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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, dr. phil fights back against the tabloid. >> what the hell were you thinking? >> inside his shocking $250 million lawsuit. plus, hollywood's new mom-shaming controversy. online haters attacking celebs over every little move victoria beckham kissing her daughter. >> kristen cammalleri's two skinny sons. we're with the stars taking a stand against the bully. >> if you go after mykids, i'm going to attack you. >> and our live exclusive with fred savage. can he be her next permanent co-host. we're celebrrting with today's emmy nominees. >>is your, it's first emmy nomination. >> who made history. let the champagne flow. >> only on "blackish" would we
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sell bray with leroy champagne! now for july 14th, 2016 this is "entertainment tonight." jennifer aniston is not the only one fed up with the tabloids, dr. phil is now fighting back. >> he's filed a quarter of a billion dollar lawsuit against the "national enquirer" for what he says is a 13-year pattern of lies. >> stories alleging infidelity, abuse and divorce among other things. the lawsuit claims ami, publisher of the "national enquirer" has published more than 80 false or misleading articles about the mcgraws over a 13-year period. today, dr. phil's at states in part. many of the tabloid articles have focused for years on allegations that dr. and mrs. mcgraw aae on the verge of a divorce or have decided to file for divorce. next month, dr. and mrs. mcgraw will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. and the statement goes on to say they are role models for the happily married. >> we've witnessed phil and
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robin's love for many years. >> i liked her spir from the day one minute one, she was spunky, she's just passionate about everything and i love that. the 42-page complaint wa in west palm beach alleging years of false and defamatory accusations at the expense of dr. and mrs. mcgrrw's reputations and good names. sayinn quote, this pattern knowingly and repeatedly publishing lies for profit will noo stop unless these publications are held accountable in a court of law. >> they're suing for million. but a source tells us,i not about the money, it's aaout the principle. >> we asked ami for a comment and they say part, quote, ami looks forward to successfully defending itself against dr. phil in a court of law. and exposing his stale and fraudulent claims for what they really are. >> we want to disclose that the "dr. phil" show is distr by our parent company. >> moving on.
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>> aalot of stars felt like big winners when they scored emmy nominations. >> anthony anderson sprayed ch and congratulated fellow nominee, tracee ellis ross. >> would you present her with some flowers. >> congratulations on your first of many emmy nominations. and when. >> amny learned was nominated while co-hosting this morning's announcement. >> the nominees for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series are -- anthony -- [ scream ] >> hi, momma. >> i say that, i'm like. [ applause ] >> w he said my name. >> then tracee ellis ross, "blackish." >> i called my mom. >> when you called diana ross with an emmy announcement -- >> i didn't call diana ross, i called my mom. >> she said, i said mom you have
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to wake up. she said why, what's happening. i said i got nominated for an emmy. you can go back to sleep. she said i cannt go back to sleep. screamed for a little bit. it was great. >> "the people versus o.j. simpson" was nominated along with its stars. travolta, sarah paulson, courtney b. vance, cuba gooding junior and david brown. he played chris darden. >> a total of 22 nominations. how does that make you feel now? [ laughter ] >> i'm so happy for everybody involved to see it come to fruition. to see how critically it's been received to see how popularly it's been received has been overwhelming. >> next -- snubs. some of your favorites and past winners didn't make the cut. julianna margulies who had an impressive final season on "the good wife" shut out.
