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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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an eye on things this morning. morning, ladies? well, good morning, happy tuesday, you guys, roads are looking pretty good. a lot of construction moving out of the way. i have to said commute this morning is looking really nice. getting busy but overall the news is the 80s. >> venturinoly we warm up. starting off on mild note already in the 06 that's in a -- 60s in a lot of spots. temperatures are above average. you might expect that here. by 1.6 degrees, the highest temperature we've hit so far, 82. we think we will exceed that, my friends, in the next two days. so, you know, we definitely have seen variety, as will he as 44 degrees in the sit, as high as 82, quite broad spectrum on the thermometer. storm scan still nice and quiet. with light wind, quiet start, moisture in the atmosphere, you might see some fog develop. an at the moment i've seen it in a handful of cameras around our area, mostly it is remote locations. however, don't be shock if you
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do see some of the fog develop. sixty-three the current temperature at philadelphia international airport. so, yes, nice mild start. just a reference, normal high is 66. so we're very close to that already and the sun's not even up. no problem spiking later today into the mid or upper seven's, here in philly, 84 degrees. the record to beat is over century old. we will come awfully close see how we do. but 84 what we are shooting for. with full sunshine, some you have again could start off with some fog. that may trip you up getting ever closer into the typical morning rush. >> all right, great to know. thank you so much. what a breath of fresh air that is. talking about 80s today. thank you so much, katie, for that. looking outside, this is 95 south past the betsy ross bridge. see just steady stream of headlights now. star to go slow down. fifty-two minute ago looking at interstate 95 pushing in the southbound direction. right around cottman. seeing a lot of brake lights go off. letting you know you recovering traveling at posted speeds any longer rival now looking around the betsy ross bridge. right now it is actually
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looking pretty good hoping to key you at that speed around 50, 55 for as long as i can keep you there. also headlights right here westbound, vine toward the schuylkill. what you are looking at. here starting to slow down little bit moving in the westbound direction towards the schuylkill as well. when i look at the eastbound side however you're looking actually pretty nice. hopefully keep you there pushing deeper into the # hour more toward 6:30 or so. then the schuylkill here headlights moving in the eastbound direction approaching gulf mill. looking good. looking a little quiet. i wouldn't say quiet. still dark out there. i would say you're heating up ever so slice slightly. schuylkill looking there overall pretty good in new jersey 42 freeway northbound, heating up there. >> thank you, to breaking news in delaware county. police raid house that's suspected of ac possible drug lab. >> they are investigating in the 1200 block of mcdade boulevard. and it all started with a tip inside a drug store. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us live now from collingdale. jan? >> brooke, jim, good morning, more on the tip in just a
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minute. see liver on scene this morning, that collingdale police have this home secured, and they had remained on the scene for hours, and now, just arriving to this home, that state police and the state chemist, because, as you mentioned, here on the 1200 block of mcdade boulevard, police do suspect that this house could be a possible drug lab. now, this investigation started when a police officer from a neighboring community, was alerted about a person acting suspiciously at nearby cvs. that man ran from the store, and collingdale police then alerted. they saw him go into this home and questioned. and when officers pursued, they were met at the door by a woman who confirmed the man indeed was inside. when officers went in, that's when they noticed some suspicious items. they thought it could be a drug lab, back out, secure the property, again all discovered again by a cop being at the right place at the right time. take a listen. >> an officer from the surrounding town at the cvs on the corner purchasing anniversary gift cards for his wife. the clerk got attention to
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suspicious person in the store. it was in the cost member i can section, container full of products. once the realized the girl was talking to the officer about him, he fled out of the store and mcdade. >> now the home you see out here is actually a duplex, the family on the second floor taken to safe location, three people on the first floor being detained at police headquarters that's woman and two men, this is ongoing and developing story again police do believe this could be possible drug lab. we send back into you for now. >> thanks, jan. >> well, new this morning, one person was killed in this crash on the schuylkill expressway. it happened near the montgomery drive exit in the eastbound lanes. that involved a tractor-trailer, and a sedan. now, there were fortunately no other injuries reported. lanes were closed for state police investigation. but when it was all clear, in time for the morning commute. >> new this morning, philadelphia police are searching for a gunman they say murdered a man in kensington. >> police say they believe it all stemmed from earlier
