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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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screams of terror, when shots are fired at a concert inside of a crowded nightclub. find out who was about to take the stage, and what police are saying about the shooting this morning. and investigation shines spotlight on airport security, the staggering new information on breaches like this one from a few years ago and how philadelphia international ranks. well, today is thursday may 26th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas, it it is friday eve. >> good morning. road are looking good. construction out of the way. we have two accidents but that sun, katie, that can be glaring out there absolutely have your shade ready, visor ready to go and why not put the top down. you have a convertible this is freight time to break it out. we have very comfortable conditions. 66 degrees current temperature outside middletown ship high school. certainly sunlight, popping over the horizon nicely here and it is going to be a very bright, drive.
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if you are heading eastbound. expect that could really slow you down here with the glare. storm scan nice and quiet. you can see a little bit of green below or behind, the storm scan wording there but we are expecting more than anything, sunshine, here today. you will start to notice it feeling humid with time here and in addition to that we have got some pretty high levels of ground level ozone. air quality is now, again, a problem, unhealthy for everyone, at this point. so just take it easy out there you can go outside obviously but if you have got asthma, respiratory problems, this could be a rough day for you. please keep that in mine. pollen levels are still moderate. uv index is off the charts at this point. heat index, you have to use caution, too since humidity is creeping up. mid 60's as we mentioned here in the city, 63 in atlantic city. forty-eight right now in the poconos. cooler by comparison as it typical in the mountains but we will definitely spike here, 89 degrees later today in philadelphia with more sun then anything and bit more
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humidity. meisha, it might as well be summer at this point. >> would i say, this morning roll your windows down. the katie, it is so comfortable. >> it is so comfortable. we know it will get really warm later but right now it feels g blue route, this is what you're looking at. blue route, you have looked good all morning long, my friend. just jumping on the roadways blue route looking g schuylkill, taillights moving in the westbound direction at conshohocken curve, both westbound and eastbound sides are certainly starting to heat up now. one of the quicker spots, i-95 south, same thing there, take a look at that sunshine, 202, taillights moving in the north bound direction approaching king of prussia area, yikes. now that is gorgeous, you will, however, need to pass those sunglasses because we are going to experience some sun up, slow downs. tacony palmyra bridge is still upcoming, and coming back down right now. so you can bet in a few minutes it will be opened for traffic again. accident here, east lancaster avenue at city avenue. this is near st. joes university, just make note of
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that, we will have some clean up out there, and also, a disabled truck easton road is closed right now, between summit avenue and park avenue. you will to have use an alternate. york road is your best bet. more construction, i will get to that in ten minutes. jim, over to you. police are searching for suspects after a man is shot in the head this morning. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us live from west philadelphia with the very latest, jan. >> reporter: jim and brooke good morning. philadelphia police described a brazen attack here this morning, in west philadelphia, we're coming to you live from the shooting scene, this is the 5600 block of angora terrace and you can see behind me live here on the scene here that police still have that block taped off as they investigate. the shooting victim is in the the hospital right now in very critical condition and police now tell us that they have found a lot of drugs, crack cocaine on the victim there. a barrage of gunfire in this west philadelphia a neighborhood overnight, leaves cars damaged by stray bullets
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and a man fighting for his life. >> they found a 34 year-old male laying between two parked cars suffering from at least one gunshot wound to the back of his head. >> reporter: this shooting happened just after 1:00 a.m. in the 5600 block of angora terrace. police say a 34 year-old man was parking his girlfriend's car in front of her house when someone walk up to the driver's side door and shot 15 times. investigators believe that the victim was able to get out and start running but the shooter they say continued to fire. the victim only made ate cross the street and then collapsed, hit at least once in the head. now this investigation spans two locations, the second right around corner from the shooting scene. police believe the suspect ran away west on angora terrace and may have gotten into a gray or green minivan. police spotted a vehicle on the 5700 block of baltimore avenue. >> that vehicle and its occupants are being held, occupants were transported to southwest detectives where they will be interest viewed.
