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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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wet out there a lot of construction and couple accidents that cleared out of the way now. but we're starting to heat up. we'll see what happens. >> every hour that ticks by gets buzzier and buzzier as we all know. thankfully this morning every hour that ticks buy the brigh brighter it gets. this is not a live picture but it's a pretty one. it's the back drop for statistic i wanted to bring to you. it feels during the month of may spring got stuck. stalled out for a while right? 0 plus degree days we had so far this whole year just five days. we're at the point where we should potentially have a few more than that. we have not had any this month. warmest day may had so far will be 76 degrees and probably exceed that today and tomorrow we start to get stretch of 80 degree days underway in time for memorial day weekend. beautiful beginning of the day at kutztown. seeing ground fog over the associating field there. sunshine further inland than out towards the shore towns.
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obviously. and more rain still coming down light drizzle or mist out there. that said looks like we catch midday break region ride for sun. we're off to pretty mild start. quiet start. you may want to think about dressing in layers later today in the city we hit 78. just watching for spotest of spotty showers or thunderstorms as the day progressing and every all similar to what we saw yesterday, meisha, scattered shower or storm. >> all right we'll have to take it. thanks, katie. at least we got the 70s back. that's what i keep telling myself. blue route past baltimore pike looking hazy and foggy out there. some of the roadways damp. wet, they were a lot more wet when i drove in this morning earlier around 3:30 in the morning. make note of that. right now some of that clearing we did see some pooling of water earlier on 295.
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that has since been clear and in fact that pooling of water labeled as flooding. make note of that that's since cleared and letting us now how wet it can be. eastbound direction gladwyne you see how busy looking here. lot of drivers out there on the schuylkill right now right around gladwyne. malfunctioning traffic lights on boulevard. you see those right beyond those trees. that's boulevard northbound ninth street there's no cross traffic ninth street by the way this happened because of earlier accident that cleared 3 a.m. tacony palmyra bridge scheduled at 6 a.m. you can use the palmyra bridge as alternate. >> the search continue as hit-and-run driver that killed a man in northeast philadelphia. >> jim is live near bustleton and cotman where the driver's car remains opt scene and no sign of driver. jan what can you tell us. >> jim, brook, good morning, you can see how powerful this accident was. the car that is involved in the hit-and-run is right behind me
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here in the middle of bustleton avenue this morning and the impact happened way down the road past all of that metal debris on the sidewalk and on to corner of intersection with cottman. now one man is dead and another is running from police. >> philadelphia's accident investigation division looking into a deadly hit-and-run on bustleton avenue tuesday morning and the impact so violent it ripped the car's wheel from the axle and killed a man who was waiting on the sidewalk under a cab pi at septa bus stop. >> it struck the metal canopy with such force it lullly for the metal canopy from the sidewalk. and it also struck the victim who was waiting at the septa stop and launched his body 100 feet. >> the crash happened bustleton and cottman avenues 12:30 raining heavily at the time. speed and weather may have been factors in the crash and police
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are now trying to figure out why the suspect left the scene especially after seeing the damage. >> witnesses say the driver then exited the lexus walked over and looked at the body and fled on foot south on bustleton avenue. >> driver in 20s is also likely injured and investigators found blood in the car and hoped that vital evidence will help track him down. >> car does not appear to be stolen at this time. so we have vin number and license tag and that blood is really going to help us because we'll be able to analyze it for dna and determine whose blood it is. >> now you can see behind me bustleton avenue on. cars making their way slowly around the wreck you see behind me. in the meantime again this driver as large and victim not
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identified. police are calling him a john doe in 40s and in demand. they have found surveillance cameras in the area this is busy area way loft businesses and they're hoping video can help put them in the right direction as well. jim and brook back to you. >> police are investigating a double shooting in city overbrook park section. investigators found a car city avenue shopping center with casings and bullet holes insid inside. they found a man shot three times in critical condition and another man was shot a few blocks away. he is in stable condition. >> and bill cosby is scheduled to appear in a montgomery county courtroom this morning. a preliminary hearing will decide whether prosecutors have enough evidence to bring him to trial. this is all based on 2004 encounter with former temple university employee andrea constan cosby says it was consensual and she says it was not. philadelphia born comedian says he had a deal with the former
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prosecutor prefer entering him from being charged. justin finch will have more on today's preliminary hearing live from the county courthouse coming up at 6:30. >> in other news a brave teen's quick thinking may have stopped burglars while home alone in berlin, nming nnl. now we're hearing the 911 call that neighborhood the would be thieves. >> did you see them come in? >> no, i heard them break the window. >> okay. stay on the line with me. where are you at now. >> in my basement. >> officers rushed inside the bring the 15-year-old to safety and then they arrested james clarkin junior from chiselhurst and alexis diamond from blac blackwood. neighbors were shocked to hear the news. >> he was probably afraid for his life. who knows. i feel terrible something like that is happening inside our neighborhood here. >> as a police officer and as parent i cannot have been more pleased with how this young man reacted. both suspect charged with burglary, conspiracy criminal mischief and obstruction.
