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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  October 14, 2016 3:22am-4:01am EDT

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jersey joint the wings are so finger-licking good they'll make you forget what you're doing. >> are we still filming. >> the jug handle has been here nor years. >> wings started in 1980. >> we continue today. >> kevin and coal stone are the inn keepers fourth owners in over 100 years. since inn was originally owned and known as hole in the wall. now jugs patrons make marks on walls and ceilings and jug continues to make this spots off 73 a destination for wings. >> we do about 100 cases of wings a week. >> a week. >> a week. >> our wings are unusual we keep tips on them we added different sauces to it. >> 50 sauce combinations to be exact. hi to spread my wings. >> check out wing span. >> before getting dressed these wings are coated in a special breading dropped in the fryer and silzed until golden and crispy and then get ready for garlic wings.
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>> so awesome. >> sticky asian chilly wings. >> sweet, tanky, spicy. >> finger lick eup amazing. >> hot and honey or even sweet garlicy bar b cue wins. >> is there a laidle served with this. >> they will send your taste bud soaring with balanced eagle wings hot, hot, hot, has been fairy sauce. >> i'm a big fan kevin. >> you mind holding my hair back, please, do you have a damp cloth maybe, pat me down. wow. i think my vision it going blu blurry. >> that was hot, but worth the tasty pain. >> you get a pen that says i can handle balanced eagles at the jug. >> thanks. >> i did it. >> i did it. >> is my makeup still on my face. >> tori. >> she was sweating. >> she was sweating big time i
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love you tor. >> get those wings, girls. >> great job. lauren joins us with the forecast on this friday eve i like to call it. >> it's friday sgleev it's friday. >> it's official. >> we're a little later it's official. >> and a good weekend. pumpkin patch weekend. >> nice. >> or khandz will be beautiful for all the fun, fall activit activities, nice sunny conditions and crisp as well and beautiful conditions now as we get a live look at center city, philadelphia, clear skies, 57 degrees. cooler and drier air building in to the city as we speak. dew points dropped off 10 degrees since earlier this afternoon it was a little muggy today and we dealt with that fog this morning with drier air building in. and we'll lead to a chillier morning as we lie awake friday morning and yes, for the upcoming weekend, sunny and crisp. great for fall activities. but warm as we head into next week making a run at 80 degrees possible. storm scan three showing trend last couple hours and clouds clearing out of here and
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crystal clear sky conditions northeast and up to new england and we have a possibility high activity and you could catch northern lition in northeastern pennsylvania. look for that you're still awake. over the next couple hours we could see them possibly at the horizon. pretty sight and sky conditions are perfect. if you head out and take a peek you'll need that jacket in the poconos. temperatures down to low 40s. low 50s in lehigh valley and still happening upper 50s in philadelphia and drier air is continuing to spill in from northwest to southeast. dew points already down into the 30s. so that crisp air taking over in the lehigh valley and up towards poconos. berks koumentsy as well and riding in on the north to northwesterly flow. we did have a cold front come through earlier in the day and generated clouds and showers activity and now clear skies will proceed as we head into the overnight period.. and with drier air and cooler air comes cooler temperatures. we wake up tomorrow morning or actually should be tomorrow morning but we're past midnight so this temperature or day turned over. 38 as we wake up in poconos and
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37 allentown and along the i 94 corridor temperatures in the . it will feel a little chillier touch of breeze. it will impact our feels like temperatures as we need tomorrow morning dropping down into the . low 40s in philadelphia. possibly 20s in the poconos and even into the 9:00 hour. still feeling like 30s in that area. and tracking hurricane nicole, still a category two hurricane. brush by bermuda earlier until the day as category two hurricane. 122 miles an hour and conditions will start to improve. nicole continues to move off to the north, northeast and will eventually dissipate. over the on atlantic, not going to be a threat to the united states. and overnight tonight ooption .ostl >> beautiful conditions in store. bright sunshine. crisp and cooler high temperature of 64. across the region tomorrow, nice conditions albeit breezy at times in poconos. 55 down the shore.
