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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 2, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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started, rahel but guess what day number two starts now, septa, septa, septa, there is real life in place. we have a tractor trail are tire, water main breaks so we are shaping up to be a busy morning. >> it is like life has got to go on for rest of us. that is where you come in. i thankfully do not have any kind of wet the tore report. it is very tranquil. we will get you out the door. it was a nice day, but, yeah, you know, maybe you actually had to hit the alarm early to check with us to get outside door to make sure you though what is going on. weather-wise no worries. make sure you take your sunglasses, nice, bright, sunny day and warmer. really heavy winter coat is not a requirement. outside storm scan where things are nice and quiet at this hour and it will stay that way. look at these temperatures. we will drop another 3 degrees, here in fill before sun comes up but we are in the lower 50's, that is not that bad, and only 44 in mount pocono, we certainly seen colder then that so far this
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year and just in the last week or one but warming trendies underway, we have a southeasterly wind flow, not windy by any stretch but southwest wind flow in advance of the cold front is allowing temperatures to spike. seventy-three, here in philadelphia a today. mid to upper 60's down the shore and mountains and we expect this trend to go into tomorrow at least with some sunshine for first half of the day, meisha. >> thank you, so much. it sound good to me on a day we will talk about septa the nice to see sunshine. good morning. happy hump day. we are looking at ben franklin bridge because yesterday was so backup because vine was backup. we saw septa backup here on the ben franklin bridge. we will talk with septa again today, any new information that we do get, we will bring to you right away this morning. the morning its just starting now to get underway so we will see what happens but just a reminder what is in service regional rail in the city. because of that, we will bring you extra information. free shuttle will will along broad street and market frankford, bus zones are
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available at drop off and pick up locations that will help us out but i also want to talk about real life as it happens just like this water main break at frankford avenue margaret street and tractor trailer fire that happened 3:00 a.m., north bound near route 73 that right lane is still block and clean up underway, jim, over to you. well, our team three coverage continues this morning as septa strike enters its second day, justin finch is live inside suburban station, weathering the morning rush with commuters. >> but lets start with "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao she's live where talks will resume today, good morning. >> reporter: rahel and jim, good morning, talks are set to resume at sheraton in center city philadelphia later on today possibly this afternoon. in the meantime congressman bob brady has been brought into help things along. lets look at the video. the congressman tells "eyewitness news" that the two sides have been talking through a mediator but at this point no middle ground has been found just yet. he says at least negotiations
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are moving in the right direction now. septa and local 234 resumed negotiations late yesterday after about 5,000 members of the transport workers union went on strike earlier in the the day. main sticking points are work rules, health care benefits and biggest issue of all, pensions. the strike is in day two. it has signed line septa buses, trolleys, subways leaving hundreds of thousands scrambling to find other ways to work and school. beside that getting to the polls on election day less than a week away is a a growing concern. congressman brady is worried that the extra minutes in that case to get to and from work will lead to little time to get out and vote. >> you still got to get up an hour or two earlier and make sure you get to work and kid to work and if that is too early to get on the street before 7:00 o'clock, we're in trouble. i don't know how long it takes people to get home from work but another hour or so longer and might not be home by 8:00 it is a inconvenience that scars me. >> reporter: with that said
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septa does have a contingency plan in this case that takes the strike approaches election day. septa says quote if we foresee an agreement will not come to pass septa will enjoin the strike to make sure strike do to the know prevent any voters from getting to the poles to exercise their right to vote. septa is hoping a tentative agreement is in place by election day next tuesday and they are working toward that. today negotiations set to resume later today. we're reporting live from center city philadelphia this morning, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now back inside to you. commuters are dread daigle two, yesterday's morning and evening commutes were jammed packed with traffic. regional rail lines are still running but those commuters are dealing with massive delays and overflowing cars. >> that is right, lets get out to "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live at suburban station where commuters may be in for another long day, good morning. >> reporter: rahel and jim, you are absolutely right here at suburban station one of the
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many regional rail hubs that was packed yesterday, they are bracing for the same thing today. look right here, fans have been brought in just to carroll all of the people that will show up today in a word it was very crowded yesterday. if you chose to drive yesterday, guess what the streets weren't any better. center city grid lock on day one of the septa transit strike. >> it gets really bad out here. >> reporter: a.m., p.m. commutes marred by slow moving street traffic and jammed packed regional railcars. by the evening patients by the thousands was pushed to the absolute edge, and then this. >> it is crazy. i mean we got an announcement at work that they are picketing at train station so we night to the get home. >> reporter: septa got a court order to allow regional rail workers to report to work and ban picketers from stopping rail service. after class to 5,000 bus, trolley, train workers members of the transport workers union
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local 234 walk off job tuesday and many chose to drive. add that to the taxis, uber and other ride shares on city streets and here's what you got near 15th and vine. >> ninety-five was just really crazy, just so much traffic inching along. >> reporter: on strike day number two look for many to use their legs. >> on the trains it can be ten minutes. walking will take me roughly 40 minutes. >> i had to start using indego bikes to get around because i rely on septa so much. >> reporter: back live, walking and biking are certainly options today. take a look at the calm before the storm. so far trains are looking good but that is in guarantee as the day wears on, now regional rail is adding extra stops to accommodate this extra low, coming in today during the strike here and if you are driving or taking the train you will want to check your schedule and allow for extra time, rahel and jim, back inside to you. you can stay with "eyewitness news" as we stay on top of the septa strike.