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fight. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch has been live outside police headquarters all morning following the details. justin? >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning, that victim's friend spent the overnight here speaking with detective about what they saw overnight, recounting how this could have began with that victim being in a fight with a group of people earlier, and at one person coming back and opening fire and take that man's life on kensington street. >> on the 700 block of east allegheny avenue, a fatal shooting probe with a added layer of tragedy. >> this 30 year old victim today was his 30th birthday. so this individual got shot and killed on his 30th birthday. >> close to 11:30 p.m., several calls of the shooting came in to 24th district police. responding officers found the victim on the sidewalk, unconscious, with gunshots, to his upper back and head. officers got him to temple hospital where he died a short time later. his frightened friends who saw
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it all shared details with detectives, that shed light on what may have prompted the gunfire. >> based on witness accounts, this 30 year old victim was involved in a prior physical altercation with other males in the immediate area. and we believe that is the motive for this shooting. >> and again, this man now dead on his birthday. detective have seen surveillance video that captured that shooting in progress, no word on when or if they will release that tape. as for the shooter, police now looking for a man last seen wearing blue cut off shorts, and no shirt, and running from that scene. brooke, jim, back into you. >> thank you so much, justin. weaver new clues in the so-called straw hat bandit. investigators believe he's responsible for 11 armed bank robberies since 2012 in montgomery and bucks counties. the suspect is a white male in his 40's or older, approximately 6 feet to six-two, he is weighing more than 200 pounds.
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his nickname for the large straw hat he sometimes wears. now investigators believe he owns or has access to a 1998 or 2,007, between those years, white chevrolet silver add owe or gmc see air a based model pick-up truck t has a cap over the bed. in the past, investigators say he may have owned or had access to teal bmw sedan or a dark colored volvo sedan. if you recognize the suspect, call police. >> well, donald trump and hillary clinton are getting ready for their final debate tomorrow. meanwhile, melania trump is breaking her silence in defending her husband against sexual assault allegations. hena daniels with the latest on the campaign trail as clinton is also facing controversy again over her private e-mail server. >> hillary tonight ♪ >> hillary clinton appeared at a star studded broadway fundraiser via video last night. >> we're in the final stretch of this campaign. and we need your help. >> this show corruption at the
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highest level. >> and trump released a rare video message of his own on twitter. accusing the fbi and state department of column identifying with clinton. fbi documents, released monday, from the agency's probe into her use after private e-mail server, is suggesting clinton's under secretary, patrick kennedy, trying to get the agency to quote seeing their way to e-mail from benghazi unclassified in exchange for more personnel in iraq. >> i think really assertion that this was somehow tid for tat, quid pro quo in that manner frankly is insulting. >> development came on the same day donald trump's wife, melania, spoke to cnn. and defended her husband's leud 2005 comment, to nbc act as hollywood host billy bush about women. >> i was surprised because that is not the man that i know. he was the lead on like egg on
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from the host to say dirty and bad stuff. >> campaigning in greenbay, the republican nominee doubled down on rigged election claims. >> people that have died ten years ago are still voting. illegal immigrants are voting. >> despite trump claims most experts say voter fraud is extremely rare in the u.s. hena daniels, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new cbs news poll finds clinton is gaining some momentum over trump. 47% of likely voters surveyed say they'll back clinton, while 38% of voters support trump. two weeks ago, clinton's lead was four-point. and with less than three weeks away the nominees will have another chance to sway voters tomorrow night. you can see the final presidential debate right here on cbs-3 at 9:00. >> the pentagon says iraqi forces are ahead of schedule as they begin a second day of fighting against isis. iraqi and kurdish forces have already seized number of villages around mozul, but
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their advance has been slowed by suicide bombers, roadside ied's and oil fires. right now they are searching throughout lying villages for isis fighters. >> nasa is giving us an unprecedented look at mars. coming up see the pictures that reveal previously invisible behavior on the red planet. >> plus lack of sleep and its impact on pregnancy the risk expectant mothers can face if they don't get enough rest that's ahead in the health watch. >> a they had this morning, ruses he will crows and banks have different stories after the actor through the rapper out after party. find out what they are telling police next.
