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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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he also slammed clinton for being quote extremely careless with classified information. although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or his collogues intended to violate laws governing the handling of the classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless, in their handling of very sensitive highly classified information. he also said that it is possible clinton's e-mail was hacked by foreign countries. attorney general loretta lynch has final say over whether to file charges but she recently said she would listen to the recommendations of the fbi. now reaction to today's announcement started pouring in the moment director comby left podium. >> "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us live with more on that and what today's developments mean for the presidential campaign, greg. >> reporter: what it means for election depend on how ask. democrats say that the fbi director's decision not to recommend charges means that the scandal is now behind clinton, republicans say it is
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far from over. >> it has been a campaign issue since the beginning, would hillary clinton face criminal charges for her use of a private e-mail server, during her time as secretary of state. >> although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of the classified information our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> my first reaction is this has major repercussions for the election in november. >> no criminal charges, it is gone, it is over. >> reporter: different interpretation from his republicans and democrats about what this means for the election. republican strategies allison young said that voters will continue to have trust issues when deciding whether or not to vote for clinton. >> it will be a campaign issue because what the fbi director said her actions were not criminal but they used the words ill advised, careless, compromising of national security. that isn't the standard for a president of the united states. >> reporter: but democrat congressman bob brady says
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this decision indicates that this controversy is over and it is time to move to the main issues voter will use when deciding who to elect this november. >> his recommendation that she didn't do anything criminal. a little will careless. she admitted that. they should put an end to it. lets talk about the jobs. lets talk about the economy. >> reporter: reaction coming into our news room from both national campaigns, trump releasing a statement reading in part quote folks, the system is ripped. the normal punishment in this case would include losing authority to handle classified information, and that too disqualify files hillary clinton from being president. meanwhile, the clinton campaign releasing a statement in part, quotas a secretary has long said it was a mistake to use her personal e-mail and she would not do it again. we are glad this matter is now resolved. you can expect that this debate will continue at the democratic and clinton prepare for their convention here in philadelphia in just, three weeks. live from the sat center, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right greg, thanks very
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much. clinton got a campaign stop thanks to president obama. presumptive democratic nominee boarded air force one at joint base andrews and headed for charlotte north carolina she was joined by the president on stage making his first appearance by her side on the campaign trail. on the republican side, more tweets from donald trump are fueling speculation about a possible running mate. he tweeted about a meeting with iowa senator joan i er nst, senior trump advisor confirms he is under consideration. he tweeted by mike pence and arkansas senator tom cotton. he could announce his vp choice before the g.o.p. convention, that begins july 18th in cleveland. "cbs evening news" with scott pelley will have much more on hillary clinton's e-mails and their potential impact the on the presidential election, coming up at 6:30 right here after "eyewitness news" at 6:00. commuters are waiting, waiting and waiting. the septa's regional railcar shortage causes major disruption to the morning commute and evening commute, well, not shaping up much
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better. here's a live look at the ride home from temple university station in north philadelphia riders are packing up the platform as you can tell there, septa sidelined one-third of the railroad cars over a structural problem and riders really feeling the impact of that. now, jefferson station along market east in center city is a popular stop. riders are dealing with crowded trains, and bypassed stops, septa now is encouraging ride tours use the subway system to quickly get to where they need to go. "eyewitness news" at suburban station near city hall, another popular regional rail stop for septa a. frustrated passengers are upset they are paying weekday rates for weekend services. septa a regional rails are running on a saturday schedule while they fix that problem. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live at septa headquarters with new information, from septa officials, about this issue, joe. >> reporter: good evening to you. and some train signs, these are called equalizer beams
