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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 20, 2016 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00, together again. donald trump and governor chris christie joined forces in mercer county, new jersey, tonight for a fundraiser. we'll tell you why all the money is going to the governor. dna testing. not to fight crime but to find love. how the science is being used to determine if you and your partner are truly compatible. and the housing market has bounced back after nearly a decade of struggles. but is another crash inevitable
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good question. nicole brewer gets the answer for you. we begin with donald trump's first campaign event in new jersey and it was all to help out chris christie. good evening, everyone, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is in lawrenceville right now to explain what tonight's recall was all about. david? >> reporter: ukee and jessica, drum happen a lot to say on stage tonight. this was technically a campaign debt pay off event for governor christie. people came out no surprise to see and protest donald trump. >> there's nothing like new jersey. >> reporter: in a rare fundraising event donald trump took the stage after introduction by close friend and former competitor chris christ christie. trump was on sight to help christie pay down his campaign debt. tickets were $200 a pop. $25 for students. >> chris paid off his entire campaign debt tonight. (applause). >> right? his entire debt. and chris, you can't even give
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them a table an seat that's terrible. >> christie surrounded by his family introduced trump touting his business background and their personal friendship. >> we know him well, and i said to mary pat, we never ever make a mistake by standing with your friend. >> in the first 10 minutes, trump talked about the supreme court, hillary clinton, and yesterday's egypt air crash over the mediterranean. trump came out almost immediately after the crash and pointed to terrorism. >> a plane got blown out of the sky. out of anything -- if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, you're 100% wrong, folks. okay? >> the white house has not released an official cause yet. trump also spoke heavily on the economy and his plan to lure jobs back to the united states. >> outside across the street, protesters made it clear they want nothing to do with the trump presidency. >> new jersey is not a state for hate and we need to get the hate out of new jersey. >> that guy is an embarrassment to america and to have him stand
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at a podium as the president of the united states would be a embarrassment to us all. >> a new poll has trump trailing hillary clinton by seven in new jersey and trailing bernie sanders by 11 in the state. clinton is ahead in new jersey over bernie sanders in the poll. donald trump yesterday released a list of supreme court nominees, 11 nominees he would consider for supreme court justices if he was the next president of the united states. one of them from pennsylvania judge thomas hardiman based in pittsburgh. reporting live tonight in mercer county, new jersey, david spunt cbs though "eyewitness news". >> thank you, david. now on the democratic side hillary clinton sat down for interview with cnn and in it she called trump unqualified to be president. and when asked if bernie sanders would be her vice-president, she said she would not get into th that. sander has no scheduled public events today. while the investigation into what exactly happened to egypt
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air flight 804 continues crews are searching the mediterranean sea for wreckage. jetliner headed from paris to cairo with 66 people on board when it crashed near the egyptian coast today. radar showed the plane cruising at 37,000 feet and then suddenly turning 90 degrees to the left and then spinning in a circle to the right all while rapidly closing altitude. no americans were on board. tonight one person is injured in a fast-moving house fire in camden. firefighters arrived on north 26th street to find flames shooting through the roof. the fire grew to three alarms before crews were able to get it under control. authorities tell "eyewitness news" paramedics rushed female victim to cooper university hospital. no word on her condition tonight or the cause of that fire. police are searching for a suspect who attacked a woman in a camden county park. chopper three over berlin park in berlin borough around 9am police say a woman in her 20s was attacked from behind while
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jogging. she fought off her attacker but dropped her phone in the scuffle. another person called 911 and she was taken to the hospital but the victim was not injured. the same sex couple attacked in center city nearly two years ago is now suing the thee suspects criminally charged in the assault. ass andrew and zachary filed a civil lawsuit. houck suffered a fractured jaw and hess see cuts and bruises. philip williams, kevin harrigan and kathryn knott caused them to suffer pain and mental anguish. she's serving a 10 month jail sentence. williams and who are harrigan were sentenced to probation. >> former 60 minutes correspondent morley safer died at the age of 84. he retired just last week after spending more than a half century with cbs news including 46 years with 60 minutes. he did 919 stories for 60 minutes covering everything from the vietnam war to pop culture.