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>> brand new shots of planet mars. >> look at this. nasa is sharing the pictures that you could say are out of this world. you see what i did there? out of this world. you get it? nasa's maven spacecraft released brand new images showing the ultraviolet glow from the martian atmosphere in unprecedented detail. dynamic behavior previously invisible. maven spacecraft arrived at mars in 2014 after a year long journey from earth. >> and keeping our eye on the sky, take a lock at this. this is an image of the moon captured by chopper three last night. this is hunter's moon, not quite full moon just yet. you can see it has a little bit of a wing to it. viewing conditions last night were absolutely perfect.
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thanks to the guys in chopper three forgetting us this beautiful shot. to company a beautiful forecast, i understand? >> are you just overwelmed over there, with those cool pictures? i know you like space. and the weather looking good? >> oh, yes. what more could you ask for, right? really is looking like a a fantastic day. we saw the full moon take place over the course of the weekend. now starting to wayne ever so slightly with every passing morning, regardless, still beautiful view for you out there. although some of are you starting to see some fog develop out there this morning. that's because we are starting to see more of southwesterly wind flow take over, not windy day by any stretch, but the southwest flow is what's going to allow us to see some of the fog form, since there is a little more moisture getting nudged into the atmosphere here. regardless, east of the mississippi, say for portions of the great lakes, portions of new england, completely free and clear, bulk every any moisture well off the canadian border, with the jet stream nudging so far off to the north, it is casino every like the below torch effect getting sent our way here with warm air just being sent into the
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delaware valley, and the jet stream lifting far off to the north, allowing for 15, 20 degrees surplus above the typical average high. normal high on this day in fact 66 degrees. do you the math though, 84 the expected high. that will come awfully close to record. record is in fact 85. set all the way back in 1908. so it is more than century old. but mostly sunny skies once again. past any early morning fog. sixty-four the expected nighttime low. just couple every clouds, nice and mild, and again, for reference, 66 is the normal high. so, the overnight low is actually more reminiscent where we would normally be for high. then the temperatures justin to decline with time. thursday, friday, looking like the wettest possibility here, with some showers, and back to dose of reality for the weekend. meisha? >> what do you think about that, katie, the 80s? >> i love it. >> gosh yes. >> i love it too. absolutely love it. that just made my entire day. i know so many at home now with me on that. 80s in october, can't beat t new jersey 42 northbound at creek road. what you are looking at, certainly starting to heat up
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just a sea of headlights here pushing toward 295. that's going slow you down little built. give yourself extra minutes there. also ben franklin bridge, those every in you jersey moving in the westbound direction toward center city, i have to circumstances the ben franklin bridge, holding steady here, actually looking pretty good. still traveling at posted speeds. actually is at belmont now, see what we're working with here, overall, moving in both the eastbound and westbound directions around belmont, starting to slow down ever so slightly. still looking okay. but we know that as we push in closer to the 7:00 this is really going to start to slow down. a lot more too to talk about. but first a quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right
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trentonian, month after trenton public schools outlines this doomsday budget earlier this year, the top brass of the district received some fat checks. according to documents, obtained by the trentonian, 55 administrators received a combined $1.7 million in unused vacation time, in february and may. >> in the press of atlantic city, city council will vote tomorrow on key part of the fiscal plan to avoid state take-over. this includes selling bathe or field to its water thought for $110 million. >> council will also vote on new labor agreements, between the city and its seven worker unions. >> from the news journal the food bank of delaware is expand to go mother growing needs.
6:20 am
that 80,000 square feet the new location is nearly twice the size of than the current fist tally it, loading dokes jump from three to 11 to accommodate nearly 30 trucks that arrive daily at the warehouse. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> coming up: macy's is buck ago trends this holiday season. finds out what it means for shoppers. coming up. >> plus actor russell crowe and rapper adds al yeah banks don't agree on why he threw him out of her party. why she went to police next.