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just like your car, they sit in between the wheels and it would soften what is the blow along the rails. however, in a very small point, in between where the equalizer beam meets the actual train housing there is a weld. that weld has caused a significant mechanical deficiency for these trains. there are at least four of them on every car, and fixing the entire car can take up to three days. a pile of those defective equalizer beams sits outside septa's maintenance yard in overbrook, all of them are from silver liner five cars. at a news conference tuesday septa's general manager says fixing the trains could take months. >> it all comes down to how much of fleet could we do a quicker repair with. >> reporter: 120 cars fleet on friday was yanked from service after an inspector discovered one of the trains was leaning. engineers found what they called fatigue cracks on a
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part of the beam where train rests on the wheel housing. we're told trouble spot is isolate todd this very small area, a grand total of 115 trains, out of the 120 had stress cracks. >> there is only so many things it can be, it can be the materials, it can be workmanship or design itself. >> reporter: 120 silver liner five's were pressed into service beginning in 2010. they were manufactured by hyundai motor at a facility in south philadelphia. >> they are working, you know, with us, you know, to gather all of the materials. one way or the other we know a certain amount of materials have to be brought in. >> reporter: we paid hyundai rotem a vice tonight south philadelphia where he we were met for security guards. we are trying to figure out how this company will make things right with septa? supervisor did tell his guard, that they had no comment. septa says that the actual beams that were construction by a subcontractor. the trains remain under
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warranty. >> there is certainly going to be a long road on this even beyond once all of the silver liner five's in place at the looking at what happened, who is responsible. >> reporter: domino effect of these problems this morning for the commute could be easily track on social media, in fact, septa telling us late this afternoon, you you are their eyes and ears out there, so, they want you to use social media to express exactly what you are seeing, that part of the story coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. i'll see new an hour. live from center city, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". if you are looking for alternate ways to get to work you might get better at taking an uber to another septa train station. ride sharing services has partnership with september, it is offering up to $10 off your ride to 11 of the the busiest stations, uber will automatically apply that discount when you request drop off or pick up at the station's parking lot. that deal lasts through labor day. and let us know how your
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commute is going as joe said connect on twitter and facebook using that #cbs-3 commute, of course, our coverage will continue on line for a complete list of the septa's rail service changes head to our web site at cbs more than a dozen vacant houses go up in flames over the holiday weekend in camden and now investigators are wand fairing is there an arsonist targeting the city. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live in camden with the action officials are taking to keep residents safe there, cleve. >> reporter: well, authorities say they are still going over the signs point toward arson, which is some instances fires being set in multiple locations, at this same property. so, as they work on trying to get to the bottom of this they are also trying to fortify possible soft targets, in case there is a fire bug. >> today it in broad daylight is brazen would i say. >> reporter: fourteen fires in one weekend all thought to be set on purpose as camden
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authorities worry there is a possible arsonist or a group on the loose. >> greater fear obviously is protection of the citizens of the city of camden. we don't want our residents, to get injured or god forbid killed as a result of these fires. >> reporter: sit accepts like fernando, when a fire broke out sunday at row home next to hers on sycamore street she called 911 and got everybody outside. >> the children, my family. >> reporter: very scary. >> very scary. >> reporter: still scared. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: one resident and seven fire fighters suffered minor injuries because of the fires. most from smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion. unlike most suspected arsons all of these fires were set during the middle will of the day and all but one happened in an abandon property. with no suspects in custody the city is looking to prevent more fires. with work crews fortifying
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fire damaged row homes and other properties believed to be vulnerable. since most of the fires started from rear entrance, police are asking people to keep an eye out for anyone suspicious hanging out behind vacant homes. they are also asking for witnesses to come forward. >> thinking back maybe we saw you someone in the alley behind, that didn't belong there, and even a vague description would be more than what we had at this point. >> reporter: fire officials say even though they happened around whitman park section of the camden they are warning about future fires extending to the whole city n camden i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thank you. people down the shore spent the day dealing with the aftermath of last night's storms. this "eyewitness news" video shows someone biking through a flooded road in sea isle city, not you're deal commute there. hopefully they can get that cleaned up. >> cbs-3 viewer steve beck sent us this picture. the water is up to the wheel wells of some cars, out in the street there. strong flooding.
