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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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what crews have found as we learn more about the final irradic moments of the flight. >> also, this morning, women are on alert after a jogger is attack on a popular trail. we'll show you how she fought back, and the clues police are following to catch the attacker. >> and finley, the kind of weather we should be enjoying in may. lot of sunshine, 07 degrees temperatures, but, enjoy it while it lasts. today is friday, may the 20th, tgif everyone. i'm jim donovan. >> lay there, i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> i sense the sarcasm there, jim. >> no sarcasm. very serious person. meisha, how is the traffic. >> let's just say the coffee in the cone still sounds good. can't stop thinking about it, traffic looks pretty darn good right now. one accident just not clearing out of the way. tractor-trailer though might become an issue in a little bit. so i'll have the updates. >> as far as the weather goes, sun glare really the only what i would call concern. otherwise, just got perfect weather unfolding, storm scan, okay, let's just zip right
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past this. totally empty, will stay that way all day today. looking at the area temperatures, variety pack, mid 50's for fill, mid 50's for wildwood, dover, little cooler in the outlying suburbs surrounding the city and coldest spot of the pack tends to usually be the poconos certainly is this morning, 38 degrees currently at mount pocono. throughout the course of the day though just wall-to-wall sunshine guys. might see few patchy clouds along the way but that's it. it warms up very efficiently as a result, sun angle regardless of the gray skies, higher and higher with every passing day these last few weeks, warm up to the mid 70s by lunch time, make the excuse, avenue feeling all of the cafes will have their chairs outdoor. why what a great idea, 78 and sunshine, then by the time we hit 7:00 p.m. officially expect to top off with daytime highs. today perfection. tomorrow far cry from it with rain on the way. so coming up later in the show, we will of course track that for you, give you the sense, too, any casino every window of time where you can
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get in an outdoor plan i'll let you glow that would be great to know for saturday. thank you so much. looking at the vine, not closed overnight, great news for a loft us to take the vine in the morning. looking at the westbound side, i would say, heating up just little bit. eastbound side following suit. overall though the vine has look pretty darn good all morning long. the schuylkill, okay, it is taillights moving in the westbound direction, past gulf mill. we look over to the eastbound side, just headlights side, starting to see it heat up just little bit. but also we've got that tractor-trailer pulled all the way off to the shoulder the only reason that is so much concerning, not blocking any lanes, is that when you come around right there on the schuylkill, if you're not paying attention, it is a very, very narrow fit right there. so just make note, it is out there, not slowing anyone down, maybe causing some to just tap their breaks ever so slightly. those of you at home thinking about headed out the doorway just know it is out there if you have to go right by t we have this event this weekend, stotesbury regatta, what happens is the kelly drive
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closed between fountain green drive and strawberry mansion closed until 6:00 p.m. saturday. jim, brooke, over to you. >> breaking news in the northeast, looking live at apartment fire in summer ton. the flames started on the 100 block of byberry just after 5:00 this morning, it took firefighters about 15 minutes, to bring the fire under control, looking pretty clear now from what i can see. so far, there is no word of any injuries, but we will let you know more information as soon as it becomes available. >> meanwhile, in other news, joggers in one of of camden county towns on alert this morning after woman attack while on a run. the assault happened at berlin park berlin borough around 9:00 a.m. yesterday. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is live in berlin with the latest, jan? >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning, what happened here yesterday, really has joggers thinking twice about their safety, after all, this is shocking because this didn't happen, this attack didn't happen at the night in the cover of darkness, so it happened during daylight when
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people here just assume they're safe. >> a brazen attack in broad daylight. a woman out for a jog in berlin park is ambushed, and nearly sexually assaulted. scenario that now has joggers taking extra precautions. >> pretty safe. never go by myself. >> thursday's attack sparked huge search for the sus p, police sealed off the park located between white horse pike and immediately surrounded the borough, used k9's, new jersey state police helicopter to search the grounds. >> really scar that i it would happen right in like our backyard. like a few miles from here. >> unfortunate thing that happened. but it does happen everywhere. >> police say it was just after 9:00 in the morning, when a jogger in her 20's was approached from behind. investigators say the suspect had popped out of the woods and wrestled his victim to the grounds. the woman, though, fought back. >> she was able to kick, punch, do whatever she could to get away from this individual. >> she escape, but lost her cell phone in the struggle.