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>> reporter: now no arrests have been made at this time, again police are interviewing those people found in that car just around the corner here. in the meantime later on police plan to review private surveillance cameras found to see if they can provide valuable video. reporting live, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and brooke, back to you. >> thanks very much. developing right now one person is dead and three others are hurt after gunfire erupts at a hip-hop concert in new york city. the shots were fired in a vip area just before rapper ti performed. so far, no arrests, cbs correspondent hena daniels will have more in the investigation in zero minutes. volunteers are helping to step up safety and awareness on the schuykill river trail after two indecent exposure incidents. a group called run 215 will soon start to monitor the 10-mile path. about 200 people are trained to identify suspicious activity, they will work in
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pairs and will have badges identifying themselves along with wearing t-shirts is. >> observe, document, report. they are in the police officers. we are not making anybody a police officer. you are a good citizen. you are out there in pairs. you are walking. you observe something. you dock out it. if it is warranted, you report it to 911. >> volunteers will get to work after their final training session june 4th. a new investigation find an alarming number of airport intruders nationwide, 345 in just the past 12 years. get this, philadelphia international has had one of the highest amounts of incidents. the associated press poured over the documents and found 30 of them at philly international. that includes this incident in 202 when a suv crashed through a gate and sped down a runway at nearly 100 miles an hour. just as the plane was about to land. that same year, a woman grabbed an airport police officers gun and pointed it at his head, before he, disarmed
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her. now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> news journal reports that the verizon strike heads to the delaware court today. striking workers are intimidating and harassing replacement technicians. union officials say verizon has no evidence such incidents occurred or striking workers were even involved. from the 20 women gathering at spring valley ymca to protest what they believed to be a violation, by y management of their rights to breast feed. the nurse in was coordinated after local mom's facebook post claims that she was asked to nurse outside of a classroom because men in the classroom were uncomfortable. from the spirit of delaware county, park side elementary school has been named 2016 national school of character. its use of character development is driving a positive impact on academics, student behavior and school climate. >> that is a look at some of the newspapers headlines from around the delaware valley. well, hillary clinton is
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trying to put her presidential campaign back on track this morning on the heels of her report into her e-mail controversy. hena daniels shows us how her opponents are jumping on the news. >> reporter: this was a chaotic scene is outside a donald trump rally in new mexico tuesday night. protesters threw barricades at police on horse back, threw roxanne plastic bottles, others burned trump t-shirts. officers responded by firing pepper spray and smoke grenades. >> get them out of here. >> reporter: inside presumptive presidential nominee was interrupted repeatedly by demonstrators. >> if it is hillary, it is obama light, believe me. you wouldn't think you would get lighter than obama but probably even a step down. >> reporter: while campaigning in california, hillary clinton also dealt with her share of hecklers. >> some people are just allergic to the facts. >> reporter: she attack her likely opponent in the general
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election. >> you got sort of pinch yourself, when you hear some of what donald trump is saying. >> today clinton, sanders and trump will hold campaign events in california. hena daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, solar powered plane on its around the world trip lands at the lehigh valley international airport coming up how long it will be there and where it is heading next it is called dormant butt syndrome. name might make you laugh but effects thousands of people and more serious then it sound. find out if you have it. and jay z breaks his silence than beyonce's lemonade. that is coming up. >> ♪ >> one of the happiest places to live in america is right here in our area find out where next. i thought the we were going to hear jay-z's song but i like
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a flight is now, in the lehigh valley. >> and, it will actually be spending the weekend. the solar impulse two touched down last night at lehigh valley international airport, after a 17 hour flight from dayton, ohio. it has made dozens of stops,
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since taking off a more than a year ago from abu dhabi and the pilot is celebrating. >> we, flew across america. >> unaudible. >> when i heard new york center, i thought wow, it is truly in the a dream anymore. we are here on the east coast and we have done 23rd of our flight around the world. >> plane will head to new york next week and cross the atlantic ocean to either europe or north africa. >> they have plenty of sunshine to power that thing up, katie. >> they do. >> i say, congratulations to those guys. such an awesome accomplishment for them. we are expecting full sunshine yet again today, little bit more humid, as day progresses, moisture firing up across portions of i80 corridor in williamsport. that will trigger a shower or thunderstorm across portions
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of the far northwestern suburbs. maybe late afternoon but et cetera specially tonight, the at that point. down the area beaches in the mid-atlantic it is all clear at this point but as we head west we have some pretty nasty thunderstorms still pushing through portions of the high plains, central plains, way getting hit hard through northeastern portions of that state right now. eventually we will be dealing again with some showers and thunderstorms of our own but nothing quite of the variety like what thief seen across the plains. there could be a sure or thunderstorm tonight but especially tomorrow when they become more widespread too. daylight hours. afternoon toward early evening, anything out there will be scattered but it will be out there, dodge it, frontal boundary nearby saturday that could lead to a stray storm but overall a partly sunny day and even for sunday that same system is nearby but we will be between systems and we will call it partly sunny. off to the south this systems could turn tropical. it has got some juice with it in the days ahead.
