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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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tgif, may the 13th, i'm jim donovan. >> any friday is good. >> i'm brooke thomas, katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning, one accident in camden and some changes to mass transit. i'll have that coming up in a little bit. >> at least for now the rain is not here, little window of time here. i don't think the rain will have any major impact on the morning drive here. looks like mainly later today but for now yes you definitely got little bit of moisture in the air will make it feel steamy outside but go ahead, take a look at really just the general time line here today. today showers, evening clearing, also few rumbled every thunder but nothing severe. saturday, it is one of those days that start off innocently enough, but then eventually we start to see clouds rebuilding and eventually some showers and thunderstorms in some of the storms could turn strong, more on that later in the show but on sunday, much cooler day, as the wind kicks in, and those cold fronts do their job every knocking temperatures
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back for now though at about 60 degrees seeing at almost least little sun, clouds are thickening and again, that is a sign of things to come. we look forward in this forecast, we should easily rebounds mid 70s once more by 3:00 p.m., 74, officially shooting for 75 degrees, but will be showers, thunderstorms, window generally speaking is from noon to 5:00 or so for the wet weather to move on through. and again meisha not talking any kind of major severe threat but obviously put the damper on your friday. >> yes, it does, that's why you just tunnel vision, katie, tunnel vision, friday, friday, friday. ben bridge, looking good, levels starting to build, we can expect it now pushing into the 6:00 hour still looking greatment volume levels anywhere you look still looking real nicement vine taillights moving in the web direction before the schuylkill. you can see moving both the westbound and eastbound looking pretty good. i would say eastbound heavier, what you are looking at, beautiful sun starting to come up little bit.
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came coming in later but enjoy the sunshine while you have it. dad vail regatta today and tomorrowment kelly drive closed until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. get this, jim and brooke, over to you. >> mask men may have had the wrong house. >> i zero witness news of the rower jan carabeo live in somerton with what may have been a case of mistaken identity. >> this family certainly believes this was case of mistaken identity and they say that because while they were inside the house they say one of the suspect said we got the wrong house. this family lived on fair day street for nearly 40 years, police, a loft them, liver on this block, too, and they didn't even feel the need to put their alarm on at night. that is until now. >> frightening night for family of three, tied up being robbed, inside their own home in the somerton section of northeast philadelphia. >> we don't know why this particular house was targeted. this is a normally a real
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quiet neighborhood. very, very few calls for service in this area of the seventh district, actually one of the quiet he is neighborhoods in the city. >> police say the chaos errupted here on the 14,000 block of fair day street just after 1:00 a.m. on friday. couple in their 60s, and their 32 year olson, were all asleep in second floor bedrooms, when suddenly three mask men broke in through a back door and started making demand. >> they began ordering family members to tell them where the money is, where is the money? family saying they don't have any money in the house. >> at least one of the suspect in the home, zip locked the couple, and tide 37 year old's hands back with a shirt, the men then ransacked the house. >> the electronic devices they had, computers, flat screen tv's, are still in the house. so we believe threes
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perpetrators were looking for cash. >> once suspect left it took the family about 30 minutes to break free, no one was injured, but the men did get away with undisclosed amount of monday. >> i why this particular house was targeted is unknown, because according to the family they did not have a lot of cash in the house. >> and police say the only cash that was found inside of that house was in the 37 year old son's wallet, northeast detective, has now pick up this case, found church about half block away that has several surveillance cameras, hoping to find some helpful video. anyone with information should call police, again there is family not hurt through it all just very shaken up this morning. terrifying ordeal for them. reporting live in somerton, qyw3 "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into. >> you. >> thanks for that information. >> police in the feltonville section interviewing possible eyewitness toss deadly accident on the boulevard. it happened at c street intersection about 11:30 last