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good samaritan called for help. victim taken to the hospital with minor injuries, but the suspect got away, so, police have some advice for joggers who before now never had to worry. >> the main thing is just to be aware of your surroundings. if you're running through this, it is a very safe park, there hasn't been an incident like this that has ever happened here. just know where you are, be aware of your suggestion, don't get caught up in your music or headphones. and let people know where you are, and what time you intend to get back. >> then that really is great advice for joggers everywhere. now, un for the lip, we don't have a good description of the suspect in this case, police only describe him as a white man. the investigation and the search continues today. jim, brooke, back into you. >> thanks a lot, jan. meanwhile, new information overnight in the egypt air crash as search teams say they found debris including personal belongings. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us live from the cbs-3 sat center with more on that. and what we know about the flight's final moments. justin? >> reporter: jim, egyptian media now reporting plane
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debris has been found 180 miles north of alexandria. say the egyptian navy searching for 804 black box recorder when they found the debris field which includes passengers' belongings. as investigators from france and air buys arrive in cairo this morning, effort to locate wreckage belonging to flight 804 have so far turned up empty. airline officials were forced to retract claims that debris including life jacket found near the greek island of carpassos belonged to the doomed flight. debra hersman says crews now bracing against time. >> first 24 hours, really focused on search and rescue or recovery trying to really nail down all of the perishable evidence. >> greek defense minister said the plane traveling par toys cairo veered wildly in the air before crashing into the mediterranian sea. as crews focus south of crete, what brought the plane down is
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unclear. >> egyptian aviation says terrorism may to be blame. >> cbs news senior security contributor mike morrell says no evidence terrorism brought down the aircraft, but nothing can be ruled out. >> i think there is two possibility, right, one is a bomb, either placed on the aircraft, somewhere north after, a where the plane had been earlier in the day, or it could have been an individual on the plane, even the pilot or co-pilot, who became radicalized. >> it could come in a from flight's data voice recorder which may well be at the bottom of the sea. >> and data recorders critical in the crash probe. so far officials say no reports of distress signal before the plane fell. per the flight manifest, no americans on board, but us officials are watching this investigation closely. jim, brooke, back into you. >> thank you so much, justin. keep it right here on "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the egypt air flight 804 investigation. you can get the latest any time on >> now, to the latest on campaign 2016.
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donald trump is in louisville, kentucky today speaking at nra convention but before, that the presumptive republican presidential nominee made stop in new jersey with governor chris christie. trump actually helped the governor pay off his campaign debt at funds raise nerve lawrenceville, last night. he spoke about the recent egypt air crash which he is calling terrorism. >> a plane got blown out of the sky. if anything, if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, you're 100% wrong, folks, okay? >> new quinnipiac pole out thursday has trump trailing hillary clinton by 7% in new jersey, and he's trailing bernie sanders by 11%. clinton still leads in new jersey, though, over sanders, according to that pole. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders is taking his campaign to new mexico today, where he had several rallies plannedment meantime, hillary clinton will be in texas. in a interview with cnn, clinton called trump unqualified to be president. and when asked about the possibility of bernie sanders being her vice president, she
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said she wouldn't get into that. >> interesting. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, the sun's rays can be harmful. and although sunscreen is your best defense against the sun, local shore town has a new too many to help keep you safe. we'll show you what it is, and how it works. >> plus, usually you need a telescope to see mars, but not this weekend. finds out ex a beingly when and where to look for the red planet. >> ♪ >> i don't know why this is owe amazing and fun toy me, bike to work day. pat is out peddling around. >> pat, how is it going? >> ♪ >> it is going. our driver, vince, in the truck right now, really pushing me to the limit. but it is a lot of fun. that is great morning out here. if you see me, don't run me over. >> hold on to the handlebars! >> ♪
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>> welcome back, the time is 6:12, down the shore you can get more than a beach tag for your monday any longport. >> awesome, beach-goers will actually get a bracelet that helps protect them against dangerous sun rays. the first 5,000 people to buy beach tags there, will get a white bracelet. the bracelet turns purple when expose today uv rays, major cause every deadly mel no, ma'am a. >> the sun is not your friend, although we do like it today,
