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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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i'm rahel solomon. the katie and meisha joins us with a look at things. katie with good news, meisha, not so much. >> you are wound up, it is crazy over there. >> it the is really crazy. the hardest thing about this it is one thing that goes wrong during septa strike, everything starts to be impact and that is, thousands of people we're talking about. we're looking outside right thousand, you guy, we are having accident on the roadways, we are seeing major delays on the regional rails. we will get to all that in a minute. >> at least weather looks like it is overall going to cooperate for you. we have fog to contend with, so keep that in mind but storm scan quiet the for thousand. we have been talking about a passage of the cold front all week long but everything that roles through is very scattered, so i don't think weather plays as much of a role in your commute here especially through p.m. hours which is helpful at least. we are in the upper 50's from philly to wilmington. fifty this reading.
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the as we get kid out to the school bus, it is mild, we should end up in the mid 70's but keep in mind the scattered shower or thunderstorm is likely. if you dent want to take umbrella along, you can really getaway without it. rain looks like it comes, at two to 8:00 p.m. but very scattered. it is a potent cold front. it will make up for a huge temperature drop. we will tell you how long they will tall coming up later in the show, meisha. >> looking outside, what we're tracking is an accident that is having a huge impact on interstate i-95. it is usually southbound side, which is headlights where we have our christ right around this time but right thousand because of this extent, all eyes are on the northbound side. this is right around cot hand we're deaf taitly seeing backups because this accident right new but i want you to wrap your mind around sheer volume of the vehicles already out roadway and we are just cracking this is 6:00 o'clock
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hour. a very if indication of what our drive unfortunately will look like this morning this part because of the septa strike. head up in this area for those just heading out through will need to give yourself extra time. would i advice 45 minutes at least just to be safe. also we have an accident on the vine that just cleared but you are starting to see line up. this is moving in the westbound direction toward schuylkill. you can see how busy it is trying to get on the schuylkill. we will wait a little bit. regional rails running delays there norristown high speed line we have a disable train on the track to slow you down even more so, rahel, back to you. meisha, thank you, gruesome discovery body on fire is found underneath i-76. police were called to south philadelphia just before 2:30. body was so badly burned that police aren't sure if it is man or woman. homeless people often stay in that area, police are unsure if the fire was intentional or an accident. well, no deal septa strike
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continues as we have been mentioning all morning as talks once again break down that means riders are left stranded for a third day. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at sheraton in center city where both side will meet up this morning, jan. >> interestingly you have this we have spoke to the source close to the union yesterday who said finally seeing positive communication and real bargaining was happening but that seem to have broken down because here we are day three of the strike and no agreement is in place. now septa officials are calling out the union, they issued this statement, overnight, septa wants the union to engage in good faith negotiations, the september board chair hand writes in part on several occasion this is week septa negotiators believed progress for a tiehl had been made but at each of those seemingly positive turns twu local 234 has brought a halt to the negotiation. union says that the statement is outrageous. roughly 5,000 union members walk off the job early tuesday
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morning leaving hundreds of thousands of commuters and school children looking for a different ride. on the sticking point of pensions septa says it has adopted an entirely new plan at union's request that would increase benefits for members, septa says it is also offered wage increases bringing the average employee's annual earnings from about 68,000 to $76,000 over the five years of the row postal. officials say that they have addressed operational issues. transit agency want union members to contribute more to their health care, union want better work rulings including more rest time between shift. as two side go back and forth commuters are left fighting traffic and spending more where they need to go. >> i'm just using to take one way to work and one way bank home and now turf figure out how to get home and pay uber and uber went up on their rises because they necessity we have in other alternative. >> i talk to the governor, is there no money there i talk to the mayor, is there in money there i even talked to our