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night, 292 year old pedestrian was killed, after he was hit by a hyundai so that the a driver was also 22 years old, he remains on the scene. >> more new video, norristown firefighter taken to the hospital after he got sick while checking out underground transformer fire. the fire started on main street around 3:30 a.m. nearby businesses being check for carbon monoxide leak, no word on what made the firefighters sick but he is expected to be okay. firefighters making good progress on forest firing burning in burlington county. chopper three there over bass fire river where about 50 fire fight verse been working through the night more than 400 acres were involved, but no structures have been affected. cooler temperatures and less wind are helping their progress. >> campaign 2016, donald trump touting party unity after meeting with republican leaders, presumptive republican nominee, house speaker paul ryan, pledge to work together yesterday for
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the sake of the party. and to beat the democrats in november. trump tweeted he had a great day in d.c. and things are, quote, working out really well. but ryan says he's still not ready to endorse trump. >> i don't want a fake process here, i want to make sure we truly understand each other, we are committed to the conservative prince that make the republican party that built this country and again i am very encouraged. >> ryan and trump have significant policy differences, rhino posts trump's call to temporarily ban muslim immigration and to leave medicare and social security intact. >> bill clinton stomps for his wife hillary in north jersey ahead of next month's primary. he will stop at two colleges passaic counsel i -- count you community college, the college of new jersey in ewing. frontrunners plan to raise wages in the garden state. voters head to the polls to cash their ballots june 7th. clinton's rival bernie
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campaigns in north dakota, behind in the delegate count, sanders said he is homing for contested democratic national convention, right here, in philadelphia. >> south dakota primary voting takes place june 7th along with new jersey. >> robing teams from more than 100 colleges and universities are in philadelphia this morning. in town for the largest collegiate rowing event in the united state our own pat gallen along kelly drive with one of the teams hitting the water just within the hour, pat? right behind me, see people getting ready on the water, outside of the st. joseph's university boathouse as they prepare to get ready for the dad vail regatta we do things big here in philadelphia. and this is the coach. the head coach of st. josephs ' universitiment big day for you? >> it is very big day. that time of year, been point
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being at this one all year long. >> what's it like getting ready for an event so big like the dad vail regatta? >> it is a lot of planning. a lot of training a lot of miles on the river, but there is over 100 colleges and university here over 400 entries, it will be a phenominal regatta. >> we don't want to work, our peak house, peak championship. >> you and i were talking few minutes ago about the weather which will reef havoc. you guys can deal with rain but can't deal with lightning, can you? >> not lightning shall the one thing that will stop us and take us out, so hoping every six minute, so hoping there are no delays. >> no lightning, don't want any lightning. >> so long day, were you saying every six minutes there is a race. so that can just mess up everything. >> makes it hartford organizers make up the races and make sure to get information over the course of the week end. >> what do you tell your guys?
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a lot of things going on around them? >> we tell them to focus on themselves, enjoy it, and have fun with the experience for the same time put hands on, focus. >> you guys ready to rock? >> we are ready to rock. >> big day. dad vail regatta begins in about 45 minute or so, 7:00 kick off. hopefully the weather holds off, hopefully no lightning. because they can keep going through the rain, lightning is a problem. jim, brooke, we send it back into you. >> pat this will be awesome. >> thanks a lot, pat gal glenn great weekend ahead. coming up in recall rounds up, item that could cause parents to drop their baby. plus: yikes, close call for police officer nearly hit by a car we'll show you what saved him from being seriously hurt. >> and spectacular volcano erruption in costa rica spreads ash for mile. find out if it is affecting travel coming up. >> ♪
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police offers nerve lynnewood, atlantic county dodges danger, just in the nick of time. >> yes, frightening moments captured on the officer's body camera. >> well, stopping to help a disable motor vehicle, another car travel north took off the door of the police cruiser nearly hitting the officerment but saving him from serious injury. police are searching for a silver or gray nissan altima or similar type car. if you have any information call lynnewood police. >> and check out some pretty cool video of a volcano errupting in costa reek, a special camera caught the image in psychodelic colors. the volcano scattered some rocks, and spray gases in some communities on the slopes, no reports of injuries, or damage, the erruption is not impacting air travel in that region right now. >> well, doesn't stay dry for long. >> well, katie tracking rain and chance of storms.