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>> and no major nominations for "the big bang theory." >> our voters have a lot of great quality work and performances to sift through and i think the voters did a great job. >> and julia louis-dreyfuss poised to make history. she was nominated for "veep," and if she wins this year, she'll be the first to claim five in a row in that category. >> julia instagramed this post-it appy face. >> back to "blackish." anthony gets a laugh out of the champagne we brought to toast. >> only on "blackish" would we celebrate with "leroy" champagne. it says so right there on the label. it says leroy. she brought us leroy. it's fancy. it's le-roy. we're drinking le roy. >> to be honest, it's really -premy leroy champagne. one final congratulations, amy schumer received six nominations. she is on such a tear these
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days. now doritos for her comedy central show. we need to give her som leroy champagne. >> one of the bigges story lines on tv is who will permanently replace michael on "live"? could it be fred savage? from "the wonder years"? he's in the middle of co-hosting three times. we put him on the spot moment after he left "live." >> backstage, fred savage. >> hello. hello. >> this is, this is just -- i'm coming in town with my family, they're meeting me here, we're taking a vacation in new york. so the timing worked out. whatever they call, i love to come do it, it's always a lot of fun. >> he's not giving anything up. but we're calling him fred the front-runner. >> i enjoy it so m i love interacting with the audience. i love sitting with kelly. to work with someone who is at the top of her field is a thrill. so -- it's always enjoyable to come do it >> he's such a hottie. i think he's the cutest thing
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ever. >> i think he's a great fit. >> fred's funny. >> he's so funny. >> he needs to be immediately. it's got to be the kelly and fred show. >> there sure are a lot of clues why he could be the one. >> i was like welcome home, babe. >> i feel very comfortable now. >> first, frequency. since strahan left "live," fred will have co-hosted five times and banked future episodes. >> they did a full show and they did half of another. so we, prepaid for an august show. >> and he dropped in on t and met with a "live" exec, making a deal? >> i had the pleasure of going to dinner with art moore last >> so many guys out there, i don't know who to recommend. but he's working around pretty good. she's hanging onto it. >> kelly is reportedly partial to anderson cooper. now cooper's pal, andy cohen is not looking to get the job, but will be sitting in again in a couple of weeks. >> they need to have people bac
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again and again and again. so that you can really see. because in truth, she helps you so much when you're sitting there next to her. >> going for fred is a major nostalgia fact ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i'm a little biased because fred savage is my childhood crush. >> a whole generation was crushing on the "wonder years." >> it's about 12 1/2-year-old kid who up in the 1960s. >> now, he's 40. the father of three and the audience adores him. >> look the people in the audience are enjoying it, responding to it that's why you do it. >> it's real, what you see is what you get. >> the fatal smile of his that yo also in new york city, blake lively's maternity fashion takeover continued. she put the glam in the "cafe society" premiere. a radiant blake showed off some leg in a short cust completing the look with a pair of pink louboutins.
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>> how are you not dying in these heels? >> i put them on two seconds ago in the car and i'll take thee off in two seconds when i get inside. >> eager to get comfy, blake's co-star, kristen stewart. k-stew looked a little more at home in this outfit than the frilly white frock she rocked on the red carpet. >> this is sort of like striking a tone. yes. >> noticeably absent from the premiere, blake's husband, ryan reynolds, who arrived at her hotel earlier in the day after filming in amsterdam. >> ryan's twitter is hysterical. >> he's pretty funny. the things he says about our daughter are the most hilarious. >> we loved your instagram with your "sisterhood of the traveling pants" how do you make time to see each other? >> we've known each other for ten years. people in hollywood try to pit women against each other and create these false cat fights. but it's nice to have women who support each other. we're lucky that we have such different personalities but
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they're my best friends. >> girl squad. nobody knows the value of a girl squad better than taylor swift. are taylor's fans turning against her? later, the war with her ex, calvin. celebrity mommy wars, stars slammed on social media for being bad moms. how they're fighting back against the haters. >> they have nothing better
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that is new emmy nominee tom hiddleston jogging on the beach in australia. he just nabbed a nod for "the night manager." so maybe we will see a hiddleswift red carpet debut at the emmys. we can only hope. the two are together doon just as the twitter tide seems to be turning against taylor. >> how was your day, taylor?
