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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 11, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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stormy weekends, but hoping for nice stretch of weather. >> i was going to say, looks like the sun's already up out there? >> listen, you can't forgive me for. that will can you not see the video sometimes, while you're looking at the camera. obviously, i mean, little mistake there? >> hey, i was looking, too, wondering what was going on. good morning, everyone. >> past that point, i'm brooke thomas. good morning. >> i'm jim donovan, also, talking commuter chaos. that tops today's morning minute. >> septa is promising bit of relief for regional rail rider today, they've added 1700 seat, thanks to leasing agreement with three other transit agencies. >> city hall, deadly police shootings. >> president obama will travel to texas tomorrow to visit with the victims of the dallas police massacre.
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>> a professional bullfight is her killed during performance in spain, first time this has happened in more than three decades. >> aerosmith guitarist joe perry actually in a new york hospital right now after he apparently collapsed during a concert. we have entered a state of pure emotions. no technique. just he will mental connection between man and food. >> just witnessed the first ever kate eating contest in new york. >> at least healthy food unlike hotdogs. >> i don't like any food competition, a much as i like food, i don't like that, any food eating contest at all, i can't deal. i have to look away. detail on how much the winner ate and the grand prize later in the show. >> would you sign up for a food competition? >> i don't think i o i would prefer to just enjoy and save or the meal rather than george
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, you know? hey, i say if that's your thing, you do you, not for me, i'll be honest. but what may be for everyone is this forecast, it is so comfortable outside right now my friends, with dew point dropping easily into the 50's, and they stay there, for the better part of the day it, feels fantastic. for mid-july standards, this will be basically perfection. we walk you out to storm scan, quickly, check on things there, don't wore bit limb speckles of green, just ground clutter being reported at the radar site, not actually precipitation, you have clear sky, and what prom i cents to be an absolutely stellar sunrise. and, just couple of minutes, in fact, that sun will pop over the horizon here if philadelphia, here's where we stand currently, most spots checking in in the mid 60s, low 60s, little cooler headed into the he err terrain, more typical in outlying suburbs, cracking into the 50's here this morning, 57 pottstown, 60 even in both doylestown and the willow grove area. meanwhile, as we go throughout the day, it may as well be
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perfect. you know, you have got sunshine out there. you have got the warmth. you have got the low humidity, and check that fourth one, that fourth box there with the light breeze, it looks fantastic. our expected daytime high later today reaching about 86 degrees, normal high about 87 on this particular day of the year. so it is looking phenominal, if you have got outdoor plans, they're good, and if you don't, it might and great idea to actually make some outdoor plans, because meisha, a i'm telling you it, doesn't get better than this. >> i was thinking how nice it would be to eat lunch outside on the patio, take your coffee to go, go walk around the beautiful city. do not stay inside like we're doing right now. get outside. guys, what we're looking at, schuylkill in the eastbound direction. approaching golf mills, both moving in the eastbound and westbound side. >> this is a monday morning, some of the areas slowly starting to heat up, you can see, heating uply bit, 59 south at girard, also, delaware county still looking
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pretty good. not sure disable vehicle or what pulled offer to the shoulder, not going slow you down too much right now. but will as we progress throughout the morning. overall delaware county moving in the northbound direction looking good. take it up to the airport. still looking like that. so looking good there, skewing, grays ferry, just casino of beautiful shot of center city. you can casino of see around there, not too much traffic. so overall the congestion levels anywhere i like this morning so far are actually looking pretty good, guys. we do have accident west philly 06 street at market street. make note of. that will also some more activity i call it downed light pole old city, blocked between arch and market. jim, over to you. >> thanks so much, meisha a septa has more trains and new schedule for its regional rail lines. >> let's hoping to get more commuters where they're going after side lining defective rail cars, jan carabeo live at septa station in glennside. jan?