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he filed his last report in march it was a profile on a danish architect. safer had been in declining health. he died at his home in manhattan and he is survived by his wife and daughter. in less than a month the revelry sort in atlantic city will be reborn according to the new owner "eyewitness news" received a behind the scenes look as crews raced to get the revel ready for its june 15th reopening. glenn straub bought the $2.4 billion resort in bankruptcy for $82 million in cash in april of last year. straub tells greg argos ever since he's been tweaking and changing the building to ready it for the opening. >> down here, this will have water fountains jumping kids run inside the water for the smaller people blow, 4 feet tall. but 144 feet in the air and you have zip lines that go around. >> straub says everything will be up and running soon except for the casino that will return at a later date.
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the power of dna testing. we know it's valuable tool in fighting crime, and now it's also being used in finding love. there's a new dna test aimed at creating the perfect match. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the science behind the chemistry of love. >> reporter: two couples, one together a lifetime. >> i have no idea. (laughter) i don't know. it just work. >> reporter: the other newly engaged. >> we knew fairly early that it was, n we had something special. >> reporter: chelsea and brian met through friends. max and donna met in high school. they got married seven years later. >> july was 32 years. >> what makes these relationships work. a company called instant chemistry says the answer lies in your dna. they test personality traits and dna with saliva samples to see how compatible you are with your mate. >> it's interesting but i'm no not -- >> if this comes back as
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incompatible the wedding off. >> they agreed to take the d inform a test that starts with certain brain chemical. >> by measuring seratone tow nine, dope pa minute it will tells whose empathetic or impulsive and that reveals how people will react in stressful or emotional situations. >> basically what we're looking at is, the genetic and psychological factors that make a good match. >> reporter: joel block is the psychologist with instant chem tree. >> what do you say to the skeptics who say there's not enough evidence or scientific proof this works? >> those skeptics haven't read the research. there's list of perry view research these are things that's legitimate the not junk research. >> reporter: for the couples the results showed an 80% exit table score for donna and max. >> that's probably why we've been so long for so long. >> for chelsea and brian.
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>> the wedding is on. thankfully we got a 77% compatible. the results weren't perfect. the couples say the test missed on a few personality traits. >> it said i was a worrier and a i'm a pretty laid back guy. >> can your personal be tested license love last forever. who notice. for $149 it can analyze your dna compatibility. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> science. >> science indeed. the future of love. >> right. you probably noticed more for sale signs popping up outside homes. >> housing mark as finally rebounded after the collapse nearly a decade ago. could the bubble burst again and when. good question. nicole brewer looks into whether another market real estate market crash is inevitable. >> plus this. >> tonight taste with tori takes to mace that's all about family. how one mom turned out to dinner
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nightmare with her kids into a successful restaurant and. >> and beach goers in one jersey shore community will get a bones in us in with beach tag this summer. how officials hope this bracelet could help safe lives. >> kate. >> and beautiful weather finally returned to the area today. but we're going to go from nice to nasty again very quickly. i'll break down when rain comes in fort weekend along with this system that's all coming up when we come back. ♪
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ u.s. housing market has been slowly recovering since the
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bubble burst in 2007. >> prices continue to rise. foreclosures are down. it sounds good. but could we be on the path to another crisis? >> good question and nicole brewer is here now with the answer. nicole. >> jess, you said it home prices continue to rise across the country including right here in philadelphia. and while that is good news for homeowners, of course, some worry that we're creating another housing bubble that will ultimately burst. so is another real estate market crash inevitable? it's a good question especially if you plan to buy or sell a home. ♪ >> are you in the market for home. >> we need more space. what is the market like right now. >> it's booming. >> if you want something newer, you have to have a huge amount of money. >> becoming next to impossible for people to be able to buy homes. >> philadelphia home prices have officially bounced back surging higher than just before the housing bubble burst in 2007. >> that's america's housing market. >> is another real estate market
