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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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yes. >> katie and meisha are here, yes. >> yes. keep it real. >> yes. >> just keeping it real. >> good morning everyone. road are lag good, construction, we are just dealing with a blanch blocking the road. we will have updates in a bit. >> not terribly wet, showers here and there very spot the eye in nature, nothing more today. you can see that right now, things are dicey back to the far northwestern corner of our area, just light showers falling through lehigh, portions of northampton and upper bucks. we might than seeing couple rain drops. this is what is left at this point as system retreats, lingering moisture out there but right now we will find temperatures close to where they were this same time yesterday. fifty-three at philly international. fifty in atlantic city. modest wind. 45 degrees the temperature at mount pocono and eventually, not much moderation here, a a shower here and there, this morning, otherwise, i'll call
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it mostly cloudy, that limits the warmth. you don't have solar heating to get things up at surface. we are still about 10 degrees below seasonal average with that high of 65. sixty's both here and in the mountains with more cloud then anything. we will see sun peeking through the cloud, it is just not the brightest prettiest day we have ever seen. day of transition is short but will progressively get better from here. meisha, back over to you. >> we will take it, even fit is a sliver of the sun, we will take it, good morning. happy wednesday, 95 south at girard starting to heat up. we can see this at 6:00 o'clock hour start to get busy, normal pattern here moving in the 6:00 o'clock hour. setting the tone for what we think it will be like. i'm thinking it will be busy out there. as i would recommend, give yourself just a couple extra minutes, at least. 422 westbound on ramp to route 23 that left lane was block, it looks like 422 is all clear. we are lag good there in terms of the construction.
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ben franklin bridge, how i love you this morning. look at how nice and quiet, for those in new jersey, westbound bridge, looking good, it is looking really nice there. lets take a look at the vine moving westbound direction moving good there eastbound and heating up quicker then eastbound but overall vine is looking good. it was closed overnight but this is looking good. we had a tree branch blocking montgomery and bala avenue new has been since cleared. >> well, a flash of flames and barrage of bullets, as a teen is lured out of his home and gunned down. >> investigators are searching for a suspect in overbrook. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live with southwest detectives with more on the investigation, jan. >> reporter: brooke and jim, did morning. i spoke to police inside southwest detective they tell me that the suspect is still at large and victim is still in critical condition in the hospital. they are trying to sort all of this out to figure out exactly what happened this morning but at this point they do believe
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that the suspects set the victim's porch on fire to lure him outside the house and that is when he suspect pulled out the gun and then pull the trigger. philadelphia police and the fire marshalls are investigating a a bizarre course of events at this home in overbrook. the just after midnight here on the 5600 block of lebanon avenue police say a 19 year-old suspect threw an incendiary device on the porch catching a plastic chair on fire. >> we believe that this incendiary device was thrown on the front porch to get the attention of the residents of the property. >> reporter: a 19 year-old victim came outside to find out what was happening the suspect confronts him with the gun. victim tried to get back inside to safety. >> at that point the victim, and another resident of the property, forced the front door shut on the shooter, the shooter then fired three shots, all three shots went through the front door. >> reporter: teenage victim was shot three times, in the
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chest and the stomach. he was taken to presbyterian hospital in critical condition. the suspect ran away and police are now searching for him. he is known to police and police believe he was close to the shooting scene. the search for the suspect continues this morning, in the meantime, southwest detectives have been busy this morning, interviewing a number of witnesses inside that house at the time of the shooting, anyone with any information is asked to call police. we are reporting live at southwest detective, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim and brooke back to you. the sixers and that are fans are rejoycing this morning the home team could be taking a big step, back the to the big time. >> the sixers will have the first pick in next month, nba draft, pat gallen is here. >> it feels so good to win something, right? doesn't it feel good to win. it is a feeling escaped the sixers fans for better part of the three seasons but for one night ping-pong balls fell
