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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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use smoke grenades to clear the scene. >> the unrest came just hours after donald trump and the president met at the white house. still ahead, the latest on a transition of power. and symbol of our nation in distress, the effort to free bald eagles stuck in a storm drain. well, today is friday, november 11, happy veterans day. and good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things as always this morning, happy friday and happy veterans day. >> yes. happy veterans day, indeed. all right, good morning, everyone, i got to say it is a very busy morning in the world of travel right now. we have about three, four accidents out there. we'll get to those coming up in just a moment. give yourselves extra time on a friday. >> always need extra time in your back pocket. >> i can't say it enough. it never fails, right? we can bank on the sunshine. that's at least good news, yes, looking at storm scan, all calm on the radar, don't expect it so much when it
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comes to the win. something that is picking one time here today. it is pretty, not really a stiff breeze so much as it is a blustery kind of breeze, where, it picks up then it dies off, picks up, dies off. so gust that is come through, they could actually peak as high as 30 throughout the course of the day, predominant winds flow right now out of the west. but we do have some winds speeds as high as 20 miles per hour right now, goes to the highest up in the poconos, front itself is beginning to approach. now you're up to about 62 today. so it is miler than it was yesterday. but again, you can see the wind blowing through the icons there on the right. expect some sun, but expect the winds. and make it feel that much cooler as the day progresses, now the good news is that we don't expect any wet weather in the days ahead. but we have pretty frigid start behind the cold front come tomorrow morning, i'll tell you coming up exactly how cold it will actually feel, then all about the next chance for rain that comes our way into next week. so, couple every other highlights that we've got to touch on, meisha, for the most part, pretty tame forecast. >> all right, yes. looking at the 60s, thank up,
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if we can just hang onto those as long as we can. >> i know. i saw that. all right, katy? >> tall order. >> yes, it is. thank you so much. looking outside right now good morning, happy friday. new jersey 42 freeway northbound at creek road. approaching 295, what you are working with now, and i will say every ten minutes, just continues to increase. so we are busy out, there but i would say, especially on 42, it usually kind of taps out in the 6:00 hour, then start to rebuild again at 7:00. see if that is what shapes up on this veterans day, but what it is looking like right now, ben franklin bridge, the same story here. moving in the westbound direction, toward center city see it start to heat up. it will probably hold steady here again like 42 in the 7:00 hour. blue route, headlight approaching route one, see what you are looking at here, hard to see little bit of hazy camera. but you can see a lot of headlights, a loft tail light, let you know will get busy, this accident, with entrapment. heads up. easton road, 611, stump road, tractor-trailer and vehicle.
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like i said, someone is trapped inside. so whenever we have entrapment, you know it will be very busy around this area. heads up for flashing lights. gaper delay around there, another accident? burlington new jersey, high street at route 130. accident at northeast extension just cleared. jim, over to you. >> complete chaos erupt as anti-trump protest turns into a full-on riot in portland, oregon. >> all across the country demonstrations against our president-elect continues. though some cities had peaceful assemblies, portland far from it. protesters took baseball bats to car windshields, they smashed in storefront windows, and set treason fire. police launched smoke grenades to force the crowd away. trump tweeted for the first time since becoming president-elect blaming -- bracing the blame on the media. >> now, protests here in philadelphia, as well, demonstrators jam rush hour traffic last night. >> and the protesters say they'll keep it up.