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kate. >> i absolutely, yes. as long as you are smart about how you go out in it, protect yourself adequately, great excuse to go out and enjoy a day like this. storm scan3, completely empty across basically the entire northeastern united state as well as mid-atlantic. this whole region basically will start to really see some change take place, as this storm moves our way. so very heavy thunderstorms currently rumbling across portions of specially the panhandle of florida here, that said, this is all headed our way brink withing it strictly rain to our area, so i want to track this for you. so we jump ahead all the way to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. at this point, the clouds will have rebuilt. but we should not have any raindrops to track, yet. now, i have to tell you it, looks as though, i like the way at this first raindrops for the western sliver basically of the delaware valley could start to fall as early as late morning. so if you get out early in the morning you should be okay to get the outdoor plans in, as the day progress, once the rain starts really won't stop. this is all the way at
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3:00 p.m. still seeing some pretty steady rain come through here. heaviest likely falling to the southern tear tear, this model wants to bring good heavy patch of rain, right up i95, basically, and then all the way at 10:00 p.m. lauren will be on the air on the "cw philly" at 10:00 p.m. still, tracking the same batch of rain. so, that said, it is essentially all day event, but you will have the little window early on, to get outside if you really want to enjoy some dry weather. while it lasts. meanwhile, today, it is going to last all day, nice weather, that is, great excuse to hit the ballpark. 70 degrees with light wind, i mean, perfection for the phils, also for the union playing down in chester this evening. sixty-two by tomorrow. awfully cool, there will be some rain obviously, some of it heavy as we just showed you, even couple every lingering showers on sunday, meisha? >> quite a drop. katie, thank you so much. good morning, everyone, and tgif to you. if you are just waking up, we made it, it is our friday, look how cool this is. look at the sun. now that it is coming up, look at the glare. it almost looks like a movie
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set. really cool. boulevard moving in the southbound direction, looking pretty darn good. i will say, you will need to pack your sunglasses today, but that's, i'm sure, a welcome thing for all of us drivers. schuylkill westbound city avenue wins off the boulevard you what looking at, there a loft vehicles out there already, in facts i will say all morning long i've been saying wow for a friday morning, it started early, and there is just a will the going on out there. a lot of vehicles out there for a friday morning, not even into the main hour of a rush hour at 7:00. schuylkill taillights moving in the westbound direction past gulph mills. when we look at the eastbound side, take a lock at this, you come around this bends, right around gulph mills, and you have you have these two tractor-trailers there is one disable there is one is what appears to be that they've just stopped to help out their buddy here that's pull off to the shoulder. the problem is when we have this many vehicles, that's very tight squeeze. more coming up in a little bit. first we take quick break, so stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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if you have your eye on the night sky this weekend, will shine bigger, brighter, approaching the biggest orbit to earth. no fancy telescopes needed actually be able to see this with the make eye. so, nasa says, actually our best chance to view the planet, since 2014, very exciting stuff. nasa scientists doctor michelle joins us live from the goddard space flight center in green belt, maryland, to tell us a little bit more about it this
6:19 am
morning, good morning. >> good morning, scientists saying the next few days maybe one of the best times to go out and view mars in years, so, what's the best way to try to actually see the red planet? >> absolutely, this is something that you can do all by yourself like you said, doesn't take any sort of instruments, all you need to do go outside around sunset, and mars is that opposition, which means on the opposite side of the sky than the sun. so as the sun is setting, see both mars and the full moon rising. probably the easiest way to find it look for the full moon, right by there. now that means, that actually earth and mars are on the same side of the sun. that's what the word opposition means. that means the closest we get to each other in the orbit. mars will particularly big and bright this weekend, actually look like sort of bright red star that you will see near the full moon. and probably best time to see mars. >> fantastic. unfortunately, we have some, not the nicest weather that's moving into our area, here, for the upcoming weekend but
6:20 am
