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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 14, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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it didn't go well. >> i love the super fan. that's taking it too far. >> unless your feet are tired. "the insider" together with yahoo! >> have a great weekend, everyone. >> pick me up right now. >> that would make sense. let's go. -- captions by vitac --
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". folks in philadelphia are trying to stay cool tonight after a day of dangerous heat, with more sweltering weather on the way tomorrow. good evening, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. tonight we have learned two people have died in philadelphia as a result of this heat. one, was a 67 year old woman, from north philadelphia, the other, a 82 year old woman, from the northeast. both apparently had pre-existing medical conditions. let's turn it over now to meteorologist, lauren casey in
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our weather center to tell us how hot it will get tomorrow. still not done with the weather yet? >> kind of in the middle of this multi day heat event that we've been dealing with all across the delaware valley today. temperatures were at near record levels, then we had the oppressive humidity on top of that, high temperature in philadelphia, today, 98 degrees, just 1 degrees shy of the all time record of 99, setback in 2002. then of course we had those saturated, soupy conditions on top of that, our high, heat index in dover today, 122 degrees. felt like 113 in millville. felt like 111 both in philadelphia, and atlantic city. just brutal heat and humidity. leading to those extremely high heat indexes, and temperatures right now, we are still very elevated at this hour, 88 degrees in philadelphia, at 87 in wilmington, the only differ genes, rain-cooled air up toward lehigh county, where we had been contend withing strong and severe thunderstorms, what's on tap
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for tomorrow? yes, more heat. we've had this excessive heat warning for the last two days, continues tomorrow, for majority of the delaware valley. runs until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. as we do have another day of heat, and oppressive humidity, so high temperatures cruising back up into the middle 90's, tropical like humidity values, pull it up 100 to 106 degrees, so it is so important heat is the number one weather killer. you want to take those precautions, drink plenty of water, take it easy, spends some time indoors, in the ac. we will talk about when we can feel some relief in your forecast, and that strong storm threat, that will be part of a risk along the i95 corridor tomorrow. all coming up in your full forecast. >> fans every jimmy buffet tried to stay hydrated down the shore, thousands gathered on the beach in atlantic city for a big concert, featuring legendary singer. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, was there.
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>> reporter: the atlantic city beach became its own margaritaville on saturday. as parrot heads gathered in droves, to hear singer jimmy buffet perform. >> i'm introduce dousing my son to jimmy buffet. i think the best venue to see him is on the beach. >> seems the generations are no match for the margaritaville singer. >> it is so cool, jimmy buffer he will actually doing. >> our grandparents do it every night down here at the shore. >> saturday marks the first of four of the atlantic city summer concert series, fans could not be happier. >> we love jimmy buffet. awesome. >> but what almost stole the show. >> kind of hot. >> the staggering heat and humidity. >> we went in the ocean. >> long sleeve shirt on. he has his sun block on so mom doesn't get up. >> for days leading up to the concert, reminded fans to protect themselves from the hot temperatures.
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>> hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. that was the main thing. >> it seems that was a given and well take glenn officials estimate crowd up to 30,000 people, less than 20 needed medical attention, and none were taken to the hospital. reporting in atlantic city, anita oh, cbs news. >> look for full resource guide on how to stay cool during this dangerous heatwave. check out our website >> take a look at this. crews reached a woman just as flood waters swallowed up her car near baton rouge, louisianna, they actually found her dog, underwater. it did survive, luckily, but at least three people have died in historic flooding in the southern part of the state. the national guard made countless rescues today, crews used a helicopter to rescue a man who was clinic to go a tree branch for hours. officials say more than 100 roads are cut off, as rivers and creeks overflow their bank. thousands every homes have also underwater.
