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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> reporter: shawn was a sixth grader at resurrection parish school when molested by father robert brennan. sean kept quiet about what happened for a dozen year. >> i was blown away thinking wow, everything i was always taught about the catholic church was a lie. >> reporter: sean made a report to police all of the while his parents said he was fighting a drug addiction. the just days before he would testify against brennan at a hearing he died from an overdose. shawn was 26. his parents told monsignor lynn responsible for bringing brennan into their lives. >> he is responsible for so much pain and suffering. >> reporter: lynn was first u.s. church official to be held criminally responsible for transferring pedophile reeses from parish to parish. father brennan was a high profile name in the grand jury investigation suspect of numerous cases of sex abuse. the lynn's conviction has been
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overturn and will face retrial. lynn's attorney tells cbs-3 that the monsignor was never once responsible for transferring a priest, and that power, thomasbergstorm says rested with the late cardinal bevilacqua. mcilmail disagree. >> he knew what he was doing. i don't want to hear bevilacqua, krol, all the way up the line, at some point, these priests have to become morally living human beings. >> spokesmen for the archdiocese of philadelphia declined to comment for this story but they did confirm that father robert brennan's ministry was permanently restrict in 2005. now monsignor lynn will head before a philadelphia judge in the morning. the don't on us to be there. live outside basilica, i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a popular atlantic city casino is closing, owners of the taj mahal say they will shut down cat seen owe after labor day weekend following a 35 day long union strike.
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"eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in atlantic city which more on this, david. >> jessica, miserable news for 3,000 people that are expect to lose their jobs. also for the atlantic city economy. this is the fifth casino to close since 2014. i want to pan over and just show you there is a sign that shows that local 54 is on strike, has been on strike, mostly taking a break right now, some on the other side of the building but this picketing started on july 4th and it has been going around the clock. group says they want their benefits reinstalled and at this point there are no negotiation toss come to the table to come to some agreement. we found out today that the trump taj mahal will close sometime after labor day. we don't know specifically when. donald trump used this as a labor of love when he opened it up in 1990. right now owned by carl icahn, billion air investor and friend of donald trump.
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i want to read to you a statement from tony rodeo who runs tropicana enterprises. right now taj is losing millions a month with this strike we see no path to profita built. we got a statement that came up from the local union that says that mr. icon would rather see this building burn down then come to an agreement with these 3,000 or so workers. this is bad news for atlantic city, mayor don guardian has said that his thoughts and prayers are with the people that work here, and people that come here to have a good time but this is the fifth casino to close since 2014. you will remember those four casinos closed in 204, not good news for atlantic city, again, the picketing will continue until after labor day. we don't know exactly when that final day is, for the trump taj mahal. it has been a fixture here in atlantic city since 19 on. we will have more at 11:00, i'm cbs-3 reporting now live from atlantic city, david
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spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". septa a says regional rail line train cars pull for repairs will start going back in the service later this month. more than 120 silver liner cars have been out of service since july 4th weekend. fatigue cracks were found on the train's under carriage. septa today says once testing is complete on the new cars, a car will be introduced back in service starting later this month. >> there were design issues but on top of that there was some manufacturing issues as well. they should be back on the normal weekday schedule by early october. another headache for commuters is now in the rear-view mirror. all six lanes have of route 202 reopened today between route 401 and u.s. 30 in chester county. workers spent the last three years expanding the highway between west chester and king of prussia they will occasionally close some lanes at night over the next few weeks, clean up the construction zone.
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republican presidential nominee donald trump ignites a feud with the entire city of harrisburg. here's what he had to say about pennsylvania's state capitol one day after holding a rally in nearby mechanicsberg. >> i flew into harrisburg, pennsylvania yesterday and i looked down and i looked -- it looked like a war zone where we have massive plants and you could see 25 years ago vibrant. >> trump made those comments while rallying with supporters in virginia yesterday. in the meantime city released a a statement saying quote made an unfortunate mistake in disparaging pennsylvania's capitol city after a near glance from the window of his airplane. one harrisburg business owner though thinks the whole thing is being blown out of proportion. >> it doesn't look like a war zone but there have been a lot of job losses and i think the press is definitely pro democrat, they are harping on things that he says instead of the real issues. >> trump will hold another rally later tonight in
