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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm's brooke thomas. lets go right to weather and traffic. katie and meisha is keeping an eye on things and has everything that you need to know. >> that voice. >> that is my morning voice. >> yes, good morning. >> the gang is here, and roadways are looking good. we have an accident on kelly drive though. >> okay. >> well, thankfully we are, starting to brighten up, jim but you are right it doesn't last forever. i will stick to the good news, you know, it is like i have some good news and some bad news. we will start off with the good news. on storm scan three right new we are finding a a few very, very spotty residual showers from one trying to retreat with the moisture exiting stage east, basically, and moving out to sea. you can see back end of the cloud through the poconos, now moving in the northern lehigh valley, berks county and as a result, we will go through the day we will see clouds thin with time. mid 50's is what you are
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finding around the board, right now, 54 at philly international as well as down i-95 to wilmington. throughout the take yes, we will see these included break for some sun. would i say essentially you are talking about every passing hour getting brighter, nicer, and milder, and just, yeah, nicer afternoon unfolding as a result. down the shore, nothing in the resort towns of the poconos, mid 60's a, it is the spectation but we will see clouds in the city break relatively soon and that will allow things to warm up nicely. 74 degrees the eventual high which is far closer to seasonal, then we have experienced as ovulate, meisha. >> i know, that is crazy thing. >> we have been waiting, waiting, and feeling like a treat. >> sure does. >> speaking of we will get to dairy queen, i will get get another treat. good morning everyone. blue route southbound mid county this is what you are looking at, nice and quiet. we now that this will change new that we're breaking in the 6:00 o'clock hour but right the now heading out the there blue route southbound at mid county we are looking nice.
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schuylkill at boulevard headlights are moving in the eastbound direction. you can see east and westbound, a lot of movement in the schuylkill right now. this is when it starts to pick up and that is exactly what we're seeing. an indication that this will be a busy thursday morning indeed. ninety-five south coming around that s curve, all of those brake lights, let you know, no longer traveling at 55 miles an hour. nope, you are seeing a lot of brake lights. far left lane, completely stopping right there, at s curve, give yourself a couple extra minutes there. ninety-five north at 452 in delaware county looking great. take that to the airport this is what you are looking the at, and if you heard me earlier we were talking about airport departure delays because of wind, that has been clear. we are looking good the a the airport but just be mindful and check your schedules on line. one vehicle involved here kelly drive inbound before sedgley drive, one lane block pulled off to the shoulder now jim, over to you. we will continue to follow major breaking news egyptair jetties missing. >> plane dropped off the radar
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after leaving paris, on the way to cairo last night. jan carabao was live, fog the latest developments, jan. >> reporter: jim and brooke, good morning, there is no official word on what happened to this jet liner, the french prime minister this morning says no scenario can be ruled out at the moment. the focus right now is finding this plane and some debris, a huge search involving crew from his egypt to greece is underway. egypt's state tv confirmed news of the missing plane, moments after egyptair officials made the revelation on twitter, the jet liner carrying 66 people, including ten crew members, left paris charles degall airport late wednesday night, just 40 minutes from reaching cairo the plane suddenly vanish over the mediterranean sea. it was reportly flying at 37,000 feet, at the time. >> that is cruz altitude, very, very few accidents occurred at that altitude less than 10 percent. >> reporter: egyptian aviation officials say pilot made contact with ground control
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ten minutes before the plane's disappearance. officials say pilot also made no distress calls, this isn't the first time egyptair made headlines, back in march egyptair plane was hijack and divert todd cypress by a man mentally unstable, in 1999, one of the airline flights crash in the atlantic ocean near massachusetts island of nantucket, all 217 people on board were killed. u.s. investigators concluded that the plane's co pilot switched off auto pilot and pointed the plane downward before the crash. egyptian officials insist mechanical error was to blame. back to what happened this morning. egyptair says this plane's pilot had more than 6,000 hours of flying and co pilot had close to 3,000 flying hours. there were ten crew and security members aboard the flight and out of the 56 passengers, well, they came from a dozen nations but no americans were on board this morning. jim and brooke, back inside to you. >> thanks, jan. this comes just six months after a bomb is believed to
