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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  June 13, 2016 1:35am-2:06am EDT

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♪ made in hollywood based on real life events "the conjuring 2" is a terrifying tale of one family's haunted house experience, vera farmiga and patrick wilson are back with the sequel and they may not be alone. >> hi, this is patrick wilson and vera farmiga. you are watching "made in hollywood" and here is a keen from "the conjuring 2". >> get out of the house. >> no, this is not your house. now what is your name? >> my name is bill wilson. and i am 72 years old! >> what do you make of that voice? >> sounds confused. he's senile. >> the voice on this tape is coming fromming from an 11-year-old girl. >> do me a favor and refresh us as to who the warrens are. >> ed and loraine warren the preeminent original ghost hunters since the '60s.
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they really burst on to the scene with amitiville was one of their biggest cases. where you pick up with us after the first conjuring six years have gone by in that time they investigated the amitiville horror and come across this case which is the biggest and longest recorded paranormal event in british history. >> here, here. >> right, okay, let's try at that. >> going in to "the conjuring 2". we need to touch probably the case that made them famous think that was amitiville. it's one of the most famous haunted house cases in the world and so naturally we felt that the main body of the story of the actual film should be another case that kind of reflects that, that kind of mirrors that and the case in england was one that is probably one of the most documented cases in paranormal history. >> they are calling it england's amitiville. there is a familiarly that
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desperately needs our help. >> i don't want to hear another word. now get back to bed! [ screaming ] >> in the film our characters are extremely poor. the dad has left and in the middle of all of that a poltergeist activity starts to happen which action december rates so we are in a stressful situation for the warrens. >> this one still haunts me. >> does it feel like the voice is coming from inside you? >> more like it's coming from behind me. >> what drives them, is it just the ability to be able to help do you think? >> yeah. their motivation is knowing that they have a certain gift that is meant to be shared. and she's very companionate woman. i think she's in the help business. it's as simple as that. >> they dough voigted their lives. >> she is such a good girl. what's wrong with her. >> a spirit will try to force to you commit the ultimate offense.
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>> you put your actors through a work out, don't new. >> especially in this one, yeah. poor veer, a poo vera, poor evee actually. it's a very wet movie. let's start this rain and action! >> you are running on adrenaline a lot of time because you are manufacturing fear all the time so it is very exhausting, but it's fun at the same time. >> yeah, it's fun. >> it's fun. [ laughter ] >> i actually did my own stunts, all of them that they would let me, of course. >> that's probably one of my favorite parts of shooting. >> murder. suicide. or both. ♪ >> the phrase based on a true story is the one thing that really freaks me out when i go to a horror move and i i love it. does that inform you at all? does that affect what you guys do? >> of course. >> yeah. >> i think that we are held to to certain truths. >> and you know, lauren is alive
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and and well and she's a friends of ours, we want to display her in the full grace and passion this she, you know that, she has and possesses still to this day. >> we go through that struggle a lot with what it costs the family. >> yes. >> what it costs you. we go in to that a lot. a lot more with this. >> it helps a lot, you know, if you are really relating to your character. and i know for me it made me want to tell their story correctly. because if it's awaysed on a real person, you feel this sort of responsibility that you owe them a good performance. >> okay. and bang. bang. >> there are some very concrete details that were recorded or verified by cops, neighbors. >> a lot of people. >> a lot of people. so that we hit and we got all that stuff in there. the other stuff is the
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masterminds of james. >> if we keep doing this, you are going to die. >> it you leak what you just saw and want to so mere of what's hot on screen like us on facebook. ♪ up next, we are going take a look at what's hot on screen with megan fox and steven amell. hi, i am steven amell, you are watching "made in hollywood." ♪ made e e
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♪ made in hollywood >> michelangelo, leonardo, donatello and rafael return to theaters this summer to battle bigger, badder villains in "teenage mutant ninja turtles: out of the shadows." >> hey, this is tyler pai parryd you are watching "made in
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hollywood" and here say scene from "teenage mutant ninja turtles: out of the shadows." ♪ ♪ >> it's a halloween parade, bro, it's the one night of the year when we fit in. cool! ♪ >> get back here. what part of moving in the shadows don't you understand. >> when i speak to you two years ago for the first film you said that it's crazy when you watch the movie, you don't even necessarily see the turtles anymore, you just see the actors. >> yeah. because of their mannerisms, do you still feel that way? >> i do because i am so used to actors faces so i can really see them when i am watching the turtles. but i think for most people they are probably just going to see turtles. >> i have never seen anything like this before. >> i loved seeing you as back tour because he's a total nerd, it's different than what we have seen you play before. what do you love most about him? ing. >> a total nerd. being brilliant but a total nerd. working with this cast was incredible. >> i am just chilling inside my secret ninja turtle lair.