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jacksonville, florida. hillary clinton is increasing her focus on pennsylvania, right now she's stumping for votes in colorado but pennsylvania democrats will open up three new offices across the state. there will be one on bustleton avenue in northeast philadelphia, others will be located in norristown and allentown. we also learn today that clinton and vice-president joe biden will campaign in scranton august 15th. you will remember they were supposed to visit last month but postponed after the deadly police shoot initial dallas. little boy received a historic double hand transplant in philadelphia has another special moment in the spotlight that showed off his least coverry. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to tell us more about this big event. >> it was big. >> reporter: his name is zion, this little boy who touched so many hearts when we first met him after his hand transplant, last summer. well, now last night he was on the pitching mound, check it out. one year-old zion harvey threw out first pitch at baltimore
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orioles game against the rangers. he is first child to receive a double hand transplant a year ago and working to regain his hand function. this was zion last july at children's hospital of philadelphia, where doctors performed the historic transplant. that is when i first interviewed the charming little boy and his mother live in maryland. >> i just want to say this, never give up on your dreams. >> reporter: sepsis infection forced doctors to amputate his arms and legs to save his life. >> i had to get my happened cut off because i was sick. >> unaudible he gets up and is happy. >> my grandmother says... >> this video from children's hospital shows zion with his prosthetic legs manager to go do a lot with his rhythmtation with a phone or guitar and
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even eating with a fork and dealing with bullies. >> some times i just think some of my classmates they don't say mean things to me but it just slips out. >> reporter: now with his new hand zion is able to shake hand, hold a ball still with that adorable smile. he is precious. zion's new hand came from an unidentified child donor arranged through the gift of life program. after the transplant he says so many things, one of them and this is a quote i'm just same personally used to be but with some cool new hand. >> my man. >> that is great. >> yes. >> really remarkable. >> yes, isn't he. >> yes. no question. >> stephanie, thanks. we have seen bad behavior from phillies fans but this doesn't happen very often. >> did he just toss a fan out of the game. >> well, that is exactly what the umpire did, hear what the heckling fan said that caused
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so much trouble. for 100 kid with disability today was a day of free play at philadelphia zoo, coming up see how much fun they had and where food came from for gus, stella and abby. and it was a beautiful wednesday and great evening outside, tonight, it only gets better tomorrow but question is when does the heat and humidity return, it is august, we know it will, but good news it will only come back for one day and i'll tell you when, don. young, talent inn and injured one of the most promising stars may be done for the season. eagles legend donovan mcnabb what number five is saying about the wentz/bradford quarterback situation, in sports coming up next.
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a phillies fan is than fire for his alleged conduct during the game last night that got him thrown out of the ballpark. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria have hoff is down at citizens bank park with that story, alex. >> reporter: we know philadelphia fans are always known for shining, behavior, we know that already but some say a heckler can make watching the game more enjoyable but others we spoke with say this, if anything should be a venue for free speech. >> reporter: it was top of the sixth when umpire bob davidson called somebody out, someone, that no one expected. shocked spectators watched as davidson gestured above the giant dug out as a phillies fan. >> did he toss a fan out of
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the game. >> reporter: away he went out of the stadium. >> when do they ever throw somebody out of the game. >> reporter: it is rare but like most other venues citizens bank park has a guest code of conduct that prohibits interfering with other guest ability to enjoy the game using foul language or gestures, appearing to be intoxicated, otherwise disorderly or throwing objects on the field or within the ballpark. remember back in june when a fan threw a glass beer bottle at ryan howard is this yeah, not good. this situation is far different according to jeremy who identified himself as eject fan. >> honestly, i said nothing offensive. >> reporter: jeremy phone in the media partners at sports radio 94 wip as they discussed incident. >> i said hey, one guy had a bad haircut i know a good barber at 69th street. >> reporter: he assumed davidson mistook what he said for a more offensive reference, following the game, he referenced the 69th street comment and felt the fan was
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becoming a disturbance saying quote there was kid there and young girls there adding people cheered me, which is unusual in this town for me. both umpire and jeremy agreed no more serious profanity were used but as for how those sitting in the a area felt? looking closely you can see they were clapping and cheering as he was escorted out if that is any indication. reporting live, i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. >> i was watching that, last night wondering what happened then. >> there is very interesting. >> i don't know. >> what do you think. >> i don't know, i wonder if that is all he a said. >> we will never know. >> if that is the worst of it, i don't know. >> i don't know. >> i heard someone said it got a little, heavy, we will put it that way. >> wrong. >> okay. >> time to move on. no two hand touch a loud, one
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novel approach eagles dropping kinder, gentler chip kelly way of doing training camp. for the first time in four years, the team held a full tackle training camp practice. as you know doug pederson played for reid in 999. veteran linebacker connor barwin is digging the old school approach. >> when you go live, you know, people are competing at competition level. so it gives you more hitting, plus, picks up the even joy. >> donovan mcnabb is not a fan of how bird handled sam bradford/carson went situation in the off season. mcnabb was taken second overall and he talk to the web site billy and made these comments. >> now you sign, which was dumb, you signed sam bradford to a multi year deal and give him big money and then trade for the number two.