6:14 am
shocker? >> what else is new at this point? i know, just broken record. >> mother nature, do you have her on speed dial? >> i think we can at least find bright spots in the forecast for a change, granted i do have to tell you about some fog out here currently, in some very isolated spots, so watch for that in live neighborhood network, and some other spots, as well, also obviously some rain, but we're not dealing with wash-out of a day here. today, or tomorrow. there is a very specific window of time we will see things get active on the radar over our area. for now, things are starting to cloud up for sure. atmosphere also moistening up. you might see some fog in some of the most remote suburbs, line of rain doesn't start to move in until about lunchtime. morning drive should be totally fine. as it pertains to the weather anyway, then we've got cold front number two out there over the dakotas, pushing in already by tomorrow. so very quick moving little disturbance. now, as we head into sunday, monday, behind that pair of fronts, we ends up with temperatures that really take
6:15 am
a nosedive here. well below average. and we're going to struggle to even hit the low 60s on one of those days, so that said, let's talk talk about the rainfall, not talking flooding rain but you are going to see primarily through the mid to late afternoon noon to five-ish or so today, light round every rain, probably few embedded thunderstorms, none severe rumble throughment second front comes along on saturday. and that by the time it is all said and done could bring our total all the way up to maybe even three quarters of an inch or so according to at least one particular model. so yes, you will be dodging showers, going to be dodging couple every thunderstorms corks turn locally strong tomorrow by the way. keep that in mine. but otherwise, we do have some breaks where it will stay dry. by sunday look at that, big drop off on about 15 degrees or so, 61 at best on sunday, but at least dry, meisha, if you really got to get in the outdoor plans. >> that's the thing, just have to put on sweatshirt. i have to tell you i am so over this rain, i've been saying it all morning i'll just focus on it is friday. boulevard, moving in the
6:16 am
southbound direction, looking good. but i would say now we are certainly starting to heat up. we can usually expect that around this time. for friday, i would say, this is fairly typical. i would say maybe even little busier than what we tip he cannily see on a friday moving into the early 6:00. a look at the boulevard moving in the southbound direction once you jump on to the schuylkill westbound at city avenue what you are looking at there. you can see some brake lights going off here as well as slowing down little bit. overall things are casino of holding steady fairly typical 95 south at girard what you are looking at a lot of vehicles out, there still traveling around 55 miles per hour but after 6:30 i think will start to drop off obviously moving into the main hour of rush hour 7:00 we will see it drop quite significantly on this busy friday morning. ac rail line suspended between 30th street station and pennsauken, bridge failure, bus service sable, i tweeted all of that out, jim, brooke, over to you. >> dangerous products that may be in and around your home. here is information you need to know in this week's "3 on your side" recall rounds up.
6:17 am
>> first up, baby carrier concerns. twingo recalling about 4,000 baby carriers, the waist buck kel break, posing a fall hazards. twin go designed to hold 12, babies, made of fabric, black on the outside, blue or orange on the inside, been sold since december of 2014, at boutique stores and on stop using the carrier and contact twingo. >> trouble with trail mix. becomes of uncle bucks sweet and salty trail mix being recalled due to a listeria threat. sold at bath pro shops nationwide. they have two different best buy dates march 14th and april 18th of 2017. contact the manufacturer rutgers whole sale for refunds. speaking of listeria, check your freezer, another frozen vegetable recall to tell you about. pick sweet recalling green beans, greenpeace, and other mixed frozen vegtables
6:18 am
containing the beans and piece due to potential listeria threat. the vegtables were sold nationwide. >> more than dozen products involved in the picksweet recall. too many of them to mention by name right now. but i will be posting links with everything you need to know on this recall and other on and on my facebook and twitter feeds. >> such important information. >> indeed, indeed, especially when it comes to food safety. >> thanks, jim. still ahead, a look at stories making headlines in our local pape that's morning. >> and phillies fan who is going bat against breast cancer. justin finch has her inspiring story and lets us know how she will be honored at sunday's home game coming up.
