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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 8, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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almost jumped out of my mouth. >> you can't do that to us. >> exactly. >> you pointed out overturned tractor trailer in new castle delaware. it is more serious. we will get to that in a moment. a lot of construction out there slowing you down. >> actually wet weather, some spots, damp road but worst of what happened has started to fizzle. that is good news. i will turn our focus to the major weather head line of the day. it is our heat advisory that will take effect as of noon time. it is still mild outside right now, however but we're currently in the 60's and 70's and muggy outside too. heat advisory won't go in effect until noon time for majority of our area, all of the state of delaware included and now even spills out over into maryland. here's that storm scan view i promised you. we have more activity the southwest of the city in the last few hours but is there still what is left of one pocket of steadier rain, and now pulling away, from sussex counties as well as southern most tip of cape mayment exit
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zero we still have damp roadways but regardless we are brightening up. we will end up with, a very, very warm afternoon. high or rather current temperatures currently standing at 73 degrees. seventy in trenton. seventy-three in philadelphia. if i can get this quick tore operate and go forward i will give you a sense of what the rest of the day has up its sleeve. why not just the seven day, now 94 is expect high. that was unintentional but habit. it is a steamy one, guys, over to you. >> hot indeed. thanks very much. if you are just waking up in case you haven't heard just yet take a look at this, you guys, overturned tractor trailer in new castle delaware what is this all over the roadway? this tractor trailer was carrying pennies. it is not just there but every where out there just make note it is completely flipped over. we have heard that the driver was treated on the scene with minor injuries. that is good news. i-95 north bound is block at
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route 141. you will want to take pulaski highway to du pont highway is your best bet. traffic is being diverted off of exit 5a which is airport road. if you come up this is what you will see, a live snapshot of what it looks like around that area and you can see how many vehicles are affect by this overturn tractor trailer and where 95 northbound is block. so again if you want to avoid this use pulaski highway to du pont highway. plus we have construction around this area as well that will slow you down as well. i-95 south between route 58 church man's road, three lanes, three lanes will be block until around 5:30. and by the way vine is now all opened, jim, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. philadelphia police have one man in custody following a series of violent robberies in the the rhawnhurst section of the city. >> we're told that the suspect may have struck more than once, "eyewitness news" reporter just to continue finch is live outside northeast detectives, and he has very latest on this
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ongoing investigation, justin. >> reporter: natasha and jim, good morning. police brought a 19 year-old man in custody at northeast detectives for a armed home invasion and armed robbery. we are told that the victims got a chance to identify the suspect face-to-face. the lets take you to video from the investigation going on, that armed home invasion came in close to 11:00 p.m. wednesday from a house on the 2,000 block of oakmont street in the rhawnhurst section. there second district police were met by a husband and wife both age 53 who tell police a 19 year-old man broke into their home and rob them pistol whipping that male victim and shooting his gun into their floor. that suspect getting a way on foot with the lap top and prescription pills. then about one block away on the 7400 block of large street another robbery report. a 28 year-old woman robbed at gunpoint and her purse snatched.