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we will keep an eye on that as well. meanwhile today, hot, humid 89 w to mid 90's. expecting sunshine and haze out there and shower or thunderstorm especially tonight as we look forward in the forecast it is a string of 89-degree days here today, tomorrow, saturday, sundayes even looking toasty. by monday memorial day is one day where things go downhill, more cloud, shower, thunderstorm but still in the 80's for the entire seven day. how about that. we have not seen this in a long time. >> finally may. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> good morning everyone. okay, road are looking good, more vehicles we will get out there more problems we will see. we have a couple accidents out there. also a couple disable vehicles that will slow you down a little bit. overall things are holding steady. wear seeing typical slow down areas, interstate 95, schuylkill as well. i-95 south at academy and
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looking okay, when you push more southbound toward girard, right around cottman where we are seeing most of the slow downs right there. we have a disabled vehicle hard to see schuylkill eastbound at passyunk avenue that right lane was compromised, just before i went up to the desk we are seeing them pull that away and that has now been since cleared, but we are not seeing tonight that shot but that is good news for those in that area schuylkill eastbound this is what you are looking at in the eastbound and westbound side, certainly starting to heat up on the schuylkill but overall looking okay. good bird eye view of the vine and i-95, moving in that area, for those in center city but looking really nice right there. sure early risers but overall for 6:00 o'clock hour not bad. this is where we have an accident east lancaster avenue at city avenue near st. joes university and disabled truck at easton road, closed between summit and park avenue and willow grove. we will use an alternate, brooke, over to you. it has a funny name but no laughing matter.
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coming up how to know if you have dormant butt syndrome. >> move over baby showers, is there a new way to celebrate new additions and it is a growing trend among wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker.
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then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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it is a busy day for law makers in new jersey, they will vote on big bills including one to raise state's minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2021, almost double the current minimum wage $8.38 an
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hour. last minute mum wage hike was in 2013. they will vote on a deal to rescue atlantic city from its financial problems. bill would give struggling resort town 150 days to come up with a five-year recovery plan and balanced budget. if state leaders do not approve that plan they could take over city operations. meanwhile bill that limits smoking in public beaches and parks in the garden state is expected to pass. the municipalities would be allowed to set aside 15 percent of the beach as a designated smoking area, the smoking ban would also apply to e cigarettes, violators could face $250 fine. governor christie vetoed a similar bill a few years ago. this next story is a pain in the back side. um-hmm. researchers in the medical industry say that some aches and pains could be caused by dormant butt syndrome. they found knee pain is actually due to weakness in the glute muscles. other parts can be impact like
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your hip, back. they recommend stretching your thighs and other parts to battle this. if your job requires to you sit all day. >> i will stand up in just a second. coming up kate middleton let her pet name for prince william slip. find out what she calls him. plus six flags great adventure is debuting a extreme new roller coaster this weekend called the joker and only person daring enough to try it was just continue finch. we will watch him take within of the first rides, katie? >> this will be amazing. i cannot wait for it. in the meantime weather forecast is close to amazing as well for just in time for the holiday weekend we will have your full forecast and tell you how long this string of 80 plus degree heat will la
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people have been throwing baby showers for years but now is there a celebration increasingly popular with millennials. in today's three on your side report a lot gender reveal parties. kelly and january some noto found out they were pregnant in january and then came news it was twins. the couple already has two girls but this time they decided to have a party where their friend and family could guess the baby's gender. even they don't know.