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ask your heart doctor about entresto. and help make tomorrow possible. ♪ you're only a day away ♪ >> ♪ so, for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region, news john elf delaware, judge rejected part of proposed settlement term terminix agreed pay $10 million after sprague toxic pesticide. pesticide nearly killed delaware family while vacationing in the u.s. virgin islands. >> from the press of atlantic city merchant in cape may fear construction in the area may hurt businesses during the busy memorial day weekend. >> the city's main entrants at lafayette street currently has five active construction sites. >> local none profit groups helping to distribute food to those who need it. 10% of the population are
6:22 am
considered food insecure. food pantries run by churches and other non-profits are lending a helping hand. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> meanwhile, coming up: meisha takes us on another dream drive to one of the area's most popular gardens. >> plus julia roberts looked gorgeous as usual walking the red carpet. but she did something that's grossing out a lot of fans. we're going to show it to you, because that's what we do. >> and it is weather watcher friday. katy? >> indeed it is, and joining us in house today john, hails from yardsly, pa, drove in dark and early to be with us here today. we'll hear more about him and also have the full forecast for you of course which of course is tracking more rain, what else is new, right? we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ today is friday the 13th, are you superstitious? or perhaps tristkadeckphobia. >> the fear of friday the 13th, and the reason to avoid it, also fear of friday the 13th. watch out for black cats that
6:26 am
cross your path. still blown away, no 13th floor at my building, don't have it. they skipped pass it on the elevator. likes oh, everyone really -- >> they new you would move in, they didn't want to freak you out. >> misty copeland's story heads to the big screen. >> pick up the film right, life in motion. unlikely bat rena. copeland was the first african-american woman to become principal dancer at the american ballet theater, no details yet on release date but i can't wait. >> george clooney and julia robert walk the red carpet in cannes for the debut of their new film money monday store, opens in these earth today, clooney place financial advisor on tv, takes hostage during live show. >> check it out. julia robert actually walked the steps barefoot. forty-eight year old actress look george news black ball gown and diamond choker. see, they want me to say ew, bear feet.
6:27 am
but my feet are bear right now. when she reached the top of the stairs, the man handed her a pair of shoes. >> if people only new what i deal with behind this set. >> i either have on heals or i'm barefoot. i'm country girl. >> lucky me. >> lucky you. coming up the obama administration, major mandate or trans bathroom rules. we'll tell you about the letter we sent to school district later today. >> nine year old girl kidnapped from her school more than a week ago is found alive. find out where she was found and the two men being hailed heroes this morning. hey, pat? >> coach, coach, yes, i need the socket wrench. oh, hey, just working on this both here as temple university gets ready for the dad vail regatta i'm not messing anything up, i promise. coming up we'll talk with coach ryan perkins, all of the things happening here at the
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. it is friday. and we're dealing with more rain. and katie says we could see thunderstorms. she times it all out and talks about the change in the temperature, too. morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. 6:30, time to get you caught up on this friday. here's what you need to know in your morning minute. >> family of three, terrorized overnight, inside their northeast philly home. >> i just spoke to this family who is now returned home after speaking with police, they tell me, they heard one of these suspect say we have the wrong house. so, they believe, this is a frightening case of mistaken identity. >> police are investigating an accident on roosevelt boulevard in feltonville that claimed the life of a pedestrian. >> bill clinton campaigns for his wife hillary today in north jersey. >> i'm very encouraged at the first meeting of this process? donald trump is vowing to work together with republican leaders following their
6:32 am
meeting in washington. >> light drive base hit into left centerfield. two runs will score. maybe more. belong owe trails ferriera. here comes, headed home, three run double for cameron rough here in top. and the phillies retake the lead. >> the fighting phils win it seven to four, in extra innings, back home, and will take on the cincinnati reds tonight. >> we love it when the phillies win. go phils. katie tracking more rain and storms so we don't love. that will we do love katie, who is also not alone in the weather center. >> i am not. guys, joining me today, john val error, one of the weather watchers, with us since the very start of the program couple of years ago, i can't believe it is that long. he is from yardley, pa, also a graphic designer. but you've been into weather since were you very young? >> little kid we used to watch from the garage, big thunderstorms, and just loved watching the thunder and the rain and get the cool down,
6:33 am
and then snowstorms, just watching snowstorms and glued to the tv wait to go see what's coming next. >> i think you are like so many of the watchers, like to watch things un fowl. so grateful you are here. and we would be remiss to not give special shout out to your son nate, bumm he couldn't be here today. he is a cub scout, hard worker, and i know he is up watching right now. so thanks for watching, buddy, thanks for being here. let's take a quick peak what's going on storm scan3, locally not heck of a lot yet. when you you walk out the door you are going to notice that it feels little muggy outside. tracking our next cold front. which waits in the wings already starting to move in across northwestern and central pa specially. but that's going to be triggering our next round every showers, and very likely few thunderstorms as well. currently at 60 degrees at the airport, 56 in trenton, 63 mild degrees in allentown this morning, weaver dad vail regatta, not dealing with a watch out guys. i would say from noon to 5:00 is about your window for scatter showers and thunderstorms to rumble in.
