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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 25, 2016 12:05am-1:06am EDT

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>> tequila, motorcycles, their wild adventures. then our new interview with. >> barbara streisand. >> telling "e.t." her new tour secrets. then our meghan trainor back stage exclusive. >> i love showing everyone the behind scenes stuff. they are filming everything. >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." we've got so much news to get to you but this weekend is really all about what's going down in san diego at comi-con. >> and kevin frazier has been there talking with all the celebs. >> reporter: guys, this is the place to be.
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and we kicked off the week from the folks of "star trek beyond." and we were here for their world premier. it's a little crazy on the carpet. >> it's a blast. >> can you make some noise. >> i expected it to be mayhem. >> it's star treks anniversary, so you got to go big. you shaved it off? >> absolu lulute boardm. >> love that you came summer cool tonight. >> today, san diego, baby. >> reporter: i hosted from the red carpet with zoe saldana, rocked it and gave her husband a smooch, the italian artist just became an american citizen. are the twins sleeping? >> they're at home sleeping like little babies. >> we're missing one of us and
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that's why weir where e're all black pen on behalf of antwan. it make the premier a thousand times more special. >> his parents are here tonight and we love their son. >> reporter: the late leonard nemoy also remembered. michelle nicholls was in attendance, but what about this guy coming back for number four. are you heading right from here? >> i'm leaving this premier tonight and head to the set of thor. >> reporter: you got to see what happened when we break out high school year book photos. >> i want to see your high school year book photo. let's check back in with kevin. >> all week long stars have been dropping by our e.t. suite.
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and we got them to devulg a couple of secrets. >> we're heaving the best time ever. >> would you ever dress up in a costu costume? >> no, no. ♪ >> reporter: now, let me give you a little behind-the-scenes look at how et is taking over comi-con. from our window, the stars can see the fans and the fans can see right back in. we were watching you on snapchat this morning and we thought we'd throw a couple snapchat gofers on you guys. ♪ fun tonight >> technology today is so much fun. >> reporter: everything we do is going to facebook live. we snapchat. >> what's up, you're on the red
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carpet. >> having the best time ever. >> ever. >> reporter: and i want you to check out our photo booth because this is where we turn everybody who visits into a superhero. ♪ >> there it is. >> nice. >> perfect. >> you're on facebook live right now. >> is this true? >> we have a question from facebook live? >> yes, chelsea asks if you ever use the batman voice for your kids? >> sometimes when i need drop the hammer like hey guys, let's go, we're going to bed or whatever it is and they're like okay, whatever. and i go, let's get those ipads off now. >> reporter: behold the glory and fandom that is comi-con. you see the walking dead on the floor. stars go all out. ♪ i can't stop the feeling >> we just saw you posted less
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than two hours ago you were on a plane. >> i just flew in for this yeah. >> i did to, i just didn't post on it. i'm on a plane, like i fly through the air. >> i just adopted her five day s ago. >> reporter: 45 minutes ago you posted you chopped your hair? >> uh-huh. >> this one comes >> taylor, john. >> i'm sorry you've been reduced to eye candy. they're doctors. >> have you seen them? >> they pan up, and john, could you grab your stuff. i feel like a piece of meat. >> reporter: how is your
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character going to be fitting in? >> i'm a brilliant surgeon but he lost his hand and he gets a hand from somewhere else and it starts to wander off. >> reporter: some star wis will anything. they shaved a guy's head, just one of the dares to promote their movie "nerve." >> the thing about new york city is no one even looks at us. >> reporter: number three, there's a macgyver remake and it's coming to you. >> is that pressure on your shoulders? >> yeah, a little bit. >> reporter: lucas till is laying the ingenious blond in helping out csi alum. >> i was looking for lucas and what he was shooting was in
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front of me, in the jet. and i said okay. we're starting. let's go. >> reporter: got the jacket and the swiss army knife and i guess i'm macgyver, right? he's 25 years old. in contrast, richard dean anderson was 35 when we first met macgyver. >> this was a role that allowed me to do very physical things. i do sky diving. >> i was telling him as he was jumping out of a helicopter yesterday, be careful. if you get hurt, we're not going to be in a good place. >> reporter: be on the lookout. >> i think i took more pictures of ernie than i would have if i'd just walked to comi-con.