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transportation chairman, billy shoes ter. >> now a number of elect officials including congressman bob brady who we saw right there has been brought into push these negotiations along. he was mentioning how he asked governor and mayor for funding but there is no more money to be had, even though, these negotiations have broken down at this point he says he believes that a deal is still close. in the meantime septa is asking that the union reassure the public that they will come to work next tuesday of this eighth on election day so everyone can get out there to the polls. we have asked union for a statement this morning and we have not gotten a response just yet. we will keep you up to date. live from center city, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". of course, stay with "eyewitness news" and cbs philly to the come for continuing coverage of the septa strike. coming up at 6:30 justin finch shows us how student are impact by the strike. well, long wait is over for cubs fans, they are world series champions for the first
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time since 1908. they won it over indians last night in cleveland winning a heart pounding game that went to ten innings. world series mvp ben so brings drove in the run. michael martinez grounded out to end the game. players and city of chicago simply exploded with joy. >> it will be a great day to day in the windy city as fans who it wassed for generations celebrate a world series championship, live in cleveland marlie hall is there and she ended the famous curse, good morning, marlie. >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel. chicago cubs and cleveland indians have waited a combined 176 years, to win a world series, last night, the cubs put their dry spell to an end after a historic victory. >> here's the 01. >> reporter: historic world series finally. >> the cubs won the world series. >> followed an unprecedented
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17 minute rain delay. series mvb ben zo theb therist hit this tenth inning double. >> it is like a heavyweight fight, blow for blow, everybody playing their heart out. >> miguel monday tear owe helped secure the victory. >> they have blown it so many years before. this is greatest feeling in the world. >> reporter: fans were left on the edge of their seats at bottom of the eighth when cleveland outfielder raji davis hits this game tying home run. >> this whole place erupted. it was an awesome moment. >> reporter: in the end cubs were victorious rallying back from a three-one series deficit ending decade of heart break. >> our tamly has been waiting 108 years for this. >> yes. >> still can't believe it. and it spilled from the bars to the streets as fans hailed the end of the the curse of the billy goat. >> nothing to do with curses.
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>> reporter: cubs manager joe madden attributed it to skill. >> superstition, has throwing to do with what is happening today, nothing. and if you want to believe in that kind of stuff, it will hold you back a long time. >> reporter: with the drought now over plans for an epic victory parade are underway. just to give you a bit of historical perspective, the last time the cubs won a world series championship, women were not the allowed to vote. jim and rahel. >> a much different time. marlie, thank you. even though he is a white socks tan this morning president obama tweeted it happened. cubs win the world series, that has changed this this south cider can believe it. he added when want to come to the white house bring leave. philadelphia wide receiver josh hoff will play in this sunday's game december spy being arrested earlier this week on gun and marijuana charges. court documents revealed that hoff was charged on tuesday, with carrying a gun without a
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permit in new jersey. for having hallow point bull nets a small amount of marijuana in the car. the 25 year-old spoke candidly with reporters yesterday about his arrest. >> i'm a professional athlete. what professional athlete don't have a gun. i have a wife and son at home and my job toys protect them at all cost. my job toys protect myself as well. >> hoff says he has a permit to carry a gun in texas but isn't well versed the laws in new jersey. eagles have chosen in the to advertise plane hoff, instead they are waiting for local process to play out. melania trump hit the campaign trail today, she will deliver a speech in berwyn her first speech since republican national convention. campaign officials say mrs. trump will highlight a shore personal side of her husband, and they will hold dueling rally with is in north carolina the last night democratic nominee hillary clinton spoke in nevada where trump is leading. >> what would it be like to have that person in the most
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powerful office in the the world. >> earlier in the the day wikileaks released e-mails alleging a senior justice department official gave gave clinton's campaign chair hand a head up about developments concerning a clinton e-mail investigation. trump met with voters in florida where the race is virtually tied. >> if hillary clinton were to be elected, it would create an unprecedented and protracted constitutional crisis. >> trump is set to speak in our area in hershey friday that it. hillary clinton will be in philadelphia saturday night and sources says likely for a rally monday night on independent hall. and yes, we are now just five days away from election day and you can count on "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the campaign 2016. well, it is warming up and rain moves in, katie is timing it out, showers and possible thunderstorm is coming up next. also ahead, this is aftermath of the bus crashing in the home but the moment that impact was also caught on
