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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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road are looking g sunnies rising. we will get that sun glare, not that i'm going to complain, not complaining about that. pack your sunglasses. >> yes. >> i'm not saying a thing. >> i was going to tell you if it was appropriate. >> during the commercial break how does that sound. >> perfect. >> well, we are going to find today is nothing but full sunshine, low humidity but would i say a rude, awakening because we have not had this heat in a while. in the within day in may has hit the 80's yet so other than yesterday but now we are starting to see those thermometer readings spike, sunnies up, meisha nailed it, sun glare, it is an issue here traveling east bound be ready for it with the visorr pair of shade but storm scan is void of any storms and it will stay that way throughout the day. so happy to say that. fifty-five is current temperature at the airport, lower 60's around wildwood, dover and couple spots in our observations in the 60's
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already in philadelphia. at the airport we are at 59, and i have been on the sky deck a handful of times and it will feel confidentable outside. if you want to walk outside without a jacket in those outlining suburbs go for it. 88 degrees is the expected high. wall to wall sunshine throughout the resort towns, flirting with or hitting 80 degrees in those spots. it looks awesome. the one caveat i would throw in there, guys is that with this kind have heat we're expecting in the next couple days you do want to just take extra precaution, pretend it is dead dog days of summer here where we will end up with a dead heat of temperatures in the upper 80's and heat index values in the 90's. drink water, void strenuous activity, no heat advisories in effect at this point but we have an air quality a leather, today. so yeah, those are the kind of side effects that we tend to see with patterns like this. meisha, over to you. >> all right, katie, i brought my spf because we will need it today. don't forget to put it on our
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hand for those holding steering wheel. put it on your hand car off the road 422 eastbound near egypt road. police officer is there getting there for you. we will have volume levels in the the to support any sort of slow down. you might start to get a gaper delay around that area but overall looking g delaware county i-95 north at 452 looks awesome. this is what you are looking at. looking nice. you you can see sunnies up, look at that greenery just gorgeous. take a look at this, sunnies rising, just over center city, schuylkill eastbound at spring garden moving in the eastbound direction absolutely gorgeous shot here as we will see that sunrise. it will get blinding. as katie and write mentioning pack your sunglasses you will get sun up, slow downs for sure but roll those windows down and enjoy it. wynfield height we will have an accident here still out there belmont between conshohocken and monument road, all lanes are still block, jim, over to you. new this morning an
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argument erupts in gunfire and end with the man dead in the germantown parking lot. it happened near wayne and chelten avenues. eyewitnesses tell police at least two men were arguing and then a 25 year-old man was shot in the chest. police are questioning two persons of interest. eyewitnesses say victim did have a gun but police have in the been able to find it. also new this morning a 21 year-old man is in the hospital after being shot in the back outside a frankford restaurant. it happened at 1:30 near philmore and tackawanna. police found shell casing from his two different guns at the scene. a manhunt is underway for two armed men so far. police have no motive for the shooting. incredible video out of the midwest this morning, funnel cloud are captured on several, tornadoes, also reported in kansas and oklahoma. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is here with more amazing images to come out of the midwest, justin. >> reporter: western and south central kansas took heavy hit, eastern oklahoma too.