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>> be sure to check back with "e.t." on monday for a full wrap up. and what does the cast thing of this? "big bang theory" stars transformation. >> j-lo was out solo for the premier, but her kids were, as always, warming her heart. >> reporter: jennifer lopez glowed on the red carpet, and continued to share the message from her new song "love make the world go round." >> i just feel like the world needs that message now of the fact that love is the answer and love is the key and that's what really makes the world a beautiful place and makes it go round. >> reporter: and also making j-lo's world go round, her 8-year-old twins. >> this deals with the empty
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nest looming. >> you think about it from the minute they're born. oh, they're going to leave one day. i love the "ice age" franchise, it's all about family. >> reporter: and max screenfield joins "the ice age collision course", fifth installment out now. but it was his 6-year-old daughter lilly who stole the show. >> that was like such an adorable red carpet moment, you and your daughter. >> i said you want to come down and she's like, yeah. >> jennifer looked like a million bucks on that red carpet and pretty soon she'll give away that amount of cash for nbc. just when you thought she couldn't have anymore jobs. >> so, it's kind of like so so think you can dance but this grand prize, worth a million bucks. >> coming up, major couples
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12:18 am
journey together has been really special and i couldn't be more proud. >> reporter: but the last time she was seen wearing her massive engagement ring was in may and hasn't posted any photos of the taylor in april. she posted this photo and spoke from the heart. we have always believed we are soul mates. but just like all couples we have ups and downs and we're taking a break. writing, we're just like anybody else and we really love eefach other. epippippa middleton is enga. we have the details, starting with the vintage ring. >> about three karats of diamonds. probably about $600,000. he got down on bended knee as
12:19 am
all proper gentleman do and popped the question, but not before asking her father, michael, for her hand in marriage. >> reporter: and she almost stole the spotlight from big sis at her wedding. >> my money would be on his royal sweetness, prince george, because there's a lot of rumor he'll be asked to be a page boy and perhaps princess charlotte will be old einf to be a flower girl. >> and taugtiana ali is best knn for her role as ashley bank, exchanged vows at the four seasons in beverly hills after meeting on e harmony nearly two years ago. >> i think thats rr a sign of the times and i got very lucky. >> reporter: and they're also
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expecting their first child. >> i wasn't expecting oh, the love that we've received and all the congratulations. it's been so beautiful. >> reporter: that included her on screen siblings, karen carcens and alfonso. and she explains. quote i love chocolate and he loves vanilla, so we're having a tiered cake. i'm not into his cake and he's not into mine, so we get to share. and rudy from the cosby show is pregnant. she's expecting her first child with her husband. >> she's always so cute on that show. and another star expecting, mila kunis. and i wonder what her hubby, ashton thinks about the cute litt little due.
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>> first though. let's check in about the cute new look. >> thank you, it's called new york humidity and this is what you do when it's humid in new york. >> reporter: rocking a very real baby bump, she stunned that new york premier of "bad mom." she's been traveling for the movie press tour and 21-month old wyatt is all about getting those miles. >> you get used to it. >> and how does the mom of one unwind? >> i think people take for granted and reading the paper. neal's husband, ashton kutcher but his ears must have been burning. >> she revealed how the typically private couple got
12:22 am
together after so many years of being just friends. >> so, i just got a new place, doing a housewarming party thursday. so, he was trying to set me up with a friend of his. >> that didn't last long. >> he's being him. and suddenly you begin to kiss at the party. >> and the rest is history. >> she didn't let me leave. >> because you've known him for so long. >> i'm like, see you later. and he was like peacing out and he's like you're not leaving p. >> i'm thinking it sounds a little bit like kidnapping. i guess it all worked out. >> indeed. ahead, the first lady's frenzy. as we get to the latest on the trump show after milania's head line making speech.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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♪ show if you like it then you should have put a ring on it ♪ did you see this? because it's so good. this week with james corden, come on. >> and we have exclusive insight on one tune that they sang along to with one of the actual people behind it. >> hire i am sign, sealed, delivered, i'm yours. >> singing stevie wonder like it's no big deal. >> how can you know every stevie song on the planet. >> reporter: and she revealed it's only the second time in seven 1/2 years she's been in the passenger seat of a car rocking out. >> what are you going to miss the most? >> the people the most. >> it's really the people. because we couldn't do what we do without a staff of really