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we have more information about how to get around during walk out, our coverage continues on line at cbs philadelphia eagles fans want to know will wide receiver josh hoff suit up this sunday. hoff was arrested on the walt whitman bridge carrying an unlicensed gun and marijuana authorities say hoff was pulled over for speeding and according to court document when an officer approached he smell marijuana we are told he turn over marijuana and told the officer about a unloaded gun. hoff's attorney fortune perry tells "eyewitness news" that hoff is very upset. >> obviously he is very disappointed about what has gone on here but it is early on in the situation. we really haven't had a chance to look at all of the allegations. >> perry to tells "eyewitness news" that josh hoff was released on $25,000 bail. we do not know if hoff had a permit for the gun in another state but we do know new jersey has very strict gun laws. as usual eagles fans have a lot the to say, some wondering what he was thinking while others just want to know
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if he will be still allowed to play. one of his teammates comes to his defense. >> i think they forget sometimes that they are held accountable to things. >> they should cut him and move forward. >> obviously it is a serious situation but i will definitely be praying for him. i know he is not a bad guy. hopefully he will get cleared. >> he should in the play. >> next week is giants, we need him there. >> now eagles released a statement yesterday saying we are aware of the incident today involving josh hoff and at this point we are gathering more information. it is day two for bill cosby's pretrial hearing as he helped into the montgomery county courthouse. yesterday, the lawyers, pleaded with the judge to keep cosby's deposition in the past lawsuit out of his upcoming trial. they argued that cosby agreed to answer questions under oath after he promised not to be charged with a crime. cosby is charged with sexually assaulting former temple basketball coach andrea constand in 2004, his trial date is set for june 5th. new developments in the battle over a shuttered church
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in fishtown. >> coming up why battle continues for neighbors trying to save the historic site. also ahead republican presidential candidates donald trump makes a surprise stop at a local wawa store, up next, why you may be seeing more of trump and hillary clinton in pennsylvania. plus this... >> everyone in the america gets a free... >> give a way that president obama is excited for, we will tell you that, you can get a free taco. talk about a jam in center city, it was grid lock yesterday because of the septa strike. if you are heading outside the door you can get your forecast all morning long on our sister station kyw news radio. there is a car moving around the city without a driver apparently. we will be right back.
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we're only down to six more days in campaign 2016. >> oh, boy, hillary clinton is in arizona and nevada whine donald trump wins over voters
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in florida. as david spunt tells with us pennsylvania still very much a battle frown state you can expect to see a lot more appearances from both cam pains. >> donald trump made a pit stop inside this king of prussia on wawa tuesday, sign that philadelphia and suburbs really are as important as political watch dogs insist. >> if i'm president there won't be obama care. so you won't to have worry about it. >> reporter: during a policy speech in front of the few hundred in king of prussia trump and mike pence pledged to get rid of the affordable care act better known as obama care the moment they move in the white house. >> i will ask congress to convene a special session, so we cannery peel and relays. >> reporter: trump and pence focused heavily on pennsylvania, traditionally blue state is very much in play according to the trump campaign but average of the latest polls has clinton up 6 percent in the key extend state where her campaign is also fighting hard.