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their way, the fans would finally celebrate. >> the number one pick in the 2016 nba draft, will go to the philadelphia 76ers. >> the sixers win lottery for the first time since 1996 when their questions were answered by the answer, allen iverson, first pick that year and the team is hoping to cash in the same way that they did with amount i20 years ago, sixers brass is excited for what is to come. >> i think it gives us the injection that we need, we're all excited around our program to begin with, we have got new additions as everybody knows. >> what a great night for the city of philadelphia, the franchise, you know, you got the to be really happy for everybody that endured so much during a very difficult, long period. >> last night i stayed up way past my bedtime and hung out at xfinity live for sixers lottery party that was thrown by the fans. thousands pack the house to see if the sixers envelope would be opened last. when it was, may
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abs routely bunkers. my ears were ringing when i left a and that is my friends the sound of three years of historic losing giving way to a night of victory and celebration over the number one pick. everyone and i mean everyone enjoyed the moment. >> finally got the first pick, we got it on now, so, play, play hard, play tough and over next few years we should be a contender. >> it is a proud moment, in doubt about it. we are looking good for next year and now we have the number one pick. we will lah good for incomes year. >> fans came from as far as australia, this is ben simmons from lsu. he could be the number one pick. 6-foot 10-inch point guard who cannery bound, pass and score inside. he has a little magic johnson to his game with that height but he lacks a sound jumper
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and lacks defensively. brandon ingrammys other horse in the race for number one, duke freshman has been like toned kevin durant because of his athletism, long, wirey and he can shoot well from behind the three-point line. if i had to make a prediction as to who it will be, i will lean toward ben simmons because note every day you find a point guard in the 6-foot ten frame but we will know next month. for a night sixers fans can let loose and did not suffer disappointment they felt for the last three years and guys, coming up later this hour we will be joined by sixers ceo scott o'neill to discuss number one pick and future of the franchise, that is right around 6:45. >> will you pull, squeeze. >> i will do my best. >> i know he is tight lip. >> we will try. >> this is the home of the 60 minutes. >> do your best. >> thanks much. bernie sanders claims vick trip in one state while hillary clinton claims victory in another. former second of state tweeted that she's winner in the
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kentucky primary but with 99 percent of the votes the race is too close to call. sanders won oregon, still clinton needless than 100 delegates to seal up the democratic presidential nomination. new jersey could put her overtop on june 7th. sanders is promising to continuing his campaign to the democratic convention in philadelphia in july. >> there will be a steep climb, i recognize that but we have the possibility of going to philadelphia, with a majority of the pledged delegates. >> donald trump won the oregon republican primary, he won the kentucky caucus back in march. trump need only 78 delegates to clinch the nomination. trump is of course presumptive g.o.p. presidential nominee and just signed a joint fund raising deal with the republican national committee. trump will be a able to raise cash that the national party can spend on both his campaign and other republican efforts. well, coming up, this is
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something you don't hear about that often a bra that can detect breast cancer. see how it works in the healthwatch. tsa troubles, travelers wait hearst to get through security but now tsa has a plan to shorten those lines. giant water slide coming to philadelphia this summer is slip, sliding away, find out why it is a no go coming up next. >> ♪ talking about alcohol on the boardwalk, shore town voting on the issue tonight, coming up, stay with us.
