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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  October 19, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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. at 11:00, the bombs host their bomb mas host their final party. we'll show you michelle obama's dress. >> something could happen in a matter of hours that could keep thousands of college students home from class. a fatal fall, a four-year-old dies after plunging from a balcony. i'm ukee washington >> i'm nicole brewer. jessica dean is off tonight.
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now, that story in just a moment but first we do have breaking news to share with you. a man is shot in rittenhouse square park while trying to break up a robbery. police say at least two men were trying to rob people on the park when a good samaritan 39-year-old man intervened. he was shot four, five times in the chest and torso and was rushed to the hospital in critical but stable condition. the suspects ran from the scene, police are now looking at surveillance video for clues. we will update more on the story as we get more information. now to that fatal fall we mentioned, we're hearing the heartbreaking details from eyewitness whose rushed to help a child who fell from a balcony but too late >> david spunt is in wynnfield heights where investigators are piecing together how it happened. >> reporter: it is a tragedy. he was just four years old. he was visiting from saudi arabia for medical treatment. neighbors are mourning and police are asking plenty of
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questions. >> authorities were on the scene at the imperial apartments responding to a report of a child that fell seven stories to the ground. >> he was face down by the time i got around. they had picked him up already. i checked for the baby's pulled and his neck. >> reporter: we spoke to a woman who lives next to the building. she asked us not to show his face but ran over to help the four-year-old and his family after she heard the fall. >> i couldn't get a pulled. i checked to see if he was breathing. he wasn't. >> reporter: emergency officials tell "eyewitness news" they were told he climbed on to a heater. you he was able to to make it on to a balcony through a window. i died before 7:15. >> we're not quite sure how he wound up on the ground. >> reporter: we spoke to another man on the scene moments after the fall. he too did not want to be identified. >> it was crazy because i can't imagine you know, seeing the father there next to his child, you know what i mean? it was a crazy experience.
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>> reporter: police spent several hours on scene interviewing witnesses to determine exactly what happened. >> obviously the parents are distraught. we're working with the staff to conduct the investigation. >> reporter: ukee and nicole, they've not released his name, no word if charges will happen any time in the future. reporting live tonight in wynnfield heights, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you. in a matter of hours, classes could be cancelled for ten to say of thousands of college students in our area. a faculty strike whoms at pennsylvania state university, cheyney west chester, million lesserville and east stroudsburg universities are part of the system. greg argos is live at west chester with how students are preparing. greg? >> reporter: nicole, like you mentioned, students are concerned about what possibly could happen tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. we're understanding that the talks have really broken down between the union and the state.
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in fact, the union representing the faculty here at this unit and 14 others has just stated that the state gave them a final nonnegotiable offer about an hours ago. they're reviewing it right now and will make the final decision tomorrow at 4:59 a.m. about whether or not to strike. on west chester university's campus, >> everyone is talking about it. >> reporter: the chatter among students is not about mid terms but whether or not there will be class wednesday >> we haven't been told anything. i think is like frustrating the student body. >> i hope they come to an agreement >> none of the students really know what's going on. >> reporter: what's going on are contract negotiations between the pennsylvania state system of higher education and its faculty union. right now. negotiations are stalled over work rules, healthcare coverage and salaries. and a strike is set to take place at 5:00 a.m. wednesday. affecting 14 state systems, in