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>> house is gone under, our pet, who are cents, everything gone under back there. >> pictures, you can't replace, and they are actually still in the big from last time, i've never put them up. >> officials say more rain is in the forecast, and flood watches are up across south louisianna through sunday. the search is on for gunman who shot and killed a mom and a member of his congregation in queens, new york, police say they were shot as they were leaving their mosque, this afternoon. the motivation behind the violence is still unknown at this point, but many from the surrounding community who attend the mosque are calling this a hate crime. >> we feel really insecure and unsafe in a moment like this. it is really threatening to us, and threatening to our future, threatening to the neighborhood. we are looking for the justice. >> police say there is nothing to indicate that the two men were targeted because of their fate. and, chaos erupts at a mall in north carolina after
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shoppers thought they heard gunfire. >> dozens scrambled to leave the crabtree valley mall in north caroline this afternoon, police say investigators are still trying to determine whether there was indeed a shooting. so far, they've not found any shell casings or any wounded people, and no one is in custody. a woman reaching for a can of soda that she dropped into the water nearly had her hand bitten off by an alligator. this happened yesterday at a camp near for the later dale. two witnesses grabbed 49 year old kimberly sexton by her leg, trying to keep her from being pulled into the water. as they tried to free her hand from the gator's jaws. she is currently in critical condition. the six and a half foot gator was euthanized. >> tonight authorities are investigating an officer involved shooting in mercer county. prosecutors say a corrections officer shot and killed a man who was trying to get into his house. "eyewitness news" reporter tran dough picks up the story from here. >> a woman cleaning up the
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front yard hearsay a tragedy occurred and that the family would have no further comment. meanwhile neighbors say they were asleep and didn't hear anything. >> gunfire errupted on vicky court, usually quiet cull cul-de-sac in hamilton new jersey around 4:00 a.m. police arrived to find dominick neal with critical gunshot wounds to the head lying near the front steps. >> right here, right around the corner here. it was a little scary. >> reporter: detective interviewed the home own here said he went out to his front poor top smoke between 3:30 and 4:00 a.m. he saw neal coming up the walkway in a black hoodie with his head down, one hand on his waistband, the other pointing toward the door. the homeowner fired streaking neal once. neighbors say they didn't hear anything. >> didn't hear anything at all, no commotion or anything, i didn't realize anything was going on until i came out 6:00 in the morning with my dog. >> police did not release the
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homeowner areas name but say he is a corrections officer. >> kind of keeps to himself. i know he is a corrections officer. and, you know, i don't really speak to him a lot. but, you know, like i said, he keeps to himself. you know, there has been no problems. >> officers found kneel's car a block away near the intersection of buchanon and mcclellan avenues. investigators say the homeowner's girlfriends was inside the house, and did have a domestic violence restraining order against neal >> med irks reached him to the medical center where he later died. so far no charges have been filed in this case. in hamilton township, mercer county, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, police are also now asking for the public's help in identifying a man who was found unconscious in southwest philadelphia. take a look, the man believed to be in his early 50's, is currently at penn presbyterian hospital, found lying unconscious in the street at 62nd and grace back on july 9th. hospital staff have not been
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able to identify him, and locate his family, so, if you do recognize this victim, please contact police right away. >> a stabbing outside after pat's steaks sends a man to the hospital. it happened at about 1:45 this morning. the 20 year old victim was stabbed once in the shoulder, and was treated at nearby hospital. it is not clear what led to the stabbing, and no arrests have been made. >> also, delaware state police are looking for this woman, investigators say, she poured bleach on another woman inside a target, because the victim was blocking the aisle with her cart. the violence happened in brandywine hundred last thursday, the police also struck a one year old child, who was in the victim's shopping cart, as well. they were treated for minor injuries. please, contact police if you recognize this suspect. stay with us, everyone, still to come: donald trump is trying to turn a traditionally democratic state red. where he set his site tonight as he tries to cut into hillary clinton's lead. >> and remembering the man who
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gave life to one of star most iconic characters. lauren? >> our excessive heat warnings remaining in effect through tomorrow. we'll let you know to expect plus better chance of strong storms closer to philly tomorrow. i'll time them out in your full forecast. >> some bad news for the eagles, rookie quarterback carson wentz, he's hurt, so how did it happen? lesley van arsdall will fill us in, coming up in just a bit in sports.