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it's awesome in here, so check it out. we have an awesome drum set it says turtles on this side. ♪ ♪ >> it my defense that's the first time i have ever played the drum before. ♪ >> you are a rhino. >> and you are -- >> huh, i am a little pi piggy. >> you were fans of '80s cartoon. >> you are characters were created for the 1980 cartoons but they had an appearance in the 1991 film seek rest others did you know that. >> yeah, they were different guys star. >> star and -- >> almost like a bird thing or something. >> it wasn't a wart hog. >> it was it wasn't a wart hog and rhino. ♪ ♪ >> whoa, whoa. >> hey, fellas. >> what's your name?
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>> casey jones. >> hi. >> how cool was it to be on a ninja turtle set? >> it was amazing. >> i mean, it would be amazing if we shot it in nowhere upstate new york. but to film a turtles movie. to fulfill think it in man hat amanhattan, to get to the to get plays we got to. >> inflatable pizza, because they eat a lot of pizza, so much so look at all these empty boxes, i can't believe they didn't leaved me a slice aim starving. we are going downstairs, let's go. >> it's farmiga the purple others can turn humans in to animals, it could turn us to nba to humans. we don't have to be stuck down here forever. >> if there is a chance it can make us human -- >> we are tort whether you like it or not. >> it's interesting to know when you shot it three different times, the real actors, cgi and
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your shot, what was that like on net. >> the worst takes i will have do are the ones where i don't have the actors in the scenes with me i have to do it alone and no one is there and they yell the dialogue at me. those are the worst because it's so hard to be like connected and to interact and have a conversation with someone that's not there. >> the boys that play the turtles don't get enough credit because they really do imbue the turtles with most of, if not the majority of their little idiosyncratic elements and body language and certainly their voice. >> i want to ask you about working opposite stephen and gary, because most of the time they are in a suit, right? >> when they are off screen they are themselves when i tack talking to them i am talking to a doll sometimes. so that was interesting. >> a little doll? >> yeah, there was a little doll that was -- it was weird. but fun. >> first of all tyler parry true and untrue. okay. didialogue. true and untrue.
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okay. no, we didn't part mo cap and stuntman did some of it and tyler and the dolls. >> tyler likes to talk to dolls. >> all the time. >> it's a weird, interesting process but it's exciting and strange and that makes it fun. >> look here locker, turtles on it. and the coolest part, the nunchakus. >> let's light them up. ♪ ♪ >> go, go, go! >> if the purpose the oohs was inning corrected request to you what animal would you turn in no. >> a lion. >> you thought of that before. >> no, actio. there is just a lion in here. >> why? >> because i am the king of the junk. >> gentleman rare. >> they are my fast ran malls. are they yours too in. >> no, i feel like a giraffe is an innocuous choice. >> it comes down to wolf -- but
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they travel in packs, so it's a tiger. >> but you have a pack. >> my children. i have create might own wolf pack. so i coulding either. it's playful but also can be dangerous if necessary. >> that's a great question. i would have to say just like a really loving puppy? >> yeah. >> like the cute he feel puppy you ever saw. >> that's your spur the imagine. >> the peregrine falcon the fastest animal in the world, the peregrine flies at 200 miles an hour. >> get anywhere you want to, beat traffic. >> i know. >> that's great no. tsa. >> they don't have to frisk me not when i aim pair begin, you can't catch me to frisk me i am a peregrine falcon. >> isn't he coming in kind of fast. ♪ ♪ stay tuned there is more coming up on "made in hollywood."