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total, 105,000 students could have classes cancelled >> there's a news embargo, would have information about the talks. >> reporter: alice is a spanish professor says this is the closest to a strike she's ever seen in her 27 years as a professor at west chester. >> i think as parents and students are really vocal about wanting a contract negotiated. maybe we'll get a contract and we don't have to go out. >> reporter: this will be the first strike in the system's 34 year history. there are many questions about what would happen if a strike take place. >> i'm so close to graduating. i need to get my credits. >> reporter: perhaps the most concerned senior like regina who are near credits away from graduation and insure what will happen >> it's panic mode sets in. like i said we're so close to getting our degrees. >> reporter: late tonight the governor released a statement asking both sides to continue negotiations and saying, in
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part, we all agree that the higher education of our students is a top priority and tomorrow students show up to class and professors should show up to teach them. now, some of the students i spoke with are hoping for the best. they're saying they're hoping there is no strike. if there is, they're going to use this time to catch up on school work. live at west chester university. i'm greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. a jitney bus was hit by gunfire in atlantic city this afternoon injuring a woman on board. this happened on the 1100 block of aid draed dick avenue. the passenger was checked out on the scene and released. officers are still looking for the gunman. an "eyewitness news" exclusive tonight, we are hearing from the man who filed a racketeering lawsuit against ibew local 98 union leader john dougherty. joshua cay see who is not in a union filed suit against dougherty the union and three union workers. he says dougherty show pud up at 3rd and reid where he was
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working in january and started hustling remarks. dougherty threw two punches breaking his nose, he's like this is my neighborhood. dougherty had wing tipped shoes on. i knew where he was. he was the main pitbull in that fight >> i don't believe i'm a bully. i'm effective. >> that was dougherty talking to me last month when i asked him how he felt when his critics called him a bully before the suit was filed. a spokesman for dougherty today said he has not he seen the suit and added all you need to know about the motive is that the press saw it first. the attorney general's office 15ed a garage to determine if charges are necessary >> president obama is hosting the last state dinner of his presence, michelle obama wowed everyone. she dawned arose gold gown to welcome the preliminary minister and his wife.
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rachel ray and jerry seinfeld. in the race for president, the campaign trail is once again running through our area, former president bill clinton stumped for his wife at montgomery county college in blue bell. while the nominee is off the campaign trail for today, mr. clinton made a surprise stop at the campaign office in ardmore. bill clinton says pennsylvania is a critical battleground state and every vote will count. >> go out there and win this thing. but remember, tell other people they don't want to miss this. this is a train to tomorrow and we need everybody to ride. >> republican nominee donald trump rallied supporters in colorado this afternoon, he's blaming the media for his falling poll numbers in the wake of sexual assault and groping allegations. he vowels to defeat clinton in the battle ground state. >> the press created a rigged system and pointeded the mind of
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so many voters. i don't believe the polls anymore. >> he's promising supporters he'll push for congressional term limits. hillary clinton and donald trump go face-to-face for last time tomorrow. you can watch the final debate at 9:00 arrive on cbs3. some new jerseyians are already casting their votes. early voting began in camden county at the board of elections in blackwood. since 2009, when the state went from offering absentee ballots to vote by mail, early voting popularity sky rocketed. more than 40,000 people signed up to vote by mail and half have turned in ballots. >> it's very rewarding because with actually encourage our people in camden county to vote. and that's the most important thing to me is vote. if you don't vote you don't have a voice in your government. >> by the way it was last day to register to vote in the state of
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new jersey. we are only 20 days from election day. stay with cbs3 "eyewitness news" on air and on line for campaign 16 coverage. the latest celebrity featured by certain magazine is making people feel shall we say old. see if you feel the same way when we show you who it is next. they pop up every halloween and some disappear almost as quickly. a warning for those of you who shop at certain costume stores. very disturbing video. watch as a stranger takes a baby out of oh of a shopping cart. looks like we'll be breaking a record tomorrow but we've got changes on the way. a major drop in temperatures as we head into the weekend and the threat for rain i'll time it out coming up in a few minutes. a wild end to a high speed chase. you're watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we're back in less than two minutes.