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when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo
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and i approve this message. >> we have our eye all the way ahead to saturday on sunday for you, early in the week, if you have outdoor plans this week, we want it give you sense what you can expect t looks like noticeably cooler upcoming weekends, by comparison, at least, to what we expect to experience today and tomorrow. meantime, breezy dry conditions also expected. we do think we'll see some sunshine, along the way there are some rain chances which we will be discussing as we continue on in the broadcast, and we will have that full forecast for you later in the show. guys, we send it back into you. >> thank you. in today's health watch researchers are trying to find out if disruptive sleep puts
6:24 am
women at risk of pre term labor. looking for hundreds of volunteers to track through throwing remember nancys in the midwest. of course raising children already interrupts sleep. >> anybody who has been pregnant could tell you their sleep is disrupted but nobody's really studied it that closely before. and whether or not severe disruption from the sleep can actually impact the outcome of their pregnancy. >> now, researchers are also looking to see if two other factors might affect labor. the odds sleep schedule of shift workers and inconsistent sleep. >> actor russell crowe is accused every throwing rap artist azalea banks out of his own party. now, she has filed a police report and wrote about the ordeal on social media. as rachel kim test us, all apparently went down at the beverly hills hotel. >> says police now investigating claims made by rapper ass elia banks that she was roughed up and thrown out of russell crowe's dinner party at the beverly hills
6:25 am
hotel saturday knit. the 52 year old actor had invited ten people over for dinner and to listen to music. one every his guests, rapper actor rizza brow been along. witnesses say banks laughed at made fun of crow's choice in music and when another guest told her to pipe down, witnesses say banks physically threatened her and crow, then used the "n" word. "tmz" says when banks was about to throw a glass at guests crow grabbed her in a bearhug and carried her out of the suite. but banks has different story on face become she said crow called her the "n" word, choke her, through her out, and spit on her. her rep said on twitter she is tremendously distraught, dis heart ends, shellshocked, and will speak out on the incident once she has had time to process the brutality and abuse she was unjustly subjected to. as for who used the "n" word, according to "tmz" riss himself said banks was the one, not crow. >> all right, that was rachael kim reporting. authorities say security
6:26 am
cameras should have captured the incident and both sides claim the video will support their individual claims. well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", medicare open enrollment is open. we're live with advice on how to save money and get better health coverage. >> and we're following breaking news this morning. jan? >> on the scene here collingdale, to investigate possible drug lab. jan carabeo, coming up how authorities were first notified about this house. >> all right, jan, looking outside, we have an accident, hatfield, one on 73 with the with a fluid spill, the pa turnpike and whole lot of construction to talk about. all of that coming upment first a quick break. stay where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will
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summer. >> another day of near record warmth but the temperatures do take tumble event lip. katie will let us know when, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> hey there. i'm brooke thomas. it is 6:30, here's what you need to know today in your morning. >> breaking news right now police on the scene of suspected drug lab in delaware county. authorities have secured the home and are waiting for a state police chemist. what make this case even more tragic today was his 30th birthday. >> police looking for the person they say shot and killed a man in kensington. >> this was organized -- >> melania coming to her husband's defense. in her first interview since sexual misconduct allegations against her husband, melania trump calls the charges lies. >> this shows corruption at the highest level judge the investigation into hillary clinton's private server has
6:31 am
un covered possible quid pro quo between top officials, at the state department, and the fbi. >> ♪ . >> ♪ >> and talk about teamwork. >> look at that. the whole university's football team helped a teammate propose to his girlfriends over the weekends. hey, katy? >> how cool is that? >> that's amazing. i love it. i love seeing like just the creativity some of these guys come up with to propose to their gals. i think it is just awesome. wonderful, well done, congratulationsment looking ahead to absolutely beautiful day. g things off on pretty mild note. in the i'm not sporting the jacket today, rarity for me. specially at this time of year. but, it is, in fact, comfortable enough to go without it. if you're feeling lucky enough. you snowstorm scan, nice and quiet here at the local level. you have the tri-state sweep not showing much of anything. the one issue that you may
