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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  October 29, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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into her e-mails. what she's calling on the fbi to do. but first. >> i didn't think i was shot until i actually saw the blood, man. >> he stopped in to stop a robbery in rittenhouse square but ended up getting shot
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multiple times. but tonight in an eyewitness news exclusive, this good samaritan opens up about that night. i'm jessica dean. >> and i'm yukee washington. the crime rattled the well-known philadelphia neighborhood. >> tonight just released from the hospital, he tells me what was going through his mind when he put his life on the line. >> i had to do it. >> reporter: there was no other option on tuesday, october 18th. he was wrapping up a night of work, selling drinks and snacks in rittenhouse square when he notes the a group of young people in the park. he says one of them had a gun so flint decided to tackle him. flint was shot five times. >> i didn't think i was shot until i actually saw the blood, man. i really didn't feel anything other than i knew that like something was hitting me. i'm watching him do this. and i'm like this can't be real. and then when the one kid tried to steal my bike i got up
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chasing him. i get them to give my bike up and i sit on my bike and that's when i look down and i see i am actually bleeding. okay this is real. okay, time to go to heaven. >> reporter: flint's friend found police who rishd him to the hospital and he underwent surgery. >> you're just doing your work and you get shot five times in the middle of center city philadelphia. is that not surprising to you? >> i'm used to things like this happening. i'm sorry but i'm black and when you're black things happen. getting shot does not hurt. getting shot does not hurt. healing does. so if anything ever impedes you from doing what you have to do, let it not be a gunshot. save your mother, save your wife, change your kids. >> reporter: does this change your opinion of philly at all? >> absolutely not. i don't care what part of the city it happened in. the only thing surprises me they were stupid enough to do it. >> the only thing that it happened in rittenhouse square,
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if it happened in another part of philadelphia it wouldn't have gotten nearly as much attention. do you think? >> definitely. >> >> reporter: you're being hailed a hero. i don't know why. >> you don't feel like a hero? >> no, i do not. i couldn't imagine what i would do to make myself feel like a hero. no. all that stuff is normal. if you have a chance to do what you have to do, it's normal. >> incredible. his friends call him "t." he's continuing to heal. he's back to riding his bike. a 17-year-old suspect has been arrested in the shooting. >> already back doing his thing. thank you, jess. >> new tonight, campaign bombshell hillary clinton breaks her silence on the fbi reopening its investigation into her use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. >> we are calling on the fbi to release all the information that it has.
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even director comey noted that this new information may not be significant, so let's get it out. >> alexandria hoff is in the satellite center on the new e-mails. >> reporter: these e-mails were actually found on a computer belonging to former congressman anthony weiner. he's being investigated for allegedly sending elicit messages to a 15-year-old girl. the messages actually belong to weiner's estranged wife. >> the director himself has said he does nont know whether the e-mails referenced in his letter are significant or not. >> reporter: hillary clinton responds to a letter sent to several congressional and senate committee heads from fbi director james comey. it said that newly discovered e-mails involving clinton quote appear to be pertinent into the closed investigation into
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whether she mishandleds confidential information while she was secretary of state. >> and we hope all, all justice will finally be served. >> reporter: a feeling echoed by his running mate governor mike pence. >> we call on the fbi to immediately release all the e-mails pertinent to their reopened investigation. >> reporter: clinton also called for more information into the investigation to be released. >> i think people a long time ago made up their minds about the e-mails. >> reporter: but did they? consider also the video unearthed earlier this month of trump commenting on touching women inappropriately. we wanted to know, can new information in the election home stretch sway decided voters. >> there's so many things that are just bad stories that have come out recently so i'm voting more what issues i agree with. >> i think politics has gone way too far with the dirt. i want to hear about the issues and i want to hear what you're
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going to do about the issues. >> reporter: if you were wondering the two women are donald trump supporters, the man you saw along with his friend support hillary clinton. everyone we spoke with said they could not be swayed this late in the game. live in the sat center, alexandria hoff, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> panic on the runway at chicago's o'hare airport as passengers scramble to get off a jet that burst into flames during take-off. this video was posted to facebook. passengers inside pushed and screamed as they tried to make their way to the emergency exits. from the outside another passenger recorded the burning jet and the thick black smoke there. the boeing 767 was taking off for miami when things went wrong. the pilots say a tire burst a federal official says it was uncontained engine failure. the two csx trains crashed
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near concord road in chester township just before 8:30 this morning. two crew members from each train went to the hospital with non-lifethreatening injuries. >> the latest scam in our region involves a blackmail letter that threatens to tell secrets of your marriage that aren't true. the writer claims evidence of an affair and demanding it be paid in bit coin. victims have been targeted all across our area from northeast philly to chester and montgomery counties. >> the way it was phrased, the way it was officially written and the person who wrote the letter made a direct threat we're going make information public about you. so you never know in this day and age with identity theft and typing of e-mails and tij tal fingerprints, people can do or say anything. >> authorities are working to track down the source of the letters. >> the 76 ersz have apologized
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for canceling the performance of the national anthem. now streeter has been invited back to sing and will be allowed to wear the jersey if she choses. we are sorry this happened. after receiving feedback from our players, we belong the wrong decision was made and secyn should have been welcome to sing. we apologize to her. halloween not just a holiday for kids. >> when it comes to costumes have you to choose wisely. nicole brewer with important things to consider. >> yeah. it can be kind of a touchy topic these days. when a clown costume may be more offensive than an axe murderer it may be a good idea to think twice about what you choose to wear this halloween.