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very nice sunshine. high temperature of 62. as we head to upcoming weekend down right pleasant and chilly saturday morning. 45 degrees. but as we need surprised, high temperatures rebound up to near 70. few showers possible again monday and then check that out. 76 on tuesday. 78 on wednesday. that would be about 10 degrees above average. >> wow, that's high. >> uh-huh. >> a lot this time of year. >> yeah. >> thanks, lauren. >> also talking about birds, don bell. >> woo [ laughter ]. >> too hot. >> you're excited about it. >> i'll take it. >> why not? >> we're talking about the birds, sorry. >> eagles trying to snap the losing streak to washington. we'll hear from one of their leaders and joel embib is playing more and that's a good thing for the sixers. see what the big man did tonight in washingtonment see what the big man did tonight in washingtonment sports coming up next
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katie v/she stays late.rd.
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but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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>> time for sixers. joel embib is ready for 15 minutes of fame. sort of. sixers kept the big man on minutes restriction since returning from injury. it started at 12 and now all the way up to 15. sixers visiting the wizards tonight. first quarter we go. sixers down by 10. then what do you do, give the ball to the big man. >> united states of americay i ukee, i know you love it. >> later on embib again. where are you joel, on the rim. slamming it home. slamming it home. look at that group effort ther there. 14 minutes. 11 points, steal and block and sixers take the loss, 1 00-7 the final. >> eagles loss three in a rotating back to 2014 the last
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time they played was in december of last year a 1 14-point loss and of course this is a different birds team. new head coach and new quarterback and overall eagle maybe-1 after the bitter loss to detroy troyt they should be focused. >> there's enough most vacation we're coming off a loss. we want to get back in the winning column. and it's divisional game on the road. and that's enough motivation in itself. we don't feel pressure if we don't win. everything all of a sudden is out of control. >> malcolm's beard is so strong. he credits his wife for the way by the strong beard. that's neither here nor there. thursday night football denver and san diego at san diego. tossed for 178 yards for chargers go on to win this thing 21-1. hey he told me that himself i'm not making it up. what does she have to do with the beard she trims it for him. >> no. >> how is she responsible for
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it. >> i'll ask him. >> i have a follow up question malcolm beard grooming 101. >> thanks the. >> up next, lauren has weekend
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>> cbs3, cw philly and komen philadelphia are team up in the fight against breast cancer turning the sky line pink. >> penns landing columbus boulevard hilton all aflow in pink. october is national breast cancer awareness month and pink lights reminder to schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant in the fight against breast cancer this is lights for cure campaign and you can find more information at cbs laura. >> taking a look at the upcoming weekend. beautiful conditions in store across the delaware valley and beautiful to get out there. check out fall foliage
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especially poconos. low humidity takes you throughout the weekend with high temperature warming to 60 s. by end of weekend city looking great with high temperatures 70 surprised and beautiful down the shore temperatures in mid up toer 60s pass >> thank for staying up
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late with us our morning steam back 4:30 to 7 a.m. for don, jaes and kate for everyone i'm ukee washington. >> and i'm nicole brewer we're always on cbs >> the late night show isw i next. >> good morning, familiar. next. >> good morning, familiar. have a good night the "insider," tracking the biggest stories, making news today. they are offensive comments for women, period, yes. >> number one, the woman from trump's leaked video on the record, and she is not the only one. >> but it's when he started to put his hand up my skirt. inside the donald's comparisons to bill cosby? why women are choosing to come forward now. >> it helps them to feel less ashamed.
