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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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these fans. as i said i noticed, through my phone on the ground and lit up in the flames. >> a smart phone scare for a south jersey man, his phone burst into flames in his pocket, as he sat in the crowded classroom. tonight he is telling his smoke shocking story to "eyewitness news". i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reportser alexandria hoff joins us from mount laurel with this story, alex, my goodness, what a thing to have happened. >> reporter: i know, he had a iphone six plus just like this one but it doesn't look like this anymore. he said while he heard about these kind of incidents happening, it is with other brand he did not expect to it happen with an apple product. >> a puff of smoke, he pops up and terrible smell, of like
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burned plastic. >> reporter: all that come from the back pocket of darren lovety where he typically keeps his cell phone while in class at mount laurel campus of rowan college at burlington county. >> it is a hole. >> reporter: that is where he used to keep it. >> i smelled smoke, i stood up, and i went upward because it was burning my leg, so as i switched up i noticed i was smoking. i threw through the phone on the ground and lit up into flames. i kicked it down, made the fire go out. >> reporter: by all account his cell phone had simply ignited. >> super embarrassing, the whole class got evacuated. >> reporter: darren has had his iphone six plus for about six months and that it has been working normally. earlier this month samsung suspended their galaxy note seven phones after reports that battery issues were causing the phones to catch fire. darren says he didn't expect this from an iphone. >> i have always heard about
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samsung, blowing up and actually harming people. i guess i got lucky. >> reporter: we did reach out to apple and they say they are inn investigating. rowan college of burlington county college tells us they are happen that i to one was hurt. >> he could have been on a phone call against his face, it could have been so much worse. >> reporter: sitting in class and next thing you are putting out a fire, i mean completely, complete thely random. we do want to mention there have been scattered reports of iphone around the country catching fire but those were all plugged in and charging at the this time. the interesting thing about darren's case is that he says his phonying nighted as it was dead, and off, in his pocket. reporting live, i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> very scary, alex, thanks very much. another day of rain is causing flooding around the area. this is video from sussex county, delaware a flood warning is still in effect right the now and rising water continues to threaten communities there. coastal flooding a concern
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tonight, this is what it looked like in stone harbor where high water shut down roads, and "eyewitness news" viewer tweeted this photo of an under water intersection, we will check in with meteorologist kate bilo for latest on this system, kate, this has been hanging around. >> it has, jessica and those videos are definite the liz stunning, very dangerous as flooding continues into tonight and once the sun goes down it is hard to see what road are flooded how deep water is. please be safe down the shore but southern delaware. you can see swirl of the upper low still sitting, spinning but pulling this moisture from the south. there are some showers forming off the coast of north carolina all lifting to the north and that means before the night is through we could pick up a few more downpours before this system finally starts to weaken, this weekend. rain amounts in the past couple days look at these numbers 13.89 inches in harbison, delaware. these look like snow instead of rain totals. 13 inches in harbison. stockily delaware at 11.5.