6:34 am
thankfully any storms would be non-severity point. but there is more wet weather that waits in the wings for tomorrow. so we will detail that, give you sense of timing as well, as we move forward in the show. meisha, over to you. >> katie, thank so much for that. good morning, everyone, happy friday tgif. we made it. we made it to friday. now just going to get to this day. we will do it as a team. ninety-five south, coming around the s curve looking good. ninety-five north around the same s curve. but if you notice something, that far outer lane now open. that fourth lane now open. construction crews have now opened that. that's really going to be nice and moving in the northbound side. we need that happen on the southbound side. we know during the morning where we get the bulk of it. overall take, 95 south and north looking grade. blue route, route one, what you are working with, looking little busy. not even into the 7:00 hour on friday morning, just looking busy indeed. so, make note of. >> this on the blue route, headlights moving in the northbound direction, looking
6:35 am
busy there, schuylkill tail light eastbound direction past 202, looking okay. i would say it is looking better than the blue route s can you believe that? looking better than the blue route right now, schuylkill actually looking pretty darn good. situation in norristown, main street still closed. jim and brooke over to you. >> thank you very much, meisha. well, we have new news about home invasion in the northeast philadelphia section of philadelphia. may have been a case of mistaken identity, just after 1:00 this morning, three mask men broke into a back door on fairday street in somerton. they tied up three family members. at the time one of them thought they had heard a suspect say they had the wrong house. police are now reviewing surveillance cameras from a nearby church. nine year old girl back home in tennessee this morning after being kidnapped by her uncle. carly trent was found yesterday by two good samaritans who joined the search. cbs correspondent hena daniels introduces us to the heroes who helped bring carly home.
6:36 am
>> the harrowing ordeal for nine year old carly trent and her family is finally over. the little girl is with her mom after being found in this remote part of hawkins county tennessee, about 50 miles away from her home. the police say she was abducted by her uncle, 57 year old, gary simpson. >> tennessee farmers, being hailed as heroes. they found carly along rural trails near their property. they held simpson at gunpoint and called 911. >> had been looking for what seven days? >> seven days. >> every day walking miles and miles. >> authorities say simpson pick up carly from school last week under false pretenses, the two were seen on this surveillance video in a store after she went missing. search parties have scoured nearby areas before, but franklin says something told them to go up the valley road. only accessible by four wheel drive. >> each one of us had been
6:37 am
praying, you know, every day, to, you know, help to find this little girl. and so finally, you know, answered prayers. >> prayers answered for one community, and the determination of two men who refuse to give up on one little girl. hena daniels, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> happening today, the obama administration is weighing in on the bathroom debate affecting transgender student across the nation. according to the new york times the department of education and justice will recommend that all public schools allow trans gender student to use bathrooms and locker rooms according to their chosen gender identity or face the consequences. failure to comply would put the schools at risk of losing federal funding. >> we are now less than half hour a bay from the first race's in this year's dad vail regatta. >> our pat gallen live on the banks of the schuylkill with rowers that got hundreds of colleges there, this weekend,
6:38 am
he has a preview. >> yes, things are firing up here, jim, brooke, as you can see behind me, we are right out here on the schuylkill river. it is a beautiful morning. i can't believe that the rain will reek havoc on this thing later today. but as katie mentioned you got bring the raincoat out here if you are coming out to kelly drive. but it is a fantastic time as you mention, over 100 colleges from all over the country are coming here for the dad vail regatta, biggest collegiate event in the country, we can't wait for it, and this guy right here can't wait for t brian perkins, the coach from temple university. coach, you fired up? >> i'm very excited about this, been waiting all year for this. >> before we get to your guys, and the race at hand, coach, 37 years, stepping aside. he was diagnosed when parkinson's disease, so this is a bit of a emotional moment for you and your team. are you using that as fuel for today? >> we are, i think, i mean, i definitely a.m. we want to win from coach. we want to win for each otherment the team not just those nine or eight guys, the team is gavin and myself and the other staff and the wider