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crash inevitable? >> why not? i mean we've been -- we've seen this happen before. >> i feel like we learned a lot as country. >> i think there's different policies we can put in place. >> currently i don't see the characteristics necessary to have a substantial decline in real estate prices. >> forest a professor of real estate and finance at temple's fox school of business. we're not in danger of a crash for a few reasons much not only is there a better economic climate we're also seeing historically low interest rates and better lone qualifications compared to the last crash. >> it sounds like it was so much he'd ease err for people to take out loans to buy homes even if they weren't qualified to do it. >> today you don't see those types of lenient under writing procedures that would result in a lot of foreclosures. >> you don't qualify as easily then again you won't lose your home in the future. >> nationally huffman says home prices are increasing by four or 5% annually. >> that's not a danger sign when you see those types of increases in fact it shows kind of, you
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know, just the opposite healthy market. >> i'm hoping that that price increase is just because higher demand and not necessarily because a new bubble is forming. >> when we get slapped again nobody will see that coming either. >> now here in philly, there are also concerns over the amount of construction taking place with new buildings popping up left and right. i asked professor huffman if we shall be worried at all about that. he said he's not seeing any signs of over supply but it's something worth keeping an eye on. >> we have 35 cranes around the city. >> it really does seem like it's on every corner. i thought what was really interesting about this piece our expert was very positive something bad would not happen. the people we talk to on the street there's a high level of scepticism there. 2007 was not that long ago. >> true. >> that's right. they lived through it. they know. all right. nicole thanks. >> what's your good question. log on to question or you can tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question g nicole will be here every night with the answer on "eyewitness news" at
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11:00 o'clock. down the beach goers in longport will be seeing purple this summer. the first 5,000 people will get a white bracelet. it turns purple when exposed to uv rays which are a deadly cause of melanoma. >> a little one behaves badly while dining out. one mom turned an out to dinner nightmare with her kids into a positive experience for other children. >> tonight's taste with tori. vittoria woodill takes you to a place where everyone is encouraged to be silly. the pop shop in collingswood, new jersey. ♪ >> reporter: welcome to the pop shop cafe and creamery. the place were kids can be kids and jack the balloon guy gets them all wound up. and where saturday pajama day -- >> kids eat free.
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>> i love the pop shop. >> we don't take ourselves seriously as all. >> silly place inspired by a parents out to dinner nightmare story. >> our one son was horrible to take out. one day he had thrown a plate of spaghetti at the server. we were doing the walk of shame out of the restaurant. we flood to create a place where kids weren't welcome. >> kids can be a jerk here arc soda jerk that is the kind that work behind the counter. >> we teach them how to make milk shakes and sodas. everybody wants to be jerk. >> i want to be jerk. >> enjoy the food, too. 31 types of grilled cheese sandwiches. fitting for place who's motto we aim to cheese. sandwiches named for collingswood streets. like the stokes grilled cheese. >> tomato american cheese and bacon. >> you really aim to cheese here. >> we do. >> that is amazing.
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>> it's so creamy. >> the linden street. >> who does love a cheesesteak on pretzel role. >> 16 kinds of fries. get this. pancake fries. that's right. oh my god. >> double dipping is encouraged. there's also gluten free and vegetarian food. items made without nuts. >> they make everything easy here. whether you're a kid or grown up. >> what kid wouldn't love to come here. what adult won want to wear this hat. eat this gummy worm and drink this. come on. >> too much fun. >> i mean -- >> too much fun. >> you bring that hat back though. >> unfortunately i did not it won fit in train. >> this is national burger month when you celebrated at the pop shop you can count on a different burger every day this month. stay tuned for milkshake month in june they also celebrate oatmeal month. >> wow.
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>> tons of oatmeal. tell me about your favorite places on facebook. i'm getting -- salivating from watching that. >> pancake fries. >> pancake fries. double dipping encouraged, ukee. >> look out. >> encouraged. >> you know what's interesting tori we bring kate bilo shed a bacon milkshake from there. >> tell me about it, kate. >> amazing. >> thank you for the tips. >> fantastic. >> new tonight the tent tenth al patient prom at children's hospital of physical. it gives patients their families and friends one night to just cut loose and relax. these kids enjoyed dressing up for the event. obviously. i like those glasses. there was a whole lost dancing an whole lot of smiling. >> look at those smiles much that's so true. >> that's great. >> kate is here with our forecast. >> the theme of my prom was summer breeze. >> will we ever get one those.