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milford 10.75. dover pick up half foot at 7.31 inches and blackbird new castle county 5.32 inches of rain. that water has in where to go. it is sitting on the road. flood warning continues until 6:30 for kent county delaware, sussex county delaware until midnight and that could be extended depending on the status of the flooding at that time. route five washed out, several road are closed, bethenny beach seeing route one clouds, delaware, route 113 and milton delaware continues minor street flooding. coming up there is a lot to talk about in our weather headlines. we will time this out, tell you when this system will finally clear out. it will, i promise. it doesn't feel like it but it will. latest on major hurricane matthew and where it will go. for now back to you. last hour we have learned new jersey's gas taxis going up by 23 cents, governor christie and democratic lead's announced the deal to use the tax continue on crease and replenish the transportation trust fund and end a long
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summer long standoff that led to a statewide construction freeze. >> any other tax increase, i'm authorizing this one because the importance of the transportation trust fund, and tax fairness we accomplish together, and compromise that has been reached and because we need to respond this type of activity. >> the new revenue will finance the fund for eight years. our natasha brown will have more on how this change will affect drivers in new jersey, that is tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. the investigation continues, into what caused the new jersey transit train crash in hoboken, new jersey. train plowed through hoboken station yesterday morning killing one person who was standing on the platform and hit by debris. ntsb recovered one of the two event recorders last night and investigators say the other will take sometime to recover. new jersey transit service remains suspended indefinitely in and out of the hoboken terminal. >> right now it is a very unsafe situation, there is a
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canopy resting on top of the train, once that is removed we will look more closely as this train. >> fifteen people remain hospitalized. stay with "eyewitness news" as we follow all of the latest developments in the deadly train crash we will have updates here on television and web site at cbs friend, family and fellow fire fighters gathered in delaware to remember the lives of two fallen wilmington fire fighters. a funeral mass was held in wilmington this morning for lieutenant christopher leach, many also turnout in hockessin delaware to show their support at a funeral service for senior fire fighter, jerry fickes. both men died when a floor collapsed, during a house fire saturday. >> deep down, it was all about their kids, second was fire service, and their families, they absolutely loved fire fighting. >> at a time like this, they truly understand gravity of what these men and women are willing to give up to keep us
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safe. >> joint memorial service will be held for both fire fighters tomorrow, vice-president biden will be attending, that begins at 1:00 at chase center on the wilmington river front. this sun take, marks ten years since unspeakable violence erupted inside an amish schoolhouse in the heart of the lancaster county. october 2nd, 2006 charles roberts, entered the west nickel mines school in bart township and took ten young girls hostage. the delivery man from a nearby town shot the girls as police tried to enter the schoolhouse, killing five and seriously injuring five more before taking his own life. it was an attack on innocent lives that brought a deeply faith based community to its knees and yet forgiveness what's mediate. >> we had a conversation my dad had with them outside to hear him come in and say they were concerned but and your children and wanted to know to forgiven charlie. >> and tonight at 11:00 more from the wife of the killer. she opens up about amazing
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acts of kindness from the amish, just hours after the murders and even now, ten years later, our alexandria hoff travels back the county and explores how this tragedy changed the community that strives to remain unchange. nurses picketed in front of the hahnemann demanding higher staffing and at hospitals around philadelphia. union leaders health care workers and elect officials held signs saying ratio of nurses to patients is unsafe. the protesters also unveiled a petition signed by thousands of workers. >> the hospitals are worse then others, but they are unsafe in all of them. they need to be fixed. >> late this afternoon hahnemann released this statement, hahnemann university hospital has been negotiating for several months with pennsylvania association of staff nurses anal identify professionals, and remains committed to reaching a collective bargaining agreement as we move through this process, our focus remains as it always has been to provide high quality patient centered care. and still to come tonight,
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on "eyewitness news", born to run. >> can you please sign my sign. >> he is heading out on the streets of philadelphia but he brought in the next day that has a lot of people talking. the excuse straight from bruce springsteen, and himself. and you can call it a signed bird are on the right path, reason these fans are saying carson wentz is right where he belongs. it could be the end of an era for phillies, ryan howard's last days playing for phillies, we will tell you how the team plans to honor him, when we talk to you later in sports.
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does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you?
