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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  November 12, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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>> verne: there will be joy in athens tonight. they are 6 and 4 for the season. ugha, is happy. for gary danielson and allie laforce, verne lundquist. so long from athens. final score georgia 13-7. jeep post game show is next. ♪ ♪ well, if you want to sing out, sing out ♪ ♪ and if you want to be free, be free ♪ ♪ 'cause there's a million things to be ♪ ♪ you know that there are ♪ and if you want to be me, be me ♪
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>> cbs sports presents the jeep post game show. >> welcome to the jeep post game show. i am adam zucker. tonight on cbs begins with: tonight only on cbs. in the game you just saw, defense and the dogs beat auburn 13-7. with this result it means that alabama has clinched the west division. i am joined by rick neuheisel and brian jones.
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the dogs defense scoring and stopping. >> brian: they were outstanding. auburn's defense was just on the field too much. looking at what sean white wasn't able to do. that's a stretch. so was the ability of auburn to pick up any 1st downs in the second half. none in the second half. missed shot after missed shot by sean white. last week he didn't play in the first half. he was hurt and comes back in the second half. this week nothing from him. >> rick: 2 of 13 throwing in the second half. he didn't throw at all on thursday. you have to wonder if he is well. gus malzahn has to be second guessing himself. should not have john franklin iii been in there to get the running game. only 21 yards rushing. >> adam: and they were slow on offense last week against vandy. georgia end zone up with double
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the time of possession. on the day in the sec. hurts putting up big numbers against mississippi state. >> brian: a dart between 3 bulldogs. 22 straight for alabama. they clinched the west. >> adam: they do. their 9th straight 10-win season. the standings are such. auburn with 2 conference losses. even if they win the iron bowl they might spoil alabama's playoff hopes. it's alabama who clinched the sec west. a lot of other interesting games tonight. in the east, rick, look who is feeling good. >> rick: appleby. he was on fire all day. 17 of 21. the gators go to lsu next week for the east crown. >> adam: lsu dealing with arkansas tonight. florida trying to win the game next week as well.
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that would give them the clinch. they could have clinched the east today if tennessee would have lost to kentucky. >> brian: no. they don't do that. they lost 3 straight there and got back on the winning side last week. they will stay there. the flea flicker how do you miss that. the wild cat right there. malone comes down with it. >> adam: have not lost at home to kentucky since 1984. kentucky bounced from the tight sec race. missouri with under 2 minutes to go a 9 point lead on vanderbilt. a bit of a surprise there. the sec east. georgia now 4 and 4 with that win. it's tennessee who has that shot because of the head-to-head with florida. if tennessee can win out and get that loss by florida next week at lsu, it will be the vols who end up in atlanta. when the jeep post game show continues we will update you on
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>> adam: welcome back to the jeep post game show. on cbs sports network a full night of college football action. it's number 22 boise state and hawaii. followed by san diego state and nevada. back to the action now. clemson they have been in close once. here's another close one. >> brian: trying to put this away. what are you doing? brightwell brings it back 70 yards. the panthers still have a heart beat. they take advantage. bounces outside. if there is one problem with the
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clemson team it's their rush d. they can get after the passers. the 2 point conversion. peterson pressure on him. after the touchdown, they can't tie it up. and watson. 537 yards and 3 touchdowns. >> adam: 3 interceptions. peterson a day with 5 touchdowns. still time for the panthers to get the ballgame back. rick, virginia tech with a chance to clinch the coastal at home against georgia tech. >> rick: did anybody want toin with the coastal? georgia tech said let us have it. marshall 53 yard. 30-7 georgia tech yellowjackets. virginia tech trying to get back in. north carolina still alive. >> adam: that's right. big 10 blow out city. ohio state as j.t. barrett is the big 10's all time leader in total touchdowns.
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penn state it was not a breeze. mcsorely with 3 total touchdowns. indiana shut down barkley. penn state gets the win. wisconsin 48-3 the final over illinois. on top of the big 10 west. minnesota and nebraska facing off tonight as well. part of that 3-way tie. and b.j., foreman. >> brian: on a roll but they lost the game. >> adam: and a big win over mountain union snapping their winning streak. crazy stuff there. oklahoma perfect in big 12 action. that will do it for us this week. we thank you for watching the jeep post game show. here's what is coming up tonight on cbs. next saturday, it's the home depot sec on cbs. missouri visiting tennessee. coverage begins at 3 eastern
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with "college football today." the nfl on cbs kicks off tomorrow. it starts at noon eastern with the nfl today. have a great evening and enjoy the rest of your weekend. >> i'm natasha brown. next on "eyewitness news," members of the gay and lesbian community are on edge tonight after what some members are calling hostile acts. we're live in south philadelphia. lauren. >> another round of sunshine in store for sunday but will we warm the temperatures up?