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big date tonight. >> oh, breath check. two tickets pleas. >> sold out. >> sold out! wait, wait, wait. >> no tickets i am doomed to be alone forever. >> does that mean we are not using these? >> oh, you knew couldn't count on me. >> true, but we can both count on >> don't get in the way of true love, get your tickets online or on your mobile device at the intelligent way to go to the movies. ♪ ♪ >> and see "ice age collision course." >> in coming. meteor shower. >> meteor. shower?
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. from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". this was an act of terror and an act of hate. >> a man opened fire inside an orlando night club in the worst mass shooting in american history. >> no one can tell me where my son is. >> they went with the beat almost until you heard too many shots. >> there was bodies falling down. >> swat teams moved in killing alleged gunman omar you. tonight flags fly at half mass. >> i'm natasha brown. >> i'm jessica dean. 53 people killed and 53 injured in that night club shooting. we've learned two of the people who were killed are from philadelphia. their names have yet to be
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released. also, a new in person working in philadelphia was shot and is expected to be recover. cbs news correspond craig boswell is in orlando with the latest. >> reporter: a service was held sunday for victims of deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. >> we're heart sick and heart sore but we are not defeated. >> omar meehan took assault rifle into a gay night club and opened fire. >> just kind of just shooting anybody and anything. >> reporter: among the victims 34-year-old edward sotomayor junior, 23 stanley almodovar and 22-year-old luis. meehan called 911 to pledge his allegiance to isis and took several people hostage in a bathroom. a swat team decided to go in.
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a neighbor recorded sound of the massive shoot-out. mateen was killed. one officer was injured. his helmet is credited for saving his life. the fbi is now investigating the massacre as an act of terrorism. meehan was a security guard born in new york. his family later moved to florida. mateen attended this islamic center in fort pierce florida. it says the shooting comes as a complete surprise. >> innocent four people who are killed. >> reporter: much of the day, friends and family searched hospitals for people in the club. jose was he searching for his brother. >> he was in the club with three of his friends. they made it out ok. they lost them and they don't know where he's at. >> reporter: many others continue to wait for news about loved ones. craig boswell cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> one striking image in the aftermath of this shooting is this helmet worn by one of the
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police officers during the gun fight with meehan. you can see the mark on it. that's a bullet hole. the helmet stopped the round and likely saved the life of the officer wearing it. we're learning more tonight about the shooter. who was killed by swat officers. "eyewitness news" joe holden is live in our stat center with what we know tonight about omar meehan. >> reporter: good evening, right now the hunt is on for a motive. om omar mateen's father said he had been outright disgusted at the sight of two men kissing. we know he was a security officer. the weapons were legally purchased in the last week. he had twice before drawn the eye of federal investigators, in 2013 coworkers claimed he made inflammatory remarks saying he knew the two brothers responsible for the boston marathon bombing. the fbi thoroughly investigated the matter including interviews of witnesses, physical
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surveillance and records checks. >> reporter: cbs what you told the short lived probe was closed. but ma teen would be back on investigators radar. >> in 2014 mateen again came to the attention of the fbi because of possible ties to abusalha an american suicide bomber. >> reporter: investigators apparently found nothing. mateen's parents were born in afghanistan. in calls to 911 early sunday morning, the 29-year-old pledged allegiance to isis. that was before he entered what's described as orlando's hottest gay bar and opened fire. he was arm with an assault style rifle which records show he bought legally. he worshipped at the islamic center. couldn't make sense of what was in his mind. >> what was in his mind, we don't know what was in his mind. >> reporter: isis claimed responsibility for attack. describing mateen as an a islamic state fighter. witnesses to his active terror at the night club say they