6:39 am
team. so when you lose one guy, even somebody with a impact like gavin, you know, huge impact like that, then it is a huge, should and boost, i hope. >> you were talking about what a wealth of knowledge the man s but he will still be sticking around? >> always have a seat in my motor boat. if i stay on at temple, if temple takes me on, always have a chance to keep him involved in the sport. i learn from him every day. >> talk about what it takes it get ready for an event asthmas i have as the dad vail regatta if. >> our culminating regatta so whether we tart in september getting ready for the dad vail. we tell the guys in september you are 250 days from the dad vail. in february you are 90 days from the dad vail. in march you are 06 days from the dad vail. so when you hit the dull drums in march and february when it is dark and cold and you start to question why, you're in this dumb sport, just reminded may 14th is coming, what we are getting ready for, hopefully bridges the folk us? >> what's the set up for today? you guys are warming up? >> yes, soon, the varsity
6:40 am
eight heat will be at our varsity heat is at 7:30, if we do well there we are done for the day and have semifinal tomorrow and final tomorrow afternoon. >> and get to relax? >> no no relaxation, i stopped sleeping about four days ago. that will never goes away. >> coach, we appreciate it, good luck today. we appreciate your time. dad vail regatta begins at 7:00. all of the local schools are in it, over 100 schools from around the country. jim, brooke, you have to get down here today. >> this is awesome. thanks, pat. >> still ahead, incredible honor for a phillies fan. justin? >> jim, honor hard won. northeast philly mom will serve as backdrop to sunday's phillies game. coming up how she earned the chance and at least 100 people will be there cheering her on. >> also ahead in the health watch. you could get stomach pains or feel nauseated after popping a pain reliever containing as seat minute fin. now surprising new side effect to add to the ligament. >> and meisha takes us on dream drive to restaurant that serves something extra on the
6:41 am
side. oh, oh,. >> trains. >> good thing, coming up next.
6:42 am
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>> bat girl goes to bat for breast cancer. >> has her inspire store. >> i that's right, jim, brooke. what a day for linda. she is long time phillies fan, from northeast philly, cheering on her home team since she was a kid. sunday linda letter cheered for by her family, friend, phillies players and fans. all saluting the brave bat girl who battled breast cancer and won. >> long before linda got chance to walk the field ... very, very -- >> touched the grass, or hit the dugout. >> here, this is where winners sit. >> her phone rang. >> my daughter nominated me and called me and told me. i was just on the phillies
6:45 am
website looking at tickets before the season started, and came across the advertisement for the mlb honorary bat girl. >> every year major league baseball welcomes nominees for it honorary bat girl at all 30 of its clubs. the eight season tradition celebrates women's battles against breast cancer. and linda's loved ones help launch her right into the phillies addition. >> they all did what they've done all along, voted, sorry. >> two years ago this summer linda got the news. stage three breast cancer was invading her body. >> i was diagnosed in august of 2014. i had eight rounds of chemo, and 28 rounds of radiation, and then i had a double masectomy in january of 15. >> it was like a punch in the stomach. >> all the way linda says john, her husband of more than 30 years, was by her side. >> he has not missed one
6:46 am
appointment, this august of 2014. >> i thought my god would stand behind her, make sure she had the support she needed. >> before her sunday bat girl debut, linda's family had citizens bank park all to them sever. meanwhile, phillies staff are gearing for linda's large cheering section. >> she said i need 100 people. i said i don't even know that many people. >> maybe linda is resting rite now, we hear her weekend is jam paneling, 33rd wedding anniversary is tomorrow, then sunday she is phillies bat girl, phils playing the reds, but linda will no doubt be the star. >> no doubt. >> what a store. >> i talking about where the winners sit, she a winner. >> absolutely. >> jacky, good for jacky for nominating her mom. >> absolutely. >> great story, justin. >> thanks so much. >> and happy anniversary. >> she has big weekend ahead. >> i hope she is sleeping and hope sheep is not walking -- watching.