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i'll have the answers in your forecast. >> a fourth day of anti-trump protests all across the country. what some protestors hope
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>> ♪ >> live from the broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now on "eyewitness news" members of the lgbt community on alert tonight after two recent incidents in philadelphia. good evening everyone, i'm
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natasha brown. thanks for joining us. mayor jim kenney is speaking out on the latest allegations of harassment in the lgbt community. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has the details. >> reporter: not natasha, on thursday a gay man was allegedly attacked near broad and oregon. tonight he is speaking with detectives. to this incident mayor jim kenney gave an emotional statement saying it is difficult to express the full extent of the devastation and anger i felt upon learning of this hate crime. to the victim, you have my sincerest al apologies both as the mayor of this city and as someone who resided in south philadelphia for most of my life. i will do everything i can to ensure that neither you nor any other philadelphian feels unsafe because of who they love.
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he says a weight clip was thrown at him after disagreeing with another man who was loudly voicing political and perhaps racially insensitive beliefs. >> i think there's a lot of hate going around even from both sides. i think that donald trump's victory and his kind of surprise victory has made a lot of people who may have kept their racist misogynistic xenophobic views feel like they don't have to hide any more. >> reporter: police did look into that matter and that person was banned from the gym. reporting live in south philadelphia, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, alex thank you so much. also investigators now say the racist and threatening messages targeting black students at the university of pennsylvania had been linked to a student at the university of oklahoma. officials there say in a statement "the university has already determined from its preliminary inquiry that there's a basis for a temporary suspension of the
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student under our student code while we continue to gather all the facts. the racist and threatening messages began appearing on students' phones through the messaging app group me. u penn police are a working with the fbi in this case. to the transfer of power p president-elect donald trump says it is time for the country to come together following tuesday's election but his words are doing little to calm angry demonstrators who are hitting the streets nationwide and near philadelphia as well. cbs news correspondent roxana sabiri the latest. >> reporter: from los angeles to new york city, thousands of protestors pounded the pavement for a fourth day in big cities to express their outrage with the election of donald trump: what is your message out here today. >> i think it's time to get rid of the electoral college. it's failed us again. >> reporter: protestors ended up here just outside trump tower where the president-elect has been planning his transition.
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>> i can't have a president who supports racism, misogyny, i can't. >> this guy. >> reporter: in portland witnesses say a demonstrator was shot in the leg during a confrontation way driver last night. the new york times fbi director james comey's second letter helped rally trump voters. trump recalled the phone call he received from clinton. >> she couldn't have been nicer. she just said congratulations, donald. well done. and i said i want to thank you very much. you were a great competitor. >> reporter: trump had no public events on saturday but did he tweet once saying this will prove to be a great time in the lives of all americans. we will unite and we will win. roxana sabiri cbs news new york. >> and again you can watch the donald trump interview on "60 minutes" tomorrow night. it's at 7 o'clock right here
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on cbs3. and developing at this hour, the s.w.a.t. team is in a standoff situation way barricaded man in bucks county. there is a heavy police presence at hulmeville road reason gilliam avenue in langhorne. police say the 42-year-old suspect is armed and fired one shot from the the house hitting a tree. the original call came in for a welfare check. of course we're staying on top of this developing situation. we'll bring you the latest throughout the newscast on line. new york times columnist catches a burglary suspect going through his wife's belongings inside of an olde city hotel. police confirm it happened at the franklin hotel at fourth and chestnut this morning. nicholas christophe says the suspect took off but he was able to catch up with him. in a message
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tweeted: four americans have been killed at bagram air field near kabul. ash carter says two u.s. service men and two american contractors were killed and another 16 u.s. service members were wounded. the taliban has claimed responsibility. the attack was carried out by a suicide bomb erin side the base. the concert hall where 90 people were killed during the paris terror attacks has reopened. sting performed at the bataclan tonight, the first show at the venue since november 13, 2015. that was when islamic militants attacked a sports stadium a string of paris cafes and that concert venue. 130 people were killed. sting asked the audience to observe a moment of silence. all the proceeds will go to two cities in paris and two charities actually. back in this country wildfires are burning near the georgia-north carolina border
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many people are being urged to wear special masks. evacuations are under way in georgia north carolina south carolina and tennessee. at least 20 wildfires are burning right now. the largest has scorched more than 13,000 acres. it's only 20 percent contained. arson is suspected in most of these fires. and back here at home, if you're heading outside tonight you want to bundle up. it is really chilly out there. i think it's down right cold lauren. meteorologist lauren casey is in the cbs3 weather center to tell where you say a freeze warning will go into effect. >> this morning we started off cold. our low 35 degrees at philadelphia international airport. our average low 41 and this was our coldest low temperature of the season thus far and the coldest temperature since last april and tonight temperatures are going to be in that similar range stowe so we have this freeze warning in effect in much of delaware cape may county in new jersey. runs overnight and expires at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. forecast lows overnight
