dover, rain cooled air has us in the 50's. the that is how much warmer just off to the north, cloud cover 70's in new york state i. as we head into thursday clouds and notice just off to the south and west, i cannot rule out a shower tomorrow. it is a better day but with that front nearby you cannot rule it out. we have showers and storms through mid afternoon time frame at 3:00 o'clock. beautiful start to saturday. here's 11:00 a.m. but yet another front comes through
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saturday afternoon with showers and thunderstorms and we will transition to cooler pattern as we head in the early part of next week. through overnight hours mostly cloudy stray shower 54 degrees. cloud and some sun heading in to your thursday. can't rule out a sprinkle mainly south and west again and friday better chance for showers and storms. another front saturday after another nice start to the day but cool and try. sunday and monday. mid 60's but we will see sunshine both of those days. ukee and jessica back to you. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news". >> montreal beach resort has sustain itself for 50 years on the sands of the cape may beach. their story, their family story is all about perseverance and preservation, you don't want to miss
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. 9/11 artifacts are in
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swede bureau, gloucester county. >> two pieces of the the subway rail from the lower level of the world trade center were taken to swede bureau today for a ceremony. rail pieces will be stored until a permanent display is created for them. still to come tonight a jersey shore success story 50 years in the making.
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big day foresee see side resort in south jersey. a celebration is underway in cape may. >> "eyewitness news" reporter vittoria woodill is live down the shore with the milestone anniversary, torey? >> reporter: that is right, it is 50th anniversary for montreal beach resort and the story you are about to see is quite amazing, quite triumphant and you can see even a little rain can't stop the celebration of the family success, today. check it out. >> on the cape may beach is a story of an american dream. golden anniversary for the montreal beach resort where family and friend gathered to celebrate the fun that has been had here since 196, year was started by harry hirsch and his wife sophie. >> truly remarkable like a second marriage, you know, we have been here together with
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cape may. we like to feel that we have contributed to cape may and in many respects the town has been very gracious to us also. >> reporter: this story isn't a summer love but of survival. harry was a holocaust survivor and both survived nazi germany to start a new life across the atlantic ocean. harry shared his very personal story with cbs-3 back in 2009. >> i seen it and i was like my god. >> we look at it, as whatever he went through, our toughest day never is as tough. >> reporter: although harry and sophie are in longer with them they are honored by four generations of proud family. his son larry and joe, grandson jonathan and evan and his great granddaughter em son. >> it is remarkable that we are here for all of these years. >> it is an emotional connection that people have to this place and to the hotel
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and to cape may in general. that keeps them coming back here. >> reporter: coming back to create their down the shore store ace monk another of. >> perseverance but preservation. >> correct. >> yes. >> reporter: you know, whole party behind me is watching the package unfold and i have to tell you that i got teared up as they applauded when they saw harry on the screen. very difficult to put into words the success of the hotel has had, sea side here in cape may but they have a book that details the story called a cape may story, that is extremely moving and ukee and jessica, really powerful story but showcase of family, love, community joining together. it is incredible, what a way to see summer not far away. >> beautiful story thanks. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". here now is scott pelley.
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take care now, we will see you >> pelley: terror in baghdad. nearly 100 are killed in a series of isis suicide bombings. >> reporter: this is a residential neighborhood, and there is a sense that nowhere in the capital is safe. >> pelley: also tonight, it was arson. investigators say someone set the fire -- >> god almighty. >> pelley: -- that blew up part of a texas town killing 15 people. is it safe to take folic acid during pregnancy? our dr. jon lapook has the facts behind some troubling headlines. >> i'm morley safer. >> pelley: and the end of an era of wit, wisdom and wonder. >> come on. >> pelley: "60 minutes" correspondent morley safer announces his retirement. >> sure you haven't got


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