6:47 am
that's a big weekend she has. >> katie we're watching, will it be good weather for linda sunday? >> definitely, just have a nice pink sweatshirt ready to go to be the bat girl. it will be little cool sunday. dow think that we are generally speaking going to see decent weather sunday, i do want to check in with our eyewitness weather watchers, a at the moment, mild air in place, upper 50's, low 60s, being reported in a lot of spot right now. you have couple of pictures dow want to show you. phil sent this in in the last 15 minute, a lot of gray sky out there, yes rain on the way, in the chestnut hill section of the city, go to another ten down to ed connor, if you look real closely, fine haze out there, and i show you that because when we golf ' got the light winds in place, and moistening atmosphere, you can really see that fog develop. now, not super thick, but there are spots where you're finding bit of fog. just watch for. that will might hinder orr visibility just a smidge. now, there is two front that
6:48 am
cross through the next two days. we have one already on the move. it doesn't look all that impressive. not specking severe weather out of it, but mid to late afternoon some showers, maybe rumble every thunder. front number two, way back here, it will be a speedy little guy. gets here already by tomorrow in the afternoon. and that will bring in the next rounds every thunderstorms which could be strong at that point. now here is the window of time. that you probably don't want to schedule outdoor plans. anything around that, probably fine, guys, scattered showers, thunderstorm, 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. today. and then, 3:00 p.m. or thereabouts until about 7:00 tomorrow. otherwise, tomorrow looks good. we will start the day off actually with some sunshine, and i also want to check in quickly on the potential store stronger storm, we all sit essentially in a marginal risk for some severe weather tomorrow, so there could be gusty winds, definitely be heavy downpours, and, again, some thunder and lightning comes along with anything that bulbs up tomorrow. today is a bit more general after risk but wet nonetheless through the midday, by sunday here you go. big old drop on that
6:49 am
thermometer, nothing better than 61 degrees, monday looks pretty good, still breezy but full sunshine, 64, and then wouldn't you know it, meisha, a of course showers return by tuesday. wah, wah. >> exactly, so over it. thank you. well, at least it is friday. tgif to you. right now, roadways are still dry. accident car went off the road. see it right there. they are trying to get this cleared out of your way, blue route northbound p, again, might get little gaper delay. overall know it is there. crews are still trying to get that out of the wayment sometimes when they are out there might have to close doubt ramp. right now it is still open. evidenced by that guy that will go right by. vine and 95, looking pretty darn good. i would say overall this birds eye view gives you snapshot view around center city and looking good there. ben franklin bridge another wide shot. sigh all of the fog as you move in the westbound direction. toward center city, look at that, barely see center city. so those of you moving from jersey the westbound direction, just know that
6:50 am
visibility might play little bit of issue. overall volume levels are good. accident ft. washington involving injuries, commerce drive before route 309. just make note of this. give yourself couple every extra minutes in this area. jim, brooke, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha a time now 50:00, a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning, nora. >> hey, good morning to you, brooke, jimment romney ryan campaign, right here in studio 57, we will talk to him about the house speaker's approach to donald trump. >> plus, what do women really think of donald trump? >> patriots. clown show. >> hate monger. >> idiot. >> success. >> crude with nasties i can personality disorder. >> all female focus group on trump and hillary clinton. and the virtual reality revolution, we will give you behind the scenes view of cbs this morning, something like you have never seen before. the news is back in the morning, so see in you just about ten minutes. >> wow, nora, that will be
6:51 am
good. i'm absolutely looking forward to that. that will be interesting. >> meanwhile, in this morning's health watch. researchers say some over the counter pain pills dull more than just pain. they also dull your empathy for other. the study focused on acetaminophen, found in tylenol, about 600 other medicines, juan hour, those who took the drug were less sensitive to the pain or suffering of others. >> and the fda has a warning for dog owners. the federal agency says dialtoll, sugar substitute, can be very poisonous for dogs, towelly know this first-hand. it is urging pet owners to keep products like chewing gum, breath minutes away from animals. you have to watch. you have to watch. because people spit gum out, leave on the street, you have to be careful about. that will may flowers are blooming all over our area. >> meisha, your dream drive takes us today to one of the best spot to see them? >> yes, it sure does, and i'm having lunch, too, can't for bet about that. i have to eat. >> with coffee. >> dress me, i had that.