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now a couple of big talkers in our area this morning. first, booze on the boardwalk. >> happy hour could head to the boards in atlantic city think um iser. city council is expected to vote on i plan to let anyone 21 or older walk the boardwalk with one alcoholic drink in the opened plastic container. goal, to bring more people to the shore resort if the proposal passes tonight and one more time, there will be a trial period over the summer to see if it is successful. another big talker, slide the city, the giant slip and slide that was supposed to come to philly this summer, it is not happening. it seems a permit was never issued. >> i know, right, boo good this isn't the first cancellation, last year philly stop was stopped at last
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minute too after months of promotion. >> we all wanted it to go. >> we were so excited. >> i was on vacation that week so they knew that is why they canceled it. >> they say it would be a bust if jim donovan will in the be here. >> exactly. >> we will take a look at comparisons just from last may to this may. you will probably immediately think it has got to have been so much cooler this month thus far as compared to last may. granted we are only about halfway through the month. let me step out of the way through the in of may 2016. but in may 2015 we had 20 days a at least in the 80's. there was one day in the the 50's. only seven days with rain. may 2016, well, in days so far in the 80's, we have had six days, in the 50's, and is 11 of those days had rain. so yes, if it has felt dreary and cool to you there is a reason for it, it has been. but with that said i promised improvement in the forecast
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down the road. storm scan is somewhat active where we are tracking rain at this point a couple steady shower pockets through lehigh valley but this does look like it will be more spotty shower situation then anything. rest of us are still free and clear with, more cloud then anything. you cab see that sun trying to poke through cloud cover outside middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse in the live neighborhood network. not much breeze out there either, with that said let me jump it for in the forecast. tomorrow is an improvement, but we will still have some cloud, staying dry, high pressure. friday, beautiful day under the sunshine we will hit 76 degrees. however that is where it screeches to the halt, next storm moving in here by saturday and that will douse us with steady rain for better part of the day, meisha. >> 10-degree drop from friday to saturday, thanks, katie. i-95 south at cottman is what you are looking at, of course, we have been just cruising around getting around there still traveling at 55 miles
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april hour but barely hanging on there. we can bet by i would say around 6:45 we will drop down, make note we are starting to heat up on interstate 95 pushing in the southbound direction. boulevard moving in the southbound direction is what you are looking at here slowing down as well especially once you jump on the schuylkill. and then schuylkill westbound at city avenue this is what you are looking at. it is in the wide enough to get a whole picture you but you can see you are slowly traveling past cameras, not really traveling at post it speed. we are dropping dunn on the schuylkill moving in the westbound direction right there at city avenue. 202 north bound at route 29, you will see disable vehicle pulling off to the shoulder not causing too many slow downs. route 01 trolley shuttle busing, through june 17th. >> jim, over to you. >> well, one of the america's busiest airports warns that your wait at security checkpoint could be longer then are flight. >> with you believe chicago o'hare international is tweeting travel tours get
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there three hearst before departures. tsa screening lines are longer because smaller staffing budgets haven't kept up with demand for air travel. >> all that grid lock may ease soon, airport is expect to get another 58tsa officers and four additional bomb sniffing k-9 teams in time for the busy summer season. if the agency cannot get its act together by memorial day mark kirk said he will demand resignation of the tsa administrator. up next, a possible break through in the fight against zika virus. all of you iphone users listen up we found something to make your life easier, i'll explain what it is and how it works, coming up.
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some exciting news in the fight against sick, researchers in texas have successfully cloned, the virus. that is the first step toward creating a vaccine. the virus is most commonly spread by mosquitoes but also sexually transmitted. so far there are more than 500 cases of zika in the united states, but none of them have been transmitted through mosquito by the. on the healthwatch a bra that could be the new weapon in detecting early signs of breast cancer. it is called the it bra and looks like a sports bra. metal sits inside a bra to tea tech a rise of cancer. when cancers forms it increases heat and send an
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alert to the woman's smart phone but doctors is important to note that this does not take the place of the mammogram. >> this may help identify what group of patients need to get mammograms, early, in the dense breast population, which ones need to get an mri or some other testing to detect cancer. >> the company that develop the it bra hopes to get f.d.a. approval this fall. attention iphone users there is a a new google app that could make your life easier, are you intrigued in three on your side consumer reports, i took a look at how it works. >> reporter: it happens often to iphone users in the middle of text to go send an address to a friend but you don't no it off hand. you have to leave the conversation to google the address, copy it and send the link, wow. google has a solution, it is call g board and you can search google right from the special keyboard just tap the g and your results will show up on screen. making it easy to send in a
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message without having to close out your conversation. g board works for texting, e-mails and other apps and other features like glide typing that makes typing faster and emoji search to find the perfect picture faster. search and send you tube video, flood information, even gifts. if you want to try out new g board on your i phone it is available in the itunes app store. jennifer in our office is thrilled. she thought it was christmas when this came out yesterday. >> loves them. >> she knows what she's talking about. >> she does. >> coming up, grammy winner planning a big concert down the shore this summer and how you would get tickets today. >> today. >> and burger king spa, yes, you heard me right find out where to enjoy your whooper in the sauna, that is coming up, katie. >> i didn't know those two things can get together. >> yeah, in kidding. nightmare or awesome dream, one or the other i suppose.