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less blamed. >> then, jon hamm opens up on his trip to rehab. how the mad man" start beat his demons. >> how are you feeling? >> i feel good, thank you very much. >> and number three, justin timberlake dropped the mike on his netflix concert. ♪ that girl is poison the three things we learned and loved. ♪ plus your "insider" bonus. ♪ you've got know when to hold them ♪ >> and now kenney rogers is ready to fold them. why he is retiring. >> my health is starting to bother me a little. i don't know how much time i have got. >> now the "insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. the woman in the middle of the trump case, speaks out. why ""days of our lives"" star arianne zucker wasn't shocked by his comments at all. >> tell you what, the flood gates seem to be opening as more women are coming forward
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accusing the donald of acting inappropriately. >> will there be more and why are people comparing what's going on with trump to bill cosby? >> trump's past bad boy behavior. >> it feels surreal to be in it. i'm not quite sure if i believe it yet. >> i've got to use some tic tacs just in case i start kissing her. >> they are offensive comments for women, period. >> a hug, absolutely. >> what about the role of billy bush? some people believe that he egged it on. what is your reaction? >> who knows what he needed to do in the relationship. because when he came off the bus, along with mr. trump, i had no feeling but professional. that's it. >> the soap star in the midst of a real life drama, harder to believe than anything her character went through on "days of our lives"". >> i'm available, really, mr. trump back on the market and i thought maybe --
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>> look, i'm a happily married man. >> she said she is ready to move on from the ordeal and stopped short at accepting trump's apology. >> that was an interesting apology. i think, young men can learn from this. of how not to be in front of women, or when they are speaking about women. >> and in the wake of the explosive audio being leaked by "the washington post," the floodgates have opened. >> it was a shock when all of a sudden, his hands were all over me. >> jessica leads alleged to "the new york times" she was victimized when she was seated next to him in first class. >> when he put his hand up my skirt, i was out of there. >> natasha stoynoff alled trump forced a kiss on her in 2005, while reporting on his first wedding anniversary with melania, trump vehemently denies both those allegations. >> these claims are all fabricated. they are pure fiction and they are outright lies. >> i think the definition for
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sexual assault has really changed. now, if somebody is giving you sexually unwanted attention that can be considered sexual assault. so, what we consider it today, it may not have been considered legally or even psychologically 20 years ago. >> our psychology insider dr. robi ludwig explains why some women feel comfort in numbers when deciding whether or not it come forward with allegations an of abuse. >> very often they question whether they did something to encourage it. so hearing other women telling their story, they become a support group for one another and it helps them to feel less ashamed, less blamed. >> she says we saw a phenomenon like that with bill cosby, though the allegations against cosby are far worse. >> i would appreciate it if it was scuttled. ? both these cases with cosby and donald trump, some women are saying that they got unwanted sexual attention and that it felt uncomfortable. >> all right, we are going to
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move on to jon hamm tracking at number two as he opens up about his time in rehab. how are you feeling? >> i feel good, thank you very much. yeah. >> you are looking good. >> thank you very much. >> you wake up like that, don't you? >> no, i do not >> that was john, just out of rehab for alcoholism back in 2015. his "mad men" series where he was constantly seen with a cocktail was ending. >> you are leading the dance. >> while his sober life was just beginning. >> john! >> now, the 45-year-old actor is opening up about his rehab journey to mr. porter's the journal saying there's something to be said for pulling yourself out of the grind for a period of time and concentrating on recalibrating the system, it works, it's great. ham also credits therapy with helping him turn his life around stating, i know it's a luxury and it's not something everyone can afford, but if you can, do it. it's like a mental gym. >> hi. >> we are the jones's. >> now with the new movie,
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" keeping up with the jones up opening up next week and while he split last year from his partner of 18 years, he hasn't given up on family life and becoming a dad. telling the journal, i'm not going to analyze myself here, but well, never say never. all right, we will switch gears and move on to the number three tracking story. something you are excited about, justin timberlake, his single, "can't stop the feeling" officially the best selling song of 2016. >> and it should be, and yesterday, he released his netflix sflim justin timberlake and the tennessee kids," and i sat on my couch and watched every single minute of it. it was everything. here are three things we learned and we loved about jt's 2020 experience. >> you all came to party tonight. >> 1, 2, 3. ♪ i want to rock your body >> rocking everyone's body is the number one reason we heart
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j.t. straighting the obvious here, but the boy can sing and dance. >> proving he still had has all the right moves, the 35-year-old had the audience swooning with his hips. and i can't stop what i'm feeling especially when he goes old school. ♪ that girl is poison leading us to the number two jt take away, the triple threat loves the throw-backs. dropping the mike with the '90s hit "poison" before mellowing out with a classic from the king of pop. ♪ reaching out, touch a stranger ♪ ♪ electric eyes everywhere >> some other timberlake tidbits during this nearly two-year 2020 experience tour, justin performed a total of 134 shows and grossed $231 million. ♪ but, the number three reason jt completely steals our hearts, he is not afraid to get emotional.
