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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  KYW  May 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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specifically affect, sixth grade their go here at william penn pen middle school in lower makefield bucks county they were at a trenton thunder baseball game today where we're told those students started experiencing some of that potential, heat exhaustion, after all, ukee and jessica it is no joke, very warm today. only expect to get warmer in the coming months, and we are told that some of the students started feeling sick, exhibiting signs on the bus and on the way back. once they got back here in this chopper video they were taken to local hospitals, two were taken to capitol health, 12 to aria health and st. mary's. again, we are told that students are okay, minor symptoms but again, you are in the heat, bus, and outside in the baseball game that can certainly lead to what happened here today. officials with the school district released a statement saying that they are continuing to keep everybody in their thoughts, they are glad that this was in the worse and just to remind everybody to be safe, drink water and do that kind of thing. reporting live from lower makefield bucks county, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". this heat will be lingering at least a little longer. meteorologist kate bilo joins us now with the latest on these rising temperatures, kate. >> definitely feeling more like july then may today, and even though temperatures will stay about the same upper 80's to 90 for next few days humidity will increase and that means your heat index value will increase, and dangerous heat for some, on the way for the next few days. think about ways to cool off, this upcoming holiday weekend. temperature wise you can see still warm 90 degrees in cherry hill. eighty-nine in harrington, delaware. eighty-three in atlantic city. zooming up toward philadelphia, we are sitting a at 88 at the airport after hitting a high of 89 today. ninety in voorhees. eighty-seven in chalfont. further north and west still looking at mid to upper 80's to near 90 degrees this afternoon. the it is hot outside. this continues through sunday, temperatures will hold in the upper 80's to near 90 but heat index values above 90 degrees, as david mentioned, stay
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hydrated, void strenuous activities and find creative way to cool off this memorial day weekend. coming up i'll have your beach, poconos, city forecast for the holidays. for now back to you. okay contamination of the local creek but this isn't your typical case of illegal dumping. >> according to new findings, incident in palmyra is connected to organized crime, "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us from palmyra with more on this story, cleve. >> reporter: this abandoned recycling yard is next to the creek that feeds in the delaware river, and along with what is supposed to be receiving yard debris grass clippings and broken branches but instead contaminated dirt and probably reselling it, to who knows where quiet, serene, pennsauken creek is unfortunately been victim of contamination. these pictures of nasty run off from a state investigation of the former jersey recycling service next to the creek in palmyra.
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it was shut down in 2013 on allegations of illegal dumping that authorities say have connections to the mob. >> they discovered the jersey recycling site and other sites around the to state that people with criminal background and connections to criminal organizations are running these places. >> reporter: in the 1960's, the state commission investigation began looking in the mob ties to trash collection. they say that since recycling operations don't require the same background checks as solid waste, illegal dumpers has a new racket. >> lack of of regulation here in new jersey to machine for those who enter into the recycling industry. >> reporter: commission found that new jersey recycling was licensed to receive small amounts of yard debris but when almost 20 times over their limit and construction waste full of carcinogens. authorities say this new jersey recycling for $50,000 is from a shell corporation known to be connected to the benono crime family. bradley circuit has ties to philly mobster joseph merlino this document from 2014 when merlino faced having his probation revoked said he got in trouble for meeting with
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bradley circuit who was a connection to the crime family. in fact merlino's own admission in memorandum of law more lean ahmed sirkin in the federal halfway house to make matters worse new jersey recycling likely sold contaminated mulch and topsoil to local landscapers. >> there is a reallies being when a site like this that has a mulching operation is recklessly accepting contaminants that stuff could end up in someone's flower bed. >> reporter: officials say that the owner of jersey recycling has not been charged or any find despite several years of investigations, so both of those penalties are still on the table. this month he sent a letter through his attorney pleading the fifth. in palmyra, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> officials with philadelphia international airport say that they are taking safety very seriously after a disturbing report on airport security. an associated press investigation found that there were hundreds of security
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breaches at nation's airport, including 30, at philadelphia international. the investigation focused on airport prim stores analyzing cases offence jumping, car crashes and other trespassing. today we have spoke to passengers and asked them if they are concerned about those security breaches. >> you can't place guards or dogs at every particular spot that is vulnerable. yes, it is unfortunate. >> it is hard to to say. but, you know, the security is important, i agree. >> reporter: airport tells us some security breaches include car crash's long hog island road, that road, loops around the airport. we are awaiting word on what caused a three alarm fire in bethlehem, this morning that put a fire fighter in the hospital, and left four families homeless. the authorities say that the 29 year-old fire fighter was forced to jump from an upper floor while battling the flames on east eighth street. we are also told he suffered a shattered ankle, no one else was hurt.