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reports span across the great plains tuesday followed by a sweep of storms forcing many to take cover but in the before recording that wild weather on their cell phones and cameras. there is three tornadoes on the ground at the same time. good night. >> reporter: on the ground look at tornadoes, twisting, and tearing across the plains, more than 30 tornadoes sightings were reported yesterday. >> hitting the building. >> reporter: storm chasers captured one twister ripping up buildings near dodge city, kansas. >> there was a structure hit. >> reporter: this crew came across an overturn propane tank spewing gaza long the highway. >> it was very dangerous. >> reporter: national weather service says at least one tornado touched down outside bristol, oklahoma ripping roofs and trampling trees. telephone emergency alert sent roberts family running fran continuingly with their pets dunn to their home cellar. >> we heard wind pick up a little bit, we heard glass start breaking and then i
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heard lumber start just ripping apart and i knew what was going on. >> reporter: they run community animal rescue and say they lost dozens of animals. heavy rain triggered flash flooding in arkansas a 13 user old boy was swept away by high water and found alive two hours later. severe weather is not over. possible tornadoes are in the forecast, for portions of texas, oklahoma a and kansas. forecasters are not ruling out chance for more tornadoes in that region this week and there are report of two injured, no dead and several homes and structures damage. national weather service crews are due to begin surveying damage today, although they will know soon how much tornadoes touched down jim in, short order. >> that young boy was lucky. when you get swept away the result is in the very good. >> absolutely. >> thanks justina appreciate it. residents in bucks and montgomery counties are
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concerned after a dangerous chemical is found in their drinking water. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in horsham with is what being done to make the water safe. >> reporter: good morning. is there an informational session plan here at this community center around 11:00 this morning. it is second one of these sessions, first one held last night was actually packed and attracted hundreds of people who are now concern about their drinking water, in montgomery and bucks county. you can see through the whipped owe there those poster board still set up inside filled with information. issue here is elevated levels of to second chemicals link to certain cancers and developmental effects in fetus and infants. >> reporter: concern is growing in montgomery and bucks county about drinking from the tap. tests that have shown chemicals from fire fighting foam in groundwater, that has led to the shut down of more than a dozen municipal wells and 80 private wells. >> we're getting a filter in our house. it gives us peace of mind because fluctuating numbers
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and we don't want to wait next two or three years and say we have heard it is bad for fetuses. >> reporter: lauren is just one of the hundreds to attend informational session at who are had sham township community center tuesday night to learn about the chemicals known as pfoa and pfof, last week environmental protection agencies lowered the acceptable levels of those chemicals in groundwater as a result, horsham, warminster and warrington townships took eight public wells off line in addition to eight other wells previously taken off line in 2014. the pfoa and of are link to the formal naval base air air station in the area. >> we are in the process of identifying where we think most likely places where it would have fallen in the groundwater is and best places, to attack the problem and treat it. >> reporter: greg preston is naval official overseeing clean up. he said homes on the public water system have safe water to drink however, navy is providing bottle water to
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homes on private wells with high levels until they can be hook up to the public water system but state representative todd stevens who lives in horsham says that is in the enough. >> navy should pay for blood tests so we can know whether we are exposed and to what extent. >> reporter: today's informational session runs from 11:00 this morning to 1:00 p.m. we are reporting live, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim, back to you. well, chaos erupts outside donald trump rally inial curbing i new mexico. demonstrators threw objects at police and knock down barricade. police responded with pepper spray and smoke grenades. new mexico's primary is in two weeks with new jersey and california. last night trump won g.o.p. primary in washington state. on the democratic side hillary clinton is winner in the evergreen state but she went get anymore delegates n march democrats split them up based on party caucuses.
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clinton got 27, bernie sanders got 74. well, bill cosby will face trial on sexual assault charges. his attorney calls this case a travesty of justice. cosby's accuser andrea constand did not appear in court but parts of her 2005 statement to police were read. conn stan claims cosby assaulted her after giving her wine and pills, at his cheltenham home in 2004. cosby waved his right to appear at a july 20th arraignment, setting course for a trial. if quick, cosby could face ten years in prison. the prosecution and the defense reacted to the judge's ruling. >> the point of that is that it was intoxicating to her and that she was unable to consent. that is the crime. >> district attorney kevin steel called two witnesses to the stand, a detective who interviewed constand in 2005 and cheltenham police chief who interviewed cosby.
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defense attorney brian mcmonigal argued the a alleged a salt was a consensual interaction and there was not enough evidence to get to trial. >> today a united states citizen, had his due process rights violated. we intend to ask the courts to put an end to this once and for all. >> no trial date has been set. still a head this morning the search for an active shooter aiming at other motorist on the busy arizona highway, plus here's a good example of how not to use a round about, find out what sent this driver flying over a traffic circle. and this beloved family pet was minutes away from being euthanized he could not walk and sick for days until a vet intern found something that saved his life, and this story could help your pet too coming up.