6:52 am
where you can can both feast your eyes and your stomach maybe even this weekend. take a look. >> we are off to chester county stopping in west chester and ending in kennett square. >> we are head today west chester to a place that i hear has fantastic food and quite a bit of history, too. jimmy john's piping hot sandwiches opened in 1940, selling hotdogs. >> pretty much just had one little shack down here, wasn't any running water. it was borrowing electricity from the farmer. >> this become popular landmark. >> do you have a secret that's not on the menu that only the ones in the know know. so what is it? >> it is called the railroad. put cheese steak on top of cheese dog. that's really good. >> oh,. >> you could call jimmy john's one of the first photo sharing site. >> jimmy john was a photography buff. we have all of these pictures lining the wall from 40 and 41, he would make two copies, mail awe cope and woe hang one in the store. >> the kids will probably be
6:53 am
more interested in the trains. >> what's your favorite on the men knew. >> bacon chilly cheese dog fries and a drink. >> let's go. thank you. >> thank you. >> we are going to a place right now that we have actually visited once before over christmas time, now we will see what's looming in spring. >> longwood gardens changes every season. now it looks totally different, so summer, so spring like. >> well, spring is all about the colors. we have lot of great flowering plant material and a lot of specialty crops we do for the spring time, one, you won't see this grown anywhere else. >> is this the go to place if you want to shoot flowers. >> what grains my eye right away are these baskets. >> they're just enormous. we like to focus on using common plants in unusual ways. >> this is so cool. >> you are in the children's
6:54 am
garden, especially designed as you can tell by the noise for the children to come and enjoy and see night horticulture a lot of tactile plants that we want them to rub them, and now smell your fingers. >> oh,. >> lots of water features in here for them to enjoy. >> see the bubbles coming up. >> i love it. >> we are from delaware county christian school. and we just finished an unit on plants and science. it has been great. tying in with what we just did. >> are you guys having fun? >> yes. >> can i get an even louder yes? >> yes. >> oh, so wonderful being back in longwood gardens again, impossible to see how wonderful it is. piping hot sandwiches in west chester, as well, what a great group. for the record they have no issues with the big jimmy john sandwich chain. i got to say there is little jimmy john's in west chester came first few about 40 years. >> oh,. >> and i've been there.
6:55 am
i got lost once, that's i why i remember the pictures, i've eaten there. >> good sign that you remember being there. great. excellent. >> awesome. >> we will be right back with three things you need to know before go. >> it is three to go next.
6:56 am
i smbut ended up nowhere.a lot now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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well, as you head out the door here's what's happening today. it is three # to go.
6:59 am
>> case of mistaken identity may have led to family being tied up and terrorize in the home invasion overnight. it happened in the city's somerton neighborhood, police hope surveillance neighborhoods will help them find the three culprits. >> firefighters making progress battling forest fire in bass river, burlington county. more than 400 ache verse burned, but cooler temperatures and less winds are helping squash the flames. and, the 78th dad vail regatta kicks off in a few minutes. competition continues tomorrow on the schuylkill river and that's three to go. check in with katie last look at weather. >> yes, and do have little bit of fog out there, because it is so moisture rich. little hazy, beach patrol headquarters, phillies guys got the wet weather moving in, it looks lick it should be clearing in time for the game. 70:51 pitch. sixty-seven, at lows little sunshine, guys. >> thank you very much. cbs this morning is next. >> we leave this this morning with a live picture of the dad va regatta, the rowers are on the water, good luck to everyone, have a great day, and wonderful weekend.
7:00 am
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