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>> we may at p point. june is milkshake month. bacon milkshake. it was so good. tomorrow will be kind of day you want to sit outside. maybe and have milkshake or have some pancake fries or just be outside at the same time. it's the kind of day we've been waiting for since a few like that back in april it's been a long time. let's take look outside right now. generally clear skies. dry conditions out in center city at the moment. no problems to speak of right now. that's going to be the case through tonight and into tomorrow as well. everyone has been asking when does spring return bring back the sunshine. the sun came ba today and around tomorrow. storm scan3 is clear for the moment. get ready for a beautiful friday from start to finish but as we zoom out you can see problems are lurking off to the south and to the west. here's our next storm gathering strength and moisture moving along the eastern see bore as we head into saturday. and that means friday and
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saturday are pretty much complete opposite days as we go through the weekend we've got rain moving in on saturday by midday and it may continue even into sunday. temperatures right now 59 degrees in philadelphia. the temperature dropped drastically in the past hour it is cooling down it was 65 last hour. 60 in wilmington. 50 in millville and 56 degrees in atlantic city. clear sky means temperatures will drop. tomorrow we're checking every single box we have here. sunny skies, warm temperatures, low humidity. light winds it is practically perfect in every way. enjoy it because take look how things change. we've got high pressure overhead tomorrow all day is dry. even through 6:00 p.m. you can see these clouds are still off to the south and west. so tomorrow is fine across the bore. saturday the clouds start to lift in and by mid afternoon you can see 7am still generally quite just some for the morning. it will be chilly. by mid afternoon after about 3:00 p.m. the rain starts to move. the heaviest will be off to the south. there is a chance that areas
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from philadelphia on north and west may not see a ton of heavy rain that may morrell gated to the shower points and delaware. a cool cloudy damp day with periods of light to moderate rain and that moves off. sunday we may see sunshine watch the showers and storms that love to pop up as the storm continues to be over ned on sunday. periods of rain mainly in the afternoon and heaviest to the south here on saturday. isolated gusty thunderstorm an cool east wind all day. here comes that cool pock of air and notice this pocket of air stays overhead monday and even into tuesday before you finally departing we get a warming trend to start neck wednesday really. overnight tonight it's clear, it's quiet. 52 degrees. tomorrow is a beautiful friday. mostly sunny. 78 degrees. big difference here saturday. 62 with periods of cool rain again mainly after two or 3:00 o'clock. sunday a shower in the afterno afternoon. 72. then next week we crawl out of
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the pattern and we can be in the 80s. we haven't had any 80s this month. >> i'm telling you. >> we welcome them. >> we need an 80-degree day. >> thanks kate. don bell is here with look at what's coming up in sports. >> the future is bright fort sixers. we've been talking about it all being and we continue to chat about it. we've seen joel embiid play but never in a sixers game. if you want the sixers to trade jahlil okafor think twice.
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well cup back. sixers big mange little okafor on the fast track. eighth grade he was already 6-foot seven. he won a national title as freshman at duke. and now after injury shorten season he has been named nba all rookie first team. i talk to head coach brett brown this week and here's how big jal can get even better next season. >> he'll score in his sleep. he'll score for the rest of his life. he can score. i think that -- that the two areas that i think he'll make
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that biggest jump and help our organization the most when he can get up and down the floor without any type of fitness restrictions, and when he can particularly guard a pick and roll and have some level of presence at the rim. that's when you really see, um, i think a two-way player. >> ukee, translation -- >> get in shape. (laughter). >> get in shape and play d. he was the third pick last year's draft. joel embiid was the third pick in 2014. he's had two reasons wrecked by injuries. he's scheduled to make his nba debut in the fall. i asked brown what we can expect to see. >> i think people are going to be blown away how big he is. like he is a big man. i've been around a lot of nba players when you're next to joel you realiz real a big man first. second you'll be amazed how that big man moves much his versatility on running the flo
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floor. his versatility being able to step out and shoot a shot. his power at the rim being able to drop, step and finish plays. that's something you don't see all wrapped up in one package. i think those type of qualities will be great for the city to see. >> we'll see him on the court this year. >> i believe you will. (laughter). >> i believe you will. >> ukee, translation. >> he's an absolute beast. watch out. he's the man. >> dignitaries for the sixers on hand as the peps historic museum debt cade the a parker for harvey pollock. he's the engineer of stats. the marker can be found on the grounds next the former sight of the spectrum. phillies have the night off. they start three game series against the braves tomorrow at the bank fight hemoglobin chance to leap frog into first place with an nationals loss. so what d.c. do. what do you think? the nats visiting the mets. third inning former phillie ben revere with two men on.
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two runs are in. it's a triple for revere. the nationals win it, nine-one. fightin' phils remain in second place. >> yeah. >> i know it's may but it's found check the stats because this team is balling. >> big time. it's fun to watch. >> it really is. >> thanks, don.
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>> tonight hundreds gather for a great cause. >> leaders in advocates bringing hope to those facing the challenge of mental illness were absolute to do night. "eyewitness news" at the bell of hope award dinner in society hill. proceeds from the dinner benefit the great work of the mental health association of southeastern pennsylvania and i was honored to be there along with many others to support a great organization. ♪
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