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three trains, with no problems at all, men i have of seats, no delays, and septa report nothing delays on any other lines so far this morning, either. so, it is very early. we start to see the crowds starting to bill. definitely keep eye out on this that morning. still septa promising a bit of relief today for regional rail riders t has now added 1700 seat, thanks to a leasing agreement with three other transit agencies. so starting today working on interim weekday schedule, septa adding trains and stops, and departure times are just dollars as well. changes again possible through the leasing equipment, from amtrak, new jersey transit, and mark in maryland, septa now has access to three additional promoted and 18 more passenger cars, the added capacity will hopefully provide relief to riders frustrated for about a week now. dealing with crowded cars, delays, and bypassing trains. septa is still figuring out thousand bring those 120 side lined silver liner cars back
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to service, they were taken off the rales remember because of structural defect. with them about 13,000 seat. now, while most are happy septa caught the problem before something serious happened, many say the issue has been more than a little inconvenient. >> it means they caught this before anything serious happened to anyone. that of course is the good part about it. it would have been nice if they checked the trains regularly and discovered this a little bit sooner, but at least nothing happened. >> i have to get up at 5:00 a.m. every morning, and i'm a walking zombie. >> so, it does lock like those people with flexible schedules are faring best. you heard right there that that woman has to get up early to get out. we've talked to many people in the same boat. people that can switch their in time's very early so they can beat the afternoon russias well, toast are the people bypassing all of the crowds. but again, those crowds don't really start to build out here on the platforms until about 6:30 this morning, so we'll
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keep our eyes on it, septa also asking people to check and double check your schedules today. few changes, some added stops, some added trains and of course those departure times might look little biff different, as well. >> getting little busier out there. the time now 5:37. in business news this morning, do not share your netflix password. >> the market kick off the work week in record territory. jill wagner joins us liver from the new york stock exchanges, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, brooke and jim. us markets open this morning, near their all time high. strong jobs report sent shares higher. dow jones 250 pounds, which means, it opens before the -- above the 18,000 mark. nasdaq jumps 70-point. hiring majorly pick up in june, labor department says us economy created 287,000 jobs, that is way more than expected. it is a sign that may's massive hiring slow down was not the start of an overall economic slow down. fewer teens though are getting summer jobs, in fact, summer
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employment for teens at it lowest level for years. part of decades long trends. >> and sharing your netflix password is now a federal crime. that's right. man left his job, still use the password someone working there, ceo, he recently said he doesn't minds when people share passwords, because it create a bigger audience, or his shows. brooke, jim? >> understandable. i don't share my password. >> nothing at all, ever. >> no, don't trust people. meisha is laughing. thanks, jill, we'll check in with you tomorrow. >> protests continue around the country, following the recent police involved shootings of two black men in minnesota and louisianna. >> this is new video for englewood, california where black lives matter protesters marched through the night. take a look at your screen. see what the pros test remember doing, mostly young and differs crowd actually formed peace sign while blocking traffic. the demonstration was one of several across the country this weekend. another is planned today in
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just a few hours, at philadelphia city hall. but this one is by another group, "eyewitness news" reporter justin fin of live to tell us more, good morning, justin. >> jim, good morning, that rally is set to begin at 8:00 this morning, the organizers, showing up for racial justice, say they plan to demand that mayor jim kenney and city leaders takings against police involved violence, in minority communities. now, this rally by philly showing up racial justice will be the city's sixth demonstration in as many days. also, known as philly surge, the group organizes mainly white citizens, in support of racial equality. today, they expect a multicultural crowd as we have seen in recent days, when they gather on the west side of city hall. now, this comes after a weekend of rallies in the philadelphia area held in solidarity with other across the us. many organize under the umbrella of black lives matter. in the wake of the deaths of alton sterling in louise ann, a and fill andre castile in
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minnesota last week, sterling and castile both black were shot and killed in police custody. their death captured on cell phone video have since circulated on social media. many local marchers have said those images, and their realities, have drawn them out to raise their voices. >> i got a son almost 6-foot four. he could be labeled at any given time. and i fear for his safety and as well as other children that are growing up in our community. >> back live, that rally is set to begin at 8:00 this morning, on the west side of city hall and go into the 10:00 hour. the group philly says also plan to disrupt traffic. keep that in mine this morning. as you make your way about center city and city hall. live from city hall, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thanks, justin. meanwhile, coming up: health concerns for legendary guitarist. >> we'll have the video of joe perry lansing on stage. also ahead, a jail escape