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inside masquerade in south philly, the costume options are endless. while some shoppers take a simple approach. >> i get in the store and what's not taken, i go with. >> reporter: others think long and hard about what to be for halloween. >> it's pretty much being creative. >> i don't think i could be anything too scandalous. >> always have to be cautious nowadays. >> reporter: this year even clowns are complicating the process. >> no one wants to offend anybody today and sometimes we're not sure what people are offended by so that's tricky. >> reporter: the assistant store manager says they don't stock costumes that purposely offend. >> selling things for people to, you know, enjoy the holiday. >> reporter: so what crosses the line? the folks we spoke to said blackface, nazis and suicide bombers are a big no-no. when it comes to ethnic costumes it's a toss-up.
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>> it depends on the way you present it. >> personally i think that is crossing the line. because culture is not a costume. >> if you do it in a classy manner it's completely fine. >> i think it's fair game. we live in a >> reporter: and while politics can also be a touchy topic, the people we spoke to seemed to think the candidates were fair game. in fact they said when paired together, clinton and trump, it could give everyone a much needed laugh this halloween. i'm sure we'll see all kinds of costumes this weekend and on monday. >> it could get scary. >> thanks, nicole. appreciate it. >> friday nights on cbs means blue blood. >> and tonight i'm giving you a special behind the scenes look with the lejdly tom selleck. >> i don't see myself as a leader. >> selleck's costars tell me why
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he really is a mentor. plus the big favor one of the actresses asked of selleck when the series first began. >> we are warming up as we head into the weekend. everything quiet for now but we are tracking the chance for a little rain this weekend. i'll tell you when you may see a couple of showers. i'll also tell you when temperatures head to the mid 70s and we'll take a peek at that trick or treat forecast as well. >> like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty -
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and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. >> blue bloods is in its seventh season. the head of the family is frank reagan played by the one and only tom selleck. i had the pleasure of spending time on the set and going one on one with selleck who is respected and loved by his tv family. >> i am really looking forward to graduating from the academy. >> reporter: tom selleck plays commissioner frank reagan,
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strong, levelheaded, a voice of reason. i also found out behind the camera, his coworkers see those virtues in selleck himself. >> tom is on this mission person who i can ask questions to. >> he's a leader by example. they don't really make guys like him anymore. >> the truth is there's a little grift involved in any successful endeavor. >> reporter: going into this season the cast has accepted his veteran leadership. >> it's kind of like my mentor who doesn't want -- never wanted to hear he was my mentor, james garner. i don't accept a mentor role. that they feel that way is i think flatting although it adds a certain amount of pressure. >> which they all seem to be handling quite well. amy carlson didn't know where the show was headed when the
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pilot was shot but quietly and discretely, she did know she was in the presence of television history. >> i said hey tom let's get a picture together just in case this thing doesn't go so i can show my mom. he's been in the american family home for decades now. people spent time with him in their homes through their tv for a long time and yet he's still very generous as a person when you're with him. that staying true is what makes him special. at least to me. >> i know every day when i come to work i have to bring my very best. it's really inspired me to do that, to push the limits of my character for the betterment of the whole show. >> you've got to play the game, otherwise you get eaten alive. >> reporter: a show where all the performers feed off the example of a television icon. >> if they want to come to me for advice, i don't see myself as a leader, i see myself as part of an ensemble.
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>> a family. and he told me entertaining yours at home brings him more pleasure. >> i truly mean that. >> now there is a man who loves what he does and it shows. the entire cast does as well. i talked with all of them about a number of topics. i'm going to have that every friday for the next few weeks. from the family dinner to police-comount relations both on televisions and in the real world. >> more to come on that. >> indeed. >> like a family behind the scenes as well. >> oh, yes. they are. >> they spend a lot of time together. >> yes, they do. >> all right, kate bilo, how is this weekend looking? >> this weekend ask looking fantastic. family activities, outside the weather looking really, really nice. it's clear, it's a little chilly tonight but great night to light things up. cbs3 and comen philadelphia teaming up in the fight against breast cancer.