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red cross is assisting the displaced families. around two dogs even homes had to be evacuated in lancaster county when a propane tanker flipped and began to leak. the driver was injured and taken to a hospital in critical condition. twenty-five people were forced from their homes, gas leak was stopped but much of the propane, seeped in the ground and still needs to be cleaned up. two giant potholes in one philadelphia neighborhood are finally getting some attention after "eyewitness news" got involved. residents say they were getting run around from the sit bye these two holes on willow street between fourth and fifth in northern liberties. these were remnants of the underground work for months ago. cars were getting stuck, and neighbors were getting frustrated. our greg argos went looking for answers. >> we have been working with the the water department. there is no sense in doing a permanent repair to the street when there is an infrastructure problem. >> reporter: water department says underground work is complete and tells us final repairs to the street will begin next week. >> half mile stretch of the busy camden street is getting
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a new look, portion of the haddon avenue knew will be transformed to accommodate all modes of travel and new development. kyw news radio steel towa explains what you can expect to see. >> reporter: one of the south jersey's oldest roads and now avenue getting badly needed street scape enhancements between the boulevard and white horse pike. the motorist will notice reconstructed roadway with new traffic signals. cyclist will ride in bike lanes and pedestrian friendly sidewalks, curbs and ramps. camden county freeholder, susan chin, says it is quite a transformation. >> we are making it more of a neighborhood setting. there is going to be streetlights, there is trees, landscaping done. >> reporter: nearly four and a half million-dollar project includes more than one million-dollar in federal highway funding, droved to camden city. the stretch of haddon avenue knew is a gateway to the city linking residents and neighboring communities to the amenities in downtown camden. our lady of lords medical center ceo, says that this new
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work paves way for future economic development including a 100 million-dollar rebuild of the entire campus across the street. >> what that creates is basically traffic, employment, spent in the city of camden as the entire corridor gets redeveloped and we look forward to even more commercial development. >> reporter: more than two million-dollar worth of improvements have already taken place on haddon avenue knew from vesper boulevard to other avenues. steve towa for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now this is something thaw have certainly seen before. >> you will notice it when you go to the gas pump. >> why is there a fraction on on price board that says 9/10? it is tonight's good question? our nicole brewer will have the answer for you tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. been there for a long time. >> yeah. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight, it is no free ride but incoming freshman at penn state are being offered some serious cash from the university but is there always a catch.
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we will explain. planting their roots but this noise backyard garden where new jersey residents can put their green thumbs to work, don. big five coach weighs in on what the sixers should do with the number one overall pick. how does eagles head coach doug peterson stack up against other coaches in the nfl? ranking dougie fresh coming up next in sports.