6:25 am
>> we got envelope on wednesday, one from the scan. >> they took sealed envelope to the party planning store that secretly filled two box west balloons, pink for a girl, blue for a boy. trend started popping up a few years ago but family and friend seemed confused. >> when i heard it, i said reveal? what will you reveal? >> we're having a party for everything. >> reporter: susan now man says young couples are working longer and harder then ever and looking at new ways of celebrating life events. they also want to include everyone unlike a traditional baby shower that is usually attended only by women. >> you have a chance to be surprising and i think that is one of the biggest appeals to it. >> noto's were surprised their daughters helped with the big reveal, two more girls. the first gender reveal party on you tube was posted in 2008, since then couples
6:26 am
posted a hundred thousand of their surprise moments. here's another reason people love them unlike baby showers normally guests don't bring a gift to the reveal party. >> okay. >> good for them. >> you always bring a gift where ever you go. >> thank you. >> are you happen i then maybe move to chester county. it was just ranked one of the happiest counties in america. according to an annual study by smart asset, chester county came in at number four. study factors in income, life expectancy and population. third happiest is carver county, minute so the a number two fairfax county, virginia. the happiest was also in virginia. no surprise, hunterdon county, new jersey. interesting there. >> all close by. coming up next on "eyewitness news" see where obama a's will be living once they move out of the white house. plus. >> i was gone. i had people on my legs. >> this is scary new york city
6:27 am
nightclub becomes a murder scene after shots are fired during a hip-hop concert find out who took the stage when violence broke out, meisha. we are heating up on the roadways and we have an accident where pedestrian was stuck near saint guess university and disable truck on easton road causing a close another. we will have those updates coming up. but first we will take a quick break but stay right where you
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have you turn on the air conditioning just yet. >> yes. >> things are really heating up. >> today will feel more like july then may. katie will let us know how long this hot streak will last. good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm brook thomas. 6:30. time to get you caught up. here's what you need to necessity today in your morning minute. >> coming to you live from the
6:31 am
5600 block of angora terrace where police say a 34 year-old man was parking his girlfriend's car when someone just walk up to the driver's side door and shot at least 15 times. >> we saw two people vip arguing and everybody started arguing because we heard shots. >> panic and chaos when shots are fired at a crowded concert hall in new york. >> it happened just before rapper ti took the stage. >> it is not an issue that will affect either the campaign or the presidency. >> reporter: hillary clinton brushed aside latest chapter in her e-mail saga yesterday, for a second night in a row trump's rally was overshadowed by chaos. it makes me shaky. >> do i get nervous until you gays start talking about it. >> brooke, jim, everybody else at the station i will ride this thing, survive it. >> justin will take a ride on the joker live in just a few minutes. >> he will survive it.
6:32 am
>> yes, um-hmm. >> katie, he is crazy. >> i can, i'm so pumped for this report. i cannot wait to see how he does. he didn't drink anything. he hasn't had anything to eat. empty stomach will probably help them. >> good weather. >> exactly. >> things are on his side here this morning, right. what we have is thankfully a clear sky, beautiful blue sky right now over here on the sky deck and every where else. a thin veil of cloud cover that is barely noticeable at this point. high pressure hooking us up on the western edge of the high. we are seeing it moisten up here, it feels sticky, feeling that humidity creeping up here. air quality remains less than ideal. we have air quality alert for high levels of group level ozone. so respiratory illness, asthma, anything like that, that you suffer from if you to you want to take it easy, seek out air conditioning if you must because it will be a day that is more uncomfortable for
6:33 am
you but i'm's not stopping from you getting outside. put on the sun block, guys, the full sunshine all day to day. some spot may see late day or night time shower or storm but otherwise, meisha, it is summer and it the is sunny. >> it sure feels like it even at 3:00 in the morning katie, thanks very much. we welcome it. good morning everybody. we are looking at new jersey, 42 freeway north bound at creek road, looking pretty darn g we are starting to slowly start to heat up on the gate kay to the weekend thon thursday morning. we have a couple accidents out there we will get to those in just a moment but wanted to give you just a view into new jersey area. also the schuylkill ease wound before girard. we are looking like it is heating up in the eastbound direction. ninety-five south at cottman same story here as we push around that s curve. you can see it heating up there as well and around girard. thinks where we have an accident, 202 southbound ramp to westbound 422 that left lane compromised and we have driver, pedestrians out of their vehicles walking around.