12:26 am
nice people who help the house run well and they become your family. >> reporter: but before she leaves the white house. >> we're really focusing on getting girls around the world educated. >> reporter: it was the perfect opportunity to belt out the a h anthem for her "let girls learn" campaign. >> well, first of all, she knows who i am, so that's exciting. and also to be next to these really powerful women in this song. got legendary people. >> like kelly clarkson and rapper, missy elliott, who popped up out of nowhere in the backseat of the car. they came in missy's 2001 hit. as for "this is for my girl." she was honored to work along
12:27 am
side those ladies. >> they're very powerful, very strong strong. >> 100% of the proceeds from the song go to let girls learn. and it helps them get quality education. >> fantastic work there. absolutely. and speaking of first ladies. what a week it has been after the rnc. donald trump's wife, milania got. >> of the back lash. >> we all know he knows great tv. >> he knows how to do it. he knows how to make it and he always delivers on that. >> we will make america great again. >> reporter: trump spoke for an hour and 15 minutes thursday night and it was getting late for his youngest son, barren. his mother milania shot him a look for all the yawning. >> i ask you to judge my father by his results. >> reporter: ivanka wore a dress
12:28 am
from her signature collection. meanwhile, e.t. was with top journalists grappling with covering a different kind of candidate. >> the unpredictable is what you've come to expect at the convention. >> reporter: for instance, trump's helicopter made a dramatic landing for the press in cleveland. and they watched another unscripted moment during ted cruz's speech. >> donald trump was in the wings and i think he'd finally had enough of hearing ted cruz vote your kaunconscience and when th line didn't come out, that's when he came and it was very dramatic. i wrote hollywood couldn't have scripted this any better. >> reporter: and milania's speech copt ntroversy.
12:29 am
>> your word is your bond and you do what you say. >> you work hard for what you want in life. that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you're going to do. >> that you treat people with respect. >> that you treat people with dignity and respect. >> in this nation to know that the only limits to your achievement is the strength of your dreams. >> is the reach of your dreams. >> and your willingness. >> and your willingness to work hard for them. >> to work for them. >> reporter: two different speeches, milania monday night and michelle obama in 2008. some even say were plajerized and this was definitely not planned. >> we were supposed to have montell williams but he walked out in a huff. >> i got to tell you walking out at the last minute, very cowardly. >> you want to talk about coward, home boy.
12:30 am
you want to point a finger this way, three are coming back. we know who the coward is. >> reporter: he decided naot to do the interview when they changed the focus of his segment. >> let's make sure we get this clear. i've only done it three times. i don't care. >> reporter: and now the focus switches to the dmc and lady gaga will headline a concert there. >> and the man behind "luvern and shirley" "happy days" the list goes on and on. and we go inside "big bang" stars trucker transformation. >> i don't know how that works. >> reporter: are the film stars on board? >> and which cast member has the most embarrassing high school photo? >> closed
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. garry marshall, this weekend we remember the icon who we knew as a friend. >> enough cannot be said of my relationship with garry martishl and what that's done for me as a person. >> she was fidgety. >> five, six, seven, eight. >> nanue, nanue. >> you see these kids when they're young and suddenly they come up and it really was my joy since television. >> you make stars. >> i don't make them. i help people know they are stars. >> julia and goldy, kate, all
12:35 am
the stars we love most. well, they adored garry. not just for his work behind the scenes but for his big heart. >> it's all about family for garry and his relationships with everybody. >> the garry we knew was humble, and we were on 14 sets with him, did nearly 40 sit down. and before you knew it everybody wanted a chance to work with the hollywood legend. >> sweet tart. you like the yellow or the green? thank you garry. cool, i'm out. >> what are you doing to president garry here? >> oh, i love you so much. i'm so glad you're here. >> did you bow your back? >> he was in 18 of garry's films. just after the news that garry passed away from complications with pneumonia. >> when he found somebody with
12:36 am
it, he said we have to take care of her. make the situation better than you find it. it's not about you. it was a special man and a special friend. >> this is one of the families in my lifetime that i treasure very, very much. the cast of "happy days." >> but it's this iconic hit show that held a spells place in garry's heart and a begin ning f a life long friendship with ron howard. >> 18, 19, 20 years old have now grown and furthered their careers as directors. >> he did encourage us. he did. that's who he was. that's not him trying to look good in a television interview. that's who he was. and he gave us that gift and created that environment.