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holding back tears and overwhelmed justin took his final bow during the last show which was dedicated to prince. ♪ show you a few things but it was not just concert goers who felt the love. using #timberlake and chill, justin delivered pizza to fans who tweeted him while they streamed the netflix special like use ear nugget britt who tweeted.many things to @j timber lake and the kids for the pizza. this means the absolute world to me. >> all right, that is awesome. but i would have preferred if justin delivered the pizza. >> you would have lost your mind, okay? you would have lost your mind. let's get to the news that has "star wars" fans fired up. yo, and our social station. i'm so excited, that is right, guys, 64 days until rogue 1, drops in theaters. not that i'm counting or anything. and the new trailer tops
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tonight's inside take. >> what is this? >> you feel every generation has been affected by the franchise. >> if my father built this thing, we need to find him. >> felicity jones is on a mission and suited up. hold up. this girl is not playing. how was it learning kung fu? >> i love that whole side of it. i mean, i have done so many things in corsets. it was nice to do something a little bit more physical. >> what you become? >> if you were ashley, how would you feel about joe kissing and telling? >> watch out, ashley greene clapped back. yesterday, joe jonas made all kinds of headlines with his revelation that his first time was with green. overnight, it seemed she responded with this instagram post, class is timeless. ♪ but the internet is forever. >> all right, coming up --
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♪ islands in the stream that is what we are ♪ >> dolly and i met with "islands in the stream" and our friendship has been over 30 years now. >> but were they ever more than friends? kenny rogers speaks out about his fellow country legend. >> we teased each other for 30 years. ♪ but the way we have always been ♪ >> and then it's shear madness. >> i don't mind but i'm also not -- >> our "insider" style guide has the dos and don'ts of the transparent trend. >> i think when you get past a certain age, you want to cover certain bits and pieces up. >> and madea is back, and we are breaking down her empire by the numbers. just how many jobs has tyler perry had? >> i forget some of the things i did until i see the film, i go whoa. >> what celebrity toddler is about to be a big bro? >> say hi, brother.
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>> hi, baby. >> find out next. >> so cute. choiced closed captioning provided by -- losed captioning -
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hi, baby. >> yeah, it's a baby in ni belly. say hi, brother. >> hi, baby. >> my ovaries hurt watching that. that is david arquette's child learning he's about to be a big brother. >> david writing so blessed and
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honored that my wife is pregnant with a baby boy. i am over the moon. christina was a former correspondent here at "the insider." we could not be happier for them. >> drew barrymore giving her 4-year-old daughter olive a kiss. >> and neal patrick harris celebrating his twins writing that they turned 6 today. happy birthday to these beautiful bundles of bound i full bless ings >> that is a lot of bs. >> this is my favorite. the royals are just like us, they fly commercial too. british airways passengers getting the surprise of their lives when they spotted kate middleton on their flight from the netherlands to london. she was coming home from a so lol engagement without william or the kids. >> something says she was not flying coach. and tyler perry feeling the burn and getting burned, perry sharing his run-in with bernie sanders outside of a detroit hotel. bernie had no idea who he was. because he wasn't wearing the wig and the glasses, that's why. >> just when you thought you made it.
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speaking of tyler. his alter egoma deia is back in theaters in "a ma dayia halloween." she's a proven hit. right? tonight, we are breaking down madea by the numbers. >> i will pay you. i'm on my way. i will be there now. >> it been three years since we have seen madea's quick wit. the last time we saw her was in 2013's "a madea christmas." >> "boo, a ma dayia halloween," is the second holiday themed film. one character, nine movies, 11 years. it's no wonder the madea franchise has raked in $468 million worldwide. everyone loves madea because she just tells it like it is and she doesn't give a damn who doesn't like it. >> look at her boobs. >> of course, tyler plays the infamous madea and he is busier than ever with fourth titles, director, producer, writer and
3:52 am
actor. not to mention, he plays three characters. brian madea and joe. >> what's the worst thing that can happen to us? >> i forget the things that i did until i see the film and i say, whoa, that is funny. >> you see something scary? >> it's white people. >> you see white people? >> throw back to m. night shyamalan. >> coming up. >> transparency is not going away, guys. >> hollywood weighs in on shear style, inside the trend that has the stars clearly divided. slug >> shear top? no. >> and the gambler gets ready to walk away. why kenny rogers is saying goodbye to the stage. >> i don't know how much more time i've got. >> that's all straight ahead.