the hubble telescope also took advantage of this opportunity to get some images of mars, so hopefully you can see those, what's it photograph? >> that's right. the hubble space telescope up above all of the bad weather we're having, and all the way from earth orbit we took this gorgeous image of mars. and, this is amazing to me, you can see beautiful desserts, you can see darker areas, that are bedrock, and the bright areas you see are actually clouds. including a beautiful bright patch of clouds above extinct volume cane over owe on the right. so, this is an absolutely beautiful image from hubble, great way to celebrate the opposition of mars. >> that's just fast nature to go see. so beautiful. so, what's up next for the hubble space telescope? >> well the hubble space telescope at the top of it game. had its last services mission in 2009. replaced many of the instruments and other components, and so right now operating at peak performance pictures every baby stars being born, actually dying
6:21 am
star, so many things near and far, cool things it also studies planets, solar is tell, 2018 joined by the wonderful new jamesburg space telescope. then two wonderful space telescopes operating together. so hubble still returning, best it has ever done. >> fantastic stuff. so fascinating, doctor michelle fowler with the goddard space center thank you again so much for your time and for joining thus morning. >> thank you very much. >> yes, and you can enjoy a bigger and brighter mars, well into june but tomorrow with the full moon again it will be the viewing pleasure hopefully that rain isn't going to mess with it too much. we'll see how we do. >> so fast naturing. >> well, here is something great too. first twins to ever go into space are from new jersey. >> now astronaunts mark and scott kelly are being honored in their hometown. west orange, renamed in their
6:22 am
honor, the school, now called kelly elementary school. mark flew four space shuttle missions scott recently finished 340 day mission on the international space station. >> well, up next, a look at other stories making headlines in this morning's newspapers. >> plus, how this plate can help you cut calories without even changing your diet. jim's listening closely. >> yes. >> coming up. i like this. >> eat healthy. >> ♪
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fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums.
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>> now newspaper headlines from the front page of the intelligence ers, officials from several bucks county water authorities saying they're shutting down public wells that don't meet new epa drinking water advisories, this includes wells in horsham, warminster, warrington and doylestown. >> on the front page of the delaware county daily times, the interboro school district looking at job cuts and it fifth tax hike. more than 20 positions are supposed to be -- are proposed to be furloughed or cut back. to make up for multi-million dollar deficit. the cut-backs will save the district about $2.3 million. >> front and center on the times herald, graduation season, yesterday montgomery county community college among those to hold its commencement
6:26 am
ceremony over 1500 student ranging in age from 18 to 70. that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", important information for families in this week's recall round up. plus, a local middle school student is arrested after police say he brought a semiautomatic handgun to school. find out where the weapon was found. there are more than just a neighborhood nuisance, now city officials are taking action, their noon get rid after bunch of turkey vultures that took over a house. >> and it is weather watcher friday. katy? >> indeed it is, brooke, yes, dave here from clementon to join us this morning, helping to update the graphics, as well, coming up we'll talk to him. he has interesting occupation. you'll definitely want to stick around for this. not just watching weather that this guy does. stick around, we'll be right back with your full forecast,
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>> get ready for a glorious day, it is friday and fantastic weather is here. >> glorious. we don't even want to talk about the green blob on storm scan3 that's headed our way right now. katie will let us know how much rain will get here this weekend, i'm making believe it doesn't exist. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. 6:30 on the dot. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> a woman out for a jog? berlin park is ambushed and nearly sexually assaulted. egyptian search team says it has found debris, including percent mal belongings. >> many unknown's remain this morning that will mainly remain until data recorders and other key pieces of debris are found. >> there is nothing like new jersey.
6:31 am
>> the presumptive republican presidential nominee made a stop in new jersey. >> this was technically a campaign debt pay-off event for governor chris christie. >> pat, are you on your way to work? >> you're little late. >> i'm just going to ride around town all day. such a beautiful morning. >> our own pat gallen taking part in national bike to work day, he's wired up. >> really awesome that he is doing this. katie, you have some company over there in the weather center. >> indeed, i do, even color coordinated our blue, dave dutch, one of the eyewitness weather watch effort, from clementon. what fascinates me about you, you like all of the watch remembers fascinated by the weather. i'm fascinated by your profession. tell us what it is that do you. >> i'm an independent professional wrestler. >> i love it. >> yes, started back -- >> pro wrestler. >> started back in 1993. >> and you wanted to go to japan. >> i wanted to go to japan with was my initial goal.