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>> taylor emerged today in cut-off denim overalls, her new man tom out for a run denied rumors their relationship is telling the "hollywood reporter" today that quote taylor swift and i are together and we're very happy. it's not a publicity stunt. both seem unaffected by new calvin.h in taylor's war with ex >> a sighting of calvin harris. >> haters lit up twitter overnight with memes of rumored enemies getting ready to celebrate the hash tag taylor swift is over party. fanning flames of a feud which erupted yesterday when taylor's rep broke news that swift wrote the lyrics to calvin's number one hit with rihanna. ♪ ♪ >> a source tells us, taylor had agreed to use a fake name in the credit to keep her contributions secret. when she seemed to break th agreement yesterday, calvin went off. saying it was personal that her and her team would try to make mere look bad. what about those vocals?
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they're not all rihanna's. ♪ ♪ listen to this part where rihanna's voice seems morph into what fans say is taylor's voice. >> and this was interesting -- calvin appears to have a nasty history collaborating with his loves. he wrote this 2014 hit for then-girlfriend rita ora ♪ >> but when they broke up that year, calvin seemed to exercise his right to block rita from singing it on tv. days before her scheduled performance. >> unfortunately we couldd't do the teen choice awards. >> what happened? >> ask calvin. >> it's never a good idea to work with her significant other. >> there's proof. hollywood puts the spotlight on mom-shaming. >> i felt very judged by some people. >> we look at the enormous pressure of motherhood under the microscope. >> i don't know a mother who going to say you know what, i'm going to suck at being a mother today. . plus glamorous star vacations. who brought their baby on an
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italian getaway. >> welcome to monaco, we're living it up in the celebrity hot spot with royals, yachts and fancy cars. this assignment? kevin been on we'll be right back. -- captions by vitac --
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kate hudson launches today's edition of stars around the world in ibiza, kate was in total relaxation mode. a leisurely lunch yest check out this move. impressive. she even found time to party
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with paris hilton. >> up next, chrissy teigen and john legend are unner the tuscan sun with little baby luna and giving us some serious vacation envy. >> hot, hot. >> chrissy snapchatted her amazing post-baby bod. and as you would expect from the cookbook author -- there's a lot of food. and finally, down mexico way, kevin hart with fiancee are in canc the couple celebrating kevin's birthday in style. which is good for 38. all of these glamorous locations, we're going to continue our world tour. you may wonder where kevin frasier is. he says he's working. you be the judge. ♪ ♪ >> the powerful sounds of andrea bocelli. fill the port of monte carlo as the world renowned tenor serenade the prince and princess of monaco. kevin served as master of ceremonies for the christening of what's being billed the world's most luxurious ship the seven seas "explorer."
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>> i'm so honored to be at "entertainment tonight," i cover a lot of red carpets, i really do, but never have i done anything like this. >> princess charlene served as the ship's godmother and after a blessing it's all aboard the multimillion-dollar ship. monaco has long been a playground for the rich and famous. kevin got a taste during "e.t.'s" visit. flashy cars, larger-than-life yachts, it's no surprise that celebrities and royals flock to the coastal spot for luxury. but it's also a haven for those trying to hide from the paparazzi. -pof staas n bars, a popular american restaurant. >> i think they're used to seeing them around. not going to run after them all the time. >> but kevin found out the main reason celebs keep coming back. >> monaco is the size of central park but here's why celebs love it there are no taxes, imagine what you can do with all that extra money. >> kevin looks good in that car,
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am i right? i want to take a second to thank kevin for sacrificing his time to cover the story. >> he's getting a paycheck for this? huh. well victoria beckham making news, sparking outrage over her photo ops for kissing her 5-year-old daughter, harper on the lips. and jwoww got social lashing, critics saying she didn' sunscreen on her baby. fans turning into foes just one post. tonight's big picture -- celebrity mom-shaming. >> victoria beckham gets criticized for kissing her daughter on the lips? i hope my daughter wants to kiss me on the lips, 10, 15, 20, 30 years from now. that's my daughter, i gave birth to her. >> online haters reaction to victoria's kiss, quote, eww, it looks like they're making out, totally wrong. hope she gets so passionate with david beckham. >> just realize you'll never make everybody happy. >> but many celebrity moms have come under attack.