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we are looking a head here finally my friend to brightening skies, nicer weather i will tell you nicest days in the seven day when we
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now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> front page of the delaware county daily times report that
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the philadelphia man is behind bars after robbing a casino winner of $6,600 jackpot. police say 37 year-old gary taylor followed women from harrah's casino race track in chester to the supermarket and then later to her home where he shoved her to the ground and stole her handbag. from the bucks county courier time crashes are climbing in bucks and montgomery counties. officers in 40 of the 07 municipalities reported more serious vehicle crashes last year, then in, 204. in the intelligencer about five dozen volunteers professional fire fighters graduated from training programs during a ceremony last night at bucks county community college, in newtown township. the students completed six months of first level fire fighter and hazmat national certification training. that is a a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, it is the smell of the flames broiled whoopers relaxes you chances are you would love a new spa in finland. >> this is right out of my dreams.
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this is new burger king in helsinki where having it your way enjoying fries in the store sauna or perhaps, french toast sticks in iceland. are these people monitoring these. there is also a shower room, and lockers complete with burger king towels and robes. signs are a big part of the finish culture. this is perfect. >> i don't think that is high again i can, soggy, the bun would be soggy. >> you are never sitting in jacuzzi saying this would be better with frenchfries. >> no, no i do not. well, property taxes for some philadelphia homeowners are sky rocketing, coming up why and how you can fight sticker shocks. plus a new lawsuit was filed begins bill cosby but this includes one of his famous friend. find out, who else is being accused in the a salt case, justin. well, brooke there is a a new idea to bring more crowds out here to the boardwalk in ac. i'm adjust continue fine. find out why booz e might be
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the solution we will have that story coming up. rush hour is here, earlier this morning for folks coming up but first we will take a quick break and take a quick break stay where you are,
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we could see a lingering shower or two but then, things are finally, looking up. >> we have one perfect spring day in the forecast, one, and can't you cap get outside coming up. good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm's brooke thomas. time to get you caught up. here's what you need to know in your morning minute. >> police described a frightening course of events in overbrook, suspect lights his victim's important have on fire to lure him outside and once he sees his target police say that suspect confronts his
6:31 am
victim pulls out a gun and opens fire. >> teenage victim was shot three times he was taken to presbyterian hospital in critical condition. we are going to continue to fight, for every last vote. >> reporter: cbs news projections bernie sanders won democratic primary in oregon. hillary clinton tweeted victory in the kentucky primary. >> number one pick in the 2016, nba draft, goes to the philadelphia 76ers. >> like an explosion, like the roof was blown off, finally we're number one. >> so pump. everybody here is just as excited as we were. such a long three years. >> over toward first, diving shot, tommy joseph and ballgame is over. phillies win game number two, three-one. >> the phillies final game of the series with the marlins is this afternoon, at citizens bank park, go phillies. >> yes, go phillies.