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"eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at city hall this morning, where the protests started. good morning, frank. >> reporter: well, good morning, jan, jim. still no word yet whether the protests here will continue for third day here if philadelphia, but that second protest last night started just like the first, right here in front of the municipal services building, across from city hall. the protesters continued out into the street during rush hour. >> hey hey, hoe hoe, donald trump has got to go. >> for the second night in a row, demonstrators took to the streets of philadelphia in protest of president-elect donald trump. at about a thousand people, the crowd was just as large as the night before. only this time, it was mostly women. >> as a woman, i think it is really important to make sure that our government doesn't take away our rights. it terrified me when trump even suggested repealing roe v. wade. >> protested out for not only women's rights but others who
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feel their rights could be under protest by the trump presidency. >> want to take away individual rights of minorities and of rgbtq's and other people that just need to come out and support the movement. >> the crowd gathered at the city municipal services building and made its way down jfk boulevard, through 30th street station, during the evening rush hour. snarling traffic. >> doing this now is just going to get in the way. >> some commuters were sympathetic to the cause, but questioned what good demonstrating now would do. >> it is really not going to change the outcome. how about we all come together and do what you have been doing? it is about survival. >> if you want to get upset, get upset about all of the people who didn't vote. >> police describe their protest as peaceful. they made no arrests, demonstrators on the other hand say they do plan to protest the trump inauguration on january 20th. for now live outside city hall, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, jan, back to you guys. >> thanks, frank.
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meanwhile president-elect donald trump's transition to the white house is officially underway. he met with president obama yesterday, for about 90 minutes, in the oval office. mostly focusing on domestic and foreign policy. the president's elect also met with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan, pledge to go hit the ground running come january. >> be sure to tune into 06 minutes this sunday, speaks to leslie stahl in first extensive posse election interview. stall will also speak with trump's family at their fifth avenue new york home, see the interview this sunday right here on cbs-3. >> well, senator pat toomey returned to washington optimistic about the prospect after trump administration. the republican senator is beginning his six year term following his victory over democrat katie mcginty on tuesday. toomey says he has reservations about the president-elect, but expects good working relationship. toomey expect to meet with the president-elect next week. >> new jersey senate majority leader wants trenton law
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makers to consider i am peoplement of governor chris christie. majority leader loretta weinberg says christie should be impeached because testimony during the so-called bridgegate trial shows christie new his aids were closing lanes on the george washington bridge, as political pay back. still those aids face sentencing in february. christie insists he knew nothing of the plan. >> a report commissioned by former pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, is due next week. an outside law firm investigated the exchange of objectionable emails recovered from computers inside the attorney general's office. dozens of employees in the ag's office have previously been disciplined, when emails were made public in the investigation of former penn state assistant football coach, jerry sandusky. >> judge coming up: many businesses are saying thank to you veterans today. >> tell you about the deals offered to vets and active military members, still ahead on "eyewitness news". >> also ahead: carriage ride takes a frightening turn, and tourists are forced to make a tough decision.
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>> breaking news, a man was shot after crashed into several cars, happened in the 5800 block of saul street. the man was shot while driving. he then tried to drive away but slammed into several parked cars, before stopping at an oxford circle gas station. the owner of one of those park cars chased him, then realized the man had been shot and called police. he's now in stable condition. we of course will keep an update on air and on line at
6:11 am a frightening moment for us to tourists whether their horse dawn carriage took off. apparently the horses were spook when an impatient driver began honking at the protesters. the horse's jumped the curve, crossed the bike path, hit park bench. the driver fell out of the carriage, and the riders began jumping out. eventually someone was able to slow down the horses, no one was hurt, including the horses. >> saw that earlier, one woman did a face plant out of there. fortunately no one hurt. >> battle in the air leads to rescue mission of our country's national bird. >> take a look at this, the fight between the bald eagle sent them both tumbling to the ground, wounds up on top of storm drain with one apparently trying to force the other into the sewer. the larger bird held the other bird down, we're told, they were likely having a turf war. eventually, the larger bird flu away, you see right there,
6:12 am
allowing rescuers to save the 9-pound female. >> kind of crazy stuff going on in the animal kingdom, katie. birds, going after one another? >> my goodness, who ever heard of a turf war between -- that's amazing, isn't it? animals are much smarter than we give them credit for, that's as much as i can say. looking ahead, guys, to pretty quiet day, all things considered, say for the win. also see nice moderation on the thermometer. sun has officially to rise, with no clouds out there, outside middle township high school this morning. it is a cool start, not as cold as yesterday, and the wind speeds, say it all, it is not necessarily a super winds i start, but it is enough that you notice it, and it is west-northwest wind flow right now at that particular location, meaning, it is a cold winds. here comes the next cold front. see the bulk every moisture clearly off toward maine, atlantic canada, we will not see any wet weather this, we will experience the win as the system crosses through, so today talking gusts that could peak as 30 miles per hour, begins to taper tonight, and