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of course, we mentioned the flooding concerns and now we are bracing for excessive heat, kate, we will stretch a really hot july weather. >> that is right, we are talking about the dog days of summer starting right now. feel the up tic in heat and humidity and noting ago way anytime soon. i's tell but a heat advisory and excessive heat watch. also ahead a new probe is orbiting the largest planet in the solar system right the now and nasa is celebrating, why this mission to jupiter is the hardest thing nasa has ever done and what we could learn from it. fire works on the day after the fourth of july, why katie perry plans to slam taylor swift in a new song, yeah you're watching "eyewitness news"
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pbs is defending itself after getting blasted over its live d.c. fire works broadcast last night. the show, a capitol fourth, aired file tape have of fire works. viewers figured that out quickly. big clues washington skies
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last night were cloudy and pbs showed clear skies and scaffolding around the capitol dome was missing. show producers tweeted in part that the fire works were difficult to see due to the weather so they added in that old footage. they apologized for the cop fusion. fourth of july fire works show fizzled last night at plymouth, massachusetts. investigators say 15 minutes into that display some type of malfunction caused a fire and explosion, on the barge carrying the fire works. no one was hurt, fire works were ignited electronically and no one was actually on that barge. well, a star of broadway hamilton who grew upright here in philadelphia was toast of the town today. >> leslie odom junior was honor with the reception thrown by several city council members as well as the fill dan co dance company. he praised training he received from his hometown. >> when i showed up for my audition for rent at 16 years old, i didn't think i was going to get it. that was not, i didn't go to get that job, but my training
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was so good that i got that job and that job led me to carnegie and led me to every where i am today. it has all been a surprise. >> pretty amazing stuff. last month odom won a tone a ward for his perform a answer in aaron burr in hamilton. >> awesome. tonight is your chance to be a instant millionaire, mega millions jackpot increased to 454 million-dollar this afternoon due to strong ticket sales. this dell any northeast philly is busy selling tickets. deli sold a two million-dollar mega millions ticket on friday, and it has been more than two years since mega millions jackpot reached this level and players out there hoping they will be the one to win it tonight. vittoria woodill will be checking out lottery fever tonight the at 6:00. >> plays office pools in our future. >> absolutely. >> put me in on that one. >> pretty lucky in the weather department. >> you know, the sun came back today after heavy rain last night. the problem now is we will
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switch from cooler then average temperatures, until well above average temperatures, and we are heading for a heat wave. >> yes.tures, and we are >> and it feels like it started out there right now. if you stepped outside this afternoon you know, it feels steamy after the rain cleared, usually we will get rain to come through and feels cooler and less humid, this feels like the opposite, it is warm, steamy and only will get worse before it gets better. lets take a look outside, up to bethlehem, you've got some sun, one of the winners this weekend in the lehigh valley. more sunshine. we had a front stalled off to the south, came through friday night and didn't clear completely, we brought more cloud then we had hoped for saturday and sunday from the city south but in the lehigh valley they had more sunshine, turnout nice there and nice beach day in margate good place to cool off, folks right up next to the the water getting their feet in and cooling off in the heat that has developed this afternoon. temperatures in the upper 80's, feels hotter then that. storm scan three is clear for the moment, nothing happening
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outside and those showers have push down toward d.c. and we have clear skies just a few pop up cloud, atmosphere is very unstable when you get that heat and humidity and instability any sun could heat up ground and cause clouds to form. we have been in and out of the cloud cover all day but it is clearing more this afternoon. temperatures are very close to 90. if we hit it today that could mean a five day stretch of 90's. eighty-nine at the moment. eighty-seven in trenton. eighty-six in atlantic city. eighty-six in allentown. we have to factor in the dew point and dew points in the upper 60's to near 70 and it feels hotter then thermometer indicates, feeling close to 90 feeling right about the same in philadelphia, but this is going to get worse before it gets better. it will be feeling like the upper 90's to near 100 through the remainder of the week. hot, humid pattern, jet stream off to the north and we have what we call a heat pump high pressure system off the east coast. flow around the high is clockwise so picture this, highs sitting here and just pulling in heat and moisture,