6:32 am
face, notice, it is pretty scattered, some fog. the visibility have dropped off here in allentown, to below half mile, you're at 1.5-mile visibility in millville. the pine land area seeing patches of it, lancaster half mile solid. lancaster spot pretty much all morning long, but we've seen varying levels of visibility everywhere else throughout the course of the morning. so, expect that over the next say two hours or so. it may get little worse before it get better. but once the sun does come up it will help to scour out any of the cloud cover. for the kids hitting the school bull here, the ride to school again cool but come tort bridge so. 63 degrees. and it is shorts and t-shirt weather come recess time guys. they'll be sweating by the time they come back in from the playgrounds, 8 degrees at that point. we expect to top off in philly at 84 degrees, as the kids are making the trek home on the bus, now, that is going to be a record challenging number for us, but by tomorrow we actually expect we'll break the record by thursday start
6:33 am
to see temperatures dropping off. looking for record breaking territory two chances today, tomorrow, then again, cool-down waits in the wings which we'll discuss later in the show. >> not bad record to break. thanks so much, katie. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. if you were waiting and maybe thinking were you going to head out on the roads later after the kids went to school, i can let you know certainly starting to heat up. the sooner the better what i would say. fifty-nine south before girard. see what you're working with. both moving in the headlight and taillights, can show you that interstate 95 basically where ever you are, around this area, near girard, you are going to be driving a little bit slow, even in the northbound direction. so, i would say, southbound side, really where i got my eye this morning. and you are significantly starting to slow down, blue route moving, media swarthmore, staple story here. starting to see typical flow of traffic patterns right now, and it is certainly starting to slow down, give yourself couple of extra minutes, accident here 42 southbound at 295 in jersey, left lane blocked. and that's going to slow you down right now. just looking at live shot on 42, looking very slow.
6:34 am
also another accident here. route 33 northbound collins road. heads up on that. and another accident in hatfield. >> this one involving with injuries. richmond road, at bergey road. heads up there. whenever we have injured, you know we'll have flashing lights. that will slow you down as well. construction bridge street closed between torresdale avenue and talcony street. you will have to use this alternate. wakling street probably going to be your best bet right now. also, we have disable vehicle that's now since been cleared. talking about this construction coming up in about ten minutes. jim, over to you. >> thank you, meisha. in delaware county police raid a house that's suspected of being a possible drug lab. >> they are investigating 1200 block of mcdade boulevard. and it all started with a tip inside a drug store. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us live now, from collingdale, jan? >> brooke, jim, good morning. state chemists have now arrived on the scene here in collingdale, delaware county, to go through this house, and figure out exactly waist going on here. we are toll they'll be working out of the back of the house, be pulling items out back,
6:35 am
there you can see, a fire engine has arrived on scene, to provide the workers with a little bit more light. meanwhile, three people who were inside that house and police responded this morning, now being detained. at a police station, as this investigation plays out. police do suspect that this house could be a possible drug lab. now, this is the 1200 block of mcdade boulevard. this investigation actually started when a police officer from a neighboring community with inside nearby cvs literally block or so away from the location, he was buying gift for his wife. while there, he was alert today man possibly shoplifting. that suspect, heard what was going on, and ran from the store, then collingdale police were alerted so they track him here to this home in question. and when officers arrived, they were met at the door by a woman who confirmed that the man in question was indeed inside a house. so, when officers went in, they noticed some suspicious items. take a listen. >> while there they start today see things in the apartment that was raising their level of alarm due to the possibility of some sort
6:36 am