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camera. we will show it the to you. another earthquake, hits oklahoma, just two months after most powerful quake ever to hit the state see the damage pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punished for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would, i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
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this shows when a city business jumps cayenne slams in the house in san antonio texas. >> you can see bus driver was pretty banged up in the crash but was able to make it off back of the bus. bus company believes surveillance video of the i am ago. bus was traveling south when the driver of the pickup truck ran a stop sign. well, concern in oklahoma, after that state gets hit with two powerful earthquakes in just two months. >> 5.8 quake shook area back in september and new largest
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quake since that one came in at magnitude of 4.5. neighbors scrambling to pick up sand stone and fix cracks in walls and people say they are scared of what another earthquake could bring. >> fortunately that is in the something we have to deal with but some rainy do see in the the distance there right now we have a very light wind but note thinks direction, wind flow is out of the southwest. we will sit in the warm sector of the storm. temperatures off to a mild start. fifty-five at palmyra cove nature park but that haze we see out there, that is moisture building in the atmosphere. we will get clouds that form and some le to the ground and we have some fog coming through patchy across the region but where you got it, at or under half mile in many instances. you can see moisture getting pulled off to the north. we will zoom it out. notice that the back end of this cold front in other words it is not fizzling but it is decaying with the moisture
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content. brunt gets bypassed to the north and we are certainly going to see shower or then are storm but it looks very scattered now, so while it looks like we have had heavy rain along with this, now it is not likely but there will be scattered showers and then are storm between two and 6:00 . your call on the umbrella. i left it this is closet today. through have it. as we look at rape amounts you could have a quarter this much. no huge tiehl, certainly this is you have this to chip away at current deficit we do have. it is pros and cons dealing with the weather pattern, right. one of the biggest is how warm. seventy-six as it passes. sixty at best tomorrow if we're lucky and fag forking in the north west wind to headache it tiehl cool but quite it this weekend but it is on the chilly side, meisha. >> katie, thank you so much. looking outside right thousand we have an accident i-95 thort at cot hand. this is accident cam, the accident is up here a bit you can see trickle down effect
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this is having and this is northbound side. southbound side is heating up, you can see southbound side right here, this is backup shot, actual backup shot to 15 north at cottman where that accident is, so already you can see backup for this is receipt i darn extensive. they are going back a few whiles now, you will want to give yourself extra time i would say at least 45 minutes maybe more because of the sheer volume of vehicles jumping on the roadways, earlier, just because we don't have that buffer zone with the septa strike in place. we have april accident on the vine that has been since cleared but you can see moving in the west/eastbound direction heating up especially on the westbound side pushing toward schuylkill. heads up. regional rails, we are running delays here and norristown high speed line we have a disabled train in the tracks, that is starting to cause slow downs right now and real quickly route 206 at hander road interest sexist closed from an accident. use an alternate, new jersey turnpike, jim, over to you. >> lots going on out there.
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uber updates its app and turns your friend phone into destinations, we will show you how it works. we are getting a sneak peak at an academy of natural sciences, pat. good morning, guys. we are here at the a contacted hi and they have cool stuff all about minerals. check out the he details on that right there we will tell you all you need to though about the cool stuff coming up,
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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in pennsylvania, a packet of heroin can be cheaper than a six-pack of beer and prescription painkillers are too easy to get. as the head of the pennsylvania commission on crime, i've helped local communities fund drug treatment programs to save our kids. i'm josh shapiro, and as attorney general, i'll crack down on the drug dealers and stop the overprescribing of opioid painkillers. i'm proud to be endorsed by law enforcement organizations representing 14,000 police officers. this is a fight we can't afford to lose.