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have brought down a russian passenger plane over the egypt sinai peninsula. isis claimed responsibility for that attack that left 224 people dead. back in october. well, new this morning housing authority officer is hurt in the car crash in northern liberties. police tell us that the car collided with a cruiser after 1:00 this morning at second and girard, the officer was taken to the hospital for injuries to his arm, the other driver in the crash was not injured but the cause of the accident is under investigation. authorities say that a two year investigation leads to a major heroin bust in kent and sussex counties in delaware. in several raid police seized pound of heroin with the street value of more than a million. police seized guns, cash, vehicles, and 13 suspects faced drug, weapons, money lawnering, conspiracy and other charges. in campaign 206, donald trump is throwing financial support to new jersey governor chris christie. presumptive g.o.p. nominee will be in lawrenceville to head line a fundraiser helping
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christie cover more than $200,000 in campaign debt. christie dropped out of the presidential race in february, he is currently leading trump's transition team. on the democratic side hillary clinton is now 90 delegates away from clinching the nomination. but bernie sanders isn't dropping out of the race, last night he rally supporters in san jose, california. california headlines the next set of primaries on june 7th which also includes new jersey, montana, and new mexico a huge day that day. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell is a will guying for recent remarks he called stupid and insensitive. in a washington post interview governor discussed comments made by donald trump regarding women. rendell talked about the idea of trump's comments costing him female votes when he said get there are probably more ugly woman in america than attractive women. people take that stuff personally end quote. we caught up with rendell at the 30th street station. >> when i read it in the
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article i said did i really say that? it is dumb, stupid, insensitive and if i offended anybody i a will guys sincerely. we all have self image qualms or questions about ourself and by attacking someone's looks, he was attacking an awful lot of people. that was the point i was trying to make but i sure pick a lousy way to say it. >> governor noise stranger to controversy in 2010 he had said u.s. is a nation of wussis. we are still wait to go find out if you can have chill on the boardwalk in atlantic city. city council was expect to vote on i plan to let anyone 21 or older walk the boardwalk with one alcoholic drink in an opened plastic container, however, council president put the issue on hold saying they want more input from local businesses. now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> on the front page of the bucks county courier time when
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nature calls students at truman high school will to have wait to answer. school is locking bathrooms when students are moving between classes. the principal says it was creating maintenance issues. from the spirit in delaware county boro council ruled a historic home must take denied a permit to demolish sun you side house. the home sits on the current campus of crozer-chester medical center could have been raise todd expand a shopping center. times hurled, members of the rolling thunder motorcycle club, visited eagleville elementary school in lower providence yesterday. motorcyclist had breakfast with the students who presented them with thank you card that they then delivered to local veterans. >> that is a look at the newspaper head lines from around the delaware valley. >> well, stale head on "eyewitness news" this morning it is something people have been wandberg for over 20 years and new one of o.j. simpson's lawyers has revealed what o.j. whispered in his ear after he was a quitted on
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murder charges. plus this. three things, sunshine, water, and heat. >> well, we know veggies have been getting what the bird what about the sunshine and heat? find out how recent weather will impact farmers in that tomato in your grocery store and find out if you have to pay more this year. >> ♪ philly just ranked number one, on a cool new list, we will have details coming up.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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it is 6:12 in the morning. well come back, this thursday morning. all of the rainy weather, you know, we have had lately, it may delay some of your favorite foods from hitting the market. >> people do not want to hear that. >> renal nal farmers say don't worry, fruits, veggies will get there, frank grassof the is third generation farm inner mullica and all of the wet weather we have been having is essentially stunting much of his crop. >> vegetables need three things, they need sunshine, water, and, heat. they are lacking sunshine, and, heat. so, that is why they are at