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directly from the atlantic, gulf of mexico, lifting it up along northeast coast and thinks how we get july heat waves. that is what we have this week. what to expect over next several days, temperatures in the low to mid 90's starting tomorrow, continuing right in the weekend. index values near 100 degrees so all of the heat safety will a reply. drink plenty of water. avoid strenuous activity. i know that is easier said than done for folks who work outside but if you have to work outdoors, take frequent breaks, find shade to cool off. if you need anyone who need to extra will cool, make sure you check on them. philadelphia and all surrounding suburbs, closest to the city where we have more blacktop, things get hotter, faster, goes from 11 to 6:00 with heat inn text values right around 100 degrees. it doesn't look like we will be breaking any record. record are in the triple digits, you can see we will be well up in the 90's, normal high is 87 degrees above average temperatures, today, tomorrow, and the at least
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through saturday. overnight partly cloudy, muggy, that is another problem we don't get relief even at night. doesn't cool off too much. we cannot leave windows open and get a break. air conditioning running full blast next few days if you are lucky enough to have one. mostly sunny, hot and humid, 94, for your wednesday, it will feel like 100. ninety-four on thursday. stray afternoon thunderstorm doesn't do much to cool us off and friday we are back to 92, it looks like it continues for the foreseeable future but i will have some good news, little relief in the seven day forecast next half an hour. >> looking forward to that. >> no kidding. >> thank you. cats and dogs are natural enemies most of the time so would you think a cheetah would try to attack this energetic labrador retriever but instead they are best friend. coming up a special one between a wild cat and dog, leslie. phillies are on a role i'll tell you what has been the key to recent success and former philly lenny dykstra has a new book and we will
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tell you yes loves the fans of
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when you're the parent of a disabled child, you realize that the world can be a harsh place. but you also realize it can be a really loving, wonderful place. when i saw donald trump mock somebody who was disabled, i was appalled. you gotta see this guy...
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leslie joins us now talk phillies. >> how about them phillies. >> but the phillies and braves in game two of their series tonight at the bank, zach eflynn are making their start. phillies offense has suddenly opened up. after averaging just over three runs in the first 71 games of the season they have scored seven or more runs in five of their last eight games, scored six runs a game. cameron rough says phillies series with the giants was the turning point. >> that series we he lost two out of three but everyone of those games was a dog fight for us and i think, you know, we got a lot of respect for ourselves just knowing that we can play with anybody. >> well, lenny dykstra was already a very out spoken person when he played and hasn't mellowed since leaving the game. man known as nails has ruffle a few feathers in his new tell all book life on the edge,
5:25 pm
house of nails, in the book he talks about his rise to stardom and fall from grace this morning he stopped by and spoke to pat gallen and talk about why he loves the fans of philadelphia. >> when you are winning, fans in philadelphia, it is either, they love you if you played right or they will let you know that they don't love you. that is what i love about philadelphia, and the fans, you know, guys on second base, you get him over, fans clap even though he gets out because they know how they work. you know, this is my kind of group, i loved playing here. >> well, that is a seal of approval here. >> sure is. >> lenny loved playing here. >> all right. >> leslie, thank you. as advertised as a way to treat everything from arthritis to depression, even win block. today fd a a says stay out of the cryo therapy chamber. we will explain their concerns in the next half an hour, plus this. police in delaware says a
5:26 pm
man tried to gag and abduct to two women just hours apart. i'm rahel sol machine coming up how the women were to get away and description of whom police are now looking for. new at 6:00, helping the homeless, controversial ban in philadelphia that is now being lifted, we will be right
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did you know people can save over $500