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>> absolutely. >> it does look like we will just have some clouds overhead for that business person special, that said however there is wet weather to track across portions of our area. lets start off by taking to you storm scan three where we will turn our focus first here and we have to find out here primarily the far north western suburbs that have a couple of showers out there at the moment. it is all very light and for the most party would say you can definitely getaway without an umbrella we are in the low to mid 50's for the most part around the ball. odd ball out, you are not an odd ball at all in mount pocono but are the will coolest spot of the bunch, 45 degrees the current temperature there looking forward to the eyewitness weather day planner, temperatures will not have a chance much like we saw yesterday to rebound that much because we have more than anything, clouds overhead and with limited sunshine, just can't warm up, that efficiently. sixty-five later today. it does appear as if we will see sun breaks if we're lucky as day goes on. any wet weather will be
6:33 am
confined here this morning and even then it should be somewhat scattered or spotty in nature. as though we are starting to transition out of the worst of this here, if you not quite there yet. >> not quite there, all right, thanks very much. also chill think morning. good news is most of the camera shots we are looking at right new looking busy, very much so but we are not looking west. that will ease tension a little bit. i-95 south before girard you can see how busy, it is already not even in the 7:00 o'clock hour, very slow moving, no longer traveling at posted speed right around 55 where i like to keep you, trying to keep you there until 7:00. it doesn't seem like the case on i-95 south. we are heating up. just know thaw are certainly heating upright now. dropping i would say probably 30 miles an hour and will continue to do so. boulevard moving in the southbound direction early risers out there, once you jump on the schuylkill around city avenue this is what you are entering. moving in the eastbound side schuylkill east looking at
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very slow, abe westbound side is looking okay. hit or miss. we were traveling really slow, that has eased ever so slightly. moving to the eastbound side looking very slow. blue route taillights moving in the southbound direction past baltimore pike toward i-95, it looks like there, blue route all morning long has been looking nice. that is great news in those area. i'll get to route 101 coming up in a bit. jim and brooke, back over to you. twin brothers from chester county are a accused of blowing up several small buildings. daniel and caleb tait used improvised explosive devices home from college last december. blast damaged an amish phone shed, produce shed and a well pull in chester and lancaster counties. no one was injured, the taits, both 22 are charged with arson and other crimes. chloe goings has filed a new sexual battery lawsuit begins bill cosby. this time she also named playboy founder hugh hefner in
6:35 am
the suit. goings claims hefner knew or should have known that cosby drugged and sexually abused women. she claims cosby spike her drinks when she was at the party at playboy mansion in 2008 and assaulted her in the bedroom. some philadelphia residents could have sticker shock when they open up their property tax bills. some of your abatement has been reduced. three years ago city went through and rheaes ised properties bringing them to full market value. that meant taxable amount for a home owner she talked to she renovated her house and got an abatement. >> they reduced the amount have of my abatement which is wrong f last year the renovations difficult to my house were worth approximately $07,000, they are still worth approximately $70,000 this year. >> because the city just recently brought properties to market rates, some of you are seeing these higher property rates but not all have of you. also friday is deadline to appeal and you can do that through the office of property
6:36 am
assessment. well, you might be able to take your booze on the boardwalk in atlantic city think summer. >> that is if a new policy is passed tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live on the ac boardwalk with the details, justin, good morning. >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning. it is all about the if here. if the city council here approves this measure there could be would you booze on the boardwalk as soon as this summer. it is a move that many people will hope will drive up foot traffic here the boardwalk. lets go to video here about this measure itself. it would allow adults 21 and older to walk parts of the boardwalk with one alcoholic drink in an opened plastic container. now not just any drink it must be purchased from a nearby licensed business. the container or cup must bear name or logo of that business. the measure must clear two round of votes to get the green light. the those against this plan argued that boardwalk alcohol sales in the wrong hand could
6:37 am