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much more "insider" straight ahead. we are inside kenny rogers farewell tour with his bestie dolly parton. the two open up about the affair it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment ♪ and it shot me up into the roof,
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and it just kept breaking me in half. broke my back, severed my spinal column oh and five ribs broken, so... ♪ my dining room was changed into a bedroom ♪ and the insurance company was giving me a hard time. ♪ pond lehocky helped put my life back together. ♪ i'm at home with kenny and wanda rogers and the twins.
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>> get ready. >> everyone looks so snuggly, that was back in 2006 when our then "insider" kathie lee gifford sat down with kenny rogers, his wife and their then 2-year-old twins at their atlanta home. i mean, that was a conversation. >> that was so cute. now, 78 years old, kenny is choosing to live out his golden years away from the stage. kelsie joining us now. tell me this is not true. >> sadly, you guys, it is. kenny opening up about retirement and his very special relationship with fellow country legend, dolly parton. ♪ islands in the stream, that is what we are ♪ >> dolly and i met with "islands in the stream," and our friendship has been over 30 years now. >> there was just something about mine and kenny's chemistry. ♪ you can't make old friends >> we teased each other for 30 years. >> the kenny/dolly partnership is iconic in country music and rumors of an affair followed
3:57 am
them in the 1980s. >> for a long time, people thought that you guys were a couple. >> we are a couple, but not married. someone said, are you married? i said yeah, but not to each other. but kenny is great. i love working with him. >> and he is retiring. >> yes, he is doing a last world tour and then i think he's going to retire. but i hope to never retire. >> kenny is walking away, and on his own terms. after selling 120 million albums, the 78-year-old country legend is putting down the concert mike for good in april, and he does it with regrets. >> i think i was selfish a lot. i had two other wives and two other children and i was gone all the time and that was not fair to them. ♪ you got to know when to hold them ♪ ♪ know when to fold them >> tour is called the gambler's last deal, and it will be. i don't know how much more time i've got, my health is starting to bother me a little. that's the reason i felt it was
3:58 am
so important to do it now. to get a chance to say goodbye to everybody as farewell tour so i can walk away when it's over. >> so after 24 number one hits, rogers is going to spend quality time with his fifth wife wanda and 12-year-old twins. >> my goal is to spend time with the boys and take them to places that they it will enjoy and not forget. my mom gave me the greatest piece of advice. she said son, be happy where you are and never be content to be there, but be happy where you are because if you're not happy where you are, you'll never be happy. >> he has worked so hard his entire career. i think it's lovely that he is taking time to put his family first. >> you are right. >> he earned that. >> while you are here, let's talk about the biggest fashion trend that's happening right now that also happens to be a little polarizing. it's the sheer top. >> i'm out, it's all you girls.
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>> there's a right time and place to do this one. tonight's "insider" style guide sees through hollywood's sheer shake-up. >> i don't mind, but i'm also not a prude. >> i think sheer is great if you can do it conservatively with you something underneath. >> transparency is not going away. >> the kardashians, hollywood's sheer insanity isser from from the cover of magazines to the runways and red carpets. >> i'm actually thinking about one day i'm going to let the boobs hang out and jump on the sheer club. >> give enough of the skin without being too bare. it can be very mysterious. >> it can be done well if the designer is good and the wearer is appropriate in how she accessorizes. >> you think of the sheer. >> who doesn't like a little peek-a-boo. >> yes or no? >> i'm interested in transparency.
4:00 am
>> but design ser zac posen told me he's not the see through trend's biggest fan. >> kind of red carpet, i would say mtv type award, met ball look is really a snory bore for me. we have seen it all. >> and he is not alone. >> no. >> not for me. >> hollywood's more conservative stars say they try to do their best to steer clear of sheer. >> i thought that went out in middle school. >> i like mystery. i want to guess what is underneath more than seeing it all hanging out. >> i think when you get past a certain age, you want to cover some bits and pieces up, she says with a whole side leg out. i guess i forgot that memo to myself today. >> it's not for everyone or every occasion. if you're heading to work, maybe a little touch of sheer. save the full sheer for later. >> just a skosh. >> thank you, i learned so much on the show. >> all right, coming up, we celebrate fall with barry gibb and barry gibb, the late-night


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