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>> philly may feel the burn during the democratic national convention because bernie sanders says it could get messy as he pushes for his agenda in the party platform and hillary clinton and donald trump are focusing on each other and never. >> reporter: in front of a crowd of thousands in california bernie sand certifies blasting hillary clinton for rejecting up i havetation to a debate ahaevtd state jup 7 primary. >> i think it's a little bit insulting to the people of california. >> only 90 delegates away from clinching democratic nomination clinton campaign says time is best spent meeting directly with voters and focusing on her likely opponent. donald trump. >> trump economics is a recipe for lower wages and fewer jobs and more deaths he can bankrupt america like bankrupted companies. >> pre sumtive gop nominee is
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fighting back. >> i don't like doing that i have no choice. when she hits me i have no choice. they're dirty players and have been historically an i have to fight back the way i have to fight back. >> today trump is running up opposed washington state republican prime areay. cbs3, eyewitness news. >> this morning president obama is it visiting hopey min saigon as he continues his trip. in address to vietnam meez people vietnam has nothing to fear from free speech or free press. president also says the u.s. is not trying to impose its form of government on vietnam. and now it's time for a look at newspaper headlines across the region. >> on the front page of delaware county daily times police continue to hunt for suspects in a saturday night shooting in chester that killed 14-year-old zunath powell and critically injured his cousin
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jamar powell. they were in the pine lane. >> a death of teenager hit last week was ruled an accident. >> and csx train hit 18-year-old alex more teen he's 6 p.m. friday night on delaware river railroad bridge. >> and from mercury workers shoring up blue stops atop the tower of the church in pottstown before more permanent repairs can be made. several pieces of stone fell from top of the church a few weeks ago. >> that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> still ahead on eye wiz news this morning shakeup at the tsa live at the nation's airport keep getting longer. >> we'll show you what you can expect as we head into the holiday weekend. >> did you know billions of pound of produce are tossed out every year because not pretty enough. what some are doing to give
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>> welcome back 6:12 head ev security tsa is out of a job.
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>> shakeup comes adds people are stuck waiting in security check point lines for hours at airports across the u.s. kelly hogan has held this position since 2013 and recently came under fire from bonuses he got including one totaling 20,000 and security lines were not improving. >> are you hitting the roads this memorial day. you won't be alone. aaa forecast more than 38 million drivers on roads and highways most in 11 years and saaa credits nace's lowest gas prices in more than a decade. more cash in americans pockets and better job market. >> i think i'll be hitting road this weekend guys. >> nice. >> i'll be off the road then. >> come on. >> i've never seep you drive. >> i'm dispointed in hardyness of that laugh. >> that was nice from you over there yeah i heard it. >> i'm out of here. >> that's good stuff. >> guys we have rain still out
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there. but i have to show you how you know some people were waiting out from yesterday. look at this. dance-off between spring-ford and haverford baseball game sam sent thus video these guys having a lot 6 fun as raindrops fell in royersford running man. >> yeah. >> dance-off was a tie apparen apparently. but springford did win the gam game. >> look at him quick feet. >> damage. >> getting a good workout there i love it. >> nicely done guys. you have to make the best of the situation right. storm scan 3 showing more wet weather out there and thankfully no thunderstorms at this point and no doppler of any lightning at the moment and pane of you are waking up to more sun than anything especially further inland you go. little fog out here and there as well. this stormcy promise you going to pull away. high pressure then takes place and east of mississippi it's already in control with nice clear skies and that comes our
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way by late tonight and into tomorrow. for now, we'll watch this system pull away and leave behind a late-someday shower or thunderstorm and we'll clear it out tomorrow gem of a day feeling like july, sunny, warm, mid 80s and weep the them going that's fist of multi-day strep of 0 plus warm and it will feel more like 90s on thursday an friday because of building humidity and because of that heat there could be a scattered shower or thunderstorm even with front nearby friday. similar scenario upper 80s. lot of humidity. chance for shower or thunderstorm in afternoon and evening and back to today. we're sitting in a very general risk for thunderstorms today. i do not think you'll be dealing with severe warm but could be brov and ever hade downpour and maybe thunder and lightning and gusty winds. meanwhile the 7 day forecast. p looks like gem of forecast.