6:34 am
this will slow you down. again that is 202 southbound ramp to westbound 422, left lane is block. another accident here where pedestrian was struck east lancaster avenue at city avenue, this area will get busy as well, be careful around there and disable truck we had at easton road closed that has been since cleared, brooke, over to you. one person is dead and three others hurt after a shooting touring a hip-hop concert in new york city. it happened while rapper ti was waiting to perform. hena daniels has latest as investigators searched the night club for evidence. >> reporter: this video captured on a cell phone shows concert goers moments after shots were fired at rapper's ti the concert inside irving plaza in downtown manhattan. >> we saw people like up on the vip arguing and then everybody started running because they heard the shots. >> reporter: chaos erupted while wrappers men a and
6:35 am
uncle were performing on stage. sound of gunshot sent hundreds of hip-hop fans running to the nearest exit. >> everybody is rushing in, traveling and then i fell. >> i was terrified. they were running for their lives. so i fell. i got stumped out a little bit. my shoe came off. >> reporter: nypd officers responded and set up a perimeter around the crime scene. police say a 34 year-old man was shot in the chest and a three three-year old man was shot in the stomach. one of them later died at the hospital. twenty-six year-old woman was also shot in the leg and investigators say a fourth person walked into a hospital on their own. >> detectives are still interviewing potential witnesses, canvassing for video, and looking forward cameras in the area that can help us, identify people there that witnessed this scene. >> reporter: no arrests have been made in this case. hena daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president obama continues
6:36 am
his visit to japan today, he'll meet with world leaders at annual g7 summit. tomorrow he makes a historic trip to hiroshima becoming first sitting u.s. president to visit the city where u.s. dropped an atomic bomb in 1945, in the closing days of world war two. reports say this is the future home of the president and mrs. obama after they leave the white house next year. nine bedroom mansion in one of the washington's most expensive neighborhood near naval observatory where vice-president joe biden currently lives. the home has eight and a half bathrooms, three fireplaces with parking for up to ten cars. memorial day weekend kicks off summer travel season. >> but did you you know that half of us take no time off at all? not me. squandering over $50 billion in benefits. cbs news business ant list jill schlesinger, joins us live from new york to make the most of the summer travel. i take every day i have owed. >> he needs a break. >> reporter: me too. >> this poor man works so
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hard. >> for those who haven't planned a trip is it too late, what do you think. >> reporter: no way, there are plenty of deals around, looking to fly start with google flights or kyack but try lesser known flights, sky scanner and momondo and check this out you should call the airlines. according to experts, airlines often hold back many of their best fares unless you call. check those regional airports outside major cities, the days of the week can make a big difference in fares. for lodging air b and b has change the landscape, we have put good downward pressure on hotels. they are coming up with better deals. hotels that is great for budget hotels, triv ago for mid range to expensive ones. >> people do take time off but then they have a problem unplugging. the connected world how can they make the most of their time off. >> reporter: use those out of
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office function for voice and e-mails. let people know you are away. don't say i'm checking my voice mail frequently because then they will leave you a message. provide the name of your backup and to avoid being overwhelmed by too much e-mail when you return which is why people don't go away because they think they will get slammed when they go back just use settings to organize your incoming messages. if your job requires a check in pick a specific time of the day, let people know when you will be contacting the office so they are ready and to help your reentry in the work world and reduce stress consider returning a day early. i like doing it. i get my laundry done that day. >> for the record i'm not your backup, i don't want your e-mails, he gets way too many e males. >> thanks, jill. we have been talking about it all morning long, that new roller coaster about today buy at six flags, called the joker and no joke there is no way would i ride on it. >> our own justin finch
6:39 am
volunteers and he is riding it next, dent miss it, pat, what is going on. well, guys i'm not on a roller coaster and i feel for just continue but it is morning at the museum. open national constitution center where you can see this cool thing right here, this is original contract of a baseball barrier breaker we will tell you how when how and why coming up next.