of lab. the officers back out being secured the property, evacuated the second floor. >> now, the woman who opened the door, she was detained, so was the man who ran from the cvs. another man was detained as well. so three in all. police say the man in cvs was possibly also spotted there throughout the night buying acytominafin. in the meantime this home you're seeing is actual lay duplex, family living on the second floor we're toll they were taken to another family location, and they are safe this morning. so this is still a developing story. state chemist also on scene to determine if this is indeed a possible drug lab. we'll keep you up-to-date. expect to go hear from the chief within the next 30 minute. brooke, jim, back to you. >> thank you, jan. developing this morning in west philadelphia, the fire marshall is investigating yet another car fire. now, this after a string of car fires in the nearby area. police and firefighters returned to the 5400 block of media street just before 2:00 this morning. while there is no official cause yet, the fire marshall
6:37 am
believes it may have started in the engine, and not likely arson. now arson task force is investigating, a string of car fires not far away. we were just telling but that in overbrook. authorities say there were seven fires over a span of five city blocks. surveillance video caught someone starting a fire in in a dumpster at 56 and master, flames so fierce, it damaged a moos rathje parked nearby. >> well, top law enforcement official is suggesting police departments apologize to minority communities. terrence cunningham the president of the international nail association of chiefs of police spoke at san diego conference. >> first step, to acknowledge and apologize for the actions of the past and the roll our profession has played in society historical mistreatment of communities of color. >> now, cunningham said while officers do put their lives on the line to protect their communities, he says, mistakes
6:38 am
have been made along the way. >> medicare open enrollment period has started runs through december 7th. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger joins us live in new york to tell us how millions of beneficiaries could save money next year and potentially improve their health coverage. >> let's breakdown what medicare ben fishers should know? >> i know this because did i this for both my mother and my mother-in-law. wow. so here's the deal. the only control that you have over health care spending is the coverage that you choose. and yet, less than 15% of people ever change their medicare plans. >> so if you have a medigap supplemental plan, and you're in good health, probably want to shop around. because you may be able to save money, or improve your coverage by switching to another company. i have to be in good health. if you have a medicare advantage plan, which is the
6:39 am
managed care alternative, to traditional feed for service coverage, make sure your doctors are in the network, understanded the deductible and the out-of-pocket limits, as well as the prescription drug choices. good news is the average premium set to drop 4% next year. 31.40 a month. don't get mad at me if yours is more, that's the average. >> let's also talk about the medicare part d drug plan, where are they going? >> this is real interesting, where you can safer some big money. because if you don't request a change, the coverage is basically automatically renewed. but, spend some time and maybe you can switch to different plan, it could save you hundreds of dollars on drugs next year. the reason is that part d plans routinely change something called their form hear. isn't that a fun word? just the list of medication that is are covered. and the rules under which they're covered. so, in fact, odds are that your current premium will be higher in 2017.
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because, check this out, ten most popular part d plans, premiums are set to increase an average of 4% next year, something cool, best on line tool for shopping around, meds care itself. a plan. you plug in your medicare number. and each drug you take, including the dosage, the tool then displays a list of possible plans, their estimated cost, premiums, deductible, which is drugs are covered and customer satisfaction ratings. okay, if you have parent who will not do this, please do it for them. i saved 250 bucks next year for my mother-in-law. >> yahoo. >> you know that medicare website is real a good tool. i use it for an elderly aunt that i help out figuring out her plans, as women. good information. thank you, jill. >> sure. >> forget wine in a box. we'll slow you the new trends for vino lovers coming up. >> plus have you seen this?
6:41 am
90210 star luke perry on the cover of aarp magazine. he's 50 years old. hear what people are saying about it. coming up. >> and chewbacca mom is back. see what she did now that's making headlines. >> ♪ >> isn't this werth the greatness brooke as her hot weather, my fall temperatures coming soon, and katie has your forecast, and the best day to break a record, that's coming up next.