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it's 86 and sunny and 88 thursday again. it feels like i think 90s. this could be a rude awakening for us. we have not experienced that in a long time. >> welcomed, welcomed. >> there you go. >> that's how you have to look at it. >> i'm ready for 100. >> anything, anything. >> seriously everyone says it's not normally like this i'm waiting for it. >> it's atypical chill and gloom. >> you know traffic is looking okay you guys. it starred off tough. we started off with fatal crash that accident cleared it's very foggy out there. take a look at boulevard. very foggy. visibility is issue this morning and it's also wet and damp out there. construction has cleared all of the morning construction is pretty much gone at this point. we're deal with volume levels now starting to creep up. again this is boulevard moving in southbound sgrex towards schuylkill. once you jump on at city avenue this is what you're working with. we're cracking in 6:00, 6:15 now and already it's looking
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pretty heavy basically almost anywhere that i look couple areas still looking okay. overall we're starting to build. if you watch us right now just tuning in i would give yourself extra time this morning. you'll probably need. it tacony mall myra bridge up and back down and downed pole milier at rock wood. i'll have more coming up in a little bit. we'll take a quick
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fact 26 of america's fruit and vegetables never make it off the farm because of physical appearance. it's not pretty enough. inside coon soyrm report a growing campaign to get largest grocery stores to put imperfect produce on shelves. >> christine says half her crops go to waste because how they look small and oddly shaped strawberries are natural imperfections that lead to 6 millions pounds of wasted produce in the u.s.. even though safe to eat grocery stores want prettier produce. >> he's it's really hard sometimes. can't up just accept that small little flaw. >> now there's a push to get f get twisty car rolt and khrry into a score reduced price to cut waste and feed the hungry. >> i thought it's insane all this good produce is fog to waste for mostly cosmetic reasons which is looks not taste or nutrition. >> jordan figurereno started a
6:21 am
campaign to celebrate ugly produce. his online petition to have walmart sell it has more than 1,000 signatures. >> make it socially unacceptable to throw so much food in the gash annual. >> he got whole foods to sell it in california stores 30 to 50% less and giant eagle in pennsylvania rolled out a similar program. to be the norm consumers have to be willing to compromise and buy into something not so perfect. >> now walmart says it has a pilot program to sell ugly produce in united kingdom and seeing how it can transfer that model to united states locations. >> would you buy ugly produce. >> yeah i have no problems with that. >> happening today a north philadelphia bakery reopening this morning after more dan a year. it's been 14 months since denise's bakery was forced to close after a fire ripped through. it was a community that gave them the strength to reopen.
6:22 am
the bakery opened 24 years ago. >> well, coming up three simple things college graduates need to do to take control of finances [ laughter ]. >> i keep trying to hold my laughter and can't. chewbacca mom says she's internet sensation and now getting even more than 15 minute of fame. you're laughing too. >> embrace the laugh. if you feel it let it out. i would say own a morning we're starting to see sunshine still a little wet weather to track out there and we're going to have full forecast for you and certainly lots to smile about in this outlook if you crave summerlike weather. stick around
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don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything. pats pass >> if you have not
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seen the chewbacca mom that lit the internet on fire. >> this lady is basically famous now. >> i'm such a happy chewbacca. >> silly that she says that. >> candace fame bought the mask as a birthday gift to herself and posted this reaction on facebook live it's gotten more than 139 million views. live with james corden showed
6:26 am
why she post today. >> i am stay at home mom and had a few minutes before getting kid to school i wanted to prove to the facebook and family friends that mavrk was mine. >> i knew the moment they saw it they would take it from me and i'm like i did not buy it for you little kids i love you but this is not for you. >> so funny. she got advice on playing chewbacca from star wars director j.j. be a rams [ [ laughter ]. >> so few any. >> you're missing out. >> you have to do it. >> it's fun. >> and she has a contagious laugh that's the good thing about it. >> yeah. >> and i bet her kids are funny people. >> uh-huh. >> with a mom like that i would think so. >> and coming up in the next half hour of eyewitness news exciting times for local high school where first ever graduating class is about to get diplomas.