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well, time has come thrill seekers a new roller coaster opens up this weekend at six flags great adventure. >> it is call the joker. but after all of the loops, turns it is no joking matter. justin finch, first 4-d coaster travels four stories high before it drops you, 12 stories and then drops you. >> i heard that. >> i just didn't want to picture it. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch bravely accepted the assignment to go on a thrill ride of his life and
6:43 am
ready for the launch right now. >> okay. >> he is getting ready just like they do. >> we heard him during the break, you could not hear that but he sounded nervous. >> i her beeping but you that was just a truck in the background. i was joking it was paramedics >> yes. >> he didn't eat anything, didn't drink anything. i would have a heart attack. >> not only is this scary but he is about to do it on live tv. >> yes. >> justin, can you hear us. >> i have my ear piece in, it takes a lieutenant to do this. i have to get mixed up, i have to face a camera waiting for my friend to join me, tim. >> any second thoughts. >> we're about to get in right
6:44 am
now and it last about 15 seconds, tim is sit to go my right. it is kind of hectic but we are about to start this thing. we will go straight up, and pull down. >> yeah, pull that down. >> that is important. >> i have ever seen that desk around a your neck. >> she's right jim. >> you seem a little shaky. >> we're about to start. >> i can feel it vibrating >> this is like they do in a shuttle launch. >> they are talking about how they would never do this, how
6:45 am
crazy i am. we can do this. >> absolutely. >> here we go. >> wow, wow, wow. >> that was just to get you ready. >> this is nice. >> going up. >> here we
6:46 am
>> that is not bad. >> we did it. >> it is not a big deal. >> we don't have to have coughe. >> i was afraid my legs were hit the bar for a second but so far, so good. brooke, jim, meisha, katie, i survived it. i think you can do. >> well done. >> you had to laugh to keep from crying. >> i don't like the upside down thing, i get dizzy. >> i will hold the fan i pack. >> okay, all right. thanks, justin. >> good job. >> good weather this morning for this. >> he definitely did, would i say well done justin, kudos to him, he handled it well but we are looking at beautiful weather out there but that didn't look too bad. >> i think i would try that.
6:47 am
i would try that ride for sure. lets go take a look at eyewitness weather watchers looking at pictures over last couple of minutes we have a few pretty ones here. he has got beautiful sunrise coming in right here. sunrise on the farm, beautiful lush greenery out there from the rain we have had as ovulate. i love this one, phil sent this in. he saw a couple humming birds. this is second he has seen so far. gorgeous shot of the bird out at the feeder here. lets look at the temperatures. we are off to a mild start. mid 60's in spots, but we do have outlying suburbs, downingtown, hatboro where we are still only in the 50's right now. kyle sent that one in. fifty-nine there. lynn in cherry hill at 62 degrees. list goes on where we have temperatures hovering around the 60-degree mark give or take. we have to take a quick peak is what happening at regional wide level, little bit of moisture in the portions of the north central, pennsylvania, we are likely to see a shower or thunderstorm
6:48 am
firing up late today toward the far northwestern suburbs. in philadelphia south east don't worry, later tonight, however you could see a shower or storm. heading to the mountains for holiday weekend pocono cast here for saturday, sunday and monday, generally there could be a shower or then are storm around any of these days but monday looks the wetest. saturday and sunday your outdoor plans are a go and first rumble of thunder you head inside. both could feature a spotty shower or storm. 89 degrees, magic number in philadelphia for next three days straight and every day of the seven day is in the 80's, can't believe we are finally here, meisha. >> we made it, katie, and it is gorgeous even early this morning when you think it would be chilly. it felt so nice outside. taking a look at the roadways, an accident in king of prussia 202 southbound ramp to westbound 422 left lane compromised. this car went bam right side ways, just make note, we have
6:49 am
pedestrians outside and drivers as well clean up crews so just make note we will have gaper delays, boulevard, take a look, beautiful sunshine but that will cause you some sun glare, inn visibility issues. boulevard heading in the southbound direction approaching the schuylkill and very, very congested here 95 south at girard taillights moving in the north bound direction. normally we don't see this heavy but we have either a disable vehicle or an accident, i-95 north before allegheny causing some significant slow downs moving in the northbound side. southbound side we have typical delays. delaware county looking slow 95 north at 452, jim, over to you. 6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us live from new york with the preview, good morning, charlie. >> good morning brooke and jim. we have a lot ahead. john dickerson on fall out from the new report on hillary clinton's e-mails. plus weight loss balloon that comes in the form of the pill, closer look at treatment
6:50 am
that could soon be available in the u.s. we will meet up with athletes at u.s. olympic training center and find out how they are coping with the concerns. and jet blue ceo comes in studio 57, we will talk about long lines, bag fees and spanned go to cuba that and more the news is back in the morning, see new about ten minutes. >> thanks, charlie we will be watching. there is even more history in the city of philadelphia this morning. >> a new exhibit focuses on the contracts jackie robinson signed to break baseball's color barrier. our pat gallen is live at the national constitution center, pat, obviously these documents are about more than just sports. >> reporter: that is true, jim and brooke. on display here at national constitution center today through june 5th are the contracts, the first signed contracts, of jackie robinson. obviously broke major league baseball color barrier back in
6:51 am
1947. he was a pretty darn good player. he was 1949 mvp, six time all-star, only player to have his number retired by all mlb teams. he is also on the national tree that is on display at ncc that is grazed by many important americans which will add to this display and now his first signed contract on display here and talk about that is vin stango, the coo of the ncc so vince, why this particular object. >> this is a great opportunity for to us bring two great contracts to philadelphia for residents and visitors see. jackie robinson's story trans send major league baseball. he has been a part of the main exhibit since we opened in 2003. when we had an opportunity to bring them here we jumped at the chance. >> reporter: talk about the the history of these contracts. >> sure, is there two contracts. one his contract with the montreal royals from 1947 and as you mentioned his brooklyn dodgers contract 1947.
