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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the manny watched take the last steps to light the olympic flame when i was president, and i'll never forget it, i was sitting there in atlanta, by then i felt that i had some sense of what he was living with and i was still weeping like a baby seeing his handshake and his legs shake and knowing by god he was going to make those last few steps no matter what it took the flame would be lit, the fight would be lit and i knew it would happen. >> such a memorable moment in 1996, in atlanta.
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clinton/ali friendship started during bill clinton's presidency. bill clinton one of the many talking about the greatest during ali's services. >> reflecting on the box great, humanitarian, a man who acted on what he believed, and truly freeman of faith. we continue now, at 6:00 o'clock our coverage of the final farewell for muhammad ali, you just heard from formser president bill clinton reading eulogy for iconic boxer and humanitarian. >> just one of the many people who shared their memories of the man that they called the greatest. ali was laid to rest in the private grave side ceremony today and thousands and thousands of fans lines the funeral procession route, some threw flowers at the hearst, others reached out to touch it. later thousands more packed into an arena for public memorial service. one of the ali's daughters and billy crystal spoke lovingly about the former heavyweight wait champion. >> my father was loved all over. the processional today was overwhelming but it was so
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beautiful. i just want to say we love you, just like you love us, thank you very much. >> everyone of his fights was a aura of the super bowl. he predict the round wow knock somebody out, and then he would do it. he was funny. he was beautiful. he was the most perfect athlete you ever saw and those were his own words. >> so, so true. >> "cbs evening news" will have much more on the final farewell for muhammad ali, scott pelley will be live in louisville, kentucky right after our broadcast at 6:30. continuing now, with other news, a philadelphia eagle accused of sexual assault, nelson agholor facing serious allegations for an incident inside a gentlemen's clown. former first round draft pick's attorney is denying those claims tonight. good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington. aim natasha brown in for guess contact greg argos is live in special victims unit in june yacht a what can you tell us about this investigation, at this point.
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>> reporter: i can tell you it is so early in this investigation the philadelphia police department has not even named a suspect or a person of interest. though sources and eagles organization indicate that wide receiver nelson agholor is at the center of this case. plainclothes philadelphia police detectives entering the cheerleaders gentlemen's club in south philadelphia on friday, one day after a 27 year-old female employee there says that she was sexually assaulted. >> our special victims unit the is actively investigating that incident or report of that alleged incident, which will include interviewing witnesses, looking for any type of video surveillance or anything of that nature. >> reporter: philadelphia police are not naming a suspect but they are confirming the victim allege her assailant is a member of the eagles organization. >> we're not releasing the name of any individual from the eagles organization. we cannot do that simply because no one has been charged with anything. >> into the end zone. >> reporter: sources tell cbs-3 that eagles wide
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receiver nelsonnal who will or and one or player were at club but only agholor is being investigated. in a statement the eagles organization indicates agholor is at the center of this allege crime, quote we are aware of the police investigation involving nelson agholor, the organization has been in contact with nelson and with the proper authority in philadelphia. because of the legal nature of this matter, we will have no further comment. >> we have a victim of a second you'll assault, we take their statement, and we begin to investigate starting with that. where it leads us, if that involves an eagles player, that is where it will take us but we don't start backward. we start from the beginning, which is from the victim. >> reporter: agholor has retain philadelphia attorney fortune perry, junior. i reached out to him this afternoon and he gave me this statement: quote, nelson has not been involved in any criminal conduct whatsoever. i also asked perry, junior whether or not eagles player would turn himself into police for questioning but perry junior would not comment on.