6:27 am
>> they cannot graduate until they do one thichblingt find out why school leaders have students jumping into the pool before they can dive into their future. hey, justin. >> hey, broke, jim, bill cosby due at montgomery county court later today and there could be another star on the stands perhaps a star witness. i'm justin finch more on that perhaps a star witness. i'm justin finch more on that coming up.
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>> enough already mother nature we're waking up to more rain. >> i see blue skies out there now. but the day could end up the way it started. wet. >> katie times it out for us. >> choked up looking at that. >> good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brook thomas. it's 6:30 time to get you caught up here's what you need to know today in the morning
6:31 am
minutes. >> one man is dead and another man is on the run hit-and-run happened 12:30 outside the roosevelt mall bustleton and cottman and police say once the driver hit the pedestrian he got out of the car and saw victim on the ground and then walked away. bill cosby is supposed to return to montgomery county courtroom this morning to learn if a judge will send a criminal sexual assault case to trial. >> cosby is expected to show and the question has been will accuser also be here as >> that ball is smoked. another home run. high fly ball deep to left field. guidele is back and that one is
6:32 am
done. >> that is drilled deep to left field going back out it's gone. home run for tommy joseph. >> talk about a home run fest. unfortunately phillies came out on losing end 5-4. >> tigers continue tonight in detroit and go phils in positive vibe their way. positive vibes to mother natur nature. >> i'm no longer choked up i'm composing myself after looking at that map. what will it look like today. >> bark is worst than bite situation my friend. we're watching system retreat. at the moment more sun than anything. we showed you storm scan for a reason because there's still a little bit of wet weather. it's splitting our region in half really east of philadelphia country and especially down towards shore towns and shore counties you till have very fine drizzle or fine showers rolling through again this say system making retreat. as it continues to spin away it could triing air shower or late day thunderstorm and overall
6:33 am
we'll end up with more sun than anything here today i don't want you to get too diskurminged we end up again with generally brighter day. even like what you saw yesterday more sun than anything and scattered shower or storm basically what you find today. any storms erupting likely will not have the same power yesterday's did. mid 50s up and down i-95 and everywhere else at the moment milder and cooler depending on location and but as the day progressing we heat up efficiently and pretty seasonal for that matter. 78 is eventual high in philadelphia and perhaps a thunderstorm at some point today. we take a look at what is yet to come here. typical high 76. we should exceed that today an anyway and we're going far and above and going beyond typical highs in days ahead. tomorrow starts first of very long stretch of 80 plus degree days. we'll have more detail coming up. >> katie looks beautiful and that sun behind you is a mood
6:34 am
lifter. happy tuesday to you. this morning looking all right. it's looking busy now. we have a disabled vehicle schuylkill eastbound at spring garden pulled out to the shoulder not causing many slow slow downs now but it is forcing some of you to tap brakes. gaper delay and careful to avoid that area. looking busy on the schuylkill. no sdout about that. 95 south girard. the scene heats up for 45 minutes or so and also malfunctioning traffic lights boulevard northbound broad street and earlier accident that cleared 3 a.m. and we still have malfunctioning traffic light there. boulevard northbound ninth street and there's no cas traffic. more malfunctioning traffic lights in somerton i get to that in a moment. accident lincoln drive southbound past 50 lane one lane blocked there and talk about malfunctioning traffic lights summerton. two pairs out there make note of that for those of you in and
6:35 am
around that area. miller road closed now. brook over to you. >> meisha egypt air crash forensic official said human remains recovered from the mediterranean sea point to explosion on board plane. all 66 on board plane died last week. so far investigators have not found the plane's black boxes. >> another day in court for bill cosby preliminary hearing determines if there's enough evidence in sexual assault dice put the comedian on trial. eyewitness news reporter justin finch is live at the montgomery country courthouse. >> good morning in the next two to three hours we could see bill cosby and lawyers march up the ramp to montgomery county court. many cameras and media are taind in hopes of getting a shot of cosby and looking for someone else perhaps cosby's key accuser. >> we last saw cosby in court for a pretrial hearing in february. cosby age 78 has been working