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it is not quite a free ride bye incoming freshman at penn state can get a big break on the tuition. >> is there a catch, university says it expects too many freshman on its main campus this fall, so, to combat the large numbers the school is offering a satellite campus, discount. freshman accepted into main campus can get up to $15,000 in tuition breaks if they decide to attend one of the schools other campuses, and that could amount to half off of the cost of attendance for some students. so, real bargain there. new media for traditional media. >> first graders at holman elementary school, greeted every morning, or they read it every morning. they don magic reading glasses which makes them feel more like their teacher. >> yes, good to know. >> they pick out, word and
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contraptions and today, they got to show off their skills, through inning queener new jersey editor julie, buzzby. >> i like that. >> that is great. >> that is great. well done. i like the focus there. >> that makes me feel old. i used to steel paper from my dad before he got it the. >> yes. >> take the sports page out and put it all together, and he would be like what is that. >> donald. >> yes, exactly right. >> donald. >> here you are right now don bell. >> yes, it work out fine. >> we are talking about baseball. chill out, relax, grab a deep dish pizza and wash it down, quiessential, chicago. phillies have an off day in the windy city. they start three game series with the cubs tomorrow in wrigley field. that could be trouble. lovable losers have the best record in baseball along with the best pitching staff in the business. u.s.a. today ranked all 32 coaches from worst to first. eagles head coach doug
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pederson ranked 30th. why? because quote, he has yet to establish his own productive offense away from his mentor andy reid. well, he is a rookie. give him sometime. mike of titans is to. patriots boss bill bill chickies ranked number one, no surprise. from the clerk at grocery store to the nurses a the doctor's office, everyone has a opinion on what the sixers should do with the number one overall pick in next months nb after the draft. take lsu ben simmons or brandon ingram out of duke. st. joes head coach phil martelli knows a thing or two about hoops. he shared his opinion on the wip morning show. >> ingram may be better long term but at 18 or 19 on a team that is full of kid, really, i think you have to take the physical presence and the abilities that simmons has. simmons has an a built that will move him into the elite
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in that league, and that is his passing and his play making. >> all right. there it is. that is from phil martelli. if ben simmons turns out to be 07 percent of lebron james we would be happy. james and calves destroying toronto raptors last night. a at one point they led by 43 points. they win by 38. they lead best of seven series three-two heading back to canada a, toronto. san jose sharks, were born 25 years ago and for the first time in franchise history they will play in the stanley cup finals. sharks beat st. louis blues in six games, to advance, they will play winner of tonight's game seven, that is right, game seven, between penguins and lightening, in pittsburgh, and flyers fans, bolt of those teams can lose. >> yes, how about that. >> don, thanks. >> thanks, don. >> kate joins with us our forecast. i don't know what to do driving in put window down or turn on the air. >> i put the air on and window down.
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>> you know what. >> wasting air conditioning. >> yes. >> yes. >> windows down is good as long as you are moving, getting air flowing but it is hot. i got in my car, today those cars get very hot. good reminder on days like this even though we are not in summer to never leave pets in your car. certainly never leave children in the car. always double-check that back seat because it does not take long for car to be basically like an oven. the lets look at what is going on outside in the poconos. is there a resort area, people heading up that direction for the holiday weekend. either going to the lake, shore or you will stay put, maybe you have to work, maybe you're stay at home and enjoying picnic in the backyard. weather will be nice. it will feel like summer. here's margate. i continue to be jealous of this family. i keep watching it. it sound creepy but i watch them on the camera. they look like they are having such a great time on the
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beach. we did that growing up. keep the chairs there last ones on the sand. the just enjoying surf and enjoying the sun, and would love to be on the beach right now. beautiful beach day. storm scan three looking good as well. we have a couple showers popping over central pennsylvania. ocean really miss us. few showers and storms may move by to the south and west this evening. that is all we will see for next few days those pop up showers and thunderstorms. really just driven by heating of the day. it is 88 in philadelphia. eighty-eight in trenton as well. eighty-seven in allentown. lower 80's down the shore. perfect beach day. future weather shows a stray shower or storm, mainly to the south and west over portions of maryland. they have fizzled before they get here. if anything a sprinkle overnight. tomorrow afternoon more activity but notice how isolated these showers and storms are. some spots don't see anything at all, another spot may see pop up thunderstorm and that pattern repeats itself saturday. we will start with sunshine and a few scattered afternoon showers and storms. heat index values are rising though, tomorrow at 4:00 it
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will feel like 92 degrees as humidity rises. look at saturday afternoon, feeling like 93, at 4:00 p.m. on saturday. definitely starting to get into that dangerous heat ranges specially for sensitive groups, children to be out for a long time anyone with respiratory disorder it will be a little bit dangerous for the next few days with this unseasonable heat. down the shore you don't to have worry about that so much. over weekend closer to 80 degrees. the beautiful weather for heading to the shore monday. better chance of showers and storms. same story in the poconos, partly sunny stray thunderstorm saturday or sunday but showers and storms more numerous on monday. that is the case for the entire area here's your overnight outlook isolated shower or thunderstorm south and west, tomorrow, hazy, hot, humid, mostly seeing just sunshine but couple spots could pick up a an afternoon storm. same story saturday, sunday. monday moisture moves from the south. that is our best chance for a few more showers and thunderstorms and more cloud on the memorial day as well and then back to sunshine by middle of next week.