6:32 am
>> so cool. >> didn't pan out, judge but you did it anyway. >> did it anyway. local tours, jersey, pennsylvania. >> welshing we will tweet out your handle so people can actually follow you at your wrestler name, dave patera. so go ahead and follow him. meantime we'll look at this forecast,. >> let's take it out to live shot here guys. gorgeous sunrise right now, ill rule name the the schuylkill river overlooking the folks out at the stotesbury rag got a crew doing their thing right now. and we've got just stunning weather, no matter your plans, whether you are going to be watching the regatta, a whether you're out just for jog, taking the dog for nice long walk, lunch al fresca, any of the things, whatever you have going on, enjoy it, it looks phenominal. storm scan3 completely clear. temperatures around the region off to little cool start. specially in the mountains, such clear sky, temperatures able to drop all the way to 35 degrees, 47 in atlantic
6:33 am
city, still pretty calm wind for us out there. as the day progresses, everyone can bank on wall-to-wall sunshine. these are the days we live for. i mean, just so, so perfect outside. with light wind, low humidity, sunshine, temperatures in the very comfortable 70s. not sure you can top this, meisha, a but good luck. >> no, i'm telling you right now, i cannot. take a look what's behind me. guys i will say, for a friday morning, it has been fairly busy. typically fridays one of our lesser travel days as we know. but take a look what's going on. this is 95 southbound, right around cottman, see the disable vehicle pulled all the way off blocking that right lane, it looks like it is pulled out to the shoulder. but you are going to have -- you are going to have some slow downs around this, no doubt, watching interstate 95 for quite some time. right around cottman area, where we always know it gets busy, looks like just moving out of the way, possibly we ease some of the tension around there, great news. look into jersey, 42 freeway northbound creek road looking great. as you take that toward 29a but i will say that for a
6:34 am
friday, about normal, for a friday bit heavy but still okayment schuylkill taillights, eastbound side, where we have the disable tractor-trailer pulled off to the shoulder causing some slow downs as you come around the ben. now specially because the volume levels. two tractor-trailers, one is disable, one is just there, helping out, from the reports that we've gotten. make note of that. an accident here, in towamenson, buster road adams road. make note of. that will also this is one that's been lingering around all morning long in warwick township, york road between west bristol road and meyer way. all lanes still block. you will have to use this alternate. meyer way to route 611, probably going to be your best bet. so busy friday morning indeed. jim, over to you. >> thank you so much, meisha a2 teens are scheduled for trial charged in the conspiracy death of fellow student in wilmington. authorities say 16 year old amy joyner francis died as a result of the attack inside the rest room at howard high school. she was -- two of the three
6:35 am
teens charged wave arraignment will go to trial june 15. third teen charged with criminally neglect homicide. >> meanwhile, a 13 year old student sent in custody for allegedly brink ago gun to a school in darby township. "eyewitness news" was on the scene during a lock-down yesterday at penn wood middle school. police responded to the school for disturbance, and were tipped off that a student had a gun in their locker. >> their locker was open by the school. and inside the locker we found a 40 amber semiautomatic weapon. >> amazing. the school notified parent of the incident. no one was injured. same sex couple attacked in center city nearly two years ago is suing the three suspect criminally charged in the assault. andrew and zachary have filed civil lawsuit. one suffered fractured jaw, and other, cuts and bruises. they claim philip williams, kevin harrigan, kathryn knott caused them to suffer pain and mental anguish. knott serving ten month jail sentence for assault, williams
6:36 am
and harrigan were sentenced to probation. >> now, for an update on story we told you about yesterday. l & i crews will be back out in west philly today. tearing down a vacant home where turkey vultures are nesting. demolition crews ripped the porch off the abandoned property yesterday on north ' street. neighbors hope once the home is gone, the big bothersome birds will leave. >> every friday we give you heads up about dangerous products that may be in and around your home. here is the information you need to know this week in the "3 on your side" weekend rounds up. >> first up, quaker oath voluntarily recalling some of it quinoa granola bars due to concerns about listeria a the recall involves boxes of chocolate nut medically, with best before date october 16th and october 17th of 2016. and yogurt fruit and nut bars with best before date of
6:37 am
october 10th and 11th of 2016. customers should return the bars to the place of purchase for a full refund. >> parent, listen up, there has been stroller recall, phil and ted's recalling dash v5 buggy style strollers. the hinge can become damaged and pose pinch hawes armed. the strollers were sold on line at baby products stores nationwide between august of 2015 and april 2016. stop using these strollers and come tact phil and ted's for free frame replacement. finally, bad bicycle helmets, pacific cycle recalling infant bike helmets with nag net i can no pinch buckle straps the the straps have small plastic covers and magnet that can come lose posing risk of choking and magnent ingestion of young children, come in variety of colors and patterns and have schwinn printed on the front. sold at target stores and between january 2014 and april 2016.