6:43 am
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astra zeneca may be able to help. >> it may not be what you are
6:45 am
thinking. >> sea world rescue team in the city every golds post can be seen untangling a baby whale from netting. they arrived to find his mother desperately trying to push her calf above water, for air. the rescue clock in at only 30 minutes, and ended with two happy whales. >> that's nice to know. >> well, were you sky gaizing last night? if so there is a chance you saw a rocket blasting off from virginia. >> atk's and atari limit dollars off from wallace island, this signals a come back from one of the companies that makes deliveries to the international space station. the first flight of atari rocket since the explosion wrecked the launch pad destroyed all of the cargo for the space station. >> the launch provided show for many people along the east coast, chopper three, even caught the launch last night, folks in our area got a view of the rocket hurdling toward space, this is one of the scenes on the steps of the
6:46 am
philadelphia museum of art. fortunately, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, but cathy, i went to bed at 5:00. >> so you missed? >> i saw a bird fly by my window and i called it a day. >> that's it. >> hey, whatever works. made or kudos and props, they caught the awesome show shot of the moon, also caught obviously that really great rocket launch. and we are still seeing some really pretty shots of the moon coming in. show you picture in a second here from the eyewitness weather watchers. start it off with a view, looking to at the temperatures basically region wide, flight withing or above 60 degrees, most of the spots. actually at 60 even, where friends reporting from which is out in chester county he has got nice clear sky in hot ingham. interesting he actually said he does not have any fog. we have seen in a couple of areas field cameras, but it is the prize because that's one of the spots a lot of times if we have fog we look to fran's report, so often he is the one that sees t regardless not
6:47 am
seeing too many fog reports from this slew of watcher reports this morning, so that's good news, it is pretty patchy out there, but, you will notice it in some spots, just depending where your travels take you, don't be surprised if you see it. shot of the moon, i promise you, taken 6:10 had morning, again, waning moon right now with full on october 16th. so just two days ago. and just beautiful shot. that one came in to us from phil just show you one more where again not much fog to see here. this came in from fluff duffy i believe nestegg harbor township. more than anything nice clear sky to kick start the day. looking good. now we look back at the month of october. not just some highlight, but also some typical staffs that you see, october 1st, average 72, october 31, outdoor high 62. so lose about 10 degrees of average temperature reading anyway over the course of the couple of weeks. the most recent october snow, that we saw, was back in 2011
6:48 am
talking mid 80s here today, fall color peaks in late october. and the average first frost happens in late october. so, in philly we haven't had a frost yet officially but coming close to the point we o chick check on the tropic, 70% of formation from this area of showers, thunderstorms east of the bahamas, keep ion that, nicole no more thankfully. then quickly take a look at the seven day, challenging or breaking record today and today respectfully back to dose every reality looks like for the weekends. >> just thinking back to fall. thank you so much. looking outside good morning looking at the schuylkill, taillights eastbound direction toward center city beautiful shot of center sit knit background there montgomeryment looking good here closer to center city overall the schuylkill looking a lot lick, that still traveling at posted speeds at most areas other than the schuylkill westbound at city avenue coming off the boulevard. other than that looking okay, 95 south, looking in the
6:49 am
southbound direction, no longer traveling at posted speeds here, dropping little bitment you can see plenty of brake lights, going off here just a sea of taillights out there interstate 995 heating up earlier today. so looking pretty busy. new jersey 42 freeway northbound at creek road, you take that to 295, this is what you are looking at again sea of headlights still traveling at posted speeds around 55 but dropping ever so slowly, four's, 45, 50's, 295, left lane block. just heads up on that. and jim brooke back over to you. >> overall busy morning. >> thank you, meisha. 6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us live from new york with a preview, good morning, nora. >> good morning to you, melania trump comes to her husband's defense, we'll hear straight from her. plus were you digging into fbi documents that raise new questions about hillary clinton's emails. also new evidence that russia's military is using cyber attacks, to influence us elections, plus, retirees
6:50 am
driving big rigs, cbs news investigation into risks created by the truck driver shortage. and singer songwriter mike post nerve tells gale how he redid himself by giving up his lifestyle. news back in the morning, see in you ten minutes. >> thank, we will be watching. >> the department store macy's will remain open for thanksgiving, and it is not stopping there. stores are expected to open an hour earlier than they did last year. several major retailers and shopping malls will close their doors for the holiday, store employees can celebrate with their families. >> now if wine in a box is not for you, but you like something that's easy to transport than in a glass bottle then this could be for you. >> are you ready for it? wine in a can. sales of canned wine have monday that double over the last year from $6.4 million to 14 and a half million sun central california wine maker got on the trend, and he said
6:51 am
canned wine is better than bottles for many reasons. not like do you have buy it that day, drink it that night. canned actually ages better than the the booths l. no light hitting the product. it keeps the product super fresh. >> expert said while canned wine makes up more than 1% of the market still big hit specially with millennials, because cans are affordable, and portable. >> one makes a canned wine with straws attached. friends told me that. >> i'm still tuck in the 80s with wine cooler. >> oh, gosh. >> i'm the only one that still buys wine coolers. even the people at the store go oh, didn't know who bought these. >> that's a stomach ache in a bottle. no. >> sure sign you're getting old her you get your first aarp card in the mail. i got mine last month watch about whether former teen heart throb pops up on the magazine? >> they start sending these at 306789 it is not a sign you're getting older, okay? people are losing it after beverly hill 90210 luke terry
6:52 am
appeared on the latest issue. crystal crews shows us the cover and the intense reaction >> i don't believe in winning through intimidation. of course because i'm doing the intimidating. >> dillon was the beverly hills high school heart throb on 90210. >> he was one of the cutest characters ever. >> still really cute. >> perry celebrating his 50th birthday on the cover of aarp, a magazine for the vintage generation. >> how does that make us feel? >> old. >> yes, that's scary. i remember growing up, the show 30 something, and thought those people were old. >> the internet lit up with posts like luke perry cast as aarp cover boy, and we all feel ancient. and who else feels old now? >> you want to come along? >> they can't stay heart throbs forever. someone's got to pitch tips on preventing heart attacks.