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>> i like that. >> i'm with you. >> thanks, appreciate it. still to come on "eyewitness news". >> we're down the shore in wildwood and having a ball, and there is a brand new, three teamed golf course you don't want to miss. can you name them? these are wildwood eyes.
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washington township is celebrating a milestone. >> today was opening day for the township's first ever, community garden, located near the green tree rodent rance to washington lake park. and 18 plots are available for right now but student and township, resident, and water is accessible at the site, first come, first serve, looks pretty nice on a day like this. when we come back, torey is down the s you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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well, summer is just around the corner but vittoria woodill is celebrating beach season. >> torey's down the shore starts today, each week she will be in a different shore town and like it or not she's getting a start celebrating the start of the long memorial day weekend in wildwood, torey. >> look at you. >> well, look, take it in, can you get my shoes, please. okay.
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>> okay. >> we commit, we commit to cost tolls, we commit to being down the shore because we're all about making memories. we're about to make an old time photo at shooters old time photos on the wildwood boardwalk and this is one of those things that you got to love because fun with the family, let loose. unfortunately we lost margot's husband so we should put a wanted poster up for him because i took you from him. >> yes, you did. >> yes. >> so we will try to find bill but in the meantime lets talk about mini golf. there is a brand new mini golf, golf course, right by the beach ball, you have to check it out. check out the fun for the whole family. we're down the shore so lets have a ball. >> watch the tram car police report report it the is summer time, it is time, how exciting is this. >> we are so ready for summer you just can't believe that. it has been a long winter. really long, and fun project, but it is time to be opened. >> reporter: opening across from the beach ball is star
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mini golf course. twenty-seven holes with three sunny december tip nations. watch for sharks in the ocean, and, even go fish. >> catch you later gone fishing. >> reporter: hit the beach. >> beach course which is all about 150-foot long sand dune that has sea life into it and then upstairs is whacky, boardwalk. >> reporter: and get this there are dog friendly until 6:00. meet the ground keep. >> i get a hole in one will you get meehan ice cream. >> well, turf, yes. >> you said it, jack. >> unfortunately the ground keeper had some work to do. i grabbed brother a and sister john annmarie for a friendly competition. first hole and one gets ice cream from jack morey. i will tell him later. now for marie? what? >> yes. >> all right. >> it looks like two ice cream cones, where is jack. >> dad, we didn't need to you dig in your pockets for those
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ice cream cones how does that feel. >> that feels great. >> tell me about having fun at the beach with your kid and family. >> best in the world. >> reporter: isn't it though. >> it really is. >> wildwood. >> reporter: that is right, you want best time in the world you come to wildwood, come down the shore, that is right. if you have seen these guys let me though because they took my money. in the meantime if you want to continue the memory, and really dive into the wildwood taste, taste with torey is all about ice cream and 50's built ice cream parlor serving 35 flavors in a retro atmosphere. how the owner realized it was time to leave city life and find that out on taste of torey tonight at 11:00. this is mine. >> all right. >> see you. >> look at you, taking the money and running. >> there you go. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 back at ten on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". in for scott pelley is charlie rose.
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take care family, we will see you tonight. >> rose: he's over the top. donald trump clinches the republican presidential nomination. what do world leaders think? >> they're rattled. >> when you rattle someone, that's good. >> worst tornado. >> rose: also tonight, severe weather takes aim at the plains. >> step on over. step on over. >> rose: atlanta's mayor found the solution to long t.s.a. lines. >> here's how it works. >> rose: and "star wars" turns a quiet island into a tourist trap. >> one brief sequence of the movie may have undone 1,500 years of real history. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. whatever you think of donald trump, he has


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