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when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. take a good look at this surveillance video, police say that this man has tried to abduct two women in separate attacks in newark, delaware. now in both incidents would the men were able to fight off their attacker, good evening, i'm nicole brewer. ukee has the night off. i'm jessica dean. rahel solomon shows us two locations where suspect struck and what police are doing to catch him. >> newly released video shows
5:30 pm
the man, police say tried to abduct two women just hours apart. >> that is very scary. >> reporter: first incident happened here at colonial gardens apartment on east main street around 11:20 sunday night. authorities say the 28 year-old victim was taking some things from her car to apartment when suspect walk in the building. he had a rag with some sort of chemical on it and tried to put tonight her mouth and forced her outside. woman who is a university of delaware student was able to fight him off. soon afterwards that incident around 3:30 and just next door in the main towers the suspect tried to abduct a 61 year-old woman getting out of her car. she too was able to fight him off. neither victim was seriously hurt and police say their quick response could be the reason why. >> one circumstance where we would encourage anybody to fight back, if someone is trying to take you, you fight back, you don't know what will happen after they get you where you wanting to. >> reporter: university of delaware police released a statement tuesday saying we
5:31 pm
are very concerned about the two incidents and we have alerted our university community to be watchful, aware of their surroundings to use well lit paths and travel in groups when possible. police say they are looking into motives including possibility that maybe the suspect just wanted to steel victim's cars. nonetheless he says they have struck twice and missed twice and they don't want to give him a chance for a third. police say they are still looking for clear surveillance pictures. in the meantime they say suspect is described as a white male in his 20's between 5-foot six to 5-foot seven with a thin build. reporting from newark police headquarters, rahel sol machine for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". man is beaten and robbed just steps away from temple university. police released this video of the the attack that happened late last month on the 600 block of cecil b more avenue. twenty-three year-old victim was jumped by three people, they stumped him in the head, took his wallet, cell phone and then ran away. they are described as black
5:32 pm
teenagers between 16 and 19 years old, and anyone with any information is asked to call philadelphia police. iraq's interior minister has resign in the wake of the sunday's suicide bombing in baghdad. funeral are being held across capitol city for those victims. at least 175 people were killed when an isis militant set off a truck bomb in a crowded shopping area. authorities say that there are still people missing. iraq's prime minister is promised to go step up security in major cities. italian authorities detained a homeless man in connection with the deaths of the wisconsin college student studying abroad. body of 19 year-old beau solomon was pull from the river in rome on monday. friends reported him missing last week when he failed to show up for orientation. family members described solomon as an athlete who successfully beat cancer as a child. >> he is the glue that keeps our family together. >> investigators are looking into robbery as motive for
5:33 pm
solomon's death. the his brother told milwaukee newspaper that someone used victim's credit card in milan after being reported missing. researchers are asking u.s. athletes heading to the summer olympics in rio di janeiro to participate in the study on zika virus. the national institutes of health is heading up that study. researchers want to enroll 1,000 athletes, coaches, and staff. olympians will provide sample office bodily fluids for routine testing and researchers want to determine risk factors for infection and where and how long the zika virus persist in the the body. in new jersey the american red cross has issued an emergency call for blood and plate let donations. non-profit released organizations say blood donations have fallen short of hospital needs by 39,000 donations. the holiday weekend may have caused regular donors to postpone donations. today marks day five since striking casino workers in atlantic city trump taj mahal walk off the job. they want a contract that
5:34 pm
