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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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are katy perry and orlando bloom engaged? the story behind the spaakler on that finger. after they brought the "fireworks" to philly. plus lindsay lohan gone fishing and smoking and drinking. so -- is she really pregnant? then, tipsy tori? who's the guy. also what caused star jean-claude van damme to have a full-blown meltdown on tv. a gold medal olympic gymnast famous for this face comes to "e.t." to take on the rumors she's had plastic surgery. >> i'll be very honest. plus we're home with sharknado star ian ziering, his adorrble family and a cagee filled with 33,000 bees. >> a bad idea? now, for june 29th, this is "entertainment tonight."
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>> hi, everybody, thanks for joining us, samantha harris here for nancy o'dell. >> i'm here with tonight's top story. >> katy perry and orlando bloom bring their fireworks to philly. the backstage pda and is that what people think it is? nischell turner has details. ♪ i've got the eye of the tiger ♪ >> while katy energized the convention crowd, orlando was the adorable doting boyfriend. he beamed with her backstage and filled her performance with his phone. bloom was on the move this morning, a low-key katy in orlando carried their own pillows at jfk headed to a flight at 6:00 a.m. for her performance, katy wore a silver-sequinned gown from michael kors and this is interesting -- we noticed during rehearsals, katy wore this sparkler on her ring finger. it was off during last night's performance. ♪ >> a source close to katy tells
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us, the couple is not engaged. orlando wasn't the only celeb supporting his girlfriend. chloe grace moretz urged millennials to vote and posted this pic with boyfriend brooklyn beckham. the caption, look who suuprised pe. next, gaga solo. ♪ >> nine days after the singer confirmed she and taylor kinney are taking a break, gaga performed at an invitation-only party foo delegates. finally, boy is this blowing up online. did congresswoman joyce beatty sseal melania's looo? >> the representative from ohio took to the dnc stage in a dress strikingly similar to the one melania trump wore during her rnc speech. the minute you stepped off that stage, people went bananas. because of your dress. >> it's my husband came today, and asked me to wear this dress. and when he unveiled it, i can be honest, i didn't see her the night that she wore the dress.
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>> is it the same designer? is it the same exact -- >> i have no idea. >> do you know who the designer is of your dress? >> i do. >> who is it? >> i do. >> you don't want to tell me? she doesn't want to tell me! >> the question everybody is asking is -- whh wore it best? >> well the internet says -- that joyce beatty wears it best because she used her own words in it. so let's just say as i've heard others say, hers might have been a zero or she's a zero, but i'm a ten! >> let's keep moving now. more news for you, it really has been an intense week for lindsay lohan. it began with thaa fight with her fiancé, in which she said he strangled her and amidst all that drama, she tweeted out -- that she was pregnant and now here's this. all aboard for she and her friend as they live the high life on a boat off the italian coast. is she or isn't she? according to her boating bud, there's definitely no bun in the oven.
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telling "e.t." there's no truth to any of these speculations and stories. rocking a striped one-piece bathing suit, the 30-year-old actress let off some steam by smoking, drinking and fishing and, yes, she still wearing her emerald engagement ring. we caught her fiancé, egor tarabasov, sporting some bluu suede shoes at a hot spot in london. his more interesting accessory -- the mystery brunette he was seen leaving with. back n l.a. for tori spelling's fun night out. cameras were rolling as the mom of four hit up the abbey at 9:00, showing off plenty of leg and perfectly curled pink hair. looked like she had the time of her life. because by the the time she left at a around 1:00 a.m. with the help of her friend, stylist seth turnall. her curls were gone, her lipstick all smudged. we see you, girl. aad finally, jean-claude
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van damme doesn't have time for boring questions on australian morning show "sunrise." speaking tour. but he was less than thrilled with their questions about his training and his past relationship with singer kylie minogue. >> those questions you've been asking me, the press, they've been asking me the same questions for the last 25 years& >> no roundhouse kicks here. but plenty of punches. >> the questions are boring and it's difficult for me to answer those questions. so i'll start to say next question? you have something interesting to ask me? okay, i got to go now, bye-bye. ttme to get you up to speed on more headlines. we have new "bachelorette" finale secrets before monday's final rose. >> i'm torn, with i'm with robby, i think of jordan. when i'm with jordan, i think of robby. >> i'm having a panic attack. >> while jo jo struggles, her exes are confident they know who will win her heart. >> who do you think she should choose? >> i think she'll pick jordan. it seems like her and jordan
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have that relationship. before jordan stepped out of the limo, jo jo was excited about meeting jordan. she just looked at him in a way that was different than a lot of the other guys. >> but if robby is the loser, you wouldn't know it. he was all smiles arriving in l.a. yesterday. >> did jo jo pick the right guy? >> you're going to find out. >> and would you ever consider being on "the bachelor"? >> can't answer that yet. >> we've learned chase and luke are in contention. a source confirms to "e.t." that the "survivor" winner michelle fitzpatrick is hoping to be one of the lucky ladies going for roses. but back to jo jo -- >> i'm so scared. i pray to god i'm not making a huge mistake. >> we've have learned she'll be wearing this badgley mischka blush chiffon gown. >> are you engaged? >> i'm staying tight-lipped. but i will say that i'm really happy right now.