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today is expected in the 80's and sunny. i want to hug kate if i she will let me. stay with us.
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welcome back. the time is 6:13. gunfire shuts down a highway north east of phoenix. authorities say a person in the vehicle, opened fire on a another person was wounded, in a carjacking. and bullet also struck a police cruiser but no
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officers, were hurt. don't drive when you are tired and here's why a traffic camera catches a driver as he reportedly fell asleep at the wheel and went airborne, after nailing a round about. he only suffered minor injuries but faces charges have reckless driving which could cost him his license. >> my goodness. >> traffic circles are bad enough around here without that happening. >> my gosh, crazy. we have actually got a lieutenant of people hitting those round about here by the upcoming weekend with the jug handles because we have got great beach weather coming up here. people hitting cher towns in the coming days and outside margate city at the shore from beach patrol headquarters, what a beautiful beach day this will be. when we're on the air for "eyewitness news" at noon would i not be shocked to see these 2lone folks out here. i have a feeling beaches will be packed and understandably so. we have gorgeous conditions out there. isn't this a great graphic, i love it. machine june 20th is official beginning of the summer season but i'm telling you it might
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as well be august at this point with the heat we will experience, all courtesy of high pressure in place and hanging tough for a day and a half here before we see another frontal boundary. high pressure is centered off to the south and around the flow on have that high we will get warmth being surged into our region. it is not terribly humid today but does turn that way, and steamy over next couple taste. we should flirt with 90 both tomorrow and friday but there will be a shower, then are storm, widespread on friday, tomorrow northwest or far west of the city is a possibility. today nothing but sunshine for walt hunter's last report here on cbs-3. join us at 5:00 and 6:00 for a special send off for legendary man. mean while we will look to the weekend and it is not looking bad, 86 saturday. eighty-four sunday. partly sunny both days. a tad cooler monday but still flirting with 80. by that point a couple showers for memorial day we can handle
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that. >> yes. >> meisha and i love to flirt. >> yes, we are basking in the good glow. >> thanks so much. >> hugs all the way around. >> you will get it after the show. >> so traffic is looking good. we have a car in the ditch that went straight off. i know, trying conditions out there are good. roadways are nice and dry a lot of construction this morning. another accident all lanes block. we will get to that in a a second. we are looking at i-95 south coming around that s curve you can see heating up a at this point but you can expect on a wednesday morning just over 6:00 o'clock in the morning when we will get our ride starting to go okay now is time to hit the roadway and good idea to give yourself a couple extra minutes. this is what you are looking at looking at interstate i-95 that is what it is going to be. this is a backup camera. this is 422 eastbound approaching oaks. this backup is because of a car went off the road at 422
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eastbound near egypt road. it is hard to see but in the ditch there left lane is blocked, the right shoulder is blocked and those backups reach all the way back to collegeville. so for those taking 422, most certainly give yourself at least an extra half an hour. jim, over to you. >> coming up why detroit police department is challenging philly a's finest. plus marijuana could mean big money for new jersey, financial wind fall the state could see if recreational pot becomes legal. that is coming