6:53 am
and this crowd says perry looks good doing it. >> feeling ancient state of minds, not state of being. go with luke and just embrace it. >> ooh is the new 30. sixty is the new 40. >> i agree. that was crystal crews reporting. i must say in perry's defense he was 24 playing a high school kid. >> indeed. i will tell you i had not only the dillon barbie doll, but i also had the brenda barbie doll. biggest crush on dillon mc kay. who didn't? >> do you still they he is -- >> oh, he looks fantastic. >> dillon was sneaky though. he was not the boyfriends? >> katie likes the bad boys. >> katie likes those bad boys. >> oh, 1992. am i right? >> we're going on here. >> oh,. >> jim. >> hey, i can i'm happy he's my age. the two of us. >> oh, often confused.
6:54 am
>> i was just thinking that? who could forget the famous chewbacca mom? >> we won't let you forget her either. the woman whose hilarious laugh went viral, going step further. >> i'm such a happy chewbacca. >> you can't help but laugh at her. this is the famous video candice, who just loved her chewbacca mask and couldn't stop laughing over it. she big star wars fan and a chewbacca fan. >> and of course, candice got a tatoo of laughing chewbacca. well that's a little crazy. she says it gets a lot of attention when people see it. candice says star wars experts can't help pointing out inaccuracies in the tatoo depiction of chew back, a but she said it is perfect. >> i think partly comb-over thing going on. see that? >> banks? >> looks like a kid drew it, that's what it looks like. >> oh, it is adorable.
6:55 am
>> and she loves it. hey, she loves it, that's all that matters. >> we will be right back.
6:56 am
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>> before hit the road three to go. >> investigating possible drug lap. detained three people are waiting for a chemist to test the materials. >> former president bill clinton will campaign for his wife hillary at montgomery
6:59 am
community college's central campus this afternoon. >> and donald trump continues to insist voter fraud posts a significant threat to the integrity of the us electoral system. and that's three to go. >> last check on weather and traffic? >> still little fog out there. pretty scat nerds nature, one example of it, today starting things off on pretty mild note. fifty-one in kutztown. not bad. eventually expect to hit 84 agrees, far above the average. >> loving that. looking slow on the betsy ross bridge, 95 southbound, also schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction at king of prussia. looking very slow there, as well. give yourself extra time. >> thank you, meisha. pair of real silly favorites found themselves in court yesterday. >> that's the philly phanatic. national basketball champion and villanova coach jay wright. they were at the criminal justice center to kick off juror appreciation week. it is a chance to recognize thousands of citizens who serve on jurist every year. >> now we just need a little order in the court. cbs this morning is next. >> have a great day.
7:00 am
♪ good morning. it is tuesday, october 18th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." new fbi documents revealing alleged breach of protocol during hillary clinton's time as secretary of state. and melania trump breaks her silence, saying her husband was egged on to make lewd comments about women. new information about foreign hackers threatening our election. how a russian general close to president putin could be inspiring a new kind of warfare. more big rig drivers are beyond retirement age. cbs news goes undercover to show how older drivers and weak regulations could put your safety at rink.


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