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the stage they are at right now. >> now despite the delay, farmers we spoke with in new jersey and delaware say there won't, be a good thing, an increase in prices. have a balance of sun and rain, and, ready,. >> chance to warm up to more seasonal may conditions as well, my friend. >> that is good news. we will start off here with a pretty shot the in the live neighborhood network. clouds bracing for sunshine right now, 51 degrees. we are facing east here overlooking genesis bay off in the distance outside middletown ship high school but we have got clouds starting to break, already, even in our southeastern most communities and we will see those clouds break from northwest to south east. so leading edge of that right now is still over the northwestern lehigh valley. that is where we are clearing out at this point but there are even still a few bits of green firing autopsy cross our southeastern most counties. down be smoked if you see a couple rain drops here and there southeast burlington, southern ocean county, maybe
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atlantic but all pulling away. the here's the next storm system gathering strength and moisture a lieutenant of heavy rainy erupting in texas. the this system will be responsible for bringing us the headline here, a saturday soaker as high pressure is in place for today or transition go to get in to place. it will mean that skies are brightening, we will warm up with time, tomorrow looks beautiful, upper 70's and sunshine. i mean perfect, right. problem is we don't keep that weather pattern because here comes that storm. it brings in period of rain. it is mainly mid apartment plant i can storm but we are close enough. southern counties end up with decent rain. it gets underway late morning, on saturday, so you'll that have short window to get an outdoor plans in the early morning and before the rain starts. once it gets here, it does not retreat, until sunday. even though a linger shower around. the weekend is in the looking ideal, if you must get out, do it early saturday morning, ordeal with a couple of spotty
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showers sunday. temperatures start to rebound there and by monday even still a spotty shower but sat the day really is, the ugly day of the upcoming week. >> yeah. >> who knew. >> yes. >> who knew we would be so rainy at 77. >> crazy. >> yes. >> i'm going to celebrate. >> any excuse. any excuse to throw a party. >> good morning everyone. yeah, road are looking darn g we saw a couple accidents earlier and construction this morning. that of which has moved out of the way fortunately enough. we have video of this, take a look kelly drive in bound before sedgley drive was closed both directions, yikes, this is not a good way to start our morning. the good news this has cleared. so kelly drive we know this starts to be a busy stretch in the morning. you can see flashing lights, cops are out there again, this is an area that has been since clear. great news. kelly drive is getting busy pushing in the 6:00 o'clock hour. we will see it the get busy.
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that got cleared out. kelly drive is looking better but heating up. boulevard moving in the southbound direction this is what you are looking at. you can see approaching the schuylkill everyone is put conflicting their brakes. that is getting bus there i. once we get on the schuylkill in the westbound direction this is at city avenue and what you are looking at traveling less than posted speeds indeed but overall holding steady right here. boulevard, schuylkill you are heating it up, anywhere i look this morning. forty-two freeway north bound at creek road, 95 south at academy not much better. give yourself extra time. you will need it. >> thanks, meisha. coming up a secret reveal, find out what o.j. simpson whispered in his lawyer's another after being acquitted of his ex-wife murder. crazy video from paris where protesters torched a police car. find out what spark the violence, coming up.
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welcome back. don't take your eye off the screen, a florida police officer got a ticket for this crash at florida intersection and the other driver is suing the city over it. it happened when the police officer was in pursuit have of robbery suspect, but a judge ruled he did not safely navigate the intersection, despite having siren and lights on. he hit the other car at 90 miles an hour. the other driver say paramedic yanked her present her car bay her arm. >> i cannot go to sleep
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straight. >> unaudible. >> she suffered a writes injury and broken arm. her attorney calls officer's actions reckless no words on possible damages in the lawsuit. revealing new interview with robert shapiro sheds new light on the o.j. simpson trial. seven three-year old lawyer told tax news megyn kill that i prosecutors did not understand the evidence in the case. shapiro said he tried on bloody glove before the trial and knew would it not fit simpson. he revealed what simpson told him after the verdict was announced. simpson leaned over and said quote you told me this would be the results from the beginning, you were right. george zimmerman's controversial auction for the gun he used to kill trayvon martin is closed now, word is the sale was successful but winning amount has in the been revealed, and the buyer is
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anonymous. there are reports that the gun went for more than $120,000. coming up, cracking down on tsa wait times. we are live with what one local law maker's plan to keep travelers moving. it tied up peoples money in some cases two weeks and now customers are compensated for their trouble. find out if you have any money come to you, katie. we have good news and bad news for outdoor plans looking ahead to the weekend, but for now at least we can start you off with good news. we will tell you when rain is scheduled to arrive coming up.
