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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 13, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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jennifer aniston's tabloid takedown, fed up with paparazzi and pregnancy rumors. hollywood weighs in on the body shaming controversy. >> and taylor's ex puts her on blast. the bad blood just boile over, how he is bringing taylor's perry, into the fight. >> and then is miss america dropping the swimsuit competition? and an all-new jfk junior what you never knew about his love life. >> and reese witherspoon celebrates a milestone. >> "e.t.'s" way-back wednesday on the set. >> i'm having a dumb blonde
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moment. all the prox side is seeping into my skull. >> now for july 13, this is "entertainment ttnight." jennifer aniston is mad as hell and taking action. shockingly doing something she has never done before. >> she's all over the tabloids speculating about her weight her marriage and whhther or not she is pregnant. >> the hounding has gone on for decades. over the years we've talked to her about all the scrutiny and toll it's taken. tonight's top story? jen's tabloid tipping point. >> all of the rumors are, interesting to me. >> baby i can see it now. >> there's a lot of things. that's i'm sure something easy to presser writes. >> because there's nothing really crazy to write about. they can just make it up. they got to say something. nasty. >> i am not pregnant, what i am is fed up. those are jen's own words and the 873-word essay she postee. taking aim at all the things women are told they should find their worth in.
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>> marriage, children, thinness, beauty. >> whatever defines happiness for you is what defines happiness for you. if you want to have a kid or not have a kid or how you want to have a child. >> what prompted it all were bikini photos that had the tabloids speculating jen was pregnant. or, well, just look at the countless number of times over the last decade. jennifer aniston said quote i resent to be made to feel le than, because my body is changing or i had a burger for lunch and angle, therefore deemed one of two things, pregnant or fat. >> oh, so much better. how are my little triplets doing. >> while jen spoofed all the body image scrutiny in this ad, her babies, exercise routine, her hair. >> good night, rachel. >> oh >> she's quick to point out quote, we are complete with or without a mate. with or without a we get to decide for ourselves what is beautiful when it comes to our body.
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>> i agree one hundred thousand billion percent with that. i think everyone needs to stop tearing down a woman. it's all about how a woman lloks. he's very interesting, he's a good w she's looking older than the last time i saw her. it's a ridiculous thing, it's so shallow. >> melissa mccarthy is one of many stars feeling empowered. but piers morgan not so much. he and chrissy teigen are in a twitter war after piers calle out jen a for magazine airbrushed covers. >> that's a false image which all these millions of young women who read these magazines, try to aspire to be like. well you can't be perfect. even jennifer aniston isn't as perfect as she looks if those pictures every single thing about o love yourself. also realizing it's nnt clothes
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and what's happening here. but there's so much more that's beautiful in a human being. >> well said. >> very well said. another star who had enough and is fighting back in a big way, is taylor swift's ex, calvin harris. i'm so shocked by this story. there's more bad blood that i ever imagined. more than the zoobie apocalypse. >> you're not kidding, i got to be honest, i was shocked at the way that he went after her today. it is war between these exes, with another woman caught in the middle? rihanna. ♪ ♪ >> that's taylor swift yesterday at a children's hospital in australia, her rep confirmed a bombshell. taylor secretly wrote calvin's hit song "this is what you came for" which was recorded by rihanna. ♪ >> so why is their secret collaboration interesting? it could all be post break-up spin. there have been rumors that -pswift left calvin for tom hiddleston. taylor's camp are sugggsting that swift was hurt by calvin's
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response to this question. >> will do you a collaboration with your girlfriend? >> you know, we haven't even spoken about it. i can't see it happening, though. >>cannot? >> no. >> are you still upset over hiddleswift or are you going to let that go. >> calvin ignored questions about taylor yesterday, but boy did he rip into taylor this morning. quoteei know you're off tour and i'm not that guy, sorry, i won't allow that. that's a nod to katy perry, o o rumored to be the subject of taylor's song "bad blood." ♪ >> this afternoon, katy stepped into the ring, first she tweete this, oh really? of hillary clinton and th retweeted this quote. time, the ultimate truth-teller. back to calvin, he said he composed and produced the song with rihanna and he said taylor wanted to keep the project secret. adding i figure that if you're happy in your new relationship, you should focus on that instead of trying to tear your ex-boyfriend down for something to d
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how about this? people are flooding taylor's instagram with snake emojis, and swifties are fighting back strong, coming back with heart emojis. we showed you taylor's trip from down under. tonight we're tracking the stars around the world. a family affair for george and amal clooney in lake c dressed to the nines, the couple stepped out for a dinner date with family and friends, including actor bill murr amal looking elegant in a silk slip gown and some strappy heels, holding her husband's hand as they board a boaa taxi. over in madrid, matt damon is promoting the return of jason bourne along with co-star alicia vikander. >> yesterday he was in paris with the film's premiere, posing with his wife. >> when i started playing this character, i was 29 years old. and i mean i would, i would go out running after work. >> i would run along the seine,