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they are unlocking the the walls of the academy of the natural sciences. >> treasure from the mineral vault will feature pieces never before seen by the public. it doesn't opened until saturday but "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen has a first look this morning. >> good morning, guys. they don't just let anyone inside the vault at academy of natural sciences because is there so much cool stuff in here. we have got this awesome room. check out details on this stuff. isn't that amazing. that is calamine so to tell us about will cool stuff in here and what you can see is doctor ted, good morning, doctor. >> good morning, pat good to see you let's open up one of the vaults here. >> come on in. >> what will we look at in here. >> there are 8,000 specimens here, minerals, fantastic stuff, beautiful material. we nose people see this kind have of thing. >> absolutely. >> it goes on and on and on.
6:21 am
we love to show people that minerals are the natural product of the earth. >> sure. >> that they come in all shapes, all colors, and it is one of the things that i think goes as being, you know, when you get to the natural science museum that is what you want to sianni gets you excited and kid love minerals. >> this stuff is cool. >> this is quartz but it has a special form called rutile through it, these long narrow blade through the quartz crystals. you need very unique, sort of chemistry and form haitian process to make that happen. >> how about this, we have bigger rocks here this is quartz, some opal too. >> these will go on display and we will show off variety of quartz and the colors and crystal terms. you hey not know it but opallies a fine grain of quartz. we also have agets and jasper and flint, all of that is
6:22 am
quartz, many think of these beautiful big crystals. usually clear. but look at the variety of colors that can come as as well good tell them how to come, where to go, tickets, and all that stuff. >> we will open up this and spotlight on specimens exit series and we are excited to have people visit and see this beautiful material good beautiful, doctor, thanks very much. come on down to the academy. jim and rahel, come see receipt i colors. >> remind me of my college instructor walking across campus, father funk with this big bag of rocks. >> thanks, patrick, a rebater it. >> coming up a bed bug alert. place under investigation for bed bugs. >> hard to get motivate todd work out, right but healthy competition encourage good exercise habits. >> i think so. >> doctor jen is here with easy ways to get motivated and
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it is rights around the corner with much cooler air. we expect quiet weather, high pressure will lock itself in place to keep things tranquil
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with sunshine but at best temperatures hit upper 50's here in the city. guys, back inside to you. if you think you look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> cover of the trentonian are there bed bugs on new jersey transit buses. newspaper reports that is what two employees claimed, they are backing up allegation with two photos of what appear to be bed bugs. new jersey transit tells the trentonian it the has no knowledge of the bed bug problems and it says its buses are treated regularly with the pesticide. and on the trent page of the reading eagle will, how oldies too old, ballots in pennsylvania will feast tour a question on whether or not judges should stay on the bench full-time nil age 75. that would extend it for five years. cover of the hamburg area items spectators crowded in to downtown hamburg last weekend for 53rd annual king frost parade, hosted by hamburg team. this years parade honors memory of the man who
6:27 am
portrayed king frost in the annual parade for 32 years. >> cool, that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> coming up tonight on "eyewitness news", a story of sheer will. >> vittoria woodill sits down with the chef of will, french inspired byob in south philadelphia, rather to learn how an accident never stopped this chef's dream of living a life of good food. >> what is something that people don't know about you. >> i cannot taste. >> you cannot the taste no. >> see how this chef creates sensational food without even the sense of taste. special addition of taste with tori looking beyond food to tell story of a remarkable come back that is tonight at
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good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. 6:30.