restores members health insurance and pension plans, terminated by taj mahal previous owners in 2014. no word on when both side will return to the bargaining table the hotel and casino remain opened. in wildwood an electronic dance party for charity is still on for this weekend despite a court challenge. >> wildwood officials and music promotion company beach glow announced final plans for that festival today. money will benefit a none in profit school music education called little kids rock. founder and dj david, started these concerts for charity in high school and he is now a college senior. >> i'm back in wildwood on the beach here. beautiful beach. we will have many big performances from live band and dj's, as well as tons of activities inside the event. >> the concert promoter in the city of wildwood were sued by morey'spy tore stop the concert's that lawsuit was then out. we have breaking news. chopper three live over walt whitman bridge where a car fire is jamming up traffic the
5:35 pm
on the westbound side is. the fire is out now. you can see tow truck on the scene, moving that vehicle from the roadway. traffic on the eastbound side is at a crawl, drivers can expect plenty of delays, until crews can get that cleaned up. >> right in the middle of the rush hour. >> right. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" great news for pasta lovers. >> why some experts say you can enjoy that yumy pasta dish while on a diet, so maybe have some pasta for dinner, stay tune for more on that. inside escalating feud between take already swift and katie perry what shocking dig she put in her new album which slams swift, kate? after clouds kept it on the cool side over the holiday weekend things have completely flipped in the opposite direction we are talking about a heat wave i'll tell you how long we can expect temperatures in the one on's a which days it will feel closer to 100 degrees, coming up
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star bucks is planning to increase prices on select beverages, starting next tuesday, some customers worried about that price hike, well, the hard way computer glitch prematurely adjusted prices on the items last week. star bucks apologized for the error and mess of the customers could have been over charge about 30 cents a beverage. virtual reality is gaining in popularity. >> but soon you'll see a mixed reality which as computer generated images to your surroundings i guess. robots invading this room, aren't actually there. unless you are wearing a microsoft hallow lens you cannot see them. they call it milk reality. head set matches its environment and lets you add 3-d image. >> in virtual reality you are essentially cut off from the real word. with hallow lens which is an
5:40 pm
example of mixed reality technology you can see the real world and we are mixing digital assets. hall grams on top of the real world. >> that could really mess with you if you weren't sure what was happening. you cannot buy hallow lens at this point for the next couple of years, the $3,000 headset is only available to software developers. well, those new facebook responses such as haha, wow and angry are giving researchers inside to our preferences. a test blogger tallied most loved and wowed news stories and they involve, animals, celebrities children and nature. users also loved and say wow, to inspirational local stories. >> okay. >> i believe that. >> yes. >> surprising. >> coming up, kate says it will reheat up this week, her
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well, nasa is celebrating its history making mission in, to jupiter's orbit. >> it really is incredible. after traveling, close to 2 billion miles over five years, the space agency's solar powered spacecraft juno
5:44 pm
is orbiting the largest planet in our solar system. cbs news correspondent hena daniels has more on the mission. >> reporter: nasa scientists cheered and gave each other high five's as they declared mission juno accomplish. >> we prepared a contingency communications procedure, and guess what, we don't need that anymore. >> reporter: the spinning solar powered spacecraft successfully entered june per's orbit shortly before midnight after completing a 35 minute engine burn. the high steaks maneuver allowed juno roughly the size of the basketball court to slow itself down significantly and hit a target just a few miles wide. >> a mission of this complexity to accomplish tonight is just truly amazing. >> to actually have it to know that we can all go to bed tonight and not worry about what will happen tomorrow? pretty awesome. >> and lift off, of the at last five with juin on a trek
5:45 pm
to jupiter. >> reporter: nasa designed spacecraft to withstand intense radiation belt and ring of debring surrounding the planet. and juno's journey unfolded, it already began capturing images of jupiter and its moons. over the next 20 months, scientists hope to learn more about the planet's composition and uncover new clues about how our solar system began. hena daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today we have talk to derrick pets, chief astronomer at franklin institute and he explain why the mission to jupiter is such a big deal. >> nasa's desire to study jupiter will help us understand more about how solar systems form, how gas giant planets like jupiter form and will also help us to understand better how planets form, orbiting other stars. >> scientists also say that this mission will unlock many of the jupiter's secrets. >> jupiter secrets. >> yes, it kind of does.