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her description matched the one the couple also gave and it went out over police radio, leading to that teens capture nearby on the 2100 block of bleigh street. >> the entire time they were chasing he was throwing items, purse, he threw lap top, identification, but police not only hade april rehemmings, but were able to chase town this 19 year-old sus peck. >> police did have identification from that female victim in the pocket of their suspect there and that male victim was taken to nazareth for stitches to his head for his injuries there we are live outside northeast detectives, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". natasha and jim back to you. also this morning "eyewitness news" on the scene of the fast moving fire that ripped through a home in moorestown burlington county. flames started around midnight the in the garage and quickly spread to the main part of the home of the 800 block of cox road. part of the roof also collapsed no reports of any
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yours or a cause. berks county school bus driver has been fired after leaving a little boy on his bus, the first day of kindergarten. five-year old was supposed to get drop off at elementary school in amonte township but prince okendo park hours park at the transportation yard. his mom called the school when he didn't come home at noon. >> i cried myself to sleep. >> you cried yourself to sleep. >> yes. >> reporter: how many times. >> four times. >> it was traumatize to go me. he was hot, sweaty, he didn't know who i was at first good poor little boy. superintendent for daniel boone's cool district said the school also failed by not notifying okendo when her son was mark absent. she plans to drive her son from now on. worried parents of the kindergarteners can attend a information session at the school tonight at 6:30. now in campaign 2016, news that the presidential candidates are back on the trail a day after making their cases to be command inner
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chief. hillary clinton taughted her foreign policy experience during last night's forum, while defending her use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary have of state. donald trump held back honorary vealing his plan to defeat isis while appearing opened to the eye tea of amnesty for undocumented immigrants serving in the armed services. we will hear response from his both of the candidates coming up in our next half an hour. also this morning, democrats released an e-mail exchange between former secretary of state colin powell and then secretary of state hillary clinton. it reveals powell advised clinton on the use of a personal e-mail server just two days after she was sworn in. democrats say that it shows powell advised clinton on skirting rules. powell has in the commented on the release but has reeve justly disputed that notion. well, more than 200 perspective jurors are expected to fill out questionnaires about the criminal case over lane closures on the george washington bridge. new jersey governor chris christie's former deputy chief
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of staff bridget kelly and deputy executive director of the port authority bill baroni are accused of closing the lanes as political pay back. the christie could be subpoenaed to testify, opening statements in the trial are expect september 19th. well, now for a look at newspaper headlines from the morning. >> bed bugs have infested a senior housing complex. residents at burlington county community action pro program senior apartment on hancock lanes have been dealing with the bed bugs for two months. the it could cost residents as much as $450 a piece to prepare for the plan treatment. in the times hurled the scene at horsham and warminster in recent years has new been found on former u.s. army base in worchester township. the test results taken from a well inside former u.s. army reserve center has tested positive for two chemical contaminants but they say there should be no impact to
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drinking water for local residents. reading eagle just when you thought fall was on the the way heat is coming back today and tomorrow. we will be so hot that the reading school district decided to send middle school students home early both days. >> that is some of the newspaper headlines from all around the delaware valley. happening today a northeast philadelphia school celebrates 75 years of service to their community. students at saint hubert's catholic high school for girls on torresdale avenue will gather for a mass and blessing at a 11:00 this morning. the saint hubert's opened on september 8th, 1941. the students will also perform the school's alma matter after mass. >> congratulations saint huberts. >> yep. >> exactly. stay with us, ryan lochte is facing suspension from swimming, we will tell you how long the punishment is expect to last. also ahead nasa goes asteroid hunting we will explain the mission that kicks off tonight but last for years. fashion sales, kanye west
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show during fashion week yesterday it is being described as anything but successful. >> oh, my. >> say it isn't so. >> we are live with more on what exactly went so wrong. >> thanks for cindy for tweeting this, bruce springsteen performing streets of philadelphia last night at citizens bank park. >> very nice, the boss broke his own record we will tell you all bit, coming up later in the show, stay with us, we are back in a
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well, talk about penny lanes, thinks a live look at i-95 in new castle delaware, as we have been telling you this morning, the northbound lanes are closed, paw a truck carrying pennies flipped and you can see aftermath there. meisha will have have more on the the detours, that is coming up in just a few moments. okay. get ready for this, fashion week continues in new york city and boy is it interesting. >> cbs news correspondent hena daniels joins us live.