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>> we win pennsylvania, hillary wins the election. we lose it, hillary loses the election. >> reporter: clinton campaign in florida on tuesday night where she extended the olive branch to all voters. >> i want to represent those who vote for me and those who vote against me. >> reporter: clinton will join katie perry for a saturday night get out the vote concert in philadelphia melania trump will give her first campaign speech of the season in berwyn chester county thursday afternoon at two. mike pence held a rally in western pennsylvania last night. according to the clinton web site the event with kate the eye perry scheduled for saturday night is last clinton event in pennsylvania, before the election, of course, things could change, the election, less than a week away. reporting from the sat center, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have what six days, can you keep it together. >> i mean after a while i'm like my goodness when will this end? but we have good weather, at least for today.
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>> it is looking like a really nice day, a day that i have been calling the gem of the forecast because it is not only day that we start to notice the warm up but we will see sunshine all day. you don't have to worry about having wet weather accessories with you today. we did kick off month of november, giving you a preview, climatically, astronomically, and, also, of course, when it comes to the daylight savings time. we will return to standard time sunday at 2:00 this is morning. we will fall back, turn clocks back, averaging you lose 10 degrees this time of the year over course of the month. average high right now as of yesterday and still today is 61 degrees and by the time we hit end of the month it is only 50. we have a meet your shower peeking november 4th and 5th. so, five to ten meteors per hour. fun facts there. warm pattern is happening, as we speak. jet stream lifting north, southwest wind flow not a windy day but wind flow ushering in very warm air and
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temperatures are from ten to 20 degrees above average up and down east coast. here it is more like 10 degrees above average but there is a cold front that crosses through knocks that back and even to below reality here. so storm scan nice and quiet. we will see cloud building in advance of the next system that will roll through here tomorrow late this is day and bring with it showers and likely a then are storm and bullet points what you can expect. scattered showers, i wouldn't be shock to see steadier rain and there is likelihood we will see thunderstorm in the mix too. just because we will have such a crash in the atmosphere. between hours of noon and 8:00 l see wet weather roll through and we could see a ten to a quarter inch worth of precipitation. in the meantime all is calm. we have got cloud overlooking palmyra cove nature park, betsy ross bridge, no problems with visibility here today and as day progresses 73 is the expected high. not shabby, getting high of
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61. we will out do that tomorrow. we almost hit 80 degrees. we will see how we do because it looks warmer with every passing day and new guidance that coming in and then we will bottom out, huge, side from one day to the next, meisha. >> it is such a blessing we are dealing with 70's because a lot of people during the septa strike we now know will be hitting roadways on, foot. on foot or bike or skateboard or whatever. i think i saw it all yesterday. anything you could have outside a vehicle were you probably on. this is what we're looking at right now, you guys, the vine, slowly starting to heat up. vine really posed problems for many people, myself included yesterday, morning, afternoon, evening, it didn't matter. we are starting to heat up. we are still looking good. we are still looking good both moving on the expressway and local but just a head up it got busy yesterday. this is i-95. headlights are moving in the the north bound direction at the vine. we are starting to heat up here a little bit.