6:38 am
cuss bombers should immediately stop using helmets and contact pacific cycle for replace. i'll be posting links on this information at and on paying book and the twitter. >> uber of the future may in the have anyone in the driver seat. >> testing self driving ford hybrid in the street of pit burying t has radar, scanners, and high resolution cameras, and a trained driver companies the vehicle. uber says the technology is in its earlier stages, no word on when it will be a reality. more technology in the early stages, this is the plate row searches say will suck the calories right out of your food. great idea. called the absorb plate. it has small holes in the bottom that are expected to drain the grease and oil from your food. expert say that would remove about 30 calories from every meal. >> interesting concept. did you know that drexel has a food lab? well, coming up: new milk shake student created how you can get one and how it helps a
6:39 am
great cause. >> plus, they say cats have nine lives. mr. miagi really, i get it, really, likes this one, why he traveled all the way from iraq to find a new home. >> this little boy has cents the ride ukee, taking a dream drive. meisha shows us where kids of all ages can ride a vintage slide and much, much more. stay with us. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> looking like a superhero, right? bike to work day. pat gallen following you this morning. hi, pat. >> ♪ >> hey, trying not to get run over. we're having fun out here at bike to work day. we're headed in. come with me. >> hands on the handlebars. oh! stay with us.
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>> welcome back, headed into summer. who doesn't love cool treat? drexel student have been hard at work this summer, not just in the classroom, but in the lab. creating some delicious concoctions. >> one of their inventions just won contest, will be sold at shake shack in university city. here is the best part it, helps out charity. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is here to tell us all of the delicious details. >> i am here indeed. we are just minute from the big reveal. drexel food labs and shake shack have developed philly inspired concrete that starts selling in july. concrete is a frozen custard mixed when sweets and crunchy bits, and the winner gets a chance to work with shake shot, roll the recipe out in the commercial kitchens. first a look at how it all came together. the drexel food lab let just their kitchen for preview, that's where student dana bloom mixed and matched the
6:44 am
final three flavors, right before our eyes. including her own banana boathouse row. it is made of chocolate banana poe nut butter jam all in butter and toasted marshmellows also the city of brotherly love. mass of carmel, vanilla, brown butter cake, finally tahini mean i mine i mow, bit of that heene, sesame brittle, honey. also went inside in university city to see concrete made up close. where you'll buy today's winning custard flavor for limited time come july. >> looking for different flavor profiles, different textures, because you want the crispy, crunchy and the smooth. so, that's what i look for. >> we'll run it for the entire month on the menu, casino of great way to show our partnership with drexel and offer a little something back. >> now, 12 concrete contenders cut down to three, but there could only be one winner. that's emily and her concrete flavor of the city of
6:45 am
brotherly love which i have right here. she is actually also made the tahimi, mean i mine i mow, student get hands on approach to solving real world problems, it hits stores in july. now i brought some to share. >> oh,. >> i wonder, what you'll think here, because there are a lot of things going on here, there is cake in here. >> i this is the one i like. i circled it. >> take a spoon. >> let's give this a shot. >> butterly love. >> we've got cake. >> oh, my gosh. >> carmel. >> overwhelming! >> all love in one day on a friday. >> oh, my lord. >> very thick. >> oh, good. >> oh, my gosh, i'm in heaven. it is casino of carmely, butter i. >> french toasty,. >> lots of notes like -- >> waffle conei shall. >> yes, this is a good life. >> i'll take this with me.