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>> welcome back, everyone, turning to campaign news, hillary clinton's runningmate rallied in new hampshire, donald trump trying to turn normally blue state republican red. >> brian web, explains >> blasted nominee, hillary clinton, on saturday night. >> she is going to raise your taxes, she's going to raise your regulations for your businesses, which is going to put everybody out of work. >> republican presidential candidate, hasn't won connecticut since 1988. but trump isn't riding off the state. >> we're making a big move for the state of connecticut. >> trump says in november, can he win states gone to democrats in recent elections, including, pennsylvania. friday, trump warned the
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election could be rigged, and now his campaign is recruiting trump election observers. the only way we can lose, in my opinion, i really mean this, pennsylvania, is if cheating goes on. >> trump trails clinton in national polls, and in most battleground states. >> when this campaign is all over, people have forgotten the losing campaign he ran, the two words they will remember about donald trump is you're fired. >> cp pick campaigned in new hampshire saturday criticizing trump's charger. >> this guy will make up anything. >> and we are not gull recall people. >> released 2015 tax returns friday and urging trump to dot same. >> brian web, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> man behind one of the most beloved star wars saga has died. kenny baker played r2 d2, the
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3-foot eight actor died today at his home in preston, england, no cause of death was given. kenny baker was 81 years old. and, giving back to the community in camden new jersey this weekend. the brothers of phi beta sigma, hosed community day today, hundred cents of families turned out at the park. plenty of food, music, and lots of fun activities for the kids. the fraternity has been active in camden county since 1978. doing voter registrations, have domestic violence, come out from the police department, giving out information about sigma beta club, our youth mentoring group, which operates here in camden county. >> the fraternity motto is culture for service and service for humanity. >> and today's heat and humidity could not stiffle competition at the second annual mayors cup in philadelphia's fairmount park. more than 800 runners hit the trails to participate in five
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event, including, a half marathon, a ten miler, and a 10k. race coordinators put water and gatorade stations all along the various race route. medics were also handing out lots of things to help everyone stay safe. >> now, philadelphia pools are closing early this summer season, due to staffing issues. this includes the northern liberties pool, on fairmount avenue. other pools that were slate today close this weekend, they're now staying open, because of this dangerous heat that we're experiencing. thirteen of the 21 neighborhood pools that were supposed to close will now be open from noon to 5:00 tomorrow. you can find a list of those locations on our website, just head there, can't come soon enough. you have to keep the pools open on days like this. >> absolutely, one of the places you can fine refuge from the heat, or stay indoors from the ac, almost like cabin fever. >> you have to stay inside, i know. >> again tomorrow, we'll have
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dangerous heat, heat indexes rising to trim digits once again, live look right now at center city philadelphia all quiet. but that steam factor is still with us, despite the fact, that it is past the 11:00 hour. our temperature right now, 88 degrees. still, feeling like 101, and high temperatures today, just brutal. 98 degrees in philadelphia, we topped at 96 allentown, record high temperature in atlantic city at 97 degrees. and temperatures are still well into the 80's, in many locations, 88 in philly, 86 in wilmington, do have rain cooled numbers up towards the lehigh valley and poconos where we've been contend withing strong, severe thunderstorms, down the shore no rain means heat still lingering, stone harbor, currently 84 degrees still in cape may. >> our feels-like values are still well up there into the 90's, even into the triple digit, still feeling like 105, in dover, as we head throughout the overnight period, those feels-like temperatures will be lingering, in the 90's,
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because of these numbers. our dew points tell us about that saturation, at the surface, and when they are up into the upper 70s, certainly low eight's, just so incredibly humid, and steamy outside, and as we head into the day tomorrow, we will see some marginal improvement. our comfort index goes from really above inch suffer recall, down to owe press of, dew points low 70s, to near 70 degrees. hit close to the seven open degrees mark little later in the day. so feeling a little bit more comfortable. but overnight tonight, that is not the case. only falling back to 81 degrees, partly cloudy conditions, feeling like 90s all throughout the overnight. for the day tomorrow, close to record levels once again, 96 degrees the high temperature, record is 99. mostly sunny conditions, and some late day thunderstorms starting to fire. but, storms today were concentrated well west of the i95 corridor, berks county seeing most rain full, pick up quarter to half inch. did see some locally higher amounts, and that is evident on our doppler estimates, over the last couple of hours, parts of carbon, monroe county
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picking up well over an inch as well as parts of berks county, strong, itself ear thunderstorms did move through. now the storms are starting to exit the area. very quiet in philadelphia, point south and east, but again, this storm activity has been concentrated up toward the poconos. and lehigh valley. but now that is starting to shift off to the east. this severe thunderstorm. so you are just about in the clear in mount pocono, but for the day tomorrow, we will see thunderstorms redeveloping once again. the storm prediction center has most of the delaware valley at marginal risk of severe weather, i think better chance at seeing few storms in and along the i59 corridor headed into tomorrow afternoon and evening, but, primary threats once again will be the very heavy rainfall, potentially some strong damaging winds, we did have some damaging winds reported in berks county, earlier, with robo strong winds, also frequent lightning, tornado and hail threat very low for the day tomorrow. but, our storm yes, sir portion of the area is going to be the poconos once again, downpours, thunderstorms