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into tomorrow, as well, but still, breeze up to 15 miles per hour, with kind of temperatures we're talking about, that's going to feel awfully chilly. so if you are headed out to our friday football frenzy game of the week or maybe another friday football game, looks like it will be brisk, chilly out there. one this week, great valley taking on springfield, 47 degrees at kick off. we do expect clear skies but again it is chilly. it is november. granted but it is still chilly. tomorrow we rebound to 50 if we're luck which brisk conditions will feel no better than 209's throughout the day. then rebound toward more typical territory on eagles game goo game day sunday and also for l lemon run. >> relish in the 60s while we've got them. good morning, everyone, happy veterans day to you. looking outside right now, on the schuylkill, tail light moving in the eastbound direction, this is before girard, you can certainly see that it is starting to shape up to be a busy friday morning. a loft early risers out, there but you are still travel six a miles per hour, delaware county, 59 north, 452, if you take it up to the airport
6:14 am
that's what you are looking at, not bad. not bad at all. delaware county one of those areas holding out looking great. ninety-five south past cottman you are not. you are the problem child. again, on this friday, you can see, interstate 95, moving in the southbound direction, it is almost bumper to bumper at this point. we are seeing a loft brake lights go off. sole you will have to give yourselves extra time, at this point, at least next 20 minute, probably more, every ten minute that pass, you want to add probably another ten minutes on that. interstate 95 looking very busy. then we have more serious accident, entrapment involved, involving tractor-trailer and vehicle, in plumsteadville. so heads up in this area. easton road, route 611, at stump road for those of you around that area, give yourselves extra time, burlington new jersey route 130 at high street, that accident still out there. >> on this veterans day, if you places are offering some specials and freebies for veterans and active military members. mcdonald's has free all day breakfast, i hop offers a free
6:15 am
snack of red, white and blue pancakes all day, at denny's you can get a free grand slam until noon. and here's one for everyone, the national park service is offering free admission to all parks today. you can check out and the cbs local app for full list of freebies. well, coming up: hiking with hillary. up next on "eyewitness news". >> a mother and daughter surprise run-in with former candidate for president. what mrs. clinton said during their chance encounter when we co
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>> flew high school as an estimated cost of 131 million. after technical difficulties related to zoning, they sent the school district back to the drawing board with some directives. >> from the burlington county times, opponents every a propose the natural gas compressor station through northern burlington county suffered setback this week, the federal energy regulatory commission denied bordentown township at chesterfield's request to rehear approving construction and operation. >> from the news journal department of elections will recount votes for wilmington city council after candidate lost by 11 vote. benjamin cohen one of three
6:19 am
election candidate for at large, he lost to adams by .101% of total votes. recount of absentee ballots is scheduled for tuesday. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> yesterday the first lady hosed incoming first lady melania trump. they discussed and toured the executive mansion. >> well, looks like hillary clinton is adjust to go life after the election. a woman posted this picture, take a look, yesterday, facebook explaining she was heart broken about the election result, and decided to take her daughter on a hike on the chop with a trail. look who she bumped into. the first time we've seen clinton since her concession speech on wednesday. walking her dog with former president bill clinton, and he snapped the picture, that's now going viral. >> well, coming up we have got a great place to see fall
6:20 am
foliage. taking a trip back in time. >> yes, don't want to miss this. it is meisha's dream drive that's next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> paying tribute to our veterans today, we go aboard the battleship new jersey and tell but a special ceremony planned for later today. we're back in a moment. >> ♪
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>> welcome back everyone, as we take a look at the weekend watch. it is here, for example, we made it, but there is cold front crossing through right now, and it is going to knock our temperatures back pretty substancially, at best we hit ooh tomorrow, that's rude awakening, sunshine all day, but worse of the brisk weather retreats in time for eagles game day sunday, everybody can expect that sunshine to last us all weekends, guys, back to you. >> sun, sun, sun, love it. >> it will feel cool, though, so enjoy the fall leaves while we can. >> meisha hits the road in this week's dream drove? >> i sure did. this week's edition is all about history. how fitting is that? and on the way i made quick stop at very famous park, beautiful colors. come on, let's go. >> ♪
6:24 am
>> i'm headed to swenksville, montgomery county. right now we're in valley forge, headed to a park that has over 30 miles of trails and also has incredible history. valley forge national historic park, why such a draw this time of year. >> you can't finds better variety of trees and colors than do you here at valley forge. >> really, the creation of the united states of america, it comes back to these men and women that served here at valley forge. >> and they live like this. imagine these cabins stretched for miles. big enough to create a city of 12,000 soldiers. >> when the army came here on december 19th, of 1777, this was nothing but farmland. so they constructed these cabins about 14 by 16 feet. >> oh, wow. >> pretty rugged stuff.