12:37 am
>> garry inspired me to be good. and in ways that you could never -- i could never explain to people. >> such an incredibly talented and well loved man. he certainly will be missed. and now there's more news to get to. >> all the craziness coming out of san diego. comi-con. and one of the big events there was the premier of "star trek beyond." and the gang has been out in full force promoting the movie. >> i think the reason it's so appealing is it talks about family and unity and working toor together. and it's not a bad message to repeat. >> reporter: we trekked to new york for a star trek beyond screening. chris's third film as kirk, might be time for this trekky to
12:38 am
join the franchise. we showed "big bang" showing her inn inn inner-spok. >> wow, that's kind of hot. >> 10 out of 10. 15 out of 10. all day long. >> i wasn't really sure how much you can distinguish instill photos. >> yep. just check out those brows and that bowl cut. >> i know what kirk looks like from a collection of dozens and dozens of memories. i'm a kirk person. i hope that doesn't lose any fans. >> reporter: this year the franchise is celebrating its 50th anniversary. >> my star trek experience is mainly vintage star trek. i saw "the wrath of khan" as a very young child and the scene where they put the thing in his
12:39 am
ear scared me so much that we had to go to a pay phone in the lobby and have our parents pick me up. sheer terror. >> reporter: we found a way to spoof the cast by showing them their high school yearbook photos. >> you can guess who they are. >> oh, no. >> ha-ha. she looks like michelle obama. >> ha-ha. wow. we're going to talk to him about that one. >> look at his hair. it looks like a microphone. >> yeah. good stuff. >> oh, my gosh. >> you know what was weird? the ladies didn't like me that much. will you go with me to prom? >> absolutely, john. sgl w >> who is this? >> i have no idea. >> now i see it. holy cow. that's crazy, man.
12:40 am
>> chris pines. >> yeah, even captain kirk had an awkward stage. today, they're the coolest cast in deep space. zoe's 18 month old boys are just starting to understand how special their mom is. >> they're still having a hard time understanding when they go mama, mama, you know it's really -- >> reporter: and new star trek villain alba went through an extensive transformation to play crawl. >> we have contact lenses that there huge and stick in your eyes. i mean, it was a pretty uncomfortable job. i'm not going to lie to you. the scenes really were fun to do. because it was like puppetry. >> and there will be a fourth star trek film with chris helmsworth back as the father. he's ready to be in helmsworth aboard. >> and matt damon talks to jason
12:41 am
born at the poker table in vegas and who knew kevin frazier was quite the card shark? >> i've never been luckier than when you were sitting here. >> and hollywood's ultimate bromanse. what do their wives
12:42 am
do you have any say in what she gets to wear for the red
12:43 am
carpet? >> no. that's way above my pay grade. i consult her. >> matt, smart choice. you're going to have a long marriage that way. they looked absolutely stunning that las vegas premier of "jason borne." >> and a big part of the movie takes place in sin city and i'm talking about the poker table. >> so, what are we playing here? >> texas hold 'em. >> this is fun. >> we'll do an interview, play cards, see what you really got. so, what was it like going back to borne? >> it was fantastic. it did so much for my life and my career. >> reporter: matt worked out like a mad man to get in jason borne shape and his diet was
12:44 am
brutal. when you hit froo45, it's hard hit the gym. >> just no carbs. >> reporter: how tough is that? >> brutal. i like to eat. my favorite thing is a big bowl of pasta and a glass of red wine and my friends around. the director, he said look, if the movie starts and you look like you've been living well, you don't have a movie. now i go for the trip? >> if you feel it. >> this is going to go well. >> reporter: he was here for the ocean's film and now jason borne. you would think he'd be a tough mark at the tables. >> i thought this was all play money. but i'm happy to see you're winning, guys. >> reporter: is ben really your best friend? >> yeah, i mean, we grew up together. best friend is kind of a children's concept. but i've known him for 35 years, we grew up together. we both were in love with acting
12:45 am
and film making and that bonded us for life, i think. did you set these up man? >> reporter: greatest hand of the day. i won a lot of money. >> look at lucky kevin. beat out matt damon. >> free lunches here, frazier. >> matt damon and ben afflec aren't the only notable bro-mance. because george clooney and cindy crawford's husband. >> george and i met over 20 years ago. he was shooting a movie in new york. i owned ed ed ed ed a bar at t. and we would have a couple of tequilas. >> reporter: their bond began over drinks but now he and the super star are best friends, road trip buds. >> we just get on the bikes and go. >> reporter: and business partners in a tequila company.