6:36 am
to get his criminal case thrown out since being charged in december. on monday the state supreme court refused lawyer's 11 hour appeal to delay today's hearing and he returns as court determines if prosecutors have enough evidence for trial. and speculation is building that cosby's accuser andrea constan could be called as prosecution witness. back in 2006 constan took undisclosed financial settlement in civil suit against cosby coming by way of cosby's testimony which lawyers say he gave with assurance it would be sealed. never revealed. >> former mnt coda bruce castor admitted to making so-called deal and federal judge later unsealed testimony prompting current da kevin steel to pursue this criminal case arguing that deal was not bipding to his office. cosby up sealed deposition details he has given women drugs before for sex and
6:37 am
constan ales that happened to her in 2004 when she was a temple basketball staffer and considered cosby a mentor. cosby insists their encounters were consensual. >> and so many questions out here live this morning because con stan could take the stand this morning and could she also be the lynch pin in forceing a trial against cosby all those questions remain to be answered and we'll be here throughout the morning and day to bring you updates on the cosby hearing. we're live in norristown i'm justin finch cbs3 eyewitness news. jim and brook back to you. >> thank you so much. meanwhile update on breaking news we've been telling you about in northeast philadelphia hit-and-run driver leaving a man dead. police state victim was struck while waited under a bus stop canopy bustleton and cotman. eyewitnesses say the driver of that lexus got out and looked at the victim and ran away. police have not identified the victim yet. he's only described as man in 40s. >> and south jersey parents and
6:38 am
students are disputing a principal but on leave. greater egg harbor regional school district placement principal on leave may 4 without explanation. students and community members call him dedicated and involved administrator. >> be known he's a principal that cares for student and we don't understand why he was let go and why -- >> board met for about an hour after the public meeting but still no word on whether he will be reinstated as principal. students will continue to protest until it happens. >> well as the college class of 2016 enters the workforce graduates need to start managing their own financial lives. >> uh-huh. cbs news business analysts jill sleep ger joins us live with three simple and not easy steps to take control and off parent parents' payrolls.
6:39 am
good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> jill, what's the first thing grads should do? >> objection, we want you to attack that debt. start with highest interest loan that's probably credit card. auto loan, work your way down to the lower interest ones if you have student debt organize those loans. determine whether consolidation might make sense. number two, all right, this is tough one. establish emergency reserve fund six to twelve months of expenses and this is also the account where you are going to accumulate money for any near term goal like money for place of your own or car or house down payment and three if possible please i'm praying please maximize retirement contributions at least up to the company's match level and if there's no employer plan fund a roth ira. >> jill you have career advice as well. what's that? >> you know i interviewed a whole bunch of career experts folks big companies small companies number one your goal
6:40 am
to gain reputation as being energetic, diligent and collaborative and that may mean that the work life balance tips a little more towards work early on. and don't be talking about where you need to go and leave early okay. cultivate network and do it carefully and nobody likes a nuge please you cannot be contacting people only whl seeking a favor. if you are unhappy in the beginning don't be too quick to jump ship. it may be growing pains and you know what? you might stick to it and find you actually like it. if the job itself is not a good fit you may find another position in the company and if it is not remembered there's as much to learn from a good job as bad one. for more advice to 2016 grads go to jill on >> thanks a lot, jill. >> still ahead months keelt owe season. it's not just annoying they're caring disease. >> but there areays you can protect yourselves. dr. robins here with
6:41 am
appointmenters including what color you should wear to prevent mosquito bites. >> siching or swim. the mandatory test students are taking to graduate and how it can keep them alive.