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rush card is a prepaid debit card, backup by russell simmons. when customers were locked out of their accounts, some say rush card didn't help to help them out n3 on your side consumer report, customers can finally look forward to getting paid. it was a botched computer conversion lease october that left thousands office have rush card customers unable to access their cash, some for up to two weeks. russell simmons, founder of the rush card posted this to facebook. >> we know how are and you are facing tremendous challenges. >> reporter: rush card greed to settle a class action lawsuit to card holders over the incident. the company says that it will have paid out more than 19 million-dollar, and that is part of the settlement rush
6:25 am
card will pay at least $100 to each user who could not access their fund. the amount can increase up to $500 if a customer can document additional losses due to the outage. the rush card settlement could involve as many as 300,000 people, and it is subject to court approval. in accolades for city of philadelphia, recently voted the most bikable downtown. the real estate web site red fin evaluated cities by how easy they were to ride in and what the local government was doing to make commutes safer. they say philadelphia has american 400 miles of on street bike lanes, plus dozens of trails. the ranking comes just in time for national bike to work day tomorrow. to celebrate, pat gallen is going to spend the morning biking around philadelphia tomorrow, and if you are looking to get started, maybe save some money on your commute, pat will show you how to get in gear, that is tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news" at 4:30. i'm excited about this. >> are you going to bike to work too.
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>> no. >> i don't think so. >> coming up over 100 million people use a popular social media site are at wrist from being a hack four years ago what to do if you have been impact. we're following latest developments on the missing egyptair flight, justin. brooke, long lines what you don't want to see at the airport much longer then this. i'm justin finch, what is being done to stop these long lines before the high summer travel season. and it is turning out to be a busy morning indeed, major interstates are heating up and report of an accident next time i'll have updates coming up but first we will take a quick break and stay right where you
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guess what, we are going to see the sun today. >> the sun, i was going to buy a special lights, seasonal disorder lights. we are warming up.
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katie will let us know how long our break from the dreary weather will last. good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. 6:30. time to get you caught up. >> here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> egyptair air jet gone missing. >> huge search is now underway halfway around the world, egyptian aviation officials say egyptair flight 804 fly from par toys cairo disappeared from radar over mediterranean sea. >> what i said was incredibly stupid and insensitive. >> reporter: former pennsylvania governor ed rendell is a pol guying. >> in an interviews with washington post donald statement about female, rendell said there are probably more ugly women in america than a tracktive with men, suggesting trump's comments will hurt him in the general election. >> they have a wing span, of the length of my arm. >> uninvited guests are invading one west philadelphia
6:31 am
neighborhood this specific vulture is protect species mean they cannot be harmed or kill. >> i feel like i should be a protected human, as well. >> the run, it the is gone. home run tyler goodell, his first major league home run. >> fightin phillies win four-two and just half game out of first place. they will host braves tomorrow night. it is exciting. katie, how is it going outside, it looks gorgeous. >> we are seeing these cloud break for a little bit of sunshine and it will progress i havely get brighter and brighter and brighter and at the moment, there are still just a spotty showers, the at least here at our station headquarters at cbs broadcast center in center city philadelphia still a few little damp road left behind but rain is over, although at this point we have one pocket of light showers currently rolling through. it really is where burlington,
6:32 am