6:46 am
>> this is not, ya, this isn't leaving my side. >> this makes waking up at 1:45 in the morning all worth it. >> your welcome. >> slow down pick! >> we need to move along i'm being told. >> but it is so good. >> thank you, justin. >> well, is this the world's most popular coffee on instagram? now, meisha is swooning. the man behind this creation, coffee in a cone, says it is. nearly a million instagram users have posted images with the coffee in a cone hashtag since the entrepreneur from south africa lost the item -- launched the item back in january. contains four levels of chocolate. coffee drinkers only have ten minute to drink it before the chocolate melts. you have to be a pro. >> i mean, coy totally e my late that in a matter of two minute, as long as it is not too hot. >> wash down the ice cream? >> give me the challenge, my friends, this is so good, but i suppose i digress, must get
6:47 am
to work, i'll leaf this to the side. let's check in with the eyewitness weather watchers, guy, reporting chill in the air outside this morning. take a peak, generally finding temperatures still in the 40's, even couple of spots finding the three's, generally, far off to the north and west, where you have got the most remote suburbs, handful of pictures have come in this morning to us, as well, do have sunrise shots, beautiful view, beautiful stars across the street here, took this picture out in the chesterfield area. another stellar sunrise, i just love this shot, i mean, i know we see it somewhat often from phil, but whether we do have, i mean, this is his backyard, so when the sun comes up over the horizon it looks lick this every time when you have a clear sky. and it is stunning. i absolutely love it. there was one more. see if i can find t there it is, sent in just before the sun came up, the light of day, sparkling nicely throughout with crystal clear skies pretty much everywhere. quick peak at the temperatures, few three's, mid four's, i say jacket weather for sure, thankfully don't
6:48 am
have too much wind. not really going to make it feel that much colder but yes, it is a bit of a cool start for us, normally in the 50's at this point, through the overnight. so now that the sun is up it is doing it part to help moderate the temperatures pretty e fish lip i, see the sun all day today, glorious day un folding, how much, of course, we've got to track some wet weather. that will will be rolling in by tomorrow. here is the storm that leads to it. and for whatever reason, the clicker giving me issues. jump ahead, take you to saturday morning at least by 6:00 a.m. still dry. no rain to report. by the time we hit say 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., really going see steadiest rain pick up. once the rain starts it, doesn't stop. now, this is one of the more robust computer models, but it is trying to pick up the fact we might even end 12, or more than that is correct inches worth of rainfall. by the time this whole thing gets out of here. so this is likely to be very soggy saturday. the health report today moderate air quality, moderate pollen, high uv. latter on the sun block, because you don't want to let this day go to waste by
6:49 am
tomorrow turns basically just polar opposite, meisha a much, much worse day. >> yes, like 16 degrees drop, that's big one, thanks, okay, an accident here, take a look, 59 north at girard point bridge, blocking the left lane yep, you'll get gaper delay, volume levels are there, too, to support. >> this you are going to have major slow downs, you can see the back up starting right now, not only are you going have the gaper delay again do have plenty of vehicles throughout in this early friday morning. this is another look. schuylkill headlight moving in the eastbound direction at gulph mills. watching this, disable tractor-trailer pulled all the way off to the shoulder, seeing levels build behind it, because you're coming aroundment corner and don't know it is there, forcing to you tap your brakes and forcing everyone tolls slam on their brakes as women. know it is out there. delaware county take a look at that sunshine out there. ninety-five south, at 452. moving in the northbound direction, a loft sun, so make sure to back those -- pack those sunglasses. back to you. >> the time now 6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> gale king joins us live from new york with a preview,
6:50 am
gale, i was just saying, yesterday, it has been a while, been too long. since we've talked to you. >> i know. i think it has been a whole seven days, brooke, jim, i'm always glad to see you both. it is a long time. thank you both. we are in egypt and france of course following the latest development after debris was found from egypt air flight 804. we will also talk with michael morrell, in. ypd chief of intelligence, john miller, about what investigators are looking for as they try to determine if it is terrorism. >> and honoring the life of cbs news legend and master story telly moral i safer. he died yesterday. the news is back in the morning. we will see you guys in just about ten minute from now, and countingment back to you guys, brooke, jim, in the studio. >> thank you, gale have a good weekend. meanwhile, in other news, sweet reunion of man and a cat. navy reservist who is working in baghdad when he found this abandoned kitten. >> the two quickly became friends. but when it was time to
6:51 am
leave -- >> pulled out, he came from his little shout err and meow his head off. we game him the name mr. me owegi. i knew if i left him there and didn't bring him back the chances of him being alive when went back were pretty slim. >> the spca international and operation baghdad made this reunion possible. >> it is friday, you know what that means. time for another dream drive. >> so where are you taking us today? >> all right, you guys, get this, even on a cloudy day, we can enjoy some beautiful outdoor gems in this city. so on philadelphia's dream drive, all we have to do is follow the schuylkill river. take a look at this. >> i'm headed up kelly drive to east falls and fairmount park. >> a lot of people would think it may be creepy but in truth it is just a historically beautiful place. >> high, meisha, a welcome to laurel hill cemetery. >> this is magnificant. >> opened in 1836, these
6:52 am
78 acres are very far from the city, now national historic landmark that drove events like plays, concerts, and scavenger hunts. >> we have movie night. we have a 5k run. so we stay pretty active here. >> you will have to be active to see all of the 50,000 tombstones here. from influencial women, to civil war generals. >> this is one of your favorites. this is the grave site of catherine, who was a self proclaimed spiritualist. >> if you get up close to it it is made of something called white bronze. grave site of harry kalas, beloved announcer for the philadelphia phillies. >> benches are actually from veterans stadium. >> a tombstone forayed re anibal boa. so i have to ask, is this fictitious? >> yes, actually from the movie rocky balboa. our superintendent actually made this granite headstone just for the film.