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hustled into the freezer as the hail of gunfire was unleashed on everybody and everything. >> they heard it repeated. everybody dropped to the floor. >> mateen's ex-wife had to be rescued from her marriage after mateen became physically abusive. cbs news confirmed he made two trips to the middle east in 2011 and 2012. joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news." philadelphia's must decide community is condemning the slaughter in florida. >> we're muslim but we're americans as well. we're american muslims. we want everyone to feel like we are fellow citizens and we the same sadness that everyone else feels. >> islam tells us you cannot take a life unjust fully. it is very clear in the holy
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quran. >> the muslim community was established in the united states in 1921. idea of nonviolence is one of the group's core principles. the orlando shooting led to an increased presence at philadelphia's pride parade. >> obviously this morning as a result of events occurred we tweaked out, made minor adjustments. it was our position that people would probably feel better if they saw more visible presence of police officers. >> security measures in the gay neighborhood were also stepped up. patrons were patted down as they entered woody's night club. trang do joins us live from the neighborhood with more reaction from today's tragic events. >> reporter: a ton of people out here. we actually had to move our live location from 13th and locust because the crowd was getting loud. but record turn-out. the owner of iconic bar.
2:02 am
they came out because of the shooting in orlando. >> reporter: this year they celebrated more passionately. >> i can't imagine anywhere else i would rather be after something to horrible and standing with people and saying this is a wonderful way to be and that love wins. >> reporter: the crowd grew quiet just once. during a moment of silence for the victims. it's a. >> it's a heavy day while we all stand together, and find ways to celebrate. we also are grappling with mourning and looking for answers. >> reporter: those with direct ties to the tragedy making sure the festivities continued. candy is friends with the owner of pulse in orlando. >> we're devastated. some of my staff actually knows staff that works there. we've been in contact with them.
2:03 am
it was a shocker. >> reporter: determined to show the world the resilience of the lgbt community. >> no matter how many times our community has been hit and hurt by violence, we pick ourselves up and say, we're going to have pride no matter what you try to do with us. >> taking time to not only celebrate pride but to make a bold statement in honor of the lives lost. >> i think it's important we stand together and not allow hate and terror to drive us back into the closets. to make us live our lives half full or hidden. >> and owner of woody's would like to hold some kind of fund-raiser but tonight he did have moral screens up up for those hurt and killed. we're live in the gay neighborhood. i'm trang do. >> jim kenney. jim kenney was at the parade. he shared his thoughts. >> i'm sad with what happened in orlando. we have to remember that folks
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in the lgbt community need to come out, be proud of themselves and each other and be protective and just bitter sweet type of feeling. >> the mayor was joined by local politicians at the parade. he and city employees were honored collectively as grand marshals. now on same day as the night club shooting, police prevent what could have been another deadly attack on gay american. >> police say a heavily armed indiana man was arrested on his way to a gay pride parade. 20-year-old james wesley howe was allegedly armed with multiple weapons including at least one assault rifle. >> we recovered additional firearms, high capacity magazines. officers did find chemicals that could have been used for explosive device which in turn led to us calling out the la county bomb squad. they responded and rendered the area and the vehicle safe. >> police do not believe today's arrest is related to the night club shooting in orlando.
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a moment of silence was him in capitol dc today. the day was supposed to be one of celebration. instead, took on a very somber tone as hundreds of thousands of people paused to remember the victims. police security was also beefed up in the wake of the shootings. the american flag at city hall was lowered today in honor of the victims. governor tom wolf ordered flags at all public buildings throughout the state to be flown at half staff. a vigil will be held tomorrow night at 6:30. presidential candidates are responding, bernie sanders called the attack horrific and unthinkable. >> isis must be destroyed and we have got to do everything humanly possible to prevent these types of tragedies from recurring again. >> hillary clinton released a statement on facebook also calling for vigilance in the face of terrorism. she also wrote, quote, the


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