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that was dumb. nothing against carson wentz but i mean why would you do that. that is just a bad business decision from the philadelphia eagles. >> we will see how it pans out. it will take a while. aaron nola was on the mound for phillies home opener and now on the shelf and his season may be over. twenty-three year-old right i has been placed on the dl with a strain right elbow. after his last start he told trainers he felt discomfort, his last fast ball, had lowest velocity of the season. nola's era, in eight starts is around nine. here's manager pete mackanin. >> we guessed it was a mechanical flaw or something like that or maybe just the grind of the season that he was not the ready for but when we were in a atlanta a we felt he expressed some concern about his elbow so we looked into it and now he it's dl. >> giants/phillies at 7:05. phil kline a right i called up from triple a to make the start in place of nola tonight. >> for folks going over to cbp another good night for
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baseball. >> great night for baseball. perfect baseball weather. it is not too hot, steamy but comfortable. it is sunny, bright, beautiful evening outside, heading to the phillies game or taking a walk around neighborhood or throwing burgers on the grill, either way enjoy it. this is night we will dream about and in the winter, this is certainly a scene we dream b ocean city boardwalk is pack tonight. ferris wheel is running all of the games and ride up and running at the boardwalk and people are outside enjoying that, this evening, eating funnel cake and lemonade and all that good stuff as well. great place to be. city looking good. storm scan three is clear in our region. back to the west we have showers and storms, still firing up over portions of west virginia and western pennsylvania, and these will mainly stay off to the west through the next couple of days, but eventually as we get into saturday these showers and storms will move closer, and not a complete spoiler for weekend but we will dodge some showers and thunderstorms
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saturday afternoon. in the meantime we are enjoying comfort. eighty-two in philadelphia. seventy-eight in millville. eighty-two in allentown. the these temperatures slightly below average for this time of the year and dew point is low as well. humidity dropped today. sixty-two is current dew point. that puts us in the humid range but comparatively speaking when compared with the dew points in the 07's that we felt last week insufferable oppressive humidity feels fantastic outside this evening. lets take a look what is to come future weather shows a few patchy clouds, tomorrow we will see more showers and storms off to the west but those stay away from frustrates. we have another sunny beautiful afternoon. friday starts off with sunshine and showers and storms loading up to the west. friday does warm up. we may see a up tic in humidity as well but storms stay away friday night even, stray shower or thunderstorm off to the west and then saturday that is when front starts to make progress through our area, 11:00 a.m. showers and storms north and west. best chance to see them in fill will be late afternoon
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around three or 4:00 saturday. something to keep in mind if you have pool plans or barbecue plans to start your weekend. here's how it will feel, comfortable tomorrow up tic in the humidity friday. then saturday right back to feeling between insufferable and oppressive. we will have hurricane earl, category one, with wind sustain at 75 miles an hour heading west. should make land fall wednesday or thursday and tonight into thursday around 1:00 it should be downgraded to a tropical low but that could bring devastating flooding to central america and mexico. overnight mainly clear, comfortable, 66 degrees, for your thursday tomorrow, 58 another stunner down the shore, looking good as well at eight two. another great beach day. poconos at 78 degrees. nice comfortable start to the morning. we will start at 66, humidity thursday looking good friday saturday and saturday warm, steam which thunderstorms but look at sunday, wednesday it is gorgeous, another one to enjoy.
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>> another stunner. >> i love it. >> thanks. still ahead they were the democratic national convention. >> but donkeys around town are leaving earlier then originally plan, we will t
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philadelphia 2016 host committee for dnc announced the end of the dodge he is around town program. >> those committee held a press conference with the details on just how successful that program was, the scavenger hunt, encouraged individuals to find as many of those donkeys as possible for prizes. the fiberglass donkeys were hand pained by a local artist and represented democratic delegation that is took part in the convention. due to the maintenance they are going a way earlier then originally plan, mostly back
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and they're the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. just a great day to be outside, in more than 100 local children with
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disabilities enjoyed a free day at philadelphia zoo today and brought along very special food for the animals. >> our vittoria woodill was there to take in the excitement. >> reporter: happy zoo dubose and girls today philadelphia a zoo hosted a free zoo day for 100 children with disabilities from the variety club cast, whose mission toys build independent, and self-confidence in children with physical and developmental disabilities. guess what? as part of their learning the healthy events for some of the animals at the zoo came right from them. >> variety grows produce in our camp and developmental center in montgomery county and we sell to the zoo, they feed it to the animals. >> reporter: their goal. >> to have fun and to learn about the animals and to enjoy the take. >> reporter: rebecca knight, who is 20 years old from philadelphia, definitely learned a little. >> i didn't think i would do that though. >> reporter: and they plaid a whole lot. >> we saw animals. we had lunch.
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we danced. we saw spider man. got my face painted. >> i love coming to the zoo and to see the animals here. i love coming to the zoo with all have of my friends, camp counselors. >> reporter: you can say this field trip got animals happy and the happy souls of so much. vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news", tonight a great g.o.p. divide what mike pence endorsement of paul rice an and growing defection from the republican party mean for future of the trump campaign. in tonight for scott pelley here now is charlie rose, take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> rose: trump in denial. but in another sign of division, his running mate goes his own way. >> i'm strongly supporting paul ryan. >> rose: and party elders sound an alarm. also tonight, fighting zika in the air and in the lab. >> hello, this is rachel... >> rose: a solution to those annoying robocalls. no more robocalls come to this phone, ever? >> this will ring once on your phone if this is in your house and then stops. >> rose: and there is a lien on this luxury apartment building. >> it's leaning 15 inches out towards the west. >> rose: and it's sinking, too. >> there's no one that can assure us that it's going to stop.


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