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tonight very close or even below freezing, dropping to 31 degrees in allentown, 32 in wilmington. we'll hit 34 degrees in philadelphia. some 20's in the poconos and mid 30's in atlantic city. so, yes, if you're heading out for the lemon run tomorrow morning, little chilly to get started but nice sunshine. the breeze will be fairly tame about 39 degrees. you'll definitely need those layers. and layers will be the trend for tomorrow because temperatures are actually going warm up pretty efficiently as we head into the afternoon we'll talk more about that and the eagles forecast and a chance of showers as we come into the upcoming work week and nice more seasonable weather after our cool day today. that's coming up in your full forecast in just a few. natasha. >> lauren thanks. investigators say one person was injured in a row house fire in philadelphia's olney neighborhood. firefighters responded to the 6000 block of north philip street just before 2 o'clock this morning. there's no word on how seriously the person was hurt. right now the red cross is assisting seven people who lived in the row house and the
7:23 pm
cause of the fire is still under investigation. ridley township police meantime have recovered an ambulance stolen from the woodlynne fire department. investigators say an unidentified suspect stole the vehicle during a bingo fundraiser at station 67 last night. it was recovered in a lot this morning. the ambulance was not damaged and no arrests have been made. overcoming the odds. thousands of people took to the streets of philadelphia this morning for the rocky run and "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh tells us what makes this run so special. >> ♪ [cheers and applause] >> reporter: with strength, with smiles, with sylvester stallone's famous character in mind. >> yo' adrienne. >> reporter: thousands hit the pavement near saturday's art museum. >> i'm a huge rockies fan. >> reporter: the character rocky balboa inspired this runth say they chose this
7:24 pm
event specifically because they resonated with the symbol of resilience and overcoming the odds. that's a theme michael sullivan felt resonated to his life and the reason he drove from lancaster to run in this race. >> i got bit by a spider and contracted mrsa and doctors were talking about me losing my leg and i swore that that if i could keep my leg i would do a half marathonnism it's a similar story for eloise whose husband wall diagnosed with a blood disorder that could lead to cancer. >> we spent a lot of time in the hospital and we continue to look and see what the next steps r but at this point in our lives it's very encouraging letting the underdogs in life be able to suck sandy move forward. >> reporter: even better her students joined in part to raise money through charity miles as part of the kindness heroes campaign. >> we have a powerful opportunity to do the right thing. >> reporter: and while those who ran both the 5k and the 10
7:25 pm
milliare got the italian stallion medal. for many it was all about simply putting 1 foot in front of the the other. >> the it's always about crossing the finish line. >> reporter: at art museum steps anita oh cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, well do. the true spirit of the holidays is already alive and well in one local community. coming up after the break we'll take to you a local church with a big, big heart. see why this church is called the kitchen of hope. plus. >> if they win it's okay. but if they lose we have a bad day. [laughter] >> different countries, one passion. hear from poland's number one eagles fan and see how he stays in touch with the birds from half a world away. plus ahead in sports penn state continued winning ways today against indiana but it wasn't easy apparently and lesley is going to have highlights for you coming up.
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stay with us. >> ♪
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7:29 pm
of hope. they come together on the second saturday of each month providing food for up to 200 families. >> it means a lot to me. healthy food. it's such a great blessing. i appreciate the help and the support in the community. >> today's groceries were mainly to help prepare a thanksgiving meal. these volunteers are certainly getting into the true spirit of the holiday. great to see that. eagles take on the falcons at the linc tomorrow and a far away fan will be in the birds nest to root them on. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has more now on his journey to philadelphia. >> ♪ when it comes to rooting for the birds people say go eagles in many languages. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: andrew traveled from poland philadelphia to see his favorite american football team this weekend. he started rooting for the sixers during the allen iverson championship run. >> i now i am rooting for the eagles, i watch in poland
7:30 pm
every game. >> reporter: last year andrew saw his first eagles game in person and discovered a new passion, listening to wip sports talk radio. >> i came back to poland. i downloaded ad and really i listen to it every day. >> reporter: because of the time difference he starts his afternoons with the angelo cataldi morning show. >> i like this guy. >> reporter: this year for his 40th birthday andrew won a bid during the eagles radio on that for a sit in session with the afternoon show host ike reese and chris carolyn. monday he plans to appear on the morning show. while in town he's taking in the sights of philly his new home away from home. >> i always want to be here. it's something special for me and it's starting to feel like home. i hope it will be for a long time. >> reporter: andrew believes he could be good luck for the birds on sunday. since arriving in town the sixers won their first game of the season. his prediction eagles 32


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