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here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. a gruesome discovery in south philadelphia, burning body found under i-76. >> we don't know if the body was intentionally set on fire. >> still no deal at septa strike pushing in the third day this morning septa is issuing a statement, a call on the union to engage in good faith negotiation. here's the 01, cubs win the world series. >> we blew it so many years before. just greatest feeling in the world. >> ♪
6:32 am
>> one of the several memorable moments, during last night's country muse ache ward. >> it looks like payton hang is embracing his post tat ball lifestyle. little jingle there. >> lets toss it out to katie. we have a cute little nationwide jiggle. >> that would have been amazing. >> talk about must watch tv. i was talking to andy somers from wxtu and she said she was watching cma's last night because there were so many wonderful teary eyed moments. definitely highlights there. there is highlights in this forecast too. we will turn our focus. we will start off with very quiet weather on storm scan far off to the northwest we have a big pocket of rain. that is brunt of the moisture really that is passing us by to the northwest because of just the way that the system is panning out. we currently sit this is warm sector of our latest storm and because we have a relatively light win, there is some fog developing out there, as
6:33 am
moisture just becomes more and more prominent here. at or under half mile in spots. now down to one and a half mile at philly international airport. keep that in mind patchy fog could play a role this morning. the meanwhile upper 50's are what we are finding up and down, portions of i-95, cooler in trenton at this hour. we do expect to warm up substantially to 76 degrees, at philly international. now there will be again a scattered shower or then are storm that has to cross through but it does look like this front from what we thought would be more moisture starved. it may not be as much of an issue, we will track the front for you in more tea tail later in the show but you for now we will after lot to cover so back inside to you. >> thanks very much for that. good morning, it is gateway to our weekend. i have to tell you it will be busy a will you for extra time. what we are looking at we have an accident i-95 south approaching woodhaven. what we are seeing, you see penndot moving camera around, why?
6:34 am
because there is so much in this area. again this is i-95 south approaching woodhaven. what you have here is not only gaper delay from the accident, up here on the northbound side, that is right, gaper delay on the northbound side affecting southbound side this much but we have another accident starting right here, so because of that accident that is headaching more of a backup, more gaper delay as you even start to approaching northbound side and thinks all traffic trying to get toward city. septa, southbound side. north bound side we have an accident i-95 north at cottman, what is that doing? it is causing slow downs on the southbound side and we are seeing major delays there. take a look, on the northbound side, backup shot, to the northbound side again around cottman. anywhere you go on i-95 you will be slowed down not to mention we have slow downs happening on the regional rails as well and a accident we will tell but coming up in a bit. jim and rahel back over to
6:35 am
you. >> it is take three the in the transit agency and union members can't reach a deal that means it will be another tough day for commuters. around 5,000 union members went on strike early tuesday morning stranding hundreds of thousands on have people, congressman bob brady says some sticking points between the two side are work rules, health care benefits and pensions. >> i'm ride willing in the traffic too back and forth. i don't have a helicopter, you though. >> if there is no deal by election day septa is urging union to suspend strike to assure people can get back and forth to the polls. if not septa plans to seek an injunction. we are in today three of the septa strike taking a toll on people especially students. >> tens of thousands of students are struggling to get to school yet another day, "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at mid veil station where septa workers walk picket lines, good morning, justin. >> protesters here tell me they did not wanting to on strike but here they are, now on day number three, as many commuters across the area, and
6:36 am
commute, and, walk and school. most challenge we have found are students and their families. >> at mid veil station one of the several row test at septa hubs across the region, hand by transit workers hoping to see a you this deal come sooner then later. >> we just want to get back to work. we don't want to get back on strike. >> we want everybody to come together and be tear for everybody. management, as well as our local here. >> reporter: as negotiations between septa and local 234, and ed sloan, grid lock is overtaking road and rails. challenging commuters especially students. at roman catholic high regional rails and road are how students are coming into the thort broad campus and in way to go. >> the 27, 61 to get to school but i could not take that the other day. my mom had to drive me. we have to take our time off
6:37 am
there work. >> we have football practice, lines was huge. >> if this goes on for more than a week, how does that change. >> i don't know it will be really hard. might to have walk to school. >> yes. >> you can't wake. >> yes. >> like many schools, public and private, roman catholic is changing its schedule for now. >> we have a an adjusted schedule, longer 20 minute homeroom to accommodate those guys, that have difficulty getting here on the normal start time at 8:00ah. pack here live we are looking at what has been a around the clock protest here at mid rail station. workers here tell he one concern they have is, their safety on the job which is affect safety of the people that they serve, also too, they say they really want to see some kind of action happen in center city in negotiations and you can bet many are hoping that are same thing. rahel and jim back to you.