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likely, high of 84, mostly sunny during the day down the shore, do watch out for late day thunderstorm possible. high temperatures, cruising once again, back up to 97 in annulate tech city, 95 wilmington, 97 in dover, with the heat index values, well up into the triple digits across the area. and then, some more relief as we head into monday, not as humid, and not as hot. still 90 degrees. tuesday best chance of rainfall over the next seven days, with showers and thunder storms looking likely as cross good portion of the area, then fewly break the 90 streak on wednesday, with high of 88. >> sounds good to me. leslie has sport highlights? >> your night, yes, if you have phillies tickets. phillies battling the heat and the rockies tonight, carson wentz, on the shelf. tell you how long he'll be out of action. lane johnson talking about the possible ten game suspension
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>> eagles did get some players back on the practice field, back in action, after missing a week with injuries, but, they setback, they had a little setback here, rookie quarterback carson wentz is hurt, will be out of action for some time, he has hairline fracture in his robs. it happened in the second to last play thursday night when hit on a blitz. today he was complaining, he was sore, he was held out of team drills. a ct scan then revealed the fracture. the team hopes to have him back by the end of the pre-season. now, also today, lane johnson speaking for the first time after it was reported that he is facing ten game suspension. he expect he's going have to serve that, he blames positive test on supplement he button line. he said the supplement was approved by the players union, not the first time for johnson, lane suspended four games in 2014 for ped's.
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>> something i definitely want to avoid, nothing, nothing i want to be a part of. i have learned my lesson. i feel like the players have no rights. i feel something in the industry is not regulated, it is hard to believe, coming from second time offender, but i want that to be clear that the ffl does not stand up for players, they don't check the supplement they're giving us out, then when you call and ask them if you test positive or something they approve it, doesn't matter. >> well, the players union made this statement, after johnson's comment, we always stand up for the right of our players, mr. johnson's statements are factually and accurate. we've been in touch with both lane and his agent who now understands the fact. >> we constantly remind all players that even if a supplement is checked green, the supplement provider may not list certain ingredient, there in that a player can test positive for. >> game two for phillies and rockies, down at sweltering citizens bank park.
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check out this. just trying to stay school out there. look at jim thome, the phanatic shooting hotdogs out on alumni weekend. no problem there. long homer, left centerfield, 21st of the season. phillies take three to nothing lead. to the sport we go, freddie galvis at the plate, fred which single to center. will score easily on this, but phillies with four-nothing advantage. it is now four-three in the seventh, hitting the rope up the middle. off hernandez, phillies beat the rockies, six to three. and looking for team, today, the nationals released him, will pay the remainder of his $11 million salary strangled one year down in the nation's capitol, allowed eight runs on seven hits, last three outings, before he was row placed as the closer. he will and free agent next season. all time save leader the to the pitch we go, union facing
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new england, and second minute union, scores up the cross ball, man from chester will take the lead. to the 50th man in the union control. the union will beat the revolution, four to nothing. >> all right, leslie, thank you so much. i still think we need to get the phanatic a summer outfit. >> or at least a summer haircut, something? >> yes, so hot. tough out there. >> thanks, leslie. stay with us, still ahead, where folks of all ages can go to learn all about insect this weekend, even try out bug recipes, if you dare. >> oh, yum
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>> welcome back, academy of natural sinus is stud g sin this weekend, yes, all about bugs, the bug fest, and we there. kids, parents, will get a chance to see hundreds of live critters. can build a beehive, work on giant termite now. >> oh, no. >> what? the two day event also features roach races, bug walks, even insect chasing. lauren, leslie? >> oh, you can count me in. >> no, no. >> back in a
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes.
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and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here.
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>> fifth district hogs dollars first ever community day on ridge avenue, in roxborough. "eyewitness news" was therefore all of the fun. some kids got a chance to sit in a police cruiser and check out the equipment, as well. now the captain of the fifth district says this is their way of building relationships with the community. very, very nice. >> how cool is that? >> now, clearly we have to be a little more careful again, especially another hot day? >> excessive heat warning runs until 9:00 tomorrow night, 96 degrees, feeling like trim he will digit for most of the day, late day thunderstorms could be on the stronger side. monday some relief, not as humid, still 90 degrees, sunshine, then better chance of storms on tuesday. >> all right, lauren, thank you so much. thank you for joining us everyone. that will do it for us tonight. i'm natasha brown. for leslie, lauren, all of us, up early, join our morning team. we're back here tomorrow night at 11:00. take


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