6:53 am
>> we are going to switch gears, go to a place that i can only describe as a child's drome. mid memorial playgrounds and playhouse built by two wealthy philadelphians at the turn of the century. 1899 the norm for children to work and particularly go to work in factories. so they had a radical idea to just build a space for children just to play and we totally have been here just for children's use, no one has ever lived here. it is a six and a half acre playground. and 16,000 square foot playhouse. two very large play rooms, downstairs we have strikes, bikes. >> we love the fact our children can get the opportunity to involve themselves in gross motor play. >> did i hear you say you love the big slide? >> i love the big slide. >> this is the ann newman wooden slide. >> love it. >> built in 1905. >> wow. >> one of the original pieces of play equipment in the
6:54 am
playground, is waxed, 39 feet long. >> wow. >> children and adult, burlap coffee sacks. >> little for everybody, it sounds like. >> yes, i mean, we've been around so long, when we see grand parent bring their grandchildren, and their children, and their children. >> yes, jen, jim, brooke, something everyone will love about this, both locations are absolutely free! i can hear all parent re jousting with us right now, so looking for some fun ideas, get out there this weekend. thank you so much to our great host at laurel cemetery and smith memorial playground in fairmount park. >> i love the little girl who ran through your interview. get out of our way. >> i know, that wasn't the first time, trust me. >> ya, we'll be right back with three things you need to know before go. >> it is three to go next.
6:55 am
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what you need to know for today's three to go. >> military officials say they've located debris including passenger belongings from missing flight 804. jetliner crashed yesterday from par toys cairo with 66 people on board. >> and apartment fire in the northeast this morning, quickly brought under control on byberry and somerton. so far there are no injuries to report. >> and police are trying to track down the man who attacked a woman from behind while she was jogging in berlin park camden county.
6:59 am
>> the victim not off the attacker and she was not hurt. that is three to go. >> and let's get a last check on weather and traffic. >> and it is just so cool this morning to start it off but look at the beach outside margate. i will not be shocked to see a loot of people sitting out and enjoying the sunshine as we've been mentioning bike to work day, really the next couple of hours looks phenominal, so comfort tonight ride your bike. by 5:00 p.m. headed home nice and warm with sunshine. >> gorgeous outside. but we do have an accident out there 95 north at the girard point bridge, left lane compromised right now, and also, disable tractor-trailer on the schuylkill, headlight moving in the eastbound direction at gulph mills. >> thanks, meisha acbs this morning is next. >> and we leave you with a live picture of our own pat gallen, taking part in back to -- bike to work day. he'll been riding all over the city this morning. here is the thing, he still didn't make it to work. so where are you going? don't be like pat, okay? go to work. have a great day and a wonderful weekend. he looks good out there. >> hold on to the handle bars!
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, may 20th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news -- egypt's military finds wreckage and passenger belongings from the missing egyptair flight. counterterrorism and intelligence expert john miller is here with how investigators are piecing the mystery together. new technology could track a plane in realtime and help find the wreckage faster, so why are the airlines slow to adopt it? plus, donald trump's focusing his attacks on bill clinton's past. our new poll reveals why that could backfire. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the egyptian militaryay


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