6:38 am
whether or not september is backup and running by election day this new ride sharing app will offer free lyft to and from the road voting boots. it is called car pool to votement its goal to get registered voters to the polls. join as a rider or volunteer to drive others. it is available nationwide. turning to money we know we should create the a thorough comprehensive financial plan. >> but for some is people the process is so daunting this he would do nothing. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us to create a three minute financial plan. good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> so jill, clock is starting, how do we begin. >> reporter: let's ask ourselves three questions: first, what is my biggest financial concern? it can be paying down your student loans? saving for a short term need like a rental security deposit or down payment for a car or a longer term goal like saving money for a house or putting monday a way for kid college education, contribute to go
6:39 am
retirement. next is a two partner: how much money do i have saved and do you have any debt. this is where you build a balance sheet details what you own, your assets and what you owe, liabilities. very helpful if one of your main objective toys pay down outstanding debt be sure to list your interest rates associated with your obligations and when and if they have had stewart dates. >> so jill, once you have done those two things what is next. >> okay, do your track where your money ising. you have to look at that cash flow determine how much money you canal kate. maybe mix, budget, or maybe your bank's tracking software. the just got to figure out where you spend. finally do you contribute tour retirement plan at work or your own ira or rot ira. ultimately your three minute financial plan should help you start tackling what i call three pillars of your success for your financial life. paying down consumer debt and then student loan debt, establishing an emergency reserve and ultimately
6:40 am
maximizing retirement contributions, spend three minutes now and guess what you don't to have do your financial resolutionness two months. >> would you say in that order, consumer debt, consumer debt. >> absolutely in that order. >> thank you. staying with the topic of money, it is now or never, last chance for the atlantic city leaders to prevent a state take over and win a rolfe of their budget. new budget plan will be proposed in hopes of the impressing new jersey officials, and new jersey's department of community affairs reject ac's initial turnaround plan, and it reject again new jersey's local finance board could approve a state take over, of a ac. bill cosby's pretrial hearing end with no ruling after his lawyers argued that sexual a all the charges against him should be dropped. cosby's attorney requested a why dismiss state's prior bad acts motion that could allow 13 women to testify as witness's begins cosby. the prosecutors say woman show a pattern of assault by cosby but defense argues their allegations are inaccurate,
6:41 am
decade old and simply untrue. uber is changing the way you meet up with your friend, find out how their phones are becoming destinations, coming up. plus, do you sit behind a desk all day, find it hard to get motivate todd work out? there are some things to get moving. doctor jen is here with helpful tips. cubs fans are flying the w after a epic game in game seven of the world series. hear from the players about finally breaking the curse, next. chicago is feeling the great these morning that city is probably on fire, you know, jimmy used to live near wrigley field close to where the game was played, it is probably nuts right now. >> wish i was there. >> but we're here and you are too so stay with us, we will be right back.
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when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won.
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front page of the chicago tribune. >> world series champions, at last. cubs have not been a able to say that in 108 years. >> forget about all of the curses and superstitions, the cubs are world series champions. >> it wasn't easy but ask any cubs fan it was worth wait, as we just said 108 years to be exact. the cubs fans were right off the bat with lead off hitter justin fouler hit the a long home run in the first inning. the cubs held a six-four lead over indians in the eighth inning. cleveland raji davis hit a two out, two run home run to tie the game. game went to extra inning after a 17 minute rain delay. in the series mvp ben put cubs ahead to stay with the clutch double.