12:46 am
it all starts in mexico. >> agave's are big, like raiser blades. and george says you're serious? and we don't have helmets. he goes you really want to do this? and he's like we only have one shot because if we go down, we're done. >> reporter: so how do wives feel? turns out wife, cindy can be pretty hands on with the business. is it safe to say when you're out in the town, having a good time, casa is flowing? >> always. >> get this, her oscar winning husband has turned into a master hustl hustler. he's rocking the logo and
12:47 am
talking tequila. >> a little tequila in me and next thing you know, dollars flying. >> reporter: he sits in all the creative meetings. if we find we're disagreeing on something, we'll usually have a drink and then anatother and another. >> reporter: that will do it. although it could actually make it worse. randy and cindy's two kids are also helping out with a company they sit on the social media meetings and give their advice. come on, i could use their help with snapchat. inside beyonce's dressing roo. p plus i'm back stage with meghan trainor, kicking off her tour. and i am with barbara streisand, talking all about her brand new concert and yeah, i'm feeling the love. >> that's ahead but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays.
12:48 am
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you may qualify to get your first 30 days free. visit for details. thfamous for her dazzling style and this american classic... and julia roberts, who served these at her wedding... people. celebrating america... ...and the stars... who show their stripes. don't miss this week's people. to secure a job in the therfield of education.ents sleep isn't one of them. we're getting a behind the scenes look at beyonce's formation tour fashion. >> from the begin ning of the project was the movie and there was a very antebellum feel. >> and you call fashion houses
12:51 am
like roberto cavali and gucci. >> they would resketch and we decided which ones. >> they're all coming in one color. >> we get all the dye out. >> reporter: but the most iconic accessory to come out of the formation tour is the wide rimmed hat, which may have been the hardest one to get. >> nowhere in the world do they make these hats. this hat maker literally drove to >> meghan trainor just kicked off her u.s. tour and the house has been packed with fans singing along to every hit. it's all about the bass and it's about getting the all exclusive
12:52 am
pass to join megan back stage. ♪ ready to have a good night? >> reporter: before slaying it in seattle, a meet and greet and yes, she's wearing a onesie. she told me some of her fans get real emotional. >> here we go. this is our one opportunity to get an amazing selfie right now. so, we're going to lick our teeth, wipe these tears and have the best smile we've got. are you ready? and she's like, okay. ♪ ♪ i've been on a low hater diet because i just woke up and i feel some type of way ♪ >> this is in support of her album. >> my legs are sore from working out and dancing all night. i love it. >> reporter: and she's clearing
12:53 am
living a dream. >> last night i went to cc factory and my security guard was like do you want me to come in with you and i'm like cheese cake falctory. come on. later, i'm swarmed and like, i should have had you come with me. >> reporter: we have a present for you. >> i look so good. >> reporter: isn't that cool? that made some folks think she wouldn't be voting in the upcoming election. >> what's up, america. i wanted to learn more about both parties because it's one of the biggest elections all of time. and it's such a big deal and i'm ready. i'm ready to vote. ♪ >> reporter: and she's ready to start looking for that dear future husband, double dating with her besty and khloe's guy,
12:54 am
brooklyn beckham. >> i'm like where's my boyfriend? where is he? why can't you find him? i even asked my doctors. she's trying. i love a sweet, sweet, sweet guy who's nice that will open the door for you and stuff. love that stuff. >> reporter: and has to download your music. >> he's got to know my songs. >> reporter: she said she once had a boyfriend who wouldn't spend $1.29 to download all about that bass. >> so she was like all about see you. >> as she should have been. and i got to talk to music legend, barbara streisand. she's been on top for more than five decades, so even with all the suck cess and the fame, there's still one thing that her fans get wrong. >> what's one thing she must have with her out on tour? >> a person like you who says my name right. >> reporter: it's true, though.
