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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 9, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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of event that will slow you down in your travels. lower 50's to report, from wilmington up to trenton and in philadelphia and outlining suburbs we have a lot of 40's to report. but as day progresses, i don't expect to see much sunshine. it looks like a dreary buzz kill kind of the day with the the nuisance rain out there and that does last us for majority of the day, it looks like this front will actually slow even more, as it progresses through our area, which does mean it will take longer to get out. so, with that said we will track this system and more detail as this show progresses but for now, just expect that the rain could fall anytime, and eventually, another cold air mass is going to settle into reenforce this. meisha? >> good to know we will get rain, you guys, much needed rain. but it might cause problems for us around the city to take and anywhere in the delaware valley, really. so looking outside, happy hump day, happy wednesday to you, we are looking outside and you would think that a lot of people were staying up late last night, and if they were, same thing, the rush will come
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later but what we're seeing right now is getting pretty out there. look at 95 south past cottman and already starting to heat up. around 50:00 i would say you cut this in half and that is typically what we see. we are seeing residual effect from the septa strike trying to find our footing, we are better then we were day after septa strike ended but you still finding our footing out there blue route headlights out bound at macdade boulevard, both moving in the the southbound and northbound side, a lot of taillight, headlights but overall we are not slowing down. we are still traveling around 55 miles an hour and most places to keep you there hopefully cracking in the 6:00 . so far we are looking okay, we're seeing a lot of vehicles out there more vehicles we are seeing, guess what more problem spots we will see. this is one right here in abington huntington pike at old huntington pike this isn't going to slow you down just yet the but it certainly could. we have pushed toward 6:00 o'clock hour if this has not cleared. this is in the our first
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accident in the morning. we had a couple other ones. good news is those are pushed out of our way fairly quickly. it is not cause nothing i slow downs. thinks only accident we have right now. but we do have a lot of construction, so bear with me here i-95 north, at the right lane is block and this is going to be block through our morning commute. so this will linger for quite sometime around 2:00 p.m. we hit this area right around when rainfalls you bet that can slow you down even at 2:00 . the more construction northeast extension southbound between lansdale and mid count that i left lane is block there. guess what 42 northbound at 676, in new jersey that right lane is block there and this will be blocked until 6:00 a.m. another half an hour or so will linger out there and we know this one can slow us down. then we have construction, in pennsauken, route 73 south wound at route nine on that left lane is block, that is also block until right around 6:00 a.m. and pennsylvania turnpike westbound between bensalem and virginia drive right lane block there a whole morning full of construction, how much fun is that.
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>> all right, thank you. a long night of counting votes is over. >> this morning donald trump is claiming victory as forty-fifth president of the united states. and the margin of victory was very slim, "eyewitness news" sent a crew to insuring for a trent row seat at history. >> reporter: i'm natasha brown here in midtown manhattan with the trump campaign at trump headquarters, we have just heard from president-elect donald trump after a 18 month journey, it will end in the the white house for president-elect trump. trump says hillary clinton called to congratulate and concede just before he took the stage at around 1:00 a.m. this morning. he says it is time to come together as one united people. >> now it is time for america to bind the wounds of division, we have to get together. to all republicans, and democrats, and independent is a cross this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people.