6:46 am
cubs win it eight-seven, to kick off a massive chicago party. >> i don't think you would have wanted it any other way, to go seven games against a really good team on the other side. we weren't going to quit, man. we got together. we went out there and we did it. >> we rewrite history. we're the champions. 2016, champions. >> do you recognize that guy. cubs fans, bill murray, celebrated with some champagne in the locker room and what a night for all of the cubs fans out there, including our very own producers, ed connor. >> i heard her screaming blocks away. >> is that the same system bringing showers to our area. >> bingo. >> it absolutely is. it does look like the brunt of the moisture will be weakened a little bit by the time it reaches us. but we are still regardless, expected to see showers and
6:47 am
thunderstorm out of it. before we get to that lets check with the weather watchers. i love it, when we're getting beautiful pictures of the fall foliage and it has been awesome about sending them in. here's a personal favorite over the last batch here in washington crossing park, it came from ed connor, yellow, orange, red, all still popping. we are getting to the point where that vibrant color is about to fade. so get out and do leaf peeping as you call it while we have a chance to. for now we have temperatures that are currently reading in the lower to mid 50's, essentially that is the consistency we are finding. we have a couple out liars. one of the cooler spots is 42. she just got a couple cloud overhead. humidity. so sign of things to come. there is moisture to build in the atmosphere. david best from clementon lots of clouds as well, he has a modest wind flow of 2 miles an hour and 90 percent humidity. we have some fog out there. keep that in mine. speaking of fall foliage a couple of really great viewing
6:48 am
spots as we do still have a window before wet weather, comes this later today wissohickon valley park, and, schuylkill river trail is great to take your bike town that way, morris arboretum bowman's hill and great one canal state. enjoy it. peeking right now. and the day, moving quickly before it starts to fade away. storm scan is showing a fading frontal boundary. this is your front. this is brunt of the moisture though getting shunted off to the north, a storm core, front itself will bring a shower or thunderstorm. give us window between 6:00 p.m. for showers and thunderstorm to roll rel through but doesn't look very widespread issue, and then temperatures do get knocked back, wind picks up, it is a much chillier day. you'll notice it tomorrow. meisha. >> thank you so much. pulling your attention to i-95 in the southbound direction where we have an accident that left lane is block. first thing everyone should drive off to the right because we will move around this moving up a bit southbound, this is atwood haven, thinks
6:49 am
where we are getting caught up again gaper delay happening on interstate moving in the northbound direction. so we have got this accident interstate 95 southbound atwood have up, gaper delay happening on the northbound side. we will look at this. this is an accident i-95 northbound at cottman. for those at home avoid this area at all cost. don't go out there. don't say i will give myself 45 minutes. if you can avoid it, wait until this subsides a little bit otherwise you will just sit there. this is an accident of i-95 north at cot hand. backup shot you can see this take a look at betsy ross bridge they are extending all the way back to the betsy ross bridge, plus you have all of the backups, on the southbound side. the plus you are backup also on the regional rails at this point in the morning. jim and rahel, back over to you. well, uber is getting an upgrade. >> it hopes to headache process of requesting a ride and getting pick up faster. riders will be able to link
6:50 am
their phone california tar to the app so uber can suggest quickest route. that would be nice. you would be able to request a ride to find a friend's location using the where to search feature. it will be available in the coming weeks. well, mark zuckerberg and his social media empire facebook are anticipating hitting a major milestone, very soon, 2 billion users with a b. facebook ended with 1.97 billion people, using it, hitting 2 billion users would mean company engaging a quarter of the world's population and more than half of all internet users. even owe facebook could still see slowed sales, growth next year. >> incredible. with a b. >> yes. and, motivate yourself, healthy competition could help. >> recent studies suggest healthy competition on line may be the extent you news he had to reach fitness goals. jen cuddle is here with more of the research, and, fog.