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music legend bruce springsteen is more than just the boss, he ace parentally a really nice guy too. >> he signed an excuse note for philadelphia fifth grader
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who skipped school yesterday to meet him. michael fenerty waited in the rain outside free library any philadelphia with is his dad and hundreds of other fans. he was holding a meet and greet to promote his new book. idea to have bruce springsteen sign his excuse note was all his. >> i take out my letter and pen from my pocket and say, bruce, can you please sign my absent note. >> he said, sure. >> and then he takes it, and he says, and then he was like okay, and he signed it. i was just amazed. >> i love that he read it out loud, he knew what he was signing there. if it is all too good to be true there is the proof, he retweeted the pictures of the note. clearly he liked the idea as well. >> how about that. >> that is great. >> boss is the man that is what eagles fans are calling carson wentz. >> the man, no doubt about that. >> mall street in olney is being put on the map so to speak because of the
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quarterback. john mcdevitt from kyw news radio shows you the special connection. >> reporter: wentz street, and it is thrilled the name of his favorite player. and his favorite eagles player at quarterback carson wentz. >> he has a great receiving squad right there. they are still young so they will, mold with him. he is young, rookie. he has a couple guys that are veterans. and, he will mold into this great quarterback and we talk about that all the time. >> reporter: one says that when they say they live on wentz street, and, what and where to, oh, wentz street is a tiny little street, bigger than a football field but residents hearsay they are super fast. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> many residents get together on game day. >> we all know each other since they were little. we hang out. we have a great time. >> reporter: andy keen has all
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sorts of eagles memorabilia and started to collect carson wentz items and, is excited the quarterback to stop by any time he wants. >> we would have i big barbecue, throw him a block party, anything he need. we would have a big time party. >> went will be the guy. he we will make playoffs. >> reporter: john christopher leach defendant for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> yes. >> that would be awesome. >> that would be cool, hanging out on the block party. >> today is miserable outside. >> today indoor activities are hard to keep because sunday is your better day to get outside. get everything done around the house tomorrow because tomorrow does not look like a great day. it will be cloudy, dreary, damp once again even though we're not talking about heavy rain, even a shower or two, just continuing to put a damper on the weather in place for a few days now. we will take you down the shore where we're looking ugly right now. there is mist, drizzle hanging around, low cloud, and fog,
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and it is an ugly evening in ocean city. still a few folks outside on the boardwalk, funnel cake makes everything better, but definitely feeling the breeze out there today, very strong wind down the shore and another threat for coastal flooding, high tides, both oceans and of course back bay. storm scan three shows not a whole lot of wet weather happening, there is drizzle being picked up here on storm scan three over northern and central, new jersey, a couple showers here and there, hard to pick up on those tiny particles, of mist, drizzle and that is what we are feeling out there, and, it is happening but we are not seeing it on the radar picture. here's the storm that is responsible pulling in more moisture from the south. these showers forming off to the south those will lift north and we could get a few more pot event showers overnight into tomorrow morning. but we have already seen this storm do its work across portions of delaware. look at these totals, from around an inch in our northern suburbs, over 4 inches this portions of cape may county but sussex county, delaware and kent county, got the it the worst. we have had over 12 inches,
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anywhere you see that gray around millsboro, georgetown, up toward harbison which clocked in with over 13 inches of rain in the past 48 hours. very dangerous conditions. the flooding is ongoing as i told you earlier there is a flood warning until midnight for sussex county. future weather shows not a whole lot in the way of heavy rain here throughout the rest of this evening. tomorrow morning is there an indication of few heavier showers could lift through down the shore, and so around 9:00 a.m. we may see that tomorrow. that lifts out and then tomorrow afternoon not a wash out, just scattered showers, drizzle and still cloudy, damp and cool. sunday, it looks better, see cloud beginning to thin out, dryer air works its the way in by sunday afternoon we may start to see, some sun returning. and here's the latest on matthew, very, very strong hurricane new look at that eye structure, classic look. it will turn north toward island of jamaica this weekend. category four, it may weaken slightly as it makes that turn but this could land jamaica as
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a major category four hurricane. it may weekend it into next week. thinks wednesday still down near bohamas and keep a very close eye where that storm goes whether it will make that turn, out in the the atlantic and stay away but certainly everyone along east coast need to keep an eye on this system, every where, it is still in play once it leaves bohamas so we will keep you posted on. that eyewitness weather seven day forecast no mention of matthew here, staying dry, once we get sun back sunday but it will be around on and off with cloud in here until next week. pretty stretch ahead once we get rid of the rain. >> thanks, kate. >> resident now have another way to reach out to report any emergency. 911 is just a test away. >> "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos shows us all how camden county communication center is working in lindenwald. >> the camden county 911 center received some 1 million calls a year. >> we were the first, in the