6:52 am
so these are contracts and moments in american history that predated the civil rights movement by two decades. a year after his contract was signed president true mandy segregated u.s. armored, seven years later was the famous brown v board of education trial in 1954. so this set the tone for what was to come over the next several decade and we think it is an important story to be told. >> jackie robinson a important player, sports history, american as well and important documents but what is cool about this is at least on monday it is free to get in here to see this thing. >> memorial day we are free thanks to the john temple ton foundation so people can come down, come experience the entire museum and see these great contracts and have a great time. >> on display until june 5th. >> that is right. >> it was just a couple months ago the city of philadelphia actual a pol guyed formally to jackie robinson for the way he was treated here in this city.
6:53 am
jim and brooke very important stuff here at the national constitution center and as vince said you can see a wide range of different displays but baseball guy a loved this thing about jackie robinson and national tree that is just behind the camera here. good stuff going on here, guys. >> that is so cool, pat. >> thanks very much. you may remember earlier this week pat gallen brought us cara's story. >> the temple lacrosse star nominated for love unsung hero award. guess what, she won. this prestige as you ward honors dedication, inn telling grit, humility and hard work all quality she progresses. she struggled with depression and eating disorder for years. this year she went public with her story and hopes of helping others. >> just stuff that everyone goes through at some point or knows someone that goes through at the some point and just like wanted to make it more normal and open up to discussion. >> she accepted the award yesterday and donating at ward money to a foundation in honor
6:54 am
of her cousin. she will help assist individuals in attaining the medical treatment that they need. congrats, cara, we are proud of you. ever since beyonce released lemonade, fans have been waiting to hear jay z's side of the story. >> he answered, sort of, kind of, not really. rap's peers on the least mix of fat joe's new song all the way up, which is streaming on the hip-hop mogul's title. on the song he wraps about his marriage being worth millions, kind of i play on how popular lemonade was. i don't know if the confession fans were looking for but check it out because i like the songs. made a cool reference to prince. it is a good song. >> who knows what goes on behind closed doors at the royal palace but we now know that the duke and duchess of cambridge are just like us. kate has a pet name for prince william, it is babe. kate left a cute nickname slip during an interviewed in australia. >> can that be a pet name.
6:55 am
>> no, i think they are wrong. >> willie poo or something. >> we will be right back with three things you need to necessity before you go.
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well were we leave here's is what going on today.
6:59 am
>> it three is to go. >> police found crack cocaine on the victim shot in the head in west philadelphia overnight. at least 15 shots were fired, the man is in extremely critical condition. >> eyewitnesses say an argument led to gunfire, and rapper ti was scheduled to perform. >> judge in delaware will hear arguments from both side of the verizon strike today, accusations includes claims of the intimidation and that is three to go. >> lets check on, weather and traffic. >> we have some nice warm weather out there, lots of sunshine, i have a feeling this beach will be packed later today and great weather for the beach in the days ahead, meisha. >> we have an accident i-95 north before allegheny we are looking at 95 taillights moving in the north bound direction at girard very slow moving there. >> next up this morning jet blue's ceo gets his first network interview. >> have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, may 26th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton pushes back after a state department report says she violated policies with her personal e-mail. and protests at trump rallies grow more violent. a new round of devastating twisters roar across the plains. we're in kansas where the massive tornadoes leveled homes. and can an inflatable balloon inside your stomach help you lose weight? the medical innovation that's easy to swallow. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. she's as crooked as they come. she had a little bad news today. inspector general's report, not good. >> more il


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