6:25 am
this was pretty nice for these guys. >> the fireplace, had roof over your head, so when you're used to fighting and living outdoors for most of year, this is definitely a huge step up. >> sounds to me like a camp fire. >> absolutely. >> now to spruce up and head somewhere fancier. we're on our way to historic mansion in swenksville. and i hear that there are some hands on activities i can partake in. pennypacker mills mansion first built in the 1700s, once hosed george washington. in the early 19 hundreds, it was remodelled by former pennsylvania governor, samuel pennypacker. and preserved ever since. >> so it was this modern house at that time. >> modern is a relative term that's historic site supervise an ella. >> they didn't have electricity. they had a lot of oil lamps. if you had any ideas every of entertainment you had to do it
6:26 am
yourself, crank up the victor old a, sterio scope gave you three dimensional images. >> that's so cool. >> the place to row lacks was the porch. with a great view of the barn, a little museum in and of itself, above the 19 hundreds. there is even a general store displayed so you can see what a grocery trip would look like. museum educator linda gave me special permission to hand groin flour. >> without electricity, thousand dollars turn the crank yourself. >> i love it. this is a good arm work out, too. >> it is time to go. see you guys later. all right, giddy up, boy. common. my goodness. all right, well, history, beautiful fall foliage, a mansion and peaceful drive. perfect way to start our veterans day, big thank to you our host at valley forge national historical park, and at pennypack err mill. so looking for something new to do this weekend, now you have all got a couple of great ideas. >> i was waiting for the corn cannon.
6:27 am
>> yes, i know you were, i want to dot body cannon this. >> but it looks amazing, great places. >> what i hear time and time again, so many people say i've lived here my entire life, i had no idea it existed. and you can't miss it. >> such great places, yes. >> and hey you can get your work out, too. >> did you see? >> always working out. >> always working out. >> ahead in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", donald trump's transition to the white house is underway. >> protest from coast-to-coast overnight, as the trump campaign becomes this trump administration. i'm hena daniels in new york, coming up. >> weather watcher friday, katie introduces us to our special guest, that's coming up next, stay with us.