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wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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>> one philadelphia high school they're learninged in and outside the classroom. >> here this show us seniors are learning lesson and lifelessones. >> are you good swimmers. >> not necessarily. >> i can save my life but i'm not a great swimmer. >> that's important as song by modest mouth goes we'll all float on right at a norm philadelphia school they believe those lyrics to be important. crystal ray high school implemented a vital test as part of curriculum which they hope could save a life. >> that's sound of success at crystal ray high school in north philadelphia they banged on a going every time a major
6:45 am
goal akheevrd by a student and in june major goals will be met as first ever graduating class will walk and before that happens their students must first learn how to swim part of curriculum they need to graduate and pass swimming test and water survival. >> crystal ray teamed up with the school and head coach to make sure each student can get over extremely difficult obstacle. >> these kids came in and were nervous to be in the water and a lot not near a pool before. >> it's designed to help kids with little to no access to instruction and are prone to swimming. crystal ray is changing that one child at a time. each student is required to take a swim test and pass before they can move on. >> it happened when i was 7 i i never forgot it. >> i got in two, three, weeks practicing i felt confident and said hey, i'm definitely ready to take the test.
6:46 am
>> i felt like after my test ki do anything now. it is hard swimming especially in twelve feet of water. >> now nearly all of the 85 senior students are able to at least tread water if not more and that's a great feeling. >> the first team i swam from one end of the fool pool to the other and i felt like coye pick up the world. >> st. joe's prep has been crucial in helping by offering pool as well as guidance of their swim team. many kids stayed to assist and make sure crystal ray students graduate on time. it's been an efforts of two schools and showing of brothe brotherly love in philadelphia. >> that's a cool story. >> they're saving lives. >> very important. >> thanks, pat. >> you go the it. >> well accepted brook there for swimming lesson. >> i can swim. >> why are you on me today? >> i want to make sure you're
6:47 am
comfortable. >> it's no longer winter but mother nature covered a work county town in white. it moved through red lion dum dumping huge chunks of hail some nickel size and no records of injuries or serious damage. no thank you kailty no thank you. >> the warming system is so good at this point we get it on the hope to and know it's time to head inside. at this point we don't talk about major severe weather issues we could she a thunder shower out there and we'll discuss why in a second. we'll take you out and actually the storms from yesterday you have to look closely. i think you can see it here. a rainbow that formed this actually came in from yesterday evening from ed heaton he's in the glep area and heading further to more recent ties here beautiful shot. we have a nice sunrise and same beautiful shot of sun coming up beautiful color there's going back one. gray skies over 528 coming in from ed connor and reason for
6:48 am
gray skies is same system trying to retreat for a day and a half it's still out there and last night's sunset showing beautiful colors. let's go to the list format quickly if you can we'll show you temperatures. they're very consistent. mid 50s around the board coming in from all the different watchers and mildest spot andy in dover further south obviously and peters in lawrenceville. it's already flirting with 60. so, you know depending where you are you're off to color slightly milder start and everybody deal with the same disturbance rotate ago way and more marked issues headed further to the shore town. brightening up more as we head further ipd land and this storm continues to move northeast an high pressure takes its place and we end up with nice weathe weather. preview for the holiday weekend we're expecting temperatures through mom orial day weekend in the 80s. humid. each day right now looks like it could bring a popup shower or thunderstorm. that's a summerlike forecast overall.