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that we are live here in juniata, i'm greg argos for cb is s3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you so much. pizza delivery man shot in the head during a robbery is now out of the hospital, and recounting those horrifying moments. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon tells us that some are calling the recovery, miraculous. >> reporter: kidnap, rob, shot and left to die, it is perhaps hard to believe, that he is up and about. >> i'm a miracle guy. >> reporter: violent robbery happened monday night in southwest philadelphia after two men faced a fake order luring the chillin pizza delivery driver out to 67th and beaumont street. he could only give him $50 in his pocket he was shot a short distance away. >> they shot me. i was on the ground, screaming, crying. >> reporter: the suspects drove off, he went in search of help. >> they took my shirt and then put it where i'm bleeding and
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she called the cops, and the cops came. >> reporter: no arrests have been made but investigators tell "eyewitness news" that the two have since tried to use his debit card. they are trying to obtain that surveillance. the victim's cousin is confident that they will be caught. >> i have confidence that we will find them. >> reporter: he tells me he too assured his attackers will be brought to justice. in the meantime he says he will continue to smile because he has every reason to. >> i will be so quickly to recover and it is just god. >> reporter: his speedy recovery perhaps already, a sign of triumph over his attackers. he tells me that despite his smile and his overall appearance he is still in pain. he had been advised to take it easy for a month but he has not yet decided if he can return to his previous job as a pizza delivery driver. reporting from penn presbyterian hospital, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". person is under arrest suspect of slashing a woman's face in broad daylight yesterday near the schuylkill river trail. the 24 year-old woman was stab in the forehead on the walnut street stairway leading to the trail. authorities arrested a 29 year-old by the name of isaiah cheeseboro. jonathan walker is facing murder charges in connection with the deadly shooting outside norristown mcdonald's. investigators say walker killed 24 year-old marquis johnson have after the man had a argument. victim was fund dead tuesday night in a drive through lane of the mcdonald's on main street. walker is due in court for a preliminary hearing on the 23rd of june. in gloucester county eyewitness cam video captures an overnight fire in west department for. it broke out at 11:00 last night on church street. three people escaped and were taken to nearby hospitals. authorities say that there is no evidence that the fire was criminal, the cause of the blaze is still under investigation. also everyone got out safely from a mid-morning house fire in east oak lane.
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chopper three was over the fire scene here, as it engulf the house in the 100 block of east cheltenham avenue. officials say fire appeared to be coming from the basement area. there were no injuries reported. a local tribal nation will be celebrating their heritage with the community this weekend. this comes as members fight for their future. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has details from salem county. >> reporter: this weekend the nan coke lenape tribal nation will let the outside world into their own with their annual pow wow. >> they are set up so we can teach non-indians our way of life. >> reporter: chief mark gold head 12,000 strong lenape nation centered in the delaware valley. his daughter lee is in charge of the event and says people are surprised to learn how many of their neighbors have lenape ancestors. >> you are not native, you don't live out on the reservation but we are here. this is a way to let people know in our own community that we are here.
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>> reporter: for two days the salem county fair ground will host lenape but natives from throughout the world. >> you will see dancing, drumming, all of the lovely games. >> reporter: while is there celebration there needs to be recognition that the lenape are fighting for their future. ongoing lawsuit alleged that new jersey stopped officially recognizing the state's american-indian tribes for fear of indian casinos. attorney general's office denied such a claim but without state recognition the lenape risk use of selling their valuable craft with the native made label and they are losing several benefits from the federal government. >> you don't even realize that they are gone until you say what happened to the diabetes program. >> reporter: still lenape want to share their lives especially at the pow wow. >> you will experience great culture and you can dance with us. we welcome spectators out. >> reporter: lenape say it is opened to anyone and they hope to see new face these weekend. gates open up at 10:00 a.m. both days and just $5 to get
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in. in woodstown, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come on "eyewitness news" thousands of officers in the streets of new jersey, the special ceremony stretching through mount laurel, and the important event that is kicking off tonight. and let's hear it for the boys, variety the tore use woodill is at auditions for a renowned program and amazing opportunity it offers to dancers. kate? that is right, fantastic friday today, some change is coming, take a look at this next system moving through great lakes now, this will bring us storms for saturday, coming up i'll break down when best threat for storms will be when we get outside this weekend, don. ahh, may be end of the road for former phillies great and just the beginning for a local prospect, draft day joy for noland generals, sports up next.
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well, wildwood officials are asking the public to help clean up the beach saturday. >> they are also now offering a little incentive to do that, a mess was left behind after memorial day weekend as this eyewitness cam video shows. wildwood has a beach clean up, tomorrow, and volunteers will get free passes to see an advanced screening of finding dori. local law enforcement meantime may kick off special olympics summer games in new jersey. >> "eyewitness news" cameras were there as flame of hope made its way through maple shade today.