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october is national breast cancer awareness month and as we know the pink lights are a reminder to schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant the casino resorts are also pink. this is the 15th year for the lights for the campaign you can find more information always at you can see those lights from far, far away all across the delaware and lehigh valleys. a quick look outside our roof cam showing everything lit up nicely in the city as well. it's dropping into the 30s and 40s tonight. storm scan 3 shows our next system moving through portions of eastern canada right now, it does have a little snow with it for portions of quebec. it's starting to move a little further east as well but that's going stay north of us. what we're concerned about is the front that this will drag through on sunday and that's going to bring us our next
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chance for a couple of showers. temperatures are dropping steadily tonight. it's still relatively comfy in cape may. look at reading, the reading regional airport at 37 degrees right now. a little chilly out there. our high today was 57 degrees in philly. we got a little warmer down the shore and in delaware. a few 60s there. mount pocono did mot nak it past 43. but take a look at this big bubble of heat, temperatures got into the 80s down into new orleans and all this heat, not quite 80s, but a lot of warmth is going to be pushing in and getting rid of this bubble of blue that's been centered over the northeast. we've got up and down temperatures. today 57 tomorrow we jump right past the after of 63 into the 70s. keep it there for sunday, back down below average briefly on monday and we start another warm-up into tuesday and wednesday of next week. not a lot of it tomorrow, you
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can see high pressure is off to the south, we get this warm flow out ahead of the advancing front around the western flank of that high. it's a nice mild day with lots of sunshine. the front creeps just ever closer on sunday. most of the day looks dry but i do think as we head into sunday afternoon and evening, mainly after about 4:00, 5:00, a couple of showers will pop up here and there right around the dinner hour. sunday does not look like a total washout but there will the chance to dodge some rain drops in the afternoon and evening. we're seeing past peak foliage in the poconos right now and high color across the rest of the area. great weekend to get out and see some of that fall color if you haven't done that already. halloween monday is mostly sunny, it's cool for the daytime high. it's pretty nice weather. tonight 42 degrees and clear. mostly sunny and warmer at 70 degrees. 75 on sunday with the chance for those late-day showers and
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briefly cooler monday but can't keep the cool around. we're right back to the 70s by wednesday. so it looks like a warm start to november. the question is how long can we keep it around. >> you'll let us know. >> i will. >> well, lesley is up next with sports. >> still celebrating villanova, a big night out honoring the chap championship team and friday night means it's
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>> benny logan has been ruled out because of a groin strain. the eagles could really use him to collapse the offensive lines to go after prescott. he is filling in very will for tony romo and has thrown just one interception. hoops mania always a big night at villanova when you have a national championship to celebrate it takes on a whole new meaning. former coaches and players on hand to celebrate jay wright handing out those rings. >> ring ceremony is cool. they've been dying to get them. it's a proud moment and i know they're excited about it. >> and the event also included the unveiling of the 2016ncaa
2:29 am
national championship banner that will hang in the pavilion for all to see. >> it's time for friday football frenzy. >> thank you, ladies. it's the high school football season coming into the home stretch. teams playing for positioning. we will start off in the public league. we have kensington visiting central, blake schwartz is off and takes it all the way in for the score. central with a monster win tonight, 50-0. palumbo at 35-14. washington at southern. southern's jaleel turner taking
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it right on in for the score. southern with a 44-8 victory. padding ton at the perky ellman school. he's going to have to work to make something happen here and look at him turn on the speed. so penning ton the winner in this one. 41-12. to new jersey holy spirit and camden catholic. camden catholic the winner 28-22. cedar creek at haddonfield. gets the ball inside the 10, on fourth down a touchdown. cedar creek wins. and a huge match-up, east the winner 42-20. and finally, this is the play of
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the night. inkreblg run, breaking a bunch of tack also. perk valley will win it. time for a time-out but when we come back, we have the game of the week for you. throw out the record, this game is for pride. (alex)tor) if you have medicare or will be covered soon, here are some important things you should know. first, if you think medicare covers everything, you may be in for
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an expensive surprise. second, you could be responsible for thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. which brings us to number three. a medicare supplement insurance policy from colonial penn life insurance company can help you save money by helping to pay the bills medicare doesn't. so you have affordable coverage with the freedom to choose a plan that best meets your needs and budget. and no one chooses your doctors but you. you can be covered for visits to doctors, specialists, hospitals, and more. so now that you know more about your choices when it comes to a medicare supplement plan, call now. (bright music) ♪ time now for the game of the week as voted on by you, the fans. we have council rock south
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visiting council rock north. we head into the locker room for the pregame speech. >> for this game tonight will live forever. so you better go out and write history! you better take that and make it happen. how do you all feel? fired up! >> they're fired up. north and south battling it out for bragging rights. council rock south able to get on the board with a big run right now. a big td run right there but not to be outdone, back comes he south not to be denied. so south the big winner tonight 35-14. biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty - like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots,
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and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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time to get your friday laugh on. our morning team is back tomorrow from 5:00 to 7:00. for kate, lesley, everyone here, i'm yukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. remember we're always on for you at cbs >> good night family, sleep well.
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