12:55 am
i know some people i know. >> they call me all kinds of strange pronunciations. >> barbara streisand. soft "s." where do they get that from? >> i'm just happy that i got it right. you know what i mean? >> thank you. i applaud you. >> reporter: getting props from this legend, i think i just hit my career high point. she the unexpected duets with movie stars. ♪ climb every mountain >> reporter: you're back at it again in a couple weeks a nine city tour. wow. >> one of the reasons that i'm doing it is because i'd love to share some of the music that i just recorded. i always feel good when i can return to the stage, to the concert stage. >> reporter: two of the nights
12:56 am
are in brooklyn, singing to your home town crowd. that's got to be special and emotional. >> it's not what you think. when i made the movie "yentil." it was more successful in taiwan than brooklyn. where are my best audiences? germany. in europe, they're like, she just came from brooklyn and i'm like an odd ball. you're sitting in brooklyn and they're like she's from the streets, you know. >> i am so jealous you got to do this. growing up, it was my dream to have barbara be my personal mentor. >> she's hollywood royalty. but she was so sweet and so warm. she didn't like people fussing over her hair and makeup. that's why she likes being a director so she doesn't have to worry about the primping.
12:57 am
>> she's
12:58 am
look at all those stars celebrating birthdays this weekend. daniel radcliff is 27. marlen wayans, 44, and look at your final choices. which star was the first person to have a number one album and film in the same week? that is jennifer lopez who is celebrating turning 47 this weekend. "the wedding planner" out the same week as her album "j-lo". >> monday, we're with the stars at our e.t.comi-con
12:59 am
headquarters. >> we're almost out of time this weekend but for all the late breaking news, go to our website. and the single is off their album "primary colors." wh it's all about waiting for your significant other to get ready. >> the most important thing about a dresz is the woman wearing it. >> enjoy it and the rest of your weel weekend everybody. >> bye. ♪ ♪ i got a lot of
1:00 am
♪ get the red dress on ♪ with the red dress on who do you talk to for military advice right now? i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza.
1:01 am
a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world. "the weekend insider" from hollywood, your 27/7 celebrity
1:02 am
conversation. celine dion's "tonight show" interpretation went viral but why is she so pissed? >> they really believe in what they believe in. >> plus, leslie jones fires back against her twitter haters. then iconic director, garry marshall passes away at 81. >> i was lucky to be part of the journey. >> we are reliving his legacy by the numbers. and kim slams taylor on snapchat. >> tim did kim-ye just start a civil war? and will it end with a lawsuit? >> when i eliminate glutens, have been tons more energy. >> star moms share their summer slim down secrets. >> she lost 75 pounds. >> now, hollywood from the inside out. it's "the inside" together with
1:03 am
hollywood. hollywood loses legendary director, garry marshall. >> tonight, we look back on the life and legacy of this entertainment giant. >> i would never say no to garry. i feel so connected to him and i adore him and i love his point of view. he has an a great view of joy. and that's an incredible thing. >> it's that love of joy that n brought us some of the funniest moments on tv. in creating "happy days", he brought us the fonz. henry wringler tweeting funnier than most, wise, and the
1:04 am
definition of friend. with creating "lavern and shirley." we found humor. and with "mork and mindy" he unleashed the comic genius of robin williams. >> my next project is an all female version of -- no, i'm joking. >> reporter: and he continued working until sucomeb to a stroke, recently being on the "odd couple." and at the time of his passing, he was reportedly worth over $50 million. the hollywood reporter's television critic, daniel fineberg. >> that's a lot of episodes that aired forever in sindication. >> not just the stars behind the camera, he also appeared in a total of 83 tv shows and movies. >> let me be blunt, are you
1:05 am
still a full-time drunk. >> and with that accent of his, he was a favorite of animation directors. >> it's that smile and recognizable vice that we will all miss the most. >> i was lucky to be part of the journey and we had so much fun together. >> he is going to be missed. >> he certainly will. >> moving on now to the other hollywood headlines creating lots of buzz in our good week. >> bad week. >> it was a good week for celine dion. >> we all loved the inpuri inporousinations. ♪ work work work >> it's just -- ♪ ♪ do you believe in love after love ♪ >>


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