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3,000 officers in communities all across new jersey took part in carrying the torch. 2500 athletes are expect to participate, in this years summer games which takes place at college of new jersey, in ewing. wonderful to see. >> yes. >> don bell has sports highlights for us. >> phillies are back. >> phillies back in action after taking yesterday off. lets talk about it right now. three series, nine games, in 11 days. nationals are back in washington after a brutal road trip. let's hope they are tired. phillies could use some help. two hook up in d.c. in an hour. film is lost ten out of 13 games. meanwhile mlb draft began last night. >> the cleveland indians collect noland jones... >> all right. a viewing party last night in langhorne for noland jones. he was taken in the second round, 55th overall by cleveland indians. power hitting short stop is just 18 years old but, he is 6-.
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>> it has been a dream come true. something i have been working for my whole life. to hear my name called is something i cannot describe. i will go in with an opened mine. i'm excited. i feel honored that they picked me. >> bow tie swag. chicago white socks designated jimmy rollins for assignment. former philly was batting .221 in 41 games. j roll now 37 years old. we remember him as a three time all-star, 2007, nl, mvp and 2008 world series champion. to the pitch, team u.s.a. plays par quay at the link in their final group stage match of the copa america, stars and stripes will advance to the income out round with the win, a draw, should get the job donnas well. >> it will be a difficult game, we know that. they will come out, you know, try to frustrate us and leave it all on the field just like we will. they have an opportunity, so do we, so we have to make sure that we close the door early and we get that goal we will
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be fine. >> hockey fans are mourning death of mr. hockey, gordie howe, hall of famer hold record for games played and seasons in the league. his 801 goals ranked second only to wayne gretzky, he played on four stanley cup winners for the red wings and did not retire, get this, until he was, 52 years old. his son mark played for the flyers, gordie howe was 88 years old. >> onef the greatest of all time, on the ice, indeed, no doubt about it. kate joins with us a forecast. earlier in the broadcast were you outside on the sky deck, music was playing from somewhere. >> little party somewhere? there was a party. i was dancing out there you cannot feel good when these songs come on. >> oh, yeah. >> yes. >> a little move out there. >> i saw people out there. >> yes. >> watching me like look at her dancing. >> yes. >> it will do it. >> you just got to move on a
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night-light tonight. not a good dancer but i will take one for the team and do it anyway. beautiful evening outside, still is, just a few cloud started to move through right now and not bad just a few cloud, tomorrow though some changes on the way. definitely get serious and say have an indoor play in the afternoon because these storms could get nasty. lets look outside right new see what a beautiful evening. this is my view from the sky deck, come on, gorgeous, blue skies, they have kid bob tunes going down in the child care center. it was great. i know those kid bob tunes by heart, guys, by heart. looking at cape may courthouse few cloud in the sky. beautiful evening down the shore as well. perfect friday. you can see this bank of clouds, it is drifting through and few cloud here this evening. but as we head back to the west is where we are seeing our next system pro tuesdaying pretty nasty storms over the up are peninsula of michigan and with wisconsin this afternoon. these storms are heading our way for tomorrow. they have limiting factors. it depend how much heat and
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how much sunshine we will see before the storms, arrive. they will be isolated but locally strong. temperatures 76 degrees in philadelphia 76 in millville. seventy-seven in atlantic city. future temperatures though watch this warm up as we head into tomorrow morning temperatures in the 50's and lower 60's when you wake up but mid afternoon out ahead of the storms we will get in the upper 80's. a couple days in the 70's tomorrow will feel hotter. watch how these temperatures drop once storms come through, they will rebound and we will stay warm overnight sat the day night into sunday before temperatures do drop off, again, late sunday and into early next week. bigger story is showers and thunderstorms. notice this area of showers pushing into our north and western suburbs around 9:00 a.m. this will fizzle. i could see cloud, stray shower between 9:00 and is 11:00 to stabilize the atmosphere. doesn't sound like a good thing but it is a good thing. if we stabilize atmosphere storms don't have moisture and heat to work with when they do start to move in the afternoon.