encourage bad behavior but supporters say that a positive booze policy would distinguish atlantic city inn and encourage tourism not unlike hot sports for tourist and key west where there is public drinking. we have brought that idea to the boardwalk this morning. the lets take a listen. >> booze on the boardwalk in the summer would be excellent, it would be magnificent due to people out on the beach, it would be easier you know what i'm saying. >> reporter: i think he is down for it. that vote is set for 5:00 o'clock this afternoon here in atlantic city. bill's sponsor, the councilman, has said, that police and nearby businesses are on board for this measure. brooke and jim, back inside to you. >> it is always fascinating how the difference in alcohol, rules and laws, every where you you go. >> different parts of the country. hoist ready for a beach party? presale is today for general admission tickets to tim mcgraw's july 4th beach concert in wildwood. the show takes place between
6:38 am
morey's pier and mariners landing and adventure pier. hunter heyes and maggie rose will open up for mcgraw. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning a commuter night the nair after a fight break out beneath a train tracks in new york city. we will show what you started the blaze. and sixers fans went wild when the team got the number one pick in the nba draft lottery, pat gallen is talking to the sixers ceo scott o'neill live in our studios, up next. plus this. >> this little boy was diagnosed with cancer, volunteers gave his family a little breathing room, what they do and how you can help as well in this weeks story of brothe
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. ♪ then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. some good news in the big apple, new york's metro north railroad is up and running this morning after that massive fire yesterday. flames, rose from below elevator train tracks. service resume around 4:30
6:42 am
this morning but there are delays and that is because, thousands of people were stranded, in grand central station. one fire fighter also suffered minor injuries battling this fire. well, amtrak says it is reviewing fine goes of last may's deadly derailment in frankford. the national transportation safety board officially released its report yesterday and it concluded that the trains engineer brandon bostian was distract just before the crash by messages on his train radio from a septa engineer. septa train had just been pelted with rocks on a adjoining track but board concluded that the bostian lost track of where he was and accelerated to 106 miles an her not realizing he was heading in the curve where the speed limit was only 50. a temple university professor was on board the train that night and was watching as ntsb announced his findings. >> am i mad? part of me is mad at amtrak,
6:43 am
part of me is resigned that there is something that happened and i have to endure and survive. >> lawyers for some of the victims are not satisfied with the the ntsb's report. they say distraction is not a good enough explanation. >> we're looking for a real, concrete, answer for the people who we represent, the families who lost loved ones, the people who were so horribly hurt and had their lives destroyed forever. >> attorneys and ntsb faulted a amtrak for failure to install positive train control, a safety device that the the ntsb said would have automatically stopped the speeding train. it wases in place and working on the track a couple of hundred feet away in the opposite direction. well, one of my favorite stories to day, a member of our "eyewitness news" family is getting recognition for weathering the storm. >> do you see what i did. >> yes, katie found herself in the national spotlight you may
6:44 am
recall when she was on the receiving end of criticism for the way she looked while she was pregnant. she silenced the haters and being honored by sj magazine. >> i never intended to be an advocate for pregnant women's rights but i didn't want any mom to be to feel like i did. i was really honor. here's a look at the magazine spread. i talked about it in the question and answer article that they wrote about the fact i was very conscious of yes, i looked different and it was a distraction and that side shot there with me zooming out on the map and so i wouldn't cover it up, all of these things that the the women that are going through this have to deal with just these conscious things we have to think about and trying to be a good employees and have a health healthy pregnancy. i was honored to be asked. it was a woman's issue. pick it upright now. >> very beautiful. >> yes. i had two babies, is what your
6:45 am
super power. >> exactly. >> so many other women have gone through this because of the outpouring of sporty got on social media so thanks, guys for all of. that it is awesome. it is still coming up to day because we know it remind you this is an issue. it is important to just support women going through it. >> it is a really good article too. >> thank you. >> definitely. >> speaking about the weather, and weathering the storm we have been dealing with gray, glummy skies. >> geese. >> i know. >> it was prettier in the video we had from alaska. >> don't say that. >> it was. >> it will get better and what could be deceiving too, brooke, right the now it is milder then it is in most of at alaska. we will look at that shot from ocean city, it is gray outside, i'll get you but we are in transition, we will start to see these skies break apart for some sunshine, not necessarily today so much but with time. lets check with the eye wetness weather watcher