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for a look at newts paper headlines across our region trentoni an reports new jersey attorney jennies asked to investigate prisoner reviews at mercer county correction center. 22-year old inmate died ten days after an apparent suicide attempt at a hopewell township facility. an attorney says it happened day after he was led to the remote part of the jail, not monitored by surveillance camera and beaten by corrections officers. bucks county courier times reports that more than one in five child abuse calls to a safe hot line are often going unanswered. the pennsylvania auditor general report ago this in some cases callers had to wait 90 minutes to speak with the state hot line worker. front page of the burlington county times a new you report released by marijuana advocates conclude new jersey could collect 300 million-dollar in taxes if it opts to legalize and tax sale of marijuana for recreational
6:21 am
use. it is based on 365,000 state residents over the a age of 21 using the drug on a monthly bases. that is a a look at the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, detroit police department is challenging the philadelphia police department to a dance off. >> ♪ >> this was video posted on facebook that shows detroit police officers doing the running man challenge, made popular by ncaa basketball teams, that called on people to create a video dancing to my boo, detroit has challenge philly, cincinnati, police department is a wear of the challenge, no word yet if they will take part. >> oh, they will. >> yes, they will. they better. they better. we will go out there and join them and get in on that dance off. >> deathly nail it. >> yes, we have to get roger rabbit, where is the roger
6:22 am
rabbit. >> sprinkler going. >> we will just doing that with our arms. >> we got that. >> on the steps of the art new seem all set, ready to go. >> awesome. still a head, a close call for one family's beloved pet, this dog was minutes away from being euthanized when a tiny discovery saved his life what was found and how it could help other families keep their pets safe too. katie? looking forward to that important information, jim. today is date we have been waiting for beginning of the sunny stretch and temperatures in the sum are like 80's, how long does it last? i will have the answer coming
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the illness lyme disease is tough to diagnosis but young researcher may have come up with a solution. george mason university student, wondered if a technique used to test for microscopic cancer particles, would work, to detect lyme disease. her hunch led to a new test able to find trace amounts of lyme bacteria in the body through a urine sample. test is still in the experimental phase but hope is that it will detect lyme disease before symptoms appear. speaking of lime disease close call for one of the man's best friend in oregon, puppy was about to be
6:26 am
euthanized until a sharp eyed intern spotted his problem. thinks ollie whose on set paralysis renterd him unable to walk, sleep comfortable or do just about anything else. his owner decided ollie had to be put down. he was being treated a at a local vet before being put down when an intern spotted a tic behind his ear. >> it was in the room like about to get, you know, put to sleep, and like it was just pure grace people found something and decided to check it out further. >> ollie was back to his old stuff about ten hours after the tic was removed. his owner promises to keep up with the tic and flee medications for now on, close call, glad he is safe. still ahead are you planning to travel this summer, keep in mind burglars love to strike empty homes but there are things to protect your family, coming up, how thinking like a criminal can help keep the crooks away, plus this. protests on you the side donald trump rally in albuquerque turned violent as
6:27 am
dozens of demonstrators clashed with police i'm henna daniels with the latest on campaign 2016 coming up. all right, you guys, we have a car off the road on 422 and significant slow downs, but that is in the the only accident slowing you down we will have details coming up but first we will take a quick break stay right where you, we
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finally not only will today be a nice day but katie says we're in for a stretch of summer-like weather but will it last for the holiday weekend. good morning i'm jim donovan 6:30 here's what you need to know in your morning minute. >> there was a dispute between two to three people and then guns were drawn and shots were fired. >> philadelphia police are questioning two persons of interests following a fatal shooting in germantown.