ocean, atlantic county meet there. with that said as day progresses we will see clouds thin out and break for some sunshine. the here's where we stan, temperature wise, low to mid 50's around the board for the poconos, one observation of this rain, round of observations that is cooler then the rest but we are also starting to see skies clear more readily up that way. we will have a chance at least now that the sunnies rising over the horizon to drop off a little bit more readily before the sun starts to do its job of warming things up, and it will as they clouds break we should get partly sunny skies by noon time. 67 degrees at the that point, and we are going to continue again to brighten up with time here. by the time we hit 3:00 p.m. the sun will be allowed to reach the surface, help lift things up 73 degrees, that is closer than seasonal then it has been as of ovulate. we are back to seasonal and back in the sunshine. problem is it does in the last forever. i'll tell you when to expect the rain coming up. >> can't last forever, all right, katie, thank you for. that it will feel gorgeous
6:33 am
today, we are excited, good morning. it is your weekend and we are heating up outside. ninety-five south at academy we can see what it is looking like, just a couple minutes ago i was looking at this a lot of brake lights out there pushing more southbound obviously toward center city it will get worse than this but the good news is that take a look at i-95 south at academy and that pressure is indeed pushing toward center city a leave eighthing that tension, more on the northbound side. southbound is looking all right, just know that you have to give yourself some extra time. we normally have to on interest stat i-95. this is what you are looking at right here, looking good, right here, still a lot of movement out there at 30:00 in the morning. this will only get more so as we push toward our main hour of the rush hour which is 7:00 . take a look the at the schuylkill, taillights moving in the eastbound direction at montgomery, and a lot of brake lights here too. schuylkill starting to heat up fairly early. i would say early at 6:00 o'clock even pushing towards the 6:00 o'clock it the started to heat up. just know schuylkill right now is fairly typical. traveling less than posted
6:34 am
speeds. thinks where we had an accident clearing in malvern, at rodgers way. again, all clear, jim and brooke, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha. a plan vanished over mediterranean sea and we have learn new developments. >> egyptair jet was on its way from cairo to paris when it dropped off radar. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in the sat center with new information, jan. >> reporter: jim and brooke, good morning. officialness egypt and greece both say this flight crashed in the mediterranean sea off the greek island of create but at this point those, say it ties early to say whether it was a technical problem or a terror attack that caused this plane to crash. a huge search effort is underway. egyptair flight 804 took off from paris last night and then disappeared entering egyptian air space early this morning. officials say the pilot made in distress call, jet liner had been cruising at 37,000 feet. >> the plane's trace just stopped short of 37,000 feet
6:35 am
and if you look at the graphic normally planes as they fall out of the skies you'll see they continue to transmit some form of information and you do see dissent portfolio profile. we don't have that here. that suggests immediate, it suggests dramatic, it suggests loss of power, complete loss of power to the aircraft, either explosive or otherwise because the plane suddenly stops. >> reporter: now family members started to arrive at charles degall airport in paris waiting on word about their loved ones. the jet liner was carrying 66 people including ten crew members and security personnel. the 56 passengers come from a dozen different nations, however, no americans were on board. now egyptair says plane's pilot had 6,000 hours of flying, co pilot had close to 3,000 flying hours, this search is justin tense filing
6:36 am
this morning. jim ape brooke, back to you. >> thanks, jan. frightening images showing the crash of the u.s. air force b52 on the u.s. territory of qualm, good news all seven crew members escaped wreckage without injury. b52 strat a bomber caught fire and crashed during take off during a training mission. they contain a fuel spill on the runway. protesters set a police koran fire during a anti cop hatred rally. fifteen demonstrators broke out car windows forcing two officers outside and then police say they threw molotov cocktails inside. protesters say police instigated violence during a series of demonstrations against the controversial labor reform. >> well, if you thought it was bad before airport security lines are becoming even longer. airlines are looking for solutions and now congress is getting involved. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at philadelphia international airport this morning with more on these flight frustrations, hi there, justin. >> hi there brooke and jim.