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like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> we are looking live at the sunrise over center city philadelphia. grab a coat, the gloves, scarfs, hats, too, if you got
6:31 am
them. chilly start. katie is ahead to tell us when temperatures hit the mid 30's,. >> good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. it is 6:30. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> no, i am not go home. >> for the second fight in a row, thousands protest donald trump across the country. >> still no word yet if protests in philadelphia will continue for third day, demonstrators, you say, plan to protest trump's inauguration on january 20th. obviously causing a lot of people to be upset. >> just days after the election, and investigation continues after swastikas and other hateful messages were found inside after bucks county high school. >> ♪ >> al lie ya. >> canadian singer songwriter leonards cohen has died. wrote number of popular songs, including the cover of alleluhia, and suzanne. >> ♪
6:32 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> not for nothing, but i think labron james blinked. >> that was the cleveland cavaliers and the first lady taking part in the manaquine challenge. >> we have to figure out something for to you do, jim. we'll rack our brains for. that will the cavs there were invited to the white house yesterday in honor of their nba championship. and katie has some company with her over there in the weather center today. one of our youngest weather watch ers. >> yes, and i actually think that kyle higgins may, in fact, be our youngest weather watcher today. he's a whopping 14 years old, guys. so this is very well-rounded hit, guys. you're not only very much into scouting but also an alto saxophone innings, which i love, being the bands geeky was back in high school. i just lincoln financial field. that will but you also partake in a club at the school that allows to you get
6:33 am
some of the broadcasting experience. tell us about that. >> i'm member in the television network. local thing we do, where we cover sports events, events on school, bands concerts, and like special production, did halloween special couple of weeks back. what i mainly do i work camera right now, but eventually i'm hoping to be a teleprompter, maybe do graphics, maybe even direct. >> awesome. well rounded ways for you to sort of get involved with, that also with the weather aspect of it, if you eventually get maybe newscaster, up it the green wall. we'll see if we can make that happen. thank you again so much for coming none this morning. if you want to join our team be lyle kinding, become an eyewitness weather watcher head to our website and as we take a look at the graphics right now, do have nice clear sky out there on storm scan3, it is a chilly start, but not as colas yesterday. there is a winds beginning to pick up here across l delaware vale, running theme throughout
6:34 am
the day, our gust also peak easily into the 30's, at the peak here today. so, it is one of those days hole onto your hat, make sure you have heavy layer ready to go, it will be chilly even though technically it is miler by comparison up to 62 degrees. with all of that said, though, just big salute, and thank you to our veterans on this veterans day. i know meisha you definitely also echo those sentiment, great looking day just little on the chilly side. over to you. >> yep, i sure do echos those sentiment, thank you so much. good morning, everyone, happy fridayment so on our morning commute this morning, what we're seeing is plenty of accidents, to slow us down out there. one police we're not seeing any accidents, but certainly seeing slow downs, is right here, interstate 95 pushing in the southbound direction, right around the the cottman avenue. you can see bumper to bumper, plenty of brake lights going out. i would say that's friday's tends to be typically one of the lighter travel days. but it doesn't really look that way this morning. so, give yourselves extra time, especially if you're jumping out on interstate 95.
6:35 am
so again 95 southbound, past cottman, looking very, very show, you are no longer traveling at posted speeds. then we have a more serious accident here, burlington, new jersey, an investigation is underway at this time. route 130 northbound at high street all lane are block. you will have to use an alternate. columbus road or broad street is going to be your best bet. then in other accident here, plumsteadville involving tractor-trailer and vehicle, it is also involving entrapment. easton road, route 611 at stum road. big heads up here. this is also an area that's going to start to slow you down right now. an accident in cheltenham oakland road at chem end ham, and another one at upper mere land, oaklane road at cheltenham avenue. thousands protest donald trump across the country for the second night in a row. large crowds gather right outside trump tower in new york, and in port lan, oregon, protests turned violent. >> meantime in a transition of power, mr. trump met yesterday with president obama, and
6:36 am
here's hena daniels. >> wall every police in riot gear faced off with protesters in portland overnight, eventually, firing tear gas. setting off flash, some protesters set fires, others through objects, as officers attempt topped move them off the streets. bus police fired back with rub you are bullets. >> when you responds to peace with armor, and weapons, what do you expect? >> tensions escalated and this man bran i shall g a weapon confronting demonstrators. in oakland and la, demonstrators brought traffic to a stand still, through the second night in a row. >> i am undocumented. and i am very afraid. >> new york city, hundreds gathered outside trump tower. >> a mid the unrest, concrete bar jester have been placed around president-elect trump
6:37 am
residence. the extra security came after trump's one-on-one meeting with president obama at the white house. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed. if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including council. >> president-elect trump took to twitter late yesterday, granting his opponents as professional protesters invited by the media. >> hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". demonstrators protesting the presidential election will sarg march in washington, d.c. on donald trump's inauguration day. about a thousand demonstrators marched from city hall to 30th street station during last night's evening rush. that meant traffic tie-ups in center city. the protesters say a trump presidency would curtail civil rights. there were no arrests.