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next jason bourne aka matt damon is storming into theaters today. but i sat down with him in vegas to play a little texas hold 'em and being in the marriage capital of the worlddwe talked about his wife of ten years, luisana and their four girls. >> there's a lot of estrogen in the house. do you feel like i'm outnumbered, i'm overwhelmed. >> i feel outnumbered all the time. but it's actually a good i do have my little man area in the house. from man cave to bat cave, we wanted to know if matt had any plans to work with his buddy, ben affleck, any time soon.. >> any shot that you'll be in the new batman that he's directed? >> the problem that he always gives he best part to himself. until he starts kind of including the rest of us, you know, i think we have to go watch him be great. >> the "bourne" sequel looks like it's on its way of being a hit.
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earning $4.2 million last night. according to his co-stars it might have something to do with matt's nice-guy reputation. >> his career has grown so much. his security team has grown so much and he still is -- very humble, hard-working. >> he's so nice to us and each time he brings so much passion. >> everybody goes on and on. this is the nicest guy in hollywood. >> it's -- when will you act out one time? >> throw the table over. >> it takes a lot of work to get that upset, i think. kindness doesn't cost anything. >> last night i had the privilege of hosting a charity event with the dodgers at dodgers stadium and the saws team. >> matthew mcconaughey, sly stallone, arnold schwarzenegger turned the stadium into the hottest party in town for the los angeles dodgers blue diamond gala. fleetwood mac's performance.
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the band impressed "scandal"'s bellamy young. >> fleetwood mac. >> ooympic skier lindsay vonn suffered a wardrobe malfunction, but she's a champ, she recovered gracefully. we're with another olympic gold medalist, mckayla maroney, she tells us about her surprising career. why she had to give up gymnastics. >> that was heartbreaking for me. "dancing with the stars" weekend wedding secrets. their first dance.ule practicing plus -- ♪ ♪ the stars. barbra singing with what happened behind the scenes with hugh jackman? >> i don't know how on earth
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summer olympics begin a week down in rio. and since this is flashback friday, why don't we go back four years ago, that's when our women's gymnastics team took home gold. >> they took home the hearts of everyone, too, mckayla maroney was a member of that historic team. >> she was also the girl whose smirk launched a million memes. >> now she's under attack by internet trolls because of her sexy new look. >> you cross your arms. >> it was that i'm not impressed whatever look that became so viral mckayla did it in the white house with president obama. but now the 20-year-old has been targeted by haters who are tearing apart her glam selfies. she is speaking out to our lauren about rumors of plastic surgery on her famous face. >> people said you did something to your lips. let's set the record straight. >> no, i'll be very honest. i have not done anything to my face. basically i'm wearing lip liner and i wanted to like post something to you like you guys,
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there's such thing as lip liner. people on social media are definitely like they're mean you know? ♪ ♪ >> she appeared in a music video for jared leto's band 30 seconds to mars and dabbled in acting. after a series of injuries, mckayla will not compete in rio. >> i had four different surgeries, i had a coocussion right before the olympics. i competed with a fractured shin and a broken foot. and i just kept going. i just wasn't, i wasn't okay. like i couldn't get out of bed. i was so sick. i was passing out all the time. i was in the hospital. just not doing well. and every time i would go back into the gym, i would hurt something or i would just get really, really sick. >> she idolizes drake and starting her own singing career. keeping her voice under wraps until her single comes out on september 8th. >> music is he most healing and it just, i feel so happy. >> still, a very gifted athlete, she says it's hard leaving
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competition. >> it was really hard for me to accept that like you know, gymnastics comes to an end. >> by the way, only two members from that gold medal team in 2012 are back in this olympics, gabby douggas and ally raisman. >> still ahead -- >> new surprises from barbra streisand's star-studded album with hugh jackman. we get a first look at a "dancing with the stars" couple's weekend wedding dance. and -- >> i know you've heard of sharknado, but have you heard of bee-nado. ian ziering's real-life bee hobby. >> they're getting a little angry now. -- captions by vitac --
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the pressure to make their first dance something special of course. but imagine if you're kym johnson and shark tank's robert herjavec, who were partners on "dancing with the stars." they are getting married this weekend. so kym knows that that first dance better score perfect 10s. ♪ at last ♪ >> we're doing a romantic dance first. >> and then the bridal party are going to come on to the dance floor and we're going to be doing a fun dance. ♪ >> it's the first dance we ever did together.