6:37 am
fact is flying is just more complicated these days, screening are more involved, more of us are packing carry on bags and more of us are just flying in general. a perfect storm of challenges for airports ahead of the high travel season. right now efforts are underway to make these checkpoints here more efficient. at philadelphia international, a scene unlike many passengers are seeing at the nation's busiest airport. major hubs from coast to coast where airline insiders note that passengers are waiting upward of two hours to clear airport security checkpoints. >> three times in the the last couple days. >> reporter: to help american airlines plans to invest four million-dollar to hire contractors, their jobs, to move packages to tsa checkpoints faster. southwest some workers are now you assigned to help move lines along. >> we cannot do tsa job for them but we can at least lend a hand, if it is not a
6:38 am
security specific position. >> reporter: last week congress approved 34 million-dollar to hire more tsa officers and to pay overtime to manage the long lines, but the house home lap security committee head says that is not enough. >> this is a crisis, and it the demand a congress act and that is what i intend to do. >> it is like precheck where you don't to have take off your coat, belt or shoes because they can smell any explosives. >> reporter: senators chuck schumer of insuring and bob casey of pennsylvania are calling for more bomb sniffing k-9's to work checkpoints and many congress members want better programs for recruiting and retaining tsa officers. and, back out here live, tsa has their own suggestions by keeping carry ons the size of these dimensions right here. they say that will help you get the through faster. sign up for tsa precheck to get you through line faster and a paid for service. also worth note pag senator
6:39 am
bob casey has said tsa is working with 250 million-dollar less than it was back in 20 is 11. that is as many more of us are actually flying a lot of things going on here, with the recommendations, guys, get to the airport at least three hearst before your flight. we are live, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", brooke and jim, back to you good that tsa precheck is worth the money because you get through in a short time compared to those regular lines. >> it is hard to plan that farrah head. thanks, justin. linkedin data breach appears larger then first thought. >> more than 100 million users e-mail and pass word are compromised and what is worse hackers are selling them on line. personal data comes from a hack of the web site, get this, four years ago. hackers could possibly use the information to break into users other accounts, including banking web sites. this is something cool happening today you can make a puppy play date through uber. ride sharing service is
6:40 am
teaming up with the pennsylvania spca and they will bring in adoptable puppy to your business if you work in philadelphia a, conshohocken, king of prussia or cherry hill. cost is $30 for i 15 minute puppy play date. >> good investment there. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", do you know difference between normal aches and pains and arthritis? doctor jen is standing by with a look at wrist pain and how to prevent it. >> it is all about the fun fashion when you you go to preakness at pea as a pat gallen is here to talk about what should you wear and he will tell you how money raised goes, next. >> ♪ >> that is about all we're getting too a pocket full, i'll take it. >> all right. >> stay with us.
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back on "eyewitness news" with one of philadelphia's largest free event it is preakness at the piazza, last week, the horse racing watch at night quiz won the kentucky derby, next race for the triple crown is the backdrop for one of the great charity event for the year, here in philadelphia, preakness at the piazza, raises money for the national ms society and one of the main highlights of the event is, the fashion fancy outfits, here to talk more bit is dave, co chair of the preakness at piazza event. dave, let's first discuss that fashion week. we will very dapper. we are urging other people to do as well. let's bring up jen first. >> yes, jen is wearing
6:45 am
blooming dale's from liberty, this is a classic look, floral pattern. >> sure. >> and the big hat. >> the big hat looks nice. >> good job, jen, appreciate it. >> how about the men, rocking out too. >> yes. >> all about. >> we have to keep up. >> it is all about the bow tie. >> jeff with the checkered coat and custom bow tie. >> yes. >> we had, pocket squares they are big. >> obviously looking good, jeff, thanks my friend. >> nice little move there. >> yes. >> come on up here, sheila. >> elegant look. the big, white hot, fun summer feel. >> fun and flow i. and anthony looks classic as well. checkers on checkers. >> anthony is the home run, not classing you are not fashion. >> looking awesome, anthony. >> outside of the fashion part, obviously what makes it the so great. >> it is for the ms society which is our purpose with all
6:46 am
this, with our fourth year. we have raised $120,000, last year and this year we have some new things that we have implemented. we have live music at the door, dj royale is back again and we will have the photo shack booth and then the new elements. >> i'm hosting the event but there is pretty awesome judges as well. >> there are, and meisha is one of them, malcolm jenkins from the philadelphia eagles. ike reese, former philadelphia eagle and radio personality and then bex. >> lovely, dave, we appreciate it. recognize at pea is where you can get your ticket. and, for katie, katie, will we need the umbrella for preakness this weekend. >> if you have a giant hat like this it is a, built in umbrella but saturday is day that last like it will get wet this really cast a shadow. look at this. lets get take this off so you can see everything, folks.