6:38 am
moment ago, another tweet by the president-elect saying he lovers the fact that small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. adding we will all come together and be proud. >> plus, another hateful act of vandalism, found inside of bucks county high school. that has council rock high school north student and their parents very concerned. now, some of the graffiti had references to donald trump. there was also two swastikas in a boy's bathroom and message in the girls bathroom reading it trump wins, watch out. one lateen a student even said she found a note in her back pack telling her to return to mexico. >> i actually walked into my second period class and looked at my phone. there was an image from my friends, i was sent in a group chat, that had swastikas on it and mean things toward homosexuals, with the f word involved. >> the school district has sent a letter to parents and is working with newtown township police in the investigation.
6:39 am
>> new this morning, teenager in the hospital after getting shot in north philadelphia. police say they responded to the scene around 11:30 last night, 3600 block of north broad street. the victim is a 17 year old, at this point, we do not know his condition. fire damages a historic home in south jersey, for the second time in just a few months. this is video from chopper three, over the fire in westhampton burlington county. now the home is formerly known as the henry rowan mansion. the home on bridge street was owned by the late industrial is and philanthropist, it is now owned by the county. five back in june damaged the kitchen. the cause of last night's fire is under investigation. no one was injured. well, today the nation honors our veterans. >> ceremonies planned across the region this veterans day including later this morning on the bat p ship new jersey. "eyewitness news" reporter, pat gallen, is live there this morning, with the details. pat? >> reporter: good morning, guys. yep, we salute you, veterans of the united states military, and we do it on the battleship
6:40 am
new jersey. of course, today above all, we should recognize the veterans of the military. so if you see one, shake their hands, give them a hug. if you are at in line at starbucks maybe buy them a coffee, do nice thing for a veteran. nights things happening here. beautiful ship. 888 feet long, of steel, than is retired captain walt urban. good morning, my friends. >> morning, pat. >> so you have interesting story, captain. because you were, are, retired navy, but before that you were something different? >> correct. i was initially commissioned through the lasalle college rotc program and began my military career in the u.s. army reserve. >> pretty rare, i would say? >> somewhat unique indeed. >> so 15 years army 15 more in the naffy? >> that's correct. >> i like, that i like a man who does it all, why not? so here on this boat today a lot of cool things happening. give us a sense of the history of the boat. >> she is new jersey, the most decorated battleship in the history of the united states navy built across the river
6:41 am
into philadelphia, actually she was launched one year to the day after the attack on pearl harbor, december 7th, 1942. so she's been in and out of service many years, but fought four years, most recently in the beirut lebanon campaign in 1982-83. so we've had her as a museum now for 15 years. it has been a great honor to serve on board her during active duty as reserve officer, now here as a volunteer. >> today obviously special day with it being veterans day. >> absolutely, yes. here to honor our vets. today is special day for the vets and also for the new jersey, she came up the delaware river on november 11, veterans day, in 1999 to begin her new career as museum and memorial. very pleased to be on her today, to honor our vets, and just happy to be a part of the is her moan. >> i and you'll be the mc for that is her mean i, starts at 11:00? >> 11:00 if you have an opportunity to come on down, and view part of the ceremony today. >> perfect. amount, we appreciate it, thank you for the time.