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>> hopefully this is a loud message to the congress, senate, if they don't fall in line they are next. america is sick of the establishment. they have heard it here real loud. >> he reached out to those who had not chosen to support him in the past, he is, obviously offering a olive branch right now. he called his movement, he has energized this crowd. he was obviously energized the american people as the votes came in throughout the that it, we saw energy of this crowd. won several battle group states, including the state of pennsylvania, and its 20 electoral votes a state that has been a blue state, democratic state for more than two decade, he has turn it red here touring this election. so that is very latest from trump headquarters as he makes his way through the crowd, he is accompanied by his new vice-president, mike pence and many surrogates who helped him get to this point winning this election. that is very latest here at
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trump headquarters in midtown manhattan, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, pennsylvania's race for u.s. senate mirrored the presidential campaign. >> it was another hard for the battle that came down to the wire. it was after 1:30 when enough votes had been count todd how pat tomb toy claim victory and hold on to his senate seat. he defeated democrat katie mcginty by just under a hundred thousand votes. >> let's face it, this was a tough campaign. this was quite a battle. there was an all time record amount of money spent against us, a lot of the ads were just out ride false. >> and at 1:45 this morning katie mcginty called senator toomey to congratulate him. >> he has earned our gratitude and respect and i wish him god's blessings and god speed. >> now although toomey avoided question throughout his campaign he did finally reveal that ultimately he voted for donald trump after casting his balance the on the late in the
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day tuesday. 5:35. in business news how promises made by donald trump are impacting the mood on wall street. >> and how international markets are reacting to the new president-elect. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning, jill. >> good morning again, jim and rahel. donald trump surprise win is a shocking financial markets to say the least. they have expected and hillary clinton victory. we have seen a global market sell off, asian, european markets tumbled. at one point dow jones feutres here this is u.s. were pointing to an 800-point drop at the open. they have recovered a great deal after hillary clinton conceded, and this is all about uncertainty, markets don't like it. there are a lot of questions, surrounding donald trump's economic positions. he has said he wants to revamp the tax code, end immigration policy. he has been critical of the federal reserve. concern u.s. would drop trade agreements, mexico dollar
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dropped sharply with less trade with mexico. the mood on wall street is similar, to after that surprise brexit vote when voters in the uk shock financial markets and voted to leave the eu. there was a massive sell off after that brexit vet but there was a quick rebound. we will see if that happens now or if this sell off is more long term, and jim and rahel, we can tell you we have seen, again, overseas and mark here rebounding a bit from initial steep, steep losses, when it looked at first that trump was going to win, jim and rahel. >> futures down 300. one thing for sure election of the donald trump has president is giving the country a reality check. >> joining us is rich, he is on afternoons there three to 6:00 on our sister station talk radio wpht. we necessity you did not sleep last night. >> sleep? good who needs sleep. >> come on, presidential election. >> exactly. >> it was an exciting night but is what your reaction to the outcome not only of the presidential race but also
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pennsylvania, huge news, turning red. >> well, i told you guys, yesterday, right. as goes pennsylvania will go presidency. our state last night literally put donald trump overtop to give him the white house. the first time pennsylvania has gone red since 1988. a huge win for donald trump out of pennsylvania. so we mattered. we mattered in a big, big way yesterday without question but everybody got it wrong except for me. >> everybody got it wrong. >> actually governor rendell talk about the hidden trump vote. it was a the lot of hidden trump vote a lot more then we thought. >> i had mentioned yesterday after the show we were talking and i said i'm not so sure all these polls are right. i thought it was, trump had a chance. how do polls and pundits get it so wrong. >> very wise person. look, they did see the fact that this hidden trump vote was so real and mood of the country very similar to brexit. you hear about that in the the next few days in the analysis. something else too when they
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are doing their polling, data and relying they refused to see these massive crowd donald trump was getting was translate nothing to votes. they were like rock concerts. these were hose faithful, diehard who would vote ape get their friend to vote. pol stores, they completely hissed it. this will up end polling as we know it. i don't know if i will ever trust a poll ever again. >> they were talking about the exit poles and we were talking about just purely statistically data models all got it wrong. >> rahel, that is most amazing part about this. exit polls were wrong, early polls were wrong, every poll was wrong. this election from top to bottom if you look at what they said, larry saabatoe and chris, had hillary clinton winning 330 electoral vote yesterday. you had huffing ton post, 99 percent chance of the winning the election. they still famous practicing not cater had 60 percent chance of winning.