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entire state, to implement this new technology, this new software. >> reporter: camden county freeholders, susan says that the program, first launched at this center in march, and earlier this month, went statewide. >> you hear somebody stayed wide and it is break nothing your house. you are in the closet inn settled of calling. text 911. >> reporter: already 300 emergency text come in the camden county communication sent's loan. seventy-five required assistance including 15 for drug dealing calls, two forearmed suspects, and, one for breaking an entering. walk me through, i text in. >> 911. >> um-hmm. >> sent. >> dispatcher mike san tore owe says it is simple, texture emergency, where you are located to where you are located. >> first question we ask them is if they can call, if they can safely make a call, we would rather have them do that. >> reporter: if you cannot or don't know where you are, dispatcher will send first responders to the area closest
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to where gps and cell towers have pinned your phone. >> we can start officers out to the area and just explaining to them what we have gotten over the text. >> next to the text system is being able to text pictures and video. that system is not the in place. state funding is needed for. that reporting here from camden county, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, leslie, is what coming up next in sports. >> i have some bad news, we have a scare for the sixers number one draft pick. and phillies playing their final home stand, and likely good bye to ryan
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well, we're just going to wrap it up, wrap it up. >> the perfect world big piecings out this style and phillies, spoil mets wild card hopes that would be fun? let's hope. >> lets do it. >> final three games of the phillies season starts tonight at the bank when they host the mets. these will likely be the final three games for ryan howard in the phillies uniform. team will be honoring him before sunday's season finally. big piece, last member of the 2008 world series championship team. so howard's ryan preparing for his last game in pinstripes. pete mackanin says he will keep it to himself. >> he doesn't show a lot of emotion, and he has been asked if he has some feelings of nostalgia about being here but he is just out there to play. he is just taking it as professional, playing the game one at a time, he will just play games and try to hit.
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>> you can share with us your favorite ryan howard moment, by using the #thanks ryan on facebook, instagram and twitter, or you can go on our web site at cbs ryan just our way of saying thank you to the big piece. well, bad news on the final day of training camp for sixers this years topic ben simmons rolled his right ankle during a scrimmage. he was taken in tests. we are a waiting those results. injury may stop him from playing in the team's first exhibition game on tuesday against celtics. well, that is as you know eagles are off, they return to practice monday. carson wentz is gathering most of the headlines because of his great play how about head coach doug pederson. he is the first eagles coach to win his first three games. i spoke with the voice of the eagles merrill reese about the kind of job that doug has done owe far. >> i'll tell you doug pederson came here and had right temperament, he change entire atmosphere at novacare way. you can just feel the entire
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chemistry of the building pick up. he is a great guy. he is an outstanding communicator, players like him, coaches work well with him. >> and later tonight, the friday football frenzy you are looking live at neshaminy high school for featured game with mesh neshaminy taking on abington and coaches speech when i see you at is 11:00 tonight. >> yes. >> okay. >> we will be rightk;,t
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and a mom working as a restaurant hostess. imagine trying to do that today, with washington looking out for the favored few. i'll bring a different point of view to the u.s. senate - working class roots and the mother of three, i'll put middle class families ahead of wall street. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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red carpet may have some paw prints left on it after an event tonight. >> animal planet's new series life at vet u held it preview party tonight in philadelphia cast and crew gathered at university of pennsylvania for a screening of the first episode, look at this puppy. the show spotlights u penn's school of veterinary medicine and it will feature six vet students and their four legged patients. >> beautiful. i have been over there a couple times. >> they do a great job. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on cw philly. we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. take care family, we will see you tonight.
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when pat toomey went to wasworking for wall street... toomey's plan would risk social security on the stock market, lining bankers' pockets with fees from our benefits that... could total billions, even if the market crashes, and seniors lose everything. katie mcginty is working for us. a mother of three, and ninth of ten kids, mcginty knows what matters. she'll fight for equal pay, affordable college, and... she'll always protect social security. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the campaign takes an ugly turn over a beauty queen. a twitter war breaks out over trump's treatment of women. >> who gets up at 3:00 in the morning to engage in a twitter attack against a former miss universe? >> pelley: also tonight, after yet another air strike, tears for the most innocent vps of the syrian civil war. background checks for gun biers. a new report find a dangerous flaw. and a modest cowboy brings law and order to west. >> i just figured it was the right thing to do, you know,. >> pelley: steve hartman on the trail. ths


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