6:46 am
network. we are seeing some pretty decent, consistency on the observations. lets look at the list format that can be easier to process. flirting with or above 50 degrees in most of these spots and dover, 53 degrees coming in from both john and peter in lawrenceville in the philadelphia area. out in chesterfield at 51. is there a handful of 51 degrees coming from a number of locations. a couple pictures we can show you just a few, check this out, if you look really closely a a little rainbow that came through, this is from back on saturday night, but still we have to show you a beautiful picture. ed sent this in of the sun coming in this morning. the whole day is for one thing we are not talking about a wash out for sure. whole day isn't looking terrible but we have more cloud to deal without there and a spotty shower hit and miss variety for most part, a little sliver through our far northwestern suburbs. this will rotate away and high pressure takes its place. that will mean we will get chance to transition into much
6:47 am
nicer weather. by the time we will hit tomorrow we will call it partly sunny rebounding in the 07's. by the time we hit friday, we have full sunshine, mid 70's, gorgeous day, but the problem is, it doesn't last very long because here comes this next storm. by the time we hit saturday we are likely to get down to steady rain through better part of the day. i know people have outdoor plans, one of my buddies here at work has a wedding coming up. think about a backup if you have outdoor plans on saturday, by sunday, we do rebound and transition way from the wet weather, there will be a shower out there but not the wet weather that we see on saturday, meisha. >> i got plans too that will affect us, saturday, who doesn't want anything on a saturday. lets look at this, you guys, ben franklin bridge from the westbound side do you see flashing lights right here? clean up from an earlier accident, yes, that will slow you down a little bitten though we have all lanes open. you can see not only do we have volume to kind of hold
6:48 am
that slow down but also you have gaper delays traveling past there. everybody putting on brakes. and then trying to move over to the left bound side. make note ben franklin bridge moving in the westbound side is moving slow. take a look at this i-95 headlights moving in the the southbound direction approaching girard just past betsy ross bridge looking busy both on the schuylkill and i-95. make net of that, schuylkill eastbound at city avenue as well. looking at i-95. looking at new jersey, 42 freeway north bound at creek road, turf say this has been holding steady all morning long for those in new jersey, 42 freeway actually looking pretty darn good. jim and brooke, back over to you. when someone is diagnosed with cancer it is very hard for the family to concentrate on anything else. >> local foundation spent two deck days giving those families the help that they need. ukee washington met one of those families in this weeks story of brotherly love. >> reporter: this foundation connects hundreds of volunteers to hundreds of the families going through a cancer diagnosis.
6:49 am
we got to meet one of the families and they called to help price less. twenty month-old jake on, doesn't stay still very long, he loves trucks, praying with his big brother. >> he knows he is invincible. knows he went through a big battle will report report while still in the womb jacob was diagnosis with the treatable kidney problem that cleared up soon after birth but his mother stephanie insisted on follow-up ultrasound. >> so june 23rd, we were getting ultrasound done and she saw the tomb or and, sorry. >> reporter: it was a cancer and jacob was only nine months old. >> when you get the diagnosis, the first thing that happens to you is your world stops. >> reporter: they split their time between home and the hospital as jacob went through chemo and surgery. marry ellen fitzgerald knows what that is like,er late sister dianne fits girl for
6:50 am
the breast cancer for six years and had support of family and friend. >> they often had a lot of those small gestures of kindness, home cooked meals, kid taking to soccer practice. >> reporter: dianne and her family started breathing room foundation in 1997 to help families like the burnsteins. they were a maced when volunteers sent a huge thanksgiving meal, christmas and hanukkah presents. >> we will do your grocery shopping, we will do yard work, we will do housecleaning, we will do anything. >> they have come and rake our yard and cleaned our yard and mode our lawn just to make sure that we wouldn't have to think about that while we were spending so many hours in the hospital. >> reporter: jacob is back home, the treatment damaged his hearing, so he wears hearing aids. he will need follow-up scans for years but mark counts himself lucky. >> if it wasn't for all of those people and then some i don't know where we would be. >> reporter: the breathing room foundation helped 700 new families last year alone. they are always looking for
6:51 am