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u.s.a. today describing kanye west fashion show as a quote hot mess. what happened? >> reporter: that is right, good morning, guys. well, yesterday kanye debuted his season four line here in new york city and on the streaming service tidal. unfortunately the reviews are pretty bad. the problem began early on when hip-hop artist and fashion designer decided to withhold the location of his show, until three hours before it is start time. then for the first hour of the live stream the camera was not pointed towards the runway or the crowds, or even the models but a view of a very cloudy new york city sky line. the stream also froze a few times during the runway show, even rewinding and replaying certain parts. it didn't get much better from there. there are reports of models dressed in nude body suits passing out in the hot sun, during the take buy of the
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collection. on the live stream you can see a model take off her heels on the runway after finding it difficult to walk in them and a few others just sitting in the grass looking bored, exhausted. despite some of these problems many kanye fans are calling the show more performance art then hot mess. of course, kanye's in laws the kardashians and jenner he's were in toe and supported kanye. >> it is just so awesome. i love watching his work come to life. >> now, if you were at the show, there are reports of merchandise for sale apparently, a t-shirt went on sale for $75 a pop. >> wow. >> i was on my way to that show and i just got sick of the traffic and just could not make it. >> just not cool enough. >> i'm glad i was than the able to make it there on time. >> good for you, jim. >> grab that t-shirt.
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>> seventy-five dollars. >> thanks, hena. nasa will blast off a spacecraft that will actually lannon the exotic asteroid benu, nasa says that the spacecraft osirus rex will be searching for material that helped build the sun and earlier planet. it will take up to seven years to complete. more information on the mission coming up in our next half an hour. i don't think i like anything for seven years. i have a short attention span, that is why i can't work at nasa. >> that mean i have only two more years. >> we have only known each other for five. >> after seven years, it is over. >> you guys must in the like each other you both have been around for a while. >> we are elder states man. >> yes, we are. >> the elders here. >> not a day over 20 here's. >> as we completely shift gears, and we are expecting to
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see overall, just a hot sunny and humid day here, in the delaware valley. there could be a couple more showers and thunderstorms, on the radar but for now on storm scan three all is basically quiet locally but you can see a couple of showers, then are storms rumbling through the southwestern counties and they have since fizzled. far off reside our next cold trent that isn't going to have a lot of fanfare when it pushes through. it does throwing to cool us town and we might end up with showers and storms out of it but they will be scattered in nature and not everybody will be in line for that possibility. although we will show you what the seven kay has up its sleeves. dew points starting to climb at 67 degrees on the dew point temperature and key here to remember is that lower that number gets better off you are when it comes to comfort. it means dryer air. when we hit 65 degrees or so it starts to feel stem i. that is where we stand. it does get more oppressive
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later tonight and we will be back up to dew points around 70 degrees or so. regardless, take you out to the tropics, very good check there, calm, collect accredits western atlantic and gulf of mexico not to medication caribbean sea but there is a system that at this point has about a six in ten shot of forming into something in the next five days. at this point the direction of this would take, mid atlantic and make a right-hand turn. that is many days away. we will keep an eye on the possibility but of course we are approaching the height of hurricane season. it the is worth a mention with something going on. we have heat and humidity. ninety-four today. ninety-three tomorrow. challenge a record high. there may be a shower or thunderstorm and another round saturday tonight but relief is on the way in time for the eagles game, meisha, back over to you. >> sound good, i will be there. good morning everybody. i want to call your attention to an overturn tractor trailer in new castle delaware. it happened around 2:00 a.m. driver of this rook will as
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you can see it looks bad. thankfully he only has minor injuries. he was treated on the scene. where is it? what was it car anything take a look down here, tons of pennies. every where. i-95 northbound because of thinks block at route 141. you will to have use an alternate pulaski highway is your best bet and they are diverting traffic. so, penny for your thoughts as this headaches sense. our traffic director here or i should say floor director bobbies looking at me like, that is meisha. giving me all this stuff. traffic is being diverted, look at this live shot, traffic is being divert todd exit number five, airport road, take a look at how many vehicles are out here. hard to see. maybe sitting at home you cannot see this. sea of headlights. that is exactly what it is, use an alternate. by the way there is construction in the same area. we will get to this in ten minutes. jim and natasha back over to you. thanks, meisha.
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we will have sports. lots going on. >> always, jim. >> including ryan lochte getting slapped finance his antics in rio. carson wentz and his early wake up call and national anthem kneeling that never happen.