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. lands markses are shining pink for be national breast cancer awareness month. those pink lights are a reminder to schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant in the fight against breast cancer. cooper hospital is also showing off pink light. you can find more information at a mom shocked when a man sneaks up behind her and grabs her baby. she turned around for a moment and that's when the man walks up behind her and lifts the baby out of the cart. she saw him, grabbed that baby back and the man has not been charged with a crime but is under investigation. also, in texas, a wild police chase and all of it captured on camera. police say a woman stole this
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truck in new garland texas and hit three cars trying to get away. it didn't to take long to loss control. she was caught. a warning for consumers about the pop-up halloween stores. they come and go in a flash. attorney general christopher put a reno say consumers need to be careful about the purchases. the stores are sometimes gone by the time customers get around to making returns. you're urged to ask about the you were policy and ask store employees how long the store will stay open. when aarp posted a photo of what period tore 90210 photo on his cover social media blew up >> many over the show's fans felt old. why did society let out a collective sigh whenever we're reminded of age? some say we need to work on this. ♪ >> when 90's heart throb luke
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perry dillon made his debut on 90210, his to teenage fans went wild, he's one of the cutist characters ever >> more than a quarter centuries later members of the same generation were stopped in their track when aarp posted this image on social media wishing him a happy 50th birthday. >> is he really 50? i think he was older than me when i was watching it. >> i really am old. >> the fact that people are responding in this way is a great indication that we have all been brain washed >> mark middleton is the founder and co of growing bolder an active lifestyle brand and multi-platform media network for the 50 plus audience >> by the time most of us are three, four years old we have a negative impression of what aging is and the is >> the combination of modern medicine technology and medicine
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changed the landscape >> this is the greatest time in the history of human kind to be over 50, and people need to embrace that >> since so many of us share that same adverse reaction upon seeing this, i asked him what he suggests. >> low social interaction as we age is more harmful to our earth than diabetes alcoholism, west side yes and create opportunities for ourselves >> which may include looking at sand through the hour glass half full >> if luke perry is looking that great, makes me feel great >> 50 is the new 40. >> i mean, sound good to me, but middleton, he disagrees. he says 50 is the new 50, which means not only changing how we perceive it but embracing the number >> i take the jack benny
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philosophy. you too don't remember. always said stay 39. that's it. >> you're only as old as you feel >> let us know. >> talk about age, i feel old now. >> kate joins us >> we're embracing the numbers associated with the temperature? no 50's, how about 80 is the new 50? 84 outside. it felt amazing and there's more to come, at least one more day and then changes on the way as we head toward the weekend. before we launch into the forecast, take a look at video, this is mars in a whole new light. ultra have i lit night. it's the night glow. they learns about the day-to-day happening on mars and these images could help future cleanlyist understand how the atmosphere functions. it's cool any time we talk about colonizing mars.
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amazing video and amazing shots sent in from nasa showing the night glow of mars. speaking of night glow, things are looking nice this evening, i'll take you thorough a time laps, broad headsville started the day were fog, but mixed out quickly and turned out to be mild and beautiful fall day. nothing not even a cloud in the sky out there today up in the poconos and many spots broke or tied records today. allentown a brand new record set today, 85 degrees daytime high. reading, tied a record at 85. we fell one degree of a very old record. trenton and wilmington with new records set on this date. well above average. we should only be in the mid 60's and we were in the 80's in many spots. even tonight, definitely don't need to have the heat on. 70 right now in philadelphia. it's still 72 right now in reading and lancaster. 68 in millville and 67 in atlantic city. but it will be cooler by the weekend. there's our average high line, 66 is about the average for the time of year.
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today, tomorrow, well above thursday, we start that inevitable decline and by the weekend, we see that line go under the average. much colder air moving in in time for the weekend. first records to challenge. tomorrow's record is 80. that was set in 1947. by the way, we through thursday on here, thursday does have a good chance to break it but this one tomorrow, highly breakable as temperatures head to the mid 80's once again. all the warmth coming in out ahead of this weak cold front. you could see the line of showers extending from portions of new england down into ohio. doesn't have a lot. once the front starts to move into our region. it will continue to fits he will wouldn't be surprise if we see nothing at all. wouldn't be shocked if we pick up a stray sprinkle. tomorrow mix of clouds and sun, clouds overhead into thursday, tomorrow's very warm more clouds on thursday and a couple of showers that will inhibit the temperatures a bit thursday. thursday not a wash-out but
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friday, friday you'll need the rain gear, especially in the afternoon as this wall of showers starts to move in. that system rotates out and will usher in much colder air behind it. got a little bit of a transition happening. we're back to the 70's thursday and friday. once the that front sweeps through, we unleash this cold canadian air, bring it down from the north and west, highs this weekend in the 50's and 60's with overnight lows in the 30's and 40's and that's only halfly story. factor in the wind. we could be talking about windchills all day saturday in the 40's. it may not feel any better than 48, 49 degrees even at the height of the afternoon. tonight 65 big difference few clouds, mild, partly sunny. thursday close to the record, the record is 80. we'll get to 76 with a chance of showers. showers numerous and friday night. then clear it the weekend.