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caught on camera. find out why these inmates are being applauded for breaking out of their holding cell. and we'll have this. >> thumb sucking and nail biting could actually make kids healthier as ducts i'm brook silva bragga in new york, result eve
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>> rock bands are trying to find out in joe perry is okay. instagram individual joe shows perry resting at the end of the stage, and eventually walking off. the six a year old collapsed back stage, and was taken to coney island hospital. the hollywood vanpires played on after perry left the band, of course, including alice cooper and johnny dep. cooper later tweeted saying thanks to everyone, and our brother joe perry, stable right now, and with family and is under the best care. still, no word on what caused him to collapse. new look for hamilton creator lynn miranda, played his final performance, alexander hamilton saturday night along with philadelphia native, leslie odom, jr., and who plays aaron borane liza hamilton. not long after the curtain call, sat down for a haircut. he tweeted: this photo of his locks, teach them thousand say
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good-bye. after they hit the red carpet forecast party in times square. >> debuted, took a bite out of the box office, earned more than $103 million. largest opening ever for original film and the sixth biggest opening for any animated film. lend end of tarzan came in, finding dorey slipped, and followed by the purge, election year. >> i would like to see that secret life of pets. i will not go to a movie on the first day, though, or the first weekends. >> no? >> i don't like the crowds, of course i also go to the matinee it, cents cheaper. i'll save a buck, be like with all of the old people, you know me, i just sit there, they get senior citizens,
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discounts, and i am a sitting along with them. >> early birds, they call them. >> i'm not a shame of being thrifty. >> hey, well, it is what we count on to you tell us how to do. >> i try, i try. >> you do a great job. >> and do you a great forecast. it is looking great. >> oh, this looks fantastic. look at that, yes. i sigh what happened. >> now you have got that bright brilliant sunshine out there, and it is really looking to be a fantastic day, not just at the start, but all day through. as we take you out to the eyewitness weather watchers, sent in couple of pictures of their own sunrise, all came in within the last ten, 15 minutes, we haven't actually seen the sunrise in gilbert villas of this picture being taken, but eileen sent in the pretty pictures, brightening up of the atmosphere, lovely,
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perfectly blue skies out, as well, for lynn. she is in cherry hill, and sent that picture in to us. >> david hair warmer in clementon, only at 53, where eileen is, in gilbertsville, do have little variety pack, and basically the more remote the sub earn, cooler it will be as you might expect, so really crisp feeling to the atmosphere, we're at 63 degrees, also, with one last check for you there in willingboro from kenneth martin. my grower -- high pressure, not much of cloud cover today. fantastic day, not just because of the sun and warmth, but also because it will feel so darn pleasant with the humidity levels and the dew point staying nice and low, generally in the 50's, flirting with 60 at the height of the afternoon, but overall very, very comfortable. notice, though, slow creep up
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on the humidity, and the same story goes when it comes to the actual air temperature. so, it does start to really become a bit more noticeably humid looking ahead to wednesday, specifically, and we top off 90s then for both thursday, friday, with the chance for a shower or a thunderstorm. meanwhile, guys, sure child could fall in the footsteps of meteorology, join us for kid caster edition there is friday, from noon to 2:00 at the crayola experience in easton, pennsylvania, fine all of the information on caster you are lone casey reporting live on "eyewitness news" at noon and next week we'll show you kim of the -- some of the auditions on "eyewitness news" at noon, one of my favorite events. >> i would love to be a casting director on, that i would take everyone, every single one. they're in. they win. >> looking really nice around
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here, once you jump on the schuylkill westbound at city avenue, looking similar. things looking pretty darn nice on the boulevard. take a look at this: is it weird to see it like this? looking very, very nice. i can see jim weird, weird to skee the the schuylkill look like that, we know it will start to change but overall to so it right like, in great company, new jersey 42 freeway northbound at creek roadment look at this, starting to build ever so sly slightly, fairly typical. then hold steadiment ben franklin bridge, what you are looking at, the ben franklin bridge looking really nice this morning, over to you. >> thanks, meisha, a many people taking three day weekends or something like that. in other news, police in missouri say teenagers use the new pokee monday go game to bring in un suspecting players and rob them.