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>> i have been checking overnight and that never change. >> you and i were discussing what were the odd shaping up. but this hidden trump vote was a has i have monster vote at the end of the the day. >> what does a trump presidency look like. >> i think it will, its tone was a good sign. very conceal try, very much about trying to unite the country. he was sounding like a president which he has to do. now he has four years. he has got to govern and get things done. he has a republican senate, republican house but he still will need friendships and he just can't go it alone. he will to have try to build coalitions and that is a big challenge. >> lets stay on that speech overnight. people this morning talking about it being a big difference then maybe what we would have expect him to say, i wrote down he said something like time for us to come together as one united people. also saying he wants to be president for all americans. so is it a sign of what we can expect from a trump presidency. >> i think so. he also said thighs things
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about hillary clinton. he does want to bring the country together now. he has to as president. that is part of the job. mike pence said the same thing. hopefully we can put this ugly miserable campaign behind us that lasted 510 days and now move on this is country and unite. >> let's begin with secretary clinton were you advised she didn't make a public statement last night. >> i was but glad she called to concede because i thought they were going to try nonsense, and i thought that would have really ripped things apart further. she didn't have thumbs. numbers out of philadelphia were not there. what is interesting they looked at pennsylvania before they made decision to concede because they thought they could get extra votes out of philadelphia. when those votes didn't come they knew it was game over. >> we were saying for months about how important philadelphia, pennsylvania, would be and real interesting, sort of the outcome, but with such talk about the video we have seen at clinton rallies, clinton campaign headquarters, people crying. this was a really emotional election and now you have no matter what would have
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happened you would have had a country upset, how do we move forward from here. >> that is a tough assignment, rahel, no doubt. people went to that jacob javits center last night believed they were about to elect first would hand president. they walk in there certain. it wasn't even a sense of maybe. they walk in there believing they had this in the bag. to go from that to losing the presidency in hours. that is a big punch to the gut. it will take time to heel. let's face it. we have had divided government. trump's advantage starting off he has got congress. >> yes, he has two years. >> but as you know history is very important on this, typically what happened is democrats get the house back in two years. so that is why they have to get some stuff done and they will have to work together. >> really quickly talk about some on voting blocks that came out and decided this outcome. >> as you said yesterday, if the african-american vote in fail was not there she would lose. the it wasn't there. trump did better with woman.
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he out performed women in some areas. he crushed witt evangelicals. whatever issues might have come around the billy bush tape, didn't affect that vote at all. trump also did very well believe it or not with latina women and that is something they said latino vote will kill him. not true. he did very well with that in florida as well. college educated white voters, all came to donald trump. it was theory only ones without college degrees would vote but college educated also came home to donald trump and conservatives came home to him as well. >> thanks very much, rich. more to come. >> yes. >> we have got more on the balance of power in washington. >> coming up next. >> reporter: democrats fall short in their quest to take control of the house and senate. i'm mark albert on capitol hill with the latest on the republican victory coming
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republicans after lot to celebrate and its not just donald trump's victory over hillary clinton. >> mark albert is on capitol hill with more details on the g.o.p. big night. >> thank you wisconsin. >> reporter: republicans could not contain their joy as they won hotly contested is that the races in state after state. >> tonight was reminder that our charge in the united states senate is to serve you and people like you across this state and across this country. >> reporter: they sent a clear
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message it was sick of washington and wanted change. >> the media, the government, big business, wall street, academics, they have all failed us, and so people are so frustrated, and angry. >> reporter: republicans also retain control of the house, but their promise to shake up d.c. establishment could mean a shake up in their own house. >> working for you has been one of the greatest honors of my life. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan has been at odds with donald trump throughout the campaign and house members may look at a row trump member to challenge ryan for speaker seat. >> we are looking at someone who has had exceptional opportunity in his life. >> reporter: it wasn't a clean weep for g.o.p., representative john mika lost his orlando, florida seat after serving 12 terms in congress. democrat stephanie murphy thanked supporters and said that she would work to end grid lock and dysfunction in congress. mark albert for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". all right. big night in politics, for sure. not so much big news in weather. >> at least not yesterday but certainly to today. today head line when it comes to the wet weather, even though it is not a deluge, we do need the rain. >> yes, we need it. it looks like a dreary daze in general for all of us here with the cloud, rain on the way, and also a lot cooler but we will start off by showing you a view of a sky scan three shot. the this is where rain has fall friend hotel bethlehem that we take this shot. road are damp. it is not a soaking rain but enough that it will slow you down. the it always tend to when we have headlights, sun has not come up just yet. we ten to have a sheen coming from the other vehicles and it can be blinding but with that said cold front crossing through will take a while to get out of here. as we move back here, take a look at area radar we are expect to go end up with the rain throughout the course of the day and on storm scan it