6:31 am
there is three tornadoes at the same time on the ground. >> huge, powerful twisters captured in the midwest. >> this morning two are injured and several homes are damaged. >> hundreds of people came out, concerned about their drinking water in montgomery and bucks county, the issues here are elevated levels of two chemicals, chemicals link to certain cancers and developmental effecting in fetus and infants. >> i told my staff i was late for work because i was stuck in traffic. but actually, i don't know what time, i tell everyone i'm a foodie but my favorite food is gogurt. >> midnight confessions from stephen colbert from the late, late show last night. >> jim, i just love that segment. he is so great. we are looking at some great weather, i love, giving
6:32 am
forecast is like this because it puts a spring in my step and it puts one in yours too now that we have holiday weekend upon us, so many people hitting shore towns for first time this weekend or having picnics, doing things outside. it looks like weather will be cooperating, how about that for a change. lets see what is happening in the atmosphere, not a heck of a lot, guys we have storm scan angering itself overhead so storm scan is totally empty and stays that way. we have a a nice clear, blue sky, and temperatures that are off to a little hint of the cool start here especially throughout lining suburbs but it is feeling very comfortable, there is no wind virtually and we are expecting these temperatures to rebound very, very efficiently. low 60's at dover, wildwood and we are expect to go easily spike all the way in the upper 80's in philadelphia later today. by 3:00 p.m. 87, likely up to 88 for an official high but notice wall to wall sunshine the whole day, by 9:00 a.m. we
6:33 am
are at 70 degrees. really nice, summer-like day unfolding for us, one caveat is we have an air quality issue for unsensitive groups, this is a little bit of unhealthy air mass in place with asthma issues, respiratory illness keep that in mind, meanwhile your holiday headlines, jumping to the weekend here in the looking bad. overall forecast right now is that we will see some sunshine, a saturday, sunday, by monday a little bit of cooler, day coming up here. in the meantime, for now, we have 80 plus degree days from now to the weekend a and when we cool down we will have a full forecast, later in the show. >> meisha. >> such a nice way to get us over our hump day, this beautiful weather, that being said it doesn't mean that we have to problems out on the roadways. we have had a couple ever since early this morning. this is where we have a car off the road 422 ease near egypt road, left lane is compromised. it doesn't look like an issue
6:34 am
left lane was compromised. might be clearing out of our way right now and might almost be completely cleared, but that being said, look at these backups. 422 eastbound ace approaching oaks, and this is reaching back all the way to collegeville at least it was ten minutes ago. it might be reaching back even further. just know that hopefully soon we will get some ease in the tension around this your use but right now still significant. give yourself at least a half an hour in and around this area. 422 eastbound approaching oaks and reaching back, backups up to the collegeville area we have an accident i-95 northbound at 73, two left lanes are block, you can see congestion around this area as well. some construction that is still lingering out there 95 south at 8962 right lanes are blocked and saying it should lift right around 7:00 a.m., jim, over to you. >> classes will start on time at north penn high school in lansdale montgomery county. fire near schools band room
6:35 am
forced evacuations yesterday morning. chopper three over school just a after students made it outside, officials canceled all after school activities but everything is back to normal today. protesters out of control outside a donald trump rally in new mexico they clashed with police while trump was campaigning in albuquerque. trump also had to deal demonstrators inn doors. >> reporter: this was a chaotic scene outside a trump rally in new mexico tuesday night. protesters went through barricade, some threw roxanne plastic bottles. others burn trump t-shirts. officers responded by firing pepper spray and smoke grenade. police lock down the albuquerque convention center, aftermath, shows smashed glass windows and doors. >> get them out of here, get them out. >> reporter: inside presumptive presidential nominee was interrupted repeatedly by demonstrators. >> this is so exciting, isn't
6:36 am
it. >> reporter: it took several officers to drag this with man down steps and out of the arena trump said he expects to pick up democrat bernie sanders supporters. >> the system is rigged against bernie sanders so he cannot win but i'm hearing we will get close to 40 percent have of his supporters, maybe not these people. >> reporter: while campaigning in callowhillry clinton also dealt with her share of hecklers. >> some people are just allergic to the facts. >> reporter: she attack her likely opponent in the general election. >> you got to sort of pinch yourself when you hear some of what donald trump is saying. it may have started out as entertainment but it is really, really concerning. >> reporter: today clinton, sanders and trump will hold cam paper event in california. heppna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". hillary clinton is getting support from former congress woman gabby givers and mark