6:42 am
>> thank you very much. it was an honor. >> captain walt urban, about it all, army, and navy, that's a rarity right there. you got to love that. jim, jan, hope everyone comes out today at 11:00 right here on the battleship new jersey. >> looking good out, there thanks, pat. well, coming up: the term hot pocket takes on new meaning at rowan university, cell phone charger sends a student to the hospital with burns. >> and this morning, we're remembering a legendary singer and songwriter. plus, inside the pulse night club on the night of the worse mass shooting in. s history. what this police offers' body cam video reveals. >> also ahead, in the health watch, how your birth year affect your vulnerability to the flew. >> and we have a very special guest live in our studio. how this ten year old is getting national recognition, for his service to our veterans, and the community. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ledge hard cohen has passed away, he released a new albumn just last point, his management says the memorial will be head in los angeles at a later date. new release body cam footage, shows the aftermath of the orlando massacre, video edited to hide images every bodies, you can see, scattered papers, disco lights continue to spin, and victims cell phones ringing, office verse their guns drawn as they work tone sure no other gunmen were inside the building, 49 people you recall were killed inside the pulled night club in june. negotiated to buy the building and reelect a memorial there.
6:47 am
>> closer to home now, bizarre incident on rowan university's campus. student is being treated for burns thereafter a cell phone charger caught fire in his pocket. investigators say, it happened inside a student center in the fire department called. the student suffered burns to his leg. so far we don't know the make or the the model of the cell phone. on cbs-3's health watch, researchers discovered your birth year plays major role how vulnerable you are to the flu. found people born before 1968 likely edge post today flu virus belonging to the first of two groups that are much less susceptible in adulthood to the other strain within that group. those born after 1968 appear to be protected against the second group. interesting. so, katie, i guess we will need to bundle up as gee into the weekends, feeling much like winter. >> i would say that's really smart mover here, jan, we will see the temperatures rebounds here today. but then they bottom out again because there is reinforcing
6:48 am
could the showed. it is always important to check in with our eyewitness weather watch ers to get sense what you will walk out the door to. yes, do you have temperatures again, little milder, quote unquote, miler than they were yesterday. not as cold, we put it that way. but still in the three's, still mid 40's, then factor in the wind, that's currently coming in, and it is not particularly strong. but it is out there. it will make it feel little cooler to you. these are the sustained winds speeds coming in from the watcher, middletown delaware 8 miles per hour, got couple of five's from willow grove, where barbara is reporting, david in clem ton ton, 5 miles per hour, light variable from out in west chester, the list goes on here, where it is pretty light in terms of the sustained winds. but i can tell you, out on the skydeck earlier, those winds were gusting. so, when they do gust, it will blow your hair out of wack, it is not the best hair day because of that, have your hat ready. couple of picture to share with you, one in particular, came in from john jenkins, circumstance a 1992, proud vet
6:49 am
ran, so grateful and thankful for your service john and all of the veterans out, there big salute from all every us here at cbs-3. thank you for your service. back to the maps here. we look at storm scan. here is your front. obviously the moisture pretty much off toward atlanta canada and maine, still dropping south here. so even though we don't have much precipitation with it, you still have the transition, that's going to kick the winds up as it already has done, it does taper off come sunday for the lemon run. i know we are proud sponsors. and supporters of alex's lemonade stand here at cbs-3. but the sun will shine. at least the winds tapers off. tomorrow morning is the colds he is start of the bun. we should keep the sun right through monday, meisha? >> good news to have 60s on veterans day, at least, all right, katie, thank you so much. good morning, everyone. of course happy veterans day to all of our vets out there. and looking outside right now, i can tell this friday morning, things are starting to heat up little bit. now what we've been looking at basically all morning long, nine the a south, past cottman, and we just seen
6:50 am
something very strange happen. look at this. not too bad at all. fifteen minutes, ten, 15 minutes ago, this didn't look nick lying. that will so actually starting to calm down little bit. now i want to pull your attention, one burlington new jersey three people transported to the hospital. route 130 northbound high street all lanes are blocked right now. you will have to use alternate. columbus road, broad street, going to be your best bet there. and we also have another accident, plumsteadville, involving tractor-trailer and vehicle, and also, involving entrapment. easton road, route 611, at stomp road the area you want to avoid if at all possible. if you cannot avoid that road right now you certainly want to give yourself extra time, then we have another accident, out there, as well, in cheltenham. oakland road at cheltenham avenue. this is another area that i want to avoid. if you not avoid at least give yourself some extra time. another accident, if you can believe this, string every accidents out there right now. one in upper moreland, county