volunteers and donations, to find out more go to cbs i'll see you tonight. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> breathing room foundation good stuff. speak of good stuff, sixers and fans are in celebration mode this morning. >> um-hmm, the team will have the first pick in next month nba draft. pat gallen has a look at the night that could change the team's fortunes, and a look ahead, hi there, pat. >> that is right, sixers faithful is full of life after a big win last night and here was that win. >> number one pick in the 2016 nba draftings to the philadelphia 76ers. >> the team takes people number one pick and they hope that will lead to a major turnaround for the organization, and joining us here this morning probably the most excited guy on the planet likely lacking sleep, sixers ceo scott o'neill. scott, before you say anything here's a look at the fan base
6:52 am
freaking out. >> or not. >> this is a shot, we will get to that shot in a second. fan base freaked out. is what your reaction to that. >> well, you know, it is humbling. we have been for three really long seasons. and to have the kind of support we have had day in and day out, game in and game out, and then to see reward for the fancies spectacular. >> now on to the next phase of the rebuild and with the number one pick it looks like a two man race, ben simmons from lsu or brandon ingram from duke, long and rangey very athletic. i want you to tell me who sixers will take with the number one overall pick. >> whoever you want, i will take. >> good news is brian colangelo who is running our basketball, his draft record is unbelievable he have has drafted nash, findley, stodt meyer, unbelievable names this became hall stars and hall of
6:53 am
famers. he has a great draft record. >> so it has been a rough couple seasons for sixers and fan base. sam hinkie put team in the position to get this pick. now you brian colangelo is in charge and making that pick but looking back it was obviously a tough road to go down but was it worth it now knowing you have number within pick. >> we found ourselves in the position where we didn't have a lot of picks, we didn't have have a lot have of talent. you have to crossroads there. i think sam made good decisions. i'm thankful for what he did to get to us this point and i'm's just looking for progress right now. turn the page. lets a's go win some games and let's get a team that can compete for championship and it starts right now. last night was first piece, not the end but first piece. we have cap space, we have great young talent, good young talent, emerging young talent and real big opportunity. >> joel embiid. >> we have seen good highlights, exciting, let get him on the court and we will
6:54 am
have some fun. >> last night you posted this on twitter, thinks your family freaking out. your three daughters. >> true. >> i love it. i love it do we have that video guys, do we have it? >> there we go. >> they were three of many sixers fans that enjoyed seeing that last night. >> pretty cool. >> so it gives you a sense what my household is like, three young ball hours seriously love the sixers. >> you cannot see scott o'neill off to the side but he is jumping around as well. >> that is great. >> great to see you captain wait to see you at the games next year. >> big year, sixers ceo scott o'neill. we will be right back with three to go.
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well, here's what you need to know as you get ready to leave today. it three is to go. >> gunman set fire to lure his victim to the front door, before shooting him, in overbrook. the suspect is on the loose, victim, is in surgery. bernie sanders wins oregon. kentucky still too close to call. presumptive g.o.p. nominee donald trump won oregon as well. >> law makers in atlantic city vote tonight on a proposal too allow open containers of alcohol on the boardwalk, that is three to go. >> last check of weather and traffic. >> yeah, saw some gray skies but generally speaking looking
6:59 am
for any showers and would be at this point you have to go far north west. this is a view of the shore right there and official headquarters in margate, and, gray skies. what do you need to know, anything out there wet weather-wise is spotty, best chance have of seeing on the radar is northwest of philadelphia and won't amount to much. >> sound good. take a look, ben franklin bridge moving in the westbound direction we have clean up there, which is block ago this far right left lane, it was clean up from an earlier accident that has been since cleared out of your way but very slow moving, because of a just on the ease. another shot of the ben franklin bridge very slow. now that has cleared we can expect tension, ever so slightly. >> well, next up this morning ivanka trump respond to the new york times article about her father's helps try of woman and his attacks on hillary clinton. >> and join us each weekday morning on cbs-3 starting at 4:30 in the morning. have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning, it is wednesday, may 18th, 2006. this is "cbs morning news." hillary clinton declares victory in kentucky's primary. bernie sanders wins oregon. clashes with top democrats over the delegates in nevada. ivanka trump slams report her father treats women poorly in the workplace. our interview on the campaign and more. and flash flooding, tornadoes, and hail the size of baseballs. more storms are ahead. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. before we will have the opportunity to defeat donald


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