6:37 am
kelly. both are in cherry hill for a round table on preventing gun violence. giffords was shot at a tucson supermarket in 2011, six others were killed. meet to go day is at katz jewish community center at 11:30. when philadelphia host democratic national convention this july, some visitors won't be staying at a hotel. they are turning to air b and b. many homeowners hoping to rent out their homes when pope francis came to town were disappointed with the lack of dehand but that may not be a a problem during the convention. with two months to go only 4 percent of the homes listed on the site during the convention are still available. >> it allows them to get a feel for the real flavor of the people who live here, what the neighborhood is like, how to get around the city, and the fact that philadelphia a is so easy to get around. >> air b and b got it start during 2008 democratic
6:38 am
national convention in denver. dnc will be at wells fargo senter from july 25th through the 28th. well, a as many people go on summer vacations or just go to work their homes could be a target for burglars. in today's three on your side consume are report see how thinking more like a crock could protect you. >> reporter: this woman is too fearful to show her face a year after her home was burglarized. >> that feeling as way. >> reporter: thieves stole her jewelry and sense of security. >> i have the blind closed constantly. >> reporter: what kind of homes to burglars tarring? not the just curb appeal or security measures that could impact your risk, some experts say geography and architecture also play a role. >> find ways into our homes we might not have have predict. >> reporter: author of the burglar's guide to the city says think like a burglar and architect to be prepared. >> every time you hide yourself from view you are hiding from view anyone else is in the house. >> reporter: that means tall privacy walls or bushes
6:39 am
letting a burglar, letting him break n even a patio railing can tempt a thief. >> this kind of thing would be a ideal hand hold or something thaw can use to climb up to the second floor. >> reporter: bottom line no where is 100 percent safe so here are three things to keep in mind, reconsider that scalable privacy wall or large bush, if you could climb it, and hide behind it, it may be perfect for burglars. use simple security measures like alarms, cameras and most of all, lock your doors and windows, all of them, this woman's window was closed but unlock but when it became a window of opportunity for a burglars. >> it is a terrible, terrible thing. >> get to know your neighbors, it could help keep an eye on your home and giving a head up if they notice anything out of the ordinary. welshing still ahead on "eyewitness news", new push to ban smoking at the beach but that is not the only place where people may not be able to light up. plus this. >> it the is all fabulous. >> boutique with free
6:40 am
clothing, food cupboard this that fills stomachs and much more, why the end of the school year means they could use some brotherly love when we come back.
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welcome back. now is the time to get in shape for summer and when i say now i say right new before the heat of the day side tracks you. pat gallen is live at the art museum where a great group gets their work out in very early, patrick. >> reporter: yes, yes, very early, jim. we are outside the art museum here with fit academy. there is like a you this people out here getting ready for summer and why not, beautiful morning. katie said it will get up to 88. seventy-five, nice breeze out there. we have fit academy getting ready to go. this is the instructor who has his people, ready working out
6:44 am
good. i swear, this looks dry but i'm sweating underneath. >> i'm trying my best. give us a sense what you do here and why art museum. >> i grew up, a very dynamic work out. very sport driven. and a lot of things you see in the gym. why do it here? look at the where we are at. >> look around you see people every where. >> that is why i do it. people love it. they move out. and, it is perfect. >> people want to make fun of me on television. why don't we get in the work out and i will try not to fall out. >> music is playing just move to the beat. >> dynamic balancing, right up my alley. >> here we go, second set, right leg first. >> there are people every where. even in the with the fit academy. but there is 20, 25 of us, balancing, there are people running all over the art
6:45 am
museum. up credible, beautiful morning. balancing in the my strong suit but if you have never done this, never gotten out if you want to change things up instead of going to the gym this is a a perfect place to do it, especially on a morning as awesome as this. check them out: come to the art museum. jim, i wear, hair is beautiful. hair is beautiful but we need to get you out here moving around. i know meisha is ready to rock. >> meisha is doing per sizes right now in the traffic center, push-ups, yes. >> right there in the studio. >> thanks, pat. in good news for hard core football fans do you want to get to super bowl 51 in houston? tickets go on sale next month. 10,000 early access ticket packages will be available a, also host cities for next few super bowls have been name, atlanta will host in 2019, miami gets 2020 and l.a. will host super bowl in 2021.