5:46 pm
>> yes. >> speaking of drops, we will not see rain at least for the next few days. >> just scattered shower, thunderstorm later in the week, thursday, friday, saturday, today has been dry after a wet start to the morning down the shore in a few spots and tomorrow looks dry as well and hot but it is six and one half, dozen of another. rain, included yesterday put damper on fire works and viewing plans. sunnies back but heat and humidity ramped up noticeably. temperatures right around 90 degrees and only getting hotter. lets look outside, we will take you outside to our skies scan three, blue skies, puffy cloud, in and out all day, we took a while to break, starting the day with glummy conditions and now things looking nicer, for only nice to look at stepping outside you will get smacked in the face by humidity. very steamy with dew points near 70 degrees and it will only get worse. we have heat advisories and heat watch toes talk b lets
5:47 pm
start off with our weather watchers and give us a read on what temperatures are all across the region. the starting off to the north and west where we are looking at 84 degrees. lou ruh says 84 with the sun peeking through relative humidity at 65 percent. david dutch's house in clementon, new jersey he is at 89 degrees, we have full sunshine but boy it is steamy. we will head into delaware where we are sitting close to 90 as well checking in with david, in middletown. 51 percent humidity. light breeze. the breeze does make it feel better to day but marginal and it will only get hotter. dangerous heat through the even of the week. we don't get relief even at night. we have daytime highs in the 90's. eighty-nine in marshallton delaware as we check with greg mccoy but overnight lows in the mid 70's, that doesn't help us cool off much at all. take a look the at within place people can go, to beat the heat down the shore, thinks down the beach, delaware beach, rehoboth beach boardwalk plaza folks are outside walking on the beach
5:48 pm
still, many people camp out with umbrellas up, you can see cloud in place there but definitely a good place to cool off, ocean water temperature still on the chilly side and air temperature is 38 with north/northeasterly win. we have clear conditions overhead. we have got things that really quieted down since the rain that came through late last night and early this morning off to our south. a few showers down near d.c. as we widen out not much more than just pop up thunderstorms over the south east, all this heat will be heating northward through next several days. then to the radar, lets look at doppler estimated rainfall totals, strike a right across kent county delaware and cape may county new jersey. the mostly falling overnight. some spots had two and a half inches of rain, up in philadelphia in the quite as much. the high ernest are the big numbers here down across south jersey and central delaware. rain has cleared out, in its wake instead of the leaving call, calm conditions we have hot, steamy conditions and that will continue right
5:49 pm
through the start of the weekend. our forecasted high for tomorrow 84 degrees. if we hit that. that makes it hottest day of the season so far. average high for tomorrow's day july 6th is 87 degrees. again almost 10 degrees above average but this time of the year we will factor in the humidity as well. ninety-four with the dew point of 48, wouldn't feel too bad, 94 with the dew point of 70. feels very, very oppressive. we will head to the 90's tomorrow and there we will stay right through end of the week and even in the start of the weekend. thursday looks like humidity may peak with dew points reaching 71 or 72 degrees at time and friday same story, thursday bring a best chance for thunderstorm during workweek. i told but heat advisory for tomorrow. we have a excessive heat watch, to tell but in effect at 11:00 thursday morning and continues right through 6:00 friday afternoon likely change to go an advisory or excessive heat warning as we get closer, heat index for the regions in the dark maroon
5:50 pm
around 100 degrees. that is tomorrow, thursday, and gannon friday, and with overnight lows in the 70's, feeling like 80, you don't get relief even overnight. this could be dangerous heat for folks that may not have air conditioning, may in the necessity to leave windows opened or are the fans running f you know anyone definitely good time to check on them. for your wednesday tomorrow we will see mostly sunny conditions. tomorrow generally a dry day. in and out of the patchy cloud. thursday a better chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms generally in the afternoon. some could produce heavy downpours. they have a lot of moisture to work with but not helping us to cool us off. seventy-four overnight partly cloudy, muggy. for your wednesday 94, mostly sunny, feeling close to 100 and that stretch continues, we will talk 90's through at least saturday, there will be a chance for scattered thunderstorm or two saturday afternoon and behind that a little relief, still seasonably hot sunday and monday, less humid with sunshine and temperatures in the upper 80's which will feel cool compared to the end of
5:51 pm