6:47 am
lets take a look a at is what going on outside on storm scan three. we have wet weather, currently, retreating thankfully but spotty of spotty showers have been out there across southern new jersey, portions of delaware, you can see at least retreat of the the cloud, back across central and northeastern pa. but we will brighten up with time here. i do start off with good news, and waits in the wings is a down tail nose dive with our weather pattern. you can see rain breaking out across oak, texas, that is storm that will head our way, for saturday. here's the bullet points you need to know, if you have outdoor plans, you might want to think about a backup because we have period of rain in the forecast. early morning likely does stay dry, the way the timing pans out the right now but late morning looks like first rain drops are to fall, heaviest rain will fall south of philadelphia, but rain amounts could get up to an inch. this could be a dousing, you know, drenching kind of a rain
6:48 am
through southern most counties. from our weather watchers and eyewitness cam, marry ann, sent this in from browns mills. you can see included thinning and we are seeing a break in the cloud for sunshine but temperatures as we say are pretty seasonal to start things off, a short list. we have other observation that is came in from the eyewitness weather watchers but here's a handfull, low to mid 50's from essington where davis report to go newark where delores is reporting 52 degrees, alan, thank you for that and john in mullica at 50 at this hour. the as the day goes on now that we are seeing clouds break for sun we can warm up for a change. seventy-four is expected high eventually, heck of a lot closer to seasonal then it has been, tomorrow is just a gem of the the forecast right now, beautiful day, saturday when rain returns and sunday, you know, certainly better of the two days but residual shower and still can't rule out spotty shower on monday either but temperatures get a chance to rebound at that point and
6:49 am
next week we should be back into much more sunshine, over to you. >> i started asking rain to go away and now i'm pleading, begging, stay away from frustra, good morning everyone, 95 south past cottman this is what you are looking at, looking busy, we can expect that now that we are just before the heart of our rush hour. interstate i-95 past cottman take a look at this all brake lights there. this is schuylkill eastbound, we do have some construction going on in that left lane. make note, very, very slow moving around here. this is a open camera but bumper to bumper it is very slow. we have it here, stoats bring regatta kelly drive is clothessed between fountain green and strawberry mansion drive at 11:00 a.m. today and going through 6:00 p.m. on saturday. also, an accident in, exton, car went into a pole, not a good morning. make note of. that also, we have a accident here, in norristown, involving injuries, west germantown pike, one lane is blocked
6:50 am
there. all interstate and highways right now you are dropping less than posted speed. jim, over to you. well, time is 6:50. there is a lot coming up on cb is s this morning. >> charlie rose joins us live from new york with the preview. good morning, charlie, how is it going. >> good morning brooke and jim. we have latest on the search for missing egyptair flight, mark phillips in paris. we will talk to aviation analyst doctor sully sullenberger. the plus this, vice-president joe biden's emotional net to his younger self. he reflects on his greatest success and overcoming huge loss. a climbers climbing up mount everest how they survived a dangerous night the on the mountain. all that and more president news is back in the morning, see new ten minutes. occasional aches and pains are part of the aging process but can chronic joint pain be a sign of arthritis. the it effects one in five a adults in the u.s. >> how is arthritis diagnosed and are there ways to prevent
6:51 am
this jennifer cuddle is here this morning with advice. good morning, doctor jen. >> good morning. >> do i have arthritis or just old age coming up. >> you need to visit my office, how about that. >> good morning. so many people have arthritis. it is not uncommon to have arthritis even when we are younger but age is expected as we age. it is so common. one in five people. i say it for my grandmother who is saying my joints hurt, so many people have arthritis. it is good we're talking about this. >> what are certain factors that can put you at risk for developing arthritis. >> it is inflammation of the joints, right. what is arthritis? what do you feel. you feel joint pain, stiffness, might have some swelling but age is a risk factor. older you are the more lakely you have arthritis. family history. it runs in family. women are more commonly affect by arthritis then men. other risk factors being obese, that puts wear and tear on the joints, lot of weight
6:52 am
and strain. joint injuries are over use and joint immobilization. >> i know my mom, would be able to tell when weather was going to be bad. does weather pay a factor. >> grand mom always tells me when it will rain. she says my neck hurts, my joints hurt. this is interesting. so many of my patients say too they can feel when rain is coming. they can feel when weather is back because of their joints. we don't have good scientific evidence that explains why. we think it is due you to barometric pressure but am i a believer? i kind of am. because so many people feel like they can feel tonight their joints. it is not crazy. if that is how you are feeling. >> we were talking about risk factors. what can we do to reduce risk. >> so, one thing to keep in mind word arthritis is a term to be used for over a hundred different types of conditions. most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis which means wear and tear on the joints. some things we can do is number one making sure we are going slow with activities.