6:51 am
line road at new road. overall this morning just give yourself some extra time as usual. jim over to you. >> thank you, meisha, on this veterans day, special guest with us here in the studio. this is ten year old aiden peterson. he volunteers his time to honor military service members, and his service. >> from the white house, good morning, aiden. how are you doing? >> good. >> so what is it like to get an award from the white house? we have it right here. you have a note from the president. what was that like? >> feels great. very exciting. feels awesome. >> so you got this because you play at various ceremonies, you play taps. why do you want to honor our military the way you do? >> because i just feel like it is the right thing to do and i feel just so happy that i'm doing it. and i just need to do it, need to honor the people who served
6:52 am
our country. >> now were you recognized with the president's volunteer service a war. now, orchestra presented you with the award at a rehearsal this week. how did it feel, you know, being the center of attention like that? >> just felt great. because i know they love to support me. and they're just amazing. >> now you're playing at two events this veterans day watch are you playing today? >> so right after this we have to go, and i'm playing all the five military branch songs, the national anthem and taps, and then i'm going to another event where i'm just playing taps. >> okay, how long have you been playing the bugel? >> about a year now. >> what is the name of the group that you're involved with? >> i'm actually involved in three groups. >> oh, okay. >> one right here, i'm wearing
6:53 am
the youth taps corp., across america, and taps for veterans. >> that's amazing, i understand you also play for some -- playing for some sporting events coming up too? >> yes. >> what are they. >> mostly basketball games, one is for st. joe's university, one could be for my school. >> well that's good stuff. we look forward to seeing you in the future. you know, i played the accordian, meisha played the tube a, katie did the pea and/, i think jan said the flute. so we can start our own band. we really appreciate all of your hard work, we will let you play us out into the commercial break. jump down on the stage here, i'll grab my grips here, ladies and gentlemen: >> today i'm going to be playing america the beautiful. >> ♪ >> ♪
6:54 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> (applause). >> good job, aiden, congratulations. we'll be right back.
6:55 am
but there's so much more to it. here's how benefiber® works. inside each of us are trillions of good microflora that support good digestive health. the prebiotic fiber in benefiber® nourishes them so they can thrive. and what helps them, helps you and me every day. clear, taste-free, all natural benefiber®. nourish the goodness inside. also try benefiber® healthy shape. it's proven to keep you feeling fuller longer.
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since 1expert eye care.on has been providing... today, we make caring for your eyes even easier.
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visit your neighborhood pearle vision for this offer. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. ♪ >> well here's three to go. >> protests against donald trump's selection to the presidency spread all across the us overnight. those cities include oakland, los angeles, portland, where police have declared the protests there a riot. >> demonstrations also took place here in recalled if, though, it is not clear there will be more today. more than a thousand people mostly women took part. there were no arrests. >> today is veterans day. there are several restaurant
6:59 am
and stores offering freebies, and specials, to members of the armed forces. >> and that's three to go. let's get a last check on weather and traffic. >> it is look being like a nice bright sunny day generally speaking guys. we expecting though that the winds will get you out there. so you can see the sun starting to rise over the horizon, beautiful view. the wind starting to pick up. notice the gusts any time today. but happy veterans day to you. one more salute for all of the vets out there, sun, clouds, 62 the high. >> absolutely, burlington city police department, tweeting this picture from burlington urge new jersey, three people transported to the hospital route 130 northbound at high street. >> what we can expect from donald trump's first 100 days in offers. >> remember to join us bright and early each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting at 4:30. >> more music from aiden peterson who on or our nation's veterans, have a great weekend, everyone. >> ♪
7:00 am
good morning. it is friday, november 11, 2016. welcome to cbs "this morning." violent protests against president-elect trump escalate overnight in cities around the country. a demonstration in portland, oregon, turns into a riot. anarchists break windows and police respond with rubber bullets. the president and president-elect meet for the very first time, hopending a peaceful transition. and what the administration should know about fighting isis. and a fighting "hallejuah" for the poet leo


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