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it does look like we will see enough sunshine it will heat up rapidly and watch these storms. they are not every where but one storm like this take a look at that line segment right here this model has it over bucks, montgomery counties 4:59:15. very strong wind, very heavy rain and fast moving storm at 5:00 p.m. this could be wind damage over south jersey and down the shore by 6:15. then it clears out overnight or late evening, into the overnight hours, rest of the evening is okay. but these storms will pack a punch, heavy rain, strong damaging wind, maryland rate risk for lightening, no risk for hail or tornadoes but straight line wind and heavy rain will be the biggest threat with these storms. overnight mainly clear, pleasant, 60 degrees. tomorrow partly sunny, hot, scattered locally strong or severe storms in the late afternoon or early being hours. we will clear it out. win picks up sunday into monday. temperatures drop off and we are looking at a stretch of four night comfortable days here, lower 80's with sunshine, machine through
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friday. >> good looking stretch. >> yes. >> thanks, kate. >> still to come on "eyewitness news", serious dance nothing jenkintown, torey. >> that is right, we are live as these skills are being put right on the floor. although there are bunch of girls around it is all about the boys, we will have the full story about a big old audition coming up one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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more than 100 people transform a philadelphia high school library bare i. >> "eyewitness news" at martin luther king library where they renovate library complete with a new paint job. very nice. area will now be a multi purpose room and hopefully, a new activity center, for the school community. >> beautiful. we will be right apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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it is dance audition, that has boys back in town. jenkintown that is. >> that is where "eyewitness news" reporter vittoria woodill is keeping them on their toes and literally it looks like. >> that is it. >> technically. >> yes, i don't know what i was doing. i don't know, i don't know what that was, what i was doing but i do know i should have worn pants today because i would have gotten more elaborate but it is all about the boys here at metro pol tan ballet academy. is there a big audition happening tomorrow and as folks at home watch this we
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should stretch out more, is that right. >> do you want to do this again? we will let them at home watch this. >> yes. >> it is like dreaming on your feet and for many a career in ballet is a dream that they only wish to london. well, this saturday, metropolitan ballet academy in jenkintown is holding audition toss help point a few boys in the right direction. >> every child benefits from classical training, of any sort. >> dancers owen and kyle say scholarship allows them to tap into their passion. >> it has been a great thing for my life participating in a program with community, people everyone is performing. that is great to be involved in. >> it the is nice to be around a roomful of guys, male teachers and things like that and all of the teachers are here for men and know how to teach men and that is a great experience. >> reporter: it is awe fill ride filled with all boy master classes taught by true masterman of the arts.
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>> i think it is a great way to be excited and to actually come into a world, that has been miss understood, about you you know, being a male dancer. >> reporter: if you are thinking of auditioning here are a few tips. >> go and have a good time, you know, and that is all there is to it, as long as you show interest and put in the effort, you'll make it. >> don't give up. when i first started i wanted to quit, my mother forced me in to it and i hated her for it but i have been doing it for five years and it is one of the greatest things ever in my life. >> if you want to step up, audition is tomorrow at 9:00 in the morning in jenkintown at metropolitan, ballet academy. they have been around to 20 years, this scholarship has been around for 18 and definitely something that you should do if you have an interest, take a look, they are amazing. >> i'm telling you. >> willie gault used to do ballet in the nfl. thanks for watching us here at 6:00. >> the evening news is next, live from louisville, kentucky, here now is scott
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pelley, take care family, we will see you >> pelley: requiem for a heavyweight. >> i will always think of muhammad as a truly free man of faith. ali! ali! ali! >> pelley: louisville, america, and the world say farewell to muhammad ali. >> greatest man on earth, that's muhammad ali. muhammad ali is the man! >> pelley: he had fists of steel. >> one of the things that he would tell people, "it's not bragging if you can back it up." and look at how many times he backed it up. >> pelley: and a heart of gold. >> i can specifically tell you that they played patty cake. those are things that as a dad,


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