6:46 am
katie, you were assaying that dynamic balancing does not look easy. >> it looks easy but it is really hard. meisha is working on her tree pose in the traffic center, she will be with you in a minute. even though, it looks easy that takes work. we are right we need to see pat doing more. he is not sweating as hard enough. we have a few spots where we are at 60 degrees. most of the weather watchers are reporting temperatures in the mid to lower 50's. we will go around the region here, 57 coming into us this morning from andy down in dover area. full sunshine, he is loving it, as is most of the region here this morning. we are waking up to that beautiful sunrise. fran is reporting same thing, full sunshine in nottingham chester county and great the day for special olympics in coatsville. thanks for the head up. we have a great event out there. lets go to new jersey where 50
6:47 am
comes in from john. he too is seeing full sunshine and this sums it upright there absolutely beautiful. so what is going on? that brings us nice weather for a change. think high pressure. that so often brings us fair weather and it is today. it stays put for the entire day and night and into mess of tomorrow. we are expecting that you will just see sunshine all day but heat up efficiently. there is always a caveat and one today is air quality alert that is posted, regional wide, for unhealthy, air mass for sensitive groups. kid, elderly, if you have asthma, this is not necessarily the best day for you. so keep that in mind, and take it easy, you know. it is walt hunter's last day, we will miss him but what great weather to send him off a. upper 80's tomorrow and friday turning steamy though, more likely to feel like it is in the 90's the at the height of the day, so summer is basically here. over to you.
6:48 am
>> not today. >> good morning. >> car went off the road, 422 eastbound, you can see it pulling them up the on the roadways. it doesn't look like much is going on but let me tell you backups are quite significant. look at this, 422 east near collegeville and they are just creeping up to where they are pulling that car, out of the ditch, causing this kind of slow down. for those in and around egypt road near collegeville, give yourself extra time at minimum, 40 minutes, would i even air with more time if i were you i would give me self more than. that around 40 minutes right now. ninety-five south at cottman looking slow as you bring them into center city area right here near with the vine, and it is looking bus there i as well. accident in delaware an overturn vehicle 95 north after route 273, two left lanes are block there and wynfield heights belmont avenue between conshohocken and monument road one lane
6:49 am
block there, jim. >> well, time is 6:48. we have a lot on cbs this morning. gayle king joins us live with the preview, good morning, gayle. >> we are here jim live and in color in albuquerque where violent protest broke out at a trump rally. new reaction to sit back seats. the climbers that we have been following up mount everest tell us about journey after one made it to the top and other had to turn back. mark phillips takes us to remote island known for mosque invaded by star wars fans. how force is rhea wakening, the news is back in the morning, we will see new ten minutes and counting, jim back to you in the studio. >> we will be watching, thanks, gayle. in montgomery county is there a food cupboard helping people for decade but now they could use help of their own. ukee washington has the story in this weeks brotherly love. >> reporter: clients say this is a place of love, lifting
6:50 am
people when they are down. barbara adams of ambler is one week into a brand new job as a chef and she's going shopping for spring clothes. >> latest from boutiques are fabulous. >> reporter: this boutique is one part of the maddie dixon son community cupgame a non-profit helping families in ambler and surrounding area since 1970's. >> 800 family go in there on a every other month basis. >> reporter: that is christine, executive director who helps oversees the boutique but job training and food cupgame. eligible families can sign up to receive the supplies once a month packed by volunteers like mary of lower gwynedded. >> putting in the bag, what would i give my kid, tough. >> reporter: linda reynold loss her job in march while she looks for next would be cupgame supplies food, clothing, about to go through resume training also. she said help is tremendous.