6:53 am
we have done segments on weekend warriors getting out there and lifting and shoveling. you you know making sure you are taking it easy, you are stretching, exercising and low income exercises can be helpful. >> exercise people think you don't want to do that because it will make things worse. >> patients actually get concerned when i say, i want them to start exercising but exercise is a great option for arthritis pain. low impact, and physical therapy, medications, and, sometimes surgery as a last resort can be done. but go to your doctor to make sure you get that proper diagnosis to make sure that arthritis. and we want people to know. >> i'm dying to ask this question. >> okay. >> is it inevitable, as we age. >> that is a good point. >> that is a great question, brooke. >> yes. >> is it inevitable? i wouldn't say inevitable? is it likely for most of them, and, get down some sort of arthritis, very likely. >> so you are saying i'm old.
6:54 am
>> yes. >> yes. >> three things you need to go. >> it three is to go next.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
well, here's what you need to know, it three is to go. >> authorities say egyptair flight traveling from paris to cairo crashed in the
6:58 am
mediterranean sea off the greek island, with -- excuse me, with 66 people on board. >> one of the three teens facing charges in the death of amy joyner francis is in court this morning. authorities say joyner francis died of sudden cardiac arrest during a fightin side howard high school in wilmington. new quinnipiac university poll find new jersey voting voting democrat in the presidential elections. their primary is june 7th and that is three to go. >> last check of the weather and traffic. >> things starting to brighten up, lets look at this shot as we go on it side kutztown area middle school. i love to show this shot. clearly partly sunny sky. fifty-one current temperature. virtually no wind but we can expect for rest of the morning very spotty showers still out there, far south east but this afternoon we all end up in sunshine, meisha. >> thanks, katie. schuylkill eastbound off ramp to the walt whitman bridge that left lane is compromised due to construction there and also this weekend keep in mind stotesbury regatta saturday and sunday and kelly drive
6:59 am
closed between fountain green drive and strawberry mansion at 11:00 p.m. today. 11:00 a.m. rather. i'm finding hidden gems in our philadelphia parts tomorrow and i'll she you where to enjoy this beautiful view. and also see a important part of the rocky movie history, i love that, and then we will see a child's dream. >> did i hear you say you love the big slide. >> i love the big slide. >> not only is there a historical slide involved but there is a mansion and it is only for kid, hear remarkable story of how children's paradise came to be and let's go play, much we tomorrow on dream drive at 6:00 a.m. on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, meisha. next up, more on the search for egyptair flight that went missing and vice-president joe biden a's emotional letter to his 12 year-old self. >> remember to join us each weekday at cbs-3 starting at 4:30 in the morning. have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, may 19th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news, an egyptair flight vanishes over the mediterranean sea. terrorism has not been ruled out. we are in paris where the flight took off. captain sully sullenberger analyzes what could have caused the plane to disappear. bernie sanders and top democrats accuse each other of lying. can party leaders calm the chaos before the convention? and vice president joe biden's emotional note to self reveals how faith and grit got him through devastating personal tragedy. we begin with today's "eye opener," your woin


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