this week. nicole and jessica back to you. on the healthwatch, evidence that eating pasta doesn't necessarily lead to weight gain. that is good news, right. italian pasta company sponsored a survey of the mediterranean diet rich in olive oil and complex carbohydrates including pasta, of course. researchers surveyed 20,000 italian about their eating habits. they found eating pasta was not associated with weight gain. sponsored by the pasta company. >> exactly. women under going infertility treatment has a good chance have of giving birth within five years. danish study found a 20,000 women, in 20,000 women infertility treatment were successful more than half the time. another 14 percent got pregnant naturally during treatment. f.d.a. is throwing cold water on a popular spa treatment, whole body cryo therapy. it includes spending a few minutes inside a freezing tank as liquid nitrogen cools body. some say they have health benefits like pain relief but
5:52 pm
f.d.a. says is there no evidence whole body cryo therapy helps treat disease and not approved as a medical treatment. berks county's own taylor swift had a fourth of july bash and it included a who's who of hollywood stars. >> but someone who probably won't score an invite anytime soon: katie perry. >> insider's louie agear joins us with more on that, louie. >> reporter: nicole and jessica, katie is causing new fire works for her so-called plan to slam swift, in song. >> ♪ >> perry reportedly preparing to launch a musical assault on kp, serious blood blood. katie is creating her fifth album complete with a swift track, as you will recall, taylor pend her its bad blood as of this against perry over backup dancers among other things. the song will reference some
5:53 pm
of the things katie feels take already has done to play their pals against one another. take this, tar lor. katie celebrating a social media victory. perry hads become most followed person on twitter. katie posting it is party time at katie per which 90 million on the guest list, we will need a really big dance floor. we will have a lot more on this story tonight on the insider, nicole and jessica back to you in the studio. >> all right, thank you. catch insider weeknights at 7:30 on cb is s three dog's may be man's best friend but now they are hanging out. >> yeah, coming up why k-9's are making friend with endangered african cats. >> unlikely pair, stay with
5:54 pm
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well, take a look at this july 4th, mishap at dodgers stadium last night, a bald eagle from the los angeles zoo was supposed to fly through the stadium for pregame ceremony, but instead it blew blue right past handler and headed for the exits, yeah, eagle was later recaptured and then taken back to the zoo but major break for freedom. here's a trend to make a animal lover smile. >> dogs and cats here are living together in harmony at zoo is a cross the country. >> do you want an example? the columbus zoo pared, labradors with cheetahs. they have been together since puppies and cubs. the columbus zoo says the dogs can give a shy cheetah confidence. >> he will be fantastic, she
5:58 pm
will do great, i could not say that, if we didn't have that relationship with the dogs. >> when cheetah had surgery for a broken leg, one of the labs was there to play nurse and it was all captured on video and photos from the columbus zoo. >> that is really sweet. >> we all can just get along. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> at 6:00 another rough ride for septa commuters. >> reporter: with over 100 trains taken out of circulation, passengers and capacity both have been strained so what can septa riders expect moving forward? i'm alexandria hoff with more on that coming up. plus what passengers need to know if they want to have a refund and how transit agency is viewing social media to make the commute smoother, kate? and the sun has returned but with it the heat and humidity feels like the talk days of summer have arrived, very steamy afternoon and we have a heat advisory to tell but for tomorrow, coming up i'll tell you which dates will feel close to 100 degrees.
5:59 pm
dreaming big, lottery fever spreads across the delaware valley for tonight's jumbo mega a millions jackpot, we will let you know which local store just sold a ticket worth two million-dollar? "eyewitness news" starts right now. nothing seems to be working right now. >> it is a waiting game for many septa passengers out there as a regional railcar shortage causes commuting chaos. why the transit agency wants the problem could get worse before it gets better. good evening, i'm's jessica dean. i'm nicole brewer. idea has the day off. riders are feeling impact of this transit disruption and septa station as cross the region. >> we have team coverage for you, our joe holden is at septa headquarters with how officials are handling the crisis but we will begin with will alexandria hoff live at temple university station in
6:00 pm
north philadelphia, where more from passengers, alex? report report well, septa will be monitoring this edge commute to help make adjustments for tomorrow morning but what they have learn from this morning is that the biggest impact was felt by these trying to get on line closest to the city because by the time trains reached them many were already full. >> chris martin takes septa regional rail from warminster every morning. >> train was right on time, and extra cars and it was plenty of room. >> reporter: but his experience seemed to be an a none my. >> came half an hour late. about three hours here. >> i felt very bonded with people i sat with. >> reporter: only people more strain, then crowded commuters may be septa officials themselves. >> we had three days to assemble a schedule, it was rough. >> reporter: they are now operating with one third of the fleet suddenly out the of commission. >> it will be bad as we can goes on and more and more people come back to


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