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ninety-five is another area that caused problems for a lot of people. now that the morning is underway, we are going to start to see some of the effects of the septa strike we're dealing with. so, train 1293 is running already at 15 minutes delays. the war minister, train 6400, 14 minute delays. so head up, when we see delays like this in the 5:00 o'clock hour we know that this strike is already starting to feel or more like the burn for today, you guys, rahel, back to you. for a look at newspaper headlines from around our region. >> from the delaware county daily times delaware county emergency services director edward j truet resigned yesterday. the 79 year-old from upper darby hell the position for 40 years. his resignation comes as pennsylvania state police refile charges related to his involvement in a september hit and run fender-bender. from the press of the atlantic city, new jersey state police are investigating a report of the needle found in the piece of halloween
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candy collected this cumberland county month. man told police on monday night she found what looked like a sewing needle will in a tootsie roll her child received while trick or treating in cumberland county. spending $718,000 to purchase 5 acres of land for a new paramedic station. county council approved the first purchase last week, station will be located south of the chesapeake and delaware can ol to improve response times at the area continues to grow. >> that is a look at some newspaper headlines from around the delaware will valley. >> well, up next pat is here with sports. >> good morning, joel embiid fantastic again last night but could sixers hold on against magic? we will show you finish. plus cubs/indians they don't want to go home, we have world series
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pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punished for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would, i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. 5pkz zi0z
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y25pky yi0y thanks for waking up on "eyewitness news". >> world series is going to a fame number seven, path the trick is here with the sports. >> i love this? will you stay up late and
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watch. >> no but i love to hear about it. >> it is winner take all tonight in cleveland as 016 world series comes down to one final game. the cubs were down three games to one but forced a game number seven by hammering indians last night. cleveland stumbled out of the gate, this is addison russell and blooper find grass, and as outfielders miss communicate and that puts chicago up two to nothing in the first. the to the third inning we will go, and this one will find in the grass but the seats. russell foley hits this one, a grand slam to dead center field, cubs win nine-three. game number seven starts past jim's bedtime at 8:08. say thank to you indians, francis so lindhor, it means a free taco for everyone in the entire united states. it is part of the taco bell's steel a base, steel a taco promotion. get your free, taco today from two to 6:00 p.m. at any
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participating taco bell location. trade in the nfl are rather rare all they howie roseman has been known for blockbusters in his time with the eagles. but after a couple weeks of rumors bird decided to stand pat at yesterday's deadline. hottest rumor was torey smith of the 49ers and reports say san tran wanted a third round pick. the eagles were offering a fifth. nonetheless carson wentz weapon staying the same which has in the been good enough. they had at least four drops on sunday, in the overtime loss to the the cowboys, and now the josh hoff issues could hurt them at some point. eagles take on the giant this sunday, in north jersey. guys, listen closely, joel embiid is not normal. innings isers 7-foot two center might be playing half of the game but putting up all of the stats and did so last night against magic but could they close it out? embiid, showing off some defense here, joe joe with the fake block in the paint in the first quarter. he had four of those on the
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night. here, the 20-foot ther goes down and embiid finishing with 18 points and ten rebound in just 25 minutes. however, orlando wins 103-101. they are still win less. they take on charlotte tonight. embiid will in the play as he restness back to back nights. members of the philadelphia flyers took time out to give back to the community yesterday. jay voracek led team to st. christopher's hospital, and that is where they visited with young oncology patients and, of course, they brought gifts. children receiving gear from the orange and black. this visit is part of the nhl's hockey fights cancer campaign, flyers, by the way, are back tonight at home with the detroit red wings. flyers doing some good, in the community, of course. >> so what do you think, cleveland, chicago. >> i will flip a coin. >> no. >> i will go cubs then. >> i really want the cubs. >> 108 years. >> cleveland just won with the cavilers. >> yes good give chicago.
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>> it does president matter really. >> well, we all know it doesn't get much better than game seven in sports but can you guess how many people are willing to pay for tonight's game in cleveland? >> a lot. >> we will tell you. >> plus we have more on the second day of septaes a strike, hi jan. >> hi rahel. negotiations are set to start backup in the sheraton in center city philadelphia later on today. i'm reporting live here and coming up we will look at where negotiations stand this morning, and how septa is now planning for a election day. if you get in your car i'd probably hide it or there is a chance that the kitkat thief might take it from you. >> a kitkat thief. see handwritten note left on paper left behind, katie. that is my favorite halloween candy, how could you resist. we are looking ahead to the weekend, guys and we are expecting some very quiet weather right the now, sunshine to start the weekend off and sunshine to wrap it up with a few additional cloud
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but notice temperatures they are on the cooler side and we are certainly going to see a big difference on the thermometer. we will tell
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well, mobile three is live and out and about on this warm wednesday, it looks like it is stopped at a red light right
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now, katie says it will feel more like september then november but she's here to tell us when it will cool down again. we knew that was coming. good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie has forecast. meisha will update us. but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> septa strikings in today two. >> negotiations stopped for the time being. >> in the meantime heavy hitter has been brought into move things along. >> move forward. >> no word if philadelphia eagles will suspend josh hoff. he was arrested on the the walt whitman bridge carrying an unlicensed gun and marijuana. you can change your vote, to donald trump. >> it is now back to florida for donald trump. >> he is making three stops where polls say it is just too close to call. >> can we just stop for a minute reflect on the absurdity of donald trump. >> hillary clinton is stumping in nevada and


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