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>> using gps to collect various creatures, police say the suspect yousafzai role locations outside st. louis to find their victims, all teenagers one, has not been released. i keep hearing a lot about it. >> crazy n response to the robbery, the philadelphia police department release pokee monday go safety tips, set limit where your children can go while playing the game, watch the road. apparently officers have seen so many people end gross in the their phones while playing, that they have walked into the street and into objects. and of course, talk about your kids about stranger danger. they might never know who they'll run into while playing this game. >> fast naturing. >> all heard kids should not suck their thumbs who knows where those thumbs may have been. >> new study saying it is not so bad. brooke explains what the scientists say. >> like a lot of kids, gracie ingram used her hands to soot
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herself as a baby. >> when i was little, instead of sucking a pacifier, i sucked my fingers. >> like a lot of parents, her dad, chris, couldn't seem to stop her. >> we felt like we ought to discourage it, but she was pretty tonacious. >> turns out gracie may have been doing a good thing. new study published in the journal of pediatrics shows children who bite their nails and suck their thumbs are about one third less likely to develop certain allergies. >> pet, grass, house dust might, and dog, those were all reduced being some of them significantly, some borderline. >> researchers say the findings could be another example every what's called the hygiene hypothesis, the idea of being too clean could increase the child's risk of allergies. >> early exposure to dirt is not a bad thing. when they suck their thumbs or bite their names, they are exposing themselves to additional mike controls, dirt, stimulating their immune system.
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>> isn't a recommendation for kids to take up nail biting and thumb sucking. this mom is suggesting let kids be kids. >> should be playing out in the grass, and playing in the dirt, right, that's what kids should do. >> cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> sometimes kids need to eat dirt. >> and then, you know, otherwise they're like in a bubble. they need to be exposed to this stuff. >> five star parenting tip for you, right here, on cbs-3. >> inmates break out. but not what you think. wait until you see what was captured on video. we talk about this in a minute. kale eating contest, these people really like kale, i mean, they really like it. guess how much the winner ate? we'll tell you coming up. stay with us.
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>> about to hear about inmates being heroes. >> saved the life after guard. surveillance video from the parker county jail on june 23rd. >> yes, it shows an officer, falling unconscious from apparent heart attack. that's when eight inmates busted out of the holding room, and started yelling for help. the inmates made so much noise, that deputies upstairs
5:56 am
in court actually came running. >> i thought there was a bick old fight going on down there, thought we had taken over. >> they started cpr, were able to get a pulse after shocking him, jail is her recovering from that heart attack. >> well, hold the wings, there is a few food eating contest that might soon catch on. it is kale eating. professional eaters gathered in buffalo, new york yesterday to chow down. twenty-five and a half bowls of it, and won $2,000. kale is one of the most nutritional vegtables you can eat, but i don't know if you opportunity eat 25 and a half bowls of anything. >> well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", some relief expected today for septa's regional rails a look at the changes in store for riders next. >> also, cool, comfort tonight start the week, katie shows us when the heat and humidity returns. stay with us.
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>> here comes the calvary, train car shortage help. >> show you the place where a man was shot in the leg just few hours ago, and we'll have the details. >> and fall out in baton rouge , tense moments that fall out, demonstrator shows a
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garbage can at police, today is monday, july 11, 2016, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke tonight. a lot to get this morning. including the state of pennsylvania's budget and the reason you should not share your netflix password. but first, a check on the forecast with katie and your commute with meisha. good morning, ladies. >> we have dry roadways, starting the 4:00 hour, few accident, but they're getting out every our wayment overall commute is looking good. >> maybe a lot of three day weekends, easing up the traffic little bit. if you picked this as your vacation week, way to go. >> looking at very nice forecast generally speaking, will be eventually then


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