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it was really great. now it's like two workouts a day and very specific die yet. it's a little harder now at 45. >> in new york city, blake lively's pregnancy style is on point. this morning the mom promoted her movie "cafe society" in $8500 valentino. pulling off the hippie chic look. last night she blew our mind in two diane von furstenburg dresses. that's layering take ton a whole new level. growing bump in a tight peach numb fit for the queen of maternity fashion. she knows how to accessorize, too. she's got ryan reynolds. i mean the purse she was carrying, that's what i meant. $2200 from christian louboutin. app expensiv an expensive purse. there was a big premiere in london for "star trek" beyond. that is captain kirk, chris pine giving a huge thrill to the hundreds of fans who turne i know they love that. >> you know who else loves it? rihanna. huge fan of the franchise. riri is all over
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she's in this story as we bring exclusive footage from the set of the new "star trek" adventure. >> "star trek" has been a part my life, since i was a little girl. my dad is really the one who introduced me to "star trek." it took me one episode to fall in love with this other world i couldn't understand, but i felt i could relate to. >> rihanna transformed and used elements of the film for her video for "sledgehammer" the theme for "star trek beyond." besides floating rocks, here what else to expect from the summer blockbuster. high-octane action. brand new aliens and one of the hottest casts you'll see this summer. and we caught up with them during filming. >> it's a good choice. >> "e.t." is first on the set of "star trek beyond." >> who is the captain now? >> it's been a decade since the first movie. but this group is aging like fine wine. >> there's plenty of fun and
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plenty of love. >> we really have grown to love one another. >> i literally feel like we are morphing into the original cast. >> there's only one issue. >> one of the twins is sick. >> do you ever go by, do a little baby-sitting? >> it's family man, sure, i'll baby-sit. i'm not that great with kids, but i can sing a song. >> i would love it if chris pine came to baby-sit. >> "star trek" kicks off comic-con and kevin frasier, he'll be front and center covering all of it >> he's sure that he stays there for all weekend for "e.t.'s" comic-con takeover. starting next thursday, "e.t." takes you inside the comic-con chaos. with hollywood's hottest hunks. fans freaking out. stars-struck celebs. we're in tte middle of the madness.
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>> the heavens are about to pa when suicide squad comes out. >> movie sneak peeks, surprise celeb guests and maybe even a hiddleswift sighting. >> last time i was in here, i was in costume. >> we're not just covering comic-con, we're a part of this. coverage over multiple platforms as it happens, live. >> are we live? >> if you're not hanging with "e.t." you're not a part of the action. next week on "e.t.." >> it's going to be crazy. we're not going to sleep for three days. >> too much fun. miss america versus bikinis. why the talk of ditching the swimsuit competition ramping up. >> i'm glad they're focusing it more on the lifestyll and fitness inspiration. we're with the filmmakers on the all-new jfk junior documentary. sharing exclusive scenes. and did everybody see this?
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>> and you and you snap! >> reese on the 15th anniversary of "legally blonde." >> we all know how to bend and snap, right? >> i made a tutorial. >> bend -- and snap! >> i can't believe i just did that. y'all saw that. >> bend -- and snap and we'll be right back! >> you got it! -- captions by vitac --
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miss america takes over "e.t."! >> all 52 miss america contestants had a great time hitting our nation's capitol. we were there for the fun. but today with jennifer aniston's letter, we have been talking a lot about body image and the media's r perpetuating these unattainable ideals. what does this mean to miss america? should they ban the bathing suit competition? they're all vying for the crown. but the ladies had a lot to say about body image, thanks to another organization's recent announcement. miss teen usa's decision to cast off the swimsuit segment. >> i i'm glad they're focusing more on the lifestyle and fitness inspiration. >> in a teen perspective, i think that's appropriate.
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>> i don't think they need to be showing off their bodies. >> but according to miss america, swimsuit competitions are completely legit in the right light. >> i don't think miss america will ever do away with t swimsuit competition. something that we love toohave the opportunity to show the physical contestants, it's part of the tradition, the first miss america wore a ssimsuit in 1921. >> she didn't get to wear a bikini until the ban was lifted in 1997. while it's drawn criticism over the years, some contestants say bring on the bathing suits >> the confidence-booster was huge. i used to be super shy before i found the miss america organization. being on a stage in your swimsuit. there's no better with a i to gain self-confidence, really. >> after 96 years, the pageant still works hard to be relevant. drawing in pop culture icons, like "the bachelor"'s chris harrison. reigning miss america was with the ladies in d.c. and had some sound advice.
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>> the main thing that i would tell them is to really be themselves. they want a real miss america. want someone that everybody can relate to. >> still ahead, jfk junior's love life secrets. >> like a hot -- new york bachelor. >> the stories you have never heard. we are exclusively with the producers of a new kennedy documentary. >> john was a free spirit. plus way-back wednesday with a 24-year-old reese witherspoon on the set of "legally blonde." which co-star had a crush on you. >> he didn't tell me that.