6:49 am
that said we start a string of 80 plus heat by tomorrow walt's last day and bittersweet for sure and lots of sunshine to send him off. >> thanks, katie. what we're looking at now accident 202 north near street road and you can see the activity blocking two right lanes involving a police officer that hit a deer. the police officer does have injuries. what you will have is we have ambulance there. you will have a lot of gaper delay. volume levels there to hold the delay. make note of this again. 202 north near street road and two rights lanes blocked. 95 south cottman you see it's busy and s curve in new jersey 4 freeway north at creek road looking busy there and take it up to 295 looking the same way i would say holding steady looking at this for the past 20 minutes or so holding steady there. we have an accident lincoln drive southbound past jimcy lane one lane blocked in and
6:50 am
around this area. that slows you done a bit. and also construction out there. pa turnpike both directions route 29 ramp and also downed pole as well. lot going on this morning miller road closed rock wood road and alternate washington street that turns into boulevard is going to be your best bet. back to you. . >> best days away from memorial day weekend. whether hosting familiarry bar b wu or work ago round the house many of us spend time outside and that means dealing with months keelt owes. what's the best way to protect yourself this season. family physician joins us with tips you can take too keep the insects away. good morning, doctor, zika update where are we on that. >> cdc established a pregnancy hot line and also registry every thursday morning tracking women pregnant if they had test to see mowiany affected and great advice how to check them and what to do with if you want
6:51 am
to get pregnant or try so that's good. they've gun monitoring in florida and texas to see if it is present in our country. >> if i go out this weekend i'll work in the yard. what kind ever repel ants should we use. >> first thing is use one approved by epa or cdc. prax ingreed yenlts to look for is deet chemical and higher concentration the long ter lasts. if you use 7% lasts an hour 30% lasts 3 to 40 hours. also picaradin is on there and for those that want a more natural oil ever lemon united states of america lip tuesday works well. and the other thing i have there is permathin. >> you mentioned during the commercial put a fan around your deck these things don't fly well. >> you're right whenever the breeze katie says wind greater
6:52 am
than mile an hour they don't fly well. if you have a fan on deck and keep throw keeps them from around you. mosquitoes fly low and bite low at times this might help. >> when you exercise i see you have things here that attracts them because you sweat. >> carbon dioxide. the more we exercise and sweat more and breathe heavier carbon dioxide attracts them. if you exercise outdoors use repel apt or later in the day. >> what kind of clothes. >> loose colored, lights colo colored, loose clothes it's hard to bite through thick, loose clothing and if you can long sleeves and if not you are hotter and apartmenter and that attraction them. east moisture and. >> citronella candles. >> leave them in the store. they don't work well but smell good. >> if you have a infant on the
6:53 am
carriage put a net. you don't want to use repellant in two months of age and oil of united states of america liptis less than three years. the other thing is time of day. .hes these type of mosquitoes that cause zika tend to bite more during the day than night. it's very important in the day to protect yourself and lastly. >> scratching. >> these things itch like crazy and weird thing is the more you scratch it the more red and more like alergic reaction or hist mean you get that mitchs or and may attraction mosquitoes and ice and cloth and they're a type of topical agent. >> when i play bad miton i'll have fan year by and repellent andfy scratch i'll go with it. >> about your fan on top of you you will be cool. >> all set to go we'll be back with more you need to know. >> all set to go we'll be back with more you need to know. three to government
6:54 am
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>> well before you leave today here's what's going on. >> police are searching for a driver that hit and killed a man waiting for a bus bustleton and cottman. he looked at the victim and ran away. and then head of security tsa is out of a job.
6:58 am
and then long lines at airport and. >> an a local judge expected to decide whether a sex assault case against bil cosby can go to trial. he maintains npts and that's three to go. >> a last check on weather and traffic. you have clouds breaking for sunshine and little gray sky and very isolated showers at this moment and then health report will be moderate down the board. not much of a heat index. that changes with time. temperatures go on a big uphill climb in days ahead, meisha. >> thanks so much katie good morning everyone a accident out there 202 near street road you see all the congestion around this area and gaper delays two right lanes and police officer hit a deer and police officer did sustain injuries. looking to cause gaper delay both sides northbound and southbound. you can see sensors are low. 13 schuylkill and 16 on 59 and
6:59 am
49 said it a yn the vine. >> thanks, meisha, coffee and donuts go together so well a new york shop combined them. >> it's called a donutcinno the best thing to happen to coffee since ice cubes. they sold 100 in a week ice coffee, chocolate sauce, whip cream and mini donuts and sprinkles. >> and fanning nearby ashe gets dizzy. >> i have not thought of this before. >> search a good mix. >> it's a dream. >> comedy giant steve martin tomorrow. >> join us bright and early each morning cbs3 starting 4:30 a.m. have a great day. >> i would go with you on that one. >> i would go with you on that one. >> i'm kidnapping all of you
7:00 am
good morning. it is tuesday, may 24th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a major shake-up at the tsa after seemingly endless security lines anger passengers and congress. hillary clinton uses donald trump's own words against him. the billionaire responds with personal attacks. trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski is in studio 57. steve martin is in studio 57 with his latest leading lady. together they're lighting up broadway with their new musical. it's called "bright star." but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> i was disturbed but not surprised to hear that


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