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60's, 62 doesn't sound too bad but you got to factor in the cold biting wind. saturday especially after three days in the 80's. saturday is going to feel down right arctic around here. don is having a reaction. >> we like to exaggerate around here. we're having a good time. plenty to talk about tonight. listen, if you had to guess, what are the eagles's chances of making the playoff? i want a percentage? think about it. a ton of goals scored in chicago but by which teach? the
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is it possible tore to be a desperate team if the season less than a week old. chicago lost two out of the first three and tonight they looked like they were not in the mood tore denied. dave hextall, down 4-0 as the guys chase michael neuvirth.
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flyers down 4-0 to matt reid, second goal, flyers trail by two, less than two minutes later, sean couturier trailing by just one, the orange and black power tripping, wayne simmons on the rebound and the fly guys four, goal deficit tied. but the blackhawks coming back. steve mason now had no chance against him and the flyers lose 7-4, wild game in the shot. on to football. each week, the website has a list that shows the team's chances of make the playoffs. before their lost to washington, the eagles had a 57% chance to get in. now, it's down to just 36%. they host the undefeated vikings sunday. college football. massive tests for penn state as they host second ranked ohio state under headcoach urban
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myer. they're 21-0. ridiculous. last week they beat wisconsin in overtime. james franklin we'll have to draw up a plan to stop quarterback jt barrett >> a large percentage of their running game in designed quarterback runs or read options like you mentioned and you sprinkle on some of the scrambles as well. all those things factor in but got good size, got good quickness, he's strong, very, very strong. >> alcs game for blue jays, trenton up 1-0 in the severth, blue jays. up by a run, basis loaded for edwin, two runs are in, blue jays fighting off elimination 5-1 your final score. you still have time to vote on
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friday football frenzy. washington township at cherokee, bishop shanahan at coatesville and central bucks east and warm front, go to to vote. i will announce the winner tomorrow. >> lover us some high school football. yes, indeed. >> as charlie brown would say, good grief. >> still ahead, imagine getting lost in one of these. mazes. >> inspired by the peanut gang and their search for the
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the corn maze becomes a popular attraction. >> a series of charlie brown themed corn mazes have popped up. many are making note of the 50'sth anniversary of the television special it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown. kate? >> it's that time of night when we take a sneak peak into the weekend. weekend is always on our mind, but don't expect summer like
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weather to last. cool days chilly nights, gusting winds. you'll need the coat, great for fall activities. make sure you bundle up.
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coming up the late show with stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon. for don, kate, everyone i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer. we're always on at >> thank you so much for watching, have a good night, family and sleep well. ♪ >> woman: the following is a paid presentation for the nuwave precision induction cooktop, brought to you by the makers of the number-one-selling nuwave oven. >> announcer: when you turn on your cooktop, do you really know what the temperature is? no-- you're just guessing. are you too busy to watch what you're cooking? tired of all that burnt food going to waste? worried about your kids getting burned or a loved one starting a fire in the kitchen?
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well, those problems are a thing of the past. introducing the revolutionary precision induction cooktop from nuwave, the leader in portable induction cooking technology. the nuwave heats up twice as fast, uses up to 70% less energy and is safer than any cooktop. best of all, the nuwave is the only portable cooktop that gives you precise temperature control with the simple press of a button. professional chefs create great-tasting meals by maintaining the precise temperature for the perfect amount of time. well, now you can get professional results too, with the nuwave precision induction cooktop. >> the key to great food is knowing how to control the temperatures of what you're cooking. >> now the p.i.c. is allowing people at home to cook like you can in a restaurant. >> i know that when i turn it on that temperature, it's going to be that temperature. there's no guessing. >> announcer: not only does the nuwave give you precise temperature control, it heats up twice as fast as an electric cooktop. >> i put the water in the pan and turned around and the next thing i knew, it was boiling. >> what amazes me about i.


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