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and we were first on the set back in the day. so here's our way-back wednesday. elle wood style. she shocks everyone when she got into harvard law. >> here are four "legally blonde" secrets. reese cd herself to be a bit of a ditz. >> i get to my mark, can't remember my lines. >> i'm like oh no, i'm havvng a dumb blonde moment. all the peroxide is seeping in my skull. >> you're breaking up with me because i'm too blonde? >> number two, a co-star crash. matt davis, who plays warner the ex that reese tries to get back, was really into her. >> i had a crush on her since i was 15. the chance to get to work with her was kind of a treat. >> he didn't tell me that. >> i i'm married and i know he likes my husband a lot. >> that husband, ryan philippe
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attended both of reese premieres, where he gushed about her and their daughter, ava. but at the l.a. premiere, ryan said this about his wife, playing a ex just five years before they would split up. >> who would ever dump her? that's the one thing i have to kind of you know -- the one gripe i have with "legally blonde." >> two years earlier the pair starred alongside reese's future "legally blonde"'s co-star, selma blair. >> she's been a friend and i would act with her any day. >> that leads us to "legally blonde" secret number three, selma and reese were neighbors. >> we live aid cross the street from each other. we're really close and it's been great because we get to see each other every day and hang out. >> number four, reese was drying to be a college grad like elle, but wasn't up for law school.
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>> this is the outfit i did the bend an snap in. >> you bend and snap. >> however said orange ii the new pink was seriously disturbed. >> you m remember that reese made a sequel in 2003. she said she would like to make a third one, in which e becomes president and boy is the time ripe forrthat story. the life in politics seemed predestined for jfk junior. he was one of the most famous bachelors before carolyn bessette stole his heart. a big new documentary is coming to spike tv. last night we were exclusively with the filmmakers as they shared scenes with us and the memory of the couple who once defined the new camelot. >> she was quirky. a bohemian. maybe a bit gypsy and john was a free spirit. >> when she married john in 1996, carolyn bessette became an
7:23 pm
instant celebrity and fashion icon. >> how would you describe john and carolyn's relationsh what were they like as a couple? >> they were very playful, romantic. they were buddies. they were friends. they gossiped together and they had funny inside jokes. >> "e.t." saw just how playful they could be, rarely speaking to the media. she joked with us about mingling with good-looking men at a charity dinner. >> it's fabulous, as long as they're all sitting with me. >> the new spike tv documentary uncovers many stories about john's life. including how this first iconic cover of his magazine, "george" came about. >> for me it wasn't meeting the little boy saluting the casket. i think for my mother it would have been for me it was like, i mean he's like a hot -- new york bachelor. >> turns out, it wasn't really john's idea. >> john came up with it should be somebody beautiful and it should be -- carolyn said, it should be cindy crawford.
7:24 pm
she is americana. >> tentacles of love it rea out from the grave. >> in the film you're going to learn of this incredible momentwith where john steps out in the media and visits mike in prison. and then comes forward to the media to say hey, let's give this guy a break. which is a really interesting story around john, something he did on a regular basis. >> john, carolyn and her sister, lauren bessette, perished in that plane crash on july 16th, 1999. john's long-time friend, ryan steele had a vision for the kennedys if their airplane had not gone down off the coast of martha's vineyard. >> if john and carolyn were alive today, what do you he would be doing? >> he would have run for president, the country would have loved him and obviously carolyn would have been in theory the first lady. >> he would have loved ch i thinkkhe would have been a fantastic father. so you know i think there would have been little kennedys running around. >> amazing to think what would
7:25 pm
have been. >> can you imagine? >> now "camelot" is not really gone. sister caroline is ambassador to japan and her son looks just & like his uncle, john junior. he said that he would like to pursue politics. >> going to be interesting to see if that happens. we'll be right back.
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tyler perry is back on the big screen as his feisty female alter-e >> we're hanging with "madea" tomorrow. >> bye, everybody. only "e.t." has your first look at "boo." >> these children today, you got to drop the hammer on them! >> that's tomorrow!
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one -- jennifer aniston takes the power back from the tabloid bullies. >> my life seems so much more dramatic just because of t stupid tabloids. >> after 20 years of being a gossip target, why jen's finally writing her own story.
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>> there's got to be a point where enough's enough. then hiddleswift in hyperdrive. is tom about to pop the question to taylor? >> sources told us she will definitely say yes. and number three -- selena gomez scores instagram's most liked page of all time. >> i think instagram is just because it's instant. ♪ >> what's her unfiltered to instant success? plus our "insider" bonus, are mila and ashton ready for baby number two? >> to think that that's going to happen again is mind-blowing. >> we host a "bad moms" therap session for the crew's parental purge. >> you never want to get up with them in the morning. now, hollywood from the inside-out, it's "the insider," together with yahoo. you know jennifer aniston usually doesn't comment on the tabloien


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