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is beginning to move in as we showed you camera shot ape on the radar it is evident as well. even when there is i back edge to this like it will be a slow moving system here. looking at wider zoom there is a back edge to the cold front and it will keep our temperatures cooler through tomorrow as well but it takes its time to move on out, and as a result of that i would say it is plan that there could be wet weather at anytime. there will be a chilly upcoming weekend. there is a secondary front that comes down. it will come from the depths of can inadequacies, head our way, very likely bring no wet weather whatsoever but it does really reenforce the chill. we will talk about temperatures that are much more dose of december, come this weekend, at least for first half of it but then modest rebound for second half. meanwhile current temperatures are low to mid 50's. the rain is currently moving in these outlining suburbs, and as we check these area temperatures, quick shout out
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to the weather watchers are having technical difficulty. we will get web site up and running next hour but thank you in advance for continuing to send in your reports. fifty-one this doylestown. fifty-two in palmyra. veterans day partly sunny looking winnie though as we tart to see that next reenforcing shot of cold come into the eyewitness weather seven day forecast expecting temperatures to the bottom out there underneath us on saturday but sun will shine all weekend long and it looks really nice of this day. now, with thanksgiving right around the corner and coldest air of the season arriving this weekend i think we are starting to think about winter and inevitable question how much snow are we go to go get. kate bilo and i are here with the answer, do not miss it, eyewitness weather team winter forecast is tonight on cbs-3 at 11:00. back over to you. thanks very much, good morning everyone. happy wednesday. we're looking at the roadways would i say starting to heat up, so looking outside schuylkill headlights moving
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in the eastbound direction past king of prussia where i'm keeping my eyes this morning. we have seen it heat up even before we got in the 5:00 o'clock hour. it looks busier then what it normally does. we are trying to find our footing after the septa strike. we're getting there, looking better then it did the day after, but we are starting to see levels, heat up just a little bit quicker then what we would normally sianni based upon the fact that people were up very, very late last tonight we are seeing vehicles out there for that reason. you would think people would stay in bed longer, that is not so much the case. here's new jersey, 42 freeway northbound at creek road taking that to 295, look at how bus that i looks. forty-two freeway for those in new jersey just a head up moving in the 6:00 o'clock hour just give yourself some extra time and also, abington our first one in the morning but only one still out there huntington pike at old huntington pike, not slowing you down too much just yet but it can as it progresses through morning. reminder here, buses,
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trolleys, subways get back to normal. septa vouchers for unused traps passes. so we have got lots of questions about that yesterday. good reminder. jim and rahel, back to you. up next we will have result from some of the questions on the ballot. >> plus hear from pennsylvania's newly elect attorney general. we will
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welcome back to cbs-3 "eyewitness news" as we shared results of the yesterday's historic election day. voters rejected ballot question that have would have allowed casinos in north jersey. supporters said casinos in two north jersey counties would recover revenue, garden state was losing to casinos in pennsylvania and new york. the proposal cannot get back on the ballot for at least two years. new jersey voters approved constitutional amendment, dedicating gas revenue to transportation, and projects, that is more than billion dollars a year generated by 23 cents a dal gas tax. the vote also allowed legislators to bureau billions for road improvements as well. >> montgomery county commissioner josh shapiro would be the next attorney general of pennsylvania. >> excuse me. >> shapiro defeated republican state senator john rafferty. he will take over a office hit with scandal for arrest and convictions of former attorney yen kathleen kaine. shapiro said he promised to
5:56 am
represent all pennsylvanians. >> i recollect thighs my task, it is to be the attorney yen for all pennsylvanians. democrats, republicans, independents, these who voted for me and those that didn't. i will bring everyone together and work for each of them. >> shapiro becomes top ranking law enforcement official. kane has been sentenced to ten to 23 months in prison for leaking secret grand jury material. she's out on pale. state of delaware has pick a new governor to lead the state. >> john carney won out over colon benini, 58 to 39 percent. carney takes over for democratic governor jack markell he was not able to run again because of term limits. staying in delaware wilmington pick up a new mayor, michael persicki defeated robert heart inn by a big mar gain 82 to 11 percent. he will make city government more efficient and responsive and promised more jobs and a better educational system. well, coming up next on "eyewitness news" much more on the political stunner, donald
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trump will be the next president of the united states. emotional historic night as nation elects a new president ending a bitter divisive campaign, i'm craig boswell at the white house coming up. and in other news, rinse harry issues a rare statement about his personal life, the lee he hade to the paparazzi on behalf of his hearn girlfriend nex
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while the campaign is over, our work on this movement is now really just beginning. to all republicans and democrats and independents, across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> well, it was a nail biter to the finish, america has elected donald trump to be our next president. >> we have not heard or seen hillary clinton but her supporters were left shock and disappointed as votes were counted. good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. donald trump is our next president. former casino executive who became a reality tv star defeated hillary clinton by a extremely close margin. craig boswell is live for us


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