6:51 am
>> and, research from the university, and, communication, and social network and track and encourage users. >> that is right, idea is what is it that encouraging people to exercise. 800 students in 11 week study to see who exercised most at the end. and students were divided in four different groups. some had social support, some had competition, some have group incentives and individual incentives. what they found was that the students that had a little friendly competition, actually exercised more than those who received social support like go, you can do it. so, i think this study is fast that iting. it speaks to the idea maybe healthy competition it is not so bad when it comes exercise. >> we're all competitive people. >> at the core many of us are, absolutely. >> you also really like, and you think it is because of that competitive spirit or do you think there is strength in
6:52 am
numbers. >> it is both, it is really nice to have buddies, work out buddies. people out walking with or cycling work chat with and things like that. i do think it helps get us motivated when we see what other people are able to to it the gets us going. >> i have my fit bit on. >> yes. >> but i'm in a group right now and i'm obsessed, like last month i was number five out of 20. right now i'm up to, every day. >> i'm obsessed with this. >> i'm on 2200 steps since 1:30 this morning. >> i'm moving. >> doctor jen i'm moving. >> that is what this study was talking about that type of of healthy competition. you are walking, and you move up. >> it doesn't go to 10,000 i do not have a good day. i wait for this thing to vibrate. >> would i walk my dog for an extra hour just to make sure i get that 10,000 number. >> that is really want what we want to see. >> this group thing though.
6:53 am
>> yes. >> well, there is some things people can do. these are my suggestions for people at home. ways to get exercise in your lifestyle. take walking heating at work. instead of sitting at your test being, walk around the building. stand while on the telephone, that helps as well. set a timer on your phone to say you have been sitting, time to get up and move around. of course, there are tried and true like parking far from the store and walking further, taking the steps but i really like this idea of healthy competition. biggest loser and stuff like. that girls in my office, they do competent situations like that and it is very motivating. little competition is not so bad. >> it keeps you on track. >> we were talking about maybe walking around the studio during commercial breaks. >> yes. >> yes, grab me and i'll walk with you. >> i don't have that many steps. >> wake up at 1:30 you will, thanks doctor jen, appreciate it. we will be right back with three to go. >> but you first here's what is coming up this morning on cbs this morning, gayle.
6:54 am
>> good morning rahel and jim. thrilling even to the longest sports drought in history we're at the progressive field and in chicago where cubs fans have been celebrating all night. we will talk with the cubs owner tom rickets and chicago mayor rammy manual. we are going in the lab where researchers are working on a smart phone battery that won't catch fire. the news is
6:55 am
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well, before you hit the road here's three to go. >> day three of the septa strike and still no settlement, to buses, trolleys or subways. talks are scheduled to pick up this morning. >> melania trump gives hers first campaign speech. she will be in berwyn chester county. hillary clinton and donald trump hold dueling rally with is in north carolina. chicago cubs are waking up world series champions for first time in a 108 years, they defeated cleveland eight-seven in extra innings. that is three to go. >> lets get last check of weather and traffic. >> overall, we will see patchy fog for sure, little hazy looking at this shot outside middletown ship high school. mild 57, for november standard anyway that is good stuff but expect today, scattered shower, thunderstorm, general window of timing is two to six. it could perhaps, mess with your p.m. drive but not too much i don't think, meisha. >> you guys, yeah, take a look at this, accident i-95 north at cottman just waking up
6:59 am
avoid this area all together. another one on i-95 southbound, same story there plus gaper delay and delays in the regional rails. >> yeah. >> all right, you guys, we will switch fires tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. i'm getting out and on the trail this beautiful spot is set up so kid can learn as they walk and plus you can get close to water without leaving comfort of the past. i'm heading to a farm where i cast given a challenge where i was certainly up for. >> golden pumpkin you can win if you hit the target. >> so this is a challenge i want to do. >> try this corn cannon, and it was so much fun. find out if i won the golden pumpkin, on the dream drive at 6:00 a.m. on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> yes. >> next up on cbs this morning more on the finish of the world series and latest from the campaign trail. >> join us each weekday morning on cbs-3 at 4:30. have a great the day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, november 3rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the cubs win their first championship in more than a century. the team known for losing, completes a historic world series comeback in an extraordinary game seven. we will talk with the team's owner about how the cubs ended the curse. hillary clinton's lead over dump shrinks in a latest "the new york times" poll. melania trump jumps back on the trail to campaign for her husband today. samsung faces new legal action in the smartphones catching on fire. we will take you to a lab where scient m


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