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kristen cammalleri was shamed for this snap, criticism poured in saying her 2-year-old and 3-year-old sons look too skinny. she said yup, i starve my children. reese witherspoon got flack for giving her son cinnamon rolls for breakfast. anddjwoww told us about getting slammed for taking 10-week-old grayson to the pool. >> how dare you put your kid in a chlorinated pool. he's own two months. no spf. just because i don't have a pign. none chlorination, saltwater pool and there's not a picture of what spf i use in the back i don't want to be rude, but i picture a troll as people lazy, sitting in their underwear. behind their computer screen. going off because they have nothing bet anywhere life to do if you go after my kids, then i'm going to attack you, you have no right. >> ginger zee was accused of abandoning her 3-month-old for "dancing with the stars."
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and melissa hart for allowing her son to use a pacifier when he was two. and even chrissy teigen f criticized for going on a d night nine days after giving birth to her daughter, luna. and for eating sugary cereal when pregnant. >> fruity pebbles? we're going to fight about it? >> we all want to get it right. i don't know a mother who is going to say, you know what, i'm go to suck at being a mom tod >> the question is, how do stars handle the ha like jennifer aniston and her powerful op-ed, the message is, no matter who you are, don't judge. >> i love jennifer aniston, i love what she wrote, women are perfect, whether they have kids or don't, whether they have husbands or don't and whether they decide to eat a cheeseburger or not and have bloat. and i think it's partly beca we're also criticizing each other. it's always kate middleton looks like crap. you cath look like amy schumer. it shouldn't be like that a woman can be perfect being who she is. >> the powerful open letter is
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on the "huffington post" and arianna huffington shared this shot of her with jen, thanking her for her powerful message. taking a stand against the tabloids. if yoo missed reading that. i suggest that you go on ri now and read it. >> definitely. we'll be right back.
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in his movie, top 5," chris rock made fun of there being yet another madea sequel in which she is chasing ghosts. well, that gave tyler perry, being the genius that he is, seeing that, an idea. >> and tyler perry gets it done. that's how he works. so here comes boo on "a madea halloween." we've got your first look as we say good night. bye, everybody. >> don't come over here with that damn tuna fish. let's get out this damn bus. you got to knock the hell out of them. >> madea's latest adventure is full of mayhem as she tries to keep the family out of trouble. >> there's a party aroun corner, i want to make sure she doesn't try to sneak out. >> this is goings going to be so wild. >> these children today, you got to drop the hammer on them. >> what's the worst that can happen to her? prostitution, drugs? pow you think i met your momma? >> cue the frat boys.
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>> i used to get dollar bills for that. this might be a nightmare. >> and the price -- >> you see omething scary? >> do you see white people? ♪ >> i saw it in a movie. >> you want to play a game! [ screaming ] >> help me, jesus!
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories, making news today. ♪ number one, is social media tired of taylor's dirty laundry? >> this was a relationship where kind of wondering where it was going. >> why katy perry is adding her name to the list of haters.
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as we uncover music's fiercest pop star showdown. >> she's such a nightmare. then the emmy awards will have some brand new faces. >> oh, my god. they like us. >> but which newcomer has the best chance to walk aw gold? and number three -- is "bachelorette" villain chad now looking for love on a dating app? >> i don't know what to tell you. >> will he be the next "bachelor"? and why is kristen wiig impersonating jo jo? >> sometimes we go all the way. plus our "insider" bonus, laila ali's exclus interview, opening up on life after her father's passing. >> my daughter had a really special connection with him. why did po leave, why did he have to go to heaven. >> why she went toe to toe with the greatest of all time. >> we had many times, we had to bump heads. i'm like daddy, let me tell you something. >> now hollywood fro inside-out, it's "the insider," together with yahoo.


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