6:51 am
>> it gives us a reason to keep going, sometimes. >> reporter: barbara credits community cupboard for polishing her resume, interest right skills and lifting her spirits. >> you step into that zone wherever one treats you with dignity. >> reporter: as school year draws to the clothes and children miss out on school meals workers here fear these shelves will empty quickly. >> we need cereals, kid snacks, things that the kid won't get at school because they are at home. >> reporter: they hope community opened up its hearts to help. find out how to help maddie dixon son community cupboard at cbs see you tonight. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". delaware is ready to combat the zika a virus. public health officials will distribute prevention kits to pregnant woman. kits available june 1 including mosquito repel apartment and thermometers. the get them at clinics certified to serve families
6:52 am
enroll in the supplemental nutrition program for women, infant and children. new jersey may restrict smoking in public beaches as to your wrist head to the shore. they are expect to vote on a bill that lets coastal community set aside 15 percent of the beach as designated smoking areas. some resorts have banned smoking, the bill would also ban smoking entirely at parks. it is called the joker but this is nothing to laugh at. new roller coaster at six flags opened this weekend if you before the public rides it justin fin itch has the preview. >> i'm taking within for the team. >> it is all you need to realize that the joker is not your average roller coaster. i will show you why. that style means riders like me can flip forward, backward, live camera aimed at my face so you will watch me flip head over heels and see how much fun i'm having or how sick i
6:53 am
get. tomorrow morning the joker and i will go toe to toe before it opens to the public at six flags great adventure and safari. i think it will be a great time. i went eat or drink but have a good time and tell you as much as i can with whatever mental capacity i will have, how it was and hopefully you will join me next time. >> i don't even go to these movies, but we will tune in, may the force be with you tomorrow good this time tomorrow. >> i will be flipping. >> we will be back with three things to know before you go. it three is to go, coming up next.
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well, here's what you need to know before you head out of the door it three is to go. officialness horsham township are holding a informational meeting about the safety of their drinking water. at issue concerns over elevated levels of two chemicals. violence breaks out at a rally with protesting donald trump's event in new mexico. one person ace rested. top tsa official testifies on capitol hill over long security lines at airports. that is three to go. lets get a last check of weather and traffic with katie and meisha. >> yes, looking fantastic out there, if you have a convertible, it is time to break it out. outside pleasant and middle valley high school, pleasant indeed. beautiful sunshine in the live
6:58 am
neighborhood network and we are expecting that regional wide today. pollen check for you, these levels are creeping up in the next couple days since we are expecting more than anything sunshine, in the next few days, and at this point we are getting more variety pack. not just tree pollen anymore since flowers are starting to bloom. for walt's last day nothing but sunshine and high of 88. we wish him so well in his retirement. upper 80's thursday and friday, and feeling like the 90es a. great news, thanks katie. good morning. car off the road 422 eastbound near egypt road. they are trying to pull this out of the ditch, causing some significant slow downs, 422 eastbound near collegeville. slow downs are for waiting and pushing tup that far right lane, only way they can get by, after all those vehicles condensed in to one lane. give yourself 40 minutes going through, would i give myself an hour. nineteen on i-95, 48 on the vine holding steady there, 25 on the schuylkill moving in the eastbound direction, 55 on the blue route looking good.
6:59 am
>> long commute, thanks very much. phillies fanatic visits philadelphia public school for first time in ten years. as you can imagine the trip was a success. students cheered phillies mascot at this elementary school in north philadelphia, to stop by to solute students during their young heroes club meeting. these students are doing their part to even gun violence in the city, bravo to them and in case you are wondering why this is first time phillies fanatic has visited any public school in a decade, due to a recent change in district rules. >> good for those kids. >> definitely. >> fanatic will visit more schools. >> we love that belly. >> love it. >> next up on cbs this morning more on the philly soda tax proposal. we have leave you with a live picture from the art museum where people are taking advantage of the katie's wonderful weather, first of all getting in an early morning work out. get out, enjoy the day, we will see you back here tomorrow morning. pat doesn't look like he is
7:00 am
sweating. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, may 25th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." chaos erupts when donald trump returns to the campaign trail. police use smoke, grenades, and pepper spray to fight off violent protesters. storm chasers capture incredible, up-close video of tornadoes tearing across the plains. millions of americans could see more twisters today. the two american climbers we've been following on their quest to summit mt. everest give us their dramatic account of the agonizing trip. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the safest place to be any time in our country is at a p


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