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so it sort of like means something to us. ♪ >> look closely, right there you see one of kym's bridesmaids, cheryl burke, they were together for the star's shower yesterday and the bride sang at the celebration. ♪ >> kym posted it to instagram this morning and you can see a few guests. former contestants mrs. brady, florence henderson and carson cressley. >> did you some good work. it's amazing what can you buy on the street corner. >> we've been with the couple since their engagement and has followed their road to the altar. the wedding photos will be in the magazine. will it be over the top? well, robert is worth about $200 million. >> we have about 50 troupe members. and -- >> no. >> my old dancing friend kym is honestly one of the sweetest people there is.
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so i wish her so much happiness. and you know what, there are four more of my "dancing with altar.ars" buddies headed to the julianne hough is engaged and mark balas. ♪ ♪ and another marriage of sorts -- this footage of barbra streisand and hugh jackman joining voices singing "any moment now" for streisand's upcoming album "encore." >> i heard the song, the first person i thought of was hugh jackman. ♪ any moment now >> i literally thought, my wife who is the biggest barbra streisand fan, she thought something was wrong. she goes, but you're doing it. i said of course i'm doing it. ♪ >> from hugh to anne hathaway to jamie foxx to the album will be released august 26th.
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but babs says some of the partners may be joining her on stage when she starts her north american tour on tuesddy. >> one of the reasons that i'm doing this is ecause i'd love to share some of the music that i just recorded. ♪ how can i begin >> she's back. ian ziering is in the fourth sharknado movie. he gets more love for working on sharknado than "beverly hills 90210." >> it's because these movies are so crazy. crazy in the best possible way. i'm calling it right now. and ian and i talked about it and his home in the hollywood hills where the only sharks lurking are the showbiz kind. we're at home with the zierings, i know you've heard of sharknado, have you heard of bee-nado? ♪
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>> whoa. >> get right in there. >> 30,000 bees. ian and his wife erin is a third-generation bekeeper. that could be a real danger for his daughters. 5-yearrold mia and 3-year-old penna. >> we keep the hive on top of the house, because we don't want the kids to be anywhere near it. >> i feel strangely hard-core in this outfit. do i look hard- core? >> you look tough. >> should we open it up? a bad idea? >> we'll know sooo. >> inside all of these frames here, there's honey. >> the honey makes a great gift and bees are good for the environment. >> they're getting a little angry now. okay, time to go! >> you won't see a bee-nado on sunday. but there are a few new hazards. >> it's a cow-nado! >> you guys have as much fun making these films? >> it's a blast. 15 days of pure fun. i get to play an action adventure hero ii the middle of a science fiction movie.
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>> you were part of another television project where the fans were also out of control. "bevvrly hills 90210." what do you say, more enthusiastic about "90210" or the sharknado? >> different time. we didn't have the internet like we do now. >> a little beach party going on sure, there's a beach party. >> ian was 27 in his first "e.t." interview. he he's a family man. >> me and ian, ww love doing things together as a family. creating projects. >> come on. >> sharknado goggles, okay? the kids going to be looking for their sharknados, wherever they go. >> so you'll know when the sharknados are coming a little bit before the average person. >> you'll see them. >> of course cameron wws with ian we had to ask him about his former "90210" castmate, shannon doherty who is battling breast cancer. >> i gave her a call and let her
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know i was thinking about her. and shannon is one tough cookie. she can stand up to it if anyone can. >> she's being so brave to share her struggle. >> shannon is sitting down with only one show. starting monday, an "entertainment tonight" exclusive -- >> it's hard. >> shannon doherty and the fight of her life. wasn't going to that i i don't look past today. >> how her battle with breast cancer is unlike any you've heard before. >> i don't know if i'll ever look like me again. >> revealing for the first time a devastating setback. and why her diagnoois is even more heartbreaking than she ever could have imagined. >> i want to believe that if i fight i'm going to be okay. >> starting monday, only on "et."
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>> announcer: travel one have one more thing to check out before weesay good night. we have shared the screen with voila davis and chris pratt. nothing could repare her to work with her latest co-star. a real fire-breather. >> take care, everybody. >> working with elliott is
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triiky, he's 20-foot tall invisible green dragon. there's specific challenges he a lot of hair. when it's time for lunch, you're going to want to be first in line. but i think at the end of the day, it's a magical, magical dream come true. that sometimes happens.
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one -- debra messing picks a twitter fight with gwen and blake. why celebrities and politics can be a combustible combination. >> a lot of people don't like it, they like to sometimes say, stick to your music.
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then -- jared leto's drug admission. did i defense dove pretty deep, you could say. >> as the "suicide squad" takes over new york, why is will smith fan-boying over ben affleck? >> he jumps out of the batmobile! and number three, team usa touches down in rio. >> we're off! we're breaking down the athletes' olympic style, that's officially glowing. >> did glows in the dark. plus our "insider" bonus -- michael keaton finally gets his star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> the oscar nominee giving us the inside scoop on bringing back the ghost with the most. >> mr. burton says he's working on a script for beetlejuice 2. will you be a part of it? >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider," together with yahoo. hello, welcome to "the insider," we're tracking the biggest stories in hollywood. >> starting with the number one story everyone is talking about.


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