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and you know what that means. it's time to grab a kfc twenty dollar fill-up. yeah! now available with extra crispy tenders. oh! hey, hold on, you're losing your tenders there. it's finger lickin' good! hi natasha. >> thanks so much for waking up with here on "eyewitness news". 5:12. >> patrick is here with sports. >> let me ask you guys, has there been anyone in this world that has been able to par lay his antics like ryan lochte has. >> he has more than his 152nd of fame. >> yes, after claiming to be
5:23 am
robbed at gunpoint in rio reports are that ryan lochte will be suspended for his behavior. no, u.s. olympic committee with u.s.a. swimming are expect to make the announcement soon. it is sounding like a ten month ban is in the works, three other swimmers involve will also be suspended but get a more lenient punishment. rio authorities say they will pursue a case begins lochte for filing a false police report. u.s. soccer star megan said she would neil during the national anthem in sol tart with 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick but last night she did in the get the chance. >> ♪ >> the washington spirit owner decided to play anthem before the players took the field. bill lynch says he wouldn't subject fans to what he called a disrespectful act. repino need during the rain game in chicago on monday. to be a great team you must have lead their show up early
5:24 am
and set a great example like our morning show crew who comes in way too early in the morning. >> carson wentz is following suit by showing up first the at novacare complex while showing his teammates that he means business. in his first start on sunday rookie quarterback will face cleveland browns, right here on cb. . perhaps one of the reasons why wentz is getting to the building before everyone else is his actual lack of game action during the preseason. rib injury health wentz to 24 passes, that means there is no rest for the rookie. >> carson, what time did you get here this morning. >> i was here about 5:15a lot of film study. chase got in here same time and we have been watching tape together and, you know, studying the game plan is what you do. >> that is the type of person, quarterback that we have. that is type of guy that we knew we had in carson wentz. the way he led the huddle on monday at practice and what he
5:25 am
has done just getting himself ready to go shows you the type of leader and type of person that he is. >> sunday is the big day and we want you hanging out with us, here is the schedule, toyota sunday kick off at 11:30 a.m. nfl on cbs is at noon. eagles and browns kick off at 1:00. after the game we will break it down with the cure auto insurance post game show. back at home phillies could in the buy a win. they finished zero ape six but they were headed for a sweep last night, but then they played, no score in the first, itchero just never stops hitting, that is a trip until to the corner off jeremy hellickson. he would score on a rbi ground out to give marlins a one to nothing lead. the that is all, andrew cashnor needed, he has struggled with the marlins but in the last night, he threw five and a third innings of shut out ball, striking out nine, and marlins win six to nothing. fightins shut out for third
5:26 am
time in the last nine games. sticking to baseball or football or whatever it is this guy does, tim tebow might be close to finding a new team. blue jays are reportedly one of about eight teams in the mix for his services, former heisman trophy winner and nfl quarterback worked out for multiple major league teams a year week ago. tebow has in the played baseball since high school about 12 years ago. sixers helped out celebrating their first day of school. students were greeted by sixers mascot the franklin and surprised with some sixers swag, and school supplies. over 200 team staff members helped decorate the school as part of the teams commitment to community service. >> good job. >> good for them. >> yes. >> well, thank you pat. coming up next on "eyewitness news" donald trump and hillary clinton talk national security we will have a full report on their commander in chief forum. you might to have change your commute, northbound i-95
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is closed, in new castle delaware after a truck spilled pennies all over the road. >> pennies. >> pennies, jim. >> penny for your thoughts as meisha says. meisha has an update coming up straight ahead, katie. time to grab our piggy banks, um. we are looking ahead to a hot steamy day and this is just the beginning, triple digits, heat index values are back in the forecast i'll tell you for how
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i-95 in new castle is closed right now after a truck spills a load of pennies, you cannot make this up, guys that is what is playing out. good morning i'm natasha a brown in for brooke, i'm jim donovan. meisha has more on the 95 closure, in just a minute but here's what you need to they to start your day in the morning minute suspect is in custody following a violent home invasion in the rhawnhurst section of philadelphia. >> one teen suspect now under arrest for two crimes, home invasion and armed hold up. >